Rating: NC17
Pairing(s): Spike/Xander
Beta(s): Unbeta'd but proofread
Part : Master Post
Warnings : Dub dom/sub, Headgames
Disclaimer: Hmmm, mine? Nah!
Summary: He was bought and paid for

This is a series of fics based on the prompts from my [info]50kinkyways table, [info]angst_bingo and [info]hc_bingo cards. They didn't come from the mind of my normal muse – Lola Plot!bunny – they come from the dark mind of Hebony Dark!bunny.

Will is a prostitute, Alex is a client. Alex buys Will for one night but doesn't let him go. And maybe Will doesn't want to get free. This series is full of mind!fucks and has an informal dom/sub theme running through it. There is no rough sex written but it is intimated at. There is, however, explicit male/male sex.

Please. Take these warnings seriously – the first few chapters have already squicked a number of people because it is most definitely not my normal style. That said, welcome to the "Bought and Paid For Series" – strap yourself in because it's a bumpy ride!

Bought and Paid For


Part One

~ A ~

Will shivered as a gust of wind swept under his duster and whipped around his body. Fuckin' hell, it was cold tonight. And when it was cold, the punters were just not interested - no one wanted to whip it out for a quick bj in a darkened alley when you were likely to get frostbite. Sucking hard on his cigarette, he contemplated going back to his flat - sorry, apartment as the Americans called it. Rolling his eyes, he checked up and down the street. Bugger this, if he didn't get a punter in the next five minutes he was going home and fuck the money.

Sighing because he knew full well he couldn't afford to say fuck the money, and going home without at least one score meant sneaking past the landlord again, he stamped his feet in his Doc Maartens and prayed to whoever would listen that he would get someone willing to pay out. Flinching as his cigarette burned all the way down and singed his fingers, he dashed it away, cursing as sparks flew back and caught him in the eye.

"Fuck!" Blinking rapidly, eyes watering, he rubbed his eyes.

"Looks painful." The voice caught him completely unaware, and he stumbled back into the wall. Swiping the water from his eyes, he turned to where the sound had come from. How the fuck the guy had managed to sneak up on him was anyone's guess but he'd prayed and it looked like it had been answered. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." The voice came closer. Will looked up into hazel eyes, squinting against the wind. He looked the guy up and down, taking in the windswept dark hair, hazel eyes in a tanned face, wide mouth spread in a smile that made you want to trust him.

He was tall - over six feet - with broad shoulders padded out even more in a hefty pea coat. His hands were tucked deep into the pockets of his coat, and Will could see dark jeans on long legs, hefty hiking boots on his feet.

"'m alright - you just startled me is all. What ya looking for mate?" Cocking his hip, Will put his hands on his hips, fingers pointing towards the goods to get the guy interested. Not that the man seemed to need directions - as soon as Will's jacket had slipped open he'd made a very comprehensive survey of Will from head to toe. He'd taken in the heavily dyed white blond hair forced into spikes all over his head; bright blue eyes in a pale face, sharp cheekbones, strong nose and pouty reddy pink lips. Will was built long and lean, muscular without being muscle-bound. He kept himself fit - running from the police helped, but the punters he came across weren't looking for curves, seeming to prefer his angular shape. He hadn't had any complaints so far and generally made out alright - unless the weather was piss ugly, like tonight. The other regulars had given up, but he needed one score to have his rent money for the month and there was no way he was going back to living on the streets if he could help it.

"Depends what it's going to cost me."

"That depends on what ya want." The man smiled and stepped closer, close enough that his coat brushed against Will's duster. Straightening from the wall, Will looked up and smiled. "You tell me what ya want and we can discuss price. How's that sound?"

"Sounds good. There's a café down there" the man gestured with his head, "fancy a coffee to warm up and discuss terms?"

"Normally get straight down to business mate - not really got time to chat."

"Looks quiet to me - I think you could make the time to chat if you wanted to. Come on, one coffee on me, and who knows what else you'll get?" The smile was back, wide and blindingly white, and Will found himself nodding and following as the man started walking down the block towards the all night café. Shivering, he took a few running steps so they were walking side by side, the bulk of the taller, heavier man protecting him from some of the wind. One coffee wouldn't hurt: he could warm up a bit, get a better look at the man, see if he could figure out his kink. Once you knew a punter's kink, you were halfway there to the green stuff and that's what counted.

~ B ~

The café was warm, the hot chocolate heating him up from the inside as he sipped it slowly, looking over the table at the man. He hadn't taken off the coat and was sat back in his chair, staring at Will and smiling. The silence became uncomfortable, and Will shuffled in his chair and coughed.

"So - your dime mate."

"So it is. How much for the night?" Will shook his head, not sure he'd heard correctly. The night? No one wanted a hooker for a whole night, not unless it was a party and he didn't do those any more, had seen too many of his street friends get knocked about and messed up.

"Don't do parties mate, don't do gang bangs. If you're the scout, I suggest you move along and find someone else for you and your friends to share."

"Who said anything about a party? I'm talking me and you, how much for the night?"

"S'not so much about the time - it's more about what you're wanting. Everything costs mate, just different rates for different things."

"Okay. How about $500 dollars for the night, anything goes." A swift intake of breath, and Will struggled not to show anything on his face. $500 would go a long way to getting him through the cold spell - he could eke that out for a little while, maybe even have a break. Mind you, no point having that money if he was hospitalised or something.

"Anything goes? Don't think so - I don't do rough stuff, no blood, no drugs and no bare-back."

"What, even if I showed you my latest blood test results?"

"Who the hell carries around their blood test results? You know, I think there's something dodgy about you mate - thanks for the chocolate and all that but I'm gonna go." Will pushed to his feet but was jerked back from leaving by the hand that suddenly took his wrist. Shoving his other hand into the pocket of his duster, he fingered the blade he had hidden there. The café was quiet but not that quiet - he didn't want things to get nasty and he end up in jail or something. "Think you're gonna wanna let that go, mate. Don't touch what you ain't bought."

