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Christmas Means Angels


Xander groaned as he was slammed into the crypt again. Despite his various meetings with the hard stone, he bounced back up. Shaking the dizziness off, he glanced around to see how the others were. He had one thought. Not good.

Willow, Tara, and Anya crouched over the bleeding watcher. Hiding behind the crypt; he'd made such intimate friends with. Riley appeared to have trouble remembering how to stand. And Buffy... Xander winced in sympathy as the fifteen foot; blue armored demon threw the slayer through a headstone.

He raced forward empty-handed. They'd been unprepared when Glory had sent the warrior demon. But Buffy had been certain she could beat it. Xander gave a quick prayer as he launched himself onto the demon's back, distracting it from Buffy. Snarling it tossed him as easily as it had tossed Buffy. Xander hit the crypt with a dull thud. Hello, again. Been a while... three whole minutes.

He gained his feet just in time to see Riley go flying by, followed by Buffy. keeps this up and we'll all have enough frequent flyer miles to get to Bora Bora and back.

With a triumphant roar the creature turned on Xander, fangs flashing. He stared into the glowing eyes certain that this was it. The Hellmouth had finally gotten him. Shrugging, Xander threw himself at the demon. The demon growled, then rushed towards the boy and stumbled, just as he hit. They tumbled and rolled with Xander landing on top. Steel claws leapt for his throat, as he scrambled back.


He whirled startled, hand automatically snatching the sword from the air. His body moved with a forgotten grace, as he swung the weapon. Glowing green fluid splattered across the front of his already toxic colored Hawaiian shirt. Panting, Xander turned to thank his savior. Stunned, he blinked stupidly at the blue-eyed vampire.

Spike leered at him, before flicking the burning cigarette at his feet. "Can't let you get eaten yet, not without finding out if you really are moist and delicious."

Mouth gaping Xander watched the vampire walk away. Shaking his head, he was distracted from his thoughts by a groan from the now conscious slayer. He turned waiting for the others to pull themselves together. Buffy shot up, staring around wildly for the demon.

"Don't worry, Buff. I got it."

Everyone stared disbelievingly at the grinning young man. Buffy shook her head. "Sure, Xander. What really happened?" For a moment a flash of anger, shot across the brunette's face. Before he could answer Willow spoke up.

"I heard Spike. He must have done it." Xander looked at his friends nodding in agreement and decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Dropping the blood stained sword, he turned and walked away. No one said a thing.

Shadow cocked her head to the side. Someone was praying. Not the usual one's either. Curiosity piqued she focused in on the mortal. Maybe it would distract her from her grief.

Xander sat staring up at the night sky. Outside wasn't the safest place to be after dark, but it was where he felt whole. Besides it helped him feel connected to whatever higher being was out there.

Listen, I don't usually do this kinda thing. Probably because my life sucks... but thanks. Thank you whoever... whatever you are for helping me survive. For saving my ass when I really need it. Don't get me wrong my life is hell and whoever you are you've got one fucked up sense of humor. But I am grateful... cause alive is of the good. Well, that's all I've.... Oh wait-- thanks for the chance at a real Christmas, bar my being alone. Still it'll probably be the best I've had in a long while. So... that's it. Bye.

Xander stood, stretching and grunted at the pull of sore muscles. He started down the street, then stopped. Turning back he pulled a chocolate bar from his pocket, placing it on the bench.

Umm... don't know what you like. Blood of virgins... heart of a child... but I got chocolate. Which I assure you is better than either of those.

Feeling a little better than he had earlier, he hummed softly to himself as he walked home.

Shadow stood tears streaming from her eyes as she watched the mortal walk away.

Xander bounced through Wal-Mart. Chocolate pumping through his blood--he shoved his cart through the crowded aisles. His glowing grin made even the most Grinch like shopper smile. Peering down at his list, he pushed the cart right into the person in front of him.

"'Ey watch where yer puttin' that effin' buggy."

Xander stumbled slightly before jerking upright. "Spike!" His voice showing his shock.

"Xander." Spike's tone was half amused, half-mocking. Blushing, the boy glanced into Spike's basket. It was empty. He frowned down at the vampire. "Where's your stuff?"

"You don't think I'd actually pay fer somethin'. Do ya?"

Xander shook his head backing away. "I'm not saying a word."

Shrugging, the vampire pawed through Xander's cart.

"Wot's this?" he asked holding up a glitter-covered trinket.

Xander reached out snagging it from the vampire.

