Sometime around forever ago, [info]sevendeadlyfun made this request at [info]feedmykink and I agreed to write it.

AtS S5 and NB jealous of all the time JM spends with DB. Slight non-con with NB topping JM. DB walking in on them and joining, commenting on JM's fabulous oral skill.

I started writing it - and then (as often happens lately) boarded the fail-boat and never completed it.

A few nights ago, [info]sevendeadlyfun went and wrote her own JM/NB RPS. It's called SHATTERED and it's excellent. Reading that fired up my JM/NB RPS muse again, and she very kindly let me use it as a starting point for her request fic.

RATING: NC-17 - Warning for RPS, if it's not your cup of tea you'll want to skip this
SUMMARY: James and Nick previously had a brief "fling". Now that James has gone to work with David on AtS, Nick feels the need to see him again.

I'd suggest that you read [info]sevendeadlyfun's SHATTERED first. Though this part can be read alone.

A/N - This line "Gonna fuck you someday soon, make you mine. And you're gonna love it, aren't you?" was taken from [info]sevendeadlyfun's fic.

Gonna Make You Mine

Spank Spike

Jesus, James thought, shaky hand moving to wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead.

When he realized that his palm was actually sweatier than his face, he gave up and scrubbed both hands over his thighs, leaving damp darkened patches on the fabric. He was so nervous that he felt as if he might vibrate out of his skin if he didn't find something to hold himself together. The wall behind him seemed like his best source of support so he went ahead and leaned against it, head tipping back as he thumped it slowly against the wall, hand darting out to grip the edge of the make-up table to steady him further.

Eyes closed, he mumbled under his breath, "Avoid him… avoid him… that's what you're gonna do. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid."


The lurch his heart made as his lids jerked open made James feel instantly nauseous.

"Fuck, Dave," his voice sounded so shaky he was embarrassed and cleared his throat before finishing, "you can't just sneak up on someone like that. You nearly gave me a heart attack."

"What the fuck are you doing? I've been looking all over for you." Dave looked angry and that only made James' already clammy palms go into some sort of sweaty overdrive.

He wiped them again as he spoke, not meeting David's eyes. "Nothing. Just needed a minute to myself is all."

"Brandon's coming to visit. Should be here by lunch."

Which is exactly why I can't breathe! James thought. He hadn't been able to calm himself down since he'd overheard David talking to Nick on the phone earlier.

What he said out loud was, "Really? Why"

"How the fuck am I supposed to know what his agenda is? I don't even know if he's sober or not," Dave snorted, smiling briefly to himself before turning his intense gaze back on James once more. "Look, you're gonna have to show him around - give him the tour. I can't. I've got things to do."

"I can't do it either," he said, a little too fast and way too desperately. "I mean… I got things too." Picking up a bottle of moisturizer from the make-up table and feigning interest in it, James hoped that somehow Dave had missed the weird edge to his voice.

"Yeah… wasn't really asking. But it's kinda cute that you thought that I would. Keep in mind whose show this is, who has more scenes to film." With a final smirk, Dave left James alone to ponder Nick's imminent arrival.

And ponder he did, sinking into a chair as he took deep breaths to calm himself just like his therapist taught him.


It had been nearly two years since James' insecurities had led him into allowing Nick to drag him into a make-believe alley. And within mere moments of that mistake, he'd proceeded directly to making a much larger one by beginning an even more make-believe relationship with his co-star.

His very alcoholic co-star.

His attempts at refusing Nicky's advances had been feeble at best. James had been so weak at the time, so beaten down by the constant mocking and laughter from those on the set as he did scene after scene that had reinforced the season's writing philosophy that his part was apparently "clothing optional".

James had been weak and Nick had been so… dominant.

James hadn't been able to resist, and they'd quickly fallen into a pattern of activities that had left him feeling angry with himself and sick over what he was allowing to happen between them.

