The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector


Part Eleven

Xander charged forward, leg sweeping out and knocking Spike's legs out from under him. He pounced on him, wrestling to turn him to his front, snarling in Spike's face. Taken aback momentarily, Spike struck back, twisting like an eel until he was the one on top of a bucking, snarling Xander. Realising that the hyena needed him to prove he was Alpha, he flipped Xander over to his front then lurched forward and sank his teeth into the back of Xander's neck. A low whine came from Xander, then he dipped his head down submissively, his body relaxing, arms and legs moving so that he was spread-eagled on the floor, giving his body to Spike. Pulling his fangs out gently, Spike jumped to his feet cautiously in case Xander was playing possum. Shaking off his game-face, he reached down and lifted Xander to his feet and led him back to the bed. Pushing the young man back so that he bounced on the mattress, he crawled over him so that he straddled Xander's legs, looking him straight in the eye.

“Xander – luv, you in there?” Xander growled, trying to duck his head away so that he didn't have to look Spike in the eye. Spike forced his chin upwards, a hiss escaping him as he saw the flash of green in the boy's eyes. “Xander – Xander, come on out – it's safe!” Xander whined, then Spike gasped as he almost saw Xander return to take control.


“Yeah luv”

“You came.”

“Always.” Xander suddenly jumped, looking around the room nervously.

“Karl!! Karl was going to - ”

“Dealt with that piece of shit – with some help from you o'course. Xander, listen. He started the Claim and we need to finish it. Are you ok with this?” He gestured between their bodies, and Xander blushed as he looked down and finally realised he was naked with a half-naked Spike on his lap. “I don't want to force you luv, but blood n'sex magic don't do too well when you try to stop halfway through.”

“Yeah – yeah, I'm ok. What do I have to do?”

“Good boy. Just let me lead, yeah? And when I make the claim, you need to accept it. Don't worry, you'll know when the time is right. Ok? We'll take it slow, promise.” Leaning down, Spike took Xander's face between his hands and placed kisses all over until he reached Xander's mouth. “Ok?” he whispered.

Xander nodded then opened his mouth to Spike's. He had kissed a few people in his time – Cordelia, Mummy-girl – but nothing prepared him for being really kissed by Spike. It was like being devoured whole – Spike possessed his mouth, biting, nibbling, his tongue thrusting in deep and fucking Xander's mouth. He let himself go, responding with everything in him, unable to give anything less. They toppled backwards on the bed, and Spike moved down so that he was lying directly on top of Xander, their mouths sealed until Xander yanked his head back so he could breathe.

“Spike....” His voice was slurred, his hands gripping tightly to Spike's hips as he thrust himself upwards. He groaned as he felt the scrape of denim on the sensitive head of his cock, fingers digging in. “”


“Jeans – off.” Smirking, Spike lifted himself off of Xander, bent over and rapidly undid and kicked off his Docs. Standing upright once more, he undid the buttons on his jeans and ultra conscious of Xander's dilated gaze practically drinking him in, he wiggled his hips slowly from side to side, pushing at the fabric until it slid down his legs. Kicking it off, he cocked his hip to one side, gloriously unself-conscious in his nudity.

“Like what you see, P – ooof!” The breath was knocked out of him as Xander dived at him, knocking him onto his back on the ground. They rolled on the floor, each fighting for dominance, and Spike realised the Primal had once more taken control. Using his superior vampire strength, and surprised he was having to, he managed to grapple Xander once more into submission. “Sssh Pet, gonna give you what you want – don't need to fight for it, yeah?” Using his grip on Xander's elbows, he lifted him to his feet and shoved him onto the bed, following immediately to stop the boy from escaping. Avoiding the kicking feet, he pushed his legs apart, wriggling between them and pressing himself flat against the heat of Xander's body, his cock resting between the muscular cheeks as he levered himself up so that his mouth was next to Xander's ear. “Doesn't need to be a fight 'tween us, luv, not unless you want it to be. And that's fine, yeah, but this time – this time, Ol Spike is in charge, ok? Now are ya gonna hold still or do I have to tie you down?” Xander bucked beneath him, and Spike hissed as the movement forced his cock between those hot cheeks. “Right then!” He leaned over the side of the bed, managing to hook the robes he had torn off Xander previously and drag it towards him. It was purely vampiric speed that stopped the boy from wriggling free, and using the rope that had been tied around his waist, Spike managed to secure Xander's elbows behind him. It pushed the boy's chest deeper into the bed, and was awkward and uncomfortable, but as soon as he'd completed the knots he felt the body beneath him relax.

Spike allowed his hands to stroke down Xander's body, the broad shoulders to his biceps, flexing against the bindings. He traced the path of the bound arms until it brought him down to the hands that he was expecting to be clenched. But they weren't – the fingers lax, no clenching or twisting to be free.

“Ya like that?? Like knowing I have ya where I want ya – can do what I want to ya....” Xander groaned, and pushed his face into the pillow beneath him. He felt hot, sweaty and needy, Spike tying his arms hitting a deep dark kink that he had never admitted to anyone, ever. He pushed back with his hips, forcing Spike's dick between his cheeks, another moan escaping him as Spike took his cheeks in his hands and began to knead them around his cock. “God, Xander, you feel so hot around me. Can't wait to get in you, luv, can't wait to make you mine – once and for all, yeah. Gonna claim ya, every single part of ya, because that's what I want. I want the animal, and the man – I even want the soldier cos I know that's part of what makes you so strong, yeah? Gonna give all that to me, are ya? Gonna trust me to keep you safe, yeah?”

“Yes, God yes Spike – please!” Lifting himself up and off, Spike slid down the bed until he was face to face with Xander's ass, and pulling the cheeks apart he licked up and down the dark crease, nuzzling his nose behind the heavy balls, before nibbling and sucking his way back to the dark pucker. Pointing his tongue, he stabbed at it, hands holding the cheeks apart to allow him room to play. Xander was in heaven and hell – pushing against the sheets for friction on his hot, sensitive cock, pushing back to where Spike was driving him insane with the sharp, stabbing movements of his tongue. No one had ever, ever made him feel like this and his blood was practically boiling in his veins, so hot, so wanting that he could barely control himself. “No!” he yelled as Spike moved back, then he realised that Spike was turning him over onto his back once more.