Spike snorted. As if I could break it. He'd had diamonds that were less solid.

"It's an ornament, and you hang it from your tree," he said indignantly.

"I know what an ornament is, whelp," growled Spike. "That is not an ornament. That is some cheap plastic thing, disguised as an ornament."

Xander pouted, then his eyes narrowed. "I don't care. What with rent and stuff for the apartment I don't have much cash. Plus it's my first Christmas. I have to get all the stuff everybody else already has."

"Wot not spending the 'olidays wit the white-hats and yer significant other." Spike smirked trying to look unconcerned. A flicker of sadness darted through the boy's eyes and he felt guilty for a moment. He quickly shook off the guilt. He was a demon for Hell's sake. Xander sighed then forced a grin.

"Anya decided she needed to find herself. We aren't together anymore and the gang have their own plans. We're supposed to get together Christmas night though."

Spike looked at the mortal, seeing the sorrow he tried to hide. He also saw the gleam of stubbornness.

"So, yer by yer lonesome fer Christmas."

Xander sighed again. Stupid vampire.

"Yes but I don't mind. This is my first real Christmas. Fun will be had if I have to kill everyone on the planet to have it."

Spike grinned at the thought of a blood soaked Xander--sword in hand. He glanced up to see the mortal glaring at him.

"If that's all I have shopping to do," he said pushing past the vampire. Spike watched him until he'd gotten to the end of the aisle.

"Maybe I'll drop in, Pet. Seein' as yer going through all the trouble."

Xander paused, then grinned over his shoulder at the vampire. "You do that, Blondie."

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house... Buffy was screeching cause she saw a mouse... or was he a rat? Xander snorted then quickly pretended to cough when Buffy glared at him.

"Why is Spike here, Giles?" the slayer whined.

Giles looked up from checking his luggage. "Because you're leaving with Riley. I'm leaving to meet Olivia. Willow, Tara, and Anya are leaving for a wiccan retreat. We need someone to guard the Hellmouth. Spike while a complete pillock..."


Giles continued as if he hadn't even heard the vampire, "can be counted on to do something for his own gain. Hence my paying him to keep an eye out. He'll call Angel if something occurs."

"Bloody pouf."

"Angel will call us if absolutely necessary." Buffy pouted at her watcher-- who's attention was elsewhere. Most likely on a certain British treat.

"What about the whelp? Shouldn't 'e be watching' the 'ellmouth. Seein' as 'e is a white 'at."

Everyone looked at Spike then Xander. Buffy's laughter was the loudest. "Xander guard the Hellmouth? You might as well just give it to them," snorted Buffy.

Spike's eyes widened in surprise at the derision in the other's eyes then narrowed in anger at the flash of sorrow in Xander's. Before he could say anything, Xander stood moving to the door.

"I gotta finish decorating my apartment." His voice was cheerful, and if it was strained no one noticed but the vampire.

"Don't forget we're meeting to exchange gifts tomorrow before we leave. So be here at six," called Willow before turning back to the others. Xander left, closing the door quietly behind him.

Spike stared after the brown-eyed boy trying to figure out what had happened. He was feeling... protective, angry...

Oh, fuck!

Sighing, he grabbed his duster before going out to find the whelp.

Xander stopped at his bench in the park, dropping down to stare up at the sky. Hey.

Shadow shot up. HE'S BACK.

She hurried to the spot where his thoughts were coming from. She wasn't going to lose him this time. She'd been distraught when he'd disappeared last time. Now that she had him she was going to follow him. HE NEEDS ME.

Invisible she settled on the swings behind him.

I know I said I just wanted to thank you... but I wanted to ask if maybe you could... I dunno let me have someone who really cared. I don't know why I'm doing this. You've never answered before but then I guess keeping me alive is answer enough. But could you think about it. Please. Even if you don't thank you still. Oh and I brought you some more chocolate. Reaching into his jacket, Xander pulled out a bag of slightly melted kisses. Standing he laid them on the bench.

Spike stood in the shadows watching the boy curiously. He was just sitting, staring into space. When Xander stood to leave he hurried to catch up. As he passed the bench movement caught his eye, turning he stared at the empty bench and a disappearing shadow. Shrugging-- he put it down to something hellmouthy and went to catch up with his Nummy.

Xander stopped as a familiar voice yelled his name. "What do you want?" Spike pouted, trying to look upset and failing miserably.

"Now, Pet. Is that anyway to talk to yer partner?"