The blow-job he'd received from Nick that night had been a complete one-off. Something that, after therapy and a lot of reflection, James had finally recognized as a ploy by Nicky to gain his interest and trust. It had worked like a charm, because there'd been so little confidence left inside of James that he couldn't seem to refuse even the tiny, warped bits of affection that he was offered.

So instead of receiving, James had found himself always on the giving end from that night forward. Nick would grab him from nearly anywhere, regardless of who might be around, mumbling excuses as he dragged his toy away for some service.

Service. That was a very apt definition of what James had been providing Nick.

Anywhere Nick had wanted it, James had fallen to his knees, mouth open and waiting as Nicky fucked his face. The fingers in his hair had been wound so tight that he'd have to comb out the strands that had torn loose before he could go back to the set. His knees would be scabbed and bleeding from kneeling on gravel, cement, even the wooden stairs of the basement set of Buffy's house as he'd pleasured his co-star.

Nick would be pumping away, splitting James' lips with his violent thrusting, slapping James' cheeks if he should forget himself and allow his teeth to drag over Nick's cock. No matter how much effort James had put into pleasing the other man, Nicky was never happy. A constant litany of criticisms and insults had fallen from his lips as he'd filled James' mouth and had slammed his cock to the back of his throat.

Slut. Bitch. Whore.

That was what Nick had called him and it was what he'd responded to, his own cock always hard and leaking the moment he'd heard those words growled at him. He'd pull himself off to the running commentary of the other man detailing all the reasons James deserved exactly what he was getting and all of the additional things Nick planned to do to him.

And he'd come. Holy fuck, how he'd come.

Every time.

And every time he'd felt just a little more dead inside, a little more like his train was heading off the tracks. Because he'd known that as much as he wanted to end it, as much as he'd wanted it to stop… he didn't want it to stop. He never wanted it to stop.

That's how it went for months. Everyone knew, James knew that they knew. But no one had said anything, no one had asked about what was going on, and even the few offers he used to get to share a cup of coffee or an evening out with any of his fellow cast members had dried up completely.

Then word had gotten back to Tressa.

She and Nicky had been engaged for months, had been planning on marrying sometime after that season. Before Nick had cornered James in the fake alley that first time, Nick had brought Tressa to the set all the time. But once he'd begun to spend all of his free time with his cock down James' throat, Tressa's presence in "Sunnydale" had become non-existent.

So to say that James was surprised the afternoon Tressa jerked Nick's trailer door open and found them together would have been an understatement. To say he had instantly wished it were possible to crawl inside his own ass and disappear would have more accurately described the actual event.

He could still remember the smell of beer coming from the dirty carpet in Nicky's trailer, the way the stiff fibers were scraping the back of his shoulders as he'd lain there bare-assed and servicing the other man yet again. Nick had been straddling his chest, pumping his dick into James' mouth as he'd told him what a "good little cock sucker" he was. The angle had been making James gag on the thick intruder hell bent on worming its way down his throat, but the fact that he'd been choking so often that tears were running into his gel-hardened hair as he'd lain there taking it like the whore Nick had told him he was didn't stop his own dick from getting so hard that he'd been frantically fisting it.

That's how she'd found them, and she'd stood there with a horrified look on her face as Nick, already well into the day's drunk by that time, had pumped his cock into James' mouth three more times while she'd watched. He'd grunted out his satisfaction as he'd filled James' mouth with warm spunk, way too far gone to have the good sense not to leer at his shocked fiancé as he fucked his male co-star's mouth less than three feet from her.

She'd shrieked something unintelligible and slammed the door behind her as she'd run away. Apparently the shriek had sobered Nick up enough to make him think it would be wise to put on his pants and follow her.

The thing that James was still the most ashamed of was the fact that even after Nick had banged out the door after Tressa; he'd continued to lay naked on the other man's stinking carpet, pulling his still-hard dick until he'd spilled onto his own stomach. The taste of Nick's come had still been heavy on his tongue and the tears running down his face had no longer had anything to do with the big cock he'd been gagging on.

That had been the end of it.

