Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Xander’s a bad boy...what’s a vamp to do?
Warning: Daddy!Kink.
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Bad Boy


"I’m fine!" Xander insisted, shrugging out of Spike’s grasp and stomping across the basement to the makeshift kitchen area. He snagged a bottle of water out of the mini-fridge and angrily twisted the cap off. He lifted the bottle and took a swig, but couldn’t hide the grimace as he lowered his arm. "Don’t be a prat," Spike replied. "Take your shirt off so I can look at your shoulder," he ordered brusquely, and then disappeared into the bathroom, presumably in search of the first aid kit.

Xander was staring daggers at the bathroom doorway when Spike reappeared.

"I’m not seeing skin, Harris," Spike growled.

"And you’re not going to, either," Xander replied. "I don’t need you babying me."

"I’m not *babying* you," Spike snorted. "Although you’re acting like one."

Xander glared at him. Ignoring him, Spike reached for the collar of Xander’s jacket.

"Stop it, Spike!" Xander slapped at Spike’s hands, but the vampire ignored him, backing Xander up until he was trapped against the counter.

"I’m going to take your coat off, Xander," Spike said firmly. "If you fight me it’s going to hurt."

Xander allowed Spike to remove his jacket, but balked when Spike reached for the shirt beneath it. Spike grabbed Xander’s chin and forced the brunette to look at him.

"Xander," he said, speaking slowly, "are you trying to piss me off?"

Xander swallowed hard. "No," he squeaked.

"You’re already in trouble, pet, but if you defy me one more time, you’ll get a spanking you won’t soon forget," he promised darkly.

Xander moaned. "I’ll be good," he said.

"Good." Spike released his chin. "Now take your shirt off."

Xander slipped his shirt off and then Spike helped him raise the t-shirt over his head.

"Get over here under the light," Spike directed, and Xander meekly followed him. "Could probably do with some stitches," Spike said distractedly as he poked and prodded at the cut on Xander’s shoulder.

"No!" Xander cried, pulling away. "It doesn’t need stitches," he added, trying to look over his own shoulder at the wound.

Spike ignored him. "Sit down and let me clean it," he said.

Xander sat in one of the kitchen chairs, his leg bouncing nervously as Spike cleaned and dressed the cut, applying butterfly bandages to hold the edges of the cut together and help it heal. Once he was finished, he packed everything back into the first aid kit and replaced it on the shelf in the bathroom.

When Spike returned, he plopped down on the couch. "Come here, pet," he said.

Xander slowly rose to his feet and walked over to the couch. He stood before Spike, staring at the floor.

"Take your pants off," Spike commanded, and Xander’s head jerked up.

"S-Spike?" he questioned.

"You heard me, pet," Spike said, the warning evident in his tone.

"B-but you said... I was good!" Xander stated.

"No, you were not good," Spike stated firmly. "You argued with me and disobeyed me."

Xander couldn’t disagree with that, so he remained silent.

"What is my job?" Spike asked.

Xander hesitated. "To take care of me," he finally said.

"And what is your job?" Spike asked.

"To let you," Xander said.

"Did you do that tonight?" Spike asked.

"N-no," Xander admitted.

"When?" Spike prodded.

"When I, um, jumped in front of that demon and got hurt," Xander said.


"When I wouldn’t let you..." He moved his shoulder a little. "...fix me up."

"What happens when you disobey me?" Spike asked.

"Spanking," Xander mumbled.

"I didn’t hear that," Spike said, though Xander knew it was a lie.

"I get a spanking when I disobey you," Xander stated clearly.

"Do you deserve a spanking tonight?" Spike asked.

Xander swallowed hard. "Yes."

"Then why are your jeans still on?" Spike asked harshly.

Xander immediately toed his boots off and unfastened his jeans, pushing them and his briefs down his legs and then kicking them off. He stood before Spike dressed only in his socks, his leaking erection bobbing against his belly.

