Pairing: Spike/Dawn, Spike/Xander, Xander/Dawn

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: m/m sex, rape, underage sex, D/S, bloodplay

A/N: [info]shapinglight 's analysis that in order to understand kink fic, you have to believe that just before the start of the story, everyone took leave of their senses is so apt, I cannot improve upon it. However, I'll explain anyways. This takes place in an AU BtVS Season 5. Xander cheated on Cordelia with Spike, and the Scoobies rejected him for it. After Spike left, Xander followed him and has been living as Spike's pet/slave/toy for two years. Xander and Spike returned to Sunnydale to help Buffy stop Glory. Dawn is 15 in Season 5 and this may light up the Squick-O-Meter for some, particularly as this is a non-consensual story. However, [info]goldenbuffy  asked for evil!Spawn and I wanted to oblige.

Trespass Sweetly Urged



Xander kicked the wall, frustration and anger roiling in his gut. So what, he yelled, so I loved them both? Why the hell am I being punished? It’s not fair!

He had been cast out. When Cordelia discovered him kissing Spike in the warehouse, she’d rushed from the room, shrieking. She slipped and ended up impaled on a rebar. She lived, luckily, but that was all the luck he’d gotten in this situation.

Buffy, Willow, and Giles refused to talk to him, He had been unfaithful and not just unfaithful, but unfaithful with an undead man. No way out of that one and no forgiveness. Just cold stares and wordless dismissals for Xander now. Spike had left, chasing after Drusilla. He’d had his bit of fun, and he was off. Greedy boy, Spike mocked him. Wanted to have your cake and eat it too. Now you’ve got the bellyache that greedy boys deserve.

That stung the worst. Xander had offered himself to Spike because he cared. The bleached blonde hadn’t just aroused his dick; he’d aroused Xander’s mind and heart as well. The vampire’s passion, his humor, his persistence, those traits called to Xander. Those were things he wanted for himself, and having tasted them in Spike, he wanted them even more now.

So, Xander raved and ranted, calling out for justice and understanding. When the heavens refused to answer, Xander packed a bag. The bitterness of his rejection lay like ashes on his tongue, and he knew what he had to do. He was going to find Spike and…what had that fucking bastard said? Oh yeah, torture him until he loves me again. Sound plan, Xander smiled grimly, shouldering his backpack and heading towards the bus station. Eventually, Spike would see things his way.

Trespass Sweetly Urged

Dawn followed Xander, staying well behind him so he wouldn’t see her. He’d been gone for two whole years, and now that he was back, Buffy refused to let her see him. She didn’t even know why Xander had left. Buffy and Willow wouldn’t tell her anything, beyond the fact that Xander was gone.

Typical Buffy crap, Dawn thought as she watched Xander walk up to the Mansion. If she hadn’t seen Xander, she would never have known he was back. Well, maybe Buffy could just toss people aside like that, but Dawn wasn’t like that. She stuck by her friends, no matter what. With the patented Summers’ chin thrust, Dawn stalked up to the Mansion, determined to spend some quality time with her Xandy.

Spike smiled as Xander entered the Mansion, swiftly and silently stripping off his clothes. After Xander had tracked him down, staking Drusilla in order to claim Spike as his own, Spike had taken great delight in showing the whelp exactly why challenging a Master Vampire was a foolish idea. The little boy thought he’d be Spike’s equal, and that notion still gave Spike a good laugh.

It hadn’t taken Spike long to break Xander of that and a few other ridiculous ideas. His pet had broken nicely, submissively obedient with a touch of the fire and spirit that had attracted Spike in the first place. He couldn’t say he loved the boy, but he always took very good care of his possessions. Hell, he’d brought Xander back to Sunnydale to help his Super-Friends in their quest to rid the world of naughty puppies and evil kittens. The boy had paid dearly for that privilege as well. Sure, Spike didn’t want the world going to Hell, but bugger if he wanted to play with the white hats. Still, the boy begged so prettily and it wasn’t as if Hell had room-service…so, Spike had agreed and now he was stuck inside the soddin’ Mansion while his plaything went off and saved the world. Bloody boring way for a vamp to spend his eternity.

