Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17/Slash
Spoilers: n/a
Summary: Spike, Xander, a carousel, and cotton candy.
Notes: Written for Gabrielle's birthday. She requested: a carousel, an Andy Warhol painting (your choice of which one), and the phrase “I didn't think you could do that with cotton candy.” I changed the quote just a teensy bit, and, yeah, just mentioned the painting.
Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, just borrowing them for awhile. Everything belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Grr Argh, the WB, UPN and whomever else they really belong to, although I wouldn’t mind having a Spike of my own. Who would? The story is mine, though.
Thanks: To Tammy, for the most excellent beta.
Written: January 22, 2005

The Carousel


Spike and Xander were walking home from patrol. Xander was still amazed that Spike had been able to move fast enough to keep from being spattered by demon goo. They’d been patrolling the cemeteries when they were accosted by a blue, three-headed demon. Buffy and Spike had fought the demon while Willow and Xander discussed its vague resemblance to the three-headed painting Andy Warhol had done of Marilyn Monroe, except for its color, since the demon was monochrome blue.

At least, it was until Spike had split one of its heads open and yellow ichor had run down its snouted face, at which time Willow and Xander had looked at each other, and then high-fived. “Did we call it, or what?” Xander crowed.

Now, Xander sighed. They’d reached the park, and while it was beautiful, during the day, anyway, it also made him feel melancholy. There was a carousel at one end, and Xander had always wanted to ride it when he was growing up, but his parents had never thought it was necessary.

“What’s up with you?” Spike asked.

“Nothing,” Xander said, sighing again.

Spike put a hand on Xander’s shoulder and stopped him. “Xander, tell me what’s wrong. Every time we walk past this blasted park, you get all...mopey. Now, tell me what’s up, or I will beat you bloody.”

“I don’t get mopey,” Xander argued, just for the sake of arguing. The blasted park did make him mopey.

“Wistful, then,” Spike amended. “Tell me. Please,” he said more softly.

“You’ll think it’s stupid,” Xander hedged.

Spike hesitated. “Might,” he agreed, slipping his arm around Xander’s waist and tugging him closer, “but you know you can tell me anything, right?”

“I know, I just.... I never got to ride the carousel,” he blurted out.

“You never got to...what?” Spike asked, confused.

Xander sighed deeply. He knew he should never have said anything, but he’d gotten tired of holding it in. He repeated himself, speaking more slowly, “I never got to ride the carousel. The merry-go-round,” he tried at Spike’s blank look. “You know, the round thing with the horses on it?”

Spike frowned. “I do know what a carousel is, Xander.”

“Oh, well you looked...confused.”

“That’s what’s got you all upset?”

“Never mind,” Xander huffed. “I knew you wouldn’t understand.”

Spike tightened his grip on Xander so he couldn’t pull away. “I just want to be clear, pet. You’re all upset because you never got to ride the carousel as a young lad?”

Xander sniffed, rolled his eyes. “Yes. You make it sound stupid.”

“‘S not stupid, luv, but it is something you can do something about. You could come down here any time you wanted to, and ride the carousel.”

Xander wished he’d kept his big mouth shut. Somehow, hearing Spike confirm his fear that he was stupid to be so upset over never having ridden the carousel made him feel even worse. “It’s not the same,” he mumbled. “My parents....”

“Ah, those louts,” Spike growled.

“And besides, it’s no fun riding alone.”

Spike held Xander close, then grabbed his hand and pulled him along through the park.

Xander allowed himself to be tugged for a couple steps, then asked, “Spike, where are we going?”

“To ride the carousel,” Spike informed him.

“Um, Spike, you do realize they’re closed now, right?” Spike didn’t respond. “Spike?”

When they reached the carousel, Spike let go of Xander’s hand and jumped the short fence surrounding it. He turned to Xander, said, “Come on.”

“Spike!” Xander hissed, looking around to see if they’d been spotted. As if the good citizens of Sunnydale would do anything about it if they had been noticed.

“Well, come on, climb over,” Spike urged. “Tell me you’re not going to make me break the chain so you can walk through the gate,” he bemoaned.

“No, I’m not...! Oh, god, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Xander said, as he clambered over the fence to join Spike on the other side. He grabbed Spike’s arm and looked doubtfully at the carousel. “How are you going to get it to move? Doesn’t it require a key, or something?”

