The Truth of a Vision

Randy Sex Kitten

He wasn’t supposed to be here. He could feel it. But Dru had insisted that he come. She promised that she would eat while he was gone and summarily sent him away. Sent him to this truly unholy place where he had to dodge his grandsire, great-grandsire and the slayer. He’d be happy to take any of them out, but Dru had insisted that he come to Sunnydale, stay out of trouble and not be seen.

He wondered again why he had sent him here. She said he would know when it happened. “Brilliant, luv. How the hell am I supposed to do that when I’m not allowed to go out?” He roared at the sky and continued to move through the streets, stomping his feet and thinking nasty thoughts about his dark princess.

His life in Sunnydale was more than distasteful. He grabbed quick meals when he could, usually when prey stumbled too close to his lair. The only reason he was out in the pre-dawn light of this morning was that he couldn’t stand the isolation any longer.

Spike began to grin. A heartbeat was summoning him. Strong, healthy and male. He crouched down, listening as the boy moved closer. The scent of blood hit him and Spike breathed it in, luxuriating in the scent.

He stood as the figure stumbled closer. The boy was young and smelled of desperation and pain. Spike purred aloud at the half choked scream of terror that escaped when he was noticed.

The boy stopped in his tracks, trembling under Spike’s gaze.

But he didn’t look away.

“What’s your name, boy?” Spike circled the boy, scenting him, examining him.

“Xander.” The boy’s voice was soft and aching.

Spike cocked his head to the side and looked at Xander. The boy was tall, not quite filled out yet. Dark hair and eyes. Eyes too deep for one so young. Xander saw things, Spike could tell.

“How old are you, Xander?”

Xander sniffed and rubbed his arm across his face. “Sixteen.”

Spike watched Xander watch him, waiting.

“Are you going to kill me? I don’t have a stake.” Xander’s eyes didn’t waver as Spike allowed his demon to come to the fore.

“Even if you did have a stake, pet, it wouldn’t matter.” Spike moved forward. “Boy like you don’t know the right way to handle one anyway.”

Tears began to roll down Xander’s face. “That’s not true,” he sobbed.

Spike was enthralled. His human mask dropped into place as he contemplated Xander. Who was this child? A bird song caught his attention and he glanced up at the sky. “Gotta get inside, pet. C’mon.”

Spike reached out and wrapped his hand around Xander’s wrist, guiding the unresisting body towards his lair in an old warehouse.

Once inside, Spike tugged the boy over to the bed, pushing him down on the mattress before moving off to secure the building for the day. He returned, pulling off Xander’s shoes before speaking. “Lay down, love. We’ll sleep a bit before we talk, yeah?”

Xander nodded, curling into a ball. Spike tossed a blanket over him before shucking off his own shoes and climbing in beside him. He cuddled into Xander’s heat and drifted off to sleep.

Xander woke to the smell of Chinese takeout. The blond man was sitting in a chair against the wall, smoking. Blue eyes bored into his and Xander wondered how long he had been watching him sleep.


“’Ello, pet. Hungry?” The blond waved at the carton of food next to the bed. Xander sat up, wriggling until his back was against the wall and dove into the food.

Xander kept looking over at the blond. When the carton was empty, he dropped it to the floor and closed his eyes. “Who are you?” he whispered.

“Name’s Spike.”

Xander opened his eyes and watched as Spike crushed out the cigarette on the wall. Spike stood and stretched, his shirt lifting and exposing his taut abdomen.

“Now, Xan,” Spike grunted and stretched a bit more, his spine popping as he did so. “Want to tell me what you were doing last night?”

Xander shrugged. “Why haven’t you killed me yet? You’re a vampire, you’re supposed to want to kill me.”

Spike nodded. “Yeah, I am. Now answer the question. What happened last night?”

Xander stared down at his hands, twining the tattered blanket around his fingers. “Staked my first vampire.” He shrugged again.

Spike sat on the edge of the bed, leaning forward, his hands on either side of Xander’s hips. “And?”

Tears began to fill Xander’s eyes as blood rushed to his face. “I killed Jesse. My Jesse…” Xander’s tears escaped, rushing down his face in a torrent of emotion. “My Jesse!” Spike crawled forward, wrapping Xander in his arms, rocking him gently as he continued to cry out his pain.

“Darla, bitch! She turned him! My Jesse! She turned him and I staked him and I killed him! Jesse!” Xander shuddered and screamed, his tears changing from tears of hurt to tears of rage. “Bitch! He was mine! She… bitch, Darla, she turned him. He… I saw his face, and his eyes. He was still mine, I could see he was my Jesse and someone pushed him and I staked him and he died!”

Spike stared at the wall over Xander’s shoulder. The bitch had struck again. He murmured quietly in Xander’s ear, rocking him continuously, offering what comfort he could.

Xander pulled away, wiping snot from his face and glaring at Spike. “Why? Why did she do it? He didn’t even know that there was such a thing as vampires!”

Spike left his hands over Xander’s shoulders and shrugged. “Darla’s a bitch. She woulda done it just to irritate the Master.”

