Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: S/X
Word count: 200
Warnings: character death, angst
A/N: for [info]slashthedrabble, challenge: Rolling Stones - Blue Turns to Grey



He’d never told them.

It wasn’t that he’d been ashamed, but…

Willow wouldn’t understand. She’d look at him with sad puppy-eyes pleading for the patented goofy!Xander punch line to follow…

Giles would clear his throat, polish his glasses and admonish Xander, once again, about the inherent dangers of befriending a vampire, then excuse himself to the kitchen to pour himself yet another drink…

And Buffy would laugh hysterically until she figured out that Xander getting groiny with a chipped vampire wasn’t a punch line, then get stake-happy and slay-friendly, never mind the questions.

He could tell Spike was a little hurt, but really, he didn’t think Spike minded that much; it was a game, a covert mission to have as much sex as humanly possible while his friends destroyed monsters a gravestone away. Ducking behind trees to lock lips, finding abandoned crypts to have naked!Spike fun…

And it had been a game, until they screwed up…

They’d been followed, and the Slayer, incandescent with assumed rage, struck hard and swift...

And Xander watched, stunned, as blue eyes faded to grey, then scattered, dust in the wind.

He’d never told them, and now it was too late to make them understand.

The End

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