“Gonna hot wire it, how’d ya think?” Spike replied, handing his axe to Xander. “Here, hold this while I put my magic fingers to work.” He wiggled his fingers in front of Xander’s face, and Xander blushed.

“You just keep your magic fingers to yourself, buddy,” Xander sniffed as he shifted the axe.

Spike mumbled to himself as he picked the lock on the electrical box and pulled out the wires, using his knife to strip and cut them, then twisting them back together. “Got it, I think,” he said, pushing the lever up slowly to see if the carousel would start up. When it began to gently spin, Spike said, “Go on, now, get on.”

“What about you?” Xander asked nervously.

“I’ll hop on after I turn it up,” Spike said. “You’re not questioning my ability to do that, are you, pet?” Spike asked when Xander still hesitated.

Xander sighed. “No.” He carefully climbed onto the slowly rotating carousel and walked back along it, holding onto the horses to steady himself, so he could remain even with Spike. The carousel started moving faster, and faster, until Xander was wobbling as he speed-walked back to Spike. Spike jogged alongside the spinning carousel, grabbed one of the poles, and easily swung himself up onto it.

Xander, paying more attention to the way Spike’s body moved than the way his own was supposed to be moving, stumbled. Moving swiftly, Spike caught him and pulled him upright, pressing their bodies together. “Ready to ride?” he asked.

“Uh huh.” The sight of Spike’s athletic move and the feel of his hard body had combined to fry Xander’s brain.

Spike smirked. “Pick a horse, Xan.”

“Oh, yeah.” Xander looked around and found the horse he’d always wanted to ride. “That one.” He pointed.

Spike took the axe from Xander as they walked to the horse he’d chosen, and waited for Xander to mount before taking the horse beside him. They rode in silence, other than the music Spike hadn’t been able to shut off when he hot wired the carousel. After a couple minutes, Xander wasn’t all that comfortable, his butt was a little big for the saddle and his knees were up around his armpits, but he was having fun.

He couldn’t believe that Spike had done this for him. Well, he could believe that Spike had snuck in and hot wired the carousel, ‘cause he was still evil, after all, but he couldn’t believe that Spike, the Big Bad, was willing to actually ride the carousel with him. “Thanks,” he whispered.

“Welcome, pet,” Spike replied, reaching out and squeezing Xander’s thigh. “Comfortable?” he asked.

Xander didn’t miss the glint in Spike’s eyes, but didn’t rise to the bait. “Actually, these saddles aren’t as comfy as they look,” he said.

“Wanna move to one of the bench seats?” Spike asked hopefully.

Xander grinned. Either Spike’s butt was hurting, too, or he was really horny. Or both. Xander wasn’t opposed to a little snuggling, but he wasn’t gonna make it easy for Spike. “You old people?” he asked, aghast.

“You’re the one complaining about the saddles,” Spike shot back.

“Yeah,” Xander caved. “You know, I’m not really sure I can even walk when I get off this thing,” he admitted, lifting his butt.

Spike bounded from the horse’s back and stood bouncing beside Xander, then slapped his butt. “Hurry up. Sun’ll be up soon.”

Xander froze in place, half-standing, one leg raised to swing it over the back of the horse, and glared at Spike. “The sun won’t be up for hours.”

“The way you’re pokin’ about, thought it might take you that long to get off the horse,” Spike replied.

Xander gave an unamused laugh. “I am not amused,” he said, just to make it clear.

Spike merely smirked at Xander, letting the tip of his tongue come out to play the way he knew drove Xander insane. Once he had both feet on the ground, so to speak, Xander held onto the pole that impaled his horse—and wasn’t that a pleasant thought—while he regained his balance. Walking on a floor that rotated beneath your feet was a lot harder than it looked.

When he felt ready to take the first step away from his support-horse, Xander turned and moved away from it. Spike was stowing his axe beneath the bench seat, and when he saw that Xander was ready, reached out a hand. With a little lurch-shuffle, Xander made his way to the bench and they both sat down, Xander snuggled under Spike’s arm, his back up against Spike’s chest.

The carousel twirled. Xander sighed. Spike twitched.

“Are you getting bored?” Xander asked.