Xander sniffed, wiping his nose on the blanket before looking up in shock. “You know Darla?”

“She’s me great-grandsire.” Spike’s lip curled at the memory of the blonde vampiress. “She’s a god-awful cunt. Miserable to live with. She always hated me an’ Dru.”

Xander smiled at the wistful look on Spike’s face. “Kill her for me?” His voice was hopeful.

Spike pulled himself back from his memories and focused on the boy in his arms. “Can’t pet. I was told not to.”

Xander sniffled and moved closer to Spike, leaning his head on Spike’s shoulder. “Thanks for listening.”

Spike smiled as Xander’s breathing evened out and the boy fell asleep once more.

Spike shook Xander awake, rubbing his arms as he stretched. “Hmmm?”

“Time to go, pet. Got what I came here for, so let’s be off.” Spike stood, tossing Xander’s shoes to him and stalking off towards the doorway, a black tote in his hands.

“Wher’we goin’?” Xander yawned as he tugged on his shoes.

“Back to Dru.” Spike’s answer was concise. “Let’s go. Got to be to the other coast by dawn.”

Xander laughed and glanced up at Spike before leaning down to finish tying his laces. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I’ve got to get home. What day is it anyw…” Xander’s words were cut off as his head struck the wall.

“You are going with me, pet.” Spike snarled, his eyes flashing gold. “You’re mine. You’re the reason I was sent to this hellhole of a town and now that I’ve got you, I’m going home. Now let’s go!” Spike shoved away from the wall, stalking back over to the door and swooping up his bag along the way.

Xander shook his head, his eyes closing against the pain. He stumbled after Spike, one hand on the wall, steadying himself. “Coming.”

Outside, Spike strode down the middle of the road; glancing back occasionally to make sure that his boy was following. He reached an all night gas station just as a man walked away from the pumps into the building. Spike stepping into the running vehicle, chuckled at the full gas tank and slammed it into gear, heading straight for Xander.

The car’s brakes shrieked as Spike slammed to a stop next to Xander. “Hop in, luv.”

Xander climbed into the car, looking back at the angry man running down the road towards them. “That’s my principal, Spike.”

Spike looked over at Xander. “It’s his own fault for leaving it running. Seatbelt, pet.”

Xander snorted as he tugged at the belt. “Evil undead guy telling me to put on my seatbelt…” As the buckle snapped, Xander looked up to see the back of the Welcome to Sunnydale sign come hurtling towards him. He screamed as the car flew through the sign, knocking it to the ground.

At the airport in LA, Spike stalked off to find tickets and Xander stood against a wall, put there by Spike and threatened within an inch of his life if he moved. Xander believed the threat. No reason not to, with the lump on the back of his head reminding him just who his companion was. So, he ignored the pain in his bladder and watched the people instead.

When Spike returned, tickets in hand, Xander asked to pee. Spike’s lip curled at the thought of this all too human problem, but graciously allowed him to go. He stood next to Xander and watched as he emptied his bladder. Xander’s face was scarlet, becoming more so as Spike reached out a single finger, running it down the length of his cock. The bathroom door opened and Xander quickly buttoned himself up.

The flight to New York was long and cramped, their seats right over the wings of the plane. Spike flirted and leered at the flight attendants, getting Xander an extra meal and himself more tiny bottles of booze.

Xander began to wonder why he had followed Spike so easily. The knot of his head was fading, and Spike had done nothing to him otherwise. He looked a Spike out of the corner of his eye and smiled. Spike was listening to music on a set of headphones, mouthing the words and tapping his foot, annoying the man in front of him. Xander dozed off watching Spike sing. They landed just before dawn and Spike rushed them out to a hidey-hole in a field behind the airport.

None of the overseas flights could guarantee that they would make it to the ground before sunrise, so the trip to Europe was slower. Spike made arrangements after another night spent underground. Their hidey-hole was snug. Xander slept wrapped in Spike’s arms, the long black duster covering them both.

Xander began to bounce when he saw their mode of transportation. They rode in a cabin cruiser.

Xander stood on the deck of the ship, breathing in the salty night air. He didn’t move as Spike stepped up behind him. “It’s beautiful, Spike. I’ve never been out of Sunnydale before.” This last comment was no surprise. It was an oft-repeated statement.

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist, looking out at the sea. “I know, pet. Come to bed. Sun’s on the rise.”

Xander allowed himself to be led back below the deck to the tiny cabin that they shared. Spike pushed Xander down on the bed and pulled off his shoes before kicking off his own and climbing in beside him.



“Why haven’t you bitten me?” Xander turned so that he was facing Spike, the curiosity clear in his eyes.

Spike moved closer, shifting Xander so that they were lying face to face. “Don’t wanna bite you, love. Can’t tell you why. Just want this.” Spike leaned in and pressed his lips against Xander’s, drinking in the boy’s taste and heat.

Xander moaned, his lips opening, inviting Spike to enter. Their tongues touched, tasted, and twined, each learning the flavor of the other. Xander pulled away from the kiss with a gasp. “Spike?”