Without a word, Spike engulfed Xander's prick in his mouth in one swooping move, fingers diving between his legs to gently stroke and play with his balls. He could hear Xander's gasps for breath, his feet twisting as he tried to get enough leverage to thrust himself into Spike's mouth. Swallowing around the length that was trying to push down his throat, Spike released his balls and slid his fingers into his mouth alongside Xander's cock, wetting them before moving back purposefully between Xander's cheeks.

Reaching the still damp pucker, he pushed in with two fingers, Xander's jump forcing his cock deeper for a moment before the boy froze in position. Spike lifted his head and looked up the tanned expanse of chest until he met the boy's eyes. Xander looked down, panting for breath, face slightly twisted as he adjusted to the entry of Spike's fingers. Spike raised an eyebrow, and Xander nodded jerkily, letting Spike know that he was ok.

Their eyes locked as Spike insinuated his finger into Xander's ass, wriggling in up to the second knuckle then crooking around until he could find and rub against the little nub. Xander's eyes hazed over, pupils completely blown, grinding down with his hips to push Spike's finger in deeper. Knowing he was moving fast, but unable to slow down, Spike pushed in a second finger, scissoring them as he thrust back and forth. He kept sucking at the head of Xander's cock, a gentle up and down motion matching the rhythm he was using in his ass. Xander was tossing his head from side to side, jerking his hips back and forth as though he couldn't decide which sensation was blowing his mind the most.

“Spike, please Spike – can't wait, pleasepleaseplease...”

Releasing Xander's from his mouth with a pop, Spike shuffled back up onto his knees. He looked at both tables, reaching to grab a bottle of oil from the nearest one. Sliding his fingers from the tight, hot grasp, he quickly oiled his hands, slicking his cock as quickly as possible.

“Gonna roll you over, Pet – easier this way, yeah?” he nudged Xander over onto his front, rubbing his oiled hands up and down the tied arms. Xander grunted as Spike's fingers returned to his hole, turning his head to the side so that he could take big huffing breaths. He knew what was coming, needed what was coming, and he tilted his hips, pushing his ass back towards the vampire.

“Come on, comeon.... GAH!” The cry was dragged from him as Spike pressed the head of his cock against the hole and pressed firmly, a long slow relentless push that took him all the way into Xander in one smooth move. Panting for breath, trying to adjust to the tight, stuffed feeling, Xander felt his arms being untied. He pressed his forearms to the bed, pushing himself up slightly, head still bent as he felt Spike lying over his back, cool hard chest pressing him down, a reassuring pressure.

“'K?” Gripping the smooth hips tightly, Spike pulled backwards a little, then back in, out then in, letting Xander get accustomed to him. “Ready?”

“Uh-huh!! Just do it – please, Spike, now....”

Taking Xander at his word, Spike pushed himself upright and began a harsh rhythm, pulling all the way out and slamming back in, his hips slapping against the tanned cheeks, gripping tighter and tighter. As he moved, he became conscious of the mist from the bowls swirling around the two of them, growing heavier and stronger until they were surrounded by a heavily scented fog. He could vaguely hear the Chroniclers chanting from the other room, the cadence of their intonation growing faster and faster, his hips matching their rhythm unconsciously and he realised it was time. From somewhere within, Xander felt the same knowledge and he lifted and turned his head in preparation for making his responses. Spike began the Claiming chant:

“Chroniclers and Scions
I call upon you to hereby witness
That I, William the Bloody
Favoured Childe of both the Mad Seeress Drusilla
And the Feared Angelus
Begat by Darla
Sired by The Master of the House of Aurelius
Do hereby take this man
Alexander L Harris, Warrior,
Defender of Mankind
As my Claimed and my Consort
From this day unto Eternity.
His blood is my blood
His heart is my heart
My Life tied forever to His Life.

Alexander, do you hear my pledge?”

“I do”

“Do you so pledge?”

“I do”

”Then you shall take of my blood so that I am within thee, as I shall take of your blood so you are within me. This union is witnessed and blessed by The House of Aurelius and The Chroniclers of Time. So mote it be!”

Pressing his wrist to his mouth, Spike bit deeply then pressed the wound to Xander's mouth. He moaned as he felt the sharp fangs of the hyena as Xander gnawed at the wound, then sucked at it, greedily gulping down the blood as it flowed. Leaning forwards, Spike sank his teeth into the strong muscle at the curve of Xander's neck and shoulder, sucking strongly at the spicy, hot blood that flowed freely before throwing back his head and shouting: “So mote it be!”

The scented fog grew more dense, pushing in on them both heavily before suddenly bursting up towards the ceiling then smashing through the door. It thrust its way through both Giles and Angel, before speeding into the Chroniclers and emerging from their mouths as part of the final chant.

“Witnessed and Chronicled
So mote it be!”

Part Twelve

Such power within you – power to help your friends, if only they would let you. But they keep holding you back, sweet Willow, keeping you down so that you remain their little Willow, sweet naïve Willow. With the power you hold within you, you could save your Alexander – keep him safe from that vampire. The vampire is using him and the rest can't see it, but you can, can't you sweet Willow? Let us help you – let us show you how to build your power and use it to keep your friends safe. Because you want to keep your friends safe – don't you Willow? Twisting restlessly amidst her pillows, Willow nodded in her sleep. So right, so true – they just didn't understand, they couldn't see. It was up to her to save Xander, get him away from Spike before it was too late. She wasn't weak little Willow anymore – she had power. And she was going to use it to keep them all safe. Whether they realised they needed her to or not. And no matter what she had to do


Xander didn't stir when Spike carried him from the room. In fact, Xander didn't wake up when he was placed gently in the back seat of Giles' cramped little car, or when he was cradled carefully against his Mate's side on the drive to his apartment. He didn't register being carried into his apartment, the invitation that Spike issued to Angel (that worked because Xander was part of Spike now), allowing Angel to close all the curtains, deposit blood in the fridge, and do everything to make it safe for a nice long rest for both of them. He merely sighed heavily when the sheet that was wrapped around him was tugged off and he was placed between his own cotton sheets. The closest he came to waking up was when a lean, cool body climbed into bed next to him and a strong arm wrapped around his shoulders. But he didn't wake – instead, he nuzzled his face into the curve of neck and shoulder, inhaled deeply of the scent that said 'pack – home – family' and drifted back to sleep. After all, he was safe now – why would he need to wake up?


Giles and Wesley sat in companionable silence, reading and re-reading the details of the prophecy. Wesley had been as excited as Giles at his description of the fight, cursing the fact that he hadn't seen it himself although he wryly admitted that he was glad not to be a witness to the 'wedding'. A glass of fine whiskey, researching that had already paid dividends, and a fellow Englishman for company – who could ask for more than that?