Xander shook his head. "Don't you mean sidekick?"

Spike leered at the boy, "I think you'd look great in tights."

Xander snorted-- shoving at the vampire as they continued walking to his place.

Neither noticed the shadow that followed them down the street.

Xander was confused. Something strange was happening. He snorted softly-- thinking hard as he made his way to Gile's. Something strange was always happening. But this was different. He watched as both humans and demons gave him a wide berth. Definitely different.

When he'd run into a group of feeding vampires and instead of becoming dessert they ran; it finally hit him. He'd have to check with Giles.

Xander stopped abruptly, just at the watcher's door. Can't talk to them they'll only worry, and have to rescue poor Xander again. So... He shrugged.

So there was no need to worry them nothing had happened... yet.

Spike looked up just as Xander came in. Buffy shrieked when the blonde vampire shoved her out of the way as he leapt from the couch. He backed into a corner, snarling.

"Ooo-k what's up with that," asked Xander as everyone simply stared at the vampire. He looked half terrified, half awe-struck.

Hearing Xander, Spike stopped snarling and sniffed deeply. The boy's scent had changed. He'd always smelled oh so slightly of death but now the sweetly bitter smell of the grave poured off him.

Spike stared at Xander then at the faint haze around him. A low rustling caught his ear and a wild thought occurred to him. Blue-eyes widened till Xander thought they'd pop out.

"Blondie you alright? The chip hasn't fried your brain or anything, right?"

The others stared at Xander then Spike. Confusion was the special of the hour. Ignoring the others, Spike vamped out. Suddenly he could see a dark shadow and something floating inside it. Pupils narrowing he tried to see beyond the shadow.

Someone... something... hovered just behind his pet. The image was hazy but he could just make out a black hooded figure. It faded in and out of sight.

Edging slowly forward, he pushed past the bewildered slayerettes.

"What the fuck do you want with my Xanpet?" he snarled, protective rage holding the terror at bay.

He watched shocked as a ghostly hand rose up in front of the hood, placing a finger over where lips should be. In effect, shushing him.

A voice reverberating with power echoed through his mind. LATER, DEMON.

Spike whined; shaking his head trying to ease the throbbing. He was certain he knew whom... no what was following his Nummy. And it wasn't good. At least normally it wouldn't be good but this was Sunnyhell. So, how the bloody hell was he supposed to know.

Slowly he unvamped, suddenly aware of the awkward silence that had descended.

Spike turned to the others. "What the 'ell are you gits staring at?" Snorting he stalked over to an armchair, dropping into it he stared past Xander. The ghostly image was bent over and Spike was certain it was laughing.

Buffy blinked, then shrugged. "O-K. Now that we've had our episode of weird from the vampire. Lets get this show on the road. We have planes to catch."

Soon cheers and groans filled the air as presents were exchanged. Before long all the gifts were open and good-byes were being said. Xander stood watching until the car was no longer in sight.

Spike watched as Xander collapsed onto the couch. His eyes flickering to the shadow that now hovered near the counter. "You alright, Pet? You seem a little stressed."

Xander stared over at the vampire, debating. He really wanted to tell someone about the weirdness but he wasn't too fond of the vampire.

Nope. Not fond at all. Madly in love is more like it. Do be quiet. On the other hand he was the only one to notice something was bothering him. Sighing, he nodded.

Spike stood then settled on the couch beside him. Leaning back he could watch Xander and the shadow. Xander slowly began to explain.

"Something's been scaring everything away from me and.... Hey you must know what it is. That's why you acted like you did earlier. What is it?" Before he could answer Xander was rambling on.

"I'm turning into a demon. See! I knew something like this was gonna happen sooner or later. Ugh! Thanks whomever... whatever you are. Fucked up sense of humor is right. If this is your idea of a gift, you can keep it."

Spike looked over at the hazy film, letting his eyes change. He stared dumfounded at the shadowy figure. It was rolling on the floor, clutching what he assumed was its stomach.

Spike's eyes snapped back to Xander as the boy stood. "I'm obviously demon magnet, again. At least this time it's turning out to be useful. I'd better get going before anything else happens."

Spike nodded, standing too. "Yeah. C'mon pet."

Xander glanced at the vampire then away. "You don't have..."

"What an let you get eaten. I'd never 'ear the end of it."

Grinning he pulled Xander out the door, knowing the shadow would follow.

