Bought and Paid For


Part Six

Alex stood outside the bedroom, his head resting against the door. He could hear Will crying inside and he desperately wanted to go to him, offer some comfort or at least explain. But how could he explain what he didn't understand himself?


It was all too close, struck too close to home. Alex lay watching Will sleep, the gentle snores gusting Will's warm breath over his chest. He had woken up when Will moved around, and instantly realised that he had forgotten to settle him for the night. He had no explanation for how the evening had gone – he'd been sat in his office as usual, going over some contracts from Lindsey when he had felt the need to see Will, spend some time with him. He had gotten so used to having him there whenever he looked up, but had accepted that sometimes Will liked to watch TV while he browsed the internet and he wanted to keep him happy. Shutting everything down, he went from his office to the garage then the kitchen, before making his way quietly to the bedroom.

The candles had been purchased several weeks ago but not with this in mind. Will writhed so nicely under hot wax, and these ones were slow-burning with hints of vanilla. Using several small saucers he had brought from the kitchen, Alex looked over the candles, checking to be sure that each flame would be in safe place, wouldn't set fire to any fabric or anything like that.

He made the bed up with crisp new sheets, throwing the dirty ones into the laundry bin in the bathroom. Once the bed was made, he carefully pulled back the bedspread, sprinkling rose petals all over. The roses were from the last bunch he had bought Will but decided against giving him – he hadn't wanted to seem weak, didn't want Will to think that Alex wasn't strong enough to keep him safe. So the roses had stayed in the garage, along with the five or six other bouquets that were slowly dying there. Their father told them that buying flowers gave the wrong impression, made a man out to be whipped or weak, and even though he now knew his father had been wrong about so many things, he didn't want Will to think he was weak. Will wouldn't stay with a weak man, needed Alex to be strong.

Watching Will as he watched his programmes had been a quiet pleasure, especially as the boy was so relaxed. Relaxed and happy. And Alex wanted a part of that, wanted to sink into him and share that quiet joy. At ten, he tired of waiting, slipping into the bedroom to light the candles before returning and holding out his hand to Will. The smile Will gave him made his heart ache and he couldn't hold back on his own, gave Will the smile he shared with very few people and not for a long long time.

Will willingly followed him to the bedroom, still smiling that sweet smile. And in spite of his misgivings, in spite of the voice of his father in his head telling him that he was being weak, Alex gently took Will's face in his hands and kissed him – long, gentle teasing kisses that made him feel – well, made him feel.


And now he was faced with the consequences of his actions. Will had screamed that he loved him, but did he really? He had never told Alex before – not when he first rescued him from the streets and the life that was grinding him down. Not when he had kept him safe, locked away, secure. Each night he settled him down, bound him to let him know that he was valued; he had even given him the freedom to return to that life if that was what he wanted, a last opportunity to make the choice to be here. And throughout all of that, Will had never told Alex that he loved him. He showed Will every single day and night how much he cared, but Will withheld his declaration until Alex was weak, weak enough to try to act like other people and not himself. But how could Will love Alex when he was weak?

Shaking his head, refusing to consider even the thought of Will leaving him all alone, Alex got out of the bed carefully. He retrieved Will's favourite handcuffs – he might not say anything, but he slept sounder when he was in these than at any other time – and carefully secured him to the headboard. Alex dragged out the shackles from where he had tucked them beneath the bed, gently stretching Will's legs out so that he could secure them to the foot of the bed. Not wanting Will to be reminded of Alex's weakness, he swiftly blew out the candles and took them through to the kitchen, throwing them in the trash. No reminders for either of them. Returning to the bedroom, moving quickly now because he wanted this over and done with, he lifted the bedspread and brushed out as many rose petals as he could find. As sure as he could be that he had got everything, he stood and watched over his Will as he slept.

The desire to slip back into the bed and pull Will close was pressing him, and he realised he needed to get some distance , regain his strength so that he didn't let Will down again.


Alex knew he was doing the right thing. He had to be strong to be deserving of Will's love, and if he was strong then Will would never leave. He would never have to be alone again. Hand pressed against the door, he contemplated going in, telling Will goodbye. A rap on the front door saved him from himself, and sighing he walked to open it, a grateful smile crossing his face as he saw his brother. Everything would be alright now.

Part Seven

His first thought was that Alex was passing him on, that he was tired of him. He looked up with swollen eyes, not comprehending. Why was Angel here and not Alex? And why was he in their bedroom? He closed his eyes and sighed wearily – he didn't even have the energy to fight, not moving when Angel unlocked the cuffs and moved down the bed to undo the shackles.

“Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes.” Angel smiled at him then left the room, leaving Will more confused than ever.


“So what do you fancy doing today?” Will looked up from his toast, his mouth dropping open in astonishment. Angel was asking him what he wanted to do? He couldn't think of the last time anyone had asked him what he wanted to do – even when his father had visited everything had been arranged by Alex, a careful itinerary that took them all over Sunnydale but revealed nothing of their lives together.

“Erm, I dunno. Where do ya fancy mate?” He slipped back into cockney, his hustler veneer sliding over him like an ill-fitting costume.

“Will – you can be yourself with me. You don't have to put on an accent, or try to hide how you're feeling.” Angel met his gaze, and Will blinked back tears at the sympathy in the man's face. “He'll be back. If I know my brother at all, he cares deeply for you and he will be back. He – he just needs a little space. I don't know what happened and I don't need to know. Unless you want to tell me?”


“Oh wow, do you two not talk or are you still in the honeymoon period?”

“I just didn't know you were his brother. He never... – when he introduced us – he never said. He doesn't really talk about – stuff.” Will looked down at the table, embarrassed. Although why he was embarrassed he couldn't say – honeymoon period my ass.

“I'm sorry, I just assumed you knew. I tell you what, you go have a shower, get dressed and we'll have a patrol around Sunnydale – I'll answer any questions that I can? How's that?”

Any questions?”

“Well, within reason. I know when I brought Lindsay home the – well the struggle with how things were going to be took some getting over. But we're much happier now – we've been together nearly three years.”

“Who's Lindsay?”

“Go – get washed up, dressed, and I'll take you to some of the most scenic cemeteries – Alex said you're artistic so they may awaken your muse.”


The walk, or patrol as Angel called it, helped to clear Will's brain. They didn't speak as they walked around, just kept up a steady pace and walked. Will accepted that Alex wasn't gone for good, that it was unlikely that he was being passed on. Obviously Angel was involved with some woman called Lindsay, so there was no desire to take on his brother's cast off.

