Summary: Spike finds a very tired Xander.
Warnings: character death
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Nothing at all



Part One

Spike strolled down the street, not really in any hurry. He was taking his time, enjoying the crisp night air and thinking about the future. Not a lot of vamps did that, they didn’t think about the future. They just wanted what they wanted when they wanted it, which was why most didn’t last that long. However, Spike was 120 years old, a Master vampire, he’d learned to think about the future.

The fiasco on the Night of St. Vigious hadn’t gone well. He’d made the best of it though, dusting the Anointed One and taking over his court. Drusilla approved, and was looking a little better now that they’d been on the Hellmouth for a bit. Hopefully she would be back to her old self soon.

A scent wafted by on the breeze and Spike paused, it was familiar. Where had he smelled that before? He followed it, walking until he stood in front of a small, dingy looking house. There was a boy lying on his back in the front yard, and sounds of a knock down drag out fight going on inside the house. Spike studied the boy, he looked familiar, smelled familiar, where had he seen him before? Ah, yes, this was the boy Angel had offered him. Stupid ponce, like that trick was going to work.

He headed over to the boy; after all, they’d never been properly introduced. He walked softly, so the boy wouldn’t hear him coming, until he suddenly leapt up and landed with a foot on either side of the prone body, straddling him.


The boy started, and then oddly, settled back down. He looked at the vampire standing over him and said, “hey.”

Spike was very much confused at this reaction. The boy knew what he was, knew who he was, and wasn’t moving away or screaming or doing any of the things normally associated with prey. In fact, Spike sniffed, he didn’t even smell of fear, which was disappointing and a little humiliating.

“I’m Xander, and I’ll be serving you your meal for this evening.” The boy, Xander, smiled grimly. “Actually I’ll be your meal, but really, same difference right?” Spike just nodded. “It sure took you a while to get here; I’ve been out here for almost two hours waiting for something to come eat me. I was starting to get worried I didn’t smell appetizing enough or something.” Xander was relaxed, staring comfortable up at Spike from the ground.

“You want to get eaten?” Spike asked.

“Sure, Seems like a good way to go. At least then I’m participating in the natural food chain. Not that my participation matters much ultimately, but it makes me feel a little better about offing myself.” Wow, the kid was way too nihilistic for his age.

“There any particular reason you’re looking for suicide by demon pet?”

“Well, I guess I’m just tired, tired of feeling useless, dumb, like I’ll never amount to anything. This way I can at least amount to a nutritious meal. It’s probably the best I can hope for.” Xander was still calm, smelling of resignation and despair.

“I see,” and he did really. Spike could relate. There had been times in his unlife where he’d felt the same way. “I think I can help you out luv.” He got to his knees and leaned down, biting gently into Xander’s neck. He didn’t struggle, not even as Spike drained him past the point of no return. As his heart stopped beating, Spike bit his own wrist and held it to Xander’s mouth.

2 A New Outlook

Xander woke up. It wasn’t the slow and lazy kind of waking up that he usually indulged in on the weekends, nor the abrupt jolting awake by his alarm clock that characterized the beginning of school days. No, this was more like, he simply was awake. He’d been asleep, unconscious, whatever, and now he wasn’t. He felt different, more aware; sharper than usual. He was also really hungry.

There was someone nearby, maybe they had food? He opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings, and his watching neighbor. He was in a small room, on a bed. The walls were off-white, and the bed was surprisingly comfortable for smelling like it was very very old. His observer was Spike. Why was he here? Why was he here with Spike? Excellent questions.

He thought back to the day before. Hmmm, let’s see, went to school, research session in the library after school. Patrol with the Scoobies, then home. Ah, that’s what happened. He went home and his dad was there, having lost another job, which, of course, meant the obligatory post-job loss kicking of Xander’s ass. Good times.

That had then led to his subsequent suicidal nap on the lawn at night. Stupid thing to do on a Hellmouth, which was why he’d done it. He looked at Spike; apparently he hadn’t wanted to kill him, which was weird. Unless, Xander held his breath and counted. 10 second…20 seconds…30 seconds…geez 60 seconds and he felt fine. No gasping for air or burning lungs. That settled it, Spike had turned him. Huh.

“Why?” Xander asked Spike, trusting that Spike would know the question he was asking.

“Cause I get tired sometimes too. Taking care of Dru, keeping the minions in line. Never get anything for it; Dru’s too busy gossiping with the stars to pay much attention. So I do all this and what do I get? Nothing, just more talk of ‘Daddy’.” Spike reached into his duster pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Taking one from the pack, he lit it and continued. “I figured, you and me, we could help each other out.”

“How do you mean? I’m just a fledge, and while I do sort of feel this weird loyalty to you, I’m not sure why you want me around.” After all, his own parents didn’t want him around, and his friends, well, they didn’t want him enough. Not enough to ask why he was covered in bruises when they hadn’t fought a demon in over a week.

“You help me take care of Dru, and we’ll take care of you. She’s a bit high maintenance right now, being sick and all, but after she gets better we’ll travel the world, sow mayhem, and be a right proper family.” Spike looked wistful, like maybe all he’d ever wanted was a “right proper family.” If he was honest, that’s all Xander had ever wanted as well.

“That sounds,” he paused thinking his conscience might chime in about the sowing mayhem part. Oh wait; he didn’t have a conscience anymore. “That sounds great.” He grinned at Spike and vamped out.

Spike grinned back at him, and also vamped out. “Now I bet you’re hungry, let’s find you someone to eat.”

Xander nodded enthusiastically, he had the perfect person in mind. After all, if he was getting a new family, he didn’t need his old one anymore did he?

The End

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