Count Your Losses


Xander couldn’t believe his ears. His co-worker, Colin, had just breezed into work that morning, announced that he was gay, that he had been to a gay club, and had met the most wonderful guy ever. That had damaged the once stable foundations of Xander’s universe. He had always seen Colin as the paragon of heterosexuality. To learn that his world wasn’t what he had once believed had momentarily stunned him. Ok, he wasn’t exactly straight as an arrow himself – Xander could appreciate a good looking man every now and again.
As Colin continued to describe the world’s most perfect guy that he had been hitting on last night, Xander wondered if he should make an appointment to have his hearing checked, because it sounded very much like Colin was describing a certain bleached blonde menace that Xander loved to hate.
“…And his cheekbones, oh my god… Oh! And he wears leather. Skin tight leather, and a long leather coat…” Ok, forget the hearing check, lets try for a brain check instead. Spike wasn’t gay. In all the years Xander had known him, Spike had never once made a move on another guy. Plenty of women, even though he usually just led them on, teased them a bit, then announced he wasn’t interested in them and turning back to his drink, or pool game, or whatever it was he had been doing beforehand. He may not have been best friends with Spike, but he had never seen him in a bar other than the Bronze or Willy’s Place. And Spike had never mentioned going out anywhere else in town…
Xander snapped out of his thoughts to realise that the conversation had changed topics and the Mets game was now being discussed in great detail. Xander didn’t follow sport, and was sort of disappointed that he hadn’t caught the name of the bar Colin had seen Spike or Spike’s gay twin in. Wait? Disappointment? That can’t be right… It’s Spike for Christ sakes. He did, however, make a mental note to mention this to Willow and Buffy, on the off-chance they would like to find blackmail material on Spike. Xander kept half-listening, half-plotting until the whistle blew, announcing the end of the worker’s lunch break. Xander went back to work, his mind so very far away from the construction site and the work he was meant to be doing.
“Guess who’s gay.”
“Oh, Xander! It’s great that you’ve finally come out!” Willow gave him a blinding smile.
“What? NO! Spike’s gay! Not me! Nooo way… Me like woman. Ug. Women with breasts!” Xander protested, cupping his hands to his chest in a crude imitation of boobs.
Willow looked sceptical. “Xander, sweetie, are you sure Spike’s gay? He was with Drusilla for, like, forever, and he dated Harmony. And, um, I’m sure there were other women too – he’s over a hundred years old…”
“Colin sure seemed to think Spike was gay.” Xander pouted.
“What if he’s not gay?” Buffy asked. Willow gave her a confused look. “Not Colin, Spike. What if Spike’s not gay? What if he’s got the chip out and is using the gay scene to cruise for victims cause he knows we would never think to look for him there?”
They all exchanged nervous glances. “We’ll go tonight.” Willow decided for them. “I was going to suggest we all go to the club anyway. There’s a girl that’s been hitting on Tara that I know goes there. I wanna make out with Tara in front of her, show her Tara’s taken.” Xander’s body confirmed that he wasn’t all the way gay yet, responding eagerly to the mental picture Willow painted. He missed a large chunk of the conversation thanks to the porno playing in his head, featuring Willow and Tara. “…that okay with you, Xan? Xan?”
“Erm… huh?”
“Nine o’clock tonight at my dorm room.” Xander’s eyes glazed over. “Ew, Xander! Not for that! For going to the club. To stop Spike killing people? Now take it to the bathroom, Mister. And I’ll know if you’re thinking of me and Tara,” Willow admonished, as she shoved him in the direction of the bathroom and the personal space he needed for his, uh, gentleman’s time.
I have great friends, Xander thought as he locked the door and unbuckled his belt. I wonder if any other men have lesbian best friends who don’t care about said men getting boners thinking about said lesbians together. The first time it had happened had been uncomfortable for everyone. They had been at the public pool, which they had booked for the night. Willow and Tara had both been in one-piece bathing suits, and Xander had worn lurid orange swimming shorts. When Willow had kissed Tara, Xander’s shorts had done their best impression of a tent. Spike had been sat on the bench at the side of the pool, minding their towels and keeping an eye out for troublesome evil that might want to spoil the night. Xander had turned away, partially to avoid looking at the kiss, partly to stop any of his friends noticing his hard on. Unfortunately, that meant he was now facing Spike, who raised one eyebrow. Xander blushed deeply, which had been noticed by Buffy. Buffy had asked why Xander was so red, and had swum up to him. She swam close enough that she saw for herself just what the problem was. She had blushed, Willow and Tara had blushed, and Spike had laughed.
