Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13, for innuendo
Word count: 200
A/N: For [info]slashthedrabble, prompt: lights

beta'd by [info]kitty_poker1

Lights Out


“Hey Fangless, watch it—that’s my foot!”


“Spike, hit the lights.”

“Balls. ‘S not working.”

“What? Let me see that.”

“Bleeding hell, whelp, watch the elbows!”

“Dammit. It’s broken.”

“Told ya that, ya nit.”

“Hold on, I’ve got a flashlight here somewhere…”

“A what?”

“A flashlight. You know…long plastic tube, batteries inside, little light on the end…? Ringing any bells, or has the bleach soaked all the way through?”

“You mean a torch.”

“A what? No! A torch has an open flame, like in…Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indiana forms a torch out of a bone and some scraps of cloth, and there are all those rats and coffins and there’s this hot blonde chick who’s really a Nazi bitch in disguise.”

“Sounds really familiar for some reason.”

“Bite me, Spike.”


“Not a word.”

“Didn’t say anything, now did I?”

“Just…don’t, ok?”



“Find your torch, yet?”

Flashlight, Spike, and I think it was over here…. Found it!”


“Yeah, Spike.”

“That’s not a torch you’re holding.”

“It’s not? Then what is…Oh! Spike! What is…I mean…holy mother of God, that can’t be…”



“Like what you feel, pet?”

“Oh, God…”


“Holy hell, Spike, do that again!”

The End

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