The Triangle

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Sixteen

Spike woke up warm and content. He immediately began to purr when he remembered the reason why. He could feel Xander’s snores vibrating through his body. Sable hair streamed across his chest and soft warm breath tickled his side.

What on earth had he done to deserve this? Xander make a small noise and snuggled closer. Spike smiled.

“Spike.” He heard his name called outside the door. Frowning, he pulled himself out from under his lover and pulled on his discarded jeans. Opening the door, he found Tara waiting quietly outside.

“Hungry?” She smiled infectiously.

“Sure, pet. Give me a minute.” He shut the door and began hunting for the key to his trunk. Opening it, he pulled on a shirt and socks. He ran his fingers through his hair before pulling on his Docs.

He looked down at the sleeping figure on the bed and his heart warmed. He leaned in and kissed Xander’s brow.

He frowned. Xander shouldn’t wake up and just find him gone. He looked around the room and found a pad of paper and a pen.

Warmth bleeds into my skin,

His touch… paradise


I’ve gone to eat with Glinda. Didn’t want to wake you.


Spike examined the note. Maybe he shouldn’t have written the bit about paradise.

“Spike?” He heard Tara outside the door again. He pressed another kiss to the man he was quickly becoming addicted to, and, laying the note on his own pillow, walked out the door.

Xander woke up to knocking on the door. He reached for Spike only to find a piece of paper in his place.

“Hang on!” he shouted at the door as he began searching for his clothes. Remembering that he had stripped in the bathroom, he stumbled into the small room and tugged on his jeans.

He opened the door to find Giles standing outside.

“Come in.” Xander turned and staggered back to the bed, reaching for the note. He smiled when he read it, folding it and slipping it under his pillow.

Giles gestured towards the hidden note. “Spike?”


Giles help up his own note from Tara. “Shall we hunt them down?”

Xander nodded and headed towards the bathroom. “Give me about ten minutes.” He quickly showered and shaved, brushed his teeth and dressed as Giles waited for him. He was surprised at the space available in the cabin. He walked out and sat on the bed, tugging on his shoes and socks.

Xander looked around for a key, deciding that Spike had probably taken it with him. “Ok, G-Man, ready to go.”

Giles rolled his eyes and the two men wandered into the main area of the ship. After searching several floors, they gave up on finding Spike and Tara and headed into a restaurant to eat.

“We should have known they’d be here.” Xander pointed towards the back of the dining room where Tara and Spike were halfway through eating what appeared to be an enormous banana split.

Giles made his way to the table as Xander headed for the buffet, returning to the table with a plate full of food. Biting down on a piece of chicken, he sighed. “I want to go back to Texas.”

Spike smiled at his lover, teasing him with a look. “Don’t want you to weigh eight hundred pounds, love. You’ll have to deal with what’s here.” Spike winked at Tara and they continued to spoon their way through several pounds of ice cream, fruit, nuts, toppings and cherries.

Giles frowned. “What on earth are you eating?”

Tara giggled, covering her mouth. “It’s a Banana Bombshell!”

“Too right.” Giles sighed and looked at the food on Xander’s plate. He wanted to go back to Texas as well.

“I’m sorry, what?” He looked at Xander.

“When are supposed to get to Bermuda?” Xander repeated his question before starting in on an apple.

“Some time this evening, I think. It’s a relatively short trip. Did you see any tea over there?” Xander shook his head and Giles considered pouting. It seemed to work for the rest of the Scoobies. He rose from his chair and went to the buffet, finally choosing some dry toast and coffee.

After their meal, Tara and Giles decided to go spend some time on the decks doing a little sun worshiping. Xander refused their invitation and he and Spike returned to their room.

Xander pushed Spike down onto the bed, climbing on top of him. “Hey.”

Spike smiled. “Hey.”

“Whatever will we do until we get to Bermuda?” Xander’s sly look thrilled the vampire, He rolled them, pinning the younger man beneath him.

“I have no idea, love.” Spike leaned in and kissed the brunette, drawing his taste into his mouth.

Xander smiled into the kiss, allowing the vampire to take whatever he wanted. This was heaven. This man, this demon wanted him and was going to claim him. He was afraid, but couldn’t wait.

Xander mumbled something against Spike’s mouth that the vampire couldn’t quite catch. He pulled back and looked into the beautiful brown eyes that he loved. “What was that, pet?”

Xander looked down, and then purposefully looked back at Spike. “I love you.”

The smile that that statement earned him melted Xander’s insides. Then came the words that melted his outsides. “Oh, Xander, I love you, too.”