Nick hadn't come back to the set for three days. When he had shown up again he'd been wearing a wedding ring and James had known without a doubt that Tressa had put her foot down and made an ultimatum. Obviously she had gotten what she'd wanted.

Everyone had rushed to congratulate him and Nick never once made eye contact with James as their co-stars had surrounded him, peppering him with kisses and wrapping him in their arms as James had stood to the side - left out as usual.

They'd never spoken about any of it again. Nick had no longer pulled him into false alleys or followed him into his trailer, there were no more hot angry kisses and he'd never pushed James to his knees again.

After enough time had passed with Nick ignoring him unless they had to speak on set, James had reached a point where he'd actually started to think he'd imagined the whole thing - started to believe that it had only happened inside his own head.

That's when he'd decided he needed to see a therapist.

By the time the series came to a close, James had stopped seeing the therapist. He'd even gained back a few pounds which had made him feel way more like himself.

After a year and a half of therapy he'd learned to separate his work and his personal life, learned not to care if he had friends on set, learned to accept that it was a place to work and that he couldn't expect to get any of his other needs filled there. In fact he'd learned to accept that he could live without any of those other needs being filled at all.


If he'd learned all of that, then why the hell did he feel so sick now?

Sure - he hadn't seen Nick in months. Sure - he'd felt way more relieved by going to work somewhere that he wouldn't have to see the other man than he'd ever anticipated. But did that mean he had to panic just because Nick was coming for a little tour of the Angel set?

He tried to do what his therapist had taught him, to analyze the things that made him feel anxious rationally. He tried to answer those questions as if he and Nick had had some sort of "normal" friendship or relationship. He tried a lot of things.

But no matter what he tried to focus on, what filled his head was the same thing that had filled it every time Nick had pushed him down and shoved his way into James' mouth. It was what Nick had said to him after the only time he'd gone down on James, the only time James had received the privilege of sliding himself inside Nick's dirty mouth.

"Gonna fuck you someday soon, make you mine. And you're gonna love it, aren't you?"


Startled, James jumped up so quickly that the chair he'd been sitting in fell over with a bang.

"Nicky!" His voice came out high and brittle, and for the second time that day he had to clear his throat to try and get it under control. "Nick. How've you been, man?"

"Good," Nick was smiling brightly as he held out his hand and James grabbed it with both of his own hands, pumping it enthusiastically. "How 'bout you? How're things going over here on 'Buffy-Part Deux'?"

"Fine. Yeah - things are good, man. Good. Couldn't be better!" James was trying for cheery but he was afraid that his cheery was bordering on manic as he practically bounced out of his shoes. "So - what brings you here?"

James noticed something pass over Nick's face before he quickly covered it with a smile, "Oh, right - I had to be on the lot this morning anyway. I'm up for a new series and my agent got me a read with the director. Sooooo - figured that since I was gonna be right here it'd be a good time to see the old gang."

"Right," James nodded, though he could feel his palms getting moist again.

"Yep," Nick paused as if he were waiting for James to say something else, but when nothing happened he spoke again. "I think Dave might've said something about a tour - said you could show me where the magic happens."

"Oh, yeah," James shook his head, trying to clear thoughts out of his head that were better left in the past. "Of course. I don't know where my head's at today. Been in since early - think the lack of sleep's starting to fuck with me."

"No big deal - happens to the best of us, buddy." Nick clapped him on the shoulder then gestured toward the door of the make-up room James hadn't left since he'd overheard Dave's call from Nick. "Let's get started. Sorry to say that I don't have a lot of time today."

"Sure, yeah - we'll get a move on then. This way," he motioned toward the right as he led Nick through the door, trying desperately not to feel relieved that Nick had said he wouldn't have much time to hang around.


"And this is Angel's office here at Evil Inc."

Nick brushed past James as they moved through the doorway, walking around the space and touching things before making his way to the wall behind Angel's desk to examine the weapons displayed there. "Sweet."

"I know. But you know our boy Dave, nothing too good for the star."

