I am totally ashamed to admit that this story was written for the Xander Ficathon and was due on 9/30/04. I had it over halfway completed, and then just didn't finish it. *ducks rotten tomatoes* My deepest apologies to [info]jessie53067, who hosted the ficathon, and [info]bunnyohare, for whom I wrote this.

[info]bunnyohare requested S/X snark and sex, no death or non-con, R or NC17. This story contains hyena!Xander, so there is rough-type sex, but that's not non-con, right?! And I'm not sure there's actual snarkage. In other words, I probably have totally not given you what you asked for, in which case I'd offer to write you another, but look how long it took you to get this one!

Warning: liberal use of 'the boy'. What can I say? It's a kink.

Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Length: 4720 words
Spoilers: Through season 4 to be on the safe side.
Summary: A teeny tiny miscalculation when Willow and Giles practice a spell has unforseen consequences.
Notes: Hyena!Xander. Written for the Xander Ficathon for [info]bunnyohare who requested S/X snark and sex, no death or non-con, R or NC17. Rough, animalistic sex isn’t really non-con, right?!! Unbeta'd.
Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series, characters and concepts are the property, copyright and trademark of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Grr Argh, the WB, UPN and whomever else they really belong to. No ownership is claimed by the author. This work is nonprofit, noncommercial and not for sale for commercial purposes. Characters and situations not specifically owned by the creators of BtVS/Ats or under copyright, are the sole copyright of the author.
Written: February 11, 2005



Spike was adjusting the rabbit ears on his telly when he sensed Xander approaching his crypt. He rolled his eyes peevishly, wondering what the blasted Slayer wanted now. The door was pushed open without a knock and Xander stepped inside. He looked around curiously, as if he’d never been inside the crypt before and was seeing it all for the first time. Spike frowned at the boy’s strange behavior, and his annoyance grew.

“What’s the Slayer want now?” he asked in an affronted tone, otherwise ignoring Xander to step in front of the telly so he could get a better angle on the screen. The bloody picture was still too full of static to make out clearly. Bugger! He was going to miss Dawson’s Creek again.

“I’m not here as Buffy’s...lapdog,” Xander replied.

Spike looked over his shoulder at the boy. Xander was staring at him with a peculiar half-smile curving his lips, and the intensity of his gaze was unnerving.

“The Watcher, then?” Spike suggested, giving up on the antenna. He’d just have to listen to it, like those mysteries on the radio he and Dru used to listen to late at night.

“Not Giles, either,” Xander replied absently as his eyes avidly roamed up and down Spike’s body.

The heated gaze was almost palpable and Spike’s body reacted to the fierceness of it. The heat curling in his belly made him angry. “Look, I’m not in the mood for twenty questions,” Spike snarled. “Say what you came to say, and then bugger off.”

“I’m here for me,” Xander replied evenly, unhelpfully, and then began to move around the crypt.

Spike watched him closely, wondering what was up with the boy. Something was off, but he couldn’t place it. He looked the same: shaggy hair; bright, baggy clothes. But the eyes. There was something about Xander’s eyes that was different. Off. The boy had never regarded Spike quite so...frankly before. His eyes were usually skittering about, never staying in one place for long, but tonight his gaze was steady.

Spike continued to contemplate Xander as the boy examined the crypt. His posture was different, too. Xander’s shoulders were usually slouched, as if he could hide inside himself, but now he stood tall and straight. Proud. Confident. And he was...sniffing the crypt. Xander turned his head and looked directly into Spike’s eyes, and then smiled. It was self-assured. And predatory. It was as if he knew exactly what Spike was doing, what he was thinking.

Oh, yes, there was certainly something going on with Xander Harris, Spike thought. Aloud, he asked, “Spell?”

Xander grinned at him, as if he was pleased Spike had figured it out. Spike rolled his eyes at the boy’s reaction.

“What did the witch do now?” he sighed, resigned, hoping it wouldn’t take too long to clean up this mess. He really didn’t want to miss his program.

“Not her fault, really. She was practicing a spell with Giles,” Xander replied casually as he continued to make his way around the perimeter of the crypt. “For the haunting. Something about releasing the spirit, or freeing the spirit, so it could move on to where it was supposed to be.” He shrugged. “I wasn’t really listening.”

Spike nodded. He could believe that. Harris always seemed to be in his own world. “So what went wrong?” he asked.

