Written for Laazikaat.
Summary: Spike and his childe in the far distant future.

Untitled Future-fic Drabble


“You really don’t have to carry me around,” Alexander said, tossed over William’s shoulder like so much…something over-the shoulder-y. Did vampires carry sacks of potatoes?

“Want to pet,” William said, soothing his hand down Alexander’s good calf. “You got a habit of getting distracted.”

“We’re inside, I can’t run off to save people’s lives while we’re inside.”

“Trust that as far as I trust a snuggle with a Slayer.” William said, putting his childe down in a chair, “You’ll find a fire to run into and save kittens, somehow.”

“I’ll be fine soon.” He gestured to his burnt leg, already mending and William didn’t understand how a man could be a vampire until there were different planets to be a vampire on, and still get his rocks off saving puppies.

The End

If we ask real nice, the author might write the prequel to this little epilogue. Click on the feedlack link, scroll down to the 10th person to post (the 25 entry) and beg a little

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