Rating: NC17/Slash

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Spoilers: BtVS Season 2.

Summary: Angelus gives Spike a puppy.

Warnings: D/s, non-con, bdsm, and probably more *g*.

Notes: Willa was looking for 10 ficlet ideas to write up. Mine was number 11. Drat! So I decided to write it myself, ‘cause I couldn’t get it out of my head. *g* I asked for: Season 2, Angelus/Xander, Spike/Xander or Angelus/Spike/Xander with hot, dirty, nasty sex of the NC17+++++ variety, begging...and maybe a little bit of hurting (but nothing that would leave permanent scars or bone breakage or anything like that), optional: double penetration (for CJ, who evilly put this idea in my head). So, here we go, let’s see if I can give myself what I wanted! ** indicate emphasis.

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A Puppy for Spike


Part One

Xander had thought he was safe in the library. He’d been wrong. While Giles was in his office, Willow off to visit the ladies room, and Buffy on patrol, Angelus had snuck into the library. The vampire was on Xander before he even knew he was there, lifting him out of his chair and holding him from behind, hand tight around his throat to keep him from breathing, from crying out.

“Hello, Xander,” he purred into Xander’s ear.

“Wh-what do you want?” Xander managed a hoarse whisper.

“It’s not about what I want,” Angelus said, then paused. “Well, it is about what I want, actually. I want Drusilla. Every night. In every position imaginable. I want to fuck her, and break her, and make her scream.”

“What’s that got to do with me?” Xander rasped.

“I hate the way Spike pouts, so I decided to get him a puppy to play with. Keep him busy, happy, and out of my hair. Puppy,” Angelus said, and licked Xander’s neck.

Xander promptly fainted. He woke to light touches on his face and a soft voice crooning, “Such a pretty puppy. Can I play with him, daddy?”

“No, Dru, he’s for Spike,” Angelus patiently replied.

“But he’s so lovely, and the stars are singing his name...”

“And he’s Spike’s toy. So you and I can play.”

Dru perked up. “And will you hurt me, daddy?”

“Will you beg?” Angelus asked.

“Oh, yes,” Dru replied.

“And will you scream for me?”

“Yesss, daddy,” she breathed.

“Then I’ll hurt you real good. Why don’t you go get the restraints out?” After Dru scampered off, Angelus turned to Xander. “I know you’re awake, punk.”

“Punk?” he scoffed. Xander couldn’t help himself. He often wondered if the open-mouth-insert-foot problem he had was genetic.

“Glad you’re feeling better,” Angelus replied with a smile that turned Xander’s stomach. “Your mouth won’t be quite so smart when Spike’s done playing with you.”

“Buffy’s gonna find me, and she’ll stake your sorry ass...”

“Oh, please.” Angelus rolled his eyes. “She doesn’t seem to be working too hard at dusting the body that held her precious Angel, or hadn’t you noticed? Besides, she doesn’t even know where we’ve moved to. And it wouldn’t matter if she did. You don’t really think she could take me, do you? Why do you think slayers die so young? They always meet their match. Always.”

Xander felt nauseous and wondered if he was going to vomit.

“I need to get to Dru, so come on, puppy, time to meet your new master.”

Xander shuddered.

“Get on your knees and crawl like a good puppy,” Angelus said, and then walked away.

A tug on the leash attached to a collar around his neck brought Xander to his knees, which was when the enormity of his situation hit him. Not only had he been captured by Angelus as a play thing for Spike, he’d just realized that he was naked except for the collar, his wrists bound behind his back. Shock kept him from moving fast enough, and he fell forward, rolling to his shoulder to keep his face from smashing into the marble floor.

Angelus turned to him with a disgusted look. “Come on, puppy, on your knees. I haven’t got all night. Well, actually, I do, but I’ve got other plans for it than watching you learn how to crawl.” Another tug on the leash. “Move it!”

Xander struggled to his knees, scraping them on the hard, cold floor. His heart was beating frantically, and his breathing heavy. Christ, what had he gotten himself into now? When he was upright, Angelus began walking again, and Xander was forced to quickly crawl after him or be dragged. The floor was painful on his knees, which were red and sore by the time Angelus stopped outside a closed door and knocked.

There was a muffled reply that Xander couldn’t make out, and then Angelus pushed the door open and swaggered inside, pulling Xander along behind him. “Don’t be such a gloomy Gus, Spike,” Angelus said cheerfully, “I’ve brought you a pressie.”

“Don’t need pressies,” Spike said sullenly. “‘M not Dru.”

“No, you’re not, my boy,” Angelus replied. “But I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, if I were you. Take a good look at what you’ll be giving up if you continue to sulk. He’s got pretty brown hair and brown eyes, just the way you like ‘em, and he’ll give you more pleasure than Dru ever could. She doesn’t have what you need, what you crave.” His voice had dropped to a soft purr.