Having met at Giles' house, and left Wesley there with him, Angel and Buffy began the walk back to the mansion. Deep in thought, neither of them said anything as they made their way. Buffy found herself wishing for a vamp attack, or even a zombie, anything to give her something to slay so she didn't have to think about what she had almost witnessed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She looked up at Angel, trying to read his expression.

“I don't know. Do you?”

“I think we need to. I can't pretend that I'm not envious – Spike and Xander have done something that I've been wanting us to do for months, and in a matter of days. Regardless of the reason behind it, they're linked forever now. And I want that with you Buffy. I – I never thought I would have this chance to be with you, and now I am I want everything.”

“And you think I don't? Angel, it's not that simple and you know it. You live in LA, I live in Sunnydale and I can't just walk away from the Hellmouth – I mean, d'uh! And based on what you've said, if we did it – if I let you claim me – we'd have to be together, right? I mean, it would hurt us being apart?”

Angel nodded. She wasn't saying anything they hadn't discussed before, but he had been honest with her – he truly envied Spike. Not who the link was with – Harris had been a thorn in his side for too many years, and however much he admired the man's balls, he was almost as aggravating as Spike. But the closeness – the knowing how the other person felt, the absolute knowledge that he belonged to her, and she belonged to him – yes, he envied Spike having that.

“Giles would have a complete wiggins – a slayer claimed by a vampire is not exactly textbook, and the Council would flip!”

Back to silence, most of the conversation going on in their heads as a replay of the previous times they had tried to resolve things. Entering the mansion, they headed up to the bedroom. Angel made sure the curtains were securely closed, then turned back. Buffy was standing by the bed, her boots kicked off, slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

He stepped towards her, reaching out to take over the task, slipping the small buttons through the button holes, revealing the creamy soft skin to his avid gaze.

“Mo chuisle” he murmured, stroking the soft skin of her neck as he stared down at her.

“Táim i ngrá leat” she whispered back, reaching up to pull his head down towards her, taking his lips in a soft kiss. They could talk about this later – much much later.


The Monday night meeting at the Magic Box started out quietly enough. Angel and Wesley had returned to L.A at sunset, a call from Cordelia giving them details of a vision that required their attention. Buffy and Giles were sat around the research table, waiting on the arrival of the others. Buffy was cleaning the demon goo off of her favourite axe, vowing to rip Spike a new one since he was the one that had got it dirty. Mind you, attending your own wedding was probably a good excuse for skipping cleaning duty. Giggling quietly, she avoided Giles' gaze. He had been markedly quiet about the rest of the ceremony between Xander and Spike, but she got the feeling that he might not have got visuals but he definitely got the audio, more than enough to make him a tad twitchy.

Xander's entrance to the shop was as different from Saturday as night from day. Confident and assured, he prowled into the store, shadowed by Spike. If asked, Buffy would lie till the day she died, but watching them walk in together she momentarily wished she had stayed at the factory after they had dealt with all the demons, etc. Because they looked good together, complementary, light and dark, tall broad and muscular alongside long, lean and menacing. She personally felt she should be let off for the slight fangirl 'sigh' that escaped her, before she shook herself back to normal.

“Hey guys!! I guess congratulations are in order!” Jumping off the table, and shoving the axe behind her she walked over to Xander to give him a hug. And realised that he registered on her slayer as 'other' – no way to describe it but that. Xander wasn't just human anymore.

“Hey Buff!” Squeezing her close, Xander inhaled the scent that always said Buffy to him – slayer/pack/friend – not even realising he was cataloguing it all as he did so. “Hey G-man! I wanted to say thanks for the saveage the other night, I really appreciate you guys coming for me.”

Stepping back, Buffy walked over to Spike.

“Slayer” he nodded, slightly wary of her reaction to everything.

“Spike. So, does this mean we're related – like, semi son-in-law or brother-in-law or something?? Angel got all broody when I asked him about it, so I figured you'd tell it to me straight.” He smirked, he could just imagine the look on his Sire's face trying to explain the tangled family ties.

“Think you might be a bit young to be me Mum-in-Law – how about we just label me the evil brother in law that everyone avoids and leave it at that?” He raised his eyebrow at her, surprised when she reached forward and pulled him into a hug. “What's that for?”

“For saving Xander. And to welcome you to the family. There goes any reputation you had left – you married into the Slayer's family.” Laughing, she released him and went back to the table.

“Oi!!!” Shrugging, relieved at her reaction, he strode purposefully over to his regular seat on the stairs, watching his Boy talking to the Watcher. Waking up in Xander's arms had been as close to heavenly as he could imagine, although there had been a moment or two when he was concerned about how the Whelp would react. He had been worried that Xander might not remember everything that had happened, or why it happened, and he didn't want to get staked.

Instead, Xander had stretched languorously, smiled in his face, and said “Evening Bleachy” before laying a major kiss on Spike's mouth! While he was still recovering from that, Xander had rolled out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom, mumbling about being late for the Scooby meeting as he went.

Spike wasn't sure he trusted this calm reaction to everything, but there wasn't anything he could do about it until they got to spend some time alone, and he knew that the Scoobies needed to see Xander safe and sound before the two of them would get the opportunity to talk uninterrupted.

“Good evening Spike.”

“Watcher.” He nodded at Giles, sure he would get a reaction from the man. After all, he'd been right outside the door and knew exactly what had transpired.

“I was wondering if you would be prepared to discuss certain aspects of the claiming ceremony with me – I was most interested in the wording, but haven't been able to find details in the Watcher's Chronicles available to me.” Cleaning his glasses, Giles looked at Spike curiously.

“Errr, yeah sure, we could have a bit of a chat. Might be better off asking Angel as Head of the Line....”

“Quite, yes, but I actually wanted your perspective specifically. This is a wonderful opportunity, and now you're practically family - “

“'Right, this is all getting a too strange!! You're all acting like – like - “

“Like what?” Xander asked him quietly, head tilted to the side.

“Like all this is normal!! Like it was some normal wedding ceremony or summat – it's doing my head in!” Shaking his head, Spike reached for his fags, scowling as he remembered that he wasn't allowed to smoke in the shop. The three of them looked at him, quite obviously surprised by his reaction. They had never seen Spike react quite this way before, and Giles was itching to reach for his pen and paper.

