The Triangle

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Thirteen

Spike stood under the scalding spray of the shower, holding in the sobs that were threatening to come roaring out. He picked up the bottle of shampoo, wanting to do something to take his mind off of what had happened in the living room. The scent of the shampoo reminded him of Xander and he angrily threw the bottle against the wall. He gave in and let the tears stream down his face.

“Damned whelp.” He sniffled and picked the shampoo bottle up off the floor of the shower, pouring an overly generous amount into his hand before rubbing the cool gel through his wet curls.

His thoughts turned to his out of character behavior over the past couple of weeks. What had happened to make him such a poof? He no longer had an electronic leash, but had he fed? No. Damned whelp would get upset if he hurt anyone.

He apologized to that girl last night when he had bumped her chair. He had told the boy that he understood about thinking of someone else’s safety above your own… When had he fallen for the boy? His reticent touches branded Spike’s skin, leaving a mark that he could feel for hours after.

Xander liked to hold hands. Such a small detail, but so important to Spike. No one had ever wanted his small touches and he had been spurned too many times to count, but Spike was a tactile person, he liked touching, so he kept doing it, ignoring the repeated rejections.

The boy was the first person in a long time that welcomed his touch, the only one that seemed to crave it as much as he did.

Spike reveled in the touches, in the small moans that Xander made when he was kissed. He was so responsive, so surprisingly open and receptive to his advances. “Soddin’ git, I am. Mooning over a boy.”

Spike breathed in deeply under the spray, allowing the pain of water being forced into his lungs to soothe him and quiet his thoughts. They didn’t stay quiet for long.

His lips were craving the other man’s touch. He wanted to run out and grab Xander and take him by force. Why didn’t he? He was a Master Vampire. He could take anything he wanted!

But he didn’t want Xander like that. He wanted Xander’s love… “Fuck!” Love? Was he in love with the boy? “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Spike stepped up his efforts to ignore his own thoughts. The boy had made his choice clear. He didn’t want Spike. It was over. A few stolen kisses, a few innocent touches and it was over. Another broken heart. Fuck. Spike began to sing loudly. He didn’t know what he was singing, but it helped block the pain.

Xander dipped his head and refused to answer. There was no way that Tara would understand any of this, so he purposefully misunderstood her question. “I don’t know. You were fine and then you gasped…”

“Not with me Xander. I know what is going on in my life. What is going on with you and Spike?”

Xander studiously ignored her.

“You know, our flight isn’t for eight hours or so. Do you really want to spend that entire time staring at my shoes?”

Xander suddenly realized that he was staring into Tara’s suitcase and blushed when he saw the item next to the clunky sandals that had caught his attention. He looked into Tara’s eyes, seeing only compassion in their depths.

“I want him, and I blew it.” Xander crumpled to the floor and began fondling a soft piece of cotton that was hanging out of her luggage.

“What do you mean, you blew it?” Tara settled on the floor next to him and pulled the scarf from the case, piling it in Xander’s lap.

“Last night… last night he told me that if I came to him willingly that he wouldn’t let me go. That I would be his forever. God, Tara, I want that so bad!” Xander looked intently at the scarf, tracing a thin gold thread through the pattern. “I want him.”

Tears began to stream freely down his face, sobs choking their way out of his throat. Tara wrapped her arms around Xander and rocked him gently in her arms until his sobs calmed.

“Why do you think that you blew it?” She repeated her question quietly into his ear.

Xander snuggled down into the soft warmth that was his best friend’s girlfriend and sighed. “I know why Willow likes you so much, you’re comfy.”

Tara pushed him up slightly. “Tell me, Xander.”

There was enough force behind her words that he answered. “I… I couldn’t answer him this morning. He thought I didn’t want it, want him, and he walked away and I couldn’t stop him.” His words came out rushed and panicked, the feeling of loss overwhelming him.

Tara laughed gently. “Oh, Xander, you didn’t blow it, you were scared. And he’s not gone, he’s in the shower in your room trying to find a way to deal with his own pain.” She continued rocking him in her arms.

Xander sniffled and sat up. “What do you mean?”

Tara beamed at him. “Listen to him, Xander! He’s singing a love song at the top of his lungs. He’s doing what Spike does best, hiding his feelings behind a lot of bluster. Go to him. Tell him what you want. Don’t let this fester and push you two apart. I have seen how happy you have been since you and he got together.” At Xander’s shocked look, she frowned teasingly. “Of course I knew. I could see the energy between you. If you could only see it…”

Taking a deep, calming breath, Xander stood, dropping the scarf back into the suitcase. “Any way you could get Giles out of here for a while?”

“Of course. I looked through the yellow pages last night while I was trying to fall asleep. Goddess, I miss Willow… There’s a new age shop a couple of blocks from here that looks like it might be interesting. I’ll ask him to walk with me.”

Xander pulled Tara up and wrapped her in a hug. “Thank you,” he muttered into her hair, pressing a kiss to the soft locks.

They walked out of the bedroom to find Giles in the same position as he had been in when they left. “Giles, I found a shop that looks interesting. Will you go with me?”

Giles looked up and into Xander’s troubled brown eyes. He knew that something was wrong with Spike and Xander, and apparently Tara did, too. He slapped his book shut and jumped to his feet. “Sounds delightful. Shall we?” As Giles directed her to the front door of the suite, Tara glanced over her shoulder and winked at Xander.