Angelus stepped behind Xander as he continued to speak, and Xander got his first look at Spike since the fight in the old church. He was sitting in a wheelchair by the window, dressed only in a pair of black jeans that were unbuttoned, a cigarette in one hand, his hair still messy from sleep. Xander hadn’t forgotten what Spike looked like—bleached blond hair, cheek bones that could cut nails, full, pouty lips—but he had forgotten how much better the vampire looked in person than he did in Xander’s dreams.

He was startled out of his reverie when Angelus’s hand cupped his shoulder and slipped down his chest. “He’s young, and firm, and I’d bet my life, well, my unlife, that he’s still a virgin.” Xander shivered—at the touch, at the words, he wasn’t sure. “He’ll be yours to do with as you wish. A puppy to play with, to mold... And look,” Angelus said, his hand closing over Xander’s penis, which was showing some interest in the proceedings. “Not totally indifferent.”

Xander flushed, and felt the heat deep into his bones.

“Mmm, smell that?” Angelus asked, sounding orgasmic. “I’ll bet he tastes delicious.”

“I don’t like puppies,” Spike said, taking one last drag on the cigarette before pinching it out and dropping it to the growing pile on the floor beneath the window. “Training them takes too much work, and they make messes.” His eyes roamed Xander’s body, pausing for a lingering look at his groin. “But since you’ve gone to all the trouble...”

Angelus grinned. “I knew you’d like him. I knew it months ago, when that ponce of a soul first offered him to you. He did it as a trick. I’m doing it for real.” Angelus moved across the room to Spike, Xander toddling awkwardly in his wake, and handed him the leash. “Have fun,” he said with a grin as he leaned down and slapped Xander’s ass. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” he called back over his shoulder as he headed for the door, then laughed as he closed it behind him. “Not that there’s anything I haven’t done.”


“You are a pretty little thing,” Spike mused. “What’s your name?”

It took a minute for Xander to make his tongue work properly and get his name out. He chose to attribute his reaction to fear, rather than the strange attraction he’d felt for the vampire ever since Parent-Teacher Night. An attraction he’d done his best to squelch. First of all, Spike was a guy, and Xander was so not into guys. Not that he was ready to admit, anyway. Secondly, vampire. Bad, evil creature of the night.

He’d been doing good, not thinking about the vampire, not even when he was jerking off. And if he dreamed about Spike, waking up covered in dried spunk, well, that wasn’t his fault, right?

“Come closer,” Spike said, and tugged on the leash. Xander was frozen in place. God, this couldn’t be happening! “Rule number one,” Spike said when Xander didn’t move fast enough, “you now belong to me and will obey me at all times. When I say jump, you won’t even hesitate long enough to ask ‘How high?’. When I say roll over, you’ll roll over. Do you understand that?”

Xander nodded.

“Rule number two, you will remain silent unless told otherwise. By me. But when I ask you a direct question, I expect an answer. Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” Xander quickly replied.

“Rule number three, you will address me as ‘Master’. Do you understand that?”

“Yes.” Spike’s eyebrow rose. “Master.”

“Repeat the rules to me,” Spike commanded.

Xander hesitated, trembling. Surely, surely Buffy would arrive to rescue him soon. “I, um, belong to you, have to call you master, remain silent unless told to speak, and do everything you tell me to.”

“Close enough,” Spike said with a smirk. “And from now on you’ll be called ‘puppy’.” Xander blinked and swallowed hard. “You’ll get your name back when, and if, you’ve earned it. Now. Come. Closer.”

Xander wobbled ungainly as he crawled closer to Spike and knelt directly in front of the wheelchair. Spike ran his fingers through Xander’s hair, then pressed Xander’s head down onto his thigh while he continued to massage and pet him. For a moment, Xander forgot where he was and relaxed into the tender touch. Spike gave a delighted laugh when Xander moaned in enjoyment.

“Like that, do you? I guess Angelus had you pegged right. A scrappy little puppy just waiting for the right master.” Spike’s hand moved to his shoulder, and the vampire shifted forward in the chair so he could run both hands down Xander’s arms to his bound wrists. Xander’s face was now pressed into the crease between Spike’s thigh and groin.

“You like this, too, don’t you? Being bound, naked, and kneeling before me?” Xander moaned again and nuzzled his face into Spike’s groin.

Spike immediately sat up straight, grabbed hold of Xander’s hair, and lifted his head. “You don’t touch me without my permission,” he said, firmly, but not unkindly. “You don’t touch me, touch yourself, sleep, eat, piss...cum...without my permission. Do. You. Understand. That?” Spike tugged on his hair with each word.

Xander shuddered as a bolt of desire shot to his groin. “Yes, Master.”

Spike smirked. “Yeah, you like it all right. Born to be my puppy, weren’t you, boy?” There was a long pause as Spike stared into Xander’s eyes. “Answer me.”

“Yes, Master,” Xander breathed.


“Stand up,” Spike said. “I want to see all of you.”

Xander scrambled to his feet. Spike ran his eyes over Xander, and then his hands. Touching his belly, hips, thighs.