“Spike, it's happened, we deal. That's what we do – you know that!! Would it make you feel any better if I threatened you with Mr Pointy?!” Buffy smiled at him evilly, reaching into her pocket for her favourite stake.

“No, no!!! Fine – if you'all wanna act like this is all normal, s'fine with me. Think you're all missing a few cogs, but alright. I'm off out for a fag, Pet, back soon yeah?” He strode off out the back, shaking his head and muttering about the weirdness of Scoobies.

As soon as the back door slammed shut, Giles, Buffy and Xander looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“That was truly evil” Xander spluttered around his laughter.

“Yeah, but the look on his face!!” Holding her stomach where it hurt from laughing so hard, Buffy looked up at her dear friend. “Seriously, Xander, how are you – are you doing ok??”

“Yes, well, it was most satisfying perplexing Spike for a change, although I really would like to talk to him about the lore behind the Claim..”

“As long as I'm not in the room, Giles, that's all to the good. I'm not really up to talking to my father-figure about my first sexual experience with my, er, well I guess husband without some serious liquid encouragement, and probably not even then!! And yes, Buffy, I'm actually good – really good. I wanted to speak to you and Giles about everything – there's stuff happening with the hyena, etc. But Spike and me? Yeah – we're good.”

Xander smiled as he spoke – there weren't really any words to express how he felt about Spike. In the space of a weekend, he had gone from being alone and lonely, to claimed and well, loved by a creature renowned for his obsessive love tendencies!! Talk about a match made in heaven – he needed to be needed and have somebody to love, and he had more than met his counterpart in Spike.

Buffy looked at him closely, then nodded her head in satisfaction. Yeah, Xander looked happier than he had in a long time. Regardless of how this came about, she was satisfied that things were going well for him.

“Should I even ask about Willow?”

“Oh Xan.....”

“I'm not quite sure what's going on with Willow. I can't help but think there's something underlying her recent behaviour - “


“What the -” Xander's jaw practically dropped in shock as he watched his childhood friend coming towards him, levitating several inches off the ground, arms spread wide, lightning crackling from her fingertips. Willow's eyes were onyx, no whites showing at all – jet black streaks appearing in her hair as he watched; veins making dark striations across her face which came and went in rhythm with the lightning.


Mo chuisle = My love
Táim i ngrá leat = I love you

Part Thirteen


Buffy had automatically moved into a fighting stance, shock holding her in position. Giles had lurched to his feet but remained by the table. Xander stood facing his best friend in the whole world, unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Willow - ”


“Where's who? Willow, what's going on – what have you done?”

“Xander, I think you need to step back. It appears that Willow has been taken over....” Willow laughed, a hollow sound so completely unlike her normal girly giggle that Xander flinched.

“Taken over? Is that what you think? No, Giles, I haven't been taken over. I've simply decided not to allow you to control me anymore. You wanted to keep this power away from me, keep me weak because you are jealous. But it's mine now. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to protect my friend. Now enough of this idle chitchat – where is that vampire?”

“SPIKE? You want Spike? Willow, are you out of your mind!?”

“Oh Xander, it's not me who's not thinking clearly. But don't worry. I'm going to make this all better and we can get back to how we were, how things should be. I'll keep you safe from him, please don't be afraid anymore!” While she'd been talking, Giles had been sidling forward and Willow turned and made a gesture with her hand, lightning shooting from her fingertips. The first bolt hit Giles squarely in the chest, knocking him backwards into the shelves where he smacked his head, several large books falling onto him. Before Buffy could even react, a second bolt raced towards her sending her crashing backwards. Horrified, Xander could do nothing as both Buffy and Giles lay motionless on the floor. He was even more dismayed when the back door opened, and Spike came striding through.

“What the fuckin' hell - ” Willow's eyes widened then narrowed menacingly, and raising both hands she gestured towards Spike, obviously intent on killing him. Without thinking, Xander threw himself towards the vampire, a cry escaping him as both lightning bolts burned their way into his back.

“Oh Goddess!” Completely horrified by what she had done to Xander, Willow shrank in on herself, sinking down so her feet were once more on the floor. Her fingers stopped crackling, and for a moment her eyes went back to their normal green. “Xander!”

“What the fuck have you done?!” Spike screamed at her, going to the floor with Xander in his arms, tapping his face gently to try to wake him up. "Luv - pet, wake up now!"

“I – I – it wasn't supposed to be him!! It was never supposed to be him!” she screamed, then gestured with her hand in a swirling movement before disappearing, leaving Spike sat on the floor with Xander in his arms, Buffy and Giles unconscious on either side of him, completely bewildered by what had happened.


It took some time to bring Giles round, Buffy hauling him into a chair and resorting to dashing a glass of water into his face. He spluttered, then groaned, reaching to the back of his head.

“Giles. GILES!! We need you to wake up!! Willow has gone all – I dunno, all dark – and Xander's been hurt. Come on Giles, WAKE UP!” She shook him as gently as she could, but her agitation meant that she jarred his head, and he groaned once more before pushing her arms away.

“All right, Buffy, I'm awake. What on earth - ”

“It was that fucking red witch is what it was!!! And Xander's hurt and I can't get him to respond to me. She hit him with some lightning bolts or something – fuckin' mojo – and now he won't wake up!” Game-faced, Spike was pacing up and down, almost climbing the walls with the need to do something. He had lain Xander in the recovery position, his leather duster covering the prone man.

“Spike, you need to calm down!” Buffy yelled at him, just as agitated, just as in need of some sort of action. Giles sat up but rested his head on his hands as he leaned his elbows on the table.

“Calm down? That fuckin' bitch attacked him – attacked you! - and you want me to calm down?! What planet are you on?? I've a good mind to find where the fuck she's gone and yank her tongue out of her fuckin' mouth!”

“That would make it hard for her to explain what's going on!” The quiet voice spoke from the floor, and Spike was instantly at Xander's side.

“Oh, Pet, you had me so fuckin' worried!! Just stay still, yeah? You took a major hit – a hit that was meant for me, and we're so gonna talk about that!!” Xander gave a weak chuckle, and Spike couldn't help but notice that the laugh rose eerily at the end and sounded very much like a hyena. Obviously the Primal had taken over for the time being – maybe that explained why Xander had been able to take a hit like that and not drop dead or at least be very badly injured?