Xander grinned again, and it reminded Spike of a feral cat. He took an involuntary step back. “They made a teeny, tiny miscalculation,” Xander replied, almost giddily.

“Miscalculation?” Spike asked, thoroughly confused. He wondered if he could get Xander to the Magic Box and make it back to the crypt before he missed too much of the show.

“They forgot about the hyena,” Xander said, his trajectory bringing him closer to Spike. “Or, rather, didn’t realize that it wasn’t quite as gone as they thought it was.”

Spike shifted uneasily. “Hyena? What in bloody hell are you talking about, Harris?”

Xander crossed in front of Spike as he continued his examination of the crypt, running his fingers over the back of Spike’s ratty old chair when he walked past it. He’d been here before, though not often, and the scent of Spike that pervaded the dank, dark interior made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. As well as the hair on his thighs.

Spike was a predator, the enemy. Not pack. Xander was going to change that, but first he needed to feel more comfortable in Spike’s environment. His eyes searched out the shadowed corners and he sniffed the musty air, familiarizing himself with his surroundings. As a bonus, he knew he was unnerving Spike.

“The hyena,” he repeated casually as he moved past Spike and into the corner, searching. “Before your time. Long story short, I, along with four other students, was possessed by a hyena spirit. Giles eventually figured out how to ‘de-possess’ us, though not before we ate the school mascot...and they ate the principal. Anyway, turns out....” He turned quickly to look at Spike. “Didn’t work quite as well as we all thought. Obviously.” He laughed. “God! It’s weird how good I feel! I mean, after everything that happened last time, I just wanted to forget, you know, but I can’t believe I forgot this.”

Spike was studying him with narrowed eyes. “So, who’s in control, you or the hyena?” he asked as if he didn’t really believe Xander.

“That’s just it!” Xander replied excitedly as he stalked towards Spike. “Both!”

“Look,” Spike held his hands out placatingly, “why don’t we go see your mates and let them fix this?”

“Haven’t you been listening? I don’t want them to fix this. I feel great!”

“That’s not you speakin’, Harris....”

“What do you know about me?” Xander snarled. “You don’t know me; you never wanted to know me!”

“That sounds a little like the pot and the kettle, Harris,” Spike snarled right back. “You think your friends aren’t gonna notice this little change in your personality?”

“Not if I don’t want them to,” Xander insisted mulishly. He suddenly felt like a little boy who was going to lose a new toy. “Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway. They can’t ‘fix this’. It’s too late.”

Xander was close enough to Spike now to see the way his lashes lay on his face when he blinked. Spike’s nostrils flared as Xander invaded his space, but he didn’t move away.

“What do you mean, it’s too late?”

“There’s nothing to...remove.”

Spike frowned in confusion.

“We merged.” Xander held his hands up. “The human and the hyena.” He brought his hands together. “And now there’s just...me.”

Spike stared at him, and Xander could see his mind working. He remained silent, waiting for Spike to vocalize the thought tickling at the back of his mind. While Spike cogitated, Xander let his eyes drift over Spike’s body. The other man was sexy as hell, compact and muscular. Xander wondered how flexible his legs were, how hard his mouth could suck....

Spike’s eyes suddenly went wide. “Why’d you come here?” he asked. “Brag? Beat me up?”

Xander rolled his eyes. With Spike it was always talking big and violence. “I could have beaten you up before,” he calmly reminded Spike. “Guess again,” he said, his eyes locked on Spike’s lips. He watched as Spike took a deep breath, and then stiffened with understanding. He dragged his eyes up to Spike’s.

“No way in bloody hell...!”

Xander ignored him and took a step closer. “It’s going to be so good,” he promised, then lifted his hand to Spike’s face. Spike took a step back; Xander followed him. “You...we are going to be so good together.”

“You’re bloody insane, is what you are,” Spike declared. “There is no us, and if there was any part of Xander in there....” He poked Xander in the chest. “...you would not be doing this.”

Xander laughed. “You are so blind, Spike. Everyone was so blind. That chip must have done more damage than we thought.”

Spike snarled ineffectually.

“I’ve been hard for you more times than I can count.” Xander reached down and adjusted himself, then leered at Spike. “I’m hard for you now.”