Spike was confused. On one hand-- he was glad Nummy was his alone for a whole week. Especially since it looked like Nummy was looking forward to it too. On the other hand, he was scared shitless. Two reasons. First being he had bad luck in the love department. Second being what he was staring at now.

The shadow floated around the room curiously. At least Spike thought it was curious. The protective rage that had kept his fear at bay was gone, after seeing how protective the shadow was off the boy. But that just created a whole new set of fears.

Spike jumped at the polite cough. Whirling he eyed the cloaked and hooded figure. His eyes narrowed at the giggle that floated out from within the depths of the hood.

"What do you want with my Xanpet? You can't 'ave 'im." His tone half commanding-- half pleading.

The hooded figure shook its head slowly before pulling the hood back. "I CAN HAVE WHOMEVER I CHOOSE DEMON."

Awe-struck Spike watched the beautiful creature before him. Pulling the cape off, she tossed it onto the couch.


Spike winced at the power rolling through the voice. "Oi... could you please tone it down."

A delicate eyebrow arched up, and a slow smile slid across the lovely face. "SORRY... Sorry. Haven't spoken to mortals in so long. Forgot how sensitive to the voice you are."

Knowing it wouldn't help but desperate the vampire dropped to his knees. He would do anything to keep his Xander. "Please don't take 'im. I know I don't deserve 'im. No one deserves 'im but..."

Tears welled up in the demon's eyes as laughter filled the room. He'd known she wouldn't listen. Not to a creature like him. He flinched when a hand reached for his face.

Cool fingers drifted over his cheeks. "You know who I am?" It was more a statement than a question.

Spike nodded wordlessly, wondering why he wasn't burning.

"You are the Angel of Death." The angel nodded, then flexed her shoulders. Inky black wings spread out, spanning a good twenty feet.

"Yes. But I was not always. Come sit and I will tell you a story. And you aren't burning because you're one of mine."

Spike stood, watching the angel puzzled. Unsure how he could be one of hers.

"I took you when you died and when you came back. You're mine. Now, listen. I was not always the Angel of Death. In fact, I was the Shadow of Death. I appeared before the Angel of Death. Giving warning or announcing judgment. My partner, Loki was the Angel of Death. To make a long story short, he fucked up."

Spike's face showed his confusion, and disbelief.

"Your mortal concepts of Heaven and Hell are so wrong. The Power wants no one to truly suffer, but those who turn against HER or disobey must be dealt with. Loki was punished, but because he was repentant and mortal when he died, he was given a second chance. He was reincarnated."

Spike shot up. He could see where this was going and he didn't like it one bit.

He shook his head, even as she nodded.

"I missed my partner. Not to mention all the extra work I have to do. I've been searching for him but The Power wanted it to be a true second chance. SHE cut off our link at least partially."

Spike stopped pacing. He was certain he'd gaped wide-eyed more in the past few hours than he had his entire unlife. "That's why the whelp's such a demon magnet. He's gotta link to the Shadow... no the Angel of Death. The pure power drawing demons like moths to a flame."

Shadow nodded. "Yes, but I didn't know. For years a shadow of the Shadow of Death clung to him. Protecting him, yet putting him in danger as well. Anyway a couple of nights ago I was relaxing, when I heard something I hadn't heard in awhile. A genuine prayer. I followed it, and there was my Loki. Reborn as one Alexander Lavelle Harris. My beautiful ANGEL OF DEATH HUMAN."

Spike clutched his ears as her voice echoed through the apartment. She stopped abruptly.

"Sorry. Anyway I had to see how he lived. And he's right... his life sucks. Those parents of his and that uncle... are SO on my list. I would get rid of the entire little gang of do-gooders, but SHE wouldn't like it. I'll fix them though. I'll fix everyone who was ever NASTY TO MY LOKI!"

Her brown eyes turned pitch black, and streaks of red flamed across them.

Spike paled, which was a pretty neat trick for a vampire.

She turned to him, face completely calm again. "Not you. I have a job for you. You are going to make my Loki's life very good. Starting with this Christmas thing. See here's what your gonna do..."

Spike stared at the building, back at the angel, then back at the building. "This is really, real." His voice was hesitant, yet thrilled.

She nodded; raven black hair spilling across spread wings. "Yes and everything I've said is true."

Spike took an unsure step towards the doors. "How..."

"SHE must be willing. Normally, I don't hear prayers. Not unless their from the dying or dead. Call me if you need me." There is a rustle of wings then the sound of air rushing to fill the vacuum.

Spike walked into the hotel.

Peaches is going to love this.