Xander had stayed hard for the rest of the night. The girls didn’t mention it, but he knew that Spike knew. They had dropped Buffy, Willow and Tara off at the dorms, then headed back towards Xander’s apartment. Xander wished Spike would leave, so he could be embarrassed mortified in private. Instead, Spike had grabbed Xander’s shoulder and dragged him into an alleyway, out of sight of the sidewalk.
“You’re still hard.” Spike announced. “Deal with it now. The pheromones you’re givin’ off are driving me crazy and drawing attention from demons you DON’T want the attention of.” Xander didn’t need to be told twice. Leaning back against the wall, he unbuckled his jeans, popped the button and unzipped the flies. He hissed as the cool night air hit his over-heated penis. He was aware of Spike moving away from him, keeping a look out for baddies. He didn’t care. He could deal with the fact he was jerking off in front of Spike later. Right now, he had a man’s needs. Needs that took less than a minute to satisfy.
Spike had come back towards him, taking in his dishevelled, satisfied appearance, and the small puddle of cum on the ground and smirked. “Your turn to keep watch, mate,” Spike had told him. He hadn’t waited for Xander to turn around before releasing his pale, uncut cock from his jeans and wrapping his hand around it tightly. Leaning back on the wall, it wasn’t long before Spike’s cum joined Xander’s on the ground, making the white patch of fluid larger. Xander realised he had watched Spike toss off. The blush was back. Spike licked a few stray drops of cum from his own fingers and tucked himself away.  Then they had walked home and acted like nothing had happened.
The next time Xander got a hard on in front of one the Scoobies, Spike had pushed him towards the bathroom, his expression saying “deal with it.” This had caught on. Occasionally, after patrol, especially if Buffy had been wearing something skin-tight or a slightly-too-big halter top and no bra, Xander would keep watch while Spike dealt with his own needs. Which brought him back to the present. Spike wasn’t gay. He jerked off thinking about Buffy.
Nine o’clock rolled round and Xander ambled towards Willow’s room. He was a little nervous. Aside from a few desperate wanks with company, as Spike had termed it, Xander had never done anything remotely homosexual. Now he would be going to a gay club, with gay men and gay women. And his best friend had thought he was gay. Sighing deeply, he knocked on Willow’s dorm room door.
The club wasn’t as busy as Xander had expected, but then again, Sunnydale was a small town, and there were better clubs to go to elsewhere. Xander felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb. Somewhere, under the lights and smoke from the dry ice machine, Willow and Buffy were dancing. Xander had opted to keep an eye out for Spike. He had seen plenty of men that had similar clothes or features to Spike- one with bleached hair, another with blue eyes- but he hadn’t seen the bleached menace yet.
Then, out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something. Taking a second look, his brain confirmed what his eyes had thought they had seen. Spike was kissing Colin. Colin was backing Spike towards the exit. Xander downed his drink and went to find Willow and Buffy. They would have to act quick if they were going to save Colin.
Kicking the door open so hard it bounced off the wall, Buffy, Willow and Xander entered the alley. All three gasped. Spike was on his knees, Colin’s dick in his mouth, and his own hand working his dick. Both men were moaning. Spike’s eyes were closed, and he looked like he was in ecstasy. Xander had been impressed with the size of Spike’s cock the first time he had seen it. The girls were equally impressed. Both had their hands over their mouths, their eyes wide. Colin’s hands clenched tighter in Spike’s hair, dragging out another moan from the vampire. Neither cared that they were being watched.
Xander knew from the times he had kept watch for Spike that the blonde was close to completion. The breathy little whimpers and whines that somehow sounded even hotter with Colin’s dick in Spike’s mouth. The clenching of Spike’s fingers against Colin’s arse. Before either of them could reach their orgasms, Xander grabbed Spike’s head, pulling the vampire off the human’s cock amidst protests from both men, before punching him soundly.
“What the fuck, Spike!?” Instead of the anger Xander had expected, all he saw in Spike’s face was sadness.
“I thought I was safe here. That you wouldn’t come looking for me. Why do you lot keep bollocksing up things for me? Why can’t you let me have one place where I won’t get harassed, or told to piss off, or punched in the face?”
“Xander?” Colin asked. “You know Spike? Were you two… together?”