“Will you claim me?” The words came out muffled and unsure. Spike could see that the boy was afraid of rejection.

“Are you asking me to marry you?”

Xander’s blood rushed from his face and he suddenly felt dizzy. “M..marry?” he squeaked out.

“Yeah, pet. A claim is like a marriage, we would be bound together for life. Only difference is there could never be a divorce.”

Xander thought for a moment, pushed the smaller man off of him and then slid to the floor in front of Spike, one hand on his chest, the other flung out in front of him. “Spike, my love, would you do me the honor of biting me on the neck and making me your own?”

Xander made it through the proposal with a straight face, Spike didn’t. His laughter came from his gut and he rolled around on the bed, clutching his stomach and gasping for air he didn’t need.

Xander leapt on top of him, rolling with Spike and laughing delightedly. The two men finally calmed and found themselves locked in an embrace, their lips pressed against each other and their tongues dueling for dominance.

Spike pulled away, leaning his head back to look at his lover. “I get to be the husband.”

Xander snorted. “Whatever, Spike.” Spike tickled his lover when Xander rolled his eyes and they enjoyed several minutes of wrestling before their touches became more purposeful.

Spike pressed down on top of the brown-haired beauty. He ran his fingers through Xander’s hair, learning the shape of his skull. He leaned in and claimed Xander’s lips in a passionate kiss before he began peeling clothes from their bodies.

Xander lay still, allowing Spike to undress him. Spike pressed kisses to each bit of skin that he uncovered, slowly covering Xander’s body with his touch.

Xander’s skin tingled wherever Spike touched him, and soon, there was nothing but Spike. Xander was blissfully aware of Spike’s body as it spread out on top of his. Suddenly the feeling of Spike was gone and Xander opened his eyes to find himself in the bed, alone.

Unexpectedly, a blond head appeared over the side of the bed. “Looking for someone?”

Xander smacked Spike on the head and the vampire pounced, pinning Xander once again underneath his body.

“Tell me you want me.” Spike looked deeply into Xander’s eyes, dissolving the playful mood they had been enjoying.

“I want you.” Xander meant every word. He wanted to belong to Spike, no matter what.

Spike gently lifted Xander’s legs to his shoulders, nestling down between them and never moving his eyes from Xander’s face. “I know you’ve never done this before, love, but if you are relaxed, there is no pain, only pleasure. Let me give you pleasure.”

Xander made an effort to relax which was totally blown when Spike pulled his cock into his cool mouth. Xander panted at the feeling of Spike swallowing around his cock and hardly noticed when one slick finger breached him.

Spike released Xander’s swollen member with a pop and concentrated on preparing his lover. “Feel good, pet?” Xander nodded wordlessly.

“More, Spike.”

“Demanding…” Spike slid in a second finger, scissoring them, stretching the virgin muscles.

When Spike felt Xander relax around his fingers, he allowed the tip of his index finger to brush against the younger man’s prostate, just once.

Xander bucked. “What was that?”

Spike laughed at the shocked look on Xander’s face. “That’s your prostate, love. Would you like to feel my cock pressed up against that spot?”

Xander nodded his head vigorously. “More!”

Spike looked at Xander, he seemed relaxed and eager. It was time. Spike covered his hard cock with the lube that Anya had packed in his toiletries case and pressed the head against Xander’s opening. “Look at me, Xander.”

When chocolate eyes met blue, Spike whispered, “I love you.” Xander smiled and Spike pushed past the guardian ring of Xander’s ass and thrust his cock up against Xander’s prostate.

Xander forgot to tense at the pain when Spike began to massage that sensitive area with the head of his cock. He was basking in the sensations when he felt a tickling sensation against his ass. Looking down, he could see that Spike was completely buried in him.

“You’re inside me.” Xander’s voice was breathy. He raised a hand and placed it against Spike’s cheek, feeling the softness of the hard-looking area. Spike nuzzled into his hand like a cat, purring.

“Are you ready?” Xander nodded and Spike began to pump.

Spike couldn’t believe how warm and tight his boy was. His cock felt as though it were sheathed inside a heated velvet glove. Each thrust brought him closer to his inevitable climax, much too quickly in his opinion.

Spike wrapped an arm around Xander’s thigh and reached for the other man’s cock. He began fisting him gently as he thrust harder and harder into Xander’s ass. Xander was moaning and twisting his head from side to side. He’d had no idea that this would be so incredible.

Spike felt Xander’s balls tighten and his own body responded in kind. He leaned close, kissing his lover.

