Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Length: 3076 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Xander gets caught red-handed and Spike gives him a helping hand.
Notes: PWP. Written for [info]batpack Helping Hand Fanfic Challenge in celebration of National Masturbation Month.
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Written: May 17, 2005

Plan B


Xander had never been in one of these places before. Heh! Listen to him, he can’t even think the name without blushing. Gay bar. Gay bar, gay bar, gay bar! He’d never been to a gay bar before, and he figured it was pretty obvious the way everyone was staring at him. He likely looked out of place like the loser he was. He should probably just leave; he wasn’t going to get any luckier here than he would at The Bronze.


Xander jumped and turned to look over his shoulder. “Uh, hey.” He gave a nervous little wave, and the guy smiled at him. The really hot guy smiled at him, Xander mentally amended.

“David,” the really hot guy said, holding his hand out.

Xander shook it distractedly. He couldn’t stop staring at the really hot guy. Who suddenly grinned at him.

“You got a name?” David asked.

“Oh, um, yeah.” Xander nodded.

“Gonna share it?”

Xander blushed. “Xander.”

“Well, Xander,” David drawled, his eyes running down Xander’s body. Xander suddenly wished he was still wearing baggy pants and shirt instead of this outfit Willow had helped him pick out. “Wanna dance?”

Xander laughed. “I, um, I don’t, uh, dance. Not well, anyway. Very not well, as a matter of fact. Awful.”

“That doesn’t matter here,” David said, then took Xander’s hand and led him to the dance floor.

Xander felt awkward and shy when he noticed that several people were staring at him. David took his mind off them by leaning close so he could speak directly into Xander’s ear over the pounding music. “Just move your hips like this,” he said with a wiggle of his own hips. Then he grabbed Xander’s hips and moved them.

David’s hands felt good on him, and Xander thought he could get used to having someone touch him like that. Xander tried, but he still couldn’t get the hang of it, so David turned him around and pulled Xander’s hips back so his ass was rubbing against David’s groin. Xander shuddered at the contact. David moved his hips to the beat, his hands urging Xander’s hips to move along with him.

“Much better,” he purred in Xander’s ear, sending shivers down his spine.

Xander wasn’t sure if David’s lessons took, or if he was so turned on and relaxed that he really was moving better, or if the heat in his groin made him just not care what his hips were doing. Especially when David’s hand slid around his hip, his fingers perilously close to Xander’s raging hard-on.

“Enjoying yourself?” David asked.

“Yes,” Xander choked out.

“Excellent,” David drawled slowly as his hand moved between Xander’s legs and he lightly dragged his fingers over tight balls and stiff cock, then teased the head as he added, “I love a boy who can just...let go.”

Xander’s knees went weak and only David’s presence at his back kept him from falling. David stroked his palm up Xander’s erection, and Xander squeaked. Yes, he’d dreamt of things just like this happening to him, but the reality of it was a bit different. He felt like a girl even thinking it, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to put out.

“David, I don’t think this....”

“You’re right,” David quickly agreed. “This isn’t the place for it. Let’s go to the backroom.”

“Backroom?” Xander’s voice squeaked again. He was pretty certain this place didn’t have pool tables or video games back there.

“Yeah,” David said, unaware that Xander was panicking, “I can’t wait to see how this big guy fills my mouth.”

Xander’s traitorous cock twitched beneath David’s hand, telling anyone who cared to listen that it was certainly down with that.

“And those lips,” David continued, bringing his other hand up to brush his thumb across Xander’s lips. “Can’t wait to see what they look like wrapped around my cock.”

Holy moly! Xander’s eyes popped. David expected him to...? But he’d never...done that. And as much as he wanted a night out where it was okay to ogle the guys without fear of getting punched out, things were moving just a little bit too quickly for him.

Xander reluctantly lifted David’s hand off his groin. “Listen, David, as much fun as that sounds, I’m not really ready for that, yet.”

“What’s to be ready for?” David asked. “I get you off, you get me off. It’s all good.”