Angel glanced up, as the brunette female skidded into the room. "Your kid's out there picking on Wesley and I thought you said he couldn't hurt humans!"

Angel stared at Cordelia, for a moment then rushed for the lobby. Just in time to see Wesley go flying through the air. He winced in sympathy as the lanky man hit the counter.

"Spike," he growled. "What the hell are you doing?" Spike turned to grin at his sire. "Just 'aving a little fun mate. Seein' as 'ow the chip's gone an all."

Cordelia's face went three shades paler as she ducked behind Angel.

"What do you want childe? These humans belong to me..."

Spike waved, indifferently at the humans. "Yeah. Blah blah blah. Don't get yer knickers in a twist. I was just testing out the old instincts."

Angel glared at his errant childe. "How did you lose the chip?"

Spike settled onto the couch and smirked at the older vampire. "Oh yer just gonna love this, Peaches."

Ten minutes later Angel sat staring at his childe as if he'd forgotten how to speak. Despite the equally stunned looks coming from the ex-watcher and the brunette; Cordelia had no such problem.

"You. You. William "The Bloody". Childe of Angelus. Saw an angel. An honest to God angel."

Spike nodded with a pleased smirk.

"That is like so unfair. I get brain numbing headaches disguised a visions. Angel gets sent to hell. And Wes.... Well look at him. "

"Hey," cried Wesley.

"Oh hush, Wes. You know what I mean. But Spike... Spike! A soul less demon gets to see an angel." The ex-cheerleader looked as if she wanted to strangle someone... anyone and Spike would do.

Cordelia and Wesley jumped startled, when Angel finally moved. One moment he'd been staring, the next he was crouched at his childe's feet. "Tell me. What it was like. What did she tell you... please tell me everything."

Spike shook his head. "There's no time for that. She gave us a mission."

Cordelia groaned. "I should have known."

"Not you two. Just me an' the pouf. See there are one or two little things that I left out."

Cordelia stared at him suspiciously. "Like what?"

"Umm like she's the Angel of Death." Wesley looked faint.

"My reaction too, Ducks. Meeting an angel ain't all it's cracked up to be."

Before anyone else could speak, Angel growled drawing attention back to him. "What did she say?"

Spike grinned wickedly. "One track mind... 'ey Peaches."


"Alright its simple. She wants the whelp 'appy. So you... daddy dearest are gonna be Santa. Me... I get to be an effin' elf," Spike pouted.

"I hate elves but she did say I could be a naughty one." Spike's grin couldn't have gotten any wider.




"Naughty elf," said Spike.

"Explain boy."

Spike growled softly. Angel simply stared at him.

"Oi! Can't you just... course not. 'Ere's the gist of it. We, you an' me, are gifts to Xanpet. She knows we want 'im and 'e wants us. Since she decided we would make 'im 'appy. We get to be prezzies."

The vampire looked delighted at the idea of being a present.

"She can't interfere or contribute directly but indirectly is a 'ole nother game. Hence the Santa issue. Since 'es on this whole Christmas kick. "

"Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold up... Why would Xander want either one of you," asked Cordelia, confused. "And why would an angel even care?"

"Not that I don't trust you.... Well, I don't but I tend to agree with Cordelia. Plus what about his u-um," Wesley stuttered to a halt.

"Oi! Can't believe I forgot that. Soul's not an issue. It seems that some of us come back wit our souls intact. 'N we belong to 'er. Ones 'o..." Spike coughed.

" accquire them also fall in 'er domain. She fixed it with a few conditions. But there's definitely no more leaves."

"Conditions." Angel's voice was a shaky whisper.

"Conditions, Peaches. She knows about Darla an' what's been running through that twisted mind o' yers. You fuck this up and when the demon eventually goes back to 'ell you get to go too. And she said not that little rinky-dink circle but the real deal. Plus this time there'd be no coming back."

Spike shrugged, unconcerned. "Guess we'll just 'ave to make sure ya don't effin' blow this."

Stunned silence reigned then an explosion of voices.

Spike sat back basking in the chaos his news created. He was the Big Bad again, technically. He'd promised to continue being a white 'at and that there'd be no changing Xander.

But other than that he was free to do as he pleased. And boy did he intend to as soon as he got Xander into bed.

As the noise died down, Spike looked over at the group of brunettes.

"How can you trust him!" Cried Cordelia.

"Cordelia. Wesley. I have to take this chance. Even if...." said Angel, pleading.

