Vamp in the Hole

Sariel Lunar

“Slaying by blue balls! That’s a new one on me!” Spike shouted stomping through a field outside Sunnydale. Damn Slayer! Sure he’d finally gotten what he wanted from her but things were worse. Using and abusing him! This time she forced him to wear a cock ring and wouldn’t let him come. After she got off, he was left alone and unsatisfied. He had to finish himself off and that was never as good as the real thing. He was getting sick of all the abuse. The damn crazy bint was taking her own self loathing out on him. It wasn’t fair. He thought he left such treatment behind when Angelus took himself to parts unknown. No sex, not matter how good, was worth this crap. If he was looking to be treated like shit, he’d go find Peaches. Maybe it was time to move on. He had his reputation to consider. Being the Slayer’s bitch was not doing anything for his image. The vampire was so wrapped up in his own woe he didn’t realize what time it was. The smell of smoke and sudden pain coursing through him alerted him that the sun was rising.

“BLOODY HELL!” Immediately, Spike covered himself with the thick blanket he carried around. It provided some protection but not enough. Wisps of smoke rose from his body as he frantically looked for a hiding place. What he wouldn’t give for a cloudy day. Bugger! Why the Hell did I have to take a bloody stroll through the middle of bloody nowhere? Just as desperation was giving way to full blown panic; Spike spotted a hole in the side of an incline facing away from the deadly sunrise. It looked big enough for the job. Bit of a tight fit, but better than turning into ash! Spike ran for his small spark of salvation and dove for it. Unfortunately the fit was tighter than he anticipated. He stopped abruptly at his hips leaving his ass and legs hanging out.

“BOLLOCKS!” He tried clawing himself the rest of the way in but he wouldn’t budge. All it seemed to get him was more dirt in his hair. He was stuck like this! “I can’t win!” he shouted impotently and kicked his legs like a child in a temper tantrum. Fortunately the blanket, along with the added layer of leather and clothing covered him well enough that the sun wouldn’t completely incinerate his ass…just lightly toast it! There was nothing to be done but wait and hope no one walked by wondering why he was there. People didn’t normally come to this area so he should be relatively safe. Then again he was in Sunnyhell.


“Freaking Anya!” a lone brunette shouted at the darkening Sunnydale sky. Yet again, Xander found himself Fate’s butt-monkey! It wasn’t fair! Why did stuff always happen to him? Why? Xander huffed and continued running the route he’d set up as a teenager to use for exercise between apocalypses. It was quiet and not a lot of people bothered going that way since it was on the outskirts of town. Perfect for solitude. He loved it when he was younger. He rarely used it since the fated graduation because time was short when one was trying to hold down a construction job, put up with a sex crazed girlfriend, and save the world. Today, though, he made time. There was no other damned choice.

Anya, in a desperate attempt to save their doomed relationship, doctored his dinner with Viagra. Apparently ex-demons didn’t understand the notion of dosage because she gave him two thinking it would be better for her pleasure. She even added some magic to keep those pesky side affects from hurting him so she could have orgasms for the whole night. Obviously she didn’t understand exactly what the famed pill did. He’d been banging her all night and most of the day thinking for some reason he was just really horny. It wasn’t until a worn out Anya screamed for rest and that she’d have never used those blue pills if she’d known what it had done to him, that he’d even considered she’d drugged him.

Hell no! Xander promptly jumped out of bed and threw her clothes at her telling her to get out and that they were finished. Spells? No problem. Running from demons? Sure! Been doing it since high school. Drugs? Fuck that! He had enough problems without having to resort to drugs. Anya had the nerve to get pissed and yelled at him that he couldn’t dump her for such a stupid reason. She threatened to go back to D’Hoffern to become a vengeance demon again. During her rant behind him Xander had thrown on some basketball shorts and a loose black shirt not even paying attention. After jamming his feet into his running shoes, he grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for the door. Brushing past her he told her to be gone before he got back or he was turning her over to Willow’s and Tara’s mercy. She immediately paled at the threat. They both knew that Willow could do more damage than any vengeance demon. Xander turned away and left, slamming the door.

Fast forward to the present and he was still stuck with the never ending hard-on from Hell. So what’s a horny man to do? Run! Run until he was so tired having sex was the last thing he’d be able to do. Currently he’d been running for an hour and he was still desperate for sex, practically on the verge of killing himself! Where had all this stamina come from? He should be dog tired by now. Could be those damn pills or the damn magic... It would be his damn luck the “happy pill” made him miserable.

“Damn Anya! We are sooooo over! I should turn you over to Willow anyway!” Xander raved.

He stopped to catch his breath and looked around. He realized why he was so fond of this place. It brought back a few of his childhood memories that weren’t traumatic. For instance, he was close to a tunnel he and Willow had dug when they were little. They were trying to find gold and all they got was dirt and a nice hiding spot for their comics and toys. Despite his current discomfort he couldn’t help but smile a little. “Wonder if it’s still there?”

Xander began jogging towards the remembered spot. He had a vague idea of where it was. After a while he found it, but someone had stuffed an ugly blanket into it. He ran over for a closer look. Yup. It was an ugly blanket. Very wooly. Almost like the blankets fire fighters gave to rescue victims. Who would stuff a blanket in a hole? He reached out to pull it out, but before his hand could grab hold of the rough fabric it moved.

“Oi! Hands off!”

“What the…” Xander jumped back three clear feet. Sunnydale was weird, but talking blankets? That registered way off Xander’s Weird-Shit-O-Meter.

“Get lost whelp! I’m busy here!” Xander blinked at the blanket in front of him then scowled. Only one being on the planet called him that.

“Spike?” He moved closer and grabbed the blanket. He had to jerk hard on the fabric, but it finally pulled free to reveal Spike’s duster covered butt. “What are you doing?”