Snorting out a laugh, Nick nodded his agreement as James joined him behind the large desk, "You're not wrong there. Not even a little bit. I think Dave had to have better hair gel than the rest before he even got his own show. Destined to be a star I guess."

"God yeah," James giggled a little, "the hair. He loves the hair."

"Pull your pants down."

"There was this one scene where I accidentally messed his hair up… and… wait… what?"

Nick's voice was low, dark eyes hard and intense, pupils wide as he faced James and spoke slowly and clearly almost as if he was speaking to someone who didn't have a good grasp on the language. "Pull… your… pants… down."

"What?" James couldn't quite get his mouth to close all the way and his tongue suddenly felt dry and way too large.

"Did I stutter?" Nick stepped closer to James, who instinctively backed away, his thighs bumping against the side of the desk.

"N-no," James stammered out his answer. "Why would you want me to… I mean… why?"

"We have unfinished business." Nick's voice was husky as he fished a tube out of his pocket and dropped it onto the desk next to James' hand. "Pull 'em down, turn around, and grab the desk."

James was shaking his head no. He could feel it moving from side to side, he was sure of it. His hands, however, were hovering near his belt buckle as if they had a mind of their own.

Nick crowded in on him, breath warm on James' lips as he leaned in, just hovering a few centimeters from touching his mouth with his own, speaking with a voice like honeyed gravel, "Told you I was gonna fuck you. Told you I was gonna make you mine. That was a promise."

The words were enough to set James' hovering hands into motion and his fingers shook as he scrambled at his belt, grunting in frustration when the worn leather caught on the metal and didn't come free fast enough. The delay didn't last long and within moments he had the tight black jeans shoved all the way down to his ankles, cock already hard, pearly drop of pre-come oozing from tip to rub off on his shirt as he bent to get his pants out of the way. He turned quickly, his trapped feet nearly tripping him up as he struggled to rotate his body and comply with Nick's request that he grab onto the desk.

He heard the snick of the cap popping open and spread his legs as far as he could, gasping loudly when Nick's fingers were suddenly right there, two of them sliding into him without any further warning. It hurt. The stretch of his tight opening spreading around Nicky's big knuckles was nearly unbearable.

James hadn't done anything like this in so long.

It felt so damn good, pain and all, and soon he was pushing back into the rough fingering Nick was giving him. He groaned as he fucked himself on the thick digits invading his ass, bending down until his chest was rubbing against the wooden surface of the desk in an effort to encourage Nick to find the spot where he most needed to be touched.

Nick chuckled deeply, twisting his fingers viciously, intentionally avoiding the needy place that James was so desperately trying to direct him to, "Yeah, I knew you'd still be a slut for it. Still a hot little bitch after all this time."

A shudder traveled up James' spine as he reached for his cock. The path was blocked as a hand shot out, big fingers circling his wrist and moving it back to the desktop, pushing it down firmly before releasing him.

"You get off when I say. It's not your turn yet." Nick pulled his fingers all the way out of James' ass and quickly slammed them back in, twisting until they rubbed firmly over his prostate, making him cry out with want. "Needy little slut, aren't we?"

Then the fingers were gone, leaving James whimpering at the loss of them. He could hear the sound of Nicky tearing open the condom wrapper and he clutched the desk tighter, fingernails scoring into the expensive wood as he prepared himself for what was to come.

He moaned as the blunt, condom-covered head of Nick's cock rubbed over his opening, spreading the lube around the sensitive ring of muscle as he circled it. James tried to push back each time Nick lined himself up with his hole, only succeeding in stretching the tight ring slightly around the very tip of Nicky's cock before the other man would pull back enough to break the contact between them. James groaned with frustration as his third attempt to get Nick's cock inside him was as unsuccessful as the other two.

"Want this? Want my dick in your tight little hole?" James' only reply was a whimper.

Nick backed away entirely, "Say it - if you want it. Say you want my dick in your ass."

