Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Length: 1150 words
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Xander, Spike, and leather.
Notes: PWP. Written for the mini-challenge: Kink Challenge: leather at [info]thestacks.
Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.
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Thanks: To Tammy, for the most excellent beta! You are a gem among—uh—other shiny stuff.
Written: February 23, 2005



Xander rushed into the crypt and pushed the door firmly closed behind him, and then dropped the board across it to secure it. He turned around to see Spike standing against the far wall in a seemingly casual pose; a cigarette in his hand, his leather duster wrapped tightly around him,

“You’re late,” Spike said after drawing on the cigarette. He crushed it out against the wall, then dropped the butt onto the floor.

“Yeah, sorry, Buffy was....”

“No excuses,” Spike cut him off. “I don’t like being kept waiting.”

Xander’s skin tingled and he found it difficult to speak. He hated how just the sound of Spike’s voice could turn him on.

“Got you a pressie,” Spike continued, “but you can only have it if you’ve been a good boy. Have you been a good boy, Xander?”

Xander immediately began to swell in his pants. He tried to breathe, but found himself moaning in reply. Spike smirked. He knew how Xander reacted to the sound of his voice. He knew all of Xander’s kinks. Had them memorized and catalogued. Knew when to pull them out and use them to create the greatest impact.

“Y-yes,” he finally managed to stammer.

Spike ran his hands down the leather duster, grasped the edges, and then slowly drew them apart. Xander’s breath caught; the air in the crypt was suddenly thick with caged arousal. Beneath the duster Spike was wearing a pair of black leather chaps and a black leather vest. And nothing else.

Xander stared hungrily at Spike; his eyes moving slowly, slowly down Spike’s body until he reached bare feet. He could suddenly smell the scent of the leather, and wondered why he hadn’t noticed it before. Probably his irritation at being late, and then the sudden transfer of blood from one brain to the other.

“Why are you still dressed?” Spike asked, breaking the silence.

Xander immediately kicked his sneakers off, nearly falling over in his haste to get naked. Spike grinned, licked his lips. Xander grew harder. Fingers fumbled with buttons and zipper, but finally he stood bared to Spike’s gaze.

Spike’s eyes moved over him like a caress; Xander shivered and a drop of pre-come appeared on the head of his cock.

“Somebody’s happy to see me,” Spike said, his eyes devouring Xander’s hard-on.

Xander groaned. Damn vampire! Spike could make him come just by talking, and he loved that he wielded so much power over the way Xander’s body reacted to him. Loved to remind Xander that he held it. Whether they were alone in his crypt, or with the others at the Magic Box made no difference. The briefest glance, the lightest touch, the slightest twitch of leather, and Xander would respond with a swelling in his pants that made breathing difficult, and clear thinking damned near impossible.

A shift of Spike’s shoulders had the duster sliding off and slithering down his arms until it puddled at his feet. Bare feet, Xander was reminded. Xander’s eyes traveled back up Spike’s body, coming to rest at the erection framed by the chaps. The hard, red, leaking erection that seemed to be reaching out to Xander in invitation.

He swallowed hard and took a step forward. Before he realized it, he was standing before Spike. Xander’s eyes remained locked on Spike’s cock while he ran his hands down the leather vest. Gripping the leather at Spike’s hips, Xander lowered himself to his knees. He leaned in close to Spike and inhaled, moaning as the scent of the leather went straight to his groin.

Xander nuzzled Spike, the scent of his lover mixing with the scent of leather in a heady combination, and then lapped at the soft flesh of his inner thigh, his balls, and then up his shaft while his fingers dug into the butter-soft leather before slipping around Spike’s hips and gripping his bare ass. Xander twirled his tongue around the head of Spike’s cock, teasing the vampire until he growled and buried his fingers in Xander’s hair.

Xander took Spike into his mouth and suckled. He slid his hands up Spike’s back and under the leather vest, then around to rub and tug at his nipples. Spike moaned. Xander didn’t think he could get any harder, but he did. His balls tightened and his cock throbbed.

He opened his mouth wider and went down on Spike until his nose pressed against Spike’s course pubic hair and Spike’s cock had slid down his throat. Xander swallowed.

“Bloody hell,” Spike groaned softly, and then began to slowly move his hips, pulling out and then sliding back in, fucking Xander’s mouth. Xander used his tongue, and occasionally his teeth, as he sucked. He slid his hands down Spike’s body and rubbed his palms up and down the leather covering Spike’s thighs.

Spike had made sure that all of Xander’s senses would be engaged—the scent of the leather in his nostrils, the soft, smooth feel of it under his hands, the taste of Spike in his mouth, the sight of blue eyes dark with desire gazing down at him, and the sound of hoarse breaths where none were necessary—and suddenly it was too much.

As if he knew Xander was on the brink, Spike purred his name. Time stopped, and then sped up once more as he came in a rush of pleasure. Xander remembered only bits and pieces of the next few minutes—Spike pulling out of his mouth and pressing him down onto the duster, the removal of the plug Spike had asked him to wear—and then Spike was pushing inside him.

“Spike!” he mewled when Spike angled himself just right to catch his prostate.

Spike kissed Xander even more senseless, then said, “Love watching you come.”

Still reeling from his orgasm, Xander was overcome with emotion. He buried his face in Spike’s neck, where the scent of the leather once more filled his nostrils and went straight to his groin to work its magic on him. “Oh, god,” he whimpered as he began to swell.

Spike shot him an evil smirk before reaching between them and rubbing the leather vest over Xander’s nipples.

“Oh! Oh, geez!”

Xander threw his head back and lifted his hips as Spike continued to stimulate his nipples and his prostate. His cock, caught in the amazing friction created by their bellies rubbing together, grew even harder.

“Spike, please....”

Spike neither sped up, nor slowed down. “Know how much you like leather, pet, so I got you a little pressie.”

“This isn’t it?” Xander asked breathlessly, indicating the leather vest and chaps.

“Only part of it,” Spike explained. He moved his leather-covered hand to Xander’s cock. “Got you a nice leather cock ring, pet,” he announced.

Xander’s eyes rolled back, and he screamed out his second orgasm, whimpering when he realized that Spike was still hard inside him, and nowhere near done with him.

The End

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