After the door closed behind them, Xander turned towards the bedroom where he could still hear Spike singing. He wasn’t sure what approach to take with this. Would Spike even be receptive to his advances now that he thought that Xander had rejected him?

He timidly walked into the bedroom, listening to the shower run. Surely the hot water was gone by now. He sat on the bed trying to decide what he needed to do. Suddenly the water stopped.

Xander stood up and looked around the room in a panic. Finally, he decided that he would simply offer himself to the vampire rather than try to rehash everything once again. He walked over to the bathroom door and fell to his knees, looking at the floor.

The door opened and Spike appeared in black jeans, a towel draped over his head. He rubbed at his hair roughly, almost tripping over the still figure on the floor.

“What’s this?” Spike sounded confused, uncomfortable and hopeful.

Xander, still looking at the ground replied in a shaky voice. “I want you and I want to belong to you.” He looked up into Spike’s sparkling blue eyes. “I’m scared, Spike. I’m scared of what belonging to you would mean, but I am more scared of being without you.”

He looked back down at the floor, his posture submissive.

Spike’s demon roared in triumph and his game face slid into place.

“Look at me, boy. See what I am? This is what you will belong to. A vampire. A killer.” Spike’s tone changed as he continued. “However, you have my word that you will be safe from all others for the rest of your life.” He paused for a long moment. “Tell me again that you want this.”

Xander looked deeply into golden pools that were full of desire and hope. “I’m scared Spike. I want you, but…” Spike pulled Xander to his feet and walked him over to the bed, pushing him down onto the soft bedding.

“Tell me.” Spike’s voice brooked no argument. Blue eyes bore into him as if searching his soul for the answers.

“W..when I was… Um. My dad… I’ve never… without…” Xander avoided Spike’s eyes, trying to decide the best way to approach the topic.

Spike knelt on the floor between Xander’s legs, his hands lying on strong thighs. “What did your dad do?”

Xander closed his eyes, pain reflecting in his face. “He would get drunk and… he would…” A deep breath. “He would force me to suck him off.” Xander glanced into Spike’s eyes, scared what he would see in their depths.

Spike snarled. Xander’s body reacted strongly to the rage in Spike’s eyes. Part of him was thrilled that Spike would be so protective of him; another part trembled in fear at what would happen to his father now that Spike knew the truth.

Spike growled menacingly, causing Xander to jump and squeal. “Sorry, love. Come here.” Spike held open his arms. Xander fell to the ground and buried himself in them, laying his head on Spike’s thigh, allowing himself to be comforted by the smaller man.

“I’ve never told anybody that, well, other than Jesse.”

Spike glanced down at the ruffled brown hair in his lap. “Jesse?”

Xander nodded and sniffed. “Yeah. He was my best friend along with Willow. Darla turned him right after Buffy got here. I staked him, kinda.”

“How can you ‘kinda’ stake someone?” Spike sounded genuinely confused. Xander snorted at the vampire’s befuddled tone and then started laughing.

“I tried to stake him, but couldn’t. He was still Jesse. Someone pushed him and he impaled himself on my stake. Stop! It’s not funny!” Spike, in response to Xander’s snort, had started laughing as well.

“Sorry, love. Really I am…” Xander started to laugh more heartily, smacking Spike on the head.

“Stop! It’s not funny! I loved him!” The laughter continued and Spike stood, manhandling Xander back onto the bed before collapsing next to him.

“I’m sorry, pet. So sorry. I know what it feels like, really, I do.” Spike managed to control his laughter at last.

“It’s ok, Spike. I think I needed that. Jesse would have thought it was funny, too. Nobody will talk to me about him anymore. Willow seems to have forgotten him and Buffy never really knew him.” Tears started to form in Xander’s eyes.

Spike pulled Xander more firmly into his arms as Xander cried out his fears.

“Shhh… It’s ok. I will listen to you talk about him all you want. You can tell me everything that you ever did together and I will listen. Shhh…”

Xander sniffled. “It’s not just that, Spike! I don’t know if I can… if I can…” Spike interrupted.

“Xander, love.” Spike brushed a lock of hair off of Xander’s forehead. “I know what it was like. Angelus forced me all the time. I would have willingly gone with him, but he forced me and hurt me intentionally.” He could see understanding in Xander’s eyes. “I know how you feel, but then I met a man and suddenly it wasn’t about pain and humiliation, it was about joint pleasure.

Xander looked up at Spike, questioningly. “Who?”

“His name was Marc. Dru had run off for a few years and I was feeling lonely. He was human, but didn’t seem fazed by the fact that I was a vampire.” Spike’s gaze wandered as his mind drifted into the past. “He touched me gently and allowed me to touch him, to take him… I spent three years with him.”

“What happened?” Xander’s question broke through Spike’s reverie.

“Dru came back. Took me away from him. I never looked back. Thought that I had what I wanted.”

Xander twisted in Spike’s arms, trying to find a more comfortable position to lie in. “You didn’t want her?” he asked in a small voice.

“I did then, but not anymore. You are the only one that I want, Xan.” Spike reached down and stroked Xander’s cheekbone.

“Even if she came back?” Xander asked in a quiet voice.

“Yeah, love, even if she came back tonight, I would only want you.” Spike’s voice rumbled under Xander’s skin.

Xander stood up and pulled Spike so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He knelt down between Spike’s legs and lowered his head submissively. “I want to be yours, Spike. Please take me, make me yours.”