"Boy," Spike asked softly, "do you disobey me just so you’ll receive a spanking?"

"N-no, Daddy," Xander whispered.

"You wouldn’t lie to me, would you, pet?" Spike purred.

Xander moaned. "Daddy, please," he begged.

"Are you my sweet boy, Xander?"

"Y-yes, Daddy," Xander eagerly agreed.

Spike stood and removed his own clothes, watching Xander closely as the boy trembled with anticipation. Naked, he sat back down on the couch and motioned Xander closer. When he was within reach, Spike wrapped his fingers around the hard flesh jutting from his body and pulled gently.

While Xander’s attention was focused on the pleasurable sensation, Spike quickly wrapped a strap around his cock and balls. Xander whined with frustration when Spike pulled away.

"Lay down," Spike commanded.

Xander immediately lowered himself over Spike’s lap, his cock caught between the vampire’s thighs. He whimpered as Spike pressed his legs together, holding him tight. Spike ran his hands over Xander’s ass.

"Who does this belong to?" he asked.

"You," Xander replied breathlessly.

"And this?" he asked, running his finger along Xander’s crack, pressing gently against his hole.


"And these?" he asked, gripping Xander’s balls and cock more tightly between his thighs.


"And this?" he asked, running his fingers over the bandage on Xander’s shoulder.


"Is there any part of you that doesn’t belong to me?" Spike asked, rubbing his hands over Xander’s back and ass, down his thighs and up through his hair.

"No," Xander said, shaking his head emphatically. "Nothing. You own all of me."


Xander hesitated, unsure of the correct answer. "B-because you want to?"

"Why?" Spike asked again.

"Because I want you to," Xander said.

"Mmm. And do you still?"

"Yes!" Xander said. "Yes, Spike. Daddy, please."

"I’m going to spank you now, Xander," Spike said, rubbing his hand firmly over Xander’s ass cheeks.

"Yes, Daddy," Xander said.

"Tell me why."

"Because I was a bad boy," Xander said.

"Yes," Spike agreed. "Very bad."

And with that, he brought his hand down on Xander’s ass in a punishing blow. Xander yelped and jumped, moaning as the motion jerked his cock through the tight grip of Spike’s thighs. Spike spanked him again, the sharp slap once more followed by the yelp-moan as Xander reacted. Spike continued to rain blows on Xander’s ass until the skin was a bright pink and the boy was continuously moaning as he humped Spike’s legs in a futile attempt to find release.

Spike ran his hand soothingly over Xander’s abused ass, waiting for him to calm down. "Get the lube," he said, when Xander’s breathing had slowed.

Xander struggled to his feet, groaning at the sting in his ass and the pleasure-pain of his denied release. While he was gone, Spike quickly opened the sofa bed and knelt upon it. When Xander returned, Spike held his hand out to him.

"Come here," he said, "and make yourself ready for Daddy."

Xander groaned as he took Spike’s hand and allowed the vampire to help him onto the mattress. He laid down on his back, panting and moaning as Spike gently spread his legs and pushed them back, revealing the tantalizing pucker to his avid gaze.

"Mmm, you’re so beautiful, Xander," Spike purred.

"Nngghh, Daddy," he gasped as he twisted the cap off the lube and tossed it aside, Spike’s words causing his body to shudder and his hole to twitch in expectation.

"You want Daddy, don’t you, pet?" Spike asked in a whisper as he ran his hands down Xander’s thighs. "Want me pushing inside you, filling you up?"

"Gaagh, yes, Daddy," Xander struggled to get the words out at he squeezed the lube into his palm.

"Open yourself up for me, pet," Spike ordered softly. "Let me watch you touch yourself."

Xander moaned and whimpered as he quickly prepared himself, dabbing his fingers into the slick on his palm and rubbing it over his anus, pushing some inside. Coating his fingers again, he pressed one inside, and then two. He scissored his fingers to stretch himself, careful not to touch his prostate.