“Help me up please Spike.” Xander reached up and Spike grabbed his arms, pulling him gently to his feet. He tugged Xander in close, pulling his head down and kissing him gently. He had never been so afraid in his unlife as when Xander fell into his arms, pain and shock in his eyes as he was hit in the back by the lightning bolts. And his heart – oh God, his heart had swelled when he realised that Xander had stepped in the way to save him. He and his Boy hadn't had a chance to talk really, and although the sex had been pretty amazing, they hadn't discussed emotions (and what a complete poofter he sounded!). But surely Xander had to care for him if he was prepared to jump In front of the metaphorical bullet for him?

They stared into each other's eyes, momentarily lost in each other. Spike could see the different sides of Xander as he gazed into those hazel eyes – the cunning of the hyena, the calculated gaze of the soldier, the warm loving look of the Scooby – it was all there, if only someone cared enough to look. And whether he realised it or not, Spike revealed much of himself to Xander in that gaze. Xander could see how scared Spike had been – the screaming and shouting had been a bit of a clue, but the threats of violence confirmed it. The demon was howling for vengeance against the insult, the poet wanted to wrap him in cotton wool and keep him safe. And the Big Bad? The Big Bad wanted to mark his territory, let everyone know who Xander belonged to.

The kiss morphed into something more, long, slow, drugging kisses replacing the gentle touching of lips. Until Xander was wrapped securely in Spike's arms, his hands tugging at the shaggy dark strands as he pulled his Boy as close as was possible. They were glued together from chest to groin, completely lost in each other.

“Err – guys? I hate to interrupt you cos like, one that is so hot, and two, it IS your honeymoon, but we need to deal with the Willow situation?” Buffy's voice slowly penetrated the haze, and they separated reluctantly, standing side by side, arms still around each other. Xander blushed deeply but didn't avoid Buffy's gaze – he wasn't ashamed of how he felt about Spike, and he certainly wasn't going to hide the effect his Master Vamp had on him. Not that he could hide the effect – his jeans weren't that baggy! As for Spike, he was smirking for all he was worth, hips thrust forward cockily as he wrapped his arm around Xander's waist and stuck his thumb through a belt loop in the boy's jeans.

“Yeah – we need to deal with Willow all right. I don't know what the hell that was....”

“She's got into dark magic, that's what that was!! Although how the fuck you lot didn't see this before is beyond me!! I can't believe you lot of amateurs foiled so many of my plans – it's fuckin' humiliating is what it is!”

“Thank you Spike, but perhaps we could have a conversation with slightly less profanity?” Giles had stirred enough to take notice, and instantly the other three were paying attention. “I think, yet again, Wesley and I have been guilty of not seeing something because we made it too complicated. Buffy, can you pass me my notepad – the one with the prophecy details on it.”

Buffy rummaged through the pile of papers by the till, triumphantly holding up the notepad and bring it back to Giles.

Flicking through the pages, Giles turned it so they could all see his transcription of the prophecy:

“He who is named Warrior, Defender of Mankind
And the Determined Protector
Conjoined they must become

Empowered to work with the Chosen One
To prevent the rise of the evil that lies beneath
Or all will fail and only evil shall come to pass.”

“I don't get it Giles” Buffy said, frowning as she read and re-read the lines of writing.

“Oh my God!” Xander looked up, meeting Giles' look with shock. “The evil that lies beneath – we assumed it meant the Hellmouth or something like that....”

“Yes. When actually, I think it refers to Willow. Or whatever has been working on Willow, on what she has been feeling beneath the surface, twisting it and her to what we saw today.” He pulled his glasses off, cleaning them on his handkerchief so that he wouldn't have to see the revelation on Buffy's face.

“No!! You must be wrong. Are you trying to tell me that Willow is the evil we're meant to fight?!”

Part Fourteen

“What have I done? Oh Goddess, what have I done?” Willow paced back and forth in her dorm room, mind whirling as she tried to think. “What if I've killed Xander? Oh Goddess, what am I going to do??”

Willow, sweet Willow. Let us help you. Xander will be fine – don't worry. We will help you save him. It's not your fault – he got in the way because he's under the vampire's thrall. But we can help you save him from that. You are so strong, sweet Willow, we can feel the power thrumming underneath your skin. We will help you. And then you can help us....

You must rest, our Willow. You need to build your strength for the coming battle. The vampire has them all within his thrall and you need to be strong to save them. Rest, Willow, we will look after you.


“You can't be right Giles, I just – no, it can't be Willow, it just can't be!”

“Buffy, Buffy, calm down!!” Taking her in his arms, Xander held her tightly. He was still shocked at the thought that his friend, his best friend from childhood, could possibly be the latest evil they had to fight. And he didn't know how he was going to be able to do it – he couldn't hurt Willow, it just wasn't in him. “We'll figure this out and we'll get our Willow back, please stop worrying.”

“I'm sorry Buffy, you know I don't want it to be Willow any more than you do. But we can't ignore the evidence of our own eyes – or the pain in my head! Willow has definitely been unduly influenced by something, and the way in which this manifested itself – it doesn't bode well. I am going to need some more assistance from Wesley – Willow is actually the best at researching, so without her assistance this could take some time. Especially when it comes to translating some of the older books...”

“I can help you there, Watcher.” All three of them turned to look at Spike in shock. He had never volunteered to help with research, and Buffy found herself giggling at the idea of Spike being research boy! “Oi! Wot ya laughing at?”

“Sorry, Spike, but what makes you think you'll be of any help to Giles?”

Giles coughed, then said “Well actually, Buffy, some of the early watcher's diaries say that William the Bloody may well have attended Cambridge or Oxford University, and I believe Classical Studies was your area?” Spike looked very uncomfortable for a moment, obviously not wanting to confirm the Watcher's statement.

“So Spike, is this where you finally have to admit that that accent of yours is kinda fake?!” Xander smiled, moving to his lover and pulling him into a loose hug.

“Depends. Wot do I get out of it??”

“Oh I dunno – I think we could come up with something! And I gotta tell you, the thought of you reading to me with that sexy voice of yours in that English accent – yeah, that works!”

“Right then, where do you want me to start?”

“Oh my God, we're definitely in the middle of an apocalypse!!” Buffy laughed.


“So, I know you're doing good with Spike, but you said there was stuff you wanted to talk about.” Buffy and Xander were making their way back from a coffee run, having had to stake only a couple of fledges on the way.