“NO! You’re welcome to him. I wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s dick.” Xander sneered. A look of hurt flashed across Spike’s face, missed by no-one save for Xander.
“Jealous, Harris? You knew I liked men. You could have made a move any time. How many times have we jerked off together after patrol?” Spike ignored Buffy’s outraged “WHAT?!” and turned back to face Colin. “It was fun while it lasted, love. Would have liked to have seen if it could have been more than a blowjob in an alley, but if you want to keep your mates,” he indicated towards Xander, “it’s probably best I keep out of your way.” Giving Colin one last kiss on the lips, Spike left, leaving an angry Xander, a miserable Colin and a pair of flabbergasted girls behind.
Colin’s voice broke the quiet. “He took me out on a date. I’ve never had a date with a man before tonight. I told him about my ex girlfriend and our breakup. He told me there was a guy he liked that didn’t like him back. He told me what you did together.” He looked Xander dead in the face. “So which is it? Are you jealous that he moved on? Or do you just hate gays?” Colin went back into the club, heading straight over to the bar to order a shot of Jack Daniels. Xander felt ashamed.
He didn’t hate gay people. He loved Willow to pieces- she was his best friend; a little thing like sexuality wouldn’t spoil a life time of friendship. Hell, he had even accepted that Angel had done stuff with another man. The hate he felt there hadn’t been influenced by the knowledge that Angel liked to shove his prick inside a man’s arse; it had just been hate for Angel. Although, Xander realised, it was Spike that had let that little gem of information slip during one pretty boring research session… Unwilling to think any further, Xander hailed a cab outside the club and went home to bed.
His sleep was disturbed and his dreams were disturbing him.  Angelus and Spike rutting wildly together, both naked, eventually cumming over each others skin. Dream!Spike and Dream!Angelus were both in gameface, and smiled at him evilly through too many teeth. Xander woke up, spending some time trying to shake off the pure evil in the eyes of the vampires. When he fell back to sleep, the dreams were different, but no less disturbing. Spike was jerking off in the alley. The very first alley. His yellow eyes met Xander’s, and Spike yelled his completion, howling Xander’s name. Xander sat straight up in bed, cold sweat dripping off his body. That’s not how it happened. He looked at the clock next to his bed. It was nearly time to get up for work now anyway. He dragged himself to the shower, wondering how he would face Colin today.
He had been expecting bad. What he got was a whole lot worse than bad. Colin had mentioned what happened to one of the guys at the site, and word had spread like wildfire. Not a single co-worker spoke to Xander all day. They blanked him at lunch, and gave him evil looks when they had to work with him, lifting lumber and the like. He wanted to apologize to Colin. He wanted to talk to Willow and Buffy. He wanted to kill Spike. The relief he felt when the foreman called out that it was time to call it a day was palpable. Xander went to see the girls.
Willow and Tara gave Xander sympathetic looks when they opened the door to him. Great, he thought. I must look as rough as I feel.
“I’ve really fucked up, haven’t I?”
“Just a little” Willow told him. “Maybe if you go and talk to Spike, tell him you’re sorry…”
“What? No, I mean I fucked up with Colin, not Spike. He’s pretty pissed off and… Don’t give me that look, Wills.”
“Colin’s upset because you made Spike leave. Spike was upset too, even if he refuses to show it. So you have to make it up to both of them.” Willow was wearing her resolve face. He had no choice but to obey.
“Wills, about the… me and Spike thing… I think I might have fucked up there too. I want him. I don’t want him to be with Colin. I only realised it last night. I think I could even love him, given time.”
“Xan, are you sure? It’s not fair on Spike OR Colin if you realise you don’t really want him.” Tara, always the voice of reason.
“I don’t know. What should I do?” Xander looked thoroughly miserable.
“Talk to Spike. Be honest with him. And tell him you’re sorry for last night.”
Xander did as he was told. He went to Spike’s crypt, intent on telling the vampire exactly what he felt. Pushing open the stone door, he could hear the sounds of voices from the lower level. Lowering his body to the floor, he could just make out the bed, with its heavy, red covers, and the two naked figures lying on it. One was Spike, lying on his stomach, head resting on one of the pillows. The other was Colin, lying on his back, idly trailing his fingers down Spike’s spine. He looked happy. Xander stood as quietly as he could, tears stinging his eyes as he heard Colin say to Spike “I think I love you.”
Xander wiped the tears from his cheeks, shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, and disappeared into the night.