Xander strode over to Spike, and sunk down to his knees, his forehead resting against Spike’s thigh. Spike stroked the silky brown locks, his face expressionless as Xander nuzzled against the denim covering his legs. As Spike sat there, fingers tangled in Xander’s hair, thinking of ways to liven up his evening, he heard a second heartbeat.

Spike inhaled deeply, and a vicious smile graced his sharp features. So, the Slayer’s bitty sister was coming to pay a call? This might be an interesting evening after all.

“So,” Spike smirked, “how’re things with the Scooby set? You still wearing their scarlet letter or have they decided to forgive you for being a two-timing slut boy?”

Xander flinched, but answered evenly, “I don’t think they’ll ever forgive me, Spike.”

“Doesn’t matter to you though, does it? Long as you get to be my sweet bitch, you’re satisfied, eh?”

Xander nodded, face still hidden by his shoulder-length hair.

“Missed you while you were gone, baby boy. Was lonely here all by myself. Wouldn’t have been if you hadn’t begged me to bring you back here, think that deserves a bit o’making up, don’t you?”

Spike’s overly casual voice rang alarm bells in Xander’s head. In the two years he’d been with Spike, he’d learned that the vampire was never casual about anything. Everything he did, whether it was fucking or fighting, he took extremely seriously. His flamboyant front was just that, a façade created to lull the unwary into a sense of security. Xander was not one of the unwary. Two years as Spike’s slave had taught him never to underestimate the bleached blonde.

It had also taught him that Spike would not be kept waiting. Whatever plans Spike was currently hatching would be revealed soon enough. In the meantime, Xander knew his place. Rising onto his knees, Xander slowly flicked the buttons on Spike’s jeans. Pulling out the long pale cock, Xander bent over, drawing it deep into his mouth.

“That’s it, Xan. My pretty little cumslut,” Spike said affectionately, relishing the warm silkiness of his boy’s mouth. “Greedy little boy, so eager for a bit of cock.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Spike spied Dawn creeping into the room. The look of shock and revulsion on her face was priceless, and it thrilled Spike immensely. He couldn’t wait to see how his boy would respond to this.

With a tap on the back of Xander’s head, Spike pulled his erection out and stood, fingers hooked on the waistband of his pants. Cocking his hips, he loomed over Xander’s kneeling form and leered at the girl.

“Seems we have a visitor,” he announced gleefully, watching as Xander raised his head and stared, open-mouthed at the intruder.

“D-dawnie? W-w-what are you d-doing here?” Xander’s stammer, so reminiscent of his old babbling self, cut through the air like a knife.

“Takin’ a peep is what she’s doing,” Spike drawled, moving forward like lightening and grabbing Dawn around the waist.

Dragging her across the room, he pinned her against the wall. Too frightened to scream, Dawn stared at the blonde vampire with wide eyes. He could smell her fear, and his prick bounced as he inhaled deeply, allowing the delicious scent to permeate his body.

“Naughty little girl, poking around where she shouldn’t,” Spike purred. “Know what happens to naughty girls?”

“Spike, NO,” Xander yelled hoarsely, but the boy stayed where he was, kneeling by Spike’s chair.

“Oh yes, pet,” Spike disagreed pleasantly. “An’ since you’re in the mood to be disobedient, you can take your punishment along with the naughty Little Bit here.”

Dawn trembled. She wanted to fight, to run, to hide. She turned pleading eyes on Xander, begging mutely for the brown-eyed boy to save her from this monster, as he had so many times before.

“Ah, ah,” Spike cautioned. “You think my little whore’s going to rescue you? Not likely, Bit. He’s mine, and unless he wants the skin stripped from his back, he’ll do as he’s sodding well told. Isn’t that right, my little bitch?”

Xander met Dawn’s gaze, nodding miserably. He hadn’t known when he’d set off after Spike just what he was getting himself into. Maybe Giles or Buffy or Willow could have saved him, but they’d abandoned him after they found out he was sleeping with Spike. Now, Spike was all he had. He belonged to Spike and he knew it.

“Did you like what you saw, Nibblet? Make you hot, watching Xan suck my cock?”

Dawn shook her head, trying valiantly to look brave and defiant. Spike chuckled, the sound sending bolts of fear coursing through her young body. It wasn’t a happy sound, but a low, cruel, mocking sound.