“Ready to talk?” Will looked over at Angel, realising that the man had been giving him space to clear his head. “So when you say you and Alex haven't really talked, is that at all?”

“We didn't meet in the most conventional way, so no – not really talked much at all.”

“I know how you met – you don't have to hide anything, really.” Will blushed, for some reason feeling ashamed. Angel's hand reached out and touched his face, pulling him up by the chin so that he met his gaze. “Seriously, you don't have to hide a thing. I think you and Lindsay would do well to spend some time together. Maybe when Alex comes back we could have a weekend trip or something. You boys have more in common than you might realise.”


“Yeah, Lindsay and y – Ohhh. Sorry, yeah, Lindsay is my boy. God, you and Alex don't talk at all. I know the sex is hot, but really, take a break and chat sometime!” Angel was smiling to take the sting out of his words, and Will hesitantly smiled back. It was so easy being with Angel – there was no underlying fear or menace. Looking at him, Will could see the family resemblance physically but in other ways they were completely different. They had the same sort of build: tall, broad and dark, but Angel definitely seemed to be the lighter of the two in terms of personality. He didn't seem like the type to go all dark and psychotic on someone, tie them to a bed and keep them prisoner or any of the other things that Alex did on a more than regular basis.

They came to a standstill by a grave, and Will read the words on the headstone out loud.”Anya Harris – she saved her sons. A lot.” He looked at Angel swiftly, a question in his eyes. Angel nodded, looking sombre.

“She was our mother. Our childhood was less than erm, standard I guess you could say. Mom did what she could and I think me and Alex turned out okay. But yeah, some things leave scars, you know?”

Will nodded, his brain teeming with questions. Sometimes he thought he took after his father too much. The man was such a 'watcher' – always looking at what people did, trying to figure out why they did it instead of actually living his life. Perhaps that had something to do with why Will was the way he was. He looked over at Angel, about to ask the first of many questions.

“Before you pepper me with your questions, what you need to think about is this : will the answers make any difference? Make it any easier to traverse the deep waters that are Alex? Or will it just get in the way of how you feel? There has to be a reason why you're still with him Will. I know, for me and for Lindsay, the answers only came after we'd gone through the rough stuff. Maybe you and Alex need to do the same?”

Will stood stock still, wondering if Angel was right. Would knowing Alex's history have made it easier to deal with what had happened the night before? He found he couldn't answer. Shaking his head in frustration, he stalked off, heading towards the entrance to the cemetery. He huffed angrily when Angel came after him, tempted to run but not sure where he would go.

“Why are you following me?? He left – seems like I should have the same privilege if that's what I want.”

“Fine bodyguard I'd be if I let you go off in a temper.”

“Bodyguard? What the fuck makes you think I need a bodyguard? You're flippin' mad mate – got no idea what you and your brother are on, but I've just about had enough.”

Angel grabbed him by the arm, slamming Will into the wall at the entrance to the cemetery. And there, suddenly, Will could clearly see the family resemblance. It was like Angel was a completely different person, the light-hearted pleasant façade ripped away and revealing the demons within.

“We are Harris's! We don't lose what we value. And Alex values you. Now you can either come for a walk with me, and keep things nice, easy and pleasant, or we can go back to the house and I can strap you down to the bed where you fucking belong as long as Alex says you belong there. It's your choice. But either way – I'm going to do whatever it takes to guard you because that's what my brother needs me to do. Got it?”

Part Eight

The first thing Will did upon leaving the cemetery was visit a drug store. With Angel watching from outside, he made his purchases hurriedly and returned to his 'bodyguard's' side, scowling at Angel's open smile. He knew now that the smile hid something far darker than he had ever imagined and he wasn't going to be fooled again.

He figured since he couldn't leave, Alex would have to learn to deal with the real him. And he fully intended to make the man realise just what he was dealing with. He hadn't lasted on the streets by being a victim, and just because the venue had changed didn't mean he had to.

Angel insisted a party was just the thing to put Will back into a good mood. This was after a day spent alone as Will point blank refused to come out of the bedroom – it was where he 'fuckin' belonged' after all. When he'd said that to Angel, sneered it into his face, he had been positive the other man was going to hit him. He had stiffened his posture and readied himself for the blow, but it never came. Instead Angel had smiled at him, told him if that was where he wanted to be that was fine, and left him to it. It was actually scarier that Angel hadn't hit him, and for a little while Will had worried that his actions might impact on this Lindsay guy. Then he figured Lindsay knew what he was involved with and would be prepared to deal. Will was fighting for himself – he didn't have time to worry about others.


He knew exactly the impact he made on Angel when he came out of the bedroom for the party. The other man had stopped at the front door, mouth agape as he took in Will's appearance. Will had been unable to hold back a smirk, knowing he looked good, knowing he was being himself and fuck Alex and his running away. The black leather jeans were skin-tight – in fact, he'd had to apply copious amounts of talcum powder to pour himself into them. The black tee-shirt, shot through with silver metallic strands that caught the light was also extremely tight – tight enough that Angel couldn't help but see the nipple ring that Will had put back in. He didn't tend to wear one when he was 'working' – too much danger of it being pulled out or something nasty like that – but he'd been lucky that it hadn't closed up completely since he'd been with Alex, and the cheap silver earring he'd bought at the drug store made just as much impact as the proper jewellery he used to possess.

But Will knew it wasn't just the clothes that had Angel staring. The floppy honey brown curls were gone. In their place was radioactive white blond, cut short so that there were no curls left at all, simply spikes standing up sharply all over his head. It was shorter even than it had been when Alex had first picked him up, and Will knew Angel was seeing what Alex had seen, was seeing what Alex had wanted to possess.

“Well well well. Decided to come out fighting have we?” Walking over to him, Angel looked him up and down. Will lowered his eyes, well aware that Angel was taking in the black eye-liner he'd applied to make the blue of his eyes stand out; the silver ring that matched the nipple ring was in his ear. That had fuckin' hurt, opening that up again especially since he'd had to use a sewing needle he found in the kit in the bathroom. But the warm throbbing in his ear was worth it for the look he was getting. Angel did a circuit around him, standing close but not quite touching. Will could feel his look like a touch and he shivered delicately. This – this was the power he had given up when he accepted Alex's rules – and it felt damned good to take it back again.

“We gonna go or what?”


The party was a blast. The Osbourne's had pulled out all the stops and invited only the younger crowd and it showed in the atmosphere. This wasn't polite conversation and vol-au-vents – this was raucous sexy music, couples grinding against each other whilst pretending to dance, serious snogging going on in as many a darkened corner as could be found. Will was loving it. Angel had stuck close to him at the beginning, occasionally standing closer than strictly necessary and sending shivers down Will's spine. The very thing that had frightened him the day before was attracting him now. Underneath the urbane manner was a predator, and Will was undeniably attracted.