The End

Lost Ground & Lost Causes

Pairing: Spike/Colin, mentions of Spike/Xander (with some Spander kissage)
: m/m, language, general boringness.
Prompts: #310- audience @ tamingthemuse
A/N: UNBETA’D. That means spelling and grammar mistakes and general bad-writing-ness. This is a sequel piece, one of many I have promised. There are two endings simply because people asked for both pairings to have a happy ending, so I wrote them :) 
: I don’t own Spike, Xander or any of the Joss-verse characters. Colin is mine though

Summary: Sequel to Count Your Losses. Not everyone is as happy for Spike and Colin as they had hoped. Two possible endings.

Xander wasn’t particularly happy about this party. When his boss had arranged a Christmas party, he hadn’t planned on attending. When things with Spike had gone bad, relationship-wise, Xander had bailed for a while. The girls had eventually dragged him out of his pretty funky smelling bedroom for a demon slaying mission, but that had meant he’d had to face Spike.

The vampire had been happier than Xander had ever seen him. He was dressed differently- white t-shirt, blue jeans, no duster- and his hair was in its naturally curly state. Ironically, the ending of the relationship that at the time Xander hadn’t even been aware of meant that they were much better friends now. However, it also meant that he had to put up with Colin hanging around.

Once Colin had got over the initial shock of finding out the things that went bump in the night were real he had been a real asset to the Scoobies. He was good at research and got on great with the girls, and didn’t that just grate on Xander’s nerves. Yes, Xander could admit that he was harbouring a lot of resentment. Which was why he didn’t want to go to this stupid party.

When he had found out it was a ‘plus wives and girlfriends’ deal, his initial thoughts had been to ask one of the girls, but when they had all declined, he was forced to deal with the realisation that he would be in a room with Spike and Colin all night. Apart, he could deal. Well, he could ignore Colin and make snide remarks towards Spike. But when they were together, it was too much for him. Hell, realising he had feelings for the evil undead was too much for him, but losing said evil undead to one of his colleagues? That really hurt.

Right now, the pair were sat on the stairs in the magic box, a place that used to be reserved just for Spike, feeding each other chocolate. Buffy, Willow and Tara didn’t mind. Dawn was at school but if she’d been there, she wouldn’t have minded either. But Xander minded.