The man didn't even hesitate, warm hand staying exactly where it was, his grip tight but not pinching - he was literally just holding Will in place. With his other hand he reached into his jacket and pulled out a white envelope and offered it to Will.

"Open it." Flicking his eyes away from the man's face, Will looked at the envelope. What would it prove anyway? Anyone could fake blood test results and he had no way of proving whether whatever was in that envelope belonged to the bloke. "I said open it." Will reached for the envelope without thinking, obeying the voice out of instinct. As soon as Will took the envelope, the man released his hand and gestured back to the chair. Will sat down and opened the envelope, pulling out a sheaf of A4 papers. The heading said Sunnydale Medical Facility, and scanning his eyes over the page Will could see that they were indeed a set of blood test results, everything clear for one Alexander Harris.

"So what, Alex?? Doesn't prove anything." He looked over and Alexander was passing him his driving licence, the name and picture confirming he was one Alexander Harris. Yeah, they could be faked but why would someone bother? If Will wouldn't take that much cash for one night, someone else sure as hell would.

"Half the money upfront. I get to make a phone-call, tell a friend where I am. And like I said, no blood, no rough stuff and no drugs." Alex nodded and reached into his pocket again, pulling out an expensive cell-phone and handing it over to Will. Flipping it open, Will dialled from memory, praying that Wesley would answer. There was no way in hell he wanted to lose out on the chance of that much money, but he wasn't an idiot - he knew boys went missing all the time and he and Wes always took precautions when a punter wanted something out of the ordinary. They even had a code word if they needed rescuing although to date they hadn't had to use it.

"Hello, Wyndham-Pryce Escort Agency, how can I help you?"

"Hey Wes, you can drop the act - it's just me."

"No act as you well know, William. Just because the Wyndham-Pryce Escort Agency consists of only me is no reason to let standards slip. So what can I do for you? Don't tell me you're still out there? Will, I've told you time and time again, we could make a fortune if we combined our businesses. Why there's - "

"Wes, not now 'kay? Got a punter wants the whole night and happy to pay for the privilege. Name's Harris, Alex Harris. Just ringing to let you know right? Gonna call and let you know where I am too so no funny business goes on. You got my back?"

"Yes of course, of course. Ring me when you get to your destination and when you get home tomorrow."

"Will do, mate. Thanks."

"Anytime William, and please try to be careful." Smirking, Will slapped the phone closed and handed it back to Alex.

"Can I call when we get back to wherever?"

"Certainly. Are you finished?" Alex gestured to the cup of hot chocolate, long gone cold and congealing slightly on the top.

"Yeah, all done. Where we going?"

"Copthorne Villas. I have an apartment there. You'll be surrounded by people, all you have to do is shout." Will nodded - he knew the Villas. Not uptown but not slum either.

"You native then?" Alex shook his head, a hand on Will's back leading him out of the café.

"No. Just some place I stay when I am here." Alex took long strides and Will had to semi-trot to keep up. If they kept this pace all the way back to the Villas, he'd be no use to Alex unless he wanted a still dummy for a partner. About to mention this to Alex, Will stopped beside the man as he tugged some keys out of his pocket and pointed them just down the street. A beeping sound and four flashes showed where he had obviously parked his car, and hiding a smile, Will followed Alex to the vehicle.

~ C ~

Phone call to Wes over with, Spike strolled around the room - picking up and putting down the few knick knacks that decorated the place. It was sparsely furnished - small television in the corner, a two seater sofa, a coffee table and a bureau against the wall, various figurines scattered over it. There were a couple of unicorns but they mainly seemed to be small action figures, and Will vaguely recognised a symbol from Babylon Five.

When they had arrived, Alex had shrugged out of his pea coat, dropped it over the arm of the chair and gone into the kitchen. He came back out holding two glasses of amber liquid, ice clinking against the glass. He walked over to Will, holding out one of the glasses then smiling.

"You can choose whichever one you want - that way you'll know I haven't drugged it." Flinching at the obviousness of his paranoia, Will reached out and accepted the offering, exchanging it for the cell-phone. "Happier now you've called in?" Sipping the scotch which burned nicely as it slid down his throat, Will nodded. "Good. Let's get the rest of this settled shall we?" Alex held out his hand, and Will frowned.


"Knife please. There's no way I'm handing over $250 to someone who might decide to knife me and do a runner." Will blushed, taking his hand out of his pocket where he had been unconsciously playing with the blade. It was a habit, that was all - he'd never even pulled it, let alone used it.

"Not giving you my knife. How about I hang the coat up? That way it's not on my person. And you know I ain't going out in that weather without my coat." Alex stood considering for a moment, then nodded. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of notes, and Will's eyes almost bugged out of his head. "Man, are you insane?? Don't tell me you were walking around this town carrying all of that?" Alex shrugged and held out the money.

"It's all there - you can count it if you want." Almost unable to believe his luck, Will flicked through the notes to check that they were all actually cash and not wads of plain paper. They looked fine to him, so he tucked them into his pocket and pulled his jacket off, walking over to leave it on the hook on the back of the door. Turning back to Alex, he felt nervous which was stupid - he'd been doing this for nearly a year. Admittedly, he generally didn't do more than blow jobs - most men wouldn't pay out for the whole thing when a bj would do - but he certainly wasn't a virgin. The reason he was in the damn town was because he'd followed his heart and been dumped. Knocking back the rest of the scotch, he winced as fire raced down his throat. Right, time to earn his dosh then.

He slunk over towards Alex, dropping the glass onto the coffee table as he walked past it. He stood in front of Alex, reaching for the heavy belt at the waistband of his jeans, pulling the tab out and working to undo it. Alex's hands gripped both of his wrists, stopping him from doing anything further. He looked up, exasperated.

"What now mate?" Alex smiled at him and jerked his head towards the door that obviously led to the bedroom. "Well alright then." Will clapped once, rubbed his hands together and turned towards the door. "Come on." Maybe Alex was shy? Cos he certainly wasn't dominant or anything like that, letting Will lead him almost docilely towards the bedroom. Turning, he looked up and smiled at Alex before pushing the door open and walking through. He reached blindly for the light switch, flicking it on and turning to look the room over. His eyes widened as he looked around, his mouth dropping open. "Ruddy fuck."