Spike stared in wonder as the one person who he wanted most in the world submitted everything to him. “Oh, Xan. Yeah, I’ll take you. C’mere.” He pulled Xander into his arms, holding him close to his heart.


Tara peeked into the room for the second time. She looked over her shoulder at a concerned Giles. “They’re still asleep.” She smiled at the picture that the two men made.

Xander was lying across Spike’s chest, one large leg tucked between two leaner ones. Spike’s hand rested against the small of Xander’s back, holding the larger man close. Tara relaxed and sought their auras.

Spike’s aura jumped at her. It looked different than it had a few months ago. Before, it was dark and uncomfortable feeling with a sick green glow around his head. Now it had lighter specks in it, swirling through the darker areas, lightening them and brightening his essence. His head no longer glowed the sickly green. Tara was stunned. She had assumed that the green signified the chip, but now it was gone.

Xander’s aura was warm and comforting, much better than that morning. Strong earth tones surrounded him, and a sturdy white light outlined his being. Tara was pleased to see little red sparks everywhere that Spike and Xander touched. A closer look revealed that the white line that surrounded Xander seemed to be almost… projecting itself onto Spike.

Tara gasped and shut the door. She clung to it, trying to work out what she had just seen. She knew what the red sparks were. They were the result of two people being in love, but what was going on with Spike? The revolting green that had turned her stomach a short time before was gone and his essence seemed to be lightening. She had never seen such a huge change in such a short period of time.

“Tara?” The young woman turned, focusing her stunned eyes on Giles. Seeing the look on her face, Giles rushed to her side.

“What is wrong?” He urged her to sit on the couch and placed the glass of juice that she had poured earlier into her hands.

Tara looked up and seemed to focus on the wall above Giles’ head. “I..I think something’s w..wrong with Spike’s ch..chip.” Giles slapped himself in the forehead, before reaching out to pat Tara on the shoulder.

“Well, nothing is actually wrong with the chip, it just doesn’t work anymore.” Tara gasped. “I am so sorry, I thought I had told you. Mrs. Sanderson did something to it…” Giles looked at Tara thoughtfully. “How did you know?”

Tara glanced at her hands and then back up into Giles’ kind eyes. “His aura has changed. The entire time that I have known him, he’s had this horrid green mass around his head, it made me sick to look at it. Tonight when I looked, it was gone.”

Giles watched her worriedly. Tara was a kind soul, but would stake the vampire if she felt her friends were in danger. “It’s been non-functional for about a week now. Are you…” Giles couldn’t finish his question.

“That is wonderful! It was hurting him so badly! I wonder what she did to stop it from zapping Spike. Remind me to ask her when we get home. Oh my!” Giles couldn’t help but smile at Tara’s antics. She had stood and was pacing around the couch, flinging her hands around in emphasis.

“So you’re ok with this?” Giles had to ask.

“Oh, Giles! I think it is incredible!” Tara rushed forward and squeezed Giles around his middle. “He’s whole again and he hasn’t been feeding. Do you know what that means?”

Giles shook his head.

“It means that he is willing to give up everything for Xander. Wouldn’t you kill to have someone love you like that?” Tara’s wide-eyed expression drew the answer from Giles’ unwilling mouth.

“Gods, yes.”

Part Fourteen

Xander sighed happily and snuggled down on the hard chest under his cheek. Spike began purring and stroking Xander’s lower back. “Afternoon, love.”

Xander lifted his head and smiled up at Spike. “Hi.”

Spike wrapped his hands under Xander’s arms, pulling him up for a kiss. Their lips met and parted, tongues slipping out to taste. Xander pulled away. “I thought you were going to take me and make me yours.”

Spike laughed. “I was, pet. Guess we were both a little worn out after last night.” He leaned in and captured Xander’s mouth again. A knock on the door pulled them apart. “Yeah?”

“If you are done with your nap, could you come out here, please?” Giles’ voice was muffled.

Xander groaned and got up off of Spike. Spike felt bereft without the warm weight that had been pressing him into the mattress. Xander stumbled towards the bathroom and Spike listened to Xander’s heart rate increase as he began to wake up. His stream flowed loudly and a yawn could be heard over the rushing water.

Spike grinned and went off in search of a shirt. He pulled out a sleeveless black T and slipped it over his head. He glanced down at his feet and decided that it would take too much energy to put on his shoes. He glanced up as the bathroom door opened and held out his arms. Xander slid into them, seeking another kiss.

“Better head out. Watcher wants us.” Xander nodded and yawned again, dragging Spike behind him as he walked into the living area.

Tara glanced up from the book she was reading to grin at the two men as they stumbled out of their room. As Xander helped himself to the new cart full of food, Spike headed towards Giles’ room.

“Spike!” Spike turned and glared at the watcher. Giles pointed towards the kitchen counter, never once looking up from the parchment that he was reading. Spike saw his cooler sitting on the counter and grabbed several bags, tossing them into the microwave to heat.

Once his blood was warm, Spike settled down on the couch next to Xander, pressing his thigh against the other man. Xander turned his head to smile, then returned to his plate. He moaned around a bite of chicken fried steak and gravy. “Whas twi th fd hre?”

“Swallow before you talk, please, Xander.” Giles frowned.

Xander swallowed the large bite with some difficulty before commenting again. “What is it with the food here?” Giles lifted an eyebrow, Spike style.