“Knees sore?” Spike asked.

Xander nodded, then remembered. “Yes, Master.”

“Don’t worry,” Spike said, running a hand between Xander’s thighs, “you’ll get used to it.”

Xander shivered at the matter-of-fact tone. Spike’s touch tickled his ball sac, and Xander moaned.

“Shh,” Spike said. “Silence, remember?”

Xander bit his tongue and nodded silently. Spike cupped his nuts and Xander tasted blood. Spike stroked his swollen cock and Xander trembled with the effort to remain silent, to remain still, and especially to not thrust into that inviting fist.

“Do you know why you’re here?” Spike asked.

“Because Angelus is a prick?” Xander replied, mouth moving ahead of brain again.

Spike backhanded him. Xander felt the pain of his lip splitting at the same time he bit through his tongue. Ow!

“You will remain respectful at all times,” Spike told him, his voice even, his fist still sliding up and down Xander’s erect flesh. The combination of pain and pleasure was freakishly erotic. Spike tugged on the leash and Xander bent over. Spike licked the blood off his lip and Xander wished he was more grossed out about that. “Mmm,” he said, “you do taste delicious.”

Spike licked and nibbled at his lips, kissed him lightly, then slipped his tongue between surprisingly acquiescent lips. His moan reverberated through Xander’s mouth, skull, body, and down to the cock the vampire was still working. Spike’s tongue lapped at his mouth, and Xander knew he was tasting his blood. The vampire sucked Xander’s tongue into his mouth and suckled it, drawing every last bit of blood from the cut. He pulled away from Xander and licked his lips, savoring the taste.

“You’re here to please me. To pleasure me,” Spike said, answering the question Xander had forgotten. “Do you know why you aren’t allowed to touch yourself, to cum, without my permission?” he asked.

Xander swallowed hard. “B-because I belong to you?” he guessed.

“Yes,” Spike agreed. “Because you belong to me. Because this...” He tightened his fist around Xander. “...belongs to me. It’s mine to do with as I please. You, and your cock, exist only for my pleasure. And you do want to please me, don’t you, puppy?” he purred, his fist speeding up.

“Y-yes, Master,” Xander gasped.

“Yes, such a good puppy,” Spike said, and then abruptly let go of Xander. He almost groaned in protest, remembering just in time to remain silent. Spike brought his hand to his mouth, and licked Xander’s pre-cum off it. The vampire moaned as he licked and sucked his fingers clean.

Xander wanted to close his eyes, but couldn’t drag them away from the sight. Spike pulled the last finger out of his mouth with an exaggerated ‘smack!’, and said, “Turn around, puppy.”


Xander slowly straightened up and turned around. He could feel Spike’s eyes on him like a caress, and then his hands were touching him, fluttering over him like the wings of a butterfly, from his shoulders to lower back, over bound wrists to the curve of his buttocks, then over his hips, down his outer thighs, and inside to skim his inner thighs and once more tickle his ball sac, this time from behind.

Xander stiffened at the arousing sensation, and Spike slapped his ass a stinging smack. He barely held back a yelp. Spike cupped his balls, kneaded them, and just when Xander thought he’d die from frustration, another slap. Spike pulled down on the ball sac, stretching it uncomfortably, then moved his fingers to the strip of skin behind them, rubbing and pressing and stroking. Another slap.

“Spread your legs and back up,” Spike instructed.

Xander shivered in anticipation and did as Spike told him, backing up until the backs of his legs were flush against the wheelchair. Spike paid special attention to his ass, running his fingers lightly over the cheeks, then squeezing and kneading them. He pressed them together, then pulled them apart. Xander couldn’t stop the moan as cool air and cool breath wafted over his hole. Spike swiftly slapped him, which only made Xander moan again.

Spike laughed, low and happy. “Oh, puppy, what a treasure you are.” He ran his thumb along Xander’s cleft, then pressed against his quivering pucker. Xander automatically moved into the touch. Slap! Spike pushed until the very tip of his thumb had breached Xander’s hole. Xander’s legs quivered as he tried not to react.

“Anyone ever touch you like this before, puppy?” Spike asked.

Xander shook his head frantically. “N-no...Master.”

“Not even you?” he pressed, pushing a little harder.

“No, Master,” Xander gasped.

“I’m the first one?”

“Yes! Master.”

“That’s good,” Spike said. “Good puppy, saved this just for me. My hole. Mine, to taste, to touch, to fuck.” He pushed his thumb in to the first knuckle, matching action with words.

“Oh, god, yes, Master!” Xander cried, his hips bucking.

Immediately the thumb was withdrawn, and three hard slaps stung his ass. To his shame, Xander’s only reaction was to wish Spike’s thumb was still inside him, and the twitching of his cock as another drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit.

