His & His Alone


Part One

Smirking, Spike leaned against the wall, cigarette burning down rapidly. The demon was nervous – as he should be – desperate not to offend the Master Vampire as he performed his service.

“Master Spike, we are ready for your Pet. May we go ahead with the procedure?” Spike nodded curtly, watching with a careful eye as his boy was brought through. He looked a bit dazed but it was to be expected – the pre-healing session tended to do that to humans – and for a change he wasn't struggling or cursing against his fate. The Boy never seemed to give up, ever, and it was so bloody refreshing to have someone push against him instead of grovelling and trying to give him everything before he could even ask.

Vrashnavla clapped his hands and his two assistants lifted Xander to the table, carefully locking him into place with the leather straps. Xander was spread-eagled on the table, Vrashnavla moving to his seat in between his legs.

“No scarring, right? Don't want his skin marked more than what I've asked for, got it?”

“Yes Master Spike, I mean no Master Spike, I mean – no Master Spike, there will be no scarring – just the requested marks. Errr, Master Spike - ”


“Are you sure you do not want your Pet put under? Most Masters prefer that this happens whilst their possessions -”

“'m not most Masters am I? No, he stays awake. Want him to know he's being marked as mine, yeah?”

Vrashnavla nodded nervously – it made his job harder but the kudos behind being the demon to mark Master Spike's pet and the fact that said pet was an ex-minion of the Last Slayer was worth all of this.


His evening started the way it always did. He woke tied face-down on the bed, a pillow shoved under his hips and Spike fucking his ass. To his everlasting shame, his arousal was automatic – Spike knew just the way to move, knew all of his hot spots and before long he was scrambling to his knees and shoving his hips back, moaning into the pillow as the blunt head of Spike's cock rammed into his prostate over and over.

Strong fingers digging into his hips, pressing against old bruises, making new ones and he knew Spike was close to coming. Reflex had him tilting his head to the side and offering his neck, his balls tightening and his orgasm overtaking him as fangs sliced into his neck and he felt Spike come deep in his ass.

What wasn't usual was that Spike kept drinking, his head feeling lighter and lighter. Was this it? Eighteen months of being the vampire's pet and this was how he left the earth? He couldn't even decipher his feelings, couldn't decide if he was glad to finally be free of all the confusion inside him or if he was sad? Did he want to die?

He came back to himself as he was lifted into a huge barrel-shaped tub that surrounded him with sludge all the way to his neck. He hissed as the oils in the sludgy substance seeped into his skin, particularly stinging as they worked into the claim bite high on his inner thigh. He couldn't stop himself getting half-hard – it was programmed into him, the scar like an instant link to his cock.

Spike loved the effect it had on him, sometimes strapping him down on the bed and just stroking and licking his scar over and over again until Xander was thrashing around, desperate to come. He hated the fanged bastard having that much control over him, it made him angry, humiliated and confused, all emotions that Spike loved even more – he said it made Xander's blood taste so much sweeter.

He still felt light-headed, realised that Spike had half-drained him to make him more malleable. It didn't happen often, but he hated when it did because when he woke up it left him muzzy-headed and unable to fight back. He didn't know how long they left him in the tub, but he couldn't focus when he was taken out, could only stumble alongside the two J'raf demons as they half-carried him into another room.

As he was strapped down and his legs spread he slowly started to come back to his senses, realising that someone was sat between his legs. Lifting his head as high as it would go, he looked down the length of his naked body, flinching as he focused on the demon sat there. Vrashnavla was a Dicroile demon, like a cross between a lizard and a crocodile, scales instead of skin; talons instead of fingers, it's face like a blunted crocodile's face. Xander wracked his brains, trying to remember all that he could from his forced research sessions with the Scoobies.

“Ya paying attention, Pet? Wanna know what he's going to do to ya?” He flinched again as Spike walked into his field of vision, dropping his eyes in a fake show of submission. Spike knew it too, the smirk that crossed his face letting Xander know that he hadn't fooled the vamp for a second. “He's gonna mark ya as mine – 'bout time it happened, yeah? Knew you'd want to be awake for every second of it, how much you've been looking forward to this.” The mocking tones made Xander clench his fists and he opened his mouth to scream abuse, regardless of the punishment, but nothing came out. Panicking, he looked at Spike with widened eyes. “Oh don't worry, luv, s'not permanent. Like the noises you make in bed too much to take your voice away from ya for good like. Nah, s'its just part of the procedure – stops the pets screaming themselves hoarse while it's happening. Mind you, dunno why they bother – apparently most masters have their pets put out for it. Too traumatic or some such bollocks. Nah, knew you'd wanna be awake so just the voice numbing for you.”