“Are you sure, Xander? Are you sure you want this?” Xander nodded and bared his throat.

“More than anything, Spike. Make me yours.” Spike’s demon needed no more encouragement and he dove for Xander’s throat, slicing through the skin with his needlelike fangs.

Xander came as soon as Spike’s fangs split his flesh. He could feel his semen and his blood pumping out of him in the same pulsing rhythm. Spike pulled his fangs from Xander’s throat and his golden eyes glowed as he looked at his lover.

“Mine!” Spike looked at Xander expectantly.

“Yours, Spike, all yours.” Spike’s orgasm crashed over both men and the vampire collapsed on his mate.

His mate. He had just claimed Xander as his mate. Xander beamed at him through tear filled eyes and reached up to touch the marks on his neck. Spike batted his hands away and leaned closer, examining the bite.

“It looks good, love. Will scar beautifully.”

“Really? I want to see.” He tried to push Spike away, but Spike refused to move from where he was still buried deep in Xander. He growled at his mate and Xander smiled.

Spike leaned in and laved the marks, cleaning away all traces of blood.

Xander’s cock twitched as Spike cleaned the wounds. He moaned and leaned his head back further. Finally, Spike allowed his cock to slip out of Xander’s warmth and rolled to lie beside his lover. Xander shuddered at the feeling of emptiness. Realizing that he could now get up, he scooted to the end of the bed and stood, walking over to look in the mirror.

There on his neck was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Right above his jugular was a perfect impression of Spike’s teeth, each having broken the skin, emphasizing four puncture wounds made by the predator’s elongated canines. He turned to look at his mate. “What will it look like when it scars?”

Spike lay on the bed, his ankles crossed and his hands behind his head. “Pretty much what you see there, love. Claim marks heal quickly and will scar up overnight.”

Xander turned to look back at the mirror. “Will you bite me again?”

“Why, pet, did you like it?”

Xander frowned at Spike, wanting more of an answer. Spike grinned back. “Yes, Xander, I will bite you again. It will strengthen our bond each time we share blood. We could stop now and be joined as mates forever, however, if I continue to drink from you, we will begin to see changes. If you drink from me, there will be even more.”

Xander crinkled his nose at the thought of drinking the vampire’s blood, but the thought of Spike drinking from him again was exciting. He fingered the mark on his neck, looking at it in the mirror. Being married to a vampire was fun!

Part Seventeen

The ship arrived at Bermuda at almost two in the morning. Once again, the four from Sunnydale were the only passengers present on the deck. They filed off the ship silently, each lost in their own thoughts.

They watched as the ship left port. As it sliced through the water, Xander looked around. “This is Bermuda? Looks like California.” Giles and Spike both snorted and Tara laughed.

“It’s a bloody port. Of course it looks like all the others you’ve seen. C’mon, pet.” Spike began to tug at the cart that held their luggage. Apparently something was wrong with the damn thing because it wouldn’t budge.

“I am not carrying all of this shit to the house, Watcher.”

Giles grunted in response. “There should be someone here to meet us. I was assured…” The blaring of a horn cut him off. Turning, he saw a taxi pull up behind them.

“You all the folks going to the Mazarine house?” Giles nodded and the man began loading the trunk of the car with their luggage.

The trip to the house was really quite short. Xander changed his opinion about Bermuda. It looked nothing like Southern California. Even in the dark he could see white beaches, beautiful trees, parks and remarkable architecture.

They arrived at Mazarine By the Sea and the car was unloaded. Giles reached into a flowerpot next to the front door and pulled out the key.

“That’s where they bloody hide the key? Gits!”

Giles frowned at his uncle and they clomped into the house, all too tired to care about looking around. Spike pulled Xander into the first bedroom they passed. Both he and Xander were beyond tired. Giles had been forced to drag the pair from their suite on board the ship, exhausted as they were from their post mating shag.

Spike pulled off Xander’s clothes before divesting himself of his own. He drew down the lush comforter and sheets, lifting Xander’s tired body and placing him underneath the covers. A quick check to insure that the room was sun proof and Spike crawled in behind him, snuggling close.

The sun came up entirely too early. Xander yawned and stretched the best he could under his life-sized vampire blanket. “Move, Blondie.”

Spike growled but moved slightly, allowing Xander room to wiggle out from under him. Xander looked around the bedroom, searching for a bathroom. It was a nice room, but there was no damn bathroom!

Xander pulled on his jeans and left the bedroom in search of a toilet. He ran into Tara right outside the bedroom door. “Bathroom?”