Spike knew Xander was hard without even looking, because he could smell the boy’s arousal, though he couldn’t help but look anyway. Yep, the boy was definitely hard. He raised his eyes to Xander’s, glaring.

“I’ll fight you,” Spike asserted, “even if the bloody chip kills me.”

“It won’t,” Xander said, moving closer, looming threateningly despite the fact that he wasn’t much taller than Spike at all. But the way he held himself now made him seem so much larger than usual.

Spike felt himself shrinking, and his reaction angered him. He wasn’t going to be intimidated by large, looming brunettes ever again. “Won’t what?” he ground out as he puffed his chest up.

“Won’t kill you,” Xander replied. “Won’t even give you a headache.”

“What are you blathering on about?”

“I think you can hit me without the chip going off,” Xander told him as if he was telling him that the price of whiskey just went down.

“You’re off your rocker, Harris,” Spike snorted.

“Try it,” Xander encouraged.

Xander looked so eager for Spike to hit him that it gave Spike pause. “Have you gone round the bend?”

Xander gave him a wolfish grin. “Look at it this way, if you don’t try it, you’ll never know.” He gazed longingly at Spike’s groin. “And you’ll just be handing that tight ass over to me to use howev—.”

Spike saw red; there was no stopping the punch he threw. Xander rocked back when the blow landed, and Spike automatically tensed up, waiting for the skull-crushing pain that never came. Xander’s tongue slipped out and licked the blood off his split lip, leering at Spike as he lunged.

Before Spike knew what had happened, he was pushed back against the wall, Xander’s hands braced on either side of Spike’s head, their bodies close enough that he could feel the heat radiating off Xander. He barely had time to register the increase in Xander’s arousal, and think that punching him might have been a mistake, before Xander’s lips were on his, hard and hungry.

Xander sucked on his lips, coaxed his mouth open, and then proceeded to devour him, tongue and lips and teeth all working together to make Spike lose his mind. The taste of Xander Harris was intoxicating enough, but the taste of warm, fresh blood, Xander’s blood, nearly sent him over the edge.

Xander added a slight twist of his hips that made their groins slide over each other, their cocks barely brushing. Spike felt a fire building in his belly. Xander gave a little nudge that brought their cocks together again, harder, and Spike moaned into his mouth. Spike’s cock swelled, and he reached for Xander’s hips.

The feel of rough cotton against his palms cut through the lust enough for Spike to realize what he was doing, and who he was doing it with. Reminded him what Xander wanted from him. Well, he refused to be anyone’s bitch, especially Xander Harris’. He pushed Xander away, absently licking Xander’s blood off his lips.

“What in bloody hell do you think you’re doing?” he growled, trying to push down the burst of arousal he’d felt for the boy. Hell, he hated Xander Harris! He did not just get turned on from kissing him, from having Xander rub up against him.... He shivered at the remembered heat of Xander’s body pressed against his—and not in a good way, he insisted to himself.

Xander just laughed. He could smell Spike’s arousal, knew he’d gotten to him. Knew it wouldn’t be long before Spike belonged to him. He licked his lips, reveling in the taste of Spike that remained on them.

“Quit laughing, tosser, or I will bloody well kill you,” Spike snarled angrily, his fingers curled into claws.

Xander stopped laughing. “You could try,” he said agreeably, putting every bit of the emotions he was feeling into it.

“Why did you tell me?” Spike demanded.

“That I want you?”

“That I can hit you, wanker.”

Xander’s tongue peeked out as he subconsciously licked at the cut. Spike’s eyes were drawn to the movement, and Xander howled inside. Spike was going to be his. Pack. Mate.

“Because when I take you, claim you, it’ll be because you willingly submit to me, not because you can’t fight back,” Xander answered.

Spike’s eyes widened, he laughed and shook his head. “You really are barmy,” he said conversationally. “Listen here, Harris, I will never submit to anyone, especially you.”

Xander’s eyes traveled the length of Spike’s body and he could almost feel the tension gathering there. “You might want to tell your cock that,” he spoke calmly.

“Sod off, wanker!”

“Well, that was mature.”

“I will tear your head off,” Spike threatened angrily, his body shaking with it.

Spike’s reaction only served to further arouse Xander. He could smell Spike’s arousal, his anger, his fear...his desperation.

“No you won’t, because I know what you need, and I can give it to you,” Xander calmly told him.