“Geez, get a room guys.”

Buffy looked up from the thick tome she had been staring at vacantly for the last hour or so. “What’s your problem, Xan?”

“Problem? No problem. Just that the Biteless Wonder over there is about 5 minutes away from a display of public nudity.” Xander risked a glance at the pair on the steps, who were now lounging back, snogging like horny teenagers while keeping their hands above the waist. Spike’s fingers were tracing the tiny strip of exposed skin on Colin’s side where his shirt had ridden up. Xander sighed, rolled his eyes, and left the shop, figuring a few hours of paperwork would be better than watching his not-quite-ex sucking face.


Spike and Colin left not long after Xander did, one under a heavy blanket and the other out in the sun. Buffy and Willow sighed.

“I don’t know why Xan’s so against Spike being happy. He didn’t even want Spike until he found out he couldn’t have him,” Buffy said, scowling slightly at the seat Xander had vacated.

“I like Spike being happy,” Willow commented. “He’s much more fun to spend time with. And he’s cute when he’s not wearing black with more black. And less scary.”

“You think Spike’s cute?” Tara asked, wrinkling her nose in an adorable sort of way. “Should I be worried?”

“No! I only want you, sweetie,” Willow reassured her girlfriend. The two held hands, while Buffy thought about what Willow had said.

“If I didn’t know he was a vampire, I would have to say that Spike is pretty damn lickable, especially when he’s making out with another guy… What?” Willow and Tara just stared at her.


The basement was cold. Spike’s clothes were scattered over the floor. When he said the blonde could stay a couple of days while his crypt de-flooded, Xander hadn’t been expecting to clear up after him all the damn time. Although, those weren’t Spike’s underpants. Spike didn’t wear underpants.

Two sets of clothes led a trail towards the pulled out bed, where a very naked Spike and an equally naked Colin were rutting mindlessly against each other. For a few moments, Xander was too stunned to speak, until Spike’s moaned “Oh God, I’m gunna cum. Finish with me, luv? Need to feel you…” snapped him out of his reverie.

“WHAT THE FUCK, SPIKE?!” Xander exploded, just as Spike and Colin did the same, although in a different, much messier- and sexier- way. “In my goddamn bed?! Get dressed and get the fuck out.”

Colin had the good grace to look ashamed and started to redress, but Spike made no move to leave. Instead, he stared levelly at Xander, making it abundantly clear just what he thought of that idea. “You said I could live here for a while. If you didn’t mean it, why did you say it?”

“I said you could stay, not that you could do the nasty in my bed!”

“I didn’t think you’d be back for a while. We needed some time together.”

“And you couldn’t have gone to his place?” Xander pointed unceremoniously at Colin, who was bright red but now fully dressed.

“Colin’s staying with his parents. His ex had the flat in her name.”

“So go to his parent’s place. Just get out of my home. I have to burn the bed and get ready for this stupid party.” Xander scooped up Spike’s clothes, shoved them towards the naked vampire and stalked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.  


Spike dressed in silence, avoiding eye contact with Colin. When dressed and out of the basement again, Spike stopped, wrapping his arm around Colin’s muscular waist.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled against the other man’s neck.

“I know. That was just really embarrassing.”

“Yeah. Maybe we should just tell your parents.” They broke the embrace to continue walking. “We’re going to have to go there anyway if we wanna go to this party of yours.”

“I dunno, Spike. I’m not really in a party mood right now. I’m too stressed for that.”

Spike looked upset. “Sorry. I thought you finished too, but…” he mumbled, staring down at the scuffed toes of his Docs.

Colin stopped the blonde talking with a finger to those soft lips. “I did. You were amazing. Don’t ever think you’re not. But if it was you? If one of your co-workers saw you in bed like that…?”

“Yeah, I get it. We could go out for a meal instead? And if you feel like inviting your parents and sharing some relationship style information…?”

Colin grinned. “You’re not going to let it go, are you?”