Tara giggled and pointed. “Thata way.” Xander grinned at her and ran down the hall. He slammed the door shut and immediately relaxed when his bladder quit screaming at him. He decided that a shower was in order and started the water, climbing under the hot stream about the same time that he realized he had no soap or shampoo.


A pale hand snaked through the shower curtain. “Need this, love?” Xander grabbed Spike’s hand, dropping the bottle of shampoo to the floor. He pulled the vampire into the shower with him, wrapping his arms around the smaller man.

“My vampire.”

Spike grinned. “All yours.” Xander tugged him closer and began to kiss his mate. He ran his fingers through Spike’s hair and allowed the damp strands to curl.

Xander pulled back and looked into Spike’s desire ridden eyes. “You are beautiful, Spike. Do you know that?”

Spike pretended to think a moment before answering, “Yeah.”

Xander poked his lover in the stomach and leaned back in for more kisses. Neither man saw the hand sneak in, but both men screamed and jumped out of the shower when ice-cold water hit them full blast.

Tara squealed and ran from the room when the two wet and naked men glared at her. Spike took off in pursuit and Xander paused only to turn off the water and put on his pants.

Xander picked up Spike’s jeans as an afterthought and followed the sounds of laughter. He found his mate in the kitchen with Tara, circling the island. Tara held a wooden spoon in her hand. “Watch it! I have a spoon and I’m not afraid to use it.” Spike allowed his game face to come out and he growled at the young woman. Xander waited until Tara’s back was to him and then pointed. He dropped the fabric in his hands and crept up behind her as Spike lunged. Tara dodged to the side, only to be caught in Xander’s strong arms. “Well, what do we have here? A little witch that thinks she’s funny!” Xander kicked Spike’s jeans across the floor and Spike shimmied into them. He leaned down and grabbed Tara’s ankles and the two men carried the struggling girl through the house. For her part, Tara was shrieking and giggling so hard that she couldn’t think of the chant that would make them put her down. Spike glanced towards the shuttered windows and smirked. “Too bad the sun’s out, hey, pet?” Xander laughed and nodded, the pool would have been perfect payback. Instead, the two men headed down the hallway to the bathroom they just abandoned. Xander reached in and turned on the cold water then helped Spike shove the blonde into the stall. Tara’s shrieks increased in volume, but Spike and Xander wouldn’t let the drenched girl out of the shower. Tara collected her thoughts and muttered a chant under her breath. Suddenly the room was full of rushing water and Xander and Spike’s screams joined her own. Giles stopped outside the bathroom door. A puddle of water was slowly creeping across the tile, and the shrieking that had woken him was increasing in volume. He turned on his heel and headed back to his bedroom. Perhaps his shower could wait.

An hour later, Spike and Xander were back in the shower. They had spent a good amount of time cleaning up the water that Tara had sprayed all over the bathroom. Tara had retreated to her bedroom, running from the men when they approached her with bottles of shampoo.

Now, in the heat of the shower, Spike and Xander relaxed together. Spike drew his mate into his arms, nuzzling his claim mark. “Wonder why the others haven’t noticed this yet.”

Xander shrugged and pulled Spike closer. “Don’t care. Need you, Spike.”

Spike grinned and pulled Xander closer to him. “Need you, too, love.” He ran his hands across Xander’s strong back, pleased with the sliding sensation that the water provided. He paused when he felt a bump. He stroked the spot again and then spun Xander around, forcing him up against the wall.

Xander yelped and Spike growled loudly, “What is this?” Spike drew one finger over the faint white lines destroying the perfection of his lover’s skin. “Who did this to you?”

Xander began to shake. No one else had ever noticed his scars. “My dad…” The words were spoken softly, but Spike’s roar made it clear that he had heard every word.

“He beat you?” Spike began rubbing his hands over the marks as if to rub them away.

Xander turned and grabbed Spike by the face, a hand on each sharp cheekbone. “It’s over, Spike. Don’t worry about it.”

Spike dragged Xander close, glaring at his lover. “Mine! He marked what is mine!” Spike crushed his lips against Xander’s drawing blood to the surface. Xander panted as Spike pulled away, wrapping his fingers through sable strands.