Cordelia looked at her boss then Wes who nodded. She'd known but she'd never thought it would happen. She could have sworn Xander would be in denial until... She shook her head.

She sighed, softly. "I just want you to be happy, and if this..."

Before she could finish, Angel had pulled her into his arms. Looking over her shoulder, he watched Wesley. The ex-watcher nodded.

"I find myself agreeing with Cordelia twice in one day. It must mean something."

Spike watched, amused. Apparently his sire's family approved.

Pulling away from the vampire, Cordelia turned on Spike. "Don't think your getting out of here with some half-assed explanation."

She held up her hand when Spike started to protest. "No. If you're short on time then you'll just have to make it short and sweet. Explain why she wants to help Xan. Now!"

Spike couldn't help admiring the formidable brunette. Guess I can tell 'im something. Make it easier when we come back 'ere.

"Xander Harris a.k.a. Donut-boy is Loki-- the lost partner of the current Angel of Death."

"Loki. Xander is Loki!" Wesley looked as if someone had just told him The Power -- Herself -- was standing in the room.

Cordelia looked at Wesley, puzzled. "OK. Who is this Low-key?"

Wesley began pacing, to excited to stay still. "In a text so old that it predates all writing. The Angel of Death is given a name -- Loki. They say the angel was punished. Cast out... but there was never any proof."

Wesley turned to Angel. "According to the church, anyway. The position was never vacant. The church declared the Liber Deo false-- it was to be destroyed. But it disappeared. However all of the translated prophecies from it have come true."

Angel looked stunned. "I knew there was something but that...."

Spike sighed. "There's always a catch innit there, Peaches. But she says it's him reincarnated."

"So, Xander is this Low-key. What does that have to do with you guys?"

"What else do ya know watcher?"

Wesley thought for a minute. "There was also a vague mention about the shadow of death but no one could ever figure out what it meant."

"That's cause they didn't want to. The current Angel of Death was the Shadow of Death. Kinda foreshadowing you could say. She took 'is place when 'e was cast out. They were partners. Now that she's found 'im again she wants to help 'im"

"But..." began the ex-cheerleader.

Spike stood, abruptly. "Enough. I didn't ask what she was gonna do. All I know is she's giving us a chance with Xander. I'm taking it. No questions, no comments. I suggest you do the same, Peaches."

Angel nodded. "Cordelia. Wes. I'll...."

The vampire stopped as Cordelia then Wesley hugged him. "We'll see you when you get back."

"Bout bloody damn time. Let's go, Nancyboy." Spike strode towards the door. "We've got seven hours 'til dawn. I want to be back in Sunnyhell before then."

Spike snarled then kicked the older vampire.

Angel ignored his pouting childe and finished loading the Christmas ornaments into the rented truck. "Are you going to pout all night?"

"Maybe," said the blonde petulantly.

"It'll just take us longer to get back to Xan."

Spike growled, snatching up a box. "Still think you should've gotten the other tree."

Angel finally spared a glance at his sulking childe. "Shut up and pack."

Angel glared at a sheepish looking Spike.

"You don't have an invitation." Angel was clearly unhappy.

Spike shook his head. "I was workin' up to it. Was supposed to be comin' over tonight to watch the telly n' eat."

Angel sighed. "How are we supposed to get in?"

Spike thought for a moment, then grinned. "Shadow."

"Where?" asked the older vampire, as his eyes darted around the hall way.

"Not 'ere you wanker. She said to call if I need 'elp."

"She's just going to come when you call?" Angel looked decidedly unsure.

"Doubt it, Peaches. Besides...."

Before he could finish the apartment door swung open. Neither vampire could help falling into game face as a cold wind blew past them into Xander's.

"What the hell was that?" snarled Angel uneasily.

Spike slowly unvamped. "That was 'er angelness helping. C'mon."

With that the vampires walked into the apartment.

Angel grimaced at the cheap artificial tree. "What is this?" he asked holding up one of the plastic ornaments.

Looking up from his snooping-- the vampire nodded sharply. "Exactly what I said. Whelp 'ad the nerve to get cheeky. 'It's an ornament and you 'ang it from yer tree, he said.'

Angel paced around the garish plastic tree then glanced around at the rest of the decorations in the apartment. "These are not ornaments. They're tacky junk pretending to be ornaments."

Spike snorted then shook the box he'd picked up. "That's why we brought these."