Spike grinned back. “Nope. You’re stuck with me, pet.”

Colin pulled Spike into a bone-crushing hug. “Good.”


Xander didn’t burn the bed, but he did have Willow come over and magically clean it. And if he went into a little too much detail about exactly why it needed cleaning, well, she shouldn’t have asked. It did mean she wouldn’t be able to look Spike in the eye for a while though, so Xander counted it as a win in his books.  


Colin booked the table at the restaurant before phoning his parents. Nervous didn’t even begin to describe how he felt. He gave some vague excuse as to why they were going out for dinner, and couldn’t decide if he was happy or not that they’d agreed. Obviously they knew something was up. Hopefully they wouldn’t make a scene in a public place if it turned out they didn’t approve.

Now, sitting in the quiet restaurant, waiting for his parents to join them, he wasn’t so sure he could go through with it. The only comfort was Spike’s hand on his knee, a tangible connection to his lover.

“Colin?” A female voice asked, making Colin jump slightly.

“Hey, mom, dad. How are you? How was your walk here? Sit down, order food…” Spike smiled. Colin could babble with the best of them. Hell, he could even give Willow a run for her money, and that was saying something.

The older couple sat opposite Spike and Colin, the heavy, dark wood table between them. “Are you going to introduce us to your friend?” asked Colin’s father. He was a tall man, with a kind face. His hair was greying at the temples. He looked… ordinary. Not that Spike had been expecting him to look demon-y or anything. Just… not someone this ordinary.

“Oh, yeah. Mom, dad, this is Will.”

“Hello, Will. I’m Joanne and this is Steve.” Joanne was just as ordinary as Steve. Her hair was obviously dyed to cover the grey hairs, and she had a few wrinkles near the corners of her eyes, but she was just a normal person. Maybe it was the Hellmouth, or his century as a vampire, but Spike wasn’t used to normal people.

“Please, call me Spike,” he said, shaking Steve’s hand.

“What an unusual name,” Joanne commented. “How did you come to pick up a name like that?” She sounded genuinely interested and if Spike were able, he would have been sweating buckets.

“Well, er… I used to, um, work on the railroads. Got in an accident with a railroad spike and the name sort of stuck,” he lied. Colin’s fingers brushed against his knee, the effect calming, putting Spike at ease.

Steve took a sip of wine and summoned a waiter, who took their orders and hurried off to the kitchen. When the usual pleasantries had been exchanged –‘lovely weather we’re having’, ‘you know, cousin Susan got a job in a bakery’- the conversation turned to love lives. Steve was the one to thank for that.

“So son, where’s that nice young girl you were dating? Rachel something?”

“Rebecca,” Joanne corrected.

“Yes, her. Did you two break up? I was rather hoping to hear news of grandchildren in the near future, but if you’ve had a fight, I suppose we’ll just have to wait,” he chuckled, patting Joanne’s hand affectionately as she nodded.

Colin cleared his throat. “Well, that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” he began. “I left Rebecca.” Joanne made a sympathetic noise, but Colin held one hand up to forestall any questions. “I’m gay.”

Spike kept his eyes on Colin, partly to make sure his boyfriend was okay, but mostly to avoid the disapproving glares of Joanne and Steve. He needn’t have worried. Steve stood up, put on his jacket and left the restaurant, Joanne following close behind. Colin didn’t move a muscle. The waiter bustled over to their table, laden with plates of steak and vegetables. As soon as the waiter had left, Spike pulled a roll of cash from his pocket and peeled of enough to cover the bill and a tip, and pulled Colin to his feet. They left the restaurant in silence.

The cool night air hit Spike the second they stepped outside. Knowing there was nothing he could say or do to fix the situation, he said the only thing he could think of. “Want to go get blind drunk at the Christmas party and forget tonight ever happened?”

Colin breathed out a shaky laugh. “Hell yes.”