“Yeah, you know, that sounds really good, in theory, but in practice? Not so much. This is all moving kinda fast for me.”

David’s expression was a combination of resigned and disappointed. Finally he nodded, sighed. “Shit. Will you come back?” he asked.

Xander looked around at all the sweaty, half-dressed guys on the dance floor, and then grinned. “Oh, I’ll definitely be back.”

“Look for me?” David pulled Xander into a hug and whispered in his ear as he groped Xander’s ass. “I’d be happy to teach you anything you wanted to know. And I really do want to suck your cock.”

“Oh, god,” Xander groaned, and practically ran off the dance floor and out into the cool night air. As dangerous as he knew it could be, Xander slipped into the first alley he found. He really needed to take care of his erection before he tried to drive home.

Xander fumbled with his jeans, finally getting them unbuttoned and pushed down just far enough so he could reach in and pull his erection out. He placed one hand on the dirty brick wall for support, and began to stroke himself. His first indication that he wasn’t alone was when someone gently bumped their chest into his back.

Xander managed to stifle his manly scream. “D-David?”

Cool hands slid beneath his jeans and shoved them down his thighs, then cupped his ass. “Who’s David?” a familiar voice growled in his ear.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Just out for a stroll,” Spike replied against Xander’s neck, his hands still busy kneading Xander’s ass.

Xander fought down a moan.

“Need help with that?” Spike asked.

“No, I don’t...! Where did that come from?” he yelped.

“My pocket,” Spike said, and then encircled Xander’s prick with his slicked hand.

“Oh god.”

Spike stroked him, a long, hard, slow stroke from base to head, and then twisted his hand around the head as if he were removing a jar lid. And then he did it again. All the while his other hand continued to knead Xander’s ass, fingers flicking between his cheeks to tease his hole.

“Other hand on the wall,” Spike said.

“What? Why?” Xander groaned. Christ, Spike had his hand on Xander’s dick and he wanted him to think?

The freakiness of this encounter was lost on Xander’s dick, which was thinking ‘whoo, hand!’ His body didn’t seem to care that the hand in question belonged to Spike, only that it wasn’t Xander’s hand. And that it knew exactly what it was doing.

Despite his body’s response to the clever hand on his cock, Xander knew he should make Spike stop, but then Spike lowered his head and latched onto the spot on Xander’s neck that never failed to make his knees go weak, and sucked. It didn’t fail this time, either. Xander moaned and grabbed for the wall. Spike let go of Xander’s neck and reached between his legs to fondle his balls. Xander looked down and watched Spike’s hand move on his cock. Stroke, twist, stroke, twist.

Xander was getting so close, but then Spike’s hand stilled and he made a sound of protest. Spike held onto him loosely and worked one finger against the sensitive spot just beneath the ridge and Xander couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting forward. Spike wasn’t even stroking him anymore, or doing that neat thing with his head, just rubbing that spot, and it was driving Xander nuts.

Spike reached around Xander and started pumping the bottom of his dick while he continued to rub that spot. “Like that, hmm?” he purred in Xander’s ear.

“Ungh, god, yeah,” Xander moaned, and then he remembered that he wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this, wasn’t supposed to want it nearly as much as he did. “I mean, uh, no. S-stop,” he weakly protested.

Thankfully, Spike ignored him, and Xander’s fingers scrabbled at the wall when Spike started jacking him with both hands. He couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of his cock sliding through Spike’s fists. Just when Xander was getting used to that, Spike laced his fingers together and stroked them up and down the underside of Xander’s dick while his thumbs rubbed along the top. The odd sensation had Xander’s balls drawing up.


“Gonna come for me, Xan?”

“Shit! Shit, Spike!”

Xander didn’t know if it was the forbidden aspect of his orgasm—whether his visit to the club, their public position, or the fact that he’d done the deed with Spike—but Xander came harder than he could ever remember coming. His entire body felt as if he’d been shocked with an electric current, and his vision grayed as his climax rolled over him.