“Don’t believe you, naughty. Think I might just check it out for myself,’ Spike informed her.

He pulled back slightly, but left her no room to run away. He ripped off her thin t-shirt, smiling down at her small, bra-clad breasts. Another quick tear, and her bra lay on the floor beside the ruins of her shirt.

“Xanpet, come here,” Spike instructed mildly.

With obvious reluctance, Xander rose and crossed the room, while his face conveyed his horror, his bouncing erection revealed his body’s excitement. Dawn stood there, shivering, as Spike ran a finger across her pointed nipples.

“Take a look,” Spike offered. “Nice tiny little teacup tits, a perfect little mouthful. Wonder if they taste sweet.” He bent slightly, taking a pale pink bud between his lips.

“Mmm, can’t quite tell,” Spike decided. “Xan, give’em a good lick and tell me what you think, eh?”

Xander shook his head, but moved in to suckle at Dawn’s nipple. He let out a groan as the erect nub slipped into his mouth. He rolled it between his lips, flicking the tip with his tongue. Dawn gasped as the suction turned her belly to water.

“Yeah, he’s got quite thing for sucking,” Spike told her fondly. “Just a like the baby boy he is, always needin’ to have something in his mouth. Got half a mind to let him nurse on you awhile.”

Xander knew he should pull away, but Spike was right. He loved to suck, could linger on Spike’s cock for hours, mouth blissfully full. With sweet female flesh between his lips, he wasn’t anxious to let go anytime soon.

“Now,” said Spike, shoving Dawn’s skirt up to her waist, “let’s see what other nummy treats you’ve got, shall we? Pretty little bit like you, bet you’ve got a luscious little cunny.”

Her virginal white underwear torn from her body, Dawn shrunk backwards in a futile effort to avoid Spike’s probing fingers. Annoyed, Spike took one of her hairless lips between his fingers and twisted. Dawn shrieked in pain, tears streaming down her face.

“Told you, naughty girls get punished.” Spike reminded her harshly.

Kneeling down, he parted her abused nether lips, and slid a tongue softly over her slit. Dawn’s legs shook as his tongue glided gently over her sensitive bud. The combined teasing of her nipples and her cunt excited her against her will, and her thighs were sticky with juice.

“Xan, think we need to take this upstairs,” Spike said quietly, pulling the brunette away from Dawn’s nipple.

He lifted Dawn over his shoulder easily, leading the way to the bedroom. Spike didn’t bother to check and see if Xander was following him. His boy would always follow him. Now, Spike thought, he’d have two greedy little cockwhores to play with, and snatching both of’em from the Slayer only made the pleasure sweeter.

He tossed Dawn down onto the bed, removing his jeans. With a flick of his eyebrow, he motioned for Xander to climb in next to her. Crawling up the bed, he pushed Xander’s face into Dawn’s breast, smiling in satisfaction as the boy eagerly latched on to the tiny pointed nipple and resumed sucking.

“Hungry little slut, innit he,” Spike asked Dawn, not expecting a response. “Gonna make you an obedient little girl, train you right. Teach you to beg for a good hard fucking, like my little bitch here.”

Dawn lay on her side, Xnader nursing happily. Spike lifted her top leg, pushing it up and back. She whimpered, the waves of fear and lust mixing in the air. Spike positioned himself and drove home in one thrust, ripping through her virgin barrier. Dawn screamed in pain, and the scent of blood teased at the edges of Spike’s senses.

Balls deep inside the girl, Spike allowed her a few seconds to become accustomed to his girth. Xander, mouth still wrapped around Dawn’s breast, reached down and started to stroke his own erection. Spike thought briefly about smacking the questing hand, but allowed the boy his pleasure. He’d obeyed so nicely, helping him break in the Slayer’s sister. He deserved a treat for his obedience.

Spike moved then, sliding his prick out until only the fat head remained sheathed inside the snug channel. He rammed back in again, sawing in and out of the silky wetness, allowing his own pleasure to consume him. He didn’t ignore his victim, though, placing a few fingers on the sensitive bundle of nerves and teasing the erect button until the girl’s velvet walls shook and clenched around him.