But now, Will was dancing with a young man by the name of Jesse – lanky, gangly and not quite grown into himself, he reminded Will of himself when he was younger. He couldn't name the song – some Justin Timberlake thing with 50 cent – but he could certainly grind to it. Turning away from Jesse, he pressed back so his ass was against the very interested groin of his dance partner. Jesse's arm came around his waist, pulling him that little bit closer, his lips grazing Will's neck as he leaned in.

“You wanna go outside?”

“Wha' for?”

“Some air – it's hot in here, man.” Turning his head, Will considered Jesse for a moment. The boy was young – very young – and Will didn't want to get him into any trouble. Yeah, it had been fun flirting and dancing with him, but that was as far as it went. He turned in Jesse's arms, about to try to find a way to let the boy down gently when he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. His head shot around, scanning the room but he couldn't see anything to justify the adrenaline spike. Shrugging it off as best he could, he turned back to Jesse.

“Yeah, sure luv, some air would be good.”

They grabbed a couple of bottles of beer as they made their way outside, zigzagging to avoid dancing couples, smirking as they observed kissing couples. The night air cooled their sweat-drenched skin, and they walked in companionable silence around the pool. A light breeze stirred the water and they came to a standstill by a set of patio furniture. They stood with their backs to the house, enjoying the view of the stars, the lack of outside lights giving the illusion of isolation.

“You – you're not interested in me are you Will?” Will turned and looked at Jesse, a sigh escaping him. Looked away again. Definitely didn't want to hurt the boy but it looked like Jesse wasn't going to give him a choice.

“Like ya well enough. But – I'm taken, luv.”

“Yeah – no surprise there. Where is – she? He?”

“He. Dunno.” Will shrugged, the hurt scraping his nerves once more as he wondered if Alex intended to return.

“He left you?? Then – I mean, maybe - “

“I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you.” A strong tanned arm reached around Will's waist, tugging him backwards to rest against a hard body. “I don't blame you for your interest, but as the man says, he's taken. Your mother was looking for you, Jesse, I suggest you go back inside.” With a final smile in Will's direction, Jesse jogged back towards the house, leaving the two men alone. “How far were you going to take it?”

“Dunno what you mean, mate. We were talking – s'all.”

“Uh huh. And if Alex had come out, would he have seen you just talking? You're playing a dangerous game, Will – you better be prepared to handle the consequences if you carry on.”

“Feels to me like I'm not the only one playing, mate.” Will slid his hips from side to side, rubbing his leather-clad ass against the hardening groin behind him. “Seems to me you're guarding me body a little closer than you might need to.”

“You think?”

“I do.”

“What makes you think that Alex didn't give me permission? We are brothers after all.”

“What – share an' share alike – s'that what you're saying?”

“And what would you say if I said yes? I don't think you'd find it a particular hardship. Alex and I have talked since he met you – I think you would like the way I play.” Will flinched, his mind giving him a clear image of how Angel liked to 'play. He felt Angel's face press against his neck, pushing Will's face to one side and laying a trail of kisses from behind his ear down to his wildly beating pulse.

Will tried to take a step forward, his movement halted by Angel's arm tightening around him and pulling him closer. He gasped as Angel began to nibble on his neck, sucking lightly.

“Seriously – Angel? I don't think - “

“Maybe you should leave the thinking to me, hmmm?” Will pushed harder against the constrictive arm, pushing back with his elbows in an attempt to get free. The sucking on his neck became stronger, the arms holding him tightened further and Will suddenly felt fear rising. What if Angel marked him? What would Alex do to him – to both of them?

“Angel - “ Will's struggles became more frantic, and he tried to stomp on Angel's foot but missed, jarring his hip and sending him off balance. Angel took advantage, his large hand sliding down the slickness of the metallic shirt and heading towards Will's waistband. “Look, Angel – please. Don't yeah? Was just messing about – honest. Please – just let me go now okay?”

“What if I don't want to let you go? Or were you just using me – me and Jesse in your little fight with Alex?”

“S'not what you think – well, wasn't meant to be okay?? And it's not about what you want. Or what I want. Alex - “

“Alex what?” The long fingers slid between the tightness of his abdomen and the waistband of his leather trousers, stroking back and forth but moving no further down.

“Alex wouldn't like it, okay? An' – and I don't wanna do anything that's gonna set him off, okay? Just – let me go yeah?”

“Happy now?” Angel stepped back, setting Will free and turning towards the house.

“What the fuck – Alex?” Will turned round, temper flaring as he looked into Alex's eyes. “Were you just messing with my head?? What – trying to see how far I'd go?” Alex said nothing. Merely took another sip from his glass. “Fuck you. And fuck you too!” Will shouted at Angel, turning on his heel and heading the long way round the pool to go back to the house. He didn't get far, Alex grabbing his wrist and yanking him to a stop. “Gerroff me.” He was so angry he could barely see straight – how dare Alex play stupid games like that, especially since he'd been the one to run off?

“Will - “

“I said get off” He could honestly say it hadn't been his intention to shove Alex that hard. Temper got the better of him, and he wasn't looking clearly where he was going. The splash as Alex landed in the pool was loud, and Will stood there in complete shock, mouth falling open. “Fuck!!! Alex – 'm so sorry!” Rushing over to the side of the pool, he squatted down and offered his hand. Alex swam the short distance over to the side of the pool, slicking his hair back from his face and wiping his eyes. He reached up to accept Will's hand, and in that split second Will knew exactly what was going to happen.


Giving their apologies to Daniel Osbourne, Alex looked like he was simply saying thank you for a pleasant evening. The fact that both he – and Will – were completely soaked through didn't change his attitude in the slightest. Angel had called Daniel outside, explaining that it would probably be a good idea if Will and Alex left by the side entrance rather than trampling through the house. Alex smiled at Daniel, explaining that he'd slipped at the side of the pool and unfortunately tugged Will in with him. Daniel was not fooled for a second – the look he gave Alex clearly showing that. Will was embarrassed, blushing as they headed towards the door, a backward glance showing Daniel watching them with a raised brow and a smile on his face. Alex wasn't smiling as he guided Will to the car, the grip of his hand at Will's waist firm and strong. Will leaned into that grip, aware that there would be bruises there the next day – as well as potentially more depending on how things went when they got home.