“Havin’ a spot of tea. Wot’s it look like? I’m hiding from the bloody sun, ya ponce!” Xander started laughing.

“So you decided to hole up?”

“Shut it!”

Xander began laughing his ass off. Oh man! Where’s a camera when you need one? As far as blackmail material goes, this is perfect.

“You do know the sun’s almost down right?” he asked trying to stop laughing. Trying, but not too hard.

“Course I do. Wanker!”

“Then why are you still in there?” No reply. “Spike?”

“…n…k…” was the muffled response.



“I can’t hear you,” Xander sang out.


Xander laughed so hard he cried.

“Hardy-fucking har! Quit being an arse and help me get out!” Spike shouted.

“I don’t know Spike. Maybe I can round up some kiddies to play pin the tail on the donkey!”

“Oi! Quit yer laughing and get me outta here!”

“Okay. Okay,” Xander said as he calmed his laughter to the occasional snort. Wiping his eyes he moved behind Spike and took hold of his hips. “How are we gonna do this? On three?”


“Alright,” he replied taking deep breaths to control the last of his laughter. “One…two…Three!” Xander pulled while Spike tried to push himself out. The vampire couldn’t do much. His legs were almost flush with the incline making it almost impossible to use them as leverage. As a result…Spike didn’t budge. Xander continued to pull for a while then stopped. Not paying attention he moved forward against Spike’s rear. He gasped and immediately backed off but it was too late. His erection, which hadn’t gone away yet, throbbed at the unexpected attention. Xander’s eyes widened to the size of plates. Did he just…

“Okay again.” Spike ordered unaware of what just happened.


“Again whelp!”

Swallowing the lump in his throat the young mortal repositioned himself behind the vampire. Okay. This time he just had to be careful. There was no need for a repeat performance.

“One…Two…Three!” Again he pulled and Spike pushed. When he released he was careful not to move forward against the body in front of him. What he hadn’t expected was for Spike to actually force himself out a few inches. Again his ass came in contact with Xander’s groin. He fought hard to keep from groaning. No! Bad Xander Jr! No lusting for the evil undead! It doesn’t matter that you’re pumped up with the little blue pill. Spike is off limits. You’re supposed to go for the opposite gender anyway. So no lusting for the currently helpless fine ass in front of…

The sudden feel of Spike’s ass pushing back once more against his erection put an effective stop to all thought processes. Xander looked down to see Spike pressing his knees into the earthen wall trying unsuccessfully to push himself free. The action curved the blonde vampire’s spine emphasizing the round compactly muscled rear. It didn’t take much imagination for Xander to picture Spike fucking himself back on his cock like that making it a little difficult to breathe. The only thing Spike seemed to be succeeding at was getting him even harder. The silky fabric of his shorts was not helping. God! Maybe he should have remembered to put on some underwear before he stormed out of his apartment. Didn’t the vampire know what he was doing to him? He had to feel it. That duster wasn’t that thick.

“Oi! Let’s try…” he jerked back again and Xander couldn’t help but groan. “…again.” Xander’s hands tightened on Spike’s hips. No. He could not do this. He could not…

Suddenly Spike seemed to change his tactics and was trying to wiggle out of the hole causing more delicious friction against aching flesh. Xander made and odd strangled noise as he gasped and tried to swallow his tongue at the same time. That was it. A man could only take so much. Xander moved forward until he was completely flush with those tempting globes. His eyes rolled back into his head as he let the sensations wash over his sense. Oh that’s good! Immediately the body froze and went rigid. Don’t stop now?

“Wot the Hell do you think you’re doing?” Spike yelped in shock as he recognized what was rubbing against his ass.

“Wot’s it feel like?” Xander taunted. A large hand moved from Spike’s hip to his ass cheek to squeeze the firm muscle found there. He ignored the slight throb of his own cock. “Nice ass ya got there Spike.”

Spike shivered and was forced to choke off a gasp at the growling quality of the Xander’s voice. The reaction threw him into a rage. This was not happening. He was a master vampire for fucks sake! Harris was just a worthless human that…was starting to move Spike’s duster off to the side.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Harris!” Spike roared trying to shake the human off. Again that damned earthened wall prevented the needed mobility to get away.

“Dare? Okay. If you say so.” A pair of hands were immediately at the front of his jeans undoing the clasp.

“NO!” The bleached blonde redoubled his efforts to throw Xander off, but only succeeded in arousing the boy and, to his horror, himself. In a second the denim was undone and around his ankles.

“Commando? Should have known.”

“Harris! You can’t do this! You aren’t even gay!” Xander brought his still covered erection against Spike’s bare ass. The vampire froze as he felt his cock twitch and fill with more borrowed blood.

“That should answer that,” Xander moaned rotating his hips. The combination of cool skin and the slick fabric of his shorts created a nice friction that made Xander shiver. Spike again tried to move away, but was stopped when Xander’s hands were planted firmly on his cheeks. What was he… He didn’t have to wonder anymore as the pale globes were spread and a warm wet tongue took a slow swipe at his pucker followed by a deep growl. Small bolts of sensation ran up through his spine and down into his balls. Against his will, his body convulsed from the stimulation as the tongue returned and licked around the sensitive skin. Yeah. The whelp is most definitely not completely hetero. Normally, he would make some quip about how dusty it was in that closet, but when that tongue probed at his entrance, he lost all ability to speak and could only manage a long groan instead. Spike could feel the boy smirk against his skin. Smug bastard!

Xander continued his sweet torture while the cool body before him shook. One hand released its hold and warm fingers lightly stroked soft pale skin as they teased their way over nearly smooth balls. A loud groan vibrated Spike’s body. So responsive. Xander wanted to hear more of that voice. He dipped his tongue deeper past the fluttering ring of muscle and felt Spike jerk in surprised pleasure. The vampire banged his head against the dirt beneath him in shame as Xander’s hand stroked over his cool skin inspecting the newly discovered flesh.

