Fandom: BtVS
Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Length: 2334 words
Spoilers: General through season five.
Summary: Xander’s secret admirer is revealed.
Notes: Written for the International Day of Slash 2006 Celebration at [info]batpack using the prompt ‘anticipation’.
Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Written: July 2, 2006

How to Kill Time with a Vampire


Xander reread the last note he’d received from his secret admirer, then refolded it and tucked it safely away in the inside pocket of his jacket. For the last month, someone had been leaving him small gifts. He’d never known when, or where, he would find them. On the floor outside his apartment door when he left for work, on the front seat of his car after patrol, in his toolbox when he was putting up new shelves at the Magic Box.

The gift he’d found in the weapons trunk one night had a small card attached that read, Just a small token of my affection. He’d quickly stuffed it into the front pocket of his jeans, then spent the rest of the evening wondering who said things like token of affection these days, and studying each of his friends—and Spike, who’d shown up late and acted snarkier than usual—trying to figure out if it could be one of them.

He’d almost choked on his donut when he’d seen Dawn staring at him, and was relieved to find out that she’d just wanted him to put in a good word with Buffy that she was not a baby and therefore too old for a babysitter when Buffy had to patrol late. Xander had agreed to talk to her, but had known it wouldn’t do any good. Buffy was way too protective of Dawn, and Xander much too protective of his ‘nads, to do more than casually mention it to her.

He’d jumped when Giles had dropped a hand on his shoulder to get his attention, gave him an assessing look that had him backing off with a confused frown. A snort from across the room had made him glance around suspiciously, but no one had been looking his way. He’d slipped his hand into his pocket and rubbed his thumb over the small gift, a Marvin the Martian magnet. When he’d looked back up again, Spike had been staring at him with an intensity he’d never had directed his way. Before he could figure out what it meant, Spike had disappeared out the door with Buffy for patrol.

Since then, Xander had kept a closer eye on Spike. All of his friends knew about his love for Twinkies, knew about his obsession with Dr. Who, but only someone who’d lived with him—someone who was nosy and for whom personal space and privacy (so long as they weren’t his own), had no real meaning—could know about his Marvin the Martian pajamas, which he’d gotten after the last slumber party Buffy and Willow had thrown. He’d sworn off slumber parties after that, having decided that the facial had done nothing for him and purple really wasn’t his color.

Xander had almost been afraid to believe it was Spike. His feelings for Spike hadn’t changed so much as Xander had reinterpreted them after Anya left with a cryptic comment about Xander, the strap on, and demons, of which she wasn’t one, anymore, thank you very much. That was followed by Spike’s equally obscure statement about good riddance and finding a real demon to satisfy him. It hadn’t been long after that, that Xander had received his first gift.

Standing outside the old mansion on Crawford Street, Xander’s stomach crawled with butterflies. He’d immediately recognized the address on the invitation, and his first reaction had been, Yes! But what if he was wrong? What if it wasn’t Spike? And more importantly, what if it was?

Hand shaking with anticipation, Xander lifted the tarnished knocker and rapped it twice. He stepped back when he heard the ‘snick’ as the handle turned. The door opened and light spilled out across the porch.

Spike stepped into the gap, leaned against the frame. “Thought you might be planning on staying out here all night.”

He was backlit and Xander couldn’t see the expression on his face. He gave a nervous little laugh. “Wouldn’t be my first choice.”

“And what would that be?” Spike asked, and Xander could feel his eyes on him, moving over him.

Instead of waiting for an answer, Spike pushed the door open wider in what Xander took to be an invitation to enter. It wasn’t until he stepped forward that he realized there wasn’t enough room for him to fit through without brushing up against Spike.

He briefly considered pushing the door open further, but this close he could see the challenge in Spike’s eyes. His shoulder grazed Spike’s chest as he entered the mansion, and just that small, innocent touch was enough to make his heart beat faster. His breath caught as Spike turned into him, nearly plastering himself to Xander’s back as he followed him into the large foyer.


