Spike and The Harris Boy
The Case of the Ascending Angel

Skargasm  and  TheLadyMerlin

Part Five

Barely half an hour after Spike got his bite back, there was a knock on the door. Actually, knocking was an understatement: it sounded like Riley had turned up with his tank and was using the turret to tap on their entrance. Eyes rounding, Xander panicked. What if Buffy had discovered that Spike had his bite back?! Shit, what was he going to do?! Leaving Spike snuggled up in the bed sleeping off his headache, Xander shuffled to the front door, his thick socks slipping on the hardwood floors as he rushed to the entrance. He cried out as he was knocked sideways and slammed into the wall, his cry of 'Angel, what the fuck man?!” lost as the front door was yanked open and Angel himself was knocked off his feet.

It took Xander a few minutes to realise that Angel wasn't actually under attack but was lying on the floor beneath Cordelia voluntarily. And by the looks of it, she was very happy to have her lover back in one piece, soul and all. And wow, Queen C's kissing technique had actually improved over the years because he couldn't remember her using that move on him back in the day. Stepping over the bodies in his hallway, he tried to close the door, a muffled "oof!" his first clue that Cordelia had not come alone.

“Ah, Xander, thank you so much – if you could just take this” which was a garment bag “and let me through, that would be marvellous.” Grabbing the garment bag before it was shoved into his face, Xander stepped back and allowed Wesley to enter the hallway. “I see Cordelia is giving Angel a piece of her mind – the entire journey down here she said she was going to do it but somehow I didn't picture this as the method she would use!” Xander guffawed, leading Wesley to the small living room and throwing the bag onto the floor by the sofa. Wesley flung himself onto the sofa, releasing a huff of air that reminded Xander of visits to janitor's closets and escorting cheerleaders home for a well-earned reward in the form of a make out session – Cordelia could be exhausting but it was generally worth it.

“Would you like a cup of tea, Wesley?!”

“Er - “

“Don't worry, Watcher, I've taught the boy how to make a proper cuppa.” Xander smiled as Spike walked into the room, his mouth watering slightly as he took in the sculpted pale torso shown off perfectly by the black sleep pants that were hanging off lithe hips. Spike ran his hand through his hair, flattening the unruly curls that were escaping to spiral around his face as he walked over to Xander and gave him a tender kiss. He stepped back, sliding his face down and licking delicately at Xander's neck before smirking as he walked towards the kitchen. Xander wondered how he was meant to make tea with the hard-on tenting his trousers but he was perfectly happy to follow Spike into their little kitchen area and give it a try.

“Ahem, yes, well that would be lovely thank you Spike. I wanted to speak to you actually – wondered if you wouldn't mind giving me a few details about the last few days, for my personal chronicles that is.”

“I don't think that would be a good idea Wes. Thank you by the way – for bringing my stuff to Sunnydale and, well - “

“For hiding Cordelia from your malicious, evil alter ego?” Xander's eyes snapped back and forth between Angel and Wesley – definite tension there and he wondered what the story was.

“Hey!! I didn't need help hiding from that reject from the 80s. And you - you need to get out of all that leather before it brings you out in a rash – it can't be good for you, walking around wearing half a cow. Although, I need to ask – do you have to smother your body in talc to get those pants on?!” Xander felt like he was watching a three-way tennis match as Angel, Cordelia and Wesley bantered back and forth.

“Oh believe me, there was a veritable mountain of the stuff when I went by your apartment to get clothes for you. I can only imagine how long it took you to get into those – they look at least a size too small, or perhaps you've put on weight?!”

“Okay, never thought I'd say this but enough taunting of Peaches!! Angel, you can use the bathroom to return to your normal state of sartorial elegance and then I would ask you politely to collect your minions and please vacate the premises. Want some time alone with my boy.” Sipping at a cup of tea, Spike made a striking picture in the kitchen doorway.

“Ugh, Spike, put it away! You're paler than milk – there is such thing as fake tan, you know? No one wants to go around with all that pallid skin, really, and it so clashes with that monstrous mess you've made of your hair.”

“Ahh, Princess, your sharp tongue hides the depth of your feelings for me. You know you want me – why don't you kick Peaches here to the curb and let me show you what a real vamp can do?”