Looking over his shoulder, desperation was evident in his voice as he met Nick's eyes, "I want it."

Nick nodded, big cock clutched in his fist as he shook it at James. "Good boy. Now where do you want?"

James could feel the heat in his face, a knot of humiliation twisting in his stomach, turning it to water. "In my ass - I want your cock up my ass."

"Such a sweet little bitch for it." Nick moved forward again, slowly circling James' opening with his cock head once more. "Don't worry, baby. I'm about to give you what you need."

He didn't lie. Nick lined up and shoved his fat cock home in one hard thrust, sinking balls deep as James cried out. His inner walls fluttered, clutching at the thick intruder stretching them wide as if they weren't quite sure how to respond to the sensation of being filled so completely.

Clutching James' hips hard enough to bruise, Nick stilled for a moment before pulling nearly free of the opening that had been so tiny a few minutes earlier. The thrust back in forced James to lift up onto his toes and he cried out when the wide head of Nick's cock scrubbed its way over his prostate.

After a few more slow, deep thrusts, Nicky set up a fast pace, fucking James hard, pulling him back by the hips he held to get into him as far as possible on each stroke.

"Whose ass is this?"

"Yours," James whispered, voice growing hoarse from the noises he'd already been making.

"Whose bitch are you?" Nick growled out, fucking James in tight, shallow thrusts aimed right at his prostate, feeling the gooseflesh rising under his fingers and the shudders going through the body beneath his.

"Yours, dammit," James grunted, wanting the questions to end but feeling his cock twitch hard with each dirty comment out of Nick's mouth, "I'm your bitch."

"That's right," Nick's chest was pressed to his back now, lips near James' ear as he spoke, "you're my bitch. And you're a dirty little bitch, my dirty little cocktease. How long did you think you could get away with keeping this sweet little hole from me?"

James couldn't answer, his head felt all fuzzy and his balls were drawn up so tight he thought they might burst from the pressure if he wasn't allowed to touch himself soon.

Hand clutching James' chin, Nick turned his head until he could look him in the eye. "Were you giving this to someone else, slut? Letting someone else fuck this hole?"

"What?" James tried to make sense of the words coming out of the mouth that was right in front of his face but they seemed like gibberish.

The fingers on his jaw tightened and Nick's voice deepened as he continued his fast-paced fucking, "Answer me. This is my hole. I own it! Did you give it up to anyone else?"

Pain shooting through his jaw in hot flares from where Nick held his face so tightly, James did his best to shake his head no. "No, Nicky - I swear. I haven't been fucked since way before we started up."

"Good!" Nick released his jaw with a shove, making the side of James' head thump into the desk. "Don't let me find out you lied to me. Good sluts don't lie."

With that Nick pressed James back down to the desktop, his chest flush against James' back as he licked up the side of his neck, finally biting into the soft flesh behind his ear. Nick bent his knees, fucking up into James so that the wet tip of the smaller man's cock was smacking repeatedly into the side of the desk.

Another hard shudder traveled the length of James' spine and he knew he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer, even if Nicky wouldn't let him jerk his dick he was going to come soon anyway. He tried to hold back, panting as he concentrated on it, unintentionally causing his muscles to clench Nick's cock where it was sliding inside his passage.

The additional stimulation of James' muscles clamping down was enough to send Nick spiraling over the edge, sweeping away the last of his control as he pressed his cock inside James' ass as deeply as he could. As his seed pumped out, filling the condom, he slid his hands between James' chest and the desk, pinching his nipples harshly through the fabric of his t-shirt.

"Come for me, slut. Show it to me. Let me see how getting fucked by me gets you off."

Nick jerked his dick out of James' ass, flipping him around on the desk so that his back was pressed to it just as James' untouched cock pulsed out his own come, splattering thick white stripes of it over his black t-shirt as he shot.

James grit his teeth, the orgasm so intense that it bordered on painful, hand jerking down to rub at his dick as it emptied all over him. As the last of his come dribbled out of his twitching cock, he continued to stroke over the base of it before reaching lower to cradle his aching balls as his head dropped back to the desktop, eyes fluttering closed as he groaned out his relief.