Part Two

~ D ~

The door called to him, ajar as it was. He had no idea where Alex was - after he'd fucked him, he'd left the room, undoing Will's handcuffs before climbing off the bed. Will let his head fall back down onto the pillow, mind racing. It could be another test. He'd failed those before.

In the first few weeks after he'd followed Alex into Copthorne Villas, he'd failed a number of times. The phone call to Wes telling him he was alright and not to worry - that had been his first real failure. The punishment had been severe, and Will's mind shied away from it even now. It hadn't been enough for Alex that Wes believed him when he said he was fine; not enough that he hadn't tried to use any of their code words to let his friend know he was in trouble; certainly not enough that he'd held back gasps of pain so Wes didn't realise the phone call was made under duress. Alex had wanted him to be willing for fuck's sake. Had wanted Will to want to cut ties with the only person who knew where he was and who he was with.

Swiping his hands over his face, Will squeezed his eyes closed, forcing back tears. The second and third phone calls had gone much better - the second one to tell Wes that he'd decided to move back home, that life on the street just wasn't what he wanted and returning to England was the best thing for him. He'd struggled throughout that conversation - telling Wes to help himself to Will's stuff had damn near broken him but fortunately Wes just thought he was being sentimental, took the slight hiccup in Will's voice to be a sign that he would miss his friend. The third phone call, from the airport of all places, had been enough to seal his fate. Wes had wished him Bon Voyage, laughing as Will told him his flight was being called and that he had to go. Alex was nothing but thorough - the flight boarding at the time of the phone-call enough to add authenticity.

There weren't even bruises to show the people around them as they boarded the plane. Alex was always careful not to leave them where they would show - or rather, where they might have to be explained. The bite marks on his neck and shoulders made people blush if he noticed them noticing, Alex's open 'affection' either bringing a smile to the faces of the romantic, or a scowl to the faces of those who thought 'people like him' shouldn't be so overt in public. Will had kept his eyes open for any opportunity to escape, had contemplated making a run for it or making a fuss at airport security. But Alex had been prepared for all of that - a casual arm around his waist to guide him, the harsh press of fingers unseen by others but felt by Will. Even stepping through the metal detectors, the time he had thought would be his best chance to get away, had been prepared for. When he'd slipped the keys into Will's jacket pocket was anyone's guess but the beeping and the rushing security guard had been disarmed by Alex's charm, the arm slung over his shoulder to pull him in close and Alex's casual 'Don't be embarrassed sweetheart - it could have happened to anyone' enough to convince their audience that they were just a couple of fags travelling together, the little blond 'wife' ditzy enough to leave keys in his coat and get caught out by the metal detector.

Will had almost wept then, realising that Alex was ahead of him every step they took. He'd been 'rewarded' for his good behaviour - his first night in his new home he was allowed to sleep with his legs unshackled. Of course, Alex had decided the next day that some misdemeanor was deserving of punishment and Will had spent the next week tied spread-eagled on the bed, only released when absolutely necessary or when Alex wanted the use of his body. Which happened a lot. The worst part of it all was that Alex always made sure that he liked it - that by the time he got to come, he was begging and pleading, clawing at the other man for release. He hated that more than anything, that Alex had assumed control of his body, that it would betray him like that.

Of course, he tried to tell himself that it wasn't a surprise. Will wasn't that experienced - a couple of casual flings through school, then Riley and following him only to be dumped. Punters didn't count, and they very rarely cared if Will got off or not. So, no big surprise that having someone pay attention to him, learn what made him writhe and moan, was enough to make his cock sit up and beg, even if his brain was screaming in denial. Even the pain was calculated - enough to throw him out of his comfort zone, push him out of control and into some weird head-space where it started to feel good, where giving up and letting Alex do whatever he wanted to do seemed like the only thing to do - but not so much as to incapacitate, not so much as to cause him real damage that would require medical attention or anything like that.

Sitting up, Will looked over at the door again. His clothes were there - folded neatly in the chair where he had left them. He still couldn't hear Alex, wasn't even sure where he was in the house. He might well have time to slip into his clothes and get out - the lack of noise in the house making him think that maybe Alex was out in the back garden indulging in a rare cigarette. He wriggled his toes in the deep carpet, looking down at his feet to avoid staring at the door. His body ached in so many places - his shoulders from being stretched out holding onto the headboard; his back and thighs were sore, red welts standing out starkly on his pale skin as he twisted and turned to look at them; no surprise that his ass hurt - Alex wasn't a small man, and when he was excited sometimes he got brutal, pounding away at Will with what felt like his whole body. This room was so very different from the room in Copthorne Villas - nothing to give any clue what went on in there, no obvious signs of what kind of play Alex liked. No shackles visible on the walls, no whips displayed, handcuffs and toys nowhere in evidence. It was part of Will's job to tidy them all away the morning after use - wash them clean of blood and other fluids and put them back in their place.

He ran his hand through his hair, fingers getting tangled in the curls that had grown out in their typical tangle. He never let it grow this long, but Alex loved it - said he liked having it to hold onto when he fucked Will's face. He also said it suited Will better longer, but it was obvious that the main reason he liked it long was being able to pull it. He would wrap his hands in it, tugging Will's head back so he could attack his mouth, devour him with lips, teeth and tongue. There was a part of Will that liked it - liked how strong Alex was, that he could toss Will around into whatever positions he wanted, have him however he wanted, whenever he wanted. But that part only came out after the pain. Alex took great pleasure in pulling that part of him out, forcing Will to admit his desires out loud many times before satisfying them.