As he got into Alex's car, Will turned back and caught a glimpse of a motionless body watching from the house. He squinted and saw that it was Jesse, standing all alone at an upstairs window, watching them as they left. He lowered his head, momentarily feeling like shit. He hadn't meant to lead Jesse on, make him think that more was going to happen. Will promised himself in future that he wouldn't involve any innocents in the mind-fucking games that he and Alex seemed to be mired in. Far better to play their bizarre Russian roulette with someone like Angel who not only knew the rules, but probably made some of them up. It was the only darkness in the perverse joy of having Alex back; a small blot on the satisfaction of seeing Alex insecure enough to need Angel to test Will's loyalty – find out how far Will was prepared to go.

Will wondered how long it would be before Alex suggested a weekend away with Angel.

Part Nine

”Angel, Angel, come quick – Dad's hurting Mom!” The two boys hurtled up the stairs, Angel quickly overtaking his younger brother as he rushed to their parents room. What on earth had Alex seen? They were back early from their trip to the park, Alex running on ahead because he wanted to show his mother a rock he had found.

They skidded to a halt just down from their parents' bedroom door, and Angel could hear what sounded like slaps and his mother's muffled cries. He didn't want to just rush in there – Dad tended to be heavy handed at the best of times, let alone if they entered his room without permission, but there was no way he could stand there and not do something.

“Ssssh, Alex, we're gonna peek through the gap okay? See what's happening – then we can decide what to do.” Alex nodded, his shaggy hair falling into his worried-looking eyes. Moving quietly, the two boys got to the bedroom door, and peeked through the gap caused by the door being slightly ajar. The gap was thin so they couldn't see a lot but when Angel carefully nudged the door a little they could see a lot more.

Anya was lying on her stomach, her arms and legs bound to the intricate design work of the four poster bed. She was moaning into a pillow and they could see Anthony standing by the side of the bed with a paddle in his hand, bringing it down rhythmically on Anya's back and ass. As they watched, Tony threw the paddle away, stripped off his boxer shorts and climbed onto the bed behind his wife, his large meaty hands coming to rest on the blistering red of her ass.

“You boys get on out and mind your business, you hear me?” They both jumped, looking up from their parents' bodies to their father's face through the gap in the door. They heard their mother give a cry, saw her make an abortive attempt to get up from the bed, before turning her blushing face away.

“Yes sir!” they chorused, and Angel grabbed the door and slammed it shut, turning and hustling Alex down the stairs. They sat in the kitchen, both listening to the rhythmic creaking of the bedsprings which sped up until they could hear the bed thumping against the wall. They didn't look at each other, Alex burying his hot little face in the glass of milk Angel got him from the fridge, his embarrassment plain to see.

“Did you see - “

“Yeah, Alex, I saw.”

“But Angel – she liked it! I hate it when Dad beats my ass, but she was liking it!” Alex was obviously totally confused.

“Alex – it's not the same thing. You'll understand when you're older.” Angel looked over at his little brother who was still clearly trying to wrestle with not only the idea that their parents were having sex as the two boys spoke, but that they were having what could only be described as kinky sex.

“Don't say it like that – you're only four years older than me!” Alex was indignant for a moment but then he slumped down in his chair.

“You okay bud?”

Alex nodded, still unable to look at his brother.

“He wasn't really hurting her. I saw this magazine – don't you dare tell Mom! – it was in Dad's hiding place with some videos, and some people like that kind of thing. It's not bad, just – different. Okay?” Alex thought about it for a few moments, trying hard not to imagine what his parents were doing upstairs. Then he looked up at his big brother, who always seemed to know what to say, and nodded. “Just remember, Alex, I'm always here for you. Me and you, bro, now and always.” That made Alex smile because Angel was always there for him when it counted – he might be allowed to pick on his younger brother but woe betide anyone else who tried the same thing.


“I think you're fucking mad if you want the truth. What the hell do you think you're going to prove by running off? D'you think me and Lindsay would be together if the first time he said he loved me I ran out the door? Alex, you're being an ass!”

“And I thank you brother for that ringing endorsement of my character. I just needed to get away – to think clearly. I don't think very clearly when I'm with Will – actually I don't think at all!”

“Yeah – I gathered that from my chat with him this morning. He didn't even know we were brothers for God's sake – what have you been doing these last few months? And no, even you can't have been having non-stop sex this long!”

Alex smothered a tiny laugh – however bad things were, he knew he could rely on Angel to understand and to help him through it. Their upbringing had made them close – they were each other's one constant in an ever-changing environment and they watched each other's backs. When you lived with a couple who were either fighting or fucking, a father whose idea of parental advice was the equivalent of tying your woman to the kitchen sink if she wasn't tied to the bed – well, it didn't exactly make for an enlightened upbringing. Their mother had done what she could to mitigate his influence – when he was off drinking or seeing other women, she had spent as much time with her boys as she could.

Anya had tried to teach them that love was something to be valued and not abused, but even Alex knew that somehow he and Angel had mixed up those messages with the ones they received from their father, and that their definitions of abuse might not pass scrutiny in normal circles. God knows, he had tried 'normal' relationships – had had girlfriends at high school and university – but sooner or later things went sour. He couldn't count how many times he was accused of being closed off emotionally; told that he didn't let anyone in to get to know the real him. He had been eighteen when he realised that he was bisexual, with a slightly stronger tendency towards homosexuality. Nineteen when he met his first male lover. That had been an eye-opening experience, learning at the hands of a much older man what he did and didn't want from a partner. Charles Gunn had been a very interesting man, happy to teach Alex anything and everything. And Alex was eager to learn.

He learned that part of the reason he liked fucking men was that they were generally harder and stronger. He learned that he really liked hard muscles and angular lines instead of softness and curves. He also discovered that he liked a bit of pain with his pleasure – giving as well as receiving. And scarily enough, he discovered that he shared these inclinations with his brother – an accidental meeting at a special club, his evening's choice turning out to be his brother's evening choice, and share-and-share alike became their motto as they explored a whole new world where two brothers who said yes more often than they said no were eagerly greeted.

There was no need for a safe word with your own brother – not with all the practice they got tag-teaming their partners anyway. And in the clubs they were well-known, well-loved, pandered to and desired. And that had been his life until his visit to the city where he saw Will for the first time. Up until then he hadn't understood Angel's attachment to Lindsay. Oh he liked Lindsay well enough, but he couldn't see what was so special about him. Shortish, blondish, with a sexy Texan accent and a lush, husky singing voice that entranced Angel from the start.