Sucking in deep breaths of air, Xander looked down at the demon again then back at Spike. What the hell was the fanged menace on about? What procedure? A small table was brought over to Vrashnavla and Xander struggled to see what was on there. He could see bowls of what looked like syrup – inky black, deep red, shimmering silver. He watched as the Dicroile dipped it's talon into the bowl of black then moved it's hand back towards him. And it dawned on him what Spike was going on about – what the demon was about to do. He didn't want to wear Spike's mark, hated the very idea of bearing his tattoo. He knew how much it meant to Spike, hell to all demons – they loved to mark their territory, let the world know what belonged to them. He'd been surprised when Spike had made his claiming bite where it was – very few demons were allowed to see Spike's property naked enough for the bite to be visible – but he knew Spike's scent was infused with his so that everyone knew who he belonged to. Not that he ever went anywhere without his Master.

He cried out silently as the Dicroile started jabbing into his right thigh, low enough for whatever he was drawing to be seen if Xander was wearing shorts. He knew what the symbol would be – had seen it often enough around the mansion. A combination of the House of Aurelius crest and a spike – how clichéd. Xander struggled to hold back the tears, desperate to deny Spike the pleasure of seeing him cry but the jabbing continued – a steady, continuous stabbing into the tender flesh of his thigh. Before long he couldn't hold back the silent sobs anymore and he slumped back onto the table, eyes squeezed shut.

“Sssh, ssh Pet, not gonna last long yeah? Know how much this means to both of us. You're mine now and everyone can see it. Not just about scenting a claim anymore – now they can bloody well see it can't they? Looks so good on ya, luv – nice to see my mark on you.” Xander tried to turn away but Spike had both hands on his head, holding him in place as the vampire licked and supped on his tears. The litany of words continued as Spike crooned at him, kisses fluttering over his eyes, lips and nose as the pain in his leg turned into a low-hum in the background. He slowly stopped crying, the occasional hiccuping sigh erupting from his chest.

“Master Spike – would you like to see it before we continue?” Spike's hands disappeared and he felt one of them stroke down the length of his body as Spike moved down the table. “Are you happy with it sir?”

“Very good Vrashnavla, very good. Nice clean lines, mate – looks like I won't have to kill ya for this part of it.”

“Thank you Master Spike.”

“Can I touch?”

“Well it won't smear the actual tattoo but it might hurt.....” Before the sentence was finished, Xander felt the coolness of Spike's finger tracing the tattoo, scratching it lightly with his nail and chuckling when it made Xander jump.

“Beautiful. And the other – ya ready for that?” Xander tried to stir when he heard that – what other? - but he felt so exhausted, wiped out.

“Yes Master Spike. Where do you want this?” Vrashnavla stood up, bowing his head respectively whilst gesturing to one of his J'raf assistant to bring in the next load of equipment.

“Shoulder mate. S'got summat I want covered up. My Grand-sire has insisted.” Xander frowned, tried to think what Spike would want covered on his shoulder. He felt even more muzzy-headed, wanted nothing more than to fall asleep and forget for a while: forget that all of his friends were dead, or might as well be; forget that he was the toy of one of his biggest enemies; forget just how that enemy could make him feel...

“Ah yes, I see. I think you are going about it the right way – other masters have been requesting abrasion or skin removal in cases like these. This way, you kill two humans with one talon as it were.” Xander was aware of Spike coming around to his left side, dragging a chair and sitting down so that he was on the same level as Xander's face.

“Want ya looking at me, pet, ya hear? Don't be listening or trying to figure out what's going on – you just pay attention to me, yeah?” Xander tried nodding but he couldn't stop himself from turning to his right, away from Spike and trying to see what the Dicroile was doing. He whimpered as he saw one of the J'raf demons push a brazier with a metal bar hanging out of it. “Bugger! Told ya to look at me.” Xander moaned as Spike yanked his head around and kissed him, for once trying desperately to sink into the feelings caused by the vampire's passionate kiss as he felt the sensation of heat coming closer. The last thing he recalled was screaming silently into Spike's mouth at the first burning touch of the brand before passing out.