Rising carefully from the bed, Will winced as muscles pulled as he walked over to the chest of drawers. Reaching in, he tugged out a pair of dark sweats and a wife-beater, no underwear because there wasn't any in there. He dressed in silence, head half-cocked to hear if Alex came back. Barefoot he walked silently over to the door, peeking through it into the hallway. The hum of the air conditioning was the only real sound, no floorboards creaking, no television sounds, nothing to intimate that there was anyone else in the house. He stood stock still, reaching out for a sense of anything but nothing came to him and he finally accepted that he was alone. He hadn't been left alone unshackled the entire time he had been here, and it felt strange. Abnormal almost. He turned back into the bedroom, leaning down under the bed for his sneakers. They were new - a gift from Alex. An apology for too rough a night, or a reward for taking everything Alex had dished out without complaint - who knew? He wriggled his feet into them, slipping his finger between his foot and the heel to slide them properly onto his feet.

He returned to the door and listened again. The house was still silent. Slipping through the door, he headed down the hallway to the front door. His duster was there, hanging alone on the peg. He slipped his hand into the pockets, a gasp of surprise leaving him as he felt the almost forgotten comfort of his blade. Alex had taken it the day after they had first met, standing by the bed looking down at Will tied in place while he emptied the jacket of all of his essentials. The tools of his trade - lube and condoms; his pocket knife; a well worn wallet holding nothing but his meagre earnings from that night, an expired student union card and an old bus ticket; gum and breath mints - and of course the wad of notes he himself had handed over to Will. The gag had effectively stopped Will protesting as his life was pulled out of the jacket and stashed in a lock-box, the key pocketed by Alex before draping the jacket over the only chair in the room. He held the knife in his hand, his fingers caressing it as a sense of renewed power came over him. He had a weapon, was no longer at a disadvantage if Alex did return. Although he wondered when Alex had put the pocket knife back. It hadn't been there the previous week when Alex had taken him to a garden party with his work colleagues.

He had felt vulnerable, on display, unsure whether the people there knew what and who he was. Surprisingly, he'd got on well with them, Alex's friend Angel taking him under his wing and introducing him round. He'd spent half the evening in a state of confusion, wondering why Alex was taking the risk on him telling them about his imprisonment, or even trying to escape. Each time he looked around, Alex was watching him but from a distance. He could have walked away at any time, gone to the bathroom and never returned but he hadn't. Wasn't sure if it was another test and not wanting to face the consequences if he failed it. The people there reminded him of summer parties back home, attending faculty parties with his father before he let the Giles name down by coming out as gay. His father had protested that, said it wasn't about Will being gay, that it was more about Will not living up to his full potential - refusing to go to University. But Will had known that his father was disappointed; that he was never going to be the son that Dr Rupert Giles, Chair of the Anthropology Department wanted. Perhaps that was why he had fallen for Riley's spiel when he came over on an exchange programme; why he had let himself be reeled in and persuaded that coming to the States after Riley failed his course was the right thing to do.

The ease with which he fell back into the party manners had surprised him, the cockney accent sliding away til his more middle-class tones returned and he found himself playing a bigger role in the conversations, holding his own with the anecdotes. Gently teased about being an Englishman abroad but welcomed nevertheless. That night had been different : Alex had made him beg longer, had fucked him harder, but afterwards he hadn't tied Will with all four shackles, had only used one cuff on his wrist while pinning Will down with his body. An effective method of imprisonment but not his usual one. Nothing had been said - they didn't talk about what happened in the bedroom - but Will had spent the next day fingering the bruises, confused. That day had been strange too - Will had been allowed to roam free around the house instead of being confined to Alex's home office where he did whatever work he did. All Will knew was that it paid enough for Alex to have the very best in home-security; the entertainment system in the house was top-notch; he could afford the modifications in the bedroom - the soundproofing, the benches that came out of walls when they were needed. It paid enough for Alex to afford the laptop he had casually thrown into Will's lap one day as though it was nothing, the sunny smile that made you want to trust him crossing his face as he said something about choosing college courses. Knowing that he was being played with, that it was just mind games, Will had used the laptop to offset the boredom.

Shaking his head, Will threw off his confusing thoughts, slipping the jacket on and relishing the comforting weight. Hand on the door handle, he looked over his shoulder once more. Still no sign of Alex, the house quiet, the hum of the air conditioning loud. The door opening was loud and he winced, expecting Alex to thunder through the house any moment but silence reigned. He slipped through the narrow gap, pulling it closed behind him gently. He walked slowly, hesitantly down the garden path, the familiar squeak of the gate the only sound.

~ E ~

The park was cold and Will huddled into his jacket as he watched the kids playing. Mothers sat gossiping on the benches, watching over their little darlings as they rolled themselves around in the sandpits, clambered over monkey-bars and threw themselves down slides. Hunching his shoulders, Will sucked hard at his cigarette, a cough overtaking him at the feel of the harsh nicotine down his throat. He didn't smoke much anymore, only allowed to when Alex had one of his rare desires for nicotine, and the tobacco in his pocket had gone a little dry. He fingered the wad of notes in his pocket. It was enough for a plane ticket. He knew Wes would look out for him while he sorted himself out again, got his pitch on the street back. But he wasn't sure if that was what he wanted - returning to a life on the streets held little appeal after the last few months. He felt like he'd gone soft, couldn't rebuild the hardened veneer needed to handle selling himself after being away for so long. Oh he had learnt so much, would no doubt be able to deal with even the pushiest of punters after this. But he would be a fool if he didn't see this as a wake-up call; he was lucky not to be dead in a ditch somewhere, his laughable attempts at security with Wes highlighted painfully.

Peeling off one of the notes, he walked over to one of the mother's sat a little away from the others, politely asking for change and waiting patiently as she rifled through her huge purse. He had seen a phone box near the entrance to the park, and walking more swiftly now he headed in that direction, wanting to get this over before he changed his mind.

Holding the receiver to his ear, he dialled from memory, the numbers coming to him automatically as he shoved as much change as he could into the slot. The ringing was loud in his ear, and he had almost decided to hang up when finally the phone was picked up at the other end.