He kept half-closed eyes trained on Spike, watching the vampire as the blond in turn gazed intently back at him, blue eyes locked on the fingers Xander was using to prepare himself for Spike’s pleasure, mouth opened slightly, the tip of his tongue slipping out to wet dry lips, chest rising and falling heavily with unnecessary breath. Xander shoved a third finger inside himself, beginning to pant with arousal at Spike’s reaction.

When he failed to hold back a moan at the desire burning in Spike’s eyes, the vampire grabbed Xander’s hand and gently removed his fingers from his body. "Now me," he ordered softly, and Xander closed his fingers around the hard, heavy flesh riding high against Spike’s belly. He used both hands, spreading the rest of the lubricant over Spike until the vampire groaned and pushed his hands away.

"Hold yourself," Spike commanded. Xander immediately grabbed his thighs and pulled them back, spreading himself open for Spike’s inspection. He couldn’t stifle the moan as he watched Spike’s nostrils flare. He knew the vampire could scent his desire and that knowledge never failed to make him even more aroused.

Spike ran his hands over Xander’s still-pink ass, then leaned over him and took a hard nipple into his mouth. Xander shuddered and gripped his legs harder, forcing himself to hold on though he wanted nothing more than to reach for Spike.

"Do you want me, Xander?" Spike asked against his neck as he nibbled his way up Xander’s body, moving his hips slowly so that his cock rubbed along Xander’s cleft.

Xander nodded. "Y-yes, Daddy," he said.

Spike sucked Xander’s bottom lip into his mouth and let it go with a ‘pop’ before gently biting it. Xander moaned. Spike placed the head of his cock against Xander’s hole.

"Want me inside you, Xan?" he asked against the boy’s lips, pushing teasingly against the opening, giving Xander just enough pressure to make him want more.

"Yes, please, Daddy," he whimpered. Spike merely raised an eyebrow. "I-if that’s what you want," Xander added. "Only wanna please you, Daddy." Spike pressed harder. "Oh, please," Xander encouraged.

"Tell me," Spike purred.

"Want you, Daddy," Xander groaned. "Want you, want you! Inside me, filling me, fucking me, owning me..."

At Xander’s words Spike pushed steadily until his cock head broke through the ring of muscle. Already aroused from the feel of Xander’s tender ass beneath his hand when he’d administered the spanking, the sight of the boy’s restrained cock, engorged and dripping, and the scent of his desire permeating the basement, the additional stimuli of the tight hole gripping his cock was too much.

With a cry, he thrust into Xander until his balls slapped the boy’s ass. Once fully seated, Spike held still, allowing them both to adjust - he to the hot, velvety passage surrounding his pulsing shaft, and Xander to being filled and stretched.

"Daddy, please," Xander begged, wiggling his ass, and Spike began to move. He lifted up and grabbed Xander’s hips. The boy’s whimper at the loss of contact turned into a moan as Spike pulled out and drove back in. "More, Daddy," he panted.

Spike pushed Xander’s thighs back until his knees were touching the mattress beside his head. Spike pounded into his raised ass, taking out his frustration at having seen the boy place himself in danger, yet again, on the brunette’s slick and grasping hole. Xander writhed and moaned beneath him, his head tossing on the mattress, his hands still gripping the backs of his thighs since he hadn’t received permission to let go.

Spike lowered himself over Xander and let the boy’s legs rest on his shoulders. He took possession of soft, swollen lips as his hands ran over the heated flesh of the boy’s ass. He sucked on Xander’s lips and tongue, and then bit down gently as he pinched the tender skin of his ass. Xander bucked. Spike bit him again, this time accompanied by a soft swat to already over-stimulated flesh. "Touch me," he whispered.

Xander reached for Spike, running eager hands over his shoulders and down his back, then through his hair as he pulled the vampire down for another kiss. Spike’s thrusts had slowed and he matched the movement of his cock with that of his tongue, lazily fucking the boy’s mouth. He rotated his hips and swiped his tongue around Xander’s mouth, then began thrusting again.