“No, no,” Spike lied. “This Can see why you wanted to do this when you were a wee lad.”

“You’re bored,” Xander said, disappointed, and started to stand.

Spike tightened his grip on Xander. “Doesn’t mean we have to leave, just means we have to, you know, make it,” he purred suggestively.

“Okay,” Xander said, all for whatever allowed him to remain on the carousel longer. “What did you have in.... Oh, look! Too bad the cotton candy place is closed,” he ended mournfully.

“Cotton candy?” Spike asked, incredulous.

“Yeah, no trip to the park to ride the carousel would have been complete without cotton candy,” Xander explained. “You know, if I’d ever gotten to actually do it.”

“Uh huh.” Spike sighed. “Okay. Wait here.” Spike shifted Xander enough so he could slip out from beneath him.

“Whoa, Spike, wait, where are you going? You’re not leaving me alone here?” He grabbed for Spike, who clasped a flailing hand.

“Don’t fret, Xan, I’ll be right back,” Spike assured him. “No worries, there’s no beasties out here wanting to eat you. Well, except me, of course.”

Xander laughed nervously. “Very funny. You’re coming right back?”

“Right back, won’t be but a mo.” Spike squeezed his hand, and then let go, disappearing into the darkness outside the carousel lights.

Xander waited anxiously. He’d been correct; riding the carousel alone wasn’t fun. Especially all alone. After dark. He moved his foot and kicked the axe. At least Spike had left him the axe for self-defense, he thought, then thought again. What if something happened to Spike because he’d left the axe behind? Xander was just about ready to work himself into a tizzy when Spike appeared at his elbow.

“Aaah!” Xander screamed and jumped, then grabbed his chest. “Holy crap, Spike, what’re you.... What’s that?”

Spike resumed his seat beside Xander with a self-satisfied smirk.

“Spike? Is that what I think it is?” Xander twisted on the seat for a better view of the bag in Spike’s hands.

“Could be. Depends on what you think it is.”

“Is that...cotton candy?”

Spike, tired of trying to untwist the twist-tie, ripped the bag open and pinched some off. He stuck it into Xander’s open mouth.

“O’, ‘ey,” Xander protested, then ate the cotton candy. “That is cotton candy! Where did you...?” He looked at Spike suspiciously. “Tell me you didn’t steal the cotton candy.”

“I didn’t steal the cotton candy,” Spike said innocently around a mouthful of the confection.

“You did! You stole the cotton candy,” Xander accused. “That’s...that’s....”

“Hey,” Spike responded lightly, “this is gonna be day-old cotton candy tomorrow, and if they...” He pointed at the building that housed the cotton candy vendor indignantly. “...were gonna sell day-old cotton candy to the kiddies tomorrow, they deserve to have it stolen tonight.”

Xander thought that argument was flawed, but he really wanted some more cotton candy. “Uh huh, okay.” He shrugged. “Give me some more of that.”

Spike fed Xander another wad of the cotton candy, and then took some for himself. The next time Spike held a gob of the sweet out to him, Xander captured his fingers as well as the cotton candy. Xander let the cotton candy melt on his tongue, and then sucked and licked at Spike’s fingers to remove every trace of it.

“Mmm, yummy,” he said when he released Spike’s fingers. Spike’s eyes were dark and hooded, and he shifted uncomfortably on the bench seat. “Can I have some more?” Xander asked, a look of perfect innocence on his face.

Without a word, Spike hurriedly broke off another chunk of the cotton candy and held it out to Xander, who stuck his tongue out and took his time pulling it, fingers and all, into his mouth, where he once more ate the sweet and then cleaned off Spike’s digits. This time, Xander didn’t let go of them, even after they were clean, but sucked them in further, and moaned around them.

“Bloody hell, Xan,” Spike groaned.

While Spike was distracted, Xander snitched a hunk of the cotton candy. He released Spike’s fingers, replaced them with the cotton candy, and then placed his lips to Spike’s. Spike eagerly parted his lips, and Xander slid his tongue, covered with melting cotton candy, into Spike’s mouth. Spike’s tongue danced along his until the cotton candy was gone, and then the kiss turned ravenous, deep, and wet, and sloppy, as they set to getting the last bit of sugary-goodness out of each other’s mouths.

When they finally parted, Xander panted, “I love cotton candy.”