“Yeah, there have been some changes already that have taken me kinda by surprise. You remember when I was taken over by the hyena before?” Buffy nodded. “Well this time we seem to have pretty much integrated. I can feel her in there, but it's not a separate entity anymore, she's a part of me. She sees Spike as her mate – sorry Buff, you've been replaced in her affections! - and the rest of you as Pack. Even Willow, so hopefully that means whatever is going on is something being done to Willow rather than just Willow herself. And I feel different – you know, more confident, more aware of myself. It's hard to explain properly.” He frowned, trying to think of the right words.

“I can see what you mean. I don't know if you even realised how much you have changed already – I mean, normally a fledge would have caused you a little bit of trouble, but I wonder if you could give me a run for my money! It suits you Xander – all grace and flowing movement! Listen to me getting all poetical!!” Buffy laughed at herself. “And oh my God, seeing you and Spike together – much with the hotness! Seriously, I think Giles would be happy to help you out with anything you're worried about though – he's pretty good at not wigging too much when I tell him some of the stuff that's happened to me since being called.”

“Do I wanna know what sort of stuff?!”

“Yeah sure, if you want to get into the souped up libido of Slayers - ”

“Lalalalalala I'm not listening!” Xander blushed, then leered at her. “So, you wanna share any secrets about vamp sex?”

“Xander!!! Well, ok, I'll share if you will!”

“Not much to share. I remember the claim – I was in there although not fully conscious of all of it. I remember it being pretty intense – like peeling my skin off because it was so hot kinda intense. But since then I've been asleep – thank God I've got some leave to take from the site - so that's the extent of my memories. I was kinda worried you know – my bi-guy experience has been limited having only recently admitted the walking on both sides thing. I don't want to disappoint Spike. I mean, he's tied to me now, and I don't want to worry about him looking elsewhere.” Scuffing his shoes, he avoided her gaze.

“Well I don't think you need to worry about that. When you were taken – God, Xander we were so worried but Spike was out of his mind. It took Angel using that Sire thing to get him to calm down – it would have taken a whole demon army to stop him getting to you.”


“Oh yeah!! He was really wigging out, especially about the vamp taking you from your place. How the hell did a vampire get into your apartment Xander?? You know way better than that!!”

“I dunno Buff. I do know way better than to invite anyone in – it took Spike three visits before I let him through the door.” Buffy bit her lip, thinking hard.

“It might be a good idea to get Giles to do a reveal spell or something, see if he can see if it was some kind of magic.” Casually knocking him with her shoulder, she looked up at him through her eyelashes. “So, wanna hear the secrets of great vamp sex huh?”

“Oh yeah!! Teach me!”

“Weelllll, neck, pretty much a given as a hot spot, but Angel loves this thing I do with my tongue.....”


The night went swiftly, Spike and Giles working rapidly through the books, with the Watcher more than once astounded by Spike's knowledge. Ruefully he admitted having Spike assist him with research in the past would probably have made a lot of their previous experiences go a lot smoother.

“So what have we got?” Xander asked. Spike leaned back from the table, stretching his spine out after spending so long scrunched over reading books. Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he turned to Buffy and Xander.

“It looks very much like she's been twisted by working with some of the dark magics. Giles here thought he had managed to steer her away, but it looks like the dozy cow has ignored his instructions and delved into them anyway. Probably managed to convince herself that she was doing it for the greater good – wants to be more help when it comes to slaying and monsters of the week and the like – without realising the deeper in she gets, the more she loses of herself.”

“What with the who now?!! Sorry, Spike, but hearing all of that coming from your mouth has probably blown more than my weekly allotment of brain cells. Man, you sounded so much like Giles....”


“I say!! I don't sound like that – I'm certainly not likely to call Willow a dozy cow, however much I might agree with the sentiment.”

“Sorry, Pet, s'this better?!” Smirking, Spike pulled Xander onto his lap, wrapping his arm around his waist and hugging him in tight. He was struggling with his protective urges, and even letting Xander go for coffee with the Slayer had made him want to vamp out and insist the boy stay in his sight. But he knew that would never work – Xander needed his freedom, and he needed to trust him (with all of his modifications). And the hyena definitely seemed to be an upgrade.

“Ahem, right, well following on from what Spike has already explained, I'm going to be contacting a Coven in England in the morning. It may be necessary to bind Willow's powers – at least temporarily.”

“So – can we get our Willow back?” Buffy was biting her nails, fully aware of how dangerous some of the dark magics could be.

“I really don't know Buffy – it truly depends how twisted she's become. She seems to have fixated on Spike in terms of him being to blame for everything changing with regard to Xander. And I definitely think we need to be very wary of that – anything that happens to Spike could have an adverse effect on Xander.”

“Glad to know you care Watcher,” Spike said sarcastically. Giles gave Spike a look but let his comment slide.

“So what do we do now?” Buffy asked.

“I think we need to stick together. Without knowing where Willow is, we don't want to take the risk that she catch any of us alone – she's already proven that she can and will attack all of us, well apart from Xander. And I think the mansion is probably a good base of operations – it's got a lot of magical fortifications already, plenty of room for us to work from. We already know Xander's flat has been infiltrated – we discovered a particularly powerful portal spell that might well explain how that vampire was able to enter without an invitation.”

“Do we think Willow had anything to do with that?”

“No, I really don't think so. I think as part of the desire to claim you, this particular Master Vampire managed to get a magic-user to do a portal spell for him. It would be deemed worth it to be the one to have the 'Defender' under his control, regardless of how much it cost.”

“Wow, so I'm worth a lot?”

“Well, you were Pet – now, well not so much!!”

“Gee thanks Spike!” Xander whapped him gently over the back of the head.

“You know you're worth a lot to me, don't ya Luv?!” Pulling Xander's face to his, Spike laid a gentle kiss against his lips. He was still thinking about how easily he could have lost this – if the hyena hadn't been part of Xander, those hefty lightning bolts would surely have killed Xander. No matter how much Red had pulled her punches when aiming for Buffy and the Watcher, she had gone full tilt after Spike.

Getting lost in the kiss, Xander forgot about Buffy and Giles. Desire rising, he shifted to straddle Spike's legs on the chair, wrapping his arms around Spike's shoulders and dragging his fingers through the stiff blond hair. He moaned loudly as Spike's hand slid underneath the waistband of his jeans to curve around his taut butt cheeks, arousal quickly spiralling as he was pulled in closer so he could feel Spike's hardness against his own.

“Another fine reason to stay at the mansion – bedrooms far far away from these two!”