“Sleep, Xander. We’ll be there when you wake up.” Spike’s soft words coiled through Xander’s mind and he drifted off to sleep.

“I’ve never been out of Sunnydale before,” Xander stammered, as he walked up the dock towards the shimmering lights of Copenhagen.

“I know, pet.” Spike smiled. The boy’s excitement was contagious and Spike found himself eager to explore the familiar city all over again. He reached for Xander’s hand and they struck out towards a hotel, Spike pointing out various buildings along the way.

They left their hotel as soon as they registered, seeking out food. “Where is Prague, Spike?” Xander asked over a plate of steaming seafood. He popped a shrimp into his mouth and twirled his fork through the pasta along the bottom of the bowl.

Spike sucked on his cigarette and exhaled, aiming the smoke away from Xander. “It’s the capital of the Czech Republic. Between Germany, Austria, Poland…” Spike dropped off at Xander’s confused look. “The center of Europe, pet.”

Xander nodded and turned back to his food.

“Don’t know why Dru stays there, they bloody well try to kill her every ten years or so. But, it’s home.” Spike smiled, leaning forward for the bite that was being offered.

When Xander finished, they walked up the street towards their rooms. They passed a gaggle of giggling teenage girls whose eyes lingered on Spike. He leered at them, blindly reaching into his pocket. “Here, pet. I’ll be there in a bit.” The keycard was shoved into Xander’s hands.

Xander watched as Spike loped after the girls, his voice carrying back to Xander. “Goddav! Hvad laver du? ” One black clad arm draped over two of the girls’ shoulders as they disappeared around the corner.

Xander sighed and leaned against the wall. He knew where Spike was going, what he was doing. Something in him screamed that it was wrong. Another part didn’t care. He shivered and began to move toward the hotel again. He checked his watch. Eighteen hours until their flight give or take an hour. He shrugged and bounded up the stairs, throwing open the door of their room.

Spike appeared less than an hour later, his cheeks rosy and a smile on his face. “Pet!” He swung into the room, throwing his arms around Xander and pulling him close. “We’ll be home tomorrow.” He pressed a kiss to Xander’s lips and moved into the bathroom to shower.

The flight to Prague was ridiculously short. When they arrived, Spike waved Xander towards a bench and ran out into the parking lot. Xander closed his eyes with a smile and listened to the different dialects.

“Oh! My dark prince has found his kitten!”

Xander’s eyes snapped open and he stared at the dark haired beauty standing before him. The woman clutched her fists to her temples and began to sway. Xander leapt up, grabbing her arms, steadying her.

Her eyes opened wide. “Too pure! A sweet treat, but not for me, only for my Spike to taste.” She pushed him away and looked around, a quiet moan escaping her lips. “Where is my Spike? He must bring the kitten in!”

“Spike?” Xander stepped towards her and she backed away, her hands outstretched as if she were pushing him away from her.

A car came to a halt next to them and Spike jumped from the front seat, howling in pleasure. “Drusilla!” He spun the woman around in his arms before pulling her close and kissing her soundly.

Dru pushed him away, dropping to the ground and moving back. She shook her finger at Spike, a look of pleasure on her face. “Your pet is too pure, my Spike, your blackness is becoming gray.” She giggled and waved at Xander before running away.

Xander looked at Spike. “That’s Dru?”

Spike stared off after his sire and nodded.

“And you couldn’t mention that she was insane?”

Spike growled at Xander, shoving him towards the car. “Get in. Maybe we can find her on the way home.”

Xander rolled his eyes and climbed in, quickly buckling his seatbelt.

Spike groaned and rolled over, smiling as he rubbed his face into Xander’s warm back. Xander groaned back and rolled, wrapping his long arms around Spike, drawing him up for a kiss.


Spike began to purr lightly, nuzzling Xander’s neck. Xander stretched and moaned as Spike’s nuzzling became more. Xander arched his neck, allowing Spike easier access.

“Mmm, pet.” Spike’s mouth moved over Xander’s face, finally landing firmly on his lips. They both groaned into the kiss, their tongues snaking out to taste. Spike’s hands traveled down Xander’s sides, pulling up his t-shirt and running back up to tease erect nipples.

Xander’s gasp caused Spike to pull back. “Nobody ever touch you like this, love?” He pinched the nubs of flesh, drawing out a cry of pleasure from their owner.

“No!” Xander huffed, his breath catching in his throat.

Spike grinned and moved so that he was lying over his pet. “What about this?” he asked as he thrust down, their cocks rubbing fiercely together through two sets of denim.


Spike laughed and leaned back in to capture Xander’s lips once more. He ground his hips down, enjoying the slight pain of the contact. Xander groaned into the kiss, giving himself over.

Spike thrust a few more times before growling in frustration. He reached between them, yanking open his fly before doing the same to Xander’s. Xander pulled away from the kiss, crying out as flesh met flesh.