Xander shifted bored to death at the year-end meeting. He enjoyed his job but something was missing. Sighing he tried to focus on what his boss was saying. Only to find his mind drifting to thoughts of a certain blonde vampire. Which led to decidedly wicked thoughts about another vampire.

He blushed a bright red when his eyes connected with his boss's temp-- after a particularly vivid image.

The dark-haired woman grinned at him as if she knew he'd been thinking no-no thoughts about Spike and his sire.

Forcibly pushing those thoughts aside he went back to trying to pay attention.

Avoiding the direct sunlight, Spike peered out of the sunrise windows in the corner of the apartment. "Yer an idiot."

Angel snorted. "Wasn't my idea to decorate the rest of the apartment before bringing the tree in."

"What the 'ell do I know 'bout decorating' fer Christmas? You an' Darla always did it. So yer still an' idiot."

Before the two could descend into the childish level of 'are not, are too'-- the air in the apartment turned cold.

Leaving Angel and Spike to gape at the seven foot evergreen in the middle of the living room. Suddenly, the blue-eyed vampire smirked. "Told ya my tree was better."

Angel reached out slapping his childe across the back of the head. "Start hanging."

Xander stared sadly at Gile's still dark apartment. He'd been looking forward to seeing the vampire all day. But apparently the vampire hadn't felt the same. It seemed he'd deserted him just like everyone else. Sighing, Xander turned to head home.

Stopping at what was now his bench; he sat to gaze up into the darkening sky. It was strange but he'd felt like someone was actually listening the last few times. Just wanted to say, Merry.... Oh! O.k. That might not apply. So umm... Happy whatever!

Standing he ambled off into the coming night.

Shadow watched him a huge grin on her angelic face. JUST YOU WAIT, DEAR ONE.


Spike grabbed his ears at the first hint of sound; smirking as Angel winced in pain. Before he could say anything it stopped.


Shaking his head eyes wide Angel looked at Spike who simply nodded. "C'mon, Peaches. Curtains up."

Stunned Xander stared around his apartment, then at the key in his hand. Turning around he walked back to the front door. Apt. 12a, Ooo-Kay. This is the right place but...

Walking back in he looked around again. Thousands of glittering lights gave the darkened apartment an otherworldly glow. Pine, cinnamon, and peppermint drifted through the air. Reaching forward hesitantly-- he pulled an ornament off the tree. The fragile glass sphere gleamed beneath the blinking lights.

"What's this?" His voice was barely a whisper.

"It's an ornament and you 'ang it from yer tree."

Xander spun around, startled by the vampire's voice in the suddenly not so empty room.

"Spike? Angel?" Xander watched the two of them approaching puzzled.

"Nope, " said the blonde.

Xander's eyes narrowed at the laughter in Spike's, even as he tried to keep track of Angel. "If you're not Spike and Angel then who are you?"

Distracted by the blonde's triumphant grin, he missed Angel sidling up behind him.


Xander jumped at the seductive whispering in his ear. Before he could move away from the bigger man, Spike pressed forward.

" 'an 'is elf."

Spike stared into the eyes of the dark-haired mortal. "So... 'ow bout it, Whelp? Tell Santa what you really want fer Christmas."

Panting Xander wiggled between the two vampires trying to ignore his raging hormones. "OK. Very funny guys... nice joke on poor Xander."

Angel wrapped one long arm around his waist.

"Does that mean you don't want this?" asked the vampire as he pushed against younger man's ass. Xander groaned, then shook his head. "No. Yes. I don't know…."

Sliding one hand down to stroke at the growing bulge, Spike growled softly. "Seems like some part knows, Pet."

Pulling away Spike gazed into the boy's aroused but confused eyes.

Catching his chin, Spike kissed him lightly. "Luv. I want this. Peaches..."

"Wants this too," said Angel, tugging Xander back to rest firmly in his arms.

"Do you want this?"

He stared at the two gorgeous vampires, currently cuddling him. I am sick. I need serious help.

He moaned as Spike nipped at his neck. Whoever said being well was a good thing.

Leaning back he caught Angel's mouth with his. Tasting the vampire until the need for air became urgent.

"Yessss," he hissed before diving into the cool haven of Spike's mouth. Easily manipulating the smaller bodies; Angel eased the three of them to the floor. Too impatient to take the ten steps to the bedroom.

Xander gasped as Spike's hands found their way into his khakis. Soon there was nothing between their flesh. Cool fingers trailed along his already hard length. Moaning he thrust into the vampire's hand; his back arching making his neck more accessible to the vampire behind him.