Xander smiled into the golden eyes of his lover. “Yours.” Spike allowed his fangs to sink into his lover’s skin, relishing in the taste of his beauty and health. Xander dropped his head back and felt an orgasm crash over him as sharp teeth broke through his flesh. “Oh, Spike, yours…”

Spike drew back and licked his lips, careful not to lose a drop of his mate’s sweet blood. “When we get home, Xan, I’m…”

Xander put a finger over Spike’s mouth. “I know, just don’t tell me, ok?” Spike nodded and reached out for the soap and sponge, preparing to lather up his lover.

Xander leaned against the wall, basking in Spike’s gentle touches. “Spike?” Spike grunted, never taking his eyes from the area that he was currently cleaning. “What did Anya mean in Texas?” Spike looked up at Xander, truly confused.

“Anya wasn’t in Texas, pet. Are you sure you’re ok? Maybe I took too much blood.” Spike curled his tongue against the roof of his mouth and tilted to get a better look at his lover.

Xander smacked him on the head and grinned. “On the phone, you dork. What did she mean did you give me her kiss?” Spike slithered up Xander’s body, rocking against the taller man.

“She pulled me aside before we left and gave me this to give to you.” Spike leaned in and kissed Xander forcefully, replicating Anya’s kiss exactly.

Xander swooned.

Coming to his senses, he shoved Spike away from him, causing the vampire to crash to the floor of the shower. “You kissed Anya?” Xander’s tone was accusatory and Spike scrambled to his feet to calm his lover.

“Not like that, love. She kissed me. Asked us to come over to her place when we get back for a private lingerie show.” Spike petted Xander gently, urging Xander to believe him. Xander looked into his lover’s eyes seeing the truth of his comments.

Xander barked out a laugh. “Sounds just like her. Sorry that I got pissy.” Spike grinned and leaned in to capture Xander’s lips.

“You are my mate, love. You are the only one that I want to touch or be touched by, understand? I don’t give up my lovers willingly.” Xander remembered Spike’s devotion to Drusilla and smiled back.

Xander rubbed Spike’s ass where he had hit the floor of the shower. “Hurt?” Spike noticed the glint in his lover’s eyes and nodded, pouting slightly. “Aw, poor Spikey, let me kiss it better.”

Xander dropped to his knees and spun Spike around, pushing the blond up against the wall of the shower. The brunette blinked drops of water out of his eyes and began kissing the smooth round globes of Spike’s ass.

He allowed his tongue to come into play, dragging it down the inviting crease, stopping just before touching Spike’s puckered hole. Spike moaned and pressed back against Xander, begging for more. Xander ginned and soon discovered that he couldn’t get his tongue very far out of his mouth while doing so.

Xander pressed another kiss to Spike’s ass before rubbing his tongue across Spike’s hole, pressing gently, not really trying to gain access, simply caressing. He pressed harder when Spike pushed back against him. Xander moaned when his tongue pressed past the first guardian ring, Spike was so tight!

Spike couldn’t believe what was happening. Xander was on his knees behind him, giving him one of the finest rim jobs he had ever had. The heat from Xander’s strong tongue was forcing its way into Spike’s body and he groaned at the thought of Xander filling him completely.

Spike moaned in disappointment when Xander pulled away. Xander smacked him on the ass before fumbling around for a moment. Spike closed his eyes, anxious to know what his mate what up to.

“Xan, please!”

Another smack was his answer and Spike fell silent, understanding that his lover was playing and wanted to be left alone to experiment. Suddenly, a slick finger pressed up against him and Spike relaxed, allowing Xander to enter him.

Xander was shocked at the tightness that surrounded his finger. He wiggled the digit a bit, searching for the elusive spot that Spike had introduced him to, was it only the day before? Xander’s finger brushed across a tiny nub and Spike yelped in response. Xander grinned and pulled his finger out of Spike’s ass.

Spike spun around and glared down at his young lover. “Why the hell did you stop?”

Xander grinned. “Water’s getting cold.”

Spike pulled Xander to his feet and all but tossed him out of the shower. The vampire violently shut off the water before reaching out for his mate. Xander’s world spun as he was tossed over a deceptively thin shoulder and hauled down the hall, his ass and balls on display.


Fortunately Giles and Tara were nowhere to be seen and Xander was thrown down on the bed that his mate had chosen as their own. He watched as Spike closed and locked the bedroom door, taking in a deep breath when his lover turned. Spike was so beautiful.

Slim muscles were encased in smooth white skin, paler than anything else Xander had ever seen. Long limbs, rosy lips, bluer than blue eyes… Xander snorted.

“What?” Spike demanded.

“Nothing.” Spike’s glare made him reconsider. “I was looking at you and thinking about how beautiful you are and I started sounding like a Disney movie.”