“Your cock up my ass? I don’t bloody think so!”

“You need to belong, to be loved....”

“What do you know about what I need?” Spike spat just before he exploded into motion.

Xander wasn’t surprised by the move, but he wasn’t completely used to everything he could do now, and was slow to block the kick aimed at his head, thereby totally missing the follow-up kick to his ribs. He went down to one knee and Spike took off. Determined, fueled by lust as much as rage at this challenge to his authority, Xander shot to his feet and ran after Spike, who was headed to the back of the crypt.

Spike switched direction, as if he realized at the last minute he couldn’t lift the trapdoor and drop down to the lower level where he could make his escape through the sewers before Xander reached him. Spike veered around the sarcophagus and headed for the front door.

Xander didn’t bother following Spike, planning instead on intercepting him. He picked up speed, slammed his hand down on the sarcophagus and vaulted over it, landing in front of Spike, both feet planted firmly. He barely had time to see the surprised look in Spike’s eyes before Spike’s speed brought them together in a crash that sent them both flying through the air.

Xander landed on his back with a ‘woosh!’ as all the air left his body. He was able to grab onto Spike before the other man could clamber off him, and held on even though Spike pummeled him in a bid for freedom, managing to move his head to the side barely in time to deflect a head butt. Xander’s grip on the other man slackened just enough for Spike to wiggle free.

Xander rolled to his knees, ducking to miss a kick to the head. He snatched Spike’s ankle while the other man was off balance and tossed him to the floor. Spike bounced to his feet, sputtering curses as Xander struggled to his. He knew he was going to have the wounds to show that he’d fought hard for this mating.

Spike dove at Xander while the boy was still regaining his feet. Xander twisted and caught him, then used Spike’s own momentum against him as he flew past to toss him through the air. Spike landed on the floor and rolled to his feet. He roared and started swinging as Xander moved towards him. They traded punches until he finally managed to land a blow that sent Xander sprawling onto his ass.

Spike didn’t even try to get around Xander. He rolled over the sarcophagus and headed for the door. He was hampered by the hardness between his legs—which he blamed solely on the fight, not the smell of Xander’s own arousal, or the feel of Xander’s hard body as they’d rolled on the floor—and his surprise that the normally clumsy boy could not only fight, but land a blow that did more than tickle. He knew he’d be sporting a few cuts and bruises until vamp healing kicked in.

Spike couldn’t believe the adrenaline pumping through his body. This was nothing like the high he achieved when he was fighting demons, even when he knew his life was on the line. This was...more. Everything felt sharper. Clearer.

He was nearly to the door when Xander slammed into his back and sent him sprawling. Xander slid an arm around his throat, but before Xander could pin his arms, Spike pulled his knee up and pushed off, rolling them over so that Xander was on his back beneath Spike. He whipped his head back, hoping to catch Xander on the chin, but the boy must have seen the move coming.

While Spike was off balance from the miss, Xander rolled them once more. He released his ineffectual hold on Spike’s throat and smashed his head into the floor. Spike was dazed only for a moment, but it was long enough to give Xander the upper hand. He grabbed Spike’s wrists and pinned them to the floor, and used his legs to immobilize Spike’s.

Spike shook off the blow to his head and began to buck beneath Xander, grinding the boy’s cock into his ass as he tried to force him off. Spike’s own erection was trapped painfully between him and the hard floor of the crypt, but didn’t seem to mind being rubbed against the ground as Spike tried to dislodge Xander.

Despite Spike’s imitation of a bronco, Xander held on. He shoved his face into Spike’s neck and breathed deeply, groaned, and pressed his cock more firmly against Spike’s ass. The scent of Xander’s arousal became stronger, and Spike felt an answering swell of desire that nearly overwhelmed him.

Struggling to keep his instincts from breaking down his determination to not roll over and play bottom boy to Xander’s inner hyena, Spike howled. He’d done it once for that prick Angelus, he wouldn’t do it again. Calling on all the internal fortitude he possessed, Spike surged upward and threw Xander off. Before Xander could recover, Spike was between his legs and on top of him.

Xander laughed. “Now you’re getting with the program!” he crowed. He grabbed Spike behind the neck and pulled his head down at the same time his legs came up and wrapped around Spike’s waist.

