This is my entry for [info]willshenilshe's NicelyNaughty!Xander mini-Slashficathon

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
A/N: Written for [info]cleeaz, who wanted sexy, laughing, erotic fun and nothing too dark, unless it's resolved.

Dream Lover


The hot sun glistened off pale wet vampiric skin. Large droplets of water trailed down Spikeís smooth chest, reflecting the sunís rays into Xanderís eyes. He brought his hand up to shield his vision, not wanting to miss a moment, and wondered how Spike could be outside sunning himself by the backyard pool.

Spike had chosen to swim naked, much like he did most everything. He then spread out a towel over the warm concrete and laid down on it, not bothering to dry himself first. Fascinated, Xander watched as Spike spread his legs wide, bending his knees, and planting his feet on the damp towel. He then slowly started to pivot his hips up and down as one hand started a journey across his chest. First it tweaked a nipple and then it moved on to run over the tight muscles of his chest and stomach, while the other quickly made its way to his hard shaft.

Xander moved quietly closer, not wanting to alert Spike to his presence but needing a better look. He didnít want a single leaf of his motherís potted plants to block his view of this. He succeeded in getting a great seat in the rose bushes. He was now lined up perfectly with Spikeís body, looking directly in-between his open thighs. The only thing blocking his view now was Spikeís own hand.

Spike was working his shaft harder now, pumping his hips upward off the towel only to drift down, and then repeat. His thumb lazily drifted over the head, picking up the pooling pre-come and then sweeping back down to the shaft, spreading the lubricant around. Xander licked his lips and crawled forward, towards Spike, hoping to get something better than just a view. What he really wanted was to get into the action.

But he got caught on something inside the rose bush. He looked back and saw the garden hose tangled around his feet. When he looked up he was back in his darkened basement with Spike sleeping, tied up in the orange chair just a few feet away.

Disappointed Xander realized he had just woken up from a new dream. He numbered it 106 and subtitled it, Spike masturbating poolside.

Damn, he thought, I was so hoping for dream number 48. That was one of his favorites. Spike bringing him off by humming the Star Trek theme on his balls, always put a smile on his face.

The End

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