Spike grinned and prowled over to the bed. “Oh yeah, pet? Who did I remind you of? The Beast?”

Xander grinned back. “Nope! Snow White.”

Spike growled and pounced, landing on top of his mate. “Snow White?” He flashed his fangs at Xander, who only started laughing harder.

“Lips as red as the reddest rose, skin as white as snow…” Xander trailed off as laughter overtook him once more. Spike silenced the laughter with a single kiss that deepened and became so much more.

Xander suddenly had trouble remembering why he had been laughing. Spike’s lips pressed against his, cool and demanding. “Touch me again, love,” Spike murmured against Xander’s mouth. “Touch me again.”

Xander ran his hands down Spike’s back, tickling the vampire’s sensitive sides as he went. He grabbed one full globe in each sun-browned hand and squeezed gently, enjoying Spike’s tremors as Xander’s fingers brushed over his opening.

“Yeah, love.”

Xander rolled them so that he was lying on top of the blond, pausing his groping to thrust against Spike for a moment. “Like that, Spike?” Xander’s voice was amused as he watched Spike undulate in pleasure beneath him.

“Uhhnn…” answered Spike.

Xander began kissing across Spike’s face and neck, reaching as far as he could without moving his cock away from Spike’s. Finally, he pulled away gently, moving down Spike’s body, amazed at the remarkable creature that was sharing his bed.

He drew Spike’s cock into his mouth, teasing his mate with licks and sucks, but never really applying any pressure. Spike moaned and thrashed beneath his ministrations and Xander smiled around the girth in his mouth.

Warm fingers brushed against Spike’s puckered opening and he moaned, thrusting his cock deeper into Xander’s mouth. Xander pulled away and smacked Spike on the leg. “Knock it off!”

“Can’t help it! So bloody hot!” Spike moaned as Xander’s mouth continued its work. Xander caressed the underside of Spike’s cock with his tongue, drawing intricate designs on the beloved skin.

Xander released Spike with a pop and moved up his lover’s body. “Want to be inside you, Spike. Want to make love to you.”

“Oh, yes, Xander, please!” Spike thrust up against Xander, bringing their cocks together.

Xander reached for the bedside table, fumbling for the lube. He found the tube and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. Leaning in to kiss Spike, Xander dropped his right hand down to caress Spike’s opening.

He pressed two fingers into Spike’s ass, again amazed at the tightness of the muscles. Spike trembled, trying to force himself to relax. Xander felt the rings of muscle opening for him and dropped down, replacing his fingers with his tongue.

Spike jerked in reaction to the warm touch of Xander’s tongue and grabbed the base of his erection harshly. “Xan! If you don’t fuck me soon, I’m gonna come all over the bed instead of on you.”

Xander knelt up between Spike’s legs. He smiled down at his mate as he lubed up his cock with the rest of the slick on his fingers. His smile turned rakish as he tossed Spike’s legs over his shoulders. Spike began to giggle at the look on Xander’s face and Xander pounced.

“You think I’m funny, huh?” Xander took aim and pushed hard into Spike’s ass. Spike’s head lolled back and his eyes rolled as Xander took possession of his body. The heat of his lover burned into his core.

“Xander! Love!” Spike released his erection and immediately began spurting lines of seed across his chest and stomach.

Xander looked down at his mate who was lost in ecstasy. He could feel Spike shuddering around him and struggled to maintain control of his own body’s responses. He wanted to hold onto the feeling of Spike surrounding him, completing him…

“Spike!” He lost the battle and suddenly was filling Spike with his essence. Xander began to laugh and collapsed on Spike’s chest, his laughter vibrating through them both.

“Oh, pet. I love you so much.”

“Love you, too, Fangless.”

Part Eighteen

After their second shower, Spike began exploring the house. He had left Xander in their bedroom, unpacking their clothing and toiletries, preparing for an extended stay on the island.

Spike wandered into the various rooms that he came across. So far he had discovered four bedrooms that were all about the same size. All were decorated similarly. He realized that all of the rooms he had been in had blackout curtains and shutters adorning the numerous windows. He wondered if the house always had them or if it was something that the Council had procured. Spike shrugged and continued walking.

He had gone through three separate living areas, the laundry room, the kitchen and the dining room before he ran across the set of stairs that he knew had to be somewhere in the house. They were inside one of two linen closets.