~ E ~

The wind tousled his hair as he walked, hands shoved deep in pockets as his mind raced over the conversation. It hadn't gone as he had expected, not that he had had time to build expectations. His father had been ecstatic to hear from him, obvious tears in his voice as he asked how Will was, what he was doing, if he was coming home. He'd almost broken down a couple of times himself as he assured his father he was fine, but he held it together, head resting against the top of the phone booth as he simply listened to his father talk. The love in his father's voice, the instant acceptance of the phone call after so long had touched his heart, made him realise that his father had never been disappointed in him, couldn't care less if he was gay. He could look back and see so many of his own issues blinding him to reality, and he cursed fate for leading him to Riley at a time when he was desperate to act out and rebel.

Slipping down the narrow alley between the houses, he turned into the garden - the gap in the hedge more than wide enough for him to slip through. He walked over the grass, the soles of his sneakers slipping on the wet patches where the sprinklers had enthusiastically watered the lawn earlier. His footsteps sounded loud as he took the three steps up onto the porch and he sat down heavily, sighing as he huddled down into his jacket once more.

"You came back."


"You could have gone." He shrugged. "Why didn't you?"

Will considered for a moment, the thoughts that had been tumbling around in his head finally coming into some sort of order that made sense. He tilted his head, eyes skittering away from the intense hazel gaze as Alex stepped down two of the stairs and sat next to him.

"Nowhere to go." He felt the intensity of Alex's glance, and sighed again. "Nowhere I wanted to go." Alex nodded, shifting over slightly so that the heat emanating from his body reached Will in waves. "How did you know?"

"What? That you would want what I wanted?" Will nodded. "I didn't. I hoped. Didn't know." Will looked down at his lap, processing the unexpected information. Alex always gave the impression that he just knew - that he knew what made Will tick; knew what it took to make Will beg and scream and plead; knew when to loosen the ropes figuratively and literally. Without looking up, Will shifted over the necessary few inches to bring himself against Alex's side, ducking his head as the large arm came over and wrapped around his shoulders. He relaxed into the sensation of Alex's hand sliding up and down his back, gasping as the long fingers deliberately tangled in the curls at the nape of his neck and tugged his head back. He watched through slitted eyes as Alex's face came closer, only closing them as his mouth was taken - lips, teeth, tongue owning Will in a way no-one had ever owned him before. He was panting for breath by the time Alex released him from the kiss, lips swollen, bruised and red, a droplet of blood in the corner evidence of the controlled brutality that had caused the split lip. Alex got to his feet and held out his hand, looking down at Will expectantly. Will looked up into the quiet hazel eyes, taking in the smile that made people want to trust Alex, then reached up with his hand and accepted the assistance getting to his feet.

~ F ~

The airport was crowded, people milling about - some aimlessly, some with purpose. Will stood still in the crowd, held firmly against Alex's chest by the arm that was wrapped around him, a solid silent presence behind him. He watched as people came through, some hurrying into waiting embraces, others slow and weary.

The familiar face in the crowd looked a little older, a little wearier but the smile that spread across it brought life and vitality flooding back. Instinctively he moved forward, jerking to a halt as Alex maintained his grip. Will tilted his head back, looking no higher than the firm set of Alex's jaw as he waited. His point made, Alex released him, allowing Will to go to greet his father.

Part Three

~ G ~

He liked watching him with his friends. Sometimes they would all pile into the café and order hot chocolate, squeezing into one booth in one giant puppy pile as they shared their body heat. They all laughed at Will for his sweet tooth, playfully keeping the sugar away from him so he couldn't sweeten his drink even more. The sight of that pointed pink tongue as he delicately lapped at the swirl of cream on the top of his hot drink, the pink lips reddening as the heat from it soaked into him was an arousing one and sometimes that made him have to walk away because it wasn't time.

On other occasions, he watched him with the men who bought his time. Watched him on his knees in dark alleyways, annoyed and pissed off that they got him for any amount of time. Hated them for touching the pale white skin that belonged to him, entertained himself with fantasies of catching each and every one of them and making them pay for touching what didn't belong to them.

He could tell when he was weary, the smile forced, the slinky strut an act instead of his natural grace. He knew there were times when food was a luxury, when paying for the rat-hole of an apartment meant he was out in the cold longer than the others, doing more to earn more to maintain a standard of living that was unacceptable. He was worth more than that – worth more than being out on the streets, servicing men not fit to wipe his shoes.

He knew the time was coming – the time to take him away from it all. No doubt, there would be a period of adjustment while Will dealt with the change in his circumstances – Alex knew that he wouldn't be ready to accept the love and affection that was offered straight away. But then they could begin their life together. In the house he had bought for them, the life he had carefully crafted in preparation for bringing him back. Bringing him home. Soon.

Part Four

~ H ~

He supposed it could be thought of as consideration. His father's visit was going extremely well, Rupert seeming to be incredibly pleased that Will was doing so well for himself. Strangely, Rupert and Alex got on, way better than Riley had ever managed to get on with the older Giles. They discussed educational courses that Will could attend, Alex impressing Rupert with the thought he had put into how to get around Will's less than legal status. Will was confused because it seemed that Alex had been serious when he threw the laptop at Will and told him to look into online courses – Will had been sure that it was more mind-games, Alex getting into Will's head and screwing with him.

Alex smoothed over any talk of what Will had been doing before they met – simply saying how lucky he was that he had found Will; that he would do anything in his power to keep Will safe from harm, thought of him most definitely as 'his' and what was his he kept and looked after. Rupert had laughed and said Alex made Will sound like a prized possession, but Alex had smiled that 'trust me' smile and Rupert fell the same way everybody else did.

While Alex was cooking in the kitchen, Rupert had sat back and visibly relaxed, obviously relieved that Will was no longer alone in the big bad US of A. They didn't talk about Riley, or the nasty words that had been spoken when Will left. Rupert was eager to leave all that behind, eager to move forward with his son and his 'life-partner' as he almost coyly described Alex. It took Will a while to realise that Rupert thought they were 'in love' and he almost choked on his wine. Love was the farthest thought from his mind when he considered what he and Alex had together. Obsession? Maybe. Stockholm Syndrome? More than likely. Will wasn't stupid – he knew that what he and Alex had together wasn't 'healthy' by any stretch of the imagination. He also knew that he had no plans to go anywhere. He couldn't explain why – maybe he wasn't as smart as he thought he was.