“Veeery niiice.” warm breath ghosted over his skin as the younger man voiced his appreciation in a half growl half moan.

Spike felt like he was drowning in humiliation. Looks like Fate had a new butt-monkey. Spike shook his head trying to clear his lust fogged thoughts. It was so hard to think while this boy was turning his brain into mush. Buffy left him needy and that was the only reason he was responding. It had to be. He still had to stop this even though Buffy never got him so hot so quickly. If Xander decided for some twisted reason that Spike had taken advantage of him it’d be Dustville.

“S…Someone’s gonna come by,” he tried again. It was a weak argument, but not too bad considering his brains took a run for his balls. Xander’s tongue caressed the back of his balls and trailed up to his entrance forcing a moan from the vampire. The mouth drew back and blew a stream of air lightly over the moist skin. Spike began to writhe as he sought to reconnect with the talented muscle. Xander chuckled deeply as Spike whimpered in frustration.

“It’s night Spike. No one comes around in the day.” He took a light bite at the pale globes before him. “No one’s coming now,” Xander replied. He stood up and ran his fingers along the cleft. The body seemed to arch into his touch reminding him of a cat in heat. Spike could object all he wanted; his body drank up the attention like a water starved flower. “Anyway you don’t want me to stop,” he said standing to his full height sucking on two fingers.

“Wot’ makes you say that?” Spike growled still now willing to completely give in. His answer came in the form of two fingers entering his slicked entrance hitting his prostate dead on. Nothing could stop the cry of pleasure that flew out of his mouth as his body automatically jerked forward from the unexpected touch. God that felt good!

“Feel good, Fangless?” Xander asked slowly drawing back. The sound of his voice chased away the pleasure jump starting his brain. The whelp was teasing him!

“I…I’m gonna fucking kill you for this!” Spike shouted angrily. Humiliation gave way to rage. He didn’t care how good all this felt. A master vampire was getting raped by a human! Raped! Shit like this was supposed to be the bad guy’s job. “You aren’t going to get away with this…”

His threat was cut off as Xander wrapped his free hand around Spike’s erection. “What was that?” he asked innocently. The answer was lost as Xander began pumping him in time with the thrusting of his fingers. Each time he would stroke over his prostate his fist tightened a bit then released. Karma. That had to be it. He was being punished for all the crap he’d done. Well he wouldn’t make it easy. Spike tried his hardest not to react. He really did. He tried to keep his mind on anything that would wilt his passion. Old ladies. Dead cats. Clem. Xander seemed to notice Spike’s lack of attention. That wouldn’t do. While massaging the man’s prostate he added another finger. For added stimulation, he ran his thumb over the head of the mans cock, smearing the thick pre-cum over the sensitive flesh. The sudden mix of pain and pleasure sent all of Spike’s rage to the corner of his mind and all he could do was feel.

“Oh God!” Spike moaned and cried out.

“No wandering off now,” Xander growled roughly pushing against the vampire’s sweet spot. Spike cried out as the pleasure sent shocks through his spine and flashes of light behind his eye lids. Who knew the boy was this talented. He couldn’t help it anymore. It was impossible to resist. All thoughts of rebellion fled as he pushed back against those fingers making them lightly brush over his prostate. God he wished he could move more. Xander continued to slowly move his fingers in and out giving Spike just enough stimulation to make him desperate.

“Something wrong, Spike?” Xander asked as his hand stilled around the arousal. No! Why was he stopping? “What do you want, Fangless?” At this point, Spike didn’t have any pride left. He craved his released as much as he craved human blood.

“More damnit!”

Suddenly Xander pulled out of Spike and grabbed a hold of his hips. With one strong, almost superhuman, yank he broke Spike free. Before the blonde had a chance to give voice to his surprise he was roughly turned around and Xander was on his knees taking his hardened cock in his mouth. Spike’s knees buckled and he held on to Xander’s shoulders to keep from falling. That warm moist heat almost made him lose it right then, but the hand clamped at the base kept him from embarrassing himself.

Xander moaned around the cool flesh in his mouth. He knew the vampire would taste good. The sound of the man above him cursing breathlessly gave him more confidence. Xander continued worshiping his treat as he wrapped his arms around his soon to be lover’s waist. Using the slow, hard strokes as a distraction, he began to tug off the long leather duster. Not really paying attention, the vampire let his arms fall back as the garment was removed. He could care less what the whelp did as long as he didn’t stop. The moment it was free from Spike’s body, Xander threw it to the ground without missing a beat. His hands quickly returned to the beautiful body and slowly stroked the cool skin under the tight black T-shirt. The lean muscles under the pale skin reminded the brunette of the power and strength that lay inside. This was a dangerous predator moaning beneath his touch. Muzzled, yes, but still a predator. The thought that the vamp could easily kill him sent a warm shiver through his body. Brown eyes rolled upwards and watched as the blonde’s face shimmered back and forth between demon and human.

Breath hissed through fangs as Xander drew back and gave the crown a long slow kiss before engulfing it once again. The man on his knees would have smiled if he could, but he only closed his eyes and concentrated on turning Spike into a quivering puddle of need. The desire to give this man pleasure seemed to be the only thing in his mind. Thoughts of what Buffy or the others would think never registered for a second. Not that Buffy had room to judge. He growled low in his throat as he finally recognized the Slayer’s scent on his prize. They had been together. Sure it had been a day and the vampire had taken a shower, but traces of her scent were still left. He growled again at the thought of the strong female trying to take what Xander had claimed for his own.