They tag-teamed Lindsay a few times, and then suddenly Alex found that Angel wanted some alone time – wanted to build something with Lindsay and that meant on his own. He hadn't minded too much, had understood – had even helped on a few weekends when an extra hand was needed to convince Lindsay that his days of playing fast and loose were over. But for nearly two years now, Angel hadn't played – well, not without Lindsay anyhow. And seeing Will – suddenly it all made sense. A wrong turn, a café for directions, the sound of laughter dragging his gaze to a booth full of young people and he was completely and utterly sunk. It wasn't the first time he'd observed someone in their natural habitat before moving in for the kill – sometimes the chase was so much more fun than actually catching the prey. But for Alex it was the first time he'd felt jealousy – blistering, gut-wrenching jealousy.

From that point on, he changed his whole world – arranged everything so he could work from home; bought a house and decorated it to suit the person he knew was his other half; built structures for the bedroom that previously he'd been happy to improvise or simply use the equipment provided at the clubs. For the first time, the money he made brought him some happiness because he got to spend so much of it getting everything ready for Will.

“I don't know – look, I don't have your way with words alright? We – I've been trying to get him feeling secure and happy, get him to want to stay. I thought – after his father visited, and I let him have a bit more freedom, he really seemed to be settling into things. But then things got out of hand, and he just – it completely threw me. How the hell do you cope with all these feelings Angel?? I just – sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode with everything that's going on in my head. I've never felt like this before – is it any wonder I had to run?”

“Look, Alex – I get it, I really do. And you know I'm there if you need me. But I would sincerely suggest you get your ass back here tonight – your Will is severely ticked with you and I've got a feeling this party tonight is going to get interesting.”

“How do you mean? Angel – what did you do?”

“Do? Me? Nothing – I swear. Just – Will was giving me some shit when we were out earlier, and I told him how it was with the Harris boys. He needed to hear it Alex. Anyhow, we stopped off at a drug store on the way back and he didn't want me in there with him. No clue what he bought but he got this look in his eye when I told him I was taking him to the Osbourne's party.”

“Fuck. Thanks Angel – just great, thanks. Now he's not just pissed off because I didn't handle things the right way the other night, but you're taking him to the Osbourne's. Why don't you just shoot me now?”

“Oh come on – he'll have a few drinks, dance off some of his mad, and then I'll bring him home to you in one piece. What do you say?”

“Yeah, okay, fine. I'm not that far – I might make it back in time to come to the party. Just don't mention it to Will. I want him to have a good time, and if he knows I might turn up he'll get more annoyed.”

“Has he got party clothes or do I need to go shopping?”

“He's got party clothes. I got him some stuff from 'Demonica's' last time I was there – he's got plenty to choose from. In fact, there are a few things I would love to see him in – not had the chance up til now.”

“Right. I'll either see you at your place or over at the Osbourne's. And Alex, really, relax. It took me and Lindsay a good year to get to where you are – man, you gave him a chance to leave and he stayed. And okay, the love stuff can be a choker, but – look, it takes a special type of person to want what we want, to handle what we dish out. And I think you may have just found the right person for you. So hang in there, okay? You're no Anthony Harris – remember that for me, will ya?”

“Yeah – thanks Angel. I'll see you later.” He was about to hang up when something occurred to him. “Hey, Angel?”


“No playing while I'm not there. Okay?” The deep rumbling laugh confirmed that his brother wasn't averse to the idea of playing when Alex was there, a fact Alex filed away for later. Maybe things with Will might have progressed to where they could consider an intense family weekend?


Alex sat at his desk, sipping his morning coffee. It had been a struggle to get out of bed this morning, the inclination to stay there with Will had been strong. But he resisted – Will had shown himself to be quite a strong character, and Alex didn't want to let any more of the control he had in the relationship go by getting too comfortable. As if there was much of a chance of that. He looked down at his arm where a long scratch could be seen wending it's way up his forearm and disappearing up his sleeve. Will had been less than happy by the time they got back from the party and he had made his opinions known both verbally and physically.

By the time they had got into the house and into the bedroom, Alex's ears were ringing with Will's opinion about people who tested other people by setting honey traps. He had tried to explain that it hadn't been his intention but Will hadn't been particularly interested in listening. Instead, Alex was treated to a long, confusing diatribe that involved graveyards, dancing with lonely young men, queries about tag-teaming (for which he really needed to ask Angel what had been said) and threats towards certain precious parts of his anatomy if he ever tried to catch Will out like that again. To say he'd been surprised when Will jumped him was an understatement – it had never occurred to him that Will would switch like, would be able to switch like that. Things had been rougher than normal, and he'd enjoyed himself immensely – actually having to exert himself to regain control of the smaller man and get him onto the bed and under Alex where he belonged.

Alex stretched, a grimace of pain crossing his face as various aches made themselves felt. He got up and went to the bathroom, stripping off his sweater and looking in the long mirror. His chest was covered in bite marks and scratches, and his neck looked like he'd been attacked by a vampire. Will had quite the set of teeth on him when he wanted, and last night he had wanted. Turning to the side, Alex examined the array of bruises and marks stretching round his body – finger-tip bruises, the vague outline of hand-prints where Will had pushed and pulled to get Alex where he wanted him, teeth marks adorning his shoulders, biceps and pecs. He imagined Will would find matching marks all over his body when he finally got out of bed, neither of them having being particularly gentle with each other.

He leaned forward, examining and rubbing his fingertips over the clear outline of Will's teeth just about where his neck met his shoulder. He shivered – it had been an intense evening, more so because Will had actively participated without Alex having to overpower any inhibitions – for the first time in their relationship both of them had been passionately engaged from the very beginning.

Alex had planned on having words with Angel about his dirty trick the night before, making Will think that he'd been set up, but now he could actually see why he'd done it. It looked like his big brother was looking out for him still, a fact that made him smile. Like Angel had said, he was there for Alex now and always. Of course, the fact that he was wearing Will's mark might also explain his good mood. Nothing like wearing the physical evidence of how intensely passionate someone felt about you to put a man in a good mood. Will might have with-held certain words last night, but he hadn't held anything else back. And as their father had often told them actions spoke so much louder than words.


Will opened his eyes, automatically doing his cataloguing of his bonds (one handcuff, one ankle shackle) and his body's various aches and pains. A blush mounted his cheeks as he considered his actions of the night before. He felt bad about Jesse and made a decision to contact Daniel Osbourne to make sure the young man was alright. He knew what it was like to be used, and felt slightly shamefaced that he had done such a thing.

