Fandom: BtVS
Rating: NC17/Slash
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Length: 1946 words
Spoilers: Nothing specific, but entire series, to be safe.
Summary: Xander and Spike go back to school. Metaphorically speaking.
Notes: Five unrelated vignettes. Written for [info]fall_for_sx using the [info]batpack September Challenge: Back to School.
Feedback: It’s ALL about the feedback (and naked Spike)! Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Written: September 28, 2007

Back to School



Spike talks dirty. And not just in the bedroom, though he does his best work when Xander’s naked and sweaty. Or when he wants Xander naked and sweaty. Or just wants to make him sweat. And there is no filter between Spike’s brain (either one) and his mouth, so it doesn’t matter if they’re alone in their apartment or surrounded by the gang at the Magic Box. Which doesn’t really surprise Xander; he’s known Spike too long for that. What surprises him is how much it actually turns him on when Spike’s filthy language catches him off guard.


Spike tosses the small ax to Xander as he hefts his own, larger version. “Let’s go take care of that nest the slayer found. And don’t get yourself killed or maimed, Harris. Got plans for that pretty ass of yours later, yeah?” Spike pinches said ass on his way past and Xander fumbles the ax while Giles pretends not to have heard and Buffy groans, not for the first time that day. Xander can’t even look at Willow, who he knows will be grinning at him.


“How was work today, luv?” Xander’s hot and tired, so he just growls a response. “Thinking about me were you?” Spike slides down Xander’s body and tears at the waistband of his jeans. Xander isn’t in the mood, but before he can say anything Spike licks his lips, looks up at Xander through his lashes. “About my lips wrapped around your pretty cock, sucking you off so good while you fuck my mouth hard?” And when Spike puts actions to words, Xander’s head falls back and his bad day melts away.


Spike bounces on the couch in the showroom, stretches his arms along the back to check the length. “What do you think of this one, Xan? ‘S comfy.” Spike does some pulling and twisting at the arms and back. “And sturdy, so I can bend you over the back and plow tha—.” Xander claps his hand over Spike’s lips. It’s the ugliest sofa he’s ever seen, but sturdy is important, especially after what happened to the last one, so Xander pulls out his credit card and hands it over, thankful the clerk has moved away when Spike adds, “Plus it’s got that stain resistant coating. Handy that.”


They’re on patrol when Spike pulls Xander behind a monument and unzips his jeans, one hand on Xander’s shoulder pushing him to his knees. “Suck me, yeah?” He strokes his thumb over Xander’s lips as he presses his cock between them. “Love watching my cock slide in and out of your sweet mouth.”

They’re at The Bronze when Spike deliberately rubs against Xander as he passes him, ostensibly checking out his next shot. “If I make this shot,” he says as he bends over to line up the shot, giving his ass a little wiggle that does things to Xander’s belly, “I’m gonna take you home and ride your big cock till the sun comes up.” He takes the shot without taking his eyes off Xander, and Xander doesn’t even check to see if the ball falls into the pocket, he doesn’t care. He tosses his cue onto the table and drags Spike home where he lets Spike ride his cock until the sun comes up.


Xander’s tried to figure it out. Blames it on Spike’s vampire voodoo, or pheromones, or the way Spike’s voice goes low and deep when he’s promising to fuck you so hard you’re gonna feel it for days or telling Xander to touch yourself, wanna watch you come, the words running up and down Xander’s spine like a shiver that goes straight to his groin.

In the end, he decides it’s just Spike, and really -- Spike brushes two fingers over Xander’s happy button until he’s vibrating with the need Spike creates in him, whispers, “Like that, don’t you pet? My fingers up your ass.” Spike withdraws his fingers and Xander attempts to follow them, fuck himself on them. “Yeah, that’s it, Xan, fuck yourself, get yourself ready for me.” Spike licks a drop of sweat off Xander’s temple. “You look magnificent like this, all flushed and desperate for it.” -- he’s all right with that.


Spike loves to explore Xander’s body, map it with all of his senses until he can recreate it perfectly in his mind’s eye.

The tantalizing sound of the blood rushing through Xander’s body with each beat of his heart. The sight of hard muscles bunching in his arms as he fights off a vamp. The feel of raised skin beneath his tongue, his fingers, when he finds a scar the world has left behind on his boy. The sharp taste of sweat as Spike licks a trail across Xander’s collarbone. The sweet smell of sunshine when he buries his face in Xander’s hair.

The tangy scent of musk as Spike spreads Xander’s legs and dips his head. The bitter taste of come as Spike teases them both with little kittenish licks to the head of Xander’s cock. The feel of Xander, velvety soft and tight around him. The sight of Xander’s face as Spike enters him, when Spike finds the pleasure spot deep inside him. The sound of Spike’s name on Xander’s lips when he finally tumbles over the edge.

Xander never says anything when these moods strike, just lies there pliant and willing, allowing Spike to savor his boy.


Xander’s not stupid, and though he might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer he does learn from past experience. Relationships, in this case.