~ I ~

Dinner was a huge success, Rupert catching a cab to his hotel in a semi-drunken haze, shaking Alex warmly by the hand and thanking him for taking care of his Will. Alex had merely smiled his 'trust me' smile, paid the cab-driver handsomely to ensure Rupert's safe arrival, and rested his hand on the back of Will's neck as they waved goodbye standing by the front gate.

As the cab pulled away, the grip on the back of his neck had tightened and Will took a deep breath. Somehow he had known without being told that he would pay for all the consideration, owed Alex for putting his father at ease and reassuring him that his son was safe. Rupert had looked old, and it wasn't in Will to worry him further with uncomfortable conversations. If Rupert saw his son being looked after, living in a sprawling house with all the modern conveniences, driven around in a brand new car, and seemingly spoilt rotten by his besotted lover – if that was what Rupert saw, and it set his mind at ease, surely it was worth it?

Turning towards the house, Will took another deep breath, stumbling slightly as Alex's hand slid possessively down his spine to rest on his ass. Most definitely time to pay the piper.

The next morning he was running late. Checking the time, Will realised that he would never get to his father's hotel by the agreed time for their sight-seeing outing. It was his own fault – he had overslept, exhausted from Alex's demands, sliding into sleep a shaking, sweating heap when Alex was finally finished. Tugging on a tee-shirt, he looked at himself in the mirror. Honey-blond curls falling over his forehead, the tips still bleached white from “before”. His face was fuller due to regular meals, his belly no longer concave for the same reason. Lifting up the black tee, he looked at his chest – fingers ghosting over the bruises and bite-marks decorating the pale expanse. Not a single bruise marred his neck, arms or wrists – no fingerprint smudges, no reddened bracelet marks from cuffs suddenly lined with fur. He turned his head slightly in the mirror, eyes widening as he spotted one bruise. Just one. At the junction of his shoulder and neck, a faint ring of teeth-marks surrounded by redness where Alex had sucked hard.

Will knew it was deliberate. It was no coincidence that there were no marks to be seen by outsiders anywhere else but there. He pressed his fingers into it hard, watched his pupils dilate in his reflection. He knew this bruise had been put there for Rupert to see – the final 'reassurance', a visible claim to let him know that his son was marked and taken. Will guessed it could be thought of as consideration. By some people at least.

Part Five

~ J ~

The whole evening was different. Alex had come out of the office earlier than usual, joining Will on the sofa and watching him watch his programmes. Will had been half looking at various sites on the internet – colleges that offered courses that vaguely interested him, that sort of thing. It was nice to spend an evening in doing pretty much nothing, just hanging out together. Alex wasn't particularly talkative but it wasn't a silence that made Will jumpy, edgy waiting for Alex's next move. It was a contemplative silence, almost comfortable.

At ten, Alex stood up from the sofa and held out his hand to Will. The smile on his face was different too – it was gentle, kind. Not the 'trust me' smile that he seemed to use to entangle people in his web, bring them under his nice guy spell so that they ignored any feelings of unease. It was a soft smile, and Will found himself smiling back uncertainly.

Alex led him to the bedroom where it was obvious he had prepared things. There were white candles scattered around on various surfaces, their flame lending a soft light to the room. None of the chests or boxes were visible, nothing there seemed to have been touched from when Will had cleaned up that morning. The sheets had been changed, the bedspread pulled back invitingly, plump pillows scattered around the headboard, and Will could see rose petals decorating the sheets. Most glaringly, to Will at least, there were no handcuffs or shackles at the head or foot of the bed. No scarves either.

He looked up at Alex, totally confused. It was a scene set for seduction and it made little or no sense. Alex viewed Will as his – to do with as he saw fit, treat how he wanted to, take as he wanted to. There had never been a seduction scene in their relationship. Ever. Alex was staring into his eyes, the hazel drowned by his dilated pupils and for a moment, Will wondered if Alex had taken drugs. Inside, he panicked – he knew what damage could be caused by someone who was off their head on drugs, had visited the victim in hospital. Then he realised there was no way Alex had taken drugs – he liked to be in control too much, didn't even drink more than the occasional glass of wine. So what was this?

Will flinched as Alex's hand came up to his face, breath frozen in his chest as the strong, tanned hand moved towards him. Eyes caught, he watched Alex's face as the man began to trace Will's features – ghosting over his eyebrows and round his eyes; the sharp blade of a cheekbones flowing down to the strong, angular jaw to his lips. Will licked his lips, tongue inadvertently touching Alex's finger, and he gasped as he saw Alex's reactions – his nostrils flared, his eyes widened and he shifted forward until his body was resting against Will's. Using his thumb, Alex pressed against Will's lower lip, and Will opened his mouth. Both of Alex's hands moved to his face, cupping it and tilting it upwards as Alex's head came down and he kissed Will.

Open-mouthed, soft, the kiss was different. No teeth, no tongue, no claiming - just gentle, lips touching and sliding against each other. Will's breath gusted out, and he reached up to wrap his arms around Alex's shoulders, holding onto him for balance as the kiss went on and on. He could feel Alex's thumbs pressed against the corners of his mouth, tugging gently to get Will to open up further. His long fingers were wrapped around Will's face, resting beneath his ears as at last he began to explore Will's mouth with his tongue.

Will moaned as Alex's hands slid down from his face, gently caressed his shoulders before moving to the front of his body and beginning to undo the buttons of his shirt. He went to step back, make it easier, but Alex lifted his head enough to shake it before returning to the long, slow, drugging kisses. Will gasped as long fingers grazed his hardened nipples before returning to pinch lightly then squeeze. He vaguely felt Alex push his shirt off his shoulders, and he finally dropped his arms so that it could slide off completely, puddling on the floor at his feet.