Xander shivered as the words ghosted across his skin, then gave the question serious consideration. The flutter in his stomach had turned into something a little closer to nausea and, as surprising as it was, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep anything down right now.

“I’m not sure I could eat anything right now,” he told Spike.

“Pity,” Spike said. His fingers brushed Xander’s neck, and then he slid his jacket off his shoulders and shoved it down his arms. “I made your favorite.”

Trying to bite back the inappropriate laughter bubbling in his throat, Xander glanced over his shoulder and said, “Twinkie surprise?”

Spike shot him a look. “Your other favorite.”

Xander turned around, wiped his palms on his jeans as Spike hung his jacket up. “You, uh, you live here now?”

Spike shrugged, kept his voice casual. “Been cleaning it out, fixing it up for about a month or so. Moved in last week.”

A month, Xander thought, and could only nod. The thought that Spike had fixed this place up for him, for them, reawakened the butterflies in his stomach.

“Better than the crypt, at any rate. I don’t have to run electric or cable, and as a side benefit, Angelus is paying for the utilities.”

Spike grinned at that, and Xander, who didn’t like Angel any better than Spike did, couldn’t help smiling back.

The smile fell off his face, though, when Spike looked him over again, said, “Too bad you’re not...hungry. Though I’m sure we can think of something to pass the time.”

His expression and his tone exuded an innocence that was a blatant sham, and caused a tickle of desire low in Xander’s belly. His situation wasn’t aided any by the knowing smirk Spike threw him, and Xander wondered if Spike could tell that his body was responding to him.

“That was my thought exactly,” Spike said, almost in answer to Xander’s unvoiced question. He reached out and curled his fingers around the back of Xander’s neck, gave him a little tug that drew him forward.

As much as he’d imagined this very thing, Xander couldn’t believe how fast things were moving now. It seemed like he was in a daze, as if he’d closed his eyes and someone had hit fast forward. Yet that didn’t stop all the blood rushing from his brain to areas due south.

When Spike’s lips touched his, Xander trembled, and when his tongue flicked against his lips, he moaned. The sound seemed to galvanize Spike, who turned them and backed Xander up against the door, pressed their bodies together, and teased his lips apart.

Xander felt like one huge raw nerve ending, each touch seemed to radiate out, so that when Spike pressed his fingertips against his lower back, Xander felt it in his knees, which went all weak and nearly dropped him to the floor. The tongue dancing against his own sent flames of hunger licking at his balls.

As if Spike has read his mind, he licked a path to Xander’s ear while his hands moved to the waistband of his jeans. “Smell so good. Need to taste you,” he said, and tugged the top button free.

He licked Xander’s neck, then sucked, and Xander dropped his head back. His breath caught as Spike’s fingers worked his zipper down. And when Spike shoved his hand inside his jeans to give him one firm stroke....

“Oh god.”

With a mirthless chuckle, Spike shoved Xander’s jeans and boxers down. “Abandon all hope,” he said, then slid down Xander’s body and knelt in front of him. He nuzzled Xander’s groin, breathed him in. He lapped at Xander’s balls, licked up his cock.

Xander had a serious concern about stroking out, hyperventilating at the very least, but all thought rushed from his mind when Spike’s lips closed over the head of his cock and he sucked.

Hands that had been clutching at air—due to not knowing the etiquette of having another guy suck your cock—now grasped his head, slid down his face until he was cupping Spike’s jaw, thumbs stroking his cheeks. He dared a look down, saw Spike’s lips stretched wide, slick cock moving between them.

“Oh god.”

Spike opened his eyes and looked up at him, and Xander did the hardest thing he’d ever done. “Don’t you think we’re moving too fast?”

Blue eyes widened. With one hard suck, Spike pulled off him, but not before pressing his tongue against that spot just below his head, the one that made Xander’s eyes roll back and sent a little bolt of excitement shooting through him.