Almost without conscious thought, Spike kissed Xander, his lips latching onto Xander’s, his tongue demanding entrance. Xander’s lips parted eagerly, and he returned the kiss, his tongue sliding against Spike’s, all hot, and wet, and nasty. Spike groaned into Xander’s mouth, uncaring that he was humping the boy, and nearly ready to come in his jeans.

Spike forced himself to release Xander’s tongue. He pulled away and looked down at Xander, who gazed back at him with half-lidded eyes that couldn’t hide the triumph in them. It angered Spike and brought him a modicum of control. “I’m going to fuck you, boy,” he snarled.

“All right,” Xander readily agreed. “You can fuck me anytime you want, anywhere, once I’ve claimed you,” he offered breathlessly.

Spike continued to rub against Xander. The boy shuddered and mewled. “The only claiming happening around here is my cock claiming your ass.”

Xander whined. “Need to make you pack,” he argued, though it was clear he was finding it difficult to think.

“Pack?” Spike asked in disbelief. “What makes you think I want to be part of your soddin’ little Scooby pack?”

Xander raised his upper body and stuck his nose into Spike’s neck again, and then breathed deeply once more. “This,” he purred, just before he bit down.

Spike roared as the pain of the bite went straight to his throbbing balls and merged with the pleasure of his orgasm as it exploded through his body.

The pheromones permeating the crypt combined with the scent of Spike’s come were making Xander crazy. He rolled Spike’s now-pliant body off him and made short work of his jeans, pulling them down to his knees. Before rolling Spike onto his stomach, Xander swiped his fingers through the come coating his belly and brought the fingers to his mouth.

Xander closed his eyes in ecstacy and moaned around his fingers, suckling each one clean. He opened his eyes to see Spike, languid and sated, staring back at him. Xander’s eyes were drawn to the blood seeping from the bite, and his cock jerked in response to the mark he’d left on Spike. He was so close to satisfying both the hyena and himself. Spike had to be claimed. Had to be pack. Mate.

Xander fell to all fours over Spike and dropped his head, placing a gentle kiss against Spike’s lips despite the fever raging inside his body, urging him for more, faster. After tasting of Spike’s mouth, Xander lowered his lips to Spike’s neck and lapped at the blood. Spike groaned and arched his neck. Whimpering, Xander nuzzled deeper into Spike’s neck as he sucked on the wound, pulling fresh blood from it.

Xander moaned happily when Spike began to unfasten his pants, and then reached inside and wrapped cool fingers around him, crying out in pain when Spike squeezed his balls. Xander raised wide eyes to Spike, giving him all his attention.

“Just remember who’s fucking whom when this is over,” he snarled, and damn if Xander’s cock didn’t jump in Spike’s grip. Spike smirked at him. “The hyena likes a little pain with its pleasure? Or is that you, Harris?” he purred as he fondled Xander, interspersing a gentle kneading motion with sharp tugs that had Xander whining like the bitch in heat he was.

Finally Spike released him. “Get your clothes off,” he directed.

Xander, now that he had what he needed within his sights, jumped to do Spike’s bidding. While he kicked off his sneakers and shoved pants and boxers down his legs, Spike removed his own boots and jeans. Xander unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders, eyes locked on the firm chest and taut abs revealed when Spike lifted his t-shirt off.

Instinct took over and Xander fell to his knees beside Spike, urged him onto his stomach and then up on his knees, and then began sniffing at his ass and the sac hanging soft between his thighs.

“Look, just get this show on the road before I ch—,” Spike began, but his words were cut off with a gasp when Xander spread his cheeks and licked him. “Fuck,” Spike groaned.

That response was all Xander could have hoped for, and it fueled his own desire. His cock was so hard it hurt. He needed relief more than he’d ever needed it before, but his insistent urge to claim Spike would only be satisfied if he found his release inside Spike’s body. He felt the blood pumping through him as a painful pulse in his balls.

His entire being aching for release, Xander devoured Spike’s ass, lapping at the hole he wanted to fill with his cock, sucking on it and flicking his tongue over it. Xander felt the muscle relax under his ministrations and stabbed his tongue into it, fucking and sucking while Spike quivered at the treatment Xander was subjecting him to.

When an involuntary groan issued from Spike’s throat, Xander pulled back, sucked on his finger, and then slowly pushed it into Spike. He’d never touched another person so intimately, and Xander paused a moment to revel in the feel of his finger sheathed in Spike’s tight channel.