“FUCK!” Xander looked up at the enraptured vampire who still seemed to have trouble controlling his “game face.” The nearly white blonde head was thrown back just enjoying the feel of someone attending only to his needs for a change. Most likely Buffy was just using Spike for her pleasure alone. After all it was always about what she wanted. Xander pulled back and began to suck hard on the engorged vein underneath. No. Buffy would not take this away from him. He moved up to the head pushing back the foreskin and licked around the crown before taking one long lap at the slit. In response Spike’s right hand went into Xander’s shaggy brown hair trying to get him to keep going. If that was what he liked, he was going to love this. Xander took pity on him and engulfed Spike back with his mouth until he had swallowed him down to the root.

Spike almost fell over as his eyes rolled back and his body trembled from head to toe. Where in the bloody hell did he learn to do that! He’d only ever known vampires to be able to go so deep without gagging. The whelp must have defeated the gag reflex long ago due to his Twinkie addiction. He had to admit he never seemed to be able to look anywhere else when Nummy decided to indulge in those sugary things. Just something about the blissful way he looked after eating them seemed so… hot! One strong hard suck demanded his attention. Spike looked down to see Xander watching him with glowing green eyes. Well that… wasn’t normal. Xander began massaging his balls and sucking harder on the warming flesh in his mouth. Pure need robbed the master vampire of all strength and reason. Apparently the boy’s mouth is useful for more that idle ramblings. Xander slowly drew back, his tongue applying pressure to the swollen vein on the underside of his cock. That was it! He was going to cum!

Xander smirked and his hand once again painfully clamped down around the base at the same time gently sucking on the tip. Spike cried out angrily. “Danm!” He had robbed the desperate vampire of his orgasm, but the erection remained as strong as ever with the stimulation Xander was applying to the oversensitive flesh. With his orgasm denied the vampire growled angrily only making Xander squeeze a little harder. Spike let out a whine and one hand clutched at his nearly white hair. Could he be more sadistic than Angelus? Xander’s head bobbed one last time then he pulled off with a moist pop.

“Problem, Fangless?”

Spike looked down at Xander to see his mischievous smirk and flashing eyes. “Whelp, if you don’t stop teasing me…” He choked on his next words as Xander stood and roughly threw Spike to the ground. As soon as he hit the grass, his shoes and jeans were ripped off. He tried to sit up. “Oi!” Spike was silenced by Xander pinning his shoulders down while grinding their erections together. The movements made him shiver and arch against the warm body above him. He needed to get closer. One of his legs lifted to bring the human more flush against him.

“What are you gonna do?” Xander demanded hotly biting his earlobe.

Spike dug his fingers into the ground below his hands to keep from wrapping them around the broad back. He would not give this human the satisfaction. Somehow, he willed his hips to lower reminding himself that he was a Master Vampire! Not some sex starved fledge! Spike made to get up but his tormentor held him down. He stared at Xander trying to hide his surprise. Where did this brat get that kind of strength? The boy was as strong as the Slayer. Maybe stronger. Xander’s hand went down to Spike’s painfully hard erection and began to slowly stroke it.

“You act like you have a choice in this.” His thumb gathered the liquid at the tip and smeared it down the thick vein on the underside of his dick forcing a long moan from the blonde beneath him. “You’re going to take what I give you like a good little bitch,” he growled.

“And why would I do that?” Spike demanded trying once again to move away. Xander nuzzled his face into Spike’s neck. What the hell is the whelp up to now? The construction worker began to lick at his neck distracting him from the hand that left his rod and was now trailing up his back to grip the collar of his shirt from behind. Against his will Spike moaned but he still tried to move away. Xander’s other free hand took hold of the collar from the front and both hands savagely pulled, ripping the soft fabric to reveal Spike’s smooth shoulder. “Oi! That’s my favorite….” His protest was cut off as a pair of sharp teeth savagely sank into the large muscle connecting his neck to his shoulder. His mouth fell open in a silent scream as his long awaited orgasm tore through him. Spike’s body violently arched off the worn leather beneath him and against the hot body above him. In response he felt Xander’s calloused hand at the small of his back keeping them together. The sensation of that hot mouth pulling blood from his wound enhanced the jolts of pleasure coursing through him. Trying to give the boy more access, his head fell to the side. Not wasting the gesture, Xander bit deeper. Spike’s hand dove into the brunette’s locks holding him as though he were terrified he would stop. For all he cared at the moment, Xander could suck him dry just as long as the sensations didn’t stop. His hips jerked up into hard hip covering the rest of their clothes with his completion. “Xander…” That was all William the Bloody, Slayer of Slayers, could manage to force out of his throat after experiencing the best orgasm he could ever remember.

Xander moaned at the first taste of blood against his tongue. The vampire tasted of cold fire and freedom. It was perfect. He bit down harder forcing more of that cool intoxicating liquid from the wound and down his throat. Spike gasped and made a sound dangerously close to a whimper. A soft purr vibrated through both of them calming the pale man. He moaned and arched rotating his hips against Xander’s hand, silently begging for his touch. The younger man smirked and pulled back from the wound and slowly licked it until the body stopped trembling and lay pliant underneath him.

“Because now you belong to me.”

Spike stared wide eyed at the now darkened sky past Xander’s shoulder. He couldn’t believe what just happened. He’d just been claimed… and he loved every second of it. Xander Fucking Harris! He was claimed by Xander Fucking Harris! To top it off, the boy was a bloody primal! What kind of warped world did he wake up in? He had a new master. A small feeling of panic began to rise in his chest which was quickly snuffed out by his demon who was purring happily in the back of his mind. His demon was content! It was never content! Now it was happy with the whelp of all people! TRAITOR! The sound of his master growling in his ear drew him out of his internal ranting.

“Say it!” Xander demanded in a voice the still trembling blonde had never heard him use before. It was deep and savage. What animal possessed this boy? “Say it!”

Spike almost asked what, but stopped when he felt Xander’s sharp K-9’s graze the fresh still bleeding mark. He almost started to refuse, but when it came down to it, refusing was the last thing he wanted to do. For the first time in his life, someone wanted him completely. He wouldn’t be a stand in or a toy. Xander wasn’t using him to punish himself or to make someone else jealous. For the first time in his whole existence he was wanted because he was Spike. Pride was not going to stop him from giving that up. Peace filled the space where his dead heart resided. Blue eyes met swirling green brown as the words that would bind them slipped through pale pink lips.

