Rating: PG
Prompt: 137-bleach
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Dawn is a mean girl, taking advantage of our boys.
Disclaimer: I won Xander and Spike in a raffle. No, really, why don't you believe me!

Opportunistic Transport


“Bye Dawn, have a great time!” Xander waved out the window of his car, with a smile plastered on his face, as Dawn climbed out.  She smiled back at him, a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Bye Xander, bye Spike! Pick up is at midnight, see you later.” She waved her fingers and whirled around, skipping up to the house where sounds of a party could be heard. They’d been assured that there was adult supervision so Buffy had allowed her to go. She also had a cell phone in case anything Hellmouthy happened.  As she disappeared into the house Spike growled.

“That manipulative little minx, this is the third time this week we’ve had to drive her somewhere, and it’s only Tuesday!” Spike was in the passenger seat, seething. “Plus, she had the nerve to tell me not to make plans this weekend cause there’s some band she wants to see up in L.A. That’s hours of driving, plus a hotel for the day!”

“Yeah, well suck it up Bleach-for-Brains because that’s the deal. We drive her wherever she wants, whenever she wants, and she doesn’t tell the Scoobies that we’re, as she put it, ‘fucking like bunnies.’” Spike’s growl was his only answer. His sense of betrayal that Dawn would blackmail them was topped only by his hurt pride at the thought that a teenage girl had him at her mercy. This was a completely unacceptable situation for a master vampire to be in.  “Besides, this whole thing is your fault. It was your dumb idea to make with the smoochies while we were babysitting Dawn.” Xander put the car in drive and pressed the gas pedal, they had a few hours to spend at home before having to come back to pick Dawn up. He and Spike were both on edge; Dawn had made them run her all around town, and showed no signs of slowing down or having mercy on them in the near future. The gas money was wreaking havoc on Xander’s wallet.

“Excuse me! Bloody hell, if I remember correctly it was your hands down my pants at the time! Don’t go pinning this on me just because you were gaggin’ for it mate.”

Strained silence, because Xander didn’t have anything to say since he had, in fact, had his hands down Spike’s pants at the time. It was Murphy’s Law that had Dawn coming down to get a midnight snack and catching them. She’d shrieked and yelled and laughed and then laid down her little ultimatum. It hadn’t taken her all of three minutes to figure out how to best use the information to her advantage, and if Spike hadn’t been on the receiving end of her deviousness, he would have been proud.

“Okay, okay fine, we both used poor judgment at the time. However, in fairness to us, we did think she was asleep.”

“We should have known better,” Spike muttered, “evil never sleeps.”

“She’s not evil Spike, she’s just a teenager without a car.”

The End

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