What on earth was he doing? Sure, the things Spike was doing to him had him hard and aching, but it was wrong. So wrong. He definitely shouldn’t be enjoying it. And, sure, his wrists were cuffed behind his back, but Spike was in a wheelchair, and Angelus had disappeared somewhere with Dru. Yeah, he was naked, but he could grab a curtain, or a sheet, and cover himself with it...somehow. Maybe throw it on the floor and roll himself up. Yeah, he scoffed, that would work. But there just had to be something he could do to get himself out of this situation!

“You’d never make it to the front door.” Spike spoke calmly at the same time he rubbed a teasing finger over Xander’s way-too-eager hole. Xander jumped, unsure whether it was the vampire’s words, or his touch that had startled him more. “And if you tried to escape, you’d have to be punished. Now, I’d enjoy that, but I’m not sure you would.”

Spike’s voice dropped to a whisper so Xander had to strain to hear, even as one hand moved around him to stroke his cock while the other continued to tease his anus. “You’re mine, now, pup, and you’ll stay here and do as I tell you because you have no other choice. Soon, though, you won’t want to leave. Already your body is eager for my touch, recognizes its master. Before long, your mind will also bow to the inevitable. You won’t merely accept my touch, you’ll ache for it. And when I allow you to speak, you’ll beg me so nicely. To touch you, fuck you, let you cum. And if you’ve pleased me...I will.”

Xander’s body once again strove to thrust into Spike’s touch, but he knew that would only bring another slap, and possibly the removal of Spike’s hands from his more than willing flesh. Almost, at the memory of Spike’s hand stinging his ass as he pulled at his balls, teased his ass, Xander allowed himself to move. Thankfully—depending on how you looked at it—Spike released him.

“We’re going to move over to the bed,” he said.

Xander nervously stepped away from the front of the wheelchair and stood to the side. He waited for Spike to begin rolling the chair across the room to the bed that suddenly loomed very large, and walked beside him. Spike positioned the chair at the head of the bed and swung himself onto the mattress. After he’d settled back against the pillows and moved his legs apart, he motioned for Xander to join him. Xander climbed onto the bed, then looked at Spike expectantly, anxiously.

“Good puppy,” Spike said soothingly. “Come kiss Master.” Xander nearly whimpered. “Yeah, know you want to. Come on. Master wants to taste your pretty mouth again.”

Xander crawled up the bed to Spike and cautiously leaned forward to press their lips together, afraid he’d lose his balance and fall onto the vampire. Spike parted his lips and nearly sucked Xander into his mouth. Xander moaned, and deepened the kiss.

Spike pulled away and ruffled his hair. “My pleasure,” he reminded him gently. Xander just looked at him desperately as his chest heaved. “Speak.”

“Is it...is it okay if pleasing you, um, pleases me?” he asked. As soon as the words escaped, he realized he’d let his mouth get ahead of his mind once more. No, no, no! He wasn’t supposed to like this, and he certainly wasn’t supposed to admit to it on the off chance that he did!

“Oh, puppy, puppy.” Spike grabbed the back of his neck and tugged him forward until Xander fell on him, kissed him hard, then released him. “Turn around.”

Xander was confused, the sudden change disorienting.

“Turn around, puppy.” With Spike’s help, he managed to assume the position the vampire wanted, kneeling with his legs straddling Spike’s hips, his ass near the vampire’s face, his own face pressed firmly into the mattress between Spike’s legs.

“Mmm,” Spike teased, letting his breath feather over Xander’s ass while his fingers spread his cheeks and played with the hole. “Isn’t this the prettiest little thing?” He pressed one thumb against it, then the other, then both. Xander squirmed.

Spike slapped his ass. “No moving, no talking, and most especially, no cumming. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Xander groaned.

Before the words were even out of his mouth, Spike dove for his ass. He licked the length of his crack, then lapped at his hole, then flicked a pointed tongue at it. Xander had to struggle to keep from moving, in surprise, in pleasure, and to keep from crying out. No one had ever touched him like this. He’d never imagined anyone ever touching him like this, and now he wondered why not?

Spike shoved his tongue inside him, then out and back in, out and in, up and down as he dragged the tip over his internal walls. Xander concentrated on his breathing so he wouldn’t push back onto Spike’s tongue. It was the most amazing thing he’d ever felt, and he wanted to cry out, but he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t enjoy this, only Spike could enjoy it. He couldn’t...couldn’t...but, oh, god, he was. He so was. His balls throbbed and his cock ached for release. Shit, shit, shit...no!

After being teased with light touches for so long, it was too much. With a muffled scream, Xander stiffened and his cock pulsed as he came, shooting his load onto his chest and the bed beneath him. His body shuddered with aftershocks as he gasped for air.

Spike pulled away from Xander enough to speak, and Xander could feel his lips turn up in a satisfied smile. “Did you have permission to cum, puppy?” he asked in a deceptively soft voice.

“N-no, Master,” Xander panted.

Part Two

“And you made a mess. You know what that means, don’t you, puppy?” Spike asked.

Xander’s chest was heaving, his cock still pulsing as it tried to empty itself. “Y-yes, Master.”