Part Two

“Willie, my boy, you made it!”

Spike scowled, lowering his head the barest amount to signify submission.


“What took you so long? You should have been here with family, celebrating.”

“What's to fuckin' celebrate? So you bagged your first slayer, well done. I've done two mate and you don't see me expecting a fuckin' party.”

“Tsk tsk, Spike, no need to get so touchy. You didn't manage to end the entire Slayer line though did ya me boyo?” Spike fuckin' hated Angelus and his fake bonhomie – always drove him up the wall the way the bloke had to big himself up. And yeah, okay, so Angelus had managed to end the line – big fucking deal. Taking a Slayer was like snorting lines of a-grade coke, and Angelus had managed to remove that buzz from the world. Not something to celebrate in Spike's book. “Look, can we let bygones be bygones?? I spent a hundred years locked under that fuckin' soul and all I want is my family back – is that too much to ask?”

“Wasn't us who walked away the first time mate. 'Sides, got no idea where Dru is.”

“Oh Drusilla's already here – I've given her her present. It's pretty much time for you to get yours but you might wanna wash up and everything first, get yourself ready for the ceremony.”

“What fuckin' ceremony?”

“Stop asking so many questions and do as you're told for once. I promise, you'll like it. You – take Master Spike to his suite of rooms and be quick about it.” A minion hustled over from the side, gesturing to Spike to follow and shrugging he did so – might as well see what the present was going to be.


Sometimes it felt like the world's biggest joke at his expense. Out of all of his friends, he was the one who was alive although he wasn't free, hadn't been free since it happened. Angelus had torn through them like tissue paper, but he'd been cunning about it. For months after his moment of true happiness with Buffy, he'd played the role of the loving boyfriend, all the while rebuilding a court and plotting. His plan had come to fruition, and he'd destroyed the Watcher's Council and killed off the Slayer line before even one word of warning could reach Sunnydale. It was a simple thing for him to rip the throat out of the small blonde girl who was passionately in love with him, and for once he didn't let his ego get in the way, no mindfucks, just swift bloody murder.

Cordelia was given pride of place at Angelus's side after he turned her. Queen C had been vicious before – as a vampire, she almost surpassed Angelus in her cruelty. Xander knew it was down to her that he was still alive, that something was being planned for him but he didn't know what.

Willow, well what they had done to his Willow just about broke what was left of his heart. The three of them had stood in front of Angelus – Willow, Giles and him – awaiting their sentence but none of them expecting what was to happen to them. Shaking his head, unwilling to dwell on what had happened to his friends, Xander awaited his fate.


Spike strode back into the main court, fully refreshed and ready for whatever bollocks his Grand-sire had a mind for. Part of him was intrigued – he had to admit Angelus certainly knew how to make a splash. Not only had he ended the entire Slayer line, he'd managed to do what many had thought was impossible – demons had officially taken over and without having to bring Hell to earth. It was impressive.

On the dais ahead of him sat Angelus with his new vampire bride. Stories had reached Spike in Prague of her inventiveness and cruelties, and it didn't surprise him when someone said she used to be a cheerleader. Those chits could be such evil bitches, made sense they made evil vampires with Queen C being one of the most evil by all accounts. Spike was pleased to see Drusilla on the dais, swaying gently from side to side to music only she could hear. Tucked at her feet was her present from her Sire.

The minion who had taken him to his suite of rooms had filled him in on a little of the court gossip, enough that Spike wouldn't be showing any surprise to his Sire any time soon. It would appear that the Slayer's little red witch had been turned into a lovely piece of darkness, with 'Gelus forbidding anyone from turning her in case it affected her ability to do magic. Instead, her dark side had been unleashed with some careful magic done by the old chaos Mage, Ethan. For a nice little fee as well apparently – all he wanted was control over one Rupert Giles and Angelus had been happy to take the deal. She was apprenticed under Dru and the two of them were, well close. Spike wondered momentarily if that precluded him and his Dark Princess having a reunion then brushed it aside. Time for that after he discovered Angelus's plans for him.

“Hello my William. The stars told me you'd be home soon and I wanted to share my little Tree with you. But we can't yet – you need to tame your Dark Kitten. Daddy says he's all for you!”