“That’s my dirty little girl. Precious little whore, gonna make you love it,” Spike panted. “Make you crave my cock inside you, filling you up with spunk. Tell me, princess, tell me how much you need to be fucked.”

Dawn shook her head, thrashing underneath him. She spasmed, body wracked by orgasm. No matter how much her body enjoyed this, she refused to admit it. Spike might have turned Xander into some kind of slave, but he wouldn’t do it to her.

Spike had a century’s worth of experience in dealing with disobedience, and he simply twisted his body until he could reach her thigh. His face shifted, and he sank his fangs into the soft sweet flesh there. As he drew out her blood with deep languid sucks, he continued to pound into her moist tight core.

Dawn tumbled down into the welcoming blackness, the combined erotic thrill of Spike’s bite and his cock too much for her to bear. As she lost her grip on consciousness, she felt a cool liquid filling her and heard Spike’s exultant shout. Finally, the calm dark claimed her and she was lost.

Xander, also hearing Spike’s yell of completion, pulled away from Dawn’s body and looked expectantly at the blonde vampire. Spike had trained him well, and no matter how much he stimulated his own dick, he couldn’t come without permission. His raw red erection dripped shiny clear fluid, leaving a sticky trail over Dawn’s inert body.

Spike pulled Xander to him roughly, bending the boy over in front of Dawn’s dripping snatch. Spike didn’t bother to prepare the boy, as Xander kept himself always ready to serve. He pushed his still-erect cock into Xander’s upturned arse, enjoying the moans and sighs of excitement that fell from the boy’s lips.

“Clean her up, pet. Wouldn’t want to waste any of that cream you’re so fond of,” Spike ordered. “Need to keep my bitch’s belly nice and full of cum.”

Xander nodded in agreement, tongue lapping at the thick liquid oozing from Dawn’s abused body. Spike always kept him full of jizz, claiming it was mother’s milk for his growing boy. Xander grunted happily as the sweet salty taste of the combined juices rolled onto his tongue.

“Gonna keep her, and turn into a cumslut like you,” Spike told Xander as he set up a lazy rhythm. “Two sweet little pussies to fuck, two naughty little whores to punish. Just think pet, you can nurse on those tasty little tits anytime you want.”

Xander whimpered, Spike’s long strokes pushing him deeper and deeper into the moist depths of Dawn’s wet slit. Dawn was waking now, moaning along with Xander as his tongue stimulated her overworked pussy. Spike let Xander bring the girl to another crashing orgasm before spilling himself inside his boy. With a few quick jerks and a quiet word, he brought Xander off as well.

Spike settled between the two warm bodies, Xander taking his traditional sleeping place between Spike’s legs, mouth working sleepily at Spike’s cock. A whispered command and Xander moved to lie next to Dawn, nursing himself to sleep at her breast. Spike slipped his half-hard prick into Dawn, wrapping his cool body around her. She’d learn, he knew, and in time be just as eager as Xander for any scrap of attention. Until then, he’d just keep training her, fucking her tight little body into submission. Not exactly a hardship, he smirked to himself before joining his two pets in sleep.

The End

Pairing: Spike/Dawn/Xander

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Spike’s got all his duckies lined up just so this time and he’s not about to let Angel spoil it for him. A story of an evil Spike, a sexually enslaved Dawn AND Xander, plus enough kink to really bring it back.

A/N: A sort-of follow on of my story Trespass Sweetly Urged which is itself a sort-of follow on of Five Flavors of Sunnydale Sin (the bitter drabble). Yeah, it's a circuitous route but the point is I GOT MY KINK BACK. Thanks go to [info]anxiety_junkie for her brave beta work, even in the face of extreme kink.

Sin Again

The knock on the door doesn’t surprise him. He’s been expecting it for months now. If anything, it’s an overdue knock. He doesn’t answer the door. Can’t be bothered. His pets make a prettier picture and the bastard can just kick the door in if he’s so motivated. Won’t do him any good, though. Spike’s got all his duckies lined up just so this time and he’s not about to let Angel spoil it for him.

He turns his attention back to the two bodies writhing on the bed in front of him. Dawn is panting, a soft hitch in the back of her throat that tells him she’s close to coming. He’s not interested in granting her release this early, so he leans forward and slaps away the fingers teasing her juicy cunt. Xander grunts, but he pulls his hand away. He’s well trained; they both are, now.