The layout of the closet was interesting. Three walls were covered in wide, deep shelves that held hundreds of pieces of linen in all colors. The stairs leading down were on the right side of the closet, behind a plain white door. Unable to find a light switch, Spike allowed his demon to come to the fore and cautiously descended the stairs finding a locked door at the bottom. Examining the door closely, Spike determined that the lock was rarely used. He forced it and entered what appeared to be a spacious gym.

He grinned, spinning around the room. All of the equipment was covered in dust and none of it was the quality of Giles’, but there was a heavy bag, a punching bag, weights, a sparring ring and a variety of loose training materials. He would need to clean it up, but this would be a good place to start teaching Xander how to defend himself.

Spike smiled at the thought of his mate who could be, at this very moment, lying in their bed. Spike had to restrain himself from sprinting back up the stairs and into said bed. He growled and began searching for an entrance to the tunnels.

Walking through the training room, Spike opened every door, finding nothing out of the ordinary. He did find a small bathroom that contained only a commode and a sink, but he was sure that the others would appreciate having an extra toilet around.

Spike huffed and stomped to the middle of the room. There had to be access to the tunnels somewhere in this basement. There had to be. “Bloody architect…” Spike closed his eyes to try to get a sense of the room. He felt a slight draft wafting towards him from behind the heavy bag.

He moved to the bag, reaching up to pull it down from its hanger before starting his search. After about thirty minutes, he discovered where the draft had come from. There was a tiny hole drilled into the mortar between two heavy bricks.

He ran his fingers around the bricks, searching for any other openings or cracks. Finally, he gave into his impulsive nature and stabbed into the hole with one clawed hand, tearing out the mortar and pulling out a brick.

He slid closer to the hole that he had made, hanging onto the brick in case he needed to smash something. Peering through the darkness, he smiled. He had found the entrance to the tunnels.

Giles glanced up from his desk when Spike appeared in the doorway. “Did you find the tunnels?” Spike nodded and approached the desk, sprawling out in a chair before his nephew.

“Found ‘em. Gonna take a bit to get to ‘em, though.” He stretched out, his legs straight out before him. “Did you get any further on that?” Spike waved a hand in the direction of Giles’ desk, where the scroll and the dissected envelope were laid out, surrounded by various references.

“Well, the scroll has not produced much, but the symbols on the envelope are quite interesting. Look at this.” Giles scooted around the table to sit next to Spike. Pointing at a symbol near the corner of the envelope, he continued. “The only other time I have seen a symbol similar to this was in researching a non-portended prophesy while I was in training. It took me days to find the reference that contained this symbol. It means water.”

“Well, that’s bloody helpful! We’re on a sodding island! Of course there is going to be water!”

Giles laughed at Spike’s outburst and waited for him to stop so that he could finish. “Combined with this symbol, it means ship.” Spike glared at the envelope, trying to see what Giles was trying to tell him.

“A ship, and water.” Spike sighed heavily. “Why didn’t the bloody watchers just translate the damn thing?” He snarled, biting his bottom lip. “Ok. Give it to me.” He snatched the paper out of Giles hand and began to study it. “If you sound this out phonetically, you end up with an Pictograph that contains…” Spike trailed off as he became immersed in the symbols on the envelope. Giles smiled and rose from the desk, heading for the kitchen.

Tara was sitting at the table with a map of the island laid out in front of her. She smiled up at Giles, motioning towards the chair across from her. “Sit down. I found some interesting areas of the island. There are several places that tourists aren’t sent to. They are simply blank areas on the map. Look, here.” Giles leaned in and looked at the areas that Tara indicated.

“I’m pretty sure that this is the area where the Watcher disappeared.” Tara pointed at a large area of flatland. “All of his notes seem to indicate that he lived along here. None of the histories show any unusual activity, but you never know.”

Giles nodded, pleased with Tara’s discoveries. “Spike found the tunnels, and we have been able to translate a single word on the envelope.” He moved over to the counter, and continued speaking ads if to himself. “You never know, we may actually discover what is happening on this bloody island within the next year or so.” He grabbed the teapot and slammed it on the stove, forgetting to add water.

“You might want to put something in there, or you’ll burn out the pot.” Tara never raised her eyes from the map, her face alight with contained laughter.

Giles sighed and filled the pot with water before returning it to the stove.

Tara folded the map and smiled up at Giles. “Want to talk about it?”

Giles groaned. “No,” he sighed. “I don’t want to talk about it. I want to sleep, and I want to take a shower without having to worry that someone will need to use the facilities before I finish.” He glared at the whistling kettle. “I want to have some proper tea and I want to go get in the bloody pool!”

“There’s another bathroom in the basement.”