“Hello Princess! Yeah, I heard about your little tree – hope she's treating you good or she'll have me to answer to.” Spike scowled at Willow for emphasis and she recoiled, trying her best to hide in Drusilla's skirts. Drusilla smiled and rested her hand in the glowing red hair, still swaying from side to side.

“Right, William. As a way to welcome you back to the family and in recognition at long last of your status as Master, I have two gifts for you. Firstly, I would like to cede you the territory of Sunnydale – I know you are strong enough to build a worthy court and hold the Hellmouth.” Spike managed not to gasp in shock, eyes held by Angelus as he made his proclamation. Fuckin' hell, it looked like the poof actually meant it when he said he wanted them to be family again. “And secondly, a gift to you, worthy of your stature.” Angelus gestured to the side and the door opened and two minions dragged someone in.

Spike stood, arms folded across his chest as the boy was dragged over to him in chains. He wore a harness that criss-crossed over a tanned chest and silk sleep pants, an incongruous sight given the fact that his hands were chained behind his back. The minions forced him to his knees in front of Spike and it was obviously a struggle to make the boy obey. He was sweating heavily, panting for breath and looking around the room in a nervous fashion. Spike leaned over and grasped his chin, forcing his head up and meeting his gaze and for a moment, time stopped.

Wild hazel eyes met his, widening in fear and recognition, nostrils flaring as the boy dragged in air. He struggled to release his face from Spike's grasp, a low moan escaping him as Spike tightened his grip. The boy was lovely, no two ways about it. Big eyes dominating his face, smooth tanned skin and pouting red lips, topped off with shaggy dark hair that fell back in heavy waves as he looked upwards. Even the fingertip bruises from Spike's grasp on his chin looked beautiful, showing up a glorious red against the smooth brown of his face.

“He's mine?” Spike looked up at his Grand-sire, still holding onto the chin.

“Oh yes, he's yours. Don't you remember the last time you passed through? I gave him to you then but you didn't have time to claim him. This time, I am making sure you get what you deserve. He's one of the slayer's minions, very loyal. Mind, he's got quite a mouth on him – he used to piss me off on a regular basis. I had half a mind to have him killed but my dark Queen convinced me that this would be a far more fitting fate for him.” Smirking, Angelus caressed Cordelia's thigh through the slit in her skirt.

“So it's more about revenge than a proper pressie then is it? Not interested, mate. Not gonna be used to get your jollies over someone.” Stepping back, Spike released the boy who slumped to the floor, held in place by the minions.

“Oh come on, Willie, look at him. He's a gorgeous piece – look at that body, those legs. Can you imagine breaking him in? He'd be a challenge for you and I know you love a challenge. How about this – you take him and I owe you one? Hmmmm, you know you like having me in your debt.....”

“Fine, I'll take him but you definitely owe me one, right?” Reaching down, Spike grabbed the boy by the hair, yanking his head back and taking another look at his property. Fuck, but the boy was gorgeous, the hate shooting from those eyes so challenging. The thought of breaking him was intoxicating and he could feel his demon prowling inside, desperate to be set free on their new toy....

“Good. CALEB!” What was the poof up to now?

Spike watched as the side door opened once more, and a tall, broad man walked through dressed in priestly garb. He held a book in his hands, looked a lot like a bible but somehow Spike doubted that was what it was, couldn't see Angelus letting one in his sight.

“Caleb will perform the ceremony, and we have – where's Midnar? - we have a professional here to do the rest.” What? He couldn't possibly mean - “Why are you looking at me like that? I want this done good and proper William. The boy's yours but he's also a symbol to some of those rebellious humans. I want him broken and I want him marked and I want it happening sooner rather than later. He was the Slayer's right hand man and I want him on his knees with a Master to show those bastards that we are in charge and we intend to stay that way. Even if by some miracle the resistance managed to get him away, he'd crawl over hot coals to return to his master. They will have no hope.”

“Calm down Peaches, s'fine. I said I'll take him an' I will.” Bloody hell, looked like one hundred years under a soul had messed with Peaches' demon a little more than Spike'd first thought. Shrugging it off, Spike prepared himself mentally – physically just looking down at his new pet was more than enough preparation for what was to come.