“Because I am so not taking Xander Harris's cast offs thanks very much, and besides, I've just got Angel trained not to cry when he sees the credit card bill. It would take way too long to train you.”

Angel reached for the bag of clothes then moved over to Xander.

“Xander, I want to apologise for - “

“Nothing to say sorry for Deadboy. You did your bit when you got rid of the chip – anything else that happened is way in the past and will not be brought up again. Ever. Don't really want to look at you and think you're thinking about what Angelus was planning to do to celebrate me being part of the family, no way, nuh huh. So yep, any tying up of the Xan-man and getting up close and personal will not be mentioned ever again.”

“Thanks Xander, I appreciate it. And you and Spike? I – WE owe you for this.”

“Hey, send us a few more referrals and we'll call it quits.” Angel smiled and for a moment, Xander could definitely see what Buffy and Cordelia could see in him – those big brown eyes and that soft mouth......

“OI! Peaches – whatever you're doin' to the boy, lay off! Bloody hard to concentrate when he's throwing off those pheromones so unless you lot want a display I suggest you get a move on.” Xander flushed bright red as he realised he was vaguely turned on, scuttling away from Angel with wide eyes. Angel had never laid vampire mojo on him before and he was shocked that he was doing it now. He squinted, wondering if that was really Angel....

“Sorry, Xander, Cordelia has that effect on me. Sometimes I forget you Sunnydale lot aren't used to me being so – um, friendly?”

“Angel! Stop teasing him! Ignore him, Xander, he's just discovering he likes playing with people's heads in a fun way instead of using them to bowl with, and can I just say ewwww – he just tends to do it at really inappropriate times!” With a shrug, Xander looked around at the people in his living room and realised his family had grown – it wasn't just Buffy, Giles and Willow anymore. Angel and his team were part of his family and he was part of theirs, especially with Spike renewing his bond with his Sire. It was a strange feeling but one he could definitely grow to like.

“Been a bit of an eventful night, luv.” Leaning down, Spike kissed the top of Xander's head, breathing in the scent of his boy. It was a relief to have Xander back where he belonged, in Spike's arms, in their bed, safe and sound.

“Yeah, just slightly. Can't believe Riley came through with a TANK man!! That was pretty awesome!”

“Yeah, yeah, Captain Wheaties did alright for a change. You know love, things can be a little bit different now – if you want, that is.”

“Oh yeah?” Xander looked up at Spike, slipping his thigh over Spike's leg and pressing himself against the cool body. Spike felt himself respond but held himself back – they needed to talk.

“Yeah. If you want, we can talk about the Consort thing – know it's been in the back of your mind cos it's been on mine. Wasn't an option before but now ...” Trying for nonchalance, Spike stroked his hand down Xander's back.

“You've just got your bite back, and I – look, Spike, I really really want to know what it's like. But the Consort thing is a big deal. It means forever right? And it's not that I don't want forever but - “

“You want to know what it's like being with me without a leash before you commit, right?”

“Yeah – yeah. Is that – is that alright?” Spike looked down and realised that Xander was worried that Spike wouldn't understand. But the boy – and he was a boy compared to Spike – was probably the most loyal person Spike had ever met. When he loved, he loved wholeheartedly, and for that kind of devotion Spike was definitely prepared to wait. After all, he had his Sire back, the kudos of resouling Angelus would reverberate around the demon world and they would get a helluva lot more business because of it, and best of all, the government chip was gone. He could wait – Xander was worth it – he could wait.

“Yeah love, that's more than alright.” Shifting down, Spike laid his face against the curve of Xander's neck, licking delicately down the fast-beating pulse. “And there's a lot we can do now that'll help convince you. Never been bitten have you pet?”

Xander moaned, arching his neck back to give Spike more access.

“No – never been bitten. Closest I ever came was Parent's evening when we first met.”

“Oh yeah, Sire gave you to me. If I'd known how fuckable you were then, I'd have made a move a lot faster love.” Grazing Xander's neck but not breaking the skin, Spike allowed his face to shift. “Wanna know what a bite can feel like – when it's not for food-like?”

“Oh yeah!” Undulating his body along the length of Xander's so that he could feel the heat all the way to his bones, Spike licked once more to mark his place.

“Let me show you....”

The End