From Jesse he learned how to share.

From Willow he learned not to . . . borrow your best friend’s favorite Barbie.

From Cordy he learned that the grass was not always greener on the other side of the fence. And that closets can be fun, but not if you’re forced to live in one.

From Anya he learned patience. And also how to handle being embarrassed in front of his friends on a daily basis.

All of which have come in handy since he’s started seeing Spike. Especially patience. And the ability to handle embarrassing moments with aplomb. Or at least by not falling down in a faint when Spike makes passes at him in front of his friends. It helps that Xander quickly realized that he wasn’t the person Spike was trying to make uncomfortable with his innuendos and inappropriate touching. Not that Xander approves, but it makes Spike happy, which in turn makes Xander very, very happy, so he lets it slide.

He’s also learned that you can’t change people, which is a good thing because trying to change Spike would be a full-time job. And not worth the effort, because Xander’s gotten used to Spike groping him in front of his friends, or pulling him behind mausoleums during patrol, and he thinks he might actually miss it if Spike stopped doing so. Not that he’d ever admit it, but it’s good to know yourself, and your own limitations, and Xander thinks he might not have any where Spike is concerned, which is another issue entirely, and one Xander will think about later, because right now Spike is dragging him into the backroom to ‘train’.


Spike loves Xander’s hands. They’re big and tan and calloused. They’re gentle when he binds Spike’s injuries, hard as steel when they beat on a demon, and determined when they wrap around Spike’s cock and jerk him off.

Spike loves Xander’s mouth. Even if it does tell him ‘no’ sometimes. He likes the way Xander kisses, and how he sucks a trail down Spike’s body. He likes how swollen Xander’s lips get after they’ve been kissing, or after Xander’s spent a nice bit of time sucking on Spike’s cock. But most especially he loves the sounds Xander makes when he can no longer bite them back, all thankful and desperate at the same time.

Spike loves Xander’s feet. He’s never told him that -- probably never will -- but he thinks they’re sexy. When he comes home and sees Xander sitting on the couch, bare feet resting on the coffee table, he can’t wait to tear his clothes off and climb onto Xander’s lap. And often doesn’t, dragging Xander’s sweat pants down while Xander protests that he was watching TV, then lifts up so Spike doesn’t rip the material Spike leaves trapped around Xander’s ankles before he opens himself up and slides down Xander’s cock (which doesn’t seem to miss whatever program Xander was watching the slightest bit).

Spike loves Xander’s hair. How soft it is, and the way it slides through his fingers. It’s long now, so Spike thinks maybe Xander’s figured out how much he loves to tangle his fingers in it when they’re together.

Spike loves Xander’s back. It’s strong, and it has a perfect dip, with the sexiest dimples at the base. It connects his neck, which Spike also loves, to his ass, another of Spike’s favorites. In fact, Spike would be hard pressed to name a part of Xander’s anatomy that he doesn’t love.

Right now, though, he’s busy loving Xander’s heart. How big it is, and true, and the steady beat of it under Spike’s ear.


If you’d told Xander a year ago, hell, even six months ago, that he’d be boinking the evil undead, he’d have scoffed. Not just no, hell no!

And then along came Spike. Who Xander hated with the power of a thousand suns. Who he still hates, just not quite so strongly. And especially not when they’re naked. Or in the process of getting naked.

Well, until Spike opens his mouth, which he has a wont to do.

The first time they’d had sex they’d been arguing over whose fault it was that the demon got away while they were busy fighting off its vamp entourage. In your face took on a whole other meaning after Xander shoved Spike against the nearest vertical surface and kissed him. They’d rutted hard and fast, and hadn’t spoken to each other the entire walk back to the Magic Box. Xander couldn’t bring himself to even look at Spike for nearly a week. (The secret glances he snuck out of the corner of his eyes totally didn’t count.)

The second time had been after Spike disappeared beneath a pile of half a dozen vamps. Xander’s heart had stopped -- purely in concern for his own well-being, of course -- until Spike popped up out of a cloud of dust, grinning like a maniac. A bolt of energy -- disgust at Spike’s display, he was sure -- surged through him and they took out the remaining vamps in record time. Before the dust had settled, they’d fallen to the ground in a tangle of limbs, both fighting to be on top, until they were past caring, getting off their only interest.

The third time was after Xander had been injured on patrol, a series of gashes across his chest and belly from the demon that had tried to eviscerate him. Spike had taken him home and cleaned him up, then licked Xander from head to toe, taking special care with the claw marks, which healed rather quickly after that, though Xander wasn’t given any time to think about it, because Spike snuffled at Xander’s groin, then gobbled his cock down, and Xander’s only thought was, oh god yes please more!

After that they stopped counting. Keeping track was more trouble than it was worth. Plus, Xander lost count that one week when Spike kept picking fights with him so they could have make-up, er, angry sex. But if anyone asks, Xander still harbors deep and abiding feelings for Spike. With the power of a thousand suns.

The End

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