Angel licked at the vein pulsing in his neck, before closing his lips over it. He sucked hard, almost purring when Xander tilted his head back even further. Gently Angel scrapped his fangs over the sensitive flesh.

Xander let out a low mewl. Angel pulled back to see what his childe was doing to get such a sweet sound. Dark eyes connected with blue as a cool tongue traced patterns along the boy's thighs. Spike teased-- ignoring the weeping cock.

When Xander cried out again, Angel nodded at Spike who slowly sucked the head into his mouth. Xander jerked and would have come if Angel hadn't reached out gripping his cock. Hard enough to stop him from coming, but nowhere near painful. At least not in a bad way.

Xander whimpered pushing against the vampire's embrace as Spike proceeded to lick him clean. Spike dragged his tongue across the trembling flesh. Sweet, Pet.

He looked up at Angel; then leaning closer coated his tongue with Xander's pre-cum. Easing away he moved towards Angel. The two kissed over the shuddering body between them. Angel growled at the taste of the boy he'd wanted for so long, in the mouth of the man he'd always wanted.

Xander whined softly, drawing their attention back to him. Chuckling Angel leaned forward to taste the leaking head, teasing him with short darting licks. He'd known that the mortal would taste good. A mixture of sweet and salty.

Angel jerked startled when he felt the hands at his groin. Looking up from his treat, he watched the smirking blonde shift between his and Xander's legs to grasp his cock. With a grin Angel bent back to his task.

Xander lay writhing beneath the assault. His mind splintered, unable to form a coherent thought. Other than... More.

Pleasure unlike any he'd ever known engulfed him. When Angel finally stopped teasing and deep-throated him, Xander thrust hard into the vampire's throat. Unable to control his movements, he thrust hard and fast as he came with a wail.

Angel pulled back to catch his lover's cum on his tongue-- loving the taste as it filled his mouth. Watching as Spike slid up between Xander's thighs to catch what spilled down his still hard cock.

Xander whimpered as the cool tongue began licking him clean again.

Spike grunted feeling the slick fingers pushing into him. He began panting as the older vampire's long fingers brushed his prostate.

Pressing back against the invading fingers-- Spike half crouched half knelt over Xander. Shifting Angel moved behind his childe.

Spike whined when the fingers slipped out of him; only to moan when they were replaced by his sire's tongue. Growling, he thrust back trying to force Angel's tongue deeper. His eye's flew open, feeling the warm hand on his cock.

He smiled into Xander's pleasure filled eyes as the boy ran tentative hands over his leaking dick. Curious, Xander traced the vein running beneath the throbbing flesh, then dragged a nail over the foreskin.

Hissing Spike thrust into Xander's grasp. He tensed for a moment feeling the head of Angel's immense girth pushing against him. Angel stilled reaching out to stroke the length of the pale back. His touch was gentle.

"I'll never hurt you again, Will."

Whimpering the blonde relaxed, until with a sigh Angel slid into his childe.

Xander stared eyes wide, heavy with lust at the two males writhing above him. Spike arched beneath Angel's slow thrusts. Angel growled low and deep at the feel of his childe around him. Close he began pushing harder.

Spike snarled as his sire rode him harder. Xander reached up pulling him down, rubbing their cocks together even as Angel began ramming in. Spike rocked between the two bodies. One hard and hot, the other hard and cold.

Panting, he pushed himself back harder driving Angel in deeper. His thoughts fragmented as he lost himself in the pleasure. Howling, he came grinding against Xander who came again with a low cry.

Hearing his childe and lover come, and feeling Spike clench around him Angel came. Pleasure long denied exploded through him. His seed spilling down Spike's thighs to mix with their already spent semen.

A low rumbling purr started up in his chest, as he nipped at his childe's neck before reaching out to snag the throw off the couch.

Tugging the limp form of the replete human against his chest as Spike snuggled into Xander, before covering them all with the blanket.

Xander stared sleepily at the two purring vampires. Angel leaned forward kissing him gently, followed by Spike. "Best presents ever, someone must have heard," he muttered softly, before closing his eyes.

"Yeah, luv. Somebody listened."

Snuggling in Angel brushed the hair from Xander's face, then looked at his childe. "You're coming home after Christmas."

Spike just nodded then laid his head on Xander's chest. After Angel drifted off, he sat up slightly. Thank you, Shadow.

Shadow grinned, fanning her-self. Metatron glared at her.


She shrugged. Metatron elbowed her, before smiling gently.


The End

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