Giles jumped and turned to look at Spike.

“Just a loo, but should give you a bit of privacy.” Spike shrugged.

Tara smiled warmly at Spike, as did Giles. “Find anything?” Giles indicated the envelope in Spike’s hand.

“Yeah. Confirmed my suspicion that the Council are gits. Look here. Glinda had us looking into the shipwrecks on the north side of the island.” He reached out and twined his fingers through her hair, before setting the envelope down on the table. “All this fucking says is that the demons revel in the sinking of ships, but pinpoints them a little better.” He pointed. “This little line here, over the dash, that’s a mukee. North by northwest.” He stood and walked over to the teapot. “The Council knows where the damn demons are holed up, they just didn’t care to come fix it themselves.”

He sniffed at the canned tea, wincing, then turned to Giles and smirked. “Gonna take my boy out on the town, now. See you later.”

Spike entered the bedroom to find his mate face down, half off the bed, with his head on the floor. He watched as Xander wriggled around, moving so that his head and part of an arm were completely under the bed. He smiled happily and walked over, worming his hand under Xander’s shorts, reaching up to grab a taut buttock.

Xander jumped and squealed, pulling his head out from under the bed and glaring at Spike. “You scared the shit out of me, Spike!”

Spike freed his hand and smirked, launching himself at the bed and landing next to Xander with a bounce. Xander grinned and leaned back over, squirming back under the bed. “I kicked my shoe under here when I was unpacking, and when I reached under to get it, I saw something weird. I tried to move the bed, but couldn’t even budge it, so I’m looking…” He grunted and moved down even lower.

Spike crawled to the edge of the bed and leaned over, joining Xander half on the floor. He allowed his demon to come out and scanned the underside of their bed. “There’s a trap door. Hop up, love.”

Both men scrambled off and Spike lifted the bed. Or tried to. “Fuck!”

Xander turned at a sound, seeing the door open a crack. Tara’s soft voice entered the room, “Spike?” Xander moved to the door, opening it and allowing Tara and Giles to enter.

Tara began to laugh as she saw Spike ineffectively struggling to move the bed. Giles stood quietly, a small smile creasing his face. Spike grunted and shoved, but was unable to budge the considerable mass of the bed.

“Bloody, buggering fuck!” Spike collapsed to the ground, panting needlessly and glaring at the room as a whole.

Tara stopped laughing long enough to step into the room and peer under the bed. “It’s not bolted down, it should move easily,” she murmured.

Spike growled and stood, moving towards her with intent. Xander pounced, slamming Spike to the floor before looking over at Tara. “Well obviously it’s not.”

Tara frowned and muttered a short Latin phrase before reaching out with one hand and showing the bed out of the way.

Spike roared, his fangs descending as his face shifted and dove at her. Tara squealed and ran, Spike racing behind her. Xander and Giles rolled their eyes at each other and Giles motioned to the now exposed trap door. “Shall we?”

Xander shrugged as they heard a crash from the living area. Tara squealed and Spike answered with a growl, both sounds followed closely by a hoarse shout. When both Tara and Spike began to laugh, Giles reached down and tugged the o-ring attached to the door, opening it, and allowing it to thud heavily against the floor.

Both men peered down into the darkness. After a moment, Xander moved away, searching for a flashlight. Tara ran into the room, still gasping for breath, Spike close behind. He began to say something to her, but turned instead, looking down into the hole in the middle of his bedroom floor.

He moved closer, pushing Xander back when he arrived with the flashlight. “Stay behind me,” he hissed, taking the proffered light. As a group, they moved forward, the illumination woefully inadequate.

Spike scented the air and relaxed, his demon falling away. He turned and smiled at Xander. “Be right back, pet.” He pressed a quick kiss to Xander’s mouth and eased himself down through the floor.

Xander dove to the ground, his hands on the edge of the opening, straining to catch sight of Spike. “Spike?”

A snick-hiss, and suddenly they could see clearly. Spike was standing in a natural cavern under the house, an antique lantern alight in his hand. A natural shelf sat several feet below the trap door, a long set of stairs leading from the shelf down into the cavern.

Xander scrambled back, looking around for his shoes. Tara and Giles carefully climbed down to the shelf and began to descend the stairway.

Xander tugged on his shoes, not bothering with his socks and followed them quickly. He raced down to Spike and wrapped his arms around him. “Is this it?”

Spike aimed his lantern to the right, the beam fading as it moved down a long passageway. He looked at Xander and grinned. “Yeah, pet, you found the entrance to the tunnels.”