Spike wrapped his fingers around both cocks, stroking firmly, swiftly bringing them each to completion. “Xander,” escaped his lips as his orgasm crashed over him, his seed mixing with Xander’s.

Xander grunted as Spike dropped his weight down on him. He panted, trying to catch his breath. “Spike.”

Spike cut him off with a kiss. He pulled away, his eyes golden. “My pet. So lovely.”

Xander’s eyes were wide, his pupils dilated, almost obliterating the warm brown tone of his irises. “Spike,” he murmured again.

Spike smiled and kissed Xander once more. “Time for a shower and new duds, love. Been in these clothes about a week too long, I think.”

Xander grinned and wriggled out from under Spike, eagerly stripping his clothing from his body. Spike laughed as Xander blushed and tugged his boxers back up. “Gonna see it all in just a moment love, might as well take them off.” He grinned, dropping his own jeans to the ground.

Spike held out his hand, drawing Xander close. “You forget that you belong to me, boy. Need to work on that.” A single finger loosened the elastic around Xander’s waist and the boxers fell to the ground. Xander’s eyes never left Spike’s. “Now, time for a bath.”

Xander all but purred as Spike’s fingers scraped along his scalp. Spike scrubbed harder, dragging a week’s worth of travel grime from Xander’s head. Yeah, they had bathed along the way, but stepping into the same clothes day after day can wear you down.

“That good, love?” Spike peered around Xander’s shoulder to find his eyes tightly closed and a look of perfect satisfaction on his face. Spike laughed and spun Xander around, shoving him under the spray.

Xander opened his eyes when the water ran clean and watched as Spike washed his own hair. Loose blond curls replaced stiff comb lines and Xander grinned. His hand reached out on its own and tangled through the curls, feeling the unbelievably soft texture of the hair.

Spike’s hands dropped to his side as Xander’s fingers took their place. He began to purr when fingernails were added to the mix. “Feels so good, pet.”

Xander glanced down at the flesh that was rising from between Spike’s legs. Spike was uncut, long and pale. Xander licked his lips and tried to focus on the task at hand. He looked up to find Spike staring at him.

“See something you like, Xander?” Spike’s tongue curled and Xander cocked his head to the side, trying to see how it was done. He smiled and tried to curl his own, earning a burst of laughter from the vampire.


Xander hit the wall forcefully. Spike stood under the spray, his face raised as he scrubbed at his eyes. “Bloody shampoo, burn my feckin’ eyes out.” Spike shook his head violently, spraying water all over the shower. He turned and looked at Xander with a frown. “What’s the matter, boy?”

Spike reached out and yanked Xander against him. “Answer me,” he growled.

Xander shook and reached out, his fingers moving across demon ridges. “You threw me, scared. That’s all.” Xander continued to tremble.

Spike pulled him closer, stepping back so that they were both under the water. “No reason to be afraid of me, Xander. You’re mine. Nothing’s gonna hurt you.” Spike leaned in, kissing Xander deeply, drawing his resistant partner into the caress. Xander closed his eyes and relaxed, allowing Spike to mold him against his smaller frame. He felt the contours of Spike’s mouth change as he reverted to his human form.

When the kiss broke, Xander looked at Spike from under his eyelashes. “Are you going to hurt me?”

Spike grinned. “If I do, it’ll only be because you want it, pet.” Spike reached back and turned off the water, again shaking his head and splattering Xander. “Time to get out. You’re pruning up.”

Xander stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel that Spike had hanging over the gas heater. He turned, using the towel to dry off Spike before bringing it to his own skin.

They ran back to the bedroom, hopping into the bed and snuggling up under the blankets. “Forgot how cold it is here. Too much time in your bloody town.”

Xander wriggled around under the covers until he was resting against Spike, lifting his head to look into his eyes. “Why did you come? You said that I was the reason, but you didn’t even know who I was.”

Spike rolled onto his back, dragging Xander with him, drawing Xander against his chest and threading his fingers through dark hair. “Dru sent me. Said that there was something for me there that I had to claim. Made me promise to stay in my lair, stay away from me sire and grandsire, stay away from the slayer.” Spike sighed. “Bloody bored I was.” He looked down at the brown eyes that were intently studying him. “Knew you were the reason the moment I saw you.” He drew Xander up, kissing him lightly before mouthing, “You’re mine, Xan. Always gonna be mine.”

Tongues tangled once more and Xander found himself underneath Spike, their lengths once again sliding against each other. “What does that mean, Spike? What does it mean that I’m yours?”

Spike drew back. “Means that you’re under my protection. Gonna claim you, teach you, let you grow up a bit, and then turn you.” Spike reached back down for another kiss but was thrown from his warm perch, instead.

“I don’t want to be a vampire, Spike!” Xander began to hyperventilate, his heart rate racing. “Jesse! He was a vamp! He said that… I don’t. Please, Spike, please!”