“Tell me.”


“Yes, pup, you need to be punished. What do you think I should do?” Spike asked, lightly rubbing his hands over Xander’s ass.

Xander’s brain wasn’t working very well, not that it couldn’t get him into trouble even when it was, but he knew enough to not want to say the wrong thing. He thought hard. “Wh-whatever pleases you, Master,” he finally said.

“Mmm, puppy,” Spike drawled. “Not only pretty, but a quick learner, too. Yes, whatever pleases me. Hmm, wonder what that’ll be?” he teased.

Xander felt Spike shift behind him, then heard a drawer slide open. “Up,” Spike said when he was back in position.

Xander pushed himself to his knees. Spike reached around him, and Xander glanced down, careful to move only his eyes, to see what the vampire held in his hands. “Open up,” Spike instructed.

Xander opened his mouth. Spike inserted a small rubber ball into his mouth and tied the gag off behind his head. “Ball gag,” he whispered, “‘cause I have a feeling you won’t be able to remain silent when I punish you, so I’ll help you out this one time. Now, no words, but you can scream as loud as you need to, okay?”

Xander shuddered and nodded. “Back down,” Spike said, pushing lightly on Xander’s back. Xander lowered his head and shoulders so that his face was once more pressed into the mattress, his ass raised high in the air. He had no idea what was coming next, no pun intended, but his orgasm had sent the thinking portion of his brain into orbit and he couldn’t find it within himself to care.

An unfamiliar ‘snick!’ caught Xander’s attention, and then something slippery and cool was being rubbed between his cheeks, with special care paid to his hole. A finger slid inside him, and Xander moaned around the gag. The finger twisted as it pushed in, as if Spike was screwing it into him. Once all the way in, Spike pulled it back out, then in, out and in. Again. And again. Then Spike rubbed something inside him and Xander saw stars.

“Liked that, didn’t you?” Spike added a second finger, and Xander groaned at the intrusion as the vampire slowly shoved them all the way into him, again twisting, and then began to pump them in and out of his ass. Once in a while Spike’s fingers would graze that spot and Xander would jerk, yelling around the gag.

His ass burned when Spike began scissoring his fingers, stretching the tight ring of muscle around his ass. Xander clenched his eyes shut and stiffened against the discomfort. He wondered what else was in store for him. Spike pulled his fingers out and Xander silently swore. He hoped he hadn’t jinxed himself.

Something cool and hard was placed against his crack, the tip resting on the sensitive strip of skin behind his balls. With a ‘click!’, a low hum filled the air, and the object began to vibrate against his already sensitive skin. Spike began to move it around, pressing it against his perineum, holding it beneath his balls, then rolling it up and down his cock. Xander began to gasp for air as his body reacted to the stimulus.

Spike removed it, and Xander let out a premature sigh of relief. The vampire placed the object in the crack of his ass and twisted it. Xander wanted to scream. Then it was gone, and there was silence. He held himself stiff, afraid to relax. Appropriately so, he thought, when the tip of the object was placed against his hole.

“Relax,” Spike said, but Xander couldn’t. “It’ll hurt worse if you don’t,” he warned Xander, and then pushed the object into him. Xander cried out against the sudden pain, his hands clenching into fists.

“All right?” Spike asked.

“Nnngghh!” Xander yelled around the gag.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it,” Spike assured him.

Xander was already getting sick of hearing that. So far everything he had to get used to had to do with pain. His pain! Without warning, Spike turned the object back on and it vibrated in his ass. With a little push, it nudged up against his happy spot, and he began to thrash as his cock filled.

Spike slapped his ass. “No moving,” he said.

Xander tried to hold still, but he just couldn’t. He screamed around the gag and writhed as the vibrations aroused him beyond bearing. Spike began spanking him, five hard, stinging smacks to one cheek, then five to the other. As he had before, Xander found the pain of the spanking, mixed with the pleasure of the stimulation of his newly-discovered happy spot, to be disturbingly erotic. He began to move his hips, trying to find relief for his swollen cock.

“Told you not to move, pup,” Spike said, raining down more blows on his already tender ass. “Maybe next time I’ll tie you down.”

The thought of being tied down, on top of the vibrations and spanking, was too much. Xander screamed around the gag and came again, in an orgasm that was as much pain as pleasure. Shit! he thought. He couldn’t ever remember cumming so hard. When he stopped shaking and his mind cleared, Xander realized that the object was still inside him, still vibrating, and Spike was manipulating it.

“What do you think?” Spike asked as he wrapped his fingers around Xander’s spent cock. “One more time?”

Xander shook his head frantically. No, god, no, he thought. He couldn’t do it again. Spike drove the vibrator against that spot inside him and pulled on his soft, sensitive flesh. Xander whimpered and tried to pull away. Spike slapped his ass.

My pleasure,” he reminded him sharply.