He recalled Angel stepping in, then getting very up close and personal. He also recalled that his concerns hadn't been about what Angel was capable of doing to him, but how Alex would react if anything happened without his – what? - permission? Only to find out that Alex was there, had witnessed Angel's less than subtle come on, and that the whole thing seemed to be a honey-trap to see how far Will would go. That had hurt – the thought that Alex didn't trust him – hurt and angered him. So much so that for the first time in years he had let his temper get the better of him. He didn't remember half of what he had screamed at Alex (after they had got out of the pool and left the party that is), but he distinctly remembered getting so riled up that he'd shoved, pushed and wrangled the other man into their bedroom and almost thrown him onto the bed.

What followed was – well, if he was honest, was fucking brilliant. Or brilliant fucking. For once, he wasn't the only one wearing the bruises and bite marks and he felt bloody marvellous. And somehow he wasn't concerned in the slightest about Alex's reaction. Starting from now, things were going to change.


Will wasn't sure how he felt about it. He certainly hadn't expected it, especially after his behaviour after the party. But there it was, snug fit, gleaming in the light streaming through the window of the bathroom. He turned his head to one side, tilting his head down and peeking a look through his lashes. Despite all of the unresolved issues, he couldn't seem to stop himself reaching up and touching it tentatively – almost expecting it to disappear.

Alex had been in a fine mood when he came to unlock Will from the bed – smiling a soft smile, a gentle hand guiding Will into the bathroom, the smooth skin of the back of his fingers sliding down Will's back to rest against his ass. He'd left Will alone long enough to use the bathroom and finish his ablutions, then returned, standing behind him as they stood in front of the mirror.

Eyes locked to each other's, Will couldn't hold back the gasp as Alex pulled it out of his pocket and lifted his hands over Will's head, fastening it carefully before stroking it flat so that the medallion rested in the hollow between his collar bones. Resting the white-gold medallion on his thumb, he could see that it was in the shape of their initials: the legs of the A standing on top of the W. The material was a deep black suede, so soft that it caressed his fingertips when he ran them around it's length.

“You don't have to wear it all the time – if you don't want to.” Will nodded, still staring at his reflection. Still watching Alex.

“Why now?”

“Because last night was finally us. Instead of just me and you being........dragged into it.” Again, Will found himself nodding. It was true – last night had been the first time he'd been in anyway the aggressor, but it wasn't even that. Last night he hadn't been afraid of what Alex would do, hadn't been flinching or anticipating – he'd been too busy experiencing it all. Too busy learning what made Alex flinch, sigh, moan, cry out and writhe.

He shifted, surprised at a tingle of arousal. Even before all of this, he couldn't remember that last time he had simply been turned on. Actually in the mood. He turned his head, eyes sweeping over Alex's face and neck.

“Like seeing you wearing my mark for a change.” Will smirked as Alex actually flushed, ducked his head.

“Seemed like the first time you wanted to leave one – I never stopped you, you just never tried.”

“So what – you telling me I coulda done that all along?” Alex shrugged. “I don't think so, mate. You never said.”

“You never asked. You're not a prisoner here Will.” Will snorted derisively. “The door's unlocked. You have money, you have clothes, you have your freedom. But I don't think you want to leave – do you?”

“Depends. You gonna keep me handcuffed to the bed all the time? Cos not so much with the being able to leave when you're tied to furniture.”

“Do you want to? Leave I mean.” Will looked back to the mirror, looked down at the collar with their initials soldered together. Met Alex's gaze once more in the mirror. Then smiled. They were quite quite beautiful together. How they felt about each other was obvious to even the most casual on-looker. And he wasn't casual, not at all – what he was seeing wasn't casual.


It had been relatively easy to follow them from the party. He'd gone back to the garden because he didn't trust Angel – smarmy bastard, interrupting them like that. He and Will had made a connection, and if Angel hadn't stuck his nose in – well, who knows what might have happened? He saw Alex and Will in the pool, could see that it wasn't a good time to interrupt. He'd escaped upstairs, watched as a cab drove up and Will and Alex left. He ran downstairs, grabbing one of the bike's from the Osbourne's garage, knowing where they were going so not having to keep the cab in sight.

They were arguing and he started to get really worried – what if Alex hurt Will? The house was pretty damn secure, he wouldn't be able to get in to save him, didn't even have a cell to call the cops. He'd think of something, wouldn't let Will down. Not the way he'd....

They forgot to close the curtains, too busy screaming at each other he guessed. He hated seeing people fight – reminded him too much of being home and what it was like between Jessica and Ethan. But he stayed, ready to do something if it got out of hand.

They went from screaming at each other to getting physical, and he was about ready to start banging on the window or something when Will shoved Alex and they ended up on the bed. And he found himself completely mesmerised.


Biting at Alex's lips, Will straddled him, sitting up only long enough to shove Alex's tee-shirt out of the way before returning to bite at his chest, the tawny brown nipples. Alex's arms wrapped around Will, pulling him down as they devoured each other, before rolling so that he was on top, nestled securely between Will's spread legs.

Planting his hands either side of Will's head, Alex leaned up, grinding their hips together. Will was panting for breath, face flushed with passion and anger. Hands digging into the dark strands of hair falling around Alex's face, he pulled hard, reaching up and smashing his lips against Alex's, tasting the coppery tang of blood but not caring. He moaned as Alex grabbed hold of his wrists, the small bones being squeezed together as his arms were yanked above his head and pressed onto the bed. Alex followed him down, shoving his tongue into Will's mouth as he wrestled for control. Growling, Will wriggled like a snake, fighting to free his hands. When that failed, he bit down on Alex's tongue, smiling savagely when the other man jerked his head back.

“Bastard!” he spat into Alex's face, still struggling to get free. He thrust up with his hips, trying to throw Alex off of him, only succeeding because Alex was still off guard from having his tongue bitten. Taking advantage of the momentary lapse, Will wriggled sideways until he was able to push against Alex's grip to shove the other man onto his back. His hands unexpectedly free, he wrestled with the button and fly of Alex's jeans, roughly shoving them down until the man's hard cock could spring free. Thumbing the buttons on his leather jeans, he hissed as the cool air hit his own hardened dick, wriggling his hips to slide them down as far as his spread legs allowed. “Fucking tricking me – oof!”

Alex shoved him backwards, rising from the bed and skinning his jeans and boxers off in one move. Staring up at him, Will lifted his hips and followed suit, shoving the leather trousers off the bed with his feet before yanking the black tee-shirt over his head and finally kneeling naked on the bed. He looked at Alex as he stood next to the bed, red welts already coming up on his chest.

