Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Spike/XanderDrusilla
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
scot25 prompt(s): highlight but it's a spoiler! Rubies
Disclaimer: I'll take the boys, Joss can keep Drusilla...
Summary: Miss Edith wants what Miss Edith wants...

Red Diamonds


Dropping the body of the co-ed he'd been eating, Spike snarled at the minion that had interrupted his feeding. Listening to what he had to say, he turned and headed back to where he had parked the DeSoto. It was aggravating that he'd had to park so far out of town but he was happy to do it - he had a lot to keep safe. Turning the key in the engine, he smiled briefly at the noise his baby made before remembering why he'd been interrupted in the first place. Slamming the door, he swore beneath his breath and sped back towards the house. Parking in the underground garage, he slid out of the car and walked up the ramp and round to the front of the house. Striding through the door, he staked the vampire coming down the stairs out of sheer irritation then took the rest of the flight two at a time.

Throwing open the bedroom door, he scowled as he looked around. The bedroom was awash with blood, splatters staining the walls and even on the ceiling, a smeared trail leading to the body dumped just beneath the window. Sighing, he walked over and kicked the body over so he could see who it was. Yep, that was Malcolm, their Financial Manager. Or rather, their former-Financial Manager. Spike had hired him to turn some of the treasure he'd dug up with the gem of Amara into diamonds, ready for them to travel overseas. With another heartfelt sigh, he turned to the bed where Xander and Drusilla were entwined, rolling amidst a sea of diamonds now liberally soaked with blood.

"Xander! Dammit, I told you to look after her, not indulge her in more excess! How are we going to get away from here without the Slayer catching our hides if you two insist on murdering all the people I am trying to do business with?"

Up until he spoke, neither of the occupants of the bed had stopped what they were doing. But now Xander looked up from kissing Drusilla, the blood dripping from his chin between her breasts as she continued to writhe back and forth on the gleaming red jewels.

"SPIKE!!! Don't blame our little Kitten, he was only trying to make me happy. Come, my lover join us." Unable to resist his dark pair, Spike swiftly stripped off, accepted Drusilla's outstretched hand and joined them on the bed. Tugging Xander's head back, he kissed him deeply, fangs slicing into his lips as he forced his tongue down his throat. Mewling, Xander tugged his head away, snapping his jaws playfully at Spike before sliding down the bed and engulfing his erect cock in one swoop. Groaning at his Childe's talented tongue as he went to work, Spike turned to Drusilla, trying to frown at her.

"Well my Dark Princess? Gonna explain to me - oh fuck, yeah that's good luv - explain why you killed Malcolm when he looks like he came through for us?"

"Oh my Spikey." Lips turning into a pout, Drusilla crawled over to Spike, sliding her hand into Xander's hair and stroking his head as it bobbed up and down over Spike's erection. "Miss Edith told us we should do it, said the stars didn't like the twinkle of the diamonds, that they were the wrong colour."

"Oh for fuck's sake, luv - should that have made some sense to me?" Rolling his hips, he lay back, only half listening to Drusilla's explanation. Lifting his head Xander smiled up at him, the beauty of his white teeth against his tanned skin reminding Spike just why he had turned him when he caught him in Restview Cemetary. He had vaguely recognised the boy from the debacle that had been St Vigeous, and Xander had babbled something about Parent/Teacher night and Angel. But it had been Drusilla who had insisted he claim their dark kitten, that the boy was the real reason they had returned to Sunnydale. Not the treasure and certainly not the chance to finally get his own back on the daft bint of a slayer.

Stroking the strong jaw, Spike looked into the twinkling dark eyes of his boy.

"You gonna explain it to me, Pet? So we can get on with something a bit more fun?" Xander smirked, knowing Spike was going to love his explanation.

"Drusilla said that Miss Edith didn't want diamonds, she wanted rubies. And she didn't give me a chance to explain that rubies weren't just blood-red diamonds." For a moment, Spike was speechless - only his Dru would think that staining their mountain of diamonds with blood would turn them into rubies. Shaking his head, he looked down as the two brunettes kissed each other over his erect cock before taking turns to suck him in. Aww fuck it, the diamonds could always be washed!

The End

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