“Awwww, well it is their honeymoon Giles!” Buffy answered, smirking at Giles' expression. Standing from the research table, he gave Spike and Xander a wide berth as he headed towards the office.

“Yes, quite. Throw a bucket of cold water over those two and let's head to the mansion shall we?”

Part Fifteen

Xander had never thought about it before but he hadn't really expected Spike to get sleep creases. He watched the vampire as he slept, occasionally breathing but otherwise lying completely still, wrapped around Xander and soaking up his warmth. Spike's face looked so much younger in sleep, the creases left by the pillow and the nearly-white tufts of hair, spiked up all over the place instead of slicked back making him look almost innocent. Smirking because innocent was most definitely not the word that came to mind when he thought of Spike, Xander wiggled his way out of Spike's arms and headed to the bathroom. As he did his business and brushed his teeth, he tried to think of the last time he had felt this safe, and he couldn't think of a single time. As a veteran of the Hellmouth, he knew you took your happies when and where you could find them because you never knew what was coming, and the whole concept of Willow being their evil of the week spun him out so badly he was holding onto Spike tight with both hands. He knew Buffy felt the same, aware from the quietness of the mansion that she and Angel had gone out on patrol (their version of a date) whilst Giles had gone to collect the representative from the Coven from the airport.

Walking back into the bedroom, he looked over at the still sleeping vampire, then had a wicked idea. Lifting the sheet at the bottom of the bed, he crawled carefully up between Spike's legs, shifting them apart so that he had unimpeded access. Curled up against his thigh, Spike's cock looked vulnerable and almost cute (and wouldn't he get a whap round the head if he ever actually said that to Spike), and lifting it gently with his hand Xander took it into his mouth. Flaccid, he could take it all in and he savoured the taste, the different textures he could feel with his tongue. Sliding the foreskin down gently, he swirled his tongue around the tip, his hand moving up and down slowly as the flesh awakened, hardening within his grasp. Sucking the head into his mouth, he kept up the motions of his hand, curling his other hand around Spike's balls and fondling them. He curled up onto his knees, supporting himself on one elbow as he continued to suck gently.

“Christ!” The gasp came from further up the bed, and he looked upwards as the sheet was lifted off and saw Spike staring down at him. “Fuck, Pet, that is how I want to wake up every day from now on!” Xander smiled around the hardness in his mouth, then went back to his self-imposed task, sliding up and down the stiffening pole until it was nudging against the back of his throat. Groaning, Spike's hand slipped to Xander's head, fingers stroking the dark strands as he tried not to take a hard grip and guide Xander where he wanted him. The boy was inexperienced and he didn't want to push him too far too fast – they were going to be together for a very long time and he wanted their union to be a happy one.

Slurping and licking, Xander moved his mouth up and down, trying to do all of the things he himself liked. He looked up at Spike, watching his eyes dilate in passion, his lips parted as he panted for breath, riveted by Xander's actions. The hand on his head was just resting, fingers carding through his hair, but he wanted more. Lifting his mouth off of Spike's dick, still sliding his hand up and down, he said “Show me what you like.”

“I like whatever you're doing, Pet.”

“Ok, then show me what you want.” Spike's head tilted to one side, considering what the boy was saying and what he wasn't saying. Thinking back to the claim, his mind caught on the memory of Xander's reaction to his arms being tied, the way he'd relaxed into it. Nodding almost to himself, he locked eyes with Xander.

“You sure?” Xander nodded, not sure what he was agreeing to but nevertheless eager to find out. Tightening his grasp in Xander's hair, Spike tugged him back down onto his cock, thrusting his hips and beginning a slow rhythm between his lips. Pulling himself up onto his knees, Xander kept himself in position by leaning on both hands, allowing Spike to guide his head up and down. “Wanna get deeper, Pet.” Spike's voice was dark and gravelly, the hand on Xander's head taking a tighter grip on his hair. Widening his mouth as far as he could, Xander sank down a little further, breath huffing through his nose as he took Spike's cock in as deep as it could go. “God yes that's good – fuck!” Both hands on Xander's head now, Spike guided him, thrusting a little bit harder, moaning as he was engulfed in that scalding heat. “Enough!” he groaned, pulling Xander's head off, staring at his face. Xander was flushed dark red, lips parted and glossy with spit from his enthusiastic sucking. He tried to move back down and take Spike back in his mouth, but using his hair as a grip, Spike tugged him up the bed and pushed him over onto his back. Their mouths mashed together, teeth and tongues clashing as they kissed, tussling for control. Landing on top of Xander, Spike held his arms onto the bed as he moved down, nibbling at his neck, tongue laving the claim scar that stood out vividly on his tanned flesh.

Moaning at the feeling of the slightly rough tongue on the sensitive flesh, Xander wriggled against Spike's hold, unable to get his arms free as Spike laid a trail of gentle kisses and bites down his chest to his nipples. He arched into Spike's mouth as he sucked hard at one nipple, catching the taut peak between his teeth, pulling his head back so it stretched slightly before letting it go and starting again.

“Spike....” Struggling against Spike's grip, Xander moaned and tried harder to get free. “God!!!” he yelled as Spike moved to his other nipple, biting harder around it before sucking it strongly into his mouth. Still pressing Xander's arms to the bed, Spike moved further down his chest, tongue-fucking his belly button before burying his face in the dark curls surrounding Xander's straining cock. Inhaling deeply, Spike catalogued the different scents – faint tang of soap, Xander's natural musk, the hint of primal animal and underlying it all the faint hint of himself, the claim wending it's way through Xander's body so that he was imprinted with Spike's very own scent. Growling, loving the fact that his lover was starting to smell like him, Spike whipped his head round and took Xander's cock into his mouth, sucking it down to the root. The tight suction made Xander groan and yell again, thrusting up with his hips as he tried to get deeper into that cool cavern, twisting his hands desperate to be free. Without even realising it, his fingernails turned to talons and he twisted his hands round and back to try to slice at Spike's grip. Reefing his head from Xander's groin, Spike smirked down into his face.

“So ya want this to be a fight do ya?!”

“I – I don't know – I just - ” Shocked at his own actions, Xander stammered in response.

“S'ok. Nothing wrong as long as we both want it – yeah?” Quick as lightning, Spike yanked Xander's arms upwards, slamming his hands down onto the bed and holding them there. He undulated his body against Xander's, rubbing the hardness of his erection against the boy's hip as he lay down heavily on top of him. Next move was his, and he was dying to see what Xander would do, whether he would let his inner animal out to play.