“It is so good! How do these people not weigh eight hundred pounds apiece?” Xander quit talking as he shoved another forkful in his mouth. Spike looked down at his plate and laughed at the food that decorated the white china.

“Thought you were allergic to healthy stuff.” Spike indicated the greens, baby carrots and various fruits that were spilling over into Xander’s lap. The brunette snorted and continued to eat. Spike smirked and looked over at Giles.

“What’s going on, Watcher? Flight’s not for another few hours.” Spike sipped at his blood, eyeing the thick slice of toast that was about to fall off of Xander’s plate.

“Back off,” Xander growled.

“If you are quite finished.” At their blank stares, Giles continued while Tara giggled. “This text that I borrowed from Angel has been quite revealing. It seems that for an untold number of years, the people of Bermuda would make ritual sacrifices to a god called Annuptha.”

Xander swallowed and stared. “What kind of sacrifices? Please don’t tell me that they were human.”

“They were human. The priests would determine what type of sacrifice needed to be made by the time of year, the position of the sun and the moon and several other variables that I have not been able to translate as of yet.

“According to this text, the people quit sacrificing to Annuptha some time after Columbus ‘discovered’ the new world.” Giles formed quotes with his fingers around the word discovered.

“So what? What’s this got to do with anything?” Spike finished his blood and set the mug on the table, covering it with a napkin when Tara grimaced at the blood-tinged rim.

“Even though the Council has only actively investigated the Hellmouth for the last fifty years or so, there are reports dating back hundreds of years of strange animal attacks. However, the disappearances have increased drastically in the last few months.” Giles paused to take a swallow of tea.

“So you are thinking that all these disappearances can be attributed to an angry god?” Tara’s lilting voice danced through the room. Spike smiled at her.

“You know, you have a lovely speaking voice. I never knew that before, what with your hiding behind Red’s skirts and all.” Tara blushed and looked at Spike’s bare toes that were stretched out between them.

“You paint your toenails, too?” Spike laughed and lifted one foot to look at the chipped black paint decorating it.

“Was bored, now, wasn’t I? Nothin’ else to do.” Tara and Spike stopped laughing when Giles cleared his throat.

“Sorry,” they both muttered, still grinning.

Xander eyed them, looking as though he was contemplating saying something, but focused back on his food instead.

“As I was saying, yes, I do believe that this god has something to do with it. However, as I looked further into this ritual, I have found that there is really no basis for belief that there was really any god. I believe that these demons somehow coerced the population into worshiping them and offering up sacrifices.”

“Free food. Don’t even have to hunt.” Spike nodded as he spoke.

“Too right.” Giles looked around at his small team. “The only problem is that throughout everything that I have read, there are no descriptions of Annuptha anywhere. I am unsure as to what these demons look like, how they function, whether they can walk in the daylight or even if they can be differentiated from the humans.” Giles removed his glasses and began rubbing them in frustration. Right then, the phone rang.

Tara stood and reached across the coffee table, taking the phone from its perch next to Spike. “Hello? Willow! Oh, sweetheart, I’ve missed you! Yes, yes… Willow!” Tara gasped, turning her back on the men watching her and whispering into the mouthpiece. Spike smirked at her back.

“Oi, Glinda! I can still hear you!” Tara spun and blushed; she thrust the phone at Giles and frowned at Spike.

One graceful finger pointed at the blond man. “Hey! Privacy!” Spike stuck his tongue out at her, causing her to giggle.

Giles was speaking into the phone, receiving Willow’s report on the shop and Buffy’s report on patrol. Xander finished his food and Spike got up, taking the plate back over to the cart and bringing back a large glass of iced tea. He took a mouthful before offering the glass to Xander.

“Nasty. Why would anyone drink cold tea?” Xander eagerly downed the sweet concoction, satiated and slightly sleepy from his heavy meal.

“Yes, of course, Willow. Thank you so much for your report. Yes, our flight leaves soon. We should be in Bermuda within the next… No, please! Yes. Hello, Anya. Yes, I can wait…” Giles tapped his foot as he waited for Anya.

“Going to the training room.” The group nodded at his explanation and continued to wait.

“No, my dear, I don’t think…” Giles blushed and silently handed the phone to Xander.

Xander hesitantly brought the receiver up to his ear. Anya’s voice trickled over the line. “Have you and Spike had any orgasms, yet? Did he give you your kiss from me?” Spike kicked Xander in the thigh and shook his head hard.

“Anya! Nice to hear from you. No, I am not going to talk to you about that.” Everyone in the room heard Anya’s shriek of disgust.

“No, Ahn. Forget it!” Spike grabbed the phone from Xander.

“Demon girl! Sod off! Did the Slayer and Red… Good… Yeah… Yeah… All right, Anyanka. Bye.” Spike slammed the phone back down on its base, forgetting to turn it off. Tara quickly reached over and disconnected the line, all four pretending not to hear Anya’s continuing questions.

“Well, on that note, our flight is in less than three hours. Everyone should go and get ready. We have one more layover in Atlanta. Hopefully, it will only be a few hours before we board the ship in Miami. Let’s meet back here in exactly an hour and a half.” Giles shooed everyone away with his hands before falling on the couch and cradling his head in his hands.

Forty-five minutes later found Spike and Xander lying on their bed, both quiet and listening to Xander’ breathing. Both men wore slacks and socks and had slightly damp hair.