The Spander Happy Ending

Spike drove to the party in silence. The idea was to let Colin think things through, to decide how he wanted to handle the situation, but it wasn’t looking good. When push came to shove, Spike knew there was no way he could compete with family. Colin would end up resenting him, and they would break up. Whether that would be in a week or a decade, he couldn’t tell, but it would happen, and it would be messy.

They pulled up on the busy street, and Spike instantly spotted Xander’s car amongst the sea of colourful metal. Even though he was with Colin, and he was happy, there was still something inside of him that wanted to be with Xander. He sighed. Xander had made it clear enough before that he didn’t want to be with Spike, regardless of the pheromones that had been better than a siren announcing ‘Xander wants Spike!’.

Spike moved top open the car door, but was stopped by Colin’s hand closing on his bicep. From the look in Colin’s eyes, Spike knew what was coming.

“Spike,” Colin began, the rest of the words sticking in his throat. “Spike, I love you-“

Spike put one finger against Colin’s lips to silence what didn’t need to be said. “Let’s not do the whole ‘long goodbye’ thing. If you change your mind… If you change your mind, I hope you meet someone you love.” Spike got out the car, leaving Colin sitting in the passenger seat, tears streaming down his face.

Inside the building, Xander was easy to find. He was dancing rather drunkenly, and everyone was giving him a wide berth to save their feet from being stepped on. Spike slipped in behind Xander, arms circling the brunette’s waist. Xander turned to face the man holding him. Surprise was written all over his face.

“Want to try again? You and me?” Spike murmured, just loud enough to be heard above the atrocious disco music blaring out the speakers.

“What about Colin?” Xander asked, genuinely confused.

“He made his choice. So what do ya say, Harris? Slayer’s white knight ready to go steady with a blood sucking fiend?” Spike asked with a smirk. Xander kissed him, hard, paying no attention to their audience. He only cared that Spike was kissing him back.

The Spike/Colin Happy Ending

Xander was very drunk by the time he caught sight of a flash of platinum blonde hair. The drinks had been flowing and everyone had had their fair share of alcohol. Xander had danced with everyone, regardless of who they were or their gender. To the casual observer, it looked as though he was trying to get knocked unconscious by a bunch of burly construction workers jealous of their girlfriends flirting with another man. But to Xander, all he was aiming for was to forget. Forget Spike. Forget Colin. Forget he was going to be single for Christmas. Forget the whole sorry year.

He was sure he was going crazy. Wishful thinking was telling him that Spike had shown up to the party after all, and instead of being with Colin, he was with a woman. A slender, good looking woman that Xander was sure he had met before somewhere. Colin appeared on the woman’s other side, and together the two men steered her towards Xander, who was staring dazedly at the trio.

“Harris, this is Colin’s ex, Rebecca.” Rebecca waved slightly and gave Xander a seductive smile. Xander gave her a goofy grin in return. “Rebecca, this is Xander Harris, my… sort-of ex. You two kiddies play nice now.” And with that, Spike and Colin hurried over to the bar. It had been a spur of the moment decision, setting Xander up with Rebecca, but the more the two men drank, the better an idea it seemed.

When the party came to an end, tired people leaving for home, Spike glanced over to the corner of the hall he had last seen Xander in. He tapped Colin on the shoulder and pointed to the couple passionately kissing. Colin laughed. It was the best sound Spike had heard all day.

They downed the last of their drinks and headed back out into the night, Colin swaying slightly, held up by Spike. They had walked less than a block when Colin stopped and looked at Spike.

“I do love you, y’know,” he slurred. “I don’t care what my parents think. You’re all that matters.”

Spike smiled. “I love you too, pet. So what do you want to do now?”

Colin thought about this, the effort of decision making while under the influence showing clearly on his face, making Spike smile even more. “Let’s go to Europe,” he said at last.

Spike kissed the top of Colin’s head. “Whatever you want, luv. Whatever you want.”

The End