Spike leans backs, hand sliding down to his open waistband. He strokes his cock, listening thoughtfully as the knocks increase in volume and intensity. Angel’s pounding on his door now; won’t be long until his limited patience runs out and he beats the bloody thing down. Won’t he be surprised at the lovely little show the two kiddies are acting out?

Surprised and probably outraged, as if his Royal Foreheadness hasn't ever harmed a human in his unlife. Spike snorts. What he knows of cruelty, he learnt at the fists and fangs of Angelus. Besides, can he help it if these two prefer life with him?

Probably, he admits to himself. After all, he did kidnap them. A fact that Angel will likely trumpet as if it means something. Point is, they’re Spike’s now, to do with as he pleases.

He jumps from the chair at the end of the bed. The chair flies backwards and the quick, violent jolt sends a shiver through his little playthings. It’s imperceptible, their shiver, just a tiny quake of skin and muscle, but he notices. He likes the little shiver, likes the sweet play of fear and arousal on their faces and in their scents. It’s a small thing, but it heightens his pleasure, soothes the ache that constantly gnaws at his belly.

He peels back his tight jeans, his erection springing free. Crawling up the bed, he leans down to nip and kiss flinching, quivering skin. Dawn shifts to open her thighs, allowing him to peruse her dripping, swollen sex. A long, languorous lick sets her panting again, keeping her balanced on a fine line of overstimulation and pain. He swivels a bit and gives Xander’s cock the treatment, dipping his tongue in the pre-come bubbling at the head.

Xander moans around the nipple in his mouth, lifting his hips to beg mutely for another touch. Spike shakes his head, and Xander subsides, his mouth sucking strongly at Dawn’s breast. Xander loves to suckle. That busy mouth can’t get enough of cock or pussy, but even Spike’s interest has limits. So he set Xander to breastfeeding to keep the boy’s mouth busy.

In the beginning, he had to keep Dawn chained. She rebelled against allowing Xander to use her as a human pacifier, but a month of constant suckling while riding a cock, real or fake, wore her down. She takes to her role happily now, welcoming Xander’s needy mouth.

Spike trails a finger up her thigh, delicately stroking her swollen red lips. That month didn’t just train her to love the feel of Xander’s needy, voracious mouth. It also filled her tiny breasts with milk. It surprised the hell out of Spike, but when he thought about it, he supposed it made a kind of sense.

He slides a finger into her, enjoying the grasp and flutter of her silky walls. She’s incoherent now, a mass of need and frustration. He removes his finger and she wails, a noise he stops with the sharp slap to her sensitive clit.

“Bad girl,” he says. “Xander, switch sides, yeah? Give us some room.”

Xander climbs across her body, latching on to her other breast. Spike listens to Xander’s frantic gulps, Dawn’s desperate moans and the now almost constant pounding on the door. He wants to wait until Angel’s busted in, wants to give a good show. Just like the two little sluts beneath him, he’s been well-trained.

Spike thrusts forward, pushing himself fully inside Dawn in one long smooth glide. The door creaks, the lock groaning and protesting under Angel’s assault. He settles back onto his knees, cock still embedded inside her welcoming warmth. He jerks his hips lazily, finger tracing teasing circles around her swollen nub. His ass tenses and releases in time with his thrusts, and he knows how much Angel enjoys that.

“Spread your legs,” he orders Xander, reaching over to slap the inside of one thigh.

Xander flinches but obeys, his cock stiff and angry red. Spike circles it loosely with his fingers, a slight stroke that sets Xander to quaking. He’s been hard for hours, his nursing both arousing and soothing him. Spike loves to watch his two precious toys play with each other’s bodies, loves to see how tightly wound they can get and how long he can keep them there, begging for release.

Dawn’s not going to last much longer and as much as Spike loves to torment her, he’s going to let her come. She’s so pretty when she does; her body, a mass of convulsive shakes and quivers that tease his own orgasm out. Xander will follow, his thick prick shooting gouts of semen that will splatter everywhere, and give him an excellent reason to put his mouth to other, equally erotic uses.

All they need is for Angel to finally break through the door.

The End

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