Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Length: 2120 words
Spoilers: Minor through BtVS season 6.
Summary: When Xander walked into Giles’ apartment, Spike snarled at him. He froze for a minute, took in Spike huddled in the corner in a nest of blankets, back hunched, hissing and spitting. “All right,” Xander said as he let the door close, “who turned Spike into a cat?”
Notes: Written for The Batpack Yahoo!Group Challenge Monday, challenge: Spike. Xander. Restraints. Smut. I don’t know where the whole cat thing came from, just go with it. *g*
Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written: February 20, 2006

Kitty Toy


When Xander walked into Giles’ apartment, Spike snarled at him. He froze for a minute, took in Spike huddled in the corner in a nest of blankets, back hunched, hissing and spitting. “All right,” Xander said as he let the door close, “who turned Spike into a cat?”

“We don’t know,” Giles said, his voice muffled by the book he held close to his face as he tried to make out the tiny, cramped writing.

“Whoa, I was right?” Xander took his jacket off and hung it up, then threw himself into a corner of the couch. “What happened? He annoy a dog lover? Oh, oh, or maybe one of those cat-eating demons he plays poker with? Or maybe it was the kittens! They pooled their resources to get revenge.”

“All very good possibilities,” Giles said, the corners of his lips twitching. “At the moment, however, we’re unsure as to how it happened. Buffy found him like this when she was on patrol. It was all she could do to get him here.” Giles placed the book back on a shelf and chose another. “I believe that the only reason she was able to do so was because his chip fired when he scratched her, incapacitating him.”

“At least we know the chip still works,” Xander said with evident relief. “So, vampire cat.” He stared at Spike, who’d quieted down, but still glared out at the room with distrust. “Anything I can do?” he asked Giles.

“Yes, research, if you’d be so kind,” was Giles slightly sarcastic reply. “I’ve pulled out a few books that I think might contain some helpful information. You’ll find them on that pile right there.” He indicated the pile on the coffee table in front of Xander with a lift of his chin.

“Yay, research.” Xander leaned forward and snagged the top book off the pile. He read the title, then read it again aloud. “Spells That Turn People Into Animals. Huh. That’s.... They actually have enough spells that turn people into animals to write an entire book on them?”


Xander picked up the next book. “Oooh, Shapeshifting and What Can Go Wrong. Sounds ominous, but much more interesting. Do you think Spike can actually turn into a cat?”

“What? Er, no. At least, I’ve seen no evidence of it.”

Xander opened the book, skimmed the table of contents, then flipped through until a drawing caught his eye. “Okay, euww. And also? Euww.”

He nearly jumped off the couch when a cold nose nudged his hand. He looked down to see Spike on all fours at his feet, sniffing him. “Okay, Giles, I am officially creeped out. Spike is sniffing me.”

Giles lowered the book he was reading and looked over. “Hmm, fascinating.”

“Not so much from where I’m sitting. Eep!”

Spike now had his front paws, er, hands on the couch and was sniffing near Xander’s groin.

“Just don’t make any sudden moves.”

“Oh, thank you so much for that piece of advi—, holy moly! Ni-nice kitty.” Xander patted Spike’s head. “A-are we sure he’s a cat? ‘Cause I’m pretty certain this is dog behavior.”

“Weren’t you saying just the other day that you’d always wanted a puppy?”

“Oh, haha! You are so very hilarious. Not.” Xander’s voice hit a high note as Spike’s nose made contact with his crotch.

Two hours and three books later, the front door opened and Buffy entered. “Hey, Giles. Xander.”

“Buffy, you’re back.” Giles closed his book, marking the page with his finger as he pushed himself out of the recliner.

“Hey, Buff,” Xander said, without looking away from the dry-as-dust book he was currently reading.

“How was patrol?”

“Quiet. Too quiet. But I got you the.... Oh, my god.”

Spike, after thoroughly sniffing Xander, had climbed up onto the couch, kneaded Xander’s legs—a little too close to the goods for his comfort, and then curled up on his lap, which is where he still lay. Xander used him as a book rest and absently scritched his head once in a while. Presently, Spike sighed, and then let out a loud rumbling purr as Xander played with his hair.

“We will never speak of this,” he said, eyes glued to the book he held in the hand not petting Spike.

“That is so cute!” Buffy said.

Xander glared at her.

“In a totally creepy way, of course.”

“Never ever.”

Buffy pretended to hold up a key and then used it to lock her lips shut. “Can I take pictures?” she asked.

“No, you cannot take pictures. What is that?” he asked when he noticed that she was carrying something. She held it up for him to see. “A collar? You got Spike a collar?”

“Leather. With those pretty little studs. And a leash,” Buffy said, grinning as she pulled it out of her pocket and let it dangle to the floor. “Matching leather.”

“Nice accessorizing. And also, why?”

“Giles suggested it when I told him how aggressive Spike was when I found him. He was not always the sweet, fluffy little kitten you now hold in your lap.”

“Ever,” Xander said, and held up a warning finger.

Buffy just grinned at him, then turned to Giles as she set the leash and collar on the coffee table. “Find anything?”

“No,” they both said, disgust coloring their voices.

An hour later, Xander was starting to fall asleep where he sat. He’d put in a full day at the construction site and cleaned the basement before coming over to Giles’ for what was supposed to be a night of ordinary research, which meant donuts and coffee and not so much with the actual research.

After one particularly large yawn, Xander said, “I’ve got to get going, Giles. If you haven’t figured this all out before then, I’ll come back over tomorrow, but I’m beat.”

“All right, Xander. Thank you for pitching in with the research, and for your help with Spike.”