Alex's hands were everywhere, caressing his abs then sliding around to his back and kneading his shoulder blades before slipping down to rest on his ass. Will tensed but the hands remained gentle, squeezing and kneading and pulling him closer until he could feel Alex's hardness pressing into his stomach. Alex's mouth had moved down his jaw, gentle nips of his teeth as he worked his way down Will's neck to his wildly beating pulse. But then he stopped, his hands resting on Will's ass, his breath hot on Will's neck. He pulled his head back, still looking down at Will's neck, and Will's hands fluttered nervously by his side. Alex's hand came up and he pressed gentle fingers on the mark that stood out starkly on Will's neck. He traced the outline of his teeth marks so lightly Will could barely feel his fingers moving at all. Will's skin was tingling, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. He didn't understand what Alex was doing, why he had stopped kissing him and why he was transfixed by the mark he himself had put there.

About to risk asking what was wrong, Will stumbled backwards when Alex stepped back, his hands reaching for the drawstring waist of Will's sweatpants. Will's arms wind-milled wildly for a moment as he tried to regain his footing, and Alex caught them, steadying him on his feet before sliding the palms of his hands down the inside of Will's sweatpants, pushing them down to pool at his feet. Will was stunned as Alex followed the path of the sweats, coming to rest on his knees in front of Will, looking up at him and again giving that strangely gentle half-smile. Resting the palm of his left hand on Will's hip, Alex traced the fingers of his right hand up the straining length of Will's cock where it rose hard and demanding against Will's stomach. Still looking Will in the eye, he leaned forward and enveloped it from head to root in one move, and unable to keep looking Will threw his head back and closed his eyes, swaying on his feet as Alex sucked at him.

“Oh god, oh god, pleasepleaseplease - “ Will could hear himself begging, hands clenched in fists at his side as Alex used his knowledge of Will's body to work him into a frenzy. Will desperately needed something to hold onto, wanted to rest his hands on Alex's head or shoulders, but was too scared – scared that Alex would stop, scared that doing so would break the gentle spell that Alex had woven and send them back into the dark passions that were the norm in their bedroom. Head bobbing back and forth, Alex reached round with both hands, gently squeezing Will's ass as he took the head of his cock down his throat. Unable to stop himself, Will thrust forwards with his hips, instigating a stuttering rhythm that felt like he was losing his very soul. “Alex – oh God, Alex, please - “ Head thrown back, Will buried his hands in his hair as he thrust his hips wildly into the hot wet cavern of Alex's mouth, knowing he was on the edge of coming but unable to hold back any longer. “Alex – gonna – please, I'm gonna – ahh!”

~ K ~

Will came to spread-eagled face-down on the bed. He blinked heavily, lifting his head and turning to see where Alex was. He sighed as he felt a gentle touch to his ankle, oiled hands sliding up the back of his calf, before smoothing back down again and beginning on the other side. He moaned as he felt Alex climb onto the bed, slipping between his legs as his hands caressed the back of Will's legs from his heels to the lower curve of his ass. Those strong, knowledgeable hands kept moving, gliding over the cheeks of his ass, lightly squeezing before travelling upwards. He could feel Alex's presence over his body as the man knelt up and began a gentle but firm massage of his back, removing any last remnants of tension. He could feel Alex's cock pressing against his ass as the man moved backwards and forwards with the rhythm of the massage, slipping into the oiled valley and sliding back and forth.

Unconsciously, he lifted his hips, easing the path as the smooth movements continued. Alex's hands were caressing his shoulders now, working down his biceps to his forearms, then taking hold of his hands. He groaned into the pillow as the long, strong fingers entwined with his and Alex stretched his arms out wide so that he lay like a starfish, spreading out over the entire bed in a sated, relaxed sprawl. Sated but not completely finished – the more Alex touched him, the more he could feel his arousal awakening. Perhaps he had simply got used to a vigorous sex-life – it was rare that Alex didn't fuck him at least once a night, often more and then again in the morning. But he was still wanting, the ache beginning to grow within him. He wanted more of this strangely different sex – the caresses that were so firm yet gentle, the knowledge of his body and what it liked being used to bring him what felt like endless pleasure. Alex lowered himself onto his back, hands sliding beneath Will's body and stroking his sides.

“Want me Will?”

“Ummmm.” Will felt too lazy to respond fully, so relaxed he was practically sinking into the bed. In the back of his mind he was waiting to be punished – when Alex spoke to him in bed, he was supposed to respond in full. But the strangeness continued, Alex's lips pressing against the nape of his neck and working their way down. Little nibbling bites taken as Alex worked his way down Will's spine, all the while stroking his hands up and down Will's body. The warm hands moved onto his back again, sliding to his cheeks and gently pulling them apart. Will lifted his hips again, eager to feel Alex inside, wanting the ache inside to be assuaged. “Oh my God!” he gasped as he felt Alex slide even further down the bed, pressing the cheeks of Will's ass apart and attacking Will's asshole with his tongue.

Will had never felt anything like it, had never had this done to him before. He writhed on the bed, pressing his reawakening cock into the firmness of the mattress in order to get some friction. The stabbing movements of Alex's tongue were blowing his mind and he gave another cry as one of Alex's oiled hands slipped beneath his hips and grasped his hardened cock. Will was incoherent, unable to decide between pushing back into the delicious feeling of Alex's tongue caressing him inside and out or thrusting forward into the tight grasp that was jerking his cock. Strong grip just beneath the head, a thumb swiping gathering the pre-cum that was leaking freely and using it as a lubricant for the smooth, regular strokes.

“Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease – oh God, Alex, please - “ Will was vaguely aware he was babbling, begging Alex for he knew not what in a way he had never done before. Oh he had begged before – begged for the cessation of pain, begged to be allowed to come, begged to be set free. But never before had he begged Alex for more in this way – never before had he felt like a lover instead of a possession.

“Tell me what you want Will – tell me and I'll do it for you. I'll do anything for you.” Returning to his task, Alex pressed his tongue in deep, then withdrew it to nibble gently around Will's asshole, pressing his legs apart so that he could work his way down to Will's perineum

“God – I – oh please, please - “

“Just tell me baby – anything you want I will give you.”

