Prompt: [info]jossverse_las - Something from their past..
Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Story Title: Rememberance
Character/Relationships: Spike/Xander, Jesse/Xander
Rating: R
Word count: 678 w/out header
Warnings: mentions of M/M sex



The moonlight was shining through the window, casting a gleam on Spike's skin as he sprawled across the bed in sleep. The sleep of the exhausted – an evening of slaying followed by adrenaline-fuelled sex, and his vampire was happily out for the count. He would be asleep too if not for the date. He was surprised that Wills hadn't remembered, but then maybe she had.

Today was the day that Jesse died. Well, died the first time when Darla decided to use him as bait and turned him. He and Willow had been shocked and hurt, Buffy apologetic that her arrival had cost them a friend. Neither Buffy or Willow realised that he had lost his first love too.

He and Jesse had only got together that summer. Strange really, after all the chasing after Cordelia and anything else in a skirt that had boobs to draw their attention, to discover that they were at the very least bisexual. A sleepover to avoid a big argument with his parents, a wrestling match that got out of hand and suddenly he and Jesse were kissing. Sloppy, disjointed, un-practiced kissing with too much tongue and teeth, bodies clashing together.

Then when both realised that the other wasn't going to haul off and punch them, they relaxed a bit more. It became more about exploring and learning things about each other that they had never realised before. That Xander had a spot on the back of his neck that when Jesse gripped it tightly made him melt, like an animal submitting to it's mother or superior. That Jesse – long, lanky Jesse – liked to be held down and immobilised, made to feel small and therefore safe in Xander's arms. They discovered other things too – that just kissing could lead to orgasms if they held each other tightly enough; that buying condoms and lube together was actually as embarrassing as when their mothers sent them to buy 'feminine products' but the results were well worth it; that they were both switch hitters – happy being bottom or top when they got more experienced and reached that level of experimentation.

And that they loved each other. Not just 'I love you man' with a punch to the shoulder to keep it all manly. But 'I love you' whispered in the other's ear, during and after sex and meant with all their young hearts. Sneaking away from Willow for furtive gropings and making-out sessions; sleepovers becoming more frequent with Jesse's parents assuming the Harris's were at it again and pitying poor Xander, letting him stay pretty much the whole summer.

So yeah, when Buffy came to town, and Jesse was turned as bait, he didn't just lose one of his best friends, he lost his lover. Worse, he killed his lover. Perhaps that explained why he got so angry when Buffy threatened Spike with Mr Pointy. Why the last time she did it, his inner hyena kicked in before he could think about it and threw her across the room. That had gone down almost as well as when he outed himself as bisexual and in a relationship with Spike at the same time - although it did kinda serve them right for making out in Giles' bathroom and expecting no one to catch them.

Sighing, Xander climbed out of bed to close the blinds and draw the curtains. However beautiful the marble skin looked in the moonlight, he wasn't willing to take the chance that he would fall asleep and forget to close them – wouldn't risk his lover in even the smallest amount of sunlight that came through their bedroom window. Sliding back into bed, he smiled as Spike instantly rolled over and glommed onto his warmth, sighing as he pressed a gentle kiss against Xander's neck, right where his pulse point was.

“Y'okay Pet?” he rumbled, more asleep than not but attuned to Xander's restlessness.

“Yeah, Spike, I'm good – just remembering”. Nodding, Spike sank back into sleep, and Xander snuggled down and joined him.

The End

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