“I keep telling you, it wasn't -” Unwilling to listen, Will threw himself onto the other man, forcibly taking his mouth as he wrapped his arms around him and raked his nails down the other man's back. “Jesus Christ!” Alex muttered, pulling away from Will's mouth even as he gripped his hips and thrust against his pelvis.

He threw Will onto the bed, falling onto him and covering him with his larger body. Gasping for air, Will lurched up and bit Alex on the shoulder, sinking his teeth in and refusing to release his grip. The tight squeeze of Alex's hands on his cock forced him to let go, and his head lolled back as he moaned. Will twined his legs around Alex's waist as the other man began to jerk them off together, strong, tight grip pushing Will higher, faster.


Gripping tight to the window pane with one hand, other hand shoved down his pants as he jerked off, he watched the two of them. The arousal was almost painful in it's intensity and he bit his lip trying to muffle the moans that kept trying to escape. Watching them – they were feral – biting and clawing at each other, seeming to be desperate for each other as they threw each other around on the bed. Not gentle but not nasty or intending to hurt – just, almost like a demonstration of how strongly they felt. He knew he was part of the reason for the ferocity, knew that his connection with Will – short-lived though it was – had played it's part. So it seemed only right that he see the culmination of it – watch as they reaffirmed their connection. And it was so fucking hot watching them, hotter than any pornos he'd watched with his pals at school, hotter than hiding in closets with Larry the jock and tossing each other off. Just watching Will and Alex together was hotter than anything else he had ever experienced in his young life.


Alex was flat on his back on the bed, hands squeezing Will's ass cheeks as he opened his throat and took Will's dripping cock deep. Looking up the length of Will's body, he stared into the flushed face. Will's hands were pressed against the wall, holding him upright as he straddled Alex's chest and fucked his mouth. No hesitancy, just knee walked up Alex's body and presented his cock to Alex's mouth, silently insisting on entrance.

Alex slid his hand between the clenching ass cheeks, stroking around Will's asshole with this thumb – slide over, stroke, slide over, stroke – and Will's movements started to stutter. Will pressed himself back into that hand, thrusting forwards hard, cock swelling with need. Slide over, stroke then in – pushing hard with his thumb up to the webbing between his thumb and finger, searching for then just touching that gland. No movement, following Will's hips back and forth, just touch knowing that it drove Will wild for him to just touch it, not stroke, slide, move over – just a constant gentle touch.

“Take it – fuck, fuck – ohgod, takeittakeittakeit – fucking gonna - “ Sucking so hard, his cheeks hollowed, Alex watched Will's face as the blue eyes bled to a deep, sexy navy, eyelids sliding down, mouth panting open as he breathed obscenities down at Alex. Alex slid his free hand down between Will's legs – he could reach far enough to stroke his perineum – light scratch, then press hard with both hands at the same time, taking Will down his throat and swallowing as Will came.

Knowing what was coming, Alex quickly got his hands free and caught Will as he slumped, tilted him sideways until he landed safely on the bed. Moving quickly, Alex grabbed a pillow and shoved it under Will's ass, canting it up towards him.

“Fuck!” Alex realised he had no lube, and not willing to hurt Will he shifted towards the bedside table, yanking the drawer open and taking out the tube. Practised flip of the lid, he squirted lube into his hand then threw the jar in the direction of the drawer. Sliding his hand up and down his aching cock, groaning because it was so close, almost enough to bring him off, he settled once more between Will's thighs. Alex slid one hand between the cheeks, sliding his thumb in again but this time circling the guardian ring, slicking up the entrance.

Alex looked up into Will's eyes – half-closed, drowsy looking, beautiful eyes – and he aimed his cock and slammed his way into Will in one long, smooth drive. He watched as Will's eyes rolled back, hands scrabbling for purchase on the sheets, hips canting upwards to make it easier, possible for Alex to pull slowly out then slam back in.

“God, Alex – yeah, fuck me - “

“Wasn't – I didn't set you up Will – swear, ugh – wasn't - “

“Shut up and fuck me!”

Unable to do anything but comply, Alex circled his hips, rubbing the head of his cock around the entrance to Will's body, before slamming back in, balls bouncing against the taut ass cheeks. The tight, rippling feel of Will's body was driving him faster than ever before – the way Will was thrusting back towards him, moaning, hands reaching for Alex's hips and nails digging in. Hips jackhammering backwards and forwards, Alex leaned forward and took Will's mouth, nibbling at his lips, thrusting his tongue in deep, mirroring the movement of his hips as he worked himself in and out of that deliciously tight body.

“Fucking own you – mine, Will, you're mine – all – ohgod, yes - “ Words wrenched from him as he thrust in hard and deep, head thrown back as he felt his cock explode, cum pulsing out of him into the warmth of his Will. Boneless slide as he gently pulled out then let himself fall onto the bed next to Will, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. Alex was unable to stop himself, possessive arms reached out and pulled Will towards him, holding him close, burying his face into the warm hollow of Will's neck as he laid a daisy-chain of kisses down towards the fast-beating pulse.


He pressed his head against the wall, gasping for breath as he wiped his hands on the outside of his jeans. God, the mess – he was going to have to ride the bike back with cum-soaked jeans., explain himself to his parents, to the Osbourne's.....

One more look through the window at the two of them. They looked like they had gone to sleep, Alex lying half on top of Will, his head pressed into the smaller man's neck. As he watched, he saw Will's hand come up and gently push back the sweaty-looking strands of hair on Alex's forehead.

And he realised that any connection he had felt with Will had been one-sided. That Will was with who he wanted to be with, that he didn't need saving from Alex's savage temper, that Will didn't need him.

Again. Just like with Jessica – didn't want to be saved, kept telling him that he didn't understand, was too young to get it, that Ethan wasn't hurting her. Maybe he was just a kid because it made no sense to him at all. These people who were meant to be in love with each who seemed to like to cause each other pain.

Head down, deep in his own dark thoughts, Jesse climbed onto his bike and started the long ride home.


“Oh you look so pretty Will.” Carefully, Alex took the straight razor and rinsed it off in the bowl. He looked at Will, a zing of arousal coursing through him as he took in the picture his lover made. Tied spread-eagled to the bed, lined leather cuffs holding each wrist, shackles keeping his legs apart. His groin was thrust upwards by the pillows Alex had put under his hips, shoving his leaking erection obscenely into the warm air. “Keep still baby.” Taking hold of Will's cock, Alex brought the razor back to the remaining curls at Will's groin.