Whatever was going to happen was happening now and Xander tried to psyche himself up for it. He'd been dragged from his cell, thrown into a shower of freezing cold water and scrubbed all over with a vigour that made him wonder whether his attendants had been bullied at school and this was their revenge. After that, they clipped him into a weird harness thing that was a bit like a leather waistcoat but with way less material. He was shoved into white silk sleep pants that felt so soft against his skin after the abrasiveness of a concrete floor for who knew how long, but made him blush as they took away his underwear and didn't give it back. He was surprised he could still blush, felt almost too weary to be embarrassed, but nevertheless he felt like he was being prepared for some sheikh or something and it sent chills down his spine. Angelus hated him, he knew that – was all of this in preparation for something to do with Deadboy?

He wasn't given the time to think about it more, two minions grabbing hold of his arms and dragging him towards the great hall in the mansion. It didn't bode well as that was where Angelus held court and Xander tried to stiffen his spine. He wouldn't beg, he wouldn't. It didn't do any good – it hadn't helped when Willow was be-spelled by Ethan and went trance-like to Drusilla's side; it hadn't helped when Giles was given to Ethan in payment, clubbed into submission and taken away; begging Angelus did nothing but feed Deadboy's giant ego and he wouldn't do it.

Entering the hall he was dragged across the room and for a moment he felt relief. He wasn't being taken to Angelus but away from him. The relief didn't last long as he was forced to his knees in front of Spike. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck – this could only mean one thing, and he was almost afraid to let his brain go there. Buffy was gone, dead. Willow belonged mind, body and soul to Drusilla. Giles was lost to them, taken who knows where by Ethan for purposes that Xander didn't want to contemplate. And if Angelus wasn't going to kill him -

He winced as his chin was grabbed and he was forced to meet Spike's eyes. Incredibly deep, bright blue eyes that mesmerised him and took him away from the terror in his mind for a few precious moments. Then his ears stopped roaring and he felt Spike's hands in his hair, so tight and hard that it brought tears to his eyes and a shaft of something fierce and unexpected in his belly.

Focussing at last, he watched as a small creature walked towards him. It was the size of a small child but was obviously an adult, and it looked a bit like a scorpion or lobster with claws instead of fingers. It chittered at Spike who turned to look at him once more before replying in the same language. Xander lurched backwards as the creature came closer but was forced to be still by the grip of the minions on his shoulders and Spike's hand still in his hair.

His head was wrenched to one side as Spike looked him over in an assessing manner, and he winced as retaining his hold on Xander's hair, the vampire walked behind him and shoving a knee into his back held him in place. With no warning, the chittering creature struck out with it's claws, clamping his right nipple and dragging a shout from him. Just as quickly, it skittered backwards and Spike released his hair, walking back round and examining the silver ring now dangling on his chest. He nodded in what Xander could only assume was approval before chittering something else.

As he watched, the creature moved back to the side of the room then returned, standing behind Spike this time. What the hell was going on? The vague ache from his nipple made him look downwards and he could see that although it was slightly swollen and achy, it wasn't bleeding. The creature was obviously good at it's job. Xander looked up as a man dressed as a priest walked up in front of him and begin orating.

“I am here to bless this union between this abomination that followed the demonic whore of a slayer and the Master, William the Bloody. This union is our hope to bring an end to the unholy rebellion and cause people to accept their place. The Lords of the Underworld reign on earth now, and these humans need to release themselves of the shackles they have been bound with, accept the freedom of being mastered and learning their place. Angelus has decreed this and it will be so. Master William, if you will prepare to begin the ceremony.”

Xander looked up as Spike nodded, and walked back around behind him. Before he could think, the two minions at his side shoved him down until he was flat on his face, and he felt his sleep pants being ripped off of him. Oh God, no, not that, not here in front of all of these witnesses – this couldn't be happening to him. He struggled as much as he could with his arms bound behind his back, screaming his head off as the minions knelt beside him and held him down. His legs were wrenched apart and he began to sob as the priest began an incantation and he felt hands grasping his hips and tugging him upwards until he felt like he was open and on display.

A chittering sound was all he heard before he felt a tight pinch behind his balls and fire sparked behind his eyes. He felt like he was going to faint from shock and fear, the blood rushing to his head as his hips were released and he was once more dragged to his knees. Confused, he tried to turn his head but once more his hair was grabbed and his neck was wrenched to one side.