“No problem,” Xander said, then pushed at Spike’s shoulder.

“Yeah, you’ve been a big help with Spike,” Buffy said, not even trying to hide her laughter.

Xander just glared at her again and pushed harder.

Spike mewled his displeasure at being dislodged from Xander’s lap, but it was nothing to the yowling that commenced when Xander tried to leave without him.

“There’s no help for it. You’re just going to have to take him,” Giles said.

“I’m what?”

“You ha—.”

“No! No way. I took him once, and he cost me a girlfriend, I’m not taking him again.”

“I’m sorry, Xander, but....”

“You don’t look sorry.”

Spike curled around his legs and made pitiful snuffling sounds.

“Oh for....”

Buffy held out the collar and leash, grinning.

“I hate you,” Xander said as he snatched them from her, then bent down to place the collar around Spike’s neck. Spike licked his hand when he attached the leash. “Oh, that’s just...disgusting.” Xander wiped the hand on his jeans. “All right, let’s go.”

The drive back to his parents’ house was slow, because Spike had insisted on once more curling up in Xander’s lap, so Xander was forced to put the seat back as far as it would go and stretch a little so his toes touched the pedals.

“You’re a menace,” he muttered as Spike nuzzled his belly. “Stop that.” He pushed Spike’s head away, then rubbed behind his ear, eliciting a purr they could probably hear back at Giles’ apartment.

In the basement, Spike curled up on the sofa bed and refused to move, so Xander stripped down to his boxers and crawled under the covers on the side Spike had left for him. Under the cover of darkness, Spike inched his way over until he was laying half on and half off Xander.

Xander sighed in defeat after the second time he’d moved Spike over, only to have him return, patted Spike’s head, and fell asleep.

It was still dark outside when Xander woke. He was chilled, but he didn’t think that’s what had woken him. He jumped at the gentle rasp of a cool tongue over his balls. Yep, that must be what had woken him, he thought, as his cock leapt at the light touch. His tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth, but his mind was screaming, “Naughty touching, naughty touching!”

Xander attempted to reach down and push Spike away from his manly bits, which was when he realized that he couldn’t. He tilted his head back, and just enough moonlight shone into the basement to allow him to see that Spike’s leash had been wrapped around his wrists several times, and then tied off to something beneath him, probably the metal bar that supported the mattress. He tested it, on the odd chance that it wasn’t tied securely, but it appeared to be tied tightly enough to keep him, at least, from getting free.


Xander thought that now might be a good time to freak out.

While he struggled to keep from actually freaking out, the only sound in the basement was the rumbling purr as Spike laved his balls, then began to work his way up the length of Xander’s twitching cock, lapping at him like a, Christ, like a kitten. Bathing Xander’s cock with tiny little licks that were just enough to stimulate without granting release, ever, but which were slowly driving Xander crazy.

Xander looked down, strangely turned on by the sight of Spike’s blond head between his legs, his back bent and bowed as Spike used the tip of his tongue to flick back and forth over the tiny bundle of nerves just below the ridge of Xander’s cock head. Suddenly, Xander couldn’t remember why this had been a bad idea just moments before. The soft exhalations, whimpers, and moans as Spike enjoyed himself with Xander’s equipment weren’t helping matters with his libido any. He just hoped they weren’t his.

The sudden glow of yellow eyes as they blinked up at him quickly reminded him that he was dealing with a vampire. Chipped or not, did he really want fangs near his package? Not likely.

Xander opened his mouth and began to speak slowly and clearly. “Okay, Spike, now listen to me, because th-this is not....”

Spike wrapped his lips around the head of Xander’s cock and sucked, and Xander promptly forgot what he was trying to say. He tugged on the leash, desperate to push Spike away—or maybe to hold his head so Xander could fuck his face—and rocked his hips, pushing further into Spike’s mouth. Spike moaned around him and brought his tongue into play.

Xander gasped when Spike’s moan vibrated around him and shot through his body. He dug his heels into the mattress and thrust, pushing his cock into Spike’s mouth. Spike relaxed his throat and Xander slid all the way inside him. Spike swallowed around him, then began to move up and down.

It finally penetrated Xander’s dazed mind that, while his wrists were bound, his feet were free. Despite the deep, almost painful ache in his groin, he lifted his leg, intending to use his foot to push Spike away. Without pausing, Spike merely took hold of the back of his thigh, then the other, and pressed his legs back and to the side, opening Xander up wider, and then moved his ministrations even lower.

There was a moment of shock when Spike’s tongue touched his asshole, and then Xander was bucking and tugging at the leash that bound his wrists. “No! No, no, nonono. Spike, that is disgusting. Seriously, you.... Oh, my god.”

The thought of it might have been disgusting, but the reality of it was, holy moly, unbelievable! He’d never realized his ass had so many nerve endings, and every single one hard wired directly to his cock.

He looked down at his body, saw his cock, thick and heavy against his belly, a drop of pre-come forming at the slit, and the ache became nearly unbearable. As if he sensed Xander’s distress, Spike lowered his legs to the bed and nuzzled his balls, pressed a kiss to his cock, then licked the pre-come off before taking Xander into his mouth. Xander moaned, thrust, and came undone.

When Xander woke up the second time, the sun was shining outside, behind the flimsy curtains and dirty windows that didn’t let in much light. Snuggled up against his side and soaking up Xander’s warmth, was Spike. The memory of the most powerful orgasm in his life was faint, and Xander would have thought it a dream if not for the bruises on his wrists, and the purr that reminded Xander of rolling thunder when he reached out and touched Spike’s hair.

The End

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