“Shoulda let me shower with you, pet. Woulda been relaxing.” Xander rolled over and looked down at Spike.

“Spike, there is no way that being naked in a small enclosed space with you could possibly be relaxing.” He thrust his half hard cock into Spike’s thigh, leaning in to capture a kiss. Spike threaded one hand through Xander’s damp locks, twining the hair around a finger as he kissed the other man.

Their tongues met and Spike adjusted them both so that Xander was lying on top of him, their burgeoning erections side by side. He thrust up, encouraging Xander to move. Xander took the hint and began rocking his hips. Spike allowed his free hand to trail down Xander’s bare back, dragging his fingers over Xander’s ass, cupping one strong cheek and squeezing.

Xander pulled back and looked closely at Spike. He brought one hand up and traced it across Spike’s forehead, down his nose, back up one cheekbone and down the other. He traced full, rosy lips and trailed his hand down Spike’s chin, cupping it and turning his head from side to side. Spike looked back, unblinking, allowing Xander to examine him.

“You are so beautiful.” Xander’s quiet words made borrowed blood rush to Spike’s cheeks. It really wasn’t a blush, but Xander noticed the change in color. He grinned down. “You are!”

Xander brought his other hand up to run it through Spike’s heavily gelled hair, allowing his full weight to push down on the vampire. He tugged at the bleached strands until they started relaxing into Spike’s natural curls.

Spike began to purr under Xander’s attention. He continued to lightly squeeze the strong muscle in his hand, running his other fingers up and down Xander’s back, reveling in the little shivers that occasionally shook his body.

Xander leaned back down for another kiss, pushing Spike’s legs further apart so that he could fall in between them. Spike smiled into their kiss, enjoying Xander’s almost shy touches.

Xander pressed deeper into the kiss, pulling Spike’s tongue into his mouth, sucking gently on its silky length. He remembered Spike’s fangs dropping during a previous kiss and searched for them once again. He probed at them gently, hoping that Spike would understand what he wanted.

Spike allowed his fangs to drop slightly, opening his mouth wider to allow Xander more room to explore. Xander gently touched a fang, wrapping the sharp tooth with his tongue. When Spike moaned, Xander pulled back and grinned. Spike smiled back, allowing his game face to come out.

Xander plunged back down and again drew his tongue down the length of a fang. Spike’s purring rumbled in Xander’s mouth, running straight down to his cock. Curious, he tested the sharpness with his tongue, accidentally drawing blood. Spike’s response was immediate.

He spun them quickly in the bed so that he was straddling the larger man. He sucked hard, drawing out every drop of sweet elixir that he could from Xander’s slippery tongue. When he could no longer taste the blood, he lapped at the tiny wound, insuring that it closed and would heal quickly.

Spike pulled back and smiled at Xander. “You taste delicious, love.” Xander shuddered under those words. How could he have all these feelings for a soulless demon that could kill him as easily as kiss him? Xander decided that he didn’t care; he just wanted more of Spike’s lips.

He pulled Spike down roughly and rolled them once again, misjudging the distance and rolling them off of the bed. Spike turned them so that he was on the bottom when they landed, Xander’s fall padded slightly by his body.

Both men laughed and the intense mood was broken. Xander leaned down and kissed Spike joyfully, nipping at the full bottom lip and savoring the taste of the vampire.

“You’re delicious, too.” He glanced over at the clock on the bedside table and climbed up off the floor.

“We should get ready to go.” Spike agreed with a nod, digging through his trunk, looking for something in particular. Xander started repacking his new clothes. He had emptied his suitcase earlier, exclaiming over the variety of items that Spike and Anya had chosen.

Spike stood, drawing a handful of silver out of a silk drawstring bag. He sat in the floor and began separating the strands. He hung a heavy chain around his neck and selected an intricately designed bracelet, draping it over his wrist.

Xander scooted over to sit next to Spike, reaching out to help him with the clasp. “I like this on you. You look good in silver.”

“Bet you’d look nice in some, too. Here…” Spike dug around in the bag until he found a thick linked chain, then wrapped it around Xander’s wrist, fastening it deftly and spinning it so the clasp was against Xander’s pulse point.

“See. Told you.” Spike slipped a ring on his left index finger and on both ring fingers then closed the bag and placed it back in the trunk. He looked around the room before closing and locking the lid.

Xander was flipping the bracelet around his wrist, enjoying the weight of his gift. He glanced up when Spike nudged him with one bare foot.

“All done?” He motioned towards Xander’s suitcase.

“Yeah. No, wait.” Xander leaned over and pulled a pair of socks out before slamming the lid shut.

Spike gathered up all of their luggage and put them next to the door to the suite. He paused next to Tara’s open door on the way back, looking in on the girl. Tara sat in the middle of her bed, cross-legged with her peasant skirt spread out around her. She was singing under her breath as she stitched a colorful piece of cloth.

Tara smiled at Spike when she noticed him in the doorway, inviting him in with a wave of her hand. He settled in on the end of her bed. She bit the thread and held up the cloth that she had been working on. “What do you think? It is a blessing cloth.” Spike eyed the cloth carefully, wondering what kind of magic it housed.

“What does it do?”

Tara laughed gently. “Nothing. It is just something that you make for a friend. I’ve been working on this one for a while. I was going to give it to Willow to give to Xander, but I’m going to give it to you instead. Don’t worry, there’s no magic in it, just good feelings.” She held out the material and Spike took it.