Spike glared and climbed back on the bed, straddling Xander and holding him in place. “Now look, boy. I’m losing patience,” Spike paused. Xander’s eyes were wide, his panic palpable. “Xander.” Spike ran his hand down Xander’s face, trying to draw in his attention. “Xander, love.” Spike eased Xander back on the bed, shoving two pillows under his neck and pulling the blankets up to cover them both.

“Xander. Not gonna turn you now, you git. You’ve got more growin’ to do.” Spike leered, his grin returning as Xander’s body began to flush. “You’re gonna be a lovely demon, pet. I’m gonna teach you and train you before I turn you. Make you my childe.” Spike pressed his lips against Xander’s. “You know what that is?”

Xander shook his head, his breathing finally slowing as Spike caressed him.

“Childer are different from minions, pet. Your friend, he was a minion.” Xander shook his head in confusion.

“Shh, it’s ok.” Spike continued to stroke Xander’s neck and chest as he settled into his story. “Minions just take a drop of blood to turn. They usually wake up fast and are used for gruntwork.”

“Used,” Xander repeated. “Jesse said that he was the bait.”

Spike nodded. “Yeah. Minions are a dime a dozen. They’re easy to make and even easier to replace. Life span of your average minion is a month, give or take.”

Xander looked curious. “How come?”

Spike snorted. “Because they’re bloody annoying. Minions are power hungry; think that the demon inside is there just to take. S’not true. That’s where Childer come in.” Spike moved off to the side, running his hands over Xander’s chest as he spoke. “To take a childe is a serious obligation. You must teach them, train them and care for them their entire lives.”

Xander laughed. “Unlives, you mean.”

Spike smiled back. “To make a childe, you feed them back all of the blood that you took and more. Every bit that they can take. Makes ‘em strong.”

“Have you ever made a childe, Spike?” Xander’s hand found its way to Spike head, where it was twirling bleached locks around tanned fingers.

“Nope. Never wanted to either. Dru, well, she’s my everything. Was my everything,” he corrected. “She sent me for you love. Don’t know how or why. Don’t know if it were Miss Edith or the stars that told her you were there, but she sent me to find you.”

Xander tugged on a strand of hair when Spike was silent for a time. “And?”

“She sees things, love. She knew everything about you, and chose you to be mine. No sire does that. No sire wants their childe making childer of their own. Takes away form the sire’s attention, it does.” Spike’s focus moved from Xander’s face to a memory.

“Angelus bloody hated me.” Spike snorted. “Didn’t mind buggering me stupid, though!” He turned his thoughts back to his boy. “Got plans for you, I do. Never wanted a childe until I met you.”

Xander pulled Spike back up, offering his lips. Spike accepted. He pulled away, staring at Xander’s throat and licking his lips. “Need to claim you before Dru gets home. She’s not always as lucid as she was last night.”

Xander forgot to breathe for a moment and began to choke. “Lucid? That was lucid?”

Spike didn’t answer. Instead, he moved over Xander, pressing kisses from nipples to throat and down again. Xander began to pant, his cock filling and brushing against Spike’s stomach.

Spike smiled and bit down gently, rubbing his tongue along the pinched skin in his mouth, breathing in the scent of Xander’s arousal. He licked his way up to Xander’s ear, biting at the lobe and worrying the flesh just behind it. “Gonna pierce you, too, pet. Gonna fill you with metal.”

Xander gasped and Spike took the opportunity to plunder Xander’s open mouth. He traced Xander’s gum line lightly with his tongue before dipping it in and out, trying to entice Xander’s to come and play.

Xander thrust up against Spike as the kiss deepened. Spike purred and wrapped his hands through Xander’s hair, allowing his weight to pin him to the bed. Xander moaned and thrashed as he struggled to breathe through the kiss. Spike finally released his mouth and moved back down his neck. He pressed a kiss against Xander’s jugular before moving down and engulfing Xander’s prick in a single swallow.

Xander howled and came immediately, his oversensitive flesh tingling as Spike continued to suckle, almost to the point of pain. Xander pushed at Spike’s head, trying to force him to release his prize.

Spike let go with a sucking pop and quickly pressed his own length against Xander’s limp flesh. He ground heavily into him, causing Xander to wince and groan as his cock tried to fill once more. Spike smiled and kissed him, offering Xander a taste of his own seed.

A particularly hard thrust caused Xander to throw his head back. Spike dove up, his face morphing as he moved. He buried his fangs deep into Xander’s throat, sucking hard, still thrusting against his warm body.

Xander howled.

The pain was exquisite. He could feel the blood leaving his body and entering Spike’s. He felt cool seed flood across his abdomen moments before he came a second time. Something cold and wet pressed against his mouth and he lapped at it, eagerly consuming the sweet liquid.

Spike growled and released Xander’s throat, moving his wrist away from Xander’s mouth and reclaiming his lips. He kissed and licked Xander’s face and throat until no traces of blood remained.

Xander continued to moan and thrust against Spike, their half-hard cocks swimming through fluid, rubbing them until they twisted slightly around each other, embracing, mimicking their owners’ pose.

Xander smiled as Spike looked down on him. “You’re mine, Xander.”