He pulled back so he could speak. "Gonna unstrap you," he said, "but don’t even think about cumming until I give you permission."

Xander nodded his agreement.

"Say it," Spike demanded.

"I wo-won’t cum until you give me permission, Daddy," Xander said with a groan. He hated being strapped, feeling his cock and balls fill up, both aching for release, but knew that this was the hard part, holding his orgasm back once his cock had been freed until Spike allowed him to cum.

Spike reached between them and unhooked the leather strap, then wrapped his fingers around Xander’s swollen member and tugged gently. Xander’s body arched off the bed, his head tilted back exposing his neck, and a long, deep groan escaped his throat. Spike pulled again, watching Xander’s reaction closely - the boy was so bloody responsive!

Xander bit his bottom lip in a futile attempt to stifle his moan of pleasure and need, and his fingers clawed at the sheet beneath him. Spike matched the rhythm of his hand to the strokes of his cock into Xander’s ass, alternating slow and gentle with hard and fast, making sure he brushed the boy’s prostrate on every pass.

Spike’s desire grew as he watched Xander’s trembling, sweating form twist beneath him, harsh moans of encouragement filling the air. "Say it, Xander," Spike whispered.

Xander’s eyes shot open and Spike nearly came at the lust-glazed look in them. "Please," he whimpered, lifting his ass up into Spike’s thrust. "Please let me cum." He swallowed hard, struggling to maintain control. He forced his hands away from the sheet and gently placed his fingers on Spike’s arms. "Daddy, please."

"Cum for me, Xander!" Spike roared, undone by the look in his boy’s eyes, the touch of his warm fingers, the sound of his desire-coarsened voice.

With one last pull, Xander’s eyes rolled back in his head as his body stiffened. His mouth opened in a soundless scream as he erupted, shooting hot, sticky fluid over their chests and stomachs. The sight of Xander in climax sent Spike over the edge, and his clenching ass milked the vampire’s release.

When he could move again, Spike lifted himself off Xander’s chest where he had fallen. He carefully lowered the boy’s legs to the bed, smiling as his hand fell limply to the mattress. Stretching stiffened muscles, he forced himself to his feet and into the bathroom where he cleaned up and then ran the cloth under warm water for Xander.

Once the boy was wiped down, Spike turned off the lights and crawled back onto the sofa bed, pulling the blanket over them. Xander rolled into his arms and snuggled against him, relaxed and sated. Unable to stop himself, Spike nuzzled his face into Xander’s hair.

"Don’t ever scare me like that again," he whispered.

"Mmm, ‘kay, Spike," Xander agreed sleepily.

Spike just shook his head as he tightened his hold on the boy, knowing it wouldn’t be long before Xander once more did something that scared him half to death. Well, more to death. "My beautiful, careless, sweet boy," he murmured softly, running gentle hands over Xander’s body as if to imprint the feel of him on his senses.

His hands cupped the still-warm flesh of Xander’s buttocks. The only good thing about Xander scaring him was being able to punish the boy for it after. "If my heart beat, you’d have killed me by now," he muttered. "You do these things just to get me worked up, don’t you?" he accused the nearly sleeping boy as he squeezed his ass.

"Yes, Daddy," Xander mumbled, moving against him.

"I bloody well knew it," Spike groused.

Xander smiled against Spike’s chest. "Daddy?" he asked softly. "Can we...?"

Without waiting for him to finish, Spike rolled Xander over and spooned behind him, one arm beneath the boy’s head and the other wrapped around his chest. He pressed gently against the boy’s stretched hole, pushing until he was fully encased, then slid his hand down Xander’s stomach, closing his fingers around softened flesh.

"Is this what you wanted?" Spike asked.

"Oh, yes, Daddy," Xander sighed, and then fell asleep with Spike inside him and wrapped protectively around him.

The End

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