“I’m yours,” the blond moaned. Xander smirked against the sore skin.

“That’s right, baby. All mine,”

The submission was rewarded by the most passionate kiss he’d ever received. Cool arms wrapped around Xander’s warm body, putting everything he had into the kiss. His master purred in appreciation and allowed him to control the kiss for a while. The blond worshiped Xander’s lips with teasing licks and light bites. Master nipped at his tongue and ground his erection against the other’s leg.

The now primal Alexander Lavelle Harris never felt like this before. Not even when he’d been first possessed. Back then it had been about finding a pack. He’d just gone after the first bitch he saw. Buffy. Hormones blocked out the hyena’s common sense or he never would have gone for her. His hyena had always been there, even though he let everyone believe that it had been exorcised, but when it came to sex the spirit seemed very uninterested in his partners. All two of them. Now that he thought about it, she actually appeared to be ignoring them all together. Maybe the spirit had taken a part in his creeping disinterest in his former fiancée and the fact that he hadn’t been too torn up about Faith using him like she had. On the other hand she seemed willing to want to rip the dark Slayer limb from limb.

With Spike though… she sat up and roared for the blonde. She demanded the claim. The hyena had never done that for anyone. The spirit even went so far as to alter his body to accomplish the feat. Sharpening his teeth so he could leave his mark. Adding greater strength in order to subdue and protect their intended. He felt it the moment the K-9s changed. They didn’t quite have vampire length, but they were now fit to rend flesh from bone. Spike seemed to like them as he continued to run his tongue over them. Xander smirked into the kiss. He had a treat for his lovely one. Xander pushed Spike back a little and stared into the lust hazed blue eyes before him. Beautiful.

Why did Xander make him stop? Stopping wasn’t good. Definitely not what he wanted. Spike wanted to get back to the kissing. Xander tasted so sweet. Like chocolate and something wild. He tried to move back to Xander’s mouth, but the boy kept him from his goal. Spike opened his mouth so he could tell the tosser to let him continue, but the look in the boy’s eyes stopped him cold. Eyes gleamed green with mischievous lust as his lips spread into a feral smile and that agile tongue curled around one of the sharpened K-9s. Oh that can’t be good. Spike stared at the sight entranced. He’d already had a close encounter with that wonderful muscle and the thought of what else that thing may be capable of made him instantly hard again.

Xander let out a not quite human giggle making his mate frown in confusion. What was so funny? Before Spike could ask what was so funny, his mouth was covered once again and that talented tongue was back in his mouth. Only this time he tasted blood. Xander’s blood. Spike lost all control and sucked eagerly on the tongue. Freely given blood! It was glorious. No one knew that freely given fresh blood was like a drug to vampires. Sure hunted blood had that hint of fear that made it irresistible, but this… This was full of Xander’s wild lust. Spike moaned wantonly and wrapped his arms and legs around his hot master’s body. Their erections rubbed against each other and he cried out at the sensation of the soft slick fabric rubbing against his sensitive flesh. Xander rested his forehead against Spike’s and watched his face as he ground harder against him.

“Xander… Master!” Spike panted against his lips. He didn’t need air but God he couldn’t hold enough of it to speak.

“Like that, huh? Show me how grateful you are,” Xander growled out against Spike’s mouth. The vampire could no longer control himself. He latched on to the primal’s mouth again. The time he used his vampiric strength to flip them over so that Xander was now on his back and Spike was straddling him. His mouth never left Xander’s. He continued to suck and massage his master’s tongue. The wound had already stopped bleeding but the taste of his life force was still potent.

Xander moaned happily as his hands gripped the pale hips straddling him. Spike ground down on the erection prodding his cleft causing the human to growl and tighten his hold on the flesh beneath his fingers. Oh God that felt good, they thought in unison. An intense desire to have that thick column of flesh within him seemed to dominate Spike’s mind, but at the same time he wanted it to be good for his new master. Spike took hold of Xander’s hands and raised them so he could remove the offending black shirt that kept him from tasting his master’s skin. Xander smiled at Spike’s desperation for him. God he seemed starved for him. What kind of master would he be to deny his sweet one. The brunette guided his lover’s head down to his chest so he could do as he pleased, but he too was desperate to feel those pouty swollen lips on his over heated skin.

The slightly less cool than normal mouth placed light kisses along Xander’s collarbone and up his throat, and back to his mouth. Spike poured so much passion into the kiss Xander hardly noticed Spike’s hands as they drew his erection from his shorts. He bucked up into the strangely delicate hand moaning into the kiss. Strong arms wrapped around the pale man’s waist as they sat up still kissing. One hand was buried in Xander’s unruly brown hair as the other guided his prize to his entrance. He knew he wasn’t stretched enough, but he needed Master now or he was going to go insane. Without further warning, Spike impaled himself fully on Xander’s erection.

They both cried out at the same time. Xander in shocked blinding pleasure and Spike in a mixture of pain and elation. The two held each other tightly as they absorbed the new feelings rushing through them. Xander had never felt anything so incredible in his young life. It was so tight, but such a perfect fit. The contrast in body temperatures caused an amazing sensation. Almost like slipping into a cool moist glove. The sensation left him gasping for air. God it had never felt this good before. Never. Not with Faith. Never with Anya. This connection… It was…breathtaking. The body around him began to tremble arousing him further. He hugged Spike tighter. He’d never be able to give this up.

The feel of liquid running down his thigh snapped Xander out of his thoughts. He took in a sniff of air and stiffened. Moving a hand from its grip on a slender pale hip he touched the moisture then brought it up to see. Blood? Spike’s blood. His passion immediately melted into angry guilt. He could also smell the pain and slowly increasing pain on his mate. What was he trying to do?