“I know,” Xander whispered. His eyelids dropped and he fell into sleep.

Xander woke to the sound of singing. Spike was curled up against him, a snore escaping occasionally when his body remembered to breathe. Drusilla stood up from her position on the floor to next to the bed and smiled.

“Shall I pour you some tea, kitten?” Her smile was infectious and Xander grinned back.


Dru frowned at him and his smile faded.

“Please?” he added.

This seemed to please Dru and she motioned to a cloth on the floor. “Come sit. Miss Edith will tell you a story.”

Xander moved to the edge of the bed and sat up. Stretching, he grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around his waist before moving to join Drusilla on the floor.

“Now, kitten, one lump or two?” Drusilla asked in a quiet tone.

“Two please. And my name is Xander.” Xander head flew back and his hand flew to his face. Blood dripped down between his fingers and he scooted across the floor as he stared at Dru.

“Bad kitten, correcting Mommy. You shall not have any tea!” She flung the cup she had filled at him, covering him in the scorching liquid. The cup hit his head, grazing the fingers that were still clutched to his face. Drusilla looked down at her fingers and began to lick his blood from her nails with a small smile.

“Dru, love. Come give us a kiss.”

Dru smiled up at Spike and bounced up to the bed, covering his face in small kisses. “Your kitten is lovely, my Spike. So sweet. Can I have more?” She turned once again to Xander, a predatory look on her face.

“No, pet. He’s mine. No more for you.” Spike kissed her cheek and reached out for Xander. “Come here, Xander.”

Xander shook his head, moving back against the wall. Burned patches appeared on his flesh where the tea had caught him and blood now dripped freely from beneath his hand, pooling in his lap.

Spike frowned. “Come here, Xander,” he said, his voice demanding obedience.

Xander scooted to the opposite side of the bed from Dru and climbed up, staying as far away from her as he could. Spike pulled his hand away from his face, licking the blood from warm fingers as he looked at the wound.

“Drusilla, please be more careful with your punishments. He’ll scar if you go too deep.” Spike leaned in and began to run his tongue along Xander’s cheek, collecting the blood.

Xander’s eyes locked on Dru as she began to pout. “I forgot that the kitten can hurt. Will you punish me?” Her eyes brightened and Xander flinched, inadvertently moving away from Spike.

Spike growled and wrapped his hand around the back of Xander’s neck, yanking him back and lapping at the wound once more. He sat back and looked at Xander again, pressing a small kiss against his mouth before turning to address his sire. “No, Dru. I am not going to punish you. Now go on to bed, time for all good little vampires to be asleep.”

Dru pouted once more, then brightened. “I have a pet in my room, do you want to see it?”

“No, sweet. You go play, and let me clean my claimed, yeah?” Spike pulled Xander against his chest as Drusilla stood and reached for the blindfolded doll on the floor.

“Ok. Sleep well, Kitten!” Dru skipped out of the room. A door slammed shut moments later followed by a scream. Xander heard the singing begin again as the screaming gave way to a wet gurgle.

His attention was drawn back to Spike when he began to lick his cheek once again. “What’d you do to piss her off, pet?”

Xander shrugged. “Told her my name.”

Spike laughed and flopped back on the bed. He reached for a cigarette and lit it, blowing smoke towards the ceiling. “Not bright, pet. You let Dru call you whatever she likes, you hear?” he glared at Xander who nodded quickly. “Now c’mere. Wasn’t kidding, sun’s up, we should be sleeping.”

Spike wrapped his arms tightly around his pet and drifted off to sleep.

Sleep evaded Xander. His eyes traced the lines of the lightening room, watching shadows dance across the floors and the walls. At dusk, he struggled to free himself from Spike’s arms, which were clamped around his middle, only increasing his need.

“Spike! Leggo!”

Spike grunted and rolled over, exposing a pale thigh. Xander’s breath caught. He scrambled out of bed and moved to the bathroom. As the toilet flushed, he turned on the shower, his abdomen itching where their fluids had dried.

Xander stood with his face under the stream of water, letting the heat soak into his bones. Cool arms wrapped around his waist and he smiled. Spike growled lightly and Xander turned, instinctively lowering his face for a kiss.

Spike purred and petted as he took possession of Xander’s mouth. He nudged Xander’s head to the side, exposing his mark. Spike cast a critical eye over the area and purred louder, pleased with the appearance of his claim.

Xander gasped as ivory fangs sank into his flesh once more. As his blood rushed to meet Spike’s mouth, Xander’s cock hardened. “Spike,” he mumbled, losing himself in the intimacy of the moment.

Spike smiled around the flesh in his mouth, the strength of his bond with Xander growing with each mouthful of blood. He pressed his wrist against Xander’s mouth, waiting.

Xander could feel the cool flesh against his lips and his mouth opened. He nibbled on the thin wrist, tasting Spike, caressing him with his tongue. Spike bit down harder and Xander gasped, his teeth sinking into Spike’s wrist.

They stood for a long moment, nursing from each other, reveling in their joining. Spike released Xander’s throat and began to clean the wounds, licking them carefully, examining them once again.