“I bind thee to the demon within.
I bind thee to the man without.
I bind thee to the whole.

Your mind, your body,
your soul is tied from now til
Time ceases to be.”

At the final words, a loud cry escaped him as Spike struck, his fangs digging into the juncture of Xander's neck and shoulder, biting deep and true. The combination of fear, pain and shock was too much, and Xander was aware of his eyes rolling back in his head and then nothing more.


“I know you're awake, pet, can tell cos you're breathing's changed; can feel a bit of you in my head. Oh and aren't you a pretty piece, all mine now.” Spike stroked his hand down Xander's spine, enjoying the feel of the warm skin beneath his fingertips. Spreading his legs a little further, he rolled his hips, enjoying the feel of all that warmth clinging to his cock as he lay buried inside his new pet.

He moaned once more as the boy struggled fully awake, a groan escaping his captive as the boy thrust his hips back, pushing into Spike's weight. Oh yes, this was lovely – the boy had no idea what he was doing, was out of his head due to blood loss and the slow-releasing venom from the piercings the scorvino Midnar had inserted, otherwise Spike somehow doubted his new toy would be quite so accepting of his position. Aware that he needed to complete the binding, Spike reached around and began to tease the boy, rolling and tugging the new nipple ring before reaching down and grabbing hold of the swollen cock.

Strong strokes, squeezing the leaking head, he began to match the movement of his hips with that of his hands. The boy was grunting rhythmically now, thrusting his hips back so that Spike's hips were slapping into his arse at every entry, the tightness making Spike groan as he pushed himself in and out of the boy's depths. Fuck, he had to do the ritual now, before the feel of the boy sent him over the edge and he missed his opportunity.

“Xander, I need you to answer me. Can you do that for me?” Still jerking at the boy's cock, Spike pushed himself up onto his knees, grasping the boy's hip with his other hand. “You listening boy? ANSWER ME!” His grip on the boy's cock turned cruel, squeezing tight at the head and he heard the boy cry out.

“YES! Yes, yes, I hear you.”

“Good boy. You answer me when I ask you a question, luv, and this'll go nice and easy, right?” The boy nodded, hiccuping sobs coming from him as he panted heavily. Spike groaned – he wished he could see the tears in the boy's eyes, the pain in them as he once more changed his grip but he needed to do this now and there wasn't time to change position. “Good boy, won't hurt ya if I don't have to – well, unless I want to. You want to come, boy?”

“Y y yes oh God, yes,” the stuttered reply came quickly, the boy obviously not needing another reminder.

“Okay then. You get to come only if I say so – got it?” Another frantic nod, the sweaty dark strands tossing back and forth before the boy's head hung down once more. “When I ask ya, you answer straight away – ok?” One more nod and Spike knew it was time. Releasing the hot and heavy dick, he dug his hands into the boy's hips and began a pounding, driving rhythm.

“I bind thee to my demon. Do you accept?” A twist of his hips, a stab at the boy's prostate and the answer came.


“I bind thee to the man. Do you accept?” A hesitation but impatiently Spike jabbed harder, thrusting himself in deep.

“Oh god! Yes!”

“I bind thee to the whole, from now til the end of time. Do you accept?” He could tell the boy was close to coming, was pretty much out of his head with no clue what he was saying. But this was the important bit, this was when he needed complete acceptance, and he used the tools available to him. Reaching down and through the boy's legs, he tugged at the ring piercing the boy's perineum, knowing how it would feel as he shoved himself in as deep as he could, pounding against the boy's prostate.

“YES!! oh fuck, yes!”

“COME!” Holding himself in the tight, warm depths, Spike groaned as the boy's asshole clenched around him as he climaxed, dragging his own orgasm out of him as his hard cock was milked by the boy's contracting muscles. Spike groaned as the boy collapsed onto the bed in a dead faint, slipping free and climbing off the bed on shaky legs.

He staggered over to the bedroom door and threw it open, coming face to face with the priest as he had expected.

“The binding ritual is complete and the boy said yes, not that there was ever a doubt. Now fuck off back n report to Peaches and leave me alone.” Before the priest could say a word, Spike slammed the door in his face and walked back to the bed. It was time for him to get to know his new pet without the world and his dog watching.

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