He drew back, but Spike held him tightly. His love was afraid and Xander knew why. He’d read about Spike’s past with Angelus. He knew they’d been involved, and after meeting the demon personally, Xander understood what was most likely in the poor vampire’s mind now. He had to calm him. Shushing quietly he began to massage the tension in his lover’s back trying to coax the muscles to relax. A soothing low rumble emerged from his throat to assist him. Finally the blond stopped trembling and released a soft sigh.

“Spike. Look at me,” Xander gently coaxed. Slowly, the strength of the vampire’s grip began to loosen until he was able to draw back and look into his lover’s pained face. Spike immediately looked away to avoid the questions in his master’s eyes, but knew that it was a useless gesture. “Why did you hurt yourself?”

“I thought you wanted…”

“Not at the expense of your pain. Never like that. You’re mine. My lover. Not a punching bag. Your pain is not my pleasure,” he growled softly. He placed soft kisses along Spike’s neck drawing moans from him. “Your pleasure is my aphrodisiac. Hearing your voice desperate for me only makes me harder.” His mouth trailed down to the collar of his shirt covering the last of his lover’s marble white body. In a flash eager hands ripped it away from the pale skin he wanted so much. Spike’s surprised gasp melted into a groan and Xander’s mouth closed over a rosy nipple. “Make me harder, Spike,” he breathed out against the distended nub. “Sing for me,” he growled allowing a fang to graze the bud.

“Xander…” Spike moaned as his master’s tongue lightly slid over the sensitive flesh. “Please…” he begged beginning to move his hips. A pair of strong hands took hold of his hips, stopping him.

“Not until you’ve healed. How long?” Spike growled in frustration as he took inventory of his injuries. He’d actually tore himself pretty badly. It had just stopped bleeding and was slowly beginning to heal. Damn!

“About ten minutes,” he gasped as Xander began working on his other nipple.

“That’s a while,” he asked wrapping a hand around Spike’s aching cock. “Will anything speed it up?” He gave the cock a firm pump forcing the vampire to cry out and clutch onto his master. Xander let out a half pained half pleasured moan as Spike’s nails dug into his back. New possibilities ran through his mind as a savage smile curled his lips. His mouth moved up to his lover’s ear and bit down punishingly on the lobe causing a gasp and a tremble.

“That hurt you know,” he growled softly.

Spike’s eyes shot open. He didn’t… He’d hurt his master and the chip hadn’t gone off. He pulled back and looked at Xander confused.

“Being a primal has more benefits than I thought,” Xander said smugly. He began kissing along Spike’s jaw line to distract him from his new discovery. Spike tried to hold a cohesive thought but Xander’s mouth made it impossible. “Would some blood speed along your recovery?”

“Probably…” he moaned out.

“Then go ahead, baby. Feed a little,” he ordered guiding the vampire’s head to his own throat. “I want to fuck you into oblivion as soon as possible.” Human blood. He hadn’t fed on it in so long. His Master’s taste still remaining on his tongue reminded him that he already knew how delicious Xander was. Unexpectedly, Spike began pushing away. It had been too long. He didn’t trust himself not to hurt his Master. He might even kill him. No! He wouldn’t hurt him. Xander immediately understood, but he would not tolerate disobedience. Time for some tough love. “Spike! You will feed!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Master,” Spike moaned as their struggles moved Xander within him. His body arched suddenly as Xander’s cock pushed against his prostate. God he felt so full!

“How about I make it easy for you? You’re allowed two mouthfuls. Anymore than that, and you will be punished. Now do it!” The vampire had no choice. He had to honor his master and obey.

Spike’s tongue darted out and traced along Xander’s steady pulse. He felt the heart rate increase as the scent of his arousal became more potent. He smirked against the heated skin. Xander wanted this. Spike’s game face took over his features and his teeth sank into the warm flesh. Immediately, his mouth filled with Xander’s life essence. His master gasped and tilted his head to allow more access. Spike groaned at the flavor. He swallowed the first mouthful and his master’s freely given primal blood immediately washed the vampire in euphoria. His mouth slowly filled with the second mouthful and he savored every drop of that precious fluid as it went down his throat. When the last bit slid down, his game face faded and he languidly licked the wound until it stopped bleeding.

Spike could feel the damage he’d caused to himself healing faster with the addition of the strong primal blood to his system. It wouldn’t take long. He’d never fed from a primal before, but he’d heard rumors about the power of their essence. He could feel it flowing through him healing his whole body as it went. Malnutrition from drinking pig’s blood was wiped out almost instantly. The only sensation that compared was when he’d fed from that Slayer in China, but this was so much sweeter.

Xander chuckled. He could feel the blonde purring against his throat as he began to massage the back of his neck. “That felt good,” he mused gripping the pale hips resting on his lap. “You deserve a treat.” He began to slowly raise Spike up. The sensation made the blonde cry out in surprise. Xander hissed as sparks of pleasure went up from his cock to the rest of his body. “You feel so good!” Xander ground out against his lover’s pale shoulder. He lifted the slighter frame up until only the head of his cock was still inside.

“Master… Please…More!” Spike whined trying to force himself down. A harsh slap on his right ass cheek stopped him cold. Xander growled angrily and bit down on the mark. Spike let out a sob and went submissively limp in his master’s grasp.

“You will not take more than I give you!” he snarled. “You did once! Not again!”

Spike understood. He’d impaled himself more for his pleasure than his master’s. He’d been selfish. Luckily Xander had not punished him for his disrespect. This time it seemed he would not allow such disregard.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

“How are you going to make it up to me?” Xander asked darkly.