Eyeing the lax pink lips as he slipped off the condom and tossed it into the prop trash can, Nick leered down at James. "Such a sweet fucking mouth. Shit I forgot how sweet that mouth looked - it's gonna look even sweeter around my dick when we go back to your trailer. Damn, Jimmy, I swear you were the best little cocksucker I ever met."

"You can say that again."

The voice that didn't belong in the room made James' eyes snap open, head twisting to the side so swiftly that it sent a twang of pain through the stiff muscles of his neck.

"Dave - good to see you still do that creepy lurking thing." Nick's voice sounded low with warning and it made James flick his eyes back to look at Nick's face.

"I wouldn't really call happening upon you fucking someone on my desk on my set 'lurking'." Dave arched an eyebrow, heel of his hand moving to press against the big bulge that was very evident in his loose black slacks.

Nick nodded his head, "Guess you got me there, big guy. Suppose that means that the biggest problem I have would be just how you happened to know that little piece of info, considering that my little bitch here insisted that he hasn't been fucking anyone."

"I hav…" James tried to defend himself, but Nick's hand clamping over his mouth stopped him.

"Nope," Nick shook his head, looking down at James, eyes flashing angrily. "I don't need to hear anything from a lying slut."

"He's not lying," Dave answered for James, surprising both of the half-dressed men still partially draped over Angel's desk. "I never fucked him. Did get him drunk enough to suck my dick once when he first got here, though. Though I think he was just grateful that I wanted him on the show. But damn he can suck cock like a pro. He never mentioned you trained him to take it like that."

Releasing James' mouth, Nick smiled like a proud pet owner whose prize dog had just demonstrated his best trick. "Yeah - the key is to grab them up when they're just about broken, then it's not too hard to push them that last little bit."

Dave sighed through his nose, shaking his head, "Yeah, I was planning on working into something similar myself. Didn't realize he already had an owner."

"Hey, I…" James tried to talk but was stopped by Nick's big palm clamping over his mouth again.

"Shhh, now's the time when good sluts keep quiet. The big boys are talking."

James frowned up at Nick, but had to clench his eyes shut when all the talk about ownership made his cock give an interested twitch - which didn't escape the other men's notice.

"See? He's just dying for it - can't get enough."

"I gotta admit that I'm jealous." Dave lowered his zipper and reached into his pants, jerking himself slowly, both his cock and his hand hidden beneath the fabric.

"Then I'll just have to admit that the idea of watching my sweet little slut here going down on another guy while I fuck the shit out of him is more than a little interesting. I'd really like to see him just choking on cock while I give it to him." One hand still clamped over James' mouth, Nick trailed his other hand down the come covered t-shirt, circling James' semi-hard cock with his fingers and pulling it firmly.

Smiling widely as he pulled a very impressive cock through the open zip of his trousers, David stroked it a couple of times, looking from the blue eyes watching him from the desktop to Nick's face as he did. "Well damn, Nicky, I think I may be just the guy to help you out with that."

Arching his eyebrows as he examined David's cock, Nick smiled and nodded, "From the looks of that, I think we can work something out. How 'bout we head on over to James' trailer and see what we can get into."

Forcing his cock back into his pants with a grunt, David nodded, "Sounds like a plan."

Pulling his own pants up from where they'd drooped down his thighs while he'd been fucking James, Nick motioned toward the other man's still half naked lower half. "Get dressed. Me and Dave are gonna give you lots more of what you need."

James briefly considered saying no as he pulled up his jeans and fastened them, thought about just walking away while he stood buckling his belt.

What stopped him?

Nick's words from nearly two years earlier, "Gonna fuck you someday soon, make you mine. And you're gonna love it, aren't you?"

All James could think as he willingly followed both men out of the building and toward his own trailer was that Nick hadn't been wrong. Not even a little bit.

The End

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