He groaned when he’d recovered enough to realize that Spike was still milking his softening cock. “S-Spike.”

“Back with me now, are you? So, was it good for you?”

Xander could hear the smirk in Spike’s tone. “F’ck off, Spike,” he gamely replied, despite the fact that Spike’s arm around his waist was the only thing holding him up.

“Love to, pet,” Spike responded silkily. “Right after you respond in kind.”

Xander’s brain was too fried to figure out what in heck Spike was talking about. “Huh?”

“Re-cip-ro-ca-tion,” Spike said slowly, as if he was talking to an idiot. At the moment, Xander thought, he wasn’t too far off.

“What are you talking about?”

Spike pressed Xander into the wall and he winced as his sensitive dick scraped against the rough surface. “I mean,” he growled, “it’s my turn, pet.”

Even Xander’s frazzled mind could figure that out. He froze when he realized that the movement and sounds behind him was Spike unbuckling his belt, and then unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down until Xander could feel the hardness of Spike’s very interested prick pressing against his ass. His bare ass. Xander’s mind went skittering even as his dick attempted to show some interest of its own.

Spike pulled away just enough to twirl Xander around and push him back against the brick before pressing their bodies together. Xander was panting softly, and once or twice he might have wheezed. He couldn’t take his eyes off Spike’s as Spike wrapped Xander’s fingers around his cock. It felt strange, having another man’s dick in his hand, and Xander’s knees nearly buckled when he realized that he really wanted to look down at it.

It was Spike who finally broke eye contact when he leaned in and whispered into Xander’s ear, “Wank me,” in a commanding tone. “And none of that mamby pamby soft and sweet bollocks. I want it hard and fast.”

Xander couldn’t suppress the shiver that skated down his spine, or the way his fingers tightened around Spike.

“While you’re doin’ that,” Spike purred, pausing to lick a stripe up Xander’s neck, “I’m gonna nibble right here.”

Xander’s shiver became a full-blown shudder as Spike mouthed the spot he’d discovered earlier.

“And just for a little added incentive, if I make you come first, just from this....” He sucked. “I’m gonna bend you over, fuck you hard and fast, show you just how I like it.”

Xander whimpered, unable to move as Spike’s tongue teased his neck. His cock, which was filling again, was the only part of his body not frozen with a mixture of indecision and desire.

“Better get movin’, pet,” Spike reminded him with a little nudge of his hips.

Xander jumped and tried to make himself concentrate on the cock he held instead of the mouth at his neck, despite his own dick insisting that it have a say in the matter. He stroked his fist up Spike’s dick. It felt different than his did, and Xander let his fingers explore the extra skin, gently pinching the tip, rubbing his thumb over the head, and slipping a finger beneath it.

Spike moaned against his neck, and Xander couldn’t resist the urge to tilt his head back. Spike closed blunt teeth on tender skin as he bucked into Xander’s hand.

“C’mon, Xander,” he begged, sending tremors through Xander and straight to his groin, making him wonder just which one of them was going to come first. He wasn’t prepared to bet that it would be Spike, and the thought of Spike taking him the way he’d promised only made Xander harder.

Spike humped into his hand, bringing their bodies together and capturing Xander’s cock between them. He moaned and his fingers tightened reflexively around Spike.

“Yeah, hard, Xan,” Spike encouraged, the words tickling as they vibrated against his neck. “Pull. Make me come.”

Xander squeezed and stroked, the foreign sensation of the loose skin moving under his hand added to that sensation of the forbidden and heightened his excitement. Spike continued to urge him on with word and tongue as he pressed against him, pushed into his hand, the slide of skin on skin stimulating him until there was nothing outside the two of them and the three points of contact they shared.

“Spike,” Xander hissed. Christ, he was so close! He couldn’t believe he was going to come again so soon. “Spike.”

Spike’s lips moved up Xander’s neck and along his jaw until they covered Xander’s lips. Xander eagerly parted his lips, licking and sucking at Spike’s before slipping his tongue between them. Spike opened to him just as eagerly, and they set to devouring each other as they moved closer to release.