“Fuck me! Please Alex, just fuck me!” Almost on the verge of coming, Will was barely aware of his words, only knowing that he needed Alex to take him – to press in deep and finish this delicious torture. He groaned as Alex moved away from him, lifting and turning his head to see where the other man had gone. He watched as Alex returned, an open tube of lube in his hand as he rearranged himself on the bed between Will's legs. Dropping his head back to the pillow, Will heard the top of the tube flick open then he felt Alex's hands return to his ass, two thick fingers pressing in easily. His hips jerked as Alex's twisted his fingers around, stretching him firmly then crooking and just touching his gland. “God, please – don't make me wait anymore, please Alex, please.”

“Sssh, it's okay baby, I'm here – I'm here.” Will felt the bed give slightly as Alex leaned over to throw the lube onto the bedside table, then gentle hands were reaching for his hips and pulling him to his hands and knees. He huffed out a breath, head falling to hang down towards his chest as he quivered impatiently, desperately needing Alex inside him to quench the burning. He didn't have to wait long, a low whine coming from his chest as Alex tucked the head of his cock into the spasming pucker of Will's ass and gently pressed. One long, slow, smooth slide and it felt like it was going on forever, that Alex was pushing deeper than he ever had. Will pushed back, trying to get Alex even deeper, needing as much of him as he could get. He felt feverish, panting for breath as Alex began a slow steady rhythm like a metronome – never speeding up or slowing down, just in and out, in and out. Will was keening, hands digging into the bedclothes, twisting them around his fingers as he shoved himself back onto Alex, trying to goad him into a faster, harder rhythm,. But Alex ignored him, continuing his slow, steady pace – in, out, in, out, in, out.

“God – just – oh please, Alex – just – oh fuck! Please – I - “ Will knew he was keeping up a continuous flow of words but was unable to stop, couldn't form a sentence or find the words to say what it was he needed. He wanted – no needed Alex to fuck him harder, to take him – to own him, but it seemed as though Alex could maintain this slow steady pace forever and it was driving Will insane. He felt Alex lean forward, drape his body over Will's and then the strong hand was back. Jerking him off with the same steady rhythm, squeezing gently as Alex worked his throbbing erection back and forth.

“What do you need baby? Tell me what you need.”

“I – oh fuckin' hell – just - “ Without warning, Alex swivelled his hips slightly, nudging against Will's gland on the inwards stroke. Will saw stars break out behind his eyelids, the gliding nudge almost enough – almost getting him there. Not quite, and he felt like he was going insane – wanted to take hold of Alex and force him into the rhythm that Will needed, make him give it to Will hard and fast and long until he couldn't stop, could just come and come and come.

“You ready Will?”

“Yes – oh God, yes, please.”

“Gonna come for me baby? Gonna squeeze around me and make me come?”

“Yes – anything, please Alex, anything.”

“Tell me you love me.”

~ L ~

“ - “ A twist of hips, the nudging becoming a long slow press as Alex shifted angle slightly, and Will was almost screaming with the need to come.

“Tell me you love me.”

“I – please, Alex, God – please.” He was begging, head pushed into the pillow as he clutched at the bed – desperate for that one final touch to send him over.

“Tell me.” Tighter grip on his cock, thumb sliding over the end and massaging just beneath the head in the spot that no-one else had ever found, the spot that made Will's toes curl up, his ass clench, and his eyes roll back in his head. Alex was circling his hips – not pushing in now, just the head of his cock tugging at the ring of muscles as he shifted his hips round and round. Will knew there was something wrong, that he couldn't say it – shouldn't say what Alex wanted him to say – but he wanted to come so badly, needed to come. Almost crying with need, Will pursed his lips, determined not to give in and tell Alex what he wanted to hear.

But Alex knew him too well, teeth grazing the nape of his neck whilst playing with that special spot, pushing pushing pushing him towards a declaration he did not want to make. Will gritted his teeth, desperately trying to hold on, a loud cry forced from him as without warning, Alex shoved himself in deep and hard. It was enough – finally enough to send Will over the edge into oblivion. He could hear someone screaming, could make out the words “I love you, I love you” but he had no idea who it was, could barely focus as finally he came, dragging Alex with him so he could feel the powerful spurts of the other man's orgasm deep in his body.

Will slumped to the bed, panting for breath and uncaring that he was lying in a puddle of his own emissions. Alex carefully disengaged and Will hissed as the slowly softening cock slipped out of him. Alex landed on the bed next to him, and Will pushed himself slowly onto his side, ready to shift his hands and feet into position for the nightly shackles that he wore. But Alex didn't reach for them – instead tugging Will over towards him and locking him in a tight embrace. Heart still thumping, Will tried to clear his head.

The whole evening had been different but this was the strangest thing of all. It was too much for his befuddled brain to cope with. He lay with his head on Alex's chest, listening as the heartbeat settled down to a regular rhythm. As he lay there, Will tried to figure out the cause of his feeling of foreboding – a sense of disquiet preventing him from succumbing to the lassitude overtaking his limbs. The steady thumping in his ear, the exquisite full-body relaxation stealing over him, his eyelids heavy, Will lingered on the verge of sleep. He felt – safe. Safe and loved. For the first time since he had left England, he felt that he had found someone who understood him, who cared for him. After all, why would Alex want Will to declare his feelings if he didn't feel something like that in return? What else would explain the seduction scene, the way Alex had made love to him. Because that's what it was – Alex hadn't fucked Will, he'd made love to him.

Alex snuffled in his sleep, turning towards Will and throwing his arm and leg over the smaller man, pulling him in close. A small smile spread across his face and Will closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep wrapped in the arms of his lover. Feeling safe, warm and above all else, loved.

~ M ~

The sun streaming through the window woke Will from a sound sleep, and he lay quietly for a moment, enjoying the peace of the moment. Without opening his eyes, he moved his foot expecting to rub against Alex's lightly haired leg. But he couldn't move. Opening his eyes, he tried to sit up and found his arm was handcuffed to the top of the bed. He looked around the bedroom and realised that sometime in the night, Alex had left him. Had cuffed and shackled him to the bed, cleared away the candles and the rose petals, and left him to wake up alone. Dropping his head back onto his pillow, for the first time in a long while, Will cried.

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