Xander cleaned them both, finishing just as the hot water ran cold. They dried off and Spike moved to the doorway. “Goin’ to get you some clothes, pet. You stay put.”

Xander nodded and listened as Spike spoke with someone just outside their door. Spike reappeared and wrapped his arms around Xander. “Get dressed, pet, then we’ll meet the family.”

Xander couldn’t help but smile at Spike’s enthusiasm. “Ok.”

An hour later, Xander fidgeted with the collar of his shirt. He shivered each time the silk brushed across the mark that Spike had left on his neck. Spike was sprawled out on a couch, listening to the voices of the minions that surrounded them.

Xander had been surprised at their number. He’d actually expected more, but Spike had six. “Xan, this is Marshall, he’s in charge of Dru. This is Irma and Ira, twins, they’re our security. Pete makes sure that the house is up and running and Guy is disposal.”

Xander looked at each in turn, realizing that Spike hadn’t introduced the last. “Spike?” Xander indicated the unnamed vampire.

Spike stood and wrapped his arms around Xander. “He’s yours, pet. Brand new, he is. Dru made him for you. He’s stronger than most, but he doesn’t talk. At all.” Spike cocked his head and started at the other vampire. “Come here.”

The vampire scurried over, falling at Spike’s feet. Xander stared down at the body before him. This vampire had been Dru’s ‘new pet’ just the night before. Xander had been laying in the arms of a killer as he had screamed out his death into the night.

Spike thumped the vampire on the head. He looked up at Spike and Xander, his golden eyes dull and pleading. “What’s your name?” Spike growled. When no answer was forthcoming, Spike shoved the vampire back with his boot, turning to Xander. “You choose.”

Xander looked at Spike, then down at the vampire who had crawled back to sit at his feet. “Ed?” Spike nodded and yanked Ed to his knees. He reached out and brought Xander’s wrist to his mouth, using a single fang to gently split the skin there. He then ripped his own wrist open with much less finesse and pressed them together, letting the combined blood drip onto Ed’s face.

“Xander, consort of Spike, is your master. You will obey him as such. His words above all others, understand?”

Ed didn’t move, and received a blow to the ribs.

“Do you understand?” Spike snarled. Ed nodded and Spike brought their wrists down to Ed’s mouth, feeding him their blood. “You will protect him against anything that might harm him, including yourself. You will die for him if needed.”

Ed pulled away, his eyes glazed, and nodded once more. He leaned down and rested his head against Xander’s leg, a soft purr escaping him.

“Good.” Spike turned. “Time for us to find our princess, Xan.” Spike lifted Xander’s wrist to his mouth once more, licking away all traces of their blood.

As they walked from the room, Xander staring over his shoulder, Ed sat back on his heels, a happy smile on his face.

Drusilla was asleep, surrounded by piles of lace and velvet, her tiny body encased in yards of fabric.

“Dru, love.” Spike climbed onto the bed, dragging a reluctant Xander with him. “Drusilla.”

Her eyes opened and locked on Xander. Before he knew it, he was lying across the bed, his throat exposed, a demon faced Drusilla on the brink of biting.

She hissed and pulled back, her human mask falling into place, confusing adorning her features. “Consort?”

Spike pulled Dru into his arms and smiled. “Yes, love, consort. You picked him for me, remember?” Spike ran his fingers through Dru’s hair, tugging at the small knots that he encountered, smoothing it.

Dru lay back in Spike’s arms, eying Xander warily. “Consort.” She nodded. “You will have to bring him in, my Spike. Bring him in before grandmamma and Daddy find out.”

Spike pushed her away, turning her so that he could see her face. “What’s that, pet?”

Dru reached out and took Xander’s hand, stroking his fingers as she smiled at Spike. “They will take your kitten away, my Spike. That is why you had to go and get him. He would’ve been their heart. He would’ve stopped the nasty slayer from her fate.” She nodded sagely. “Now, you are Spike’s!”

Xander kept his eyes on Spike. Spike turned to look at him and smiled. “Yes, he’s mine.”

Dru threw herself back on the bed, her long hair framing her pale face. She sighed happily. “You will bring him in before the pain begins. Then, when it is time to heal, he will be our heart, not theirs.” She smiled up at Spike. “Can I watch?”

“Watch what, love?” Spike crawled down to pull Xander into his arms, rocking him slowly as they watched Dru.

“Can I watch you take him in? He will be so pretty, his eyes dancing between chocolate and gold…” Dru stared dreamily at the ceiling.

Spike frowned. “’M not turning him yet, Dru.” He stroked Xander’s face, hearing the boy’s heart rate increase.

Dru’s eyes snapped to him. “You must! The pain will begin so soon! It will not end if he is not taken in!” She scrambled to her knees and moved closer to Spike, staring at him earnestly. Xander saw the madness fade from her eyes. “You must, Spike. He will die if you do not!”