They grunted and moaned into each other’s mouths until Spike tore his mouth away to bite down on Xander’s neck to muffle his cry of completion when he came. Spike shuddered against him as he pulsed in Xander’s fist and shot his release over his hand. It was enough to send Xander over the edge and he came the second time that night with the taste of leather in his mouth.

They didn’t move for what seemed like hours, and then Xander pushed Spike until he was leaning against the wall next to him instead of suffocating him.

“Shit,” Xander gasped.

He heard a noise from Spike, and turned to where he was leaning bonelessly against the dirty brick beside him, smirking, the tip of his tongue sticking out between his teeth. Xander rolled his eyes. “Shut up, Spike,” he panted.

“Didn’t say anythin’, git,” Spike retorted, continuing to smirk in a way that always used to annoy Xander, but for some reason was making his belly tickle tonight.

“Oh, you may not be using words, but you are saying plenty!” Xander charged breathlessly.

“So, tell me,” Spike changed the subject, “you come all the way down here, to a gay club, and I find you out here wankin’ off. You can’t tell me you couldn’t find some loser in there to take to the backroom.”

“No, I had to come out here to find the loser,” Xander snapped back, inexplicably hurt. “Besides,” he went on, straightening up as he caught his breath, “I had, um, offers.” He blushed at the admission, even though he figured he should have been more embarrassed by the fact that he and Spike had just had sex.

“Do tell,” Spike teased.

“No way! I don’t kiss and tell.”

“So, there was kissing,” Spike said thoughtfully.

“No! There was no kissing involved. A little groping, maybe, but no kissing.” Xander decided he should just shut up while he was behind, but Spike was having none of it.


“Well what?” Xander asked innocently as he pulled his jeans back up. He stared at his hand, and then reached inside his jeans and wiped it off on his boxers. Spike was distracted long enough to send Xander a leer, but he was like a dog with a boner. Bone! Xander corrected himself.

“How come you’re out here wankin’ when you could’ve had someone else doing it for you, ya ponce?”

“First of all,” Xander began haughtily, “it’s none of your business, and secondly, I did have someone do it for me.” He shot Spike a smirk of his own as he tucked his t-shirt back in.

“Harris....” Spike loomed threateningly, but Xander, used to his big-bad posturing, wasn’t impressed.

“I just wasn’t ready, all right?” he found himself saying.

Spike frowned, confused. “Seemed plenty ready to me.”

“Not like that!” Xander jerked his zipper up. “This was the first time I’d ever been here, and I just wanted to enjoy the...ambiance. I wasn’t prepared for things t-to progress so quickly.” Spike was looking at him as if he was nuts. “What? I wanted to take my time, enjoy myself a little. I wasn’t looking for a-a wham bam, thank you, Xan.”

“Why the bloody hell not?” Spike asked, and then his eyes narrowed as he took a step further into Xander’s personal space. “Besides, you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy this.”

“Would you believe me if I did?” Xander asked hopefully.

Spike shrugged. “Might’ve. If you hadn’t said my name like that when you came.”

“I’d knock that smirk right off your face if I had the energy,” Xander said, knowing the moment the words left his mouth that it was a mistake. Watching Spike’s smirk widen just confirmed it. “I hate you.”

“Uh huh. FYI, I hate you, too. Now that we’ve got that settled, why don’t we go back to your place and hate each other some more?”

Xander’s eyes widened. “What?” he squeaked. “No. And hell no! What part of ‘going slow’ and ‘I hate you’, do you not get?”

“The part where I don’t get laid,” Spike returned. He reached out and touched that spot on Xander’s neck and Xander shivered. “Think plan A’s been shot to hell, yeah?” he asked as he caressed the spot. “Let’s go with plan B.” Spike looked entirely too pleased with himself as he turned away and sauntered towards the mouth of the alley. He paused and looked back over his shoulder. “Coming?”

Xander whimpered, rearranged himself in his jeans. “Apparently,” he muttered, and then hurried after Spike.

The End

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