Wrapping his long legs around Spike's waist, Xander pushed up with his hands and arms, slowly forcing Spike backwards. He didn't know if Spike was using all of his strength (he doubted it) but he had to work at it until he was sitting up, legs wrapped around Spike's waist. Shifting backwards so that his thighs were resting against his calves, Spike put his arms around Xander, pressing him close so they were chest to chest, the hardness of his cock sliding down and between the tight cheeks of Xander's arse.

Slighter higher due to being up on Spike's thighs, Xander reached down and took Spike's mouth in a deep kiss, small fangs slicing at his lips so he could suck at the sluggish flow of blood. “Fuck!” Spike threw his head back, stunned at the controlled savagery as Xander allowed the primal hyena out to play. Kissing, licking and sucking at Spike's chin and neck, Xander moaned as he felt Spike's hands slide down his back and grab hold of his butt cheeks, kneading and squeezing them around his cock.

“Mate....” voice slurred, Xander sucked a mark into Spike's neck, talons scraping down his back and leaving trails of blood.

“Yeah – yours Xander, all yours.” Spike was panting now, his neck an obvious erogenous zone that Xander was taking full advantage of.

“Mark mate – yes?” Spike brought his head down, forcing Xander away from his neck and meeting his eyes.

“You want to mark me?”

“Yes – you've claimed me, I want to claim you. You're my mate – yes?” A flash of green, then Xander lowered his lids as he froze in place, suddenly scared, waiting on Spike's response.

“Hell yeah!” Yanking at the dark strands of hair, Spike attacked Xander's mouth again, pleased beyond words that Xander wanted to claim him back. Xander and the hyena accepting him, the same way as his demon had accepted Xander. He had never been so wholly wanted and accepted before and was unbearably aroused. They fought again for control, tongues duelling as they turned their heads this way and that, arms pulling each other tight, hands grabbing onto hard flesh to get as close as possible. “Do it, luv, do it!” Arching his head backwards, Spike waited, a long low moan escaping him as Xander struck, his fangs digging into Spike's neck, tongue lapping at the blood that flowed weakly. Xander set his jaw, making sure of his mark before carefully withdrawing his fangs and pulling back so he could see. A near perfect imprint of his teeth practically glowed at the base of Spike's neck. Yipping in glee that his claim was there for all to see, he shoved Spike over backwards, sprawling over him and smashing his lips down onto Spike's.

“I have you now,” he said, looking down into Spike's eyes, dark eyes gleaming possessively.

“Yeah, you have me. But if you wanna take, luv, you're gonna have to work for it.” So saying, Spike slithered out of Xander's grip, dived off the bed, scrabbling to get to his feet. Xander gave chase, knocking Spike to the ground and throwing himself down on top of him. Shoving his legs between Spike's he pushed his shoulders down, trailing his hand down the lean muscles, covered in creamy white silk skin, decorated with thin trails of blood.

“Mine?” Pushing himself into the caress, Spike almost purred.

“Yeah. Ya want?” Xander growled in response, thrusting his hips forward before reaching down with both hands and gently pulling Spike's ass cheeks apart. He shuffled down so that he could press his face against the small of Spike's back, moving slowly downwards so that he could slide his tongue between the taut cheeks, darting out to stab at the tight pink pucker. Spike pushed back with his hips, growling and moaning as Xander kissed and sucked at his entrance. “Fuck, Pet - that feels so good...”

Unable to wait any longer, Xander leapt to his feet and ran to the side of the bed, grabbing the tube of lube he had seen Spike drop there the previous night. He sped back round the bed and ground to a halt, mesmerised by the view. Spike was lying half on his front, elbow on the floor as he supported his head on his hand, using his other hand to stroke his straining, erect cock, squeezing just under the head at each upstroke.

“God I want you,” he moaned, unable to hold back.

“Where do ya want me Pet? On the floor here? Or do you want me draped over the bed so you can fuck me through the mattress?” Voice low and sultry, Spike continued to play with his own hardness, well aware of the effect it was having on his partner.

“Guh – over – erm, over the bed please!” Without even realising it, Xander was mirroring Spike's action, stroking his own hardness as he watched the sheer animal grace with which Spike rose to his feet and swayed over to the bed. Getting back down on his knees, he leaned over and took the head of Xander's cock into his mouth, sucking strongly before bowing his head submissively onto the bed.

With slightly less grace, but with much enthusiasm, Xander moved behind him, kneeling between his legs so that he could begin stroking the lube into that tight welcoming hole. He lined himself up, holding his breath as he moved forward and entered Spike with one long drawn out thrust. “Oh my God.”

“God Pet, yeah – fuck me!” Taking a firm grip on Spike's hips, so aroused he couldn't tease him or play the way he had wanted to, Xander began to tunnel in and out, angling his hips until a guttural yelp from Spike told him he'd hit the right spot. He concentrated on aiming his thrusts there, long powerful movements of his hips as he rode his lover. Spike spread his arms out so that he was gripping each side of the mattress, holding on tight as the strong thrusts moved him backwards and forwards, the friction from the sheets and mattress enough on his sensitive cock to make him moan out loud and know this wasn't going to last long for him.

“Oh God, oh God, you're so tight Spike – you feel so good, so tight – oh God oh God” He couldn't restrain himself from talking, praising the beauty of his lover, the tightness of his grip, the strength laid out willingly for him “God Spike, love this – love you, loveyouloveyou!”

“Gorgeous you are, luv, the way you feel in me – the heat of you, spearing right through me! Love you Xander, love you so fucking much!”


The lusty cries of both men coming very quickly after each other echoed through the mansion, greeting Giles as he opened the front door followed by Leslie Forsythe, the representative from the British Coven.

“Errr, perhaps we should go through to the kitchen for tea? No doubt the – erm, others will join us shortly!”

Leslie grinned, not at all discomfited. “Yes, Rupert, tea sounds lovely. Tell me, is it true you were one of the witnesses to the claim – did you have to be in the same room?!” She smirked at the dark blush that travelled up his neck, clearly visible as he walked quickly away from her towards the kitchen. She was honoured to be called, well aware of the danger inherent in what they were trying to do but excited nevertheless – to be called to help with one of the oldest slayers, and meet both Angelus and William the Bloody, as well as being around for the prophesied Defender coming into his powers – yes, she was honoured indeed. And Rupert Giles wasn't exactly hard on the eyes......

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