When Spike was a child, a woman’s worth had often been judged by how well they could stitch. Tara would be worth a fortune, he decided. The original material was almost completely covered by thread, but he could see that the material was a deep red in color. A tight design covered the cloth in various shades of blue, green, yellow, red and orange.

The cloth felt soft to the touch and seemed warm to his cool fingers. No matter what the witch said, he knew that there was something magical about this. There was no way anything so perfect could be anything but.

Tara covered his hand with hers. “No magic, Spike. I know how you feel about that. Just a gift.” Spike lifted the hand that covered his and turned it over. Looking Tara in the eye, he kissed the pulse point in her wrist.

“Thank you. I will keep it close to me.” He slipped off the bed, suddenly aware of how little he had on. He walked down to the room he shared with Xander and held out the scrap of material.

“Look at this. Glinda just gave it to me. Says it’s a blessing cloth.” Xander carefully took the item, touching the simple design.

“Pretty.” Spike took it back and folded it before slipping it into a pocket of his jacket. He slid on his bright blue shirt and put on his socks and Docs. He stood and looked at his boy.

“Ready, pet?” Xander stood and waited as Spike slipped on his jacket. The two men then walked into the living area, lounging on the couch while waiting for the others.

Tara, who had piled her bags on top of the boys’, came to the couch and sat between them. She ignored Spike when he growled at her, smiling innocently. Giles struggled out of his bedroom door, dragging both of his suitcases behind him as he carried the box of books in his arms.

“Bloody hell, Watcher.” Spike lunged to his feet and relieved Giles of both suitcases. “It’s ten bloody feet from your room to the door, don’t you think you could’ve made two trips?”

Giles answered slowly. “It is twelve feet, ten inches to the front door and no, I couldn’t make two trips as I didn’t feel like it.” He sat the books down next to the door and walked to the phone.

“Hello, yes, we are ready to check out. Thank you.” He sat down on the couch next to Tara. Spike glared at the trio on the couch and settled on the floor next to Xander.

Tara poked Xander in the arm. “So what’s going on with Anya?”

Spike laughed as Xander and Giles moaned. “She knows about me and Spike and has been pushing us at each other all week. It’s like she went into super-matchmaker mode.”

Everyone shared in a laugh and Spike snuggled into Xander’s leg, happy and content.

Part Fifteen

The flight to Atlanta was relatively short and uninteresting. Their two-hour layover seemed almost a lark after the one in Dallas. However, even with the ease of their trip, as they boarded the flight to Miami they were already travel-weary and ready to go home.

Xander slid his arm around Spike’s waist and rubbed his head on the other man’s shoulder. Spike lifted his arm, allowing Xander to curl up under it. Almost immediately the young man was asleep.

Giles looked across the aisle at the two men, both relaxed and peaceful looking. Spike’s drowsy eyes turned towards the watcher and a tired smile flitted across his face.

Giles returned the smile and pulled his own blanket up around his neck. He glanced over at Tara who was sound asleep in her own seat, her blonde hair drifting up and down over her face as she breathed.

The attendant stopped by Giles seat. “Excuse me, sir. Are you Rupert Giles?” Giles nodded and the attendant handed him an envelope.

Giles shrugged his arms free of his blanket and peeled open the letter.

“What is it, Rupert?” Spike’s low voice resulted in Xander moving even closer. Spike smiled down at the sleeping man in his arms.

Giles quickly perused the letter, then summarized for Spike. “It’s from the Council.” He ignored Spike’s snort of disgust. “It lists the house address, where to get the key, a list of restaurants close by and where we can find some blood.”

Spike laughed. “They had a letter delivered to you on a bloody plane to tell you things we already knew? Wankers. Give it to me.” Giles leaned across the aisle and tossed the letter into Spike’s outstretched hand.

Spike pulled his arm from around Xander, who frowned in his sleep. Spike rubbed his head for a moment before focusing on the letter. After turning the letter over and examining it from all angles, Spike dropped it into his lap, frowned and looked up at the ceiling. He brought his head back down and looked at Giles. “Gimme the envelope.”

Spike examined the folder paper carefully. He grunted in pleasure and peeled back a corner of the envelope. “Rupert, look.” He eased out from under Xander and moved to kneel next to Giles’ seat. He showed the torn edge to Giles, pointing out the design that lay underneath it.

Giles took the envelope and looked around for the attendant. He rose from his seat and walked back to the attendants’ station. “Could I get a cup of scalding tea, please?” at the attendant’s nod, he walked back to his seat, stepping over the blond that was sitting in the floor.

The attendant brought the beverage and spoke quietly to Spike. “I’m sorry sir, but you cannot sit in the aisle.” Spike nodded and stood, looking around. When the attendant returned to the station, he knelt back down on his haunches.

Giles steamed the envelope over the tea. “I am not sure this is quite hot enough…” Finally, the glue began to loosen and the design became more visible. Both men inched closer, peering at the miniscule print.

“It’s a …” Giles paused.

“No, it’s not.” Spike turned his head and looked at it from a different angle.

Spike jerked when he was tapped on the shoulder. “Sir, we are about to start preparing for landing, please return to your seat.”

Spike climbed back over Xander’s still form, lifting him from where he had laid out across Spike’s seat. He checked that the younger man was secure in his seatbelt before buckling his own. He pulled him back into his arms.