Part Ten

Will bit his lip and shifted on the bed, hissing as the movement caused the ache in his ass to intensify. God, he wanted, needed. He wiggled his hands, enjoying the feel of the soft fur lining his cuffs on his wrists, the slight burn in his shoulder muscles of being stretched across the bed.

He shifted again, closing his eyes as the soft sheets brushed against the underside of his cock and balls. When Alex had shaved him, he had said it would make everything feel more sensitive but Will hadn't realised just how sensitive everything would be.

“Ssshhh sweetheart, moving isn't gonna take the burn away.” Alex's voice came from down between his legs, the gusts of cool air making the skin on his balls tighten and shift, his thigh muscles clenching. “Oh baby, you are so beautiful like this. I love seeing the skin on your balls lift and move – so pretty without your little curls. Gonna keep you shaved like this, keep them bare so I can watch them. I love the feel of your body stretching and fighting to get away from me; the way everything clenches and releases. Can you feel that? Feel the stretch? It's no bigger than I am, baby – does it feel different?”

“Yesss.” Will's voice was slurred, and he turned his head on the pillow, panting for breath. How long had Alex had him like this? How long since he'd tied Will to the bed, spread his legs and squeezed lube into his ass? Taken Will by surprise by entering him not with a hot, hard cock but with an anal plug?

“Wanna see how big it can go?” Without giving him a chance to reply, Alex shifted on the bed and Will groaned as he felt the plug inside him inflate. God, it had felt big enough to start with, the solid weight filling him nicely. But now, he couldn't hold back another moan and he realised he was humping the sheets, desperate for some friction. “Fuck you look all pretty, filled with this. I can see how stretched you are around it.... oh yeah, liking this a whole lot baby.” Will tried to scramble to his knees, not sure whether he was trying to get further away or closer to the torture. Alex's finger was tracing around his asshole, pressing against the stretched skin lightly. His other hand was stroking Will's inner thighs, scratching lightly. He felt Alex shift again, the tickle of the dark, shaggy hair against his skin before the feel of Alex's tongue, tracing the base of the plug.

“Please, God Alex, please....”

“Please what baby? Want me to make it bigger? Want the burn a little more?” Again, the shift of hand; again the feel of the plug inflating more. It was verging on uncomfortable, the now constant press against his prostate making him writhe on the sheets, desperate to get away. He needed, fuck he needed....

“Just tell me, that's all you have to do. Tell me you agree...”

“No..... won't do it....” He heard Alex sigh, the soft tickle on the inside of his legs ceasing. For a moment, he wondered if Alex would stop.

“You know you'd love it. Don't pretend you don't find Angel attractive – I saw the two of you, remember? In the garden?? I saw you – I saw when you pressed against him, pushed your ass back into him. I want to see that again – I want to see that properly with no clothes, nothing in the way. Don't you want that too?”

“I don't......”

“You really don't want to?”

“Shit, I dunno – please, Alex.....” He gasped as he felt the plug inflate once more until it was too much, he couldn't breathe, he was too full. “No.... no more, please more.” Will sighed as the size of the plug was lessened fractionally, panting as he felt his body adjusting once more until it was clinging to the soft/hard latex toy. “Fuck!” The cry was torn from him as Alex moved once more and the plug started to vibrate. Unable to stand it any more, Will began rutting against the sheets, desperate to come as the vibrations shook him from the inside. He could hear Alex crooning to him, saying how beautiful he looked, how much he wanted him; could feel it as Alex alternately tugged and pushed the plug at the entrance of his body, never taking it out, just ensuring that it stayed vibrating where it would have the most impact.

He could hear screaming and begging, knew somewhere in his head that the voice belonged to him but he couldn't seem to get himself to stop. Then at last, a big warm hand wrapped around his dick from behind, providing that last bit of friction needed, and he was shooting, coming so long and so hard he thought he was going to pass out.

A rapid deflation, the shock of the plug being pulled out of him, and suddenly he was full of Alex, that hot, thick cock driving into him and pushing him into the bed. Will was aware of the slapping sounds as Alex's hips hit his ass at every pounding entry; the thick, strong arms wrapped around his chest, pulling him close; a hot hungry mouth biting at his neck and shoulders. Still dazed, he widened his legs and tilted his hips, letting Alex in that bit deeper, moaning hoarsely at the feel of the blunt head of Alex's cock thudding against his prostate. It was almost enough to turn him on all over again, especially when he looked down and saw Alex's hand pressed against his chest. Around the tanned wrist was a leather bracelet, a white-gold charm dangling from it, almost hypnotising him as it swung back and forth.

The arms disappeared, hands gripping his hips tight as Alex hammered into him, grunting and moaning Will's name. The fingers tightened, digging in harshly and he knew Alex was on the verge of coming. He waited for just the right moment, then clenched and squeezed the muscles in his ass, Alex's bellow and the feel of him coming sending an illicit thrill through him. He loved making the man lose control, loved knowing that he could do that – tied to a bed, barely able to move, he could still send the other man over the edge before he was ready.

Will grunted as Alex landed on top of him, then coughed as he realised his throat was sore. “Alex...”

The near-silent pained moan was enough to make Alex disengage gently and move off of him, flicking the quick-release on one of the handcuffs and rolling Will to the side.

“You okay?” Will tried to speak and realised he couldn't, that he had screamed himself hoarse and his voice was pretty much gone. “Damn! Hold on, I'll get you something to drink – I'll be right back.” Stretching his body as far as he could, Will rolled to the side and let his head fall into the pillow, the coolness of the cotton feeling good against his heated skin.

Maybe if he was ill, Alex wouldn't make him go to Angel's that weekend. They were slowly redefining the rules in their relationship, and he knew Alex wanted him to want to go to stay with Angel and Lindsay for a weekend with all that that entailed. It wasn't that he didn't want to go – he couldn't even explain why he was hesitating.

Will opened his eyes as the bed gave under Alex's weight, opening his mouth to accept the drink that was pressed against his lips. Cool water soothed the soreness slightly, but he could tell his voice wasn't coming back any-time soon. He shook his head when Alex offered him some more, flopping back onto the bed and watching as Alex placed the glass onto the bedside table. His eyes were once more drawn to the leather bracelet with it's medallion : an A and a W entwined, the A slotting into the body of the W from below. Alex had laughed when he had been presented with it, but Will knew he was pleased, enjoying the blatant symbolism of the W being on top. Okay, so that hadn't happened yet but there was always hope.

Alex caught where he was looking, and a smile crossed the man's face.

“You don't have to answer now – wait til your voice comes back. But if you agree to the weekend, maybe this won't just be symbolic anymore....”

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