“Look, are you going to move or.... Oh, hell!”

Spike had twisted around to glare at Xander, and in the process, Xander’s finger came into contact with his prostate. Liking the reaction that had gotten from Spike, and curious, because he was still Xander despite the presence of the hyena, Xander rubbed the nub again. Spike nearly jumped off his finger, and then pushed back.

“Again,” he panted.

Xander stroked Spike’s prostate until he was shaking with need, and then pulled his finger out and lined his cock up with Spike’s hole.

“Today,” Spike snarled.

Without further preparation for either of them, Xander pushed inside. He’d never felt anything so magnificent as the way Spike felt around him. Home, he thought. Pack. Mate. Xander groaned, and bent over Spike’s back, struggling to hold back the orgasm that threatened at those thoughts.

When he’d managed to stave it off, he straightened, gripped Spike’s hips, and began to move.

“‘Bout bloody time,” Spike snarked, reaching for his own cock.

Xander batted Spike’s hand away and reached beneath him, touching Spike for the first time. Spike’s cock was hard and heavy in his hand, and warmer than he’d expected. Xander stroked Spike, and Spike squeezed his anal muscles.

Xander cursed and dropped his forehead to Spike’s back. “Don’t do that,” he gasped.

“Fuck me,” Spike growled. “Better make it good, since it’ll be the only shot you get.”

The hyena screamed inside Xander’s head. Xander pulled on Spike’s cock and thrust his hips, enjoying the way Spike could so easily be turned to putty in his hands with the right stimulation. Xander smirked.

“I said you could fuck me anytime, anywhere,” Xander said as he continued to draw out his pleasure, “I never said this would be the last time I fucked you.”

Xander could tell from the snarling at that revelation that Spike wanted to argue, but was unable to make his mouth form words that weren’t, “Harder,” “More,” or “Faster, you bloody pillock!”

Xander curled his fingers around Spike’s shoulder and held on as he stroked them both towards completion. He licked Spike’s back, enjoying yet another taste of his mate. When he started sucking and nipping at him, hard enough to break the skin in some places, Spike shuddered.

“Xan-Xander,” he rasped, and then his cock twitched in Xander’s hand.

Xander barely felt the pulsing cock or the come that dribbled over his hand when Spike’s internal muscles squeezed him tight enough to make him want to come, but too tight to allow the release. When Spike relaxed beneath him, releasing his punishing grip on Xander’s cock, Xander frantically pumped his hips, driving hard and deep into Spike until his orgasm crashed over him and he came screaming his mate’s name.

When Xander came back to himself, he was sprawled out on top of Spike, who had collapsed to the floor. He allowed himself to slide out of Spike and then off to the side. Xander pulled Spike to him, his hand cradling the back of Spike’s head. Spike didn’t bother to open his eyes, merely muttered something so garbled Xander couldn’t make it out, but thought it meant, “Leave me alone, I’m knackered.”

“Taste me,” Xander whispered. Spike’s eyes shot open. “Taste me,” he urged again.

Xander saw the gleam in Spike’s eyes as he recalled that the chip hadn’t fired when he hit Xander. He reached out and touched Spike’s neck, where he’d bitten him earlier, and then tilted his own head back. “Complete the claim,” he ordered.

Spike morphed and dove for Xander’s neck. Xander felt Spike’s fangs slice through his flesh, and Spike’s soft lips and wet tongue as he suckled. Xander’s eyes rolled back as the sensation went directly to his groin. His balls churned and his cock pulsed painfully, spitting out what little bit of come his body could generate in such a short recovery period, and then everything went black.

When Xander regained consciousness, Spike had stopped drawing his blood, but was still nuzzling his neck. Xander wrapped his arms around Spike. “Mmm, pack,” he tiredly affirmed, and the hyena settled inside him.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Spike responded, and Xander could hear the eye-roll. “I get it, okay? I’m part of your bloody pack now.”

Xander snuggled against Spike. “Mmm hmm,” he agreed. “Mate.” He patted Spike’s head.

Spike’s eyes shot open and he stared at Xander with a combination of horror and shock. “Mate? Who in bloody hell said anything about ‘mate’?”

Xander just pulled his mate closer and curled around him.

“Oh, bugger.”

The End

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