“Then don’t move. Let me love you,” Xander voice softened to a low growl that vibrated against the pale neck. Spike nodded. “Just relax. I’m not going to hurt you.” His master placed a gentle kiss against the cool skin beneath his lips. Xander would make sure that Spike would be sobbing with the need for release long before he would allow him to cum. He angled his lover’s lean body back just a bit and slowly began to lower the smooth hips easily in his work calloused hands. He connected with the prostate and the angle allowed the stiff shaft to rub against the hardened bundle.

“GOD!” Spike nearly screamed.

“Don’t move unless I tell you. Understand?” Xander hissed in his vampire’s ear. Spike vaguely heard the command over the sensations racing through his body. He couldn’t make himself answer. His mouth was open and he was trying, but the words just wouldn’t come. Frustrated that he wasn’t getting his answer, Xander used a rough thrust to get his man’s attention. His body jerked and seemed to pay at least half attention. “Do you understand?” he asked gently.

“Y…Yes Master,” he replied as he shivered from the new attention.


He’d never been spoken to like this. Xander was rough but it was almost as if he were the most important person in the world. The evidence was in his voice. Nothing of Angelus’ attitude was present or Drusilla’s insincerity. Xander wouldn’t torture, abuse, or use him. He’d never had that in either his life or unlife. If this was some sort of joke for the boy, there was no doubt in Spike’s mind that he would take a stroll in the sun, because his undead heart would shatter into a million pieces. He’d never be able to exist without him again. Xander’s hands slid over his skin and up to cup his face. Spike opened his eyes and stared into the brown and green pools before him.

“Kiss me,” Xander said softly.

The blonde didn’t need to be told twice. Just the taste of this primal could set him off. The mouth beneath his immediately opened for his questing tongue. Spike coaxed the other’s muscle into his own mouth and gently sucked and massaged it. His master growled his approval and began to slightly shift his hips, making his shaft rub against his sweet spot. Spike moaned as flashes of light made an encore appearance in front of his eyes. His first instinct was to gyrate his hips so he could feel more of that thickness, but his master said all he could do was kiss. He would not disobey again. Xander continued his amazing torture and soon Spike could no longer concentrate on kissing. He was desperate for more. The shallow thrusts Xander was trying to kill him with weren’t enough. He needed to feel Xander’s full length moving inside him. God! He needed to feel him pound into him until he turned to jello. His voice. He needed to hear that voice say his name. Hell! He’d settle for listening to him read off the phone book!

“Xander!” Spike cried out pulling away from the brunette’s demanding mouth. Xander’s hand was immediately at the back of Spike’s neck trying to guide his mouth back. “Please!” he begged avoiding the kiss. His lips fastened to the underside of Spike’s jaw line.

“Please what?” a husky voice asked, tongue running over the creamy skin.

“Need more Master! Please! Don’t… Stop torturing me!” Spike begged. He felt Xander smile against his skin and another shiver went up his spine. Spike decided he loved it when he did that. It was always a sign of something good to come. He felt Xander’s hot breath tickle his ear.

“If you want more, you’re going to have to please me,” he said in low seductive growl. Spike nodded.

“How? I’ll do anything,” he replied feverently.

“Such an eager little mate,” Xander replied licking the tip of the earlobe a breath away from his mouth. “Who do you belong to?”

“You.” The reply was immediate and required no thought. He belonged to Xander completely and totally and he didn’t mind at all. Xander began humm in pleasure. “I’m yours Xander. As long as you want me.” Suddenly Spike was on his back staring up into his master’s flashing green eyes. It was beautiful how the green light faded into the warm chocolate. Spike found himself lost in that possessive gaze. Xander slowly drew out of him then swiftly thrust back inside. Spike cried out and arched against the hot body of his master. He angled his body so his prostate was under constant stimulation. Tears leaked from the corners of his eyes as his senses were overwhelmed. “Xander! God! Please don’t stop!”

“I like the sound of that,” Xander growled, strengthening his thrusts. He bent down and lightly bit the vampire’s right nipple “Do you like this?”

“God yes Master!” Xander moved to the other and nipped at it. Spike buried his hands in the shaggy brown locks and held him in place as that amazing mouth devoured him. If he wasn’t already dead, he’d be afraid of dying from over stimulation. What did humans call it? A heart attack? Well he was certain he’d have one of those if his was still beating. Xander pulled away silencing Spike’s whine with a deep kiss. His tongue fucked the mouth he claimed with the same rhythm he plunged into the other grasping and spasming orifice. Each time Xander’s tongue entered his mouth Spike sucked on it until it was taken away. Xander obviously liked it because each time he would linger a bit longer than the last. After a while Xander pulled away and rested his forehead against Spike’s as both panted. He smiled. Apparently he was good enough to make someone who didn’t need air pant like a bitch in heat. It was good to be the master.

Spike tightened around him for an instant drawing a groan from the brunette. He was close. It wouldn’t be much longer, but he wanted something from Spike first. Xander cupped his lover’s face and ran a thumb over the kiss swollen skin. Automatically, the mouth drew the digit in sucking greedily on it. Xander growled and had to stop moving to keep himself from cumming. Spike whined, but continued to suck and lick at Xander’s thumb. The primal smiled. Such a good pet.

“Open your eyes, Spike,” Xander ordered. Obediently his eyes opened and deep sapphire locked with green-tinted molten chocolate. “Are you close?” he asked moving a little. His lover moaned and nodded. “Do you want to cum?” A more vigorus nod had Xander chuckling. “Then you’ll have to claim me.” Spike froze and stared at him awed. Xander felt Spike’s erection twitch between them. “I want you to mark me, Spike.” Xander lowered his mouth to the mark he’d left on the pale skin minutes ago. “Don’t you want to mark me? Don’t you want the world to know I’m your master?” He licked the mark. He could feel Spike trembling around him. He bit down and surged forward. Spike clutched at him and screamed. He almost lost it, but he hadn’t noticed that Xander had wrapped his hand firmly around the vampire’s erection preventing him from reaching completion. Frustrated beyond belief Spike clutched at his master’s shoulders. “I want to feel your brand on me William. Will you give that to me?”