Despite the pain, Xander forced himself to remain still as Spike stimulated his ass and milked his cock until the vampire had wrung a third orgasm that was more pain than pleasure out of him, and still Spike’s hands continued to work him. Xander whimpered again as too-sensitive flesh was stroked and pulled, but didn’t try to pull away from the touch.

“Maybe you can think of something else to please me,” Spike suggested softly.

Xander nodded, crying his agreement around the gag. Anything to get Spike’s hand off his cock.

Spike carefully removed the vibrator from his ass, then said, “Turn around, pup.”

Xander eagerly changed position, though his body was stiff and sore. But not as sore as if Spike made him cum again. Spike removed the gag and Xander tried to moisten his mouth. Spike arranged him so that he was kneeling between the vampire’s legs, then put a hand behind his head and directed Xander down to his groin.

Oh, god, Xander thought. Oh, god. He stared at Spike’s cock, framed by black denim. The vampire had obviously not lost complete sensation below the waist. Though his legs still didn’t work, his cock seemed to be working just fine.

“Come on, puppy.” Spike threaded his fingers through Xander’s hair. “Got you a chew toy right here.” Spike paused. “Just, no actual chewing.”

Xander gave a nervous laugh. He couldn’t believe he could still laugh at a time like this. He’d been kidnapped by Angelus, stripped naked, cuffed, given to Spike as a gift, and forced to perform sexual acts with the vampire. He’d been told he was a possession, a toy, a puppy, that he belonged to Spike and had to do anything the vampire told him to. Even this.

“Ever done this before?”

Xander shook his head.

“Never seen another man’s pecker up close?”

Another shake.

“But you want to, don’t you, puppy? Wanna touch it, taste it. Go ahead, pup, lick it,” Spike encouraged Xander as he massaged his head.

Xander thought it was odd that Spike was breathing. He lowered his head, opened his mouth, and licked the tip of Spike’s penis, the taste of pre-cum bitter and salty on his tongue.

Spike’s fingers tightened in his hair. “Good puppy. Again.”


Xander shuddered as the low, husky sound of Spike’s voice went right through him. He stared at Spike’s cock, confused. He hadn’t lied to the vampire—he never had seen or touched another guy’s penis. Had never wanted to. But looking at Spike now, he kinda did want to. Wanted to touch it and feel the texture. Did it feel like his? Wanted to taste it again, fill his mouth with the flavor that was so like his own, but not.

It scared him how quickly and easily his inhibitions fell by the wayside when confronted with this strange situation. In fact, the longer he stared at Spike’s penis, swollen, red tip oozing droplets of pre-cum, the more desperate he became to do exactly as Spike had instructed him to do. He briefly wondered if Spike could thrall his victims like Dracula did in the movies, which would explain a lot of why he was calmly sitting here contemplating the vampire’s penis.

Suddenly, he had another thought. “Can you turn into a bat?” he asked. “Um, Master.”

Spike stared at him with an expression caught somewhere between bemused and bewildered. “That’s what you’ve been thinking about all this time?”

“Well, no,” Xander admitted, “not the whole time. Just, you know, one thing led to another, and, well, there it was.”

“This is a perfect example of why puppies aren’t allowed to speak unless given permission,” Spike said, and Xander blanched.

Oh. Yeah. That. “S-sorry, Master,” he said.

“We haven’t finished one punishment and you’ve already earned another. I do have my work cut out for me training my new puppy, don’t I?” Spike asked.

“N-no, Master,” Xander said, shaking his head. “I just...forgot. I won’t do it again.”

“Mmm, yes, you will,” Spike said, his fingers still moving through Xander’s hair, the sensation almost hypnotizing. “But that’s all right. I think I’m going to enjoy everything about training you, especially the punishments. But for now, why don’t we put something in your mouth to keep you quiet?” Spike suggested.

Xander looked at Spike dumbly. Did the vampire want to gag him again? Spike was looking at him expectantly. Xander glanced down at Spike’s groin and then back up to his face, and the light bulb went on. Oh! Put that in his mouth. Okay. He could do that. Wanted to do that, in fact. Just kinda nervous about it. Never had one of those in his mouth before.

Deciding to start slow, Xander bent down and licked Spike again. He loved the way Spike’s cock reacted to his touch, jumping and reaching for his mouth. He licked him again, then again, familiarizing himself with the taste of him, the way he felt against his tongue. Spike was making little growly noises deep in his throat, so he must have been enjoying it since he didn’t make Xander stop.

Xander placed his open mouth over the head of Spike’s cock. He wasn’t sure what to do at first, so he lapped at it with his tongue, then began to suckle on it.

“That’s it, suck me nice,” Spike said softly. “Just watch your teeth, pup.”

He continued to suck the head as Spike offered encouragement and instructions. “Swirl your tongue...in the slit, that’s right...take in a little bit more...good puppy...press your tongue just there, oh, Hell, yes...” It didn’t take long for Xander’s jaw and tongue to tire.

Spike lifted Xander off his cock and placed a finger on either side of his jaw, pressing a little. “Hurt?” he asked.