Giles continued studying the paper in his hands until the flight attendant asked everyone to secure all items for landing. He shoved the envelope into the inside pocket of his jacket. Tara squeezed his arm and smiled, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Whoa!” Xander almost dropped his suitcase when he caught his first glimpse of the ship.

Spike switched the weapons case to his other hand and reached out for Xander. “Impressive, yeah?” Xander grinned at him and continued to walk towards the ship.

Tara nudged Spike. “Have you been on many cruises?”

“Used to be the only way to travel, pet. Dru and me went all over the world on different types of ships.” Spike smirked as Xander tripped over a decorative tile in the walkway, stumbling as he tried to regain his balance.

“Xan, give me your case.” Xander turned and looked at Spike, confused.

“Give me your suitcase.” Spike took the luggage from the other man, and then gave him a shove to get him moving again. Spike looked back at Giles who was struggling with his own baggage.

“Oh, bloody hell, stop.” Tara, Xander and Giles all stopped in their tracks to look at Spike.

“Put down the bags.” There was a clatter of noise as luggage of all types hit the ground.

“Go register on the bloody ship and I will find a way to get all of this shit onboard. Go!” The three stood staring at Spike for a moment before hurrying away towards the ship.

“Damn humans.” Spike gathered all of their luggage together. He looked up, his vampire visage coming out.

When the two young vampires attacked, they were quickly subdued. Spike saw their shocked expressions and laughed. “What? You gits never seen a Master Vamp before?” Both vampires in his grasp shook their heads.

“Well, now’s a good time for you to learn something. I say jump, you jump, and then jump again in case it wasn’t high enough, you got that?” Nods were his only answer.

“Good, now pick up those bags and follow me.” The terrified vampires followed closely behind Spike. When they reached the boarding platform, Giles looked over and rolled his eyes.

“Good Lord, Spike. Must you do this everywhere we go?”

“What? Got the bags up here, didn’t I?” Spike motioned for the younger vamps to give the luggage to the porters, then he and Giles walked around the corner with them.

Before the dust settled, Giles and Spike were back and Xander was wrapping his arms around Spike’s waist. Spike reached into a pocket and pulled out his cigarettes, lighting one and breathing the smoke away from Xander.

Giles herded them towards the plank of the ship. “We are the only ones coming on board here. They’re waiting.”

When they arrived onboard the ship, very few passengers were seen.

“I guess there aren’t a lot of people up at this time of day. What time is it anyway?” Tara yawned in the middle of her question, drawing out the syllables and stumbling over the words.

Giles looked down at his watch and attempted to calculate the time. “We left Dallas at 7:45, the layover in Atlanta was two hours, we’ve gone through two time zones, it took a little over two hours…” He trailed off. “I have no idea. It’s nighttime. Let’s find our rooms and get some sleep.”

Tara giggled at him as the porter directed them to their rooms.

“Here is the interior room that was requested.” The porter unlocked the door and attempted to hand the key to Xander. Spike growled as the man touched his boy and snatched the key from his hand.

“Thanks.” He unceremoniously drug Xander into the room, slamming the door in the face of the very confused porter. Giles laughed, feeling a bit hysterical. He was too tired to deal with Spike right now.

“And our rooms?” He prompted the stunned man.

“Ah, yes, sir, right this way. You have a two-bedroom suite with an ocean view.”

The suite that they stepped into was ten doors down from the room where they had left Spike and Xander. Giles sighed in relief. Maybe he wouldn’t have to be an unwilling witness to their first coupling.

“Thank you.” Giles produced his wallet and offered the man a tip as Tara wandered onto the balcony leading from the living area.

“Wow.” Giles joined her and they stood watching the moon dance across the waves as the ship left port. Tara yawned again.

“I think I’m going to go to bed. It’s harder than I thought it would be to sleep alone again.”

Giles nodded in understanding. “I know.”

Xander laughed and pulled his arm away from Spike. “What’s with the possessive vamp act, Spike?” He turned, searching for his suitcase. As he began digging through it, he was pulled back and shoved against the wall.

“You are mine, remember? I can be possessive if I want.” Spike attacked Xander’s mouth, pushing his tongue into the warm cavern. Xander immediately responded, allowing Spike to take whatever he wanted.

He was amazed at Spike’s behavior. No one had ever been possessive of him before. It felt kind of… good.

Spike finally released him, resting his forehead against Xander’s and panting needlessly. “Ready for bed, love?” Xander nodded, their heads moving together. Spike released Xander and tugged off his shirt, walking across the room to the twin beds.

Xander pulled his toiletry bag out of his suitcase and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and clean up a little. He stood staring into the mirror for a long moment, wondering what it was that Spike saw in him. Plain brown, too long hair, dull brown eyes… He examined his chest in the mirror. His body was ok. Shrugging, he finished up.

Xander walked out of the bathroom to find Spike dressed only in jeans, dragging the two twin beds close. He watched in wonder as the beds fastened together and Spike draped a large sheet over both mattresses.

“They’re made to do this, Xan. Come help.” Quickly, the two men made the bed and climbed into it. Spike shrugged out of his jeans before climbing under the covers with his boxer-clad lover.

Spike pulled Xander into his arms, kissing him deeply. “Tired, love?”

“Not at all,” Xander whispered against Spike’s lips.