Spike scooped Xander into his arms and stalked out of the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind them. Xander wiggled around, staring over Spike’s shoulder at the minion who was following them down the hall. “Spike? What does she mean, I’ll die?”

Spike stormed through their open door and slammed it in Ed’s face before answering. “I don’t know,” he whispered tersely. He held Xander close, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Can I, um?” Xander waved towards the ground and Spike set him carefully onto his feet.

“Gonna have to turn you,” Spike said to the floor.

“What?” Xander squealed. He stepped closer to Spike, reaching out to lift his chin. “What?”

Spike looked at Xander, his eyes filled with an unidentifiable emotion. “I’m going to have to turn you. Dru sees things. She says you’ll die.”

Xander shook his head, his mouth open. “No, but she doesn’t know for sure, she just thinks that, and what is the pain that she’s talking about? No pain! Please. Spike.”

Spike reached out and pulled Xander close. “So sorry, my pet. I know I promised you time, but the time is up.” He began unbuttoning Xander’s borrowed shirt, tugging to release it from the tight jeans it was tucked into.

Xander continued to shake his head, pulling up his hands and arms to cover himself. Spike pressed soft kisses against his shoulders as he unbuttoned Xander’s pants, pushing them down to gather around his feet.

Spike stepped back and smiled. Xander’s body was lovely. He stepped forward and raised his wrist to Xander’s lips. “Go ahead, love.”

Xander watched Spike closely as he bit down, greedily swallowing the blood that was being offered. Spike pulled away and led Xander to the bed, stripping off his own clothes as they walked. He stopped and pulled Xander closer, lifting up his lips in offering. Xander smiled and accepted.

They came together, their bodies pressing against each other. Their teeth clashed as the kiss became violent. Spike shoved Xander back, climbing atop him, grinding their hardening lengths together. He pulled back from the kiss and smiled down. “I’ll make it good for you, I promise.”

Xander groaned and the kiss began again. Spike moved down Xander’s body, pressing his lips to each patch of skin the he passed. His fangs descended, scraping along Xander’s thighs. He pressed Xander’s thighs up to his chest, focusing his attention on the small strip of skin between Xander’s balls and pucker.

As he massaged this area with his tongue, Spike looked up to find Xander’s head thrown back, his eyes tightly closed. He moved down, his tongue now pressing into Xander’s body.

Xander moaned and thrashed against the intrusion. Spike laid his forearm across the back of Xander’s thighs, holding him down as he continued to loosen Xander’s opening.

Spike could feel Xander relax around him and smiled. Pressing one last kiss against Xander’s bottom, he crawled back up his body, his tongue tracing patterns along the way. Spike leaned over Xander, reaching down to grab the bottle of bath oil from the floor.

He poured the oil across Xander’s cock, allowing it to drip down. He caught it in his hands, pressing his fingers into Xander, smiling at the sounds of pleasure emanating from Xander’s chest.

After a cursory preparation, Spike wrapped his oiled hand around his own cock, stroking it fiercely. Xander watched through half-lidded eyes, grunting as Spike dropped his full weight down on him. Spike nudged his head, adjusting him. Their mouths caught once more and as Spike slid his tongue into Xander’s mouth, he pressed his cock into Xander’s ass.

Xander’s eyes opened wide, and he gasped into the kiss. Spike slid in further, angling his cock to brush up against Xander’s prostate. Their eyes met and both men smiled.

“Xan, baby, you’re so perfect.”

“Spike, oh, Spike!”

As they moved towards their climaxes, Spike leaned in and kissed his claiming mark. He felt Xander begin to clutch around him as his cock shot out pulses of warm seed. Their groans combined and Spike leaned in, gently piercing Xander’s throat.

The taste of Xander’s blood drew out Spike’s orgasm. He shuddered and grunted through his mouthful of blood. He drank quickly, his eyes closing as Xander wrapped his long arms around him.

Spike listened as Xander’s heart began to flutter and then all but stop. He quickly pulled back, his cock sliding slickly from Xander, and tore into his own wrist. Pressing it against Xander’s mouth, he began to coax his boy.

“Come on, my pet. Drink. I want my childe with me.” His vision began to fade as Xander drank, and soon they lay unconscious on the bed.

Spike woke to the sound of small hands clapping. “You did it, my Spike! He is our heart!”

He groaned and rolled over, feeling hungrier than he ever had before. Ed stepped through the doorway, carrying a struggling form in his arms. Spike looked down at Xander, briefly, and smiled.

As Ed neared, Spike leapt from the bed. Ed placed the man on the floor and stepped away. He and Dru watched as Spike attacked.

Spike rolled with the form across the floor before sinking his fangs into his neck, tearing at the flesh like a newly turned fledge. When he had drained the man, he looked up at Dru, his face covered in blood. She reached out a finger and touched the blood, bringing the digit to her mouth.

She purred at the taste and Spike stood, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. Suddenly she was gone. Spike looked up to find an angry young demon standing over his sire.

“My Spike,” Xander growled before turning away and moving towards Spike. He wrapped his arms around Spike and Spike grinned.

“My childe.”

The End