WARNING: Future Fic, slavery, chipped Spike
DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own the Buffyverse... I just own this particular vision of the boy's future...
SUMMARY: Buffy and co. won the battle against the Initiative... but it is the Initiative that will win the war...

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Alexander Harris, CEO and owner of Harris International, the world's third largest construction company watched silently as his beloved Spike slowly got dressed for the short trip from their large sprawling ranch home into the city where the Headquarters of his company was located.

The black lightweight material of the form fitting bodysuit was a marvel of modern science. It was shimmery to look at, soft to the touch and it would stretch in order to mold itself to his lover's skin. It also provided any vampire a good ten minutes protection from the killing rays of the sun. Spike pulled on the footed pants and then the long-sleeved turtleneck top. After that, he slid his feet into knee-high polished black boots.

Then came the gloves. Also made of the same material, these came up to his elbows and Xander had to help him so that the sleeves of his top were tucked neatly into the gloves to prevent any skin from showing. Once the gloves were in place, Xander helped Spike into the tight form fitting hood that reminded them both of ninja style headgear. Only Spike's painted and gilded blue eyes peeked out from the shimmering cloth.

Once the bodysuit was on, Xander began to help Spike into his "jewelry". By law, the vampire *had* to wear electronic tracking devises on all four limbs that could be used to hunt him down by satellite or could be used to immobilize him by remote control. Xander had spent a small fortune to make Spike's tracking bracelets as beautiful as possible. The anklets that went around his boots were larger than the ones that went around his wrists, but all four gold plated and set with sparkling sapphires and diamonds.

The vampire's collar and leash were even more magnificent than the tracking bracelets. They were also a visual indication of Xander's personal trust in Spike. The leash was made of a fine gold chain that any mortal child could snap with one good hard tug so it would be less than useless to restrain a Master Vampire with. However, it *was* highly decorative and expensive, as was his slave's collar.

The collar was made out of four large sections of gold that were each set with sapphires, rubies and diamonds. It was as beautiful and priceless as it was sad and hurtful to both men. With haunted dark eyes, Xander gently placed the collar around his lover's neck and carefully hooked the fine chain leash to it.

Then, for the final step, he held out the large red and black hooded leather robe that would provide a vampire with up to three hours worth of protection from direct sunlight. Frightfully expensive, but worth every penny.

Spike slid both of his arms into the large voluminous sleeves and pulled the hood up and over his face even as Xander wrapped it in a V-style closure in the front of the vampire's body. Then the red leather belt was wrapped around Spike's waist three times and tied off.

Stepping back to make sure that none of Spike's skin would be exposed to the killing sunlight, Xander once again marveled at how the red and black robe made his vampire look like one of the Sith Lord's from the old Jedi Movies...

Gently picking up the end of Spike's leash, Xander led the way through their home and into the garage.

"Come on Spike. I've got a lot to do at the office before I have to meet Collins and Woodward for lunch."

"Oh bloody hell, not *Collins*. That wanker always gives me a bleedin' headache."

Xander snorted inelegantly.

"Well... if you didn't think nasty thoughts about him, then your chip wouldn't send pulses of pain through your skull. You know better than that Spike."

Snarling under his breath, the vampire climbed into Xander's Lexus XL.


Spike had been bored the whole time they were at the office. While he wasn't the only personally owned vampire there, he *was* the oldest and the fledglings around him could barely remember a time before the governments of the world had forced Behavior Modification Chips on all vampires in order to enslave them. Their biggest concerns were their owner's status, their own personal jewelry collection and gossiping about the latest vampire auctions. Of course, any vampires that were "owned" by the government itself were *way* down the social ladder from those vampires privately owned, but that was pretty much a given.

Spike, as the personal pet of the company's CEO, was the top dog at the office and the others fawned over him. While their conversations bored him to tears, it *was* gratifying to be able to lord over people again... even if it was only other slaves. And when he was in a gracious mood, he would grace them with tales of his glory days and watch as the fledglings struggled to contain their bloodlust before their chips could fry their brains.

Then a soft and husky, "Beautiful, it's time to go to lunch now." and Spike was up out of his seat and walking over to Xander. A lingering wet kiss and then Xander was replacing his ninja headgear and adjusting his collar. Leash clicked into place and the leather hood of his robe pulled up and they were on their way back to the car.


Spike was well versed in all the correct forms and he knew better than to not follow them in public places. While Xander would never punish him and never stood on ceremony in private, the owners of the restaurant were, by law, allowed to electro shock any vampire on their premises that didn't "behave" in accordance to law and custom. So, Spike stood at Xander's chair and pulled it out for him to sit in.