“Good.” Spike rolled Xander onto his back, running his tongue over soft lips, dipping in to taste the essence of Xander. He ran his hands down Xander’s sides, brushing his fingers under the waistband of the satin boxers that hid what he wanted from his sight.

He tugged at the boxers, dragging them down over Xander’s hips, releasing his straining erection. With one last kiss, Spike moved down Xander’s body, touching and tasting pieces of skin as he traveled down his length.

He paused at Xander’s sensitive nipples, teasing them with his tongue and breath. Finally, he grasped one with his teeth and bit down gently. Xander moaned and Spike continued moving down.

He reached his knees and pulled the boxers off of Xander’s feet, tossing them off the bed, making a silky pool of black on the floor. He crawled back up Xander’s quivering body, dragging his tongue the length of one muscled leg, stopping to lave the cleft between thigh and groin.

He looked up to find Xander staring at him though desire-laden eyes. Holding his gaze, Spike licked the underside of Xander’s cock. Xander thrust up, moaning and pleading for more. Spike smiled and sat back on his haunches, watching the erotic dance.

Xander writhed under Spike’s heavy look. He could feel the blood in his cock pulsing, begging for the other man’s touch. Finally, Spike relented to his silent pleas. He wrapped his mouth around Xander’s length, sliding his tongue up and down, dipping into the tip, tasting the sticky fluid that was steadily leaking out.

He allowed Xander’s cock to fall out of his mouth, the other man crying out in disappointment. Spike dropped his mouth lower, lapping at the wrinkled skin that protected Xander’s most sensitive area. He drew one plump sphere into his mouth, rolling it around before biting gently at the skin.

Spike returned his attentions to his hardened length. He pulled his cheeks in tightly, hugging Xander’s cock in his mouth. Xander made sounds of satisfaction and encouragement, amazed at how Spike was making him feel.

Suddenly, he pulled in hard, drawing the blood filled member into his throat. Spike could feel how close Xander was, his cries thrilling Spike. Xander moaned and screamed as he came, shooting spurts of thick, warm come into Spike’s throat. Spike continued to swallow as he softened, cleaning all traces of Xander’s passion away.

Large hands reached down and tugged at him, urging him up. Spike released the soft member and climbed up Xander’s body, not pausing, seeking a kiss.

Xander could not believe Spike had just gotten him off. He examined his feelings for signs of disgust or fear, the lessons taught by his father still haunting him. He could find nothing but pleasure and satisfaction. Satisfaction that was only increasing as Spike continued to kiss him.

“You are an evil, nasty bloodsucker.” Xander smiled as Spike bumped at his head like a cat, moving Xander slightly to give him access to his throat.

“That I am, love.” Spike nibbled and licked Xander’s jugular, fangs dropping slightly. He pulled them back up and looked at Xander, aching to claim him completely. He watched as Xander’s eyes became a little more focused.

“I have never come that fast in my life.” Spike cut off the rest of Xander’s comments with a hard kiss. He thrust his engorged member against Xander, seeking friction. Xander reached one hand down, gently stroking the hardness that he found.

Spike thrust into his hand. “Harder.”

Xander spun them, placing himself on top of the ardent vampire. “Calm down, Spike. Give me a minute.”

Spike whimpered and continued rubbing himself in Xander’s hand. Xander moved down the bed to look at what he held.

He had never really looked at another man’s cock. He examined the flesh carefully, drawing his fingers down the many veins that littered the surface. He peeled back Spike’s foreskin, wondering at the extra flesh. He touched the moist tip of Spike’s erection, rubbing the fluid between his fingers.

He was scared.

Spike lay still, allowing Xander to explore without demanding more. He struggled with his demon. It wanted to grab the boy and take him, claim him. Spike held it in, reminding himself that Xander had already given himself to Spike. Xander was his, even if he wasn’t marked yet.

Xander tentatively licked the head of Spike’s cock, wondering if he would be able to do this. He remembered the revolting taste of semen, hot and burning, forced down his throat. He contemplated the flavor of the fluid in his mouth. It tasted sweet, a little salty…

It tasted like Spike.

Eagerly, he drew Spike’s cool member into his mouth, sucking and nipping at the loose skin around the head. Spike could no longer stay still and grabbed Xander under his arms, dragging him back up.

“Oh, pet, you don’t have to…” He stopped when he saw the fiery lust in Xander’s warm, brown eyes.

“You taste good.” Xander pulled out of Spike’s arms and dove back down, drawing Spike in little by little, experimenting to see how much he could take in.

Spike thrashed and moaned below him. One strong hand threaded through his hair and Xander stopped, tensing, abruptly reminded of days gone by. Spike immediately released the locks, pulling his hands up and into his own hair, tugging at the strands frantically.

Xander realized what Spike had done and smiled around the warming flesh in his mouth. He continued sucking and lapping at Spike’s cock, reveling in the taste of his lover. Spike moaned. “Gonna come…”

Xander slid his mouth to the base of Spike’s cock and sucked hard. He reached up with one hand and pinched a small, pink nipple. Spike groaned and cool semen flooded Xander’s mouth. He sat up and rolled the flavor around, pleased that he felt nothing but contentment in satisfying his lover. He swallowed and looked at Spike.

Spike’s eyes were wide. Xander’s blatant swallow caused his limp dick to jerk and try to rise. He groaned again and pulled Xander against him, kissing him hard, tasting himself