Xander nodded, then said, “Yes, Master.”

Spike nodded in reply. “You’ll get used to it.”

Xander wanted to scream his frustration, but thankfully managed to not do that. He wasn’t sure what kind of punishment that would earn him. And there was already one in the queue.


Uncertain as to what was going to happen next, he watched Spike squeeze a clear, jelly-like substance onto his fingers, then rub it onto his prick. Spike must have recognized the confused expression, because he said, “Lubricant.”

Lubricant? Xander thought. What was he...? Oh, god no! He couldn’t mean... Spike was not going to stick that...there. There was no way it would fit. His fingers and the vibrator had hurt enough, and they were nowhere near the size of Spike’s penis. Without thinking, Xander started to crawl backwards.

Spike easily caught him. “Going somewhere?” he asked.

Xander shook his head frantically. “No,” he whispered. “No, please, no...”

“Shhh, puppy, shhh,” Spike soothed as he pulled Xander against him. “It’ll be all right.”

“It’s too big, it’s too big...,” Xander chanted, unmindful of Spike’s words.

“Well, it’s big, but it’s not too big,” Spike assured him. “It’ll be tight, but you’ll stretch to fit it.”

“It’ll hurt,” Xander whimpered.

“Yes,” Spike agreed. “At first. But then it will feel good, if we’re doing it right. But even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t matter.” Spike stared into Xander’s eyes and pulled him out of his fear. “Who’s the puppy?” he asked.

“M-me,” Xander said.

“And who’s the master?”

“Y-y-you,” Xander replied.

“Which one of us is here to pleasure the other?” he asked, plunging two fingers into Xander’s stretched hole.

Pain blossomed at the rough treatment and Xander fell forward as he tried to escape Spike’s probing fingers. The vampire rubbed that spot, and Xander saw stars. Caught between the pleasure and the pain, his body shuddered.

“I expect an answer, pup,” Spike said firmly.

Xander wondered how Spike could expect an answer when he could barely think, much less speak, with Spike’s fingers thrusting into him. “Y-you,” he managed to get out. “Me, your pleasure.”

“Mmm, correct,” Spike said. “You won’t forget that will you, pup?” he asked as he massaged Xander’s happy spot.

“No, Master,” Xander moaned as his cock filled.

“Say it, pup.”

“I’m here for your pleasure, Master, and I won’t forget it,” Xander said, and at that moment, meant it completely.


“Good puppy,” Spike purred gently in counterpoint to the roughness as he shoved a third finger inside Xander.

He whined at the initial pain, then mewled when Spike touched him there, and began to move automatically against the fingers invading his body, stretching him wide open, plunging into him, and scraping his newly-discovered pleasure spot over and over again.

“That’s it, puppy,” Spike urged softly, “ride my fingers. Fuck yourself on ‘em. Harder. Mmmm, such a good pup,” the vampire praised him as Xander raised and lowered himself onto the fingers Spike had shoved deep inside him.

His chest was heaving and he gasped for air as he mindlessly drove himself onto Spike’s digits, his own fingers clenched into tight fists against the small of his back. He twisted his hips instinctively, making Spike’s fingers rub over that lovely spot inside him. His eyes rolled back and he moved faster, feeling his body edge closer to orgasm, then wailed when Spike pulled his fingers out of him. Brown eyes popped open and stared dazedly into blue.

“Forgetting already, pup?” Spike asked, his tone carrying a warning note.

“N-no, Master,” Xander whimpered, shaking his head. He felt so empty and wished the vampire’s fingers were back inside him. In a brief moment of clarity he wondered how he could have gone from virginal innocent to wanton slut in such a short period of time. He should be angered by the forced violation of his body instead of practically begging for Spike to be back inside him. And he should certainly be disgusted by his own behavior.

Then he felt the blunt head of Spike’s cock pressing against his grasping hole as the vampire positioned him and spread his cheeks. With a moan, he intuitively pushed down until the fat head was stretching him wider than Spike’s fingers had, and then finally popped inside. He groaned, dropping his forehead to rest against the side of Spike’s head as he breathed hard through the pain.

“Hurt?” Spike asked, his hands kneading Xander’s buttocks.

Xander groaned. “D-don’t...please don’t say it,” he whispered.

“Don’t worry, pup, you’ll get used to it,” Spike said, and Xander was sure he could hear the smirk in the vampire’s voice before it turned hard. “Now take me the rest of the way in.”

Xander whimpered at the imagined pain of Spike’s cock splitting him open.

“You’ll stretch,” Spike said, then placed his hands on Xander’s hips and forced him down. Xander didn’t fight him, but neither did he assist the blond in any way. He whined at the pain of Spike’s invasion into his body—it felt as if the vampire was tearing him apart. Spike continued pushing steadily until all of him was buried inside Xander, then paused to give him a moment to adjust.

“Okay, pup, ride my cock. Fuck yourself on my prick like you did on my fingers,” Spike instructed him.