Just before his owner could take his seat, some overstuffed shirt wandering past struck up a quick conversation in the hopes of setting up his own meeting with the CEO of Harris International. That's when Collins struck. A stunning slap to his head had Spike snarling at the human before he clutched his head in pain and whimpered pathetically at the waves of agony rushing over him. Collins chuckled a moment and then gasped in disgust.

"Holy shit! You still have your canines! Why haven't they been yanked out of your evil little head?"

Spike groaned even as he tried to growl at the man who was holding him painfully by the arm and shaking him. It was standard practice by the government to pull out the canine teeth of any vampires they owned as slaves. This meant that when a vamp went to gameface, they *didn't* have any fangs at all. Privately owned vampires didn't *have* to have their canines removed, but most did.

Xander fed him, clothed him, provided him with any toy or entertainment he wished, and kept him warm at night, but he had *never* even hinted at taking Spike's fangs. The thought positively chilled him. Collins, however, felt differently about the whole thing. Reaching onto the table at the placesetting before him, the human grabbed up a butter knife.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that oversight right now."

Spike felt a jolt of fear rush through him. He couldn't defend himself due to his chip and if the other humans in the restaurant decided to help Collins then there was no way he could escape. His fangs would be gone.

Then, out of nowhere, a large callused hand came down and forcibly pried the knife away from Collins and Spike felt himself pulled back and tucked up under a thickly muscled arm. Xander.

"Excuse me, but he belongs to *me* and if you pull out his canines I will personally knock *all* of *your* teeth the fuck out of your head. Do you hear me?"

Going slightly pale, Collins stepped back. The man sputtered for a moment and Xander glared at him the whole time. Finally, his face a mixture of indignant anger and humiliation, Collins puffed up his chest and spoke to them both in a scathing tone of voice.

"I don't know what's wrong with you Harris, but that... that... *beast* shouldn't be allowed to walk around with it's fangs intact. It's not only irresponsible, it's unsightly."

This time it was Spike who sputtered with rage, even as Xander rubbed a soothing hand in circles on his back. The business man who had once been the goof-off boy that trailed along behind the Slayer stood his ground, however.

"Collins, I don't give a flying fuck what you think. This vampire is *my* personal property and I *want* him kept intact *just* the way he is. I'm not going to cripple him for the sake of fashion or your delicate feelings. If you don't like that then I suggest you leave."

Insulted to the hilt, Collins turned on his heel and stormed out of the restaurant muttering dire imprecations under his breath. Woodward just sat there, a slightly embarrassed look on his face, his own vampire seated on the floor at his side.

"Well, now that that unpleasantness is over, why don't you sit down and we can have lunch, huh?"

Still scowling, Xander nodded his head and Spike quickly pulled out his chair. Once Xander was seated, Spike tucked a white linen napkin across his lap and then sat down on the velvet pillow placed on the floor at his owner's feet. Woodward's vampire, a female fledgling named Candy, was also seated on a velvet pillow. When Spike settled next to her, she glanced down at the floor in shame. Feeling a pang in his unbeating heart, Spike didn't have to be told that *her* canines had been pulled. He could tell without hearing the words or seeing her smile.


As they were getting settled into the car after lunch, Xander's cell phone rang. Suppressing a sigh, the businessman reached into his coat pocket and pulled it out. A quick sharp flick of his wrist opened it and answered the call.


Spike's vampiric hearing could easily pick up the small tinny voice of some human female on the other end.

"Mr. Harris? This is Lilah Morgan of Wolfram and Heart. I am the lawyer who is settling Miss Cordelia Chase's estate. I'm sorry to inform you that three days ago, Miss Chase was in a fatal car accident. You were specifically mentioned in her will."

For a long moment everything stopped and the world twisted out of focus.

"Mr. Harris? Are you still there?"

Spike heard Xander swallow hard.

"Yes. Yes, I'm still here."

"As I was saying, you were specifically mentioned in her will. In the event that a Mr. Wesley Windham-Pryce was not alive to take possession of her most cherished item, then it was to be left to you. Mr. Windham-Pryce was a passenger in Miss Chase's car at the time of the accident and is in a coma at LA General Hospital. The doctors don't have much hope that he will awaken, so we feel that it would be best to sign over ownership of her... possession to you as soon as possible."

"Wha... what is it? I mean, what could be so important?"

Spike could hear the lawyer lady clear her throat before continuing.

"Mr. Harris, the item in question is a chipped vampire. One by the name of Angel. Technically, he is currently without an owner. If you refuse to take him as a personal acquisition, I will be forced to put him up for auction."

"No! No, don't do that. I'll... I'll take him and anything else that Cordy left for me. Just... just tell me where to go and I'll head there right now."

"Fine... Here's the address you will need to come to. It's at..."

The End

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