Suddenly Spike used his vampiric strength and flipped them so now Xander was on his back staring up at his lust possessed vampire. He watched as Spike’s head fell back and a groan escaped him because of the pleasure the new position gave him. God that was sexy! Xander reached up and cupped the back of Spike’s neck. He dragged the pale man down into a kiss that almost fried what was left of the blonde’s brain cells. How was it possible this man was such a great kisser? Xander lightly sucked on Spike’s lower lip before drawing back. His tongue darted out and licked along the seam causing his pet to tremble above him. His hand gripped the short hair at Spike’s nape and pulled him back to look into sparkling blue eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you not to take more than I gave you?” Spike tilted his head to the side and smirked. He moved down and began sucking on the tanned jaw line.

“I’m only following orders, Master,” Spike replied nipping at the skin beneath his lips.

“I don’t remember ordering this,” Xander hissed gripping the blonde’s hips. Spike sucked on the bobbing Adam’s apple before moving down to lick at his collar bone.

“You asked for my mark, Master,” Spike purred. “I’m just looking for a place to put it.” His mouth slowly traveled down to tease a nipple. He kissed around it but avoided direct stimulation. Xander’s breath hitched as he was lightly nipped at along the skin above the hardened bud. “This looks like a good place for it,” Spike said. Xander opened his mouth to speak but choked on his words as his pet took one long lick at his nipple before gently sucking on it. He felt a fang brush against the nub and to his surprise, it aroused him even more. His grip on Spike’s hips tightened and he pushed up into the body above him. The movement forced out a moan from around the skin being suckled. Xander sighed appreciatively and began moving his lover up and down his erection. He continuously hit Spike’s prostate making him cry out. Any other thing Spike may have thought about doing was now impossible as the intense pleasure drowned out all rational thought. All he could do was feel.

“Christ Xander,” Spike moaned trying his hardest not to move on his own. He bit down on his lower lip trying to stave off his orgasm but it drew closer despite his efforts. If only Xander would lighten up a little he could last longer. “Xander… Master. Slow… I can’t.” He held on to his master as he was ruthlessly pounded into.

“You feel so good, Spike. Like you were made for me,” he rasped. He watched the desperate vampire moan against his chest. He’d never thought Spike’s game face could ever look sexy but it did now. The sight of such a powerful creature laying against his chest begging for his touch almost made Xander cum right there. “Claim me,” he panted out. Spike looked up at him. “Now.”

Not wasting a second, Spike sank his fangs into the flesh over Xander’s heart. Xander cried out and slammed Spike down as he emptied himself into his vampire. Spike’s orgasm tore through him the moment his master’s blood hit his tongue. His body jerked and hummed from both his orgasm and the bliss of tasting Xander’s life force. He took several mouthfuls as Xander held him in place with a hand cradling the back of his head. Spike could taste himself in this master’s blood. This must be what heaven felt like. He swallowed one more mouthful then withdrew his game face. He lovingly licked the mark until it stopped bleeding.

Gently, he kissed the mark knowing it was going to be sore for a few days. Xander’s hand in his hair pulled him up for a kiss. It was deep, passionate, and left no doubt in his mind that he was now completely owned by this human. Oddly enough he welcomed it and any thoughts of a future with Buffy seemed ludicrous and immensely unattractive. A thought made Spike stiffen and pull away.

Xander stared at him confused. “What?”

“Anya! What about Anya? You’re engaged!” Spike nearly shouted at him. Was this just a one time thing? Or was this going to be the same set up he had with the Slayer? He couldn’t take it if it was. Sure he was evil, but he’d never been that cruel. The sound of Xander chuckling tore Spike from his frantic thoughts.

“What’s so damn funny!” Spike snarled. Xander stopped laughing but his eyes were still full of amusement.

“Pot. Kettle. What about Buffy?” Spike blinked at him surprised. “Aren’t you together?”

“How did…”

“I could smell her on you,” Xander growled all traces of amusement gone from his glowing green eyes. He flipped them so Xander was again over Spike. Now on his back, the vampire stared up at his Master awed eyes dilating with renewed lust. God he was glorious when he was angry. “As for Anya, we’re done. Have been for a while. Called off the engagement two weeks ago. She drugged me today trying to get me back. Fucked her raw, but I didn’t make love to her. Not like I just did with you.” His fingers brushed over the claim mark he’d put on the vampire. “I’ve never claimed her. Never wanted to claim anyone until you. She’s history and too stupid to know when to quit.” Spike smirked. He reached up and caressed the mark he’d left on the man’s chest.

“Guess this will get the message across,” Spike replied.

“And Buffy?” Spike shrugged.

“Wasn’t much of a relationship. She was just using me.” Xander growled angrily.

“You deserve better.”

Spike’s hand went to trace Xander’s lips.“I’ve got better, Luv. She’s gotta find a new fuck buddy cause I’m only for you.”

The Scoobie smirked and kissed the fingers.

“Damn right! And I don’t share.” He bent down and laid claim to the reddened lips. He moaned and worked his arms around the cool body beneath him. They held on to each other desperately. Xander slowly worshipped Spike’s mouth. Soon the need for oxygen made the human back off. He rested his forehead against Spike’s as he panted for air. “The whole need for oxygen thing is annoying!” he grumbled. They both laughed. If he’d known it was going to be like this he would have dragged Spike into the nearest empty classroom when he’d first attacked the school. Spike began to laugh a little harder. Xander raised his head to look at his claimed with a raised eyebrow.

“You missed.” The vampire snickered.

“What?” Xander was confused.

“You’re supposed to stake me thru the heart.” Xander smirked at him.

“Really? I guess I’ll just have to keep trying.”

The End