Xander raised his head, and when he opened his eyes to look at Spike, a tear escaped and ran down his cheek.

“Oh, puppy,” Spike whispered, pulling Xander’s head down so he could lick the tear off his face. “Such a pretty puppy.” He threaded his fingers through Xander’s hair, then pulled back enough to be able to look Xander in the eyes. “Let’s see if we can make puppy cum one more time, hmm?”

Xander’s eyes grew wide and he frantically shook his head. He’d already cum so many times his cock ached and he wasn’t sure he had anything left in him. Besides, the hard-on he’d gotten when Spike’s fingers were rubbing that spot inside him had quickly deflated when the vampire forced the thicker girth of his cock into him. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to recover from that.

Spike just smirked at him. “Ride, puppy,” he commanded, and when Xander didn’t immediately begin to move, landed a sharp slap to his ass.

Xander moaned at the sting and slowly raised himself. He was unused to having anything inside his ass, and at first the pain was excruciating. His insides felt raw as Spike’s cock slid in and out of him.

Spike slapped him again. “Faster, pup,” he demanded. Xander tried to move faster, but the muscles in his thighs were already burning from the unusual exertion. When he faltered, Spike grasped his hips and lifted him almost all the way off the vampire’s dick, paused until Xander looked him in the eyes, then slammed him down hard so the prick rammed deep inside him.

Xander screamed. The initial pain of Spike’s invasion of his body that had receded to a dull ache now returned with a vengeance. Xander tried to take back control of his movements, but Spike was stronger than he was and the vampire’s fingers dug into Xander’s flesh. He tilted Xander’s hips and the next time he drove into him sent his cock sliding over Xander’s new happy spot.

Xander’s eyes grew wide and he cried out his surprised pleasure at the unexpected sensation. The pain of entry had blinded him to the fact that there might be pleasure to be had from Spike’s cock in his ass, just as there had been with the vampire’s fingers inside him. Now that Spike had the angle he wanted, he made sure he stimulated Xander with every stroke of cock inside him.

Xander’s own cock twitched in response and he shuddered at the anticipated pleasure/pain of the orgasm he knew the vampire was going to wring out of him before he was through, whether Xander wanted to cum or not. In the small part of Xander’s brain that was still functioning, he couldn’t believe he wouldn’t want to cum. But he’d never imagined being forced to cum so many times in such a short period that it would hurt so bad. A healthy young man, he’d never realized there could be too much of a good thing.

It was suddenly impossible to think. Spike had let go of his hip with one hand and used it to strip his hard flesh. Xander cried out, overcome by the combination of pain and pleasure that shot through him at the touch.

“That’s it, pup, cum for Master,” Spike purred, once more prodding Xander’s sweet spot as he pulled on his tender prick.

The sound of Spike’s voice, along with the forced stimulation of his body was too much for Xander. His body stiffened and his hips bucked as he came, splashing spurt after painful spurt of release onto Spike’s belly.

When he came to, Xander was slumped against Spike, his dick already hardening again as the vampire continued to raise and lower him onto the cock filling his ass. He groaned in pain. His prick and ass were killing him, and he was afraid Spike would be able to keep this up—no pun intended—all night.

As he slowly regained his senses, Xander realized that Spike was speaking softly to him. “Good pup...cum so good for Master...scream so pretty....smell so good...know you’re gonna taste delicious.”

The haze receded from more of his brain and Xander noticed that Spike was licking him wherever he could reach—his face, his neck, his chest. Then he sucked on his neck and Xander moaned, automatically tilting his head to give the vampire better access. Wait, vampire!

Xander’s eyes shot open and he pulled back to look into amber eyes. He barely had time to note the ridges on Spike’s forehead before the vampire bared his fangs and pulled Xander to him, burying his face in Xander’s neck.

His mind was suddenly filled with a jumble of thoughts. Spike was going to bite him. Drink his blood. Kill him while he was being fucked. Oh, god! He only hoped the vampire didn’t turn him and loose the demon inhabiting his body on his friends. Thought, such as it was, fled when Spike sank his fangs into Xander’s flesh.

He screamed in pain and fear, fists clenching tighter until his nails dug furrows into his palms and blood seeped out. The fear kept him screaming long after the pain abated, until an odd sensation of pleasure suffused his body. He could feel the blood being drained from him, and heard the wet suction at his neck. The fear receded as he became lightheaded and compliant, to be replaced by an erotic tingling in his groin that Xander was beginning to dread.

“No,” he moaned. He wouldn’t cum from being bitten. He couldn’t, not again. Could he?

Spike, his mouth engaged, moaned in reply, then sucked harder as if in encouragement.

No, Xander thought. No, no, no. He screamed as his abused cock jerked, dribbling what little fluid remained in his balls before he came in dry spurts that hurt worse than anything he could have imagined. He felt the strange sensation of Spike’s cock swelling inside him, and then everything went black.

The End

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