“I can see the attraction,” Spike agreed as he slouched down on the bench and pulled Xander on top of him, reaching between them to cup Xander’s erection. “Bet this tastes even better, so sweet. Let me taste you, Xan,” he growled.

Had Spike been a little less far gone, he might have seen the gleam in Xander’s eyes. As it was, he allowed Xander to pull away from him, but instead of reaching for his own zipper, Xander’s fingers expertly unbuckled Spike’s belt, popped the button, and then slid the zipper down so quickly that Spike’s hard cock was in his hand before Spike realized the switch in plans.


Xander grinned evilly. “You just lay back and enjoy this, Spike. I know I’m gonna.” Spike’s prick twitched in Xander’s hand. Xander smirked, then stroked Spike’s shaft, adding a little twist at the top.

“Bloody fuck!”

Xander took the head of Spike’s cock into his mouth and gently played with his balls to distract him, then reached for the bag of cotton candy with the other. Xander hummed as he tore a hunk of cotton candy off while Spike moaned and shivered beneath his ministrations. Holding the base of Spike’s shaft, Xander took as much of him into his mouth as he could, making sure Spike’s prick was thoroughly slicked with saliva.

Xander continued to hum as he sat up, tore strips off the cotton candy, and began to wrap them around Spike’s cock.

Spike sat up and leaned on his elbows. “Xan?”


“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like I’m doing?” Xander responded while continuing to cover Spike’s prick with the sticky confection.

“It looks like you’re wrapping cotton candy around my bloody dick,” Spike growled.

“Good,” Xander said cheerfully, “‘cause that’s exactly what I’m doing.” He finished what he was doing, and then happily patted the tip of Spike’s cock. “Now for the fun part.”

“And what’s that?” Spike asked suspiciously.

“Cleaning it all off.”

And without further ado, Xander bent over Spike and proceeded to do just that. He wrapped his lips around the head and sucked, placed open-mouthed, sucking kisses down the shaft, and nibbled at the cotton candy coating Spike’s prick. By the time Xander had licked, sucked, and chewed away the cotton candy sheath, he’d had to grip the base of Spike’s cock twice to keep him from coming.

When the cotton candy was gone, Xander went down on Spike once more, eager and liberal application of his tongue making sure he’d removed every last bit of sugar from Spike’s cock. This time when Spike tensed beneath him, Xander didn’t stop the explosion of fluid into his mouth, the taste of cotton candy on his tongue made all the better by the addition of Spike’s salty flavor.

Xander suckled Spike gently, milking the last of his load, and then tenderly released his softening penis. Spike’s chest was rising and falling rapidly as he took unnecessary breaths. “Didn’t know you could do that with cotton candy,” he rasped.

“Two tastes that taste great together,” Xander quipped as he stood and undid his pants with shaking hands. He placed one knee on the bench and pulled his hard-as-steel dick from the slit in his boxers, then offered himself to Spike.

“Mmm,” Spike teased as he rubbed his lips over the head of Xander’s cock, then pulled back and licked the pre-come off his lips. “My turn for a nummy treat, then?”

Xander dug his hands into Spike’s hair as the only sounds to be heard above the music were the slurping as Spike tried to suck Xander’s brains out through his dick, and Xander’s begging and pleading for moremoremore until he screamed when Spike succeeded.

Breathing as if he’d just run a race, Xander slumped against Spike, then delicately worked sticky hands out of Spike’s hair. He briefly wondered if Spike would be willing to break into the restroom so he could wash his hands, then pushed himself upright and fastened his pants. Energy spent, Xander dropped down onto the bench and slumped against Spike’s slouching form.

“Oddly, this isn’t how I dreamed my first carousel ride would go.”

“Good thing I was here, then, huh, pet?”

Xander snuggled against Spike, rubbing his head against Spike’s chest. “Yes,” he admitted. “Everything’s better when you’re there.”

Spike, who sometimes seemed uncomfortable receiving compliments from Xander, though he had no problem giving them, remained silent as he wrapped one arm around Xander and soothingly rubbed circles on his back while he placed a tender kiss on the top of Xander’s head.

“You ever get the hankerin’ to ride one of these things again, you let me know, ‘kay, pet?”

Xander smiled. “Love you, too, Spike.”

The End

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