“Really want me to stop now?”

Xander bit his lip to keep the words hell no! from bursting forth, but Spike once again read his mind.

“Didn’t think so. You just relax....”

Xander laughed in disbelief.

“...and let me take care of this for you.” Spike licked around the head. “If it makes you feel any better, we can go slow next time, okay?”

“Next time?”

“The time that comes right after this one. Then I’ll feed you, ‘cause you’re gonna need to keep up your strength.”

“Oh god,” Xander said, as the thought of doing this, and more, with Spike fanned the red-hot flame of arousal burning in his gut. Spike took him in once more, sucking and pressing his tongue against the shaft, and oh fuck it was amazing. Unable to hold still any longer, Xander rolled his hips forward.

Spike slid his hands around him, gripped his ass, and pulled him forward, encouraging Xander to fuck his mouth. With a muffled cry, Xander tightened his hold on Spike’s head and gently rocked into his mouth. When Spike didn’t stop him, or make any move to control his pace, Xander pushed a little deeper. Spike hummed around him and he lost his rhythm, his next thrust slamming in a little harder.

His balls tightened, pulled up against his body, and when his cock nudged the back of Spike’s throat, he came. His hips jerked with each pulse as come shot out of him and filled Spike’s mouth. His cock gave one last twitch and he slumped against the wall, empty and spent.

He felt Spike stand up, and through half-closed eyes, watched him lick his lips. Spike grabbed his face and kissed him, and Xander could taste himself on Spike’s tongue. Spike pushed up against him, pressed his groin against his hip and, with a groan that vibrated through Xander, rubbed against him.

When Xander’s brain finally processed the fact that Spike was getting off by humping his leg, he tried to push him away. “Spike, let me....”

“No time,” Spike said. He sounded like he was in pain, but Xander knew from very recent experience that it was the kind of ohgodpleasenow pain that came just before excruciating pleasure. And the fact that Spike was brought that close by sucking him off was not lost on Xander.

“Let me...let me at least touch you,” Xander said, as he forced his hand between them. He twisted it around so he could palm Spike through the denim, and Spike groaned, pushed into his hand. He closed his fingers around the hard shaft and gave a little squeeze.

Spike made a sound deep in his throat that Xander would never have believed could come out of his mouth, much less that it would be because of him.

He squeezed again, and added in a little pull.


“I want.... Let me....”

A single pull on the worn denim released the fly and Xander wrapped his fingers around another man’s cock for the first time.

Spike groaned against Xander’s neck, and his cock gave a twitch of interest as the sound vibrated through him. Spike thrust into his fist. His hips moved faster and he clutched at Xander’s shoulders.

“I need....”

“Do it.”

Spike turned his face into Xander’s neck as he fucked his hand. He bit down with blunt teeth, causing Xander’s cock to jump in response. With a keening cry—very manly, even scary enough to strike fear into the hearts of man, should Spike ever ask—Spike came, spilling all over Xander’s hand.

Xander gasped, sucking in air, breathing as if he’d been the one who’d just come.

Spike continued to nuzzle his neck, and reached down to pet his still-exposed semi-hard cock. “The benefits of youth. Not quite vampire stamina, of course, but it’ll do.”

That reminded Xander that Spike expected them to have sex again, and again, and his cock gave another interested twitch. And then his stomach rumbled.

“Need to eat already, do you?” Spike said, sounding proud, as if his prowess as a lover was the reason Xander was hungry now.

Still, he was a growing boy. “What, uh, what’s for supper?”

Spike pushed off the wall. “Pizza.”

“Pizza? You made homemade pizza for me?”

Spike looked at him as if he was nuts, then held up his hand, waggled a finger. “I’m gonna dial.” He looked Xander over. “Then we’ll have some more time to kill before the pizza gets here. Think you can manage it?”

Good thing food was taken care of, because all Xander’s blood headed south again, and he just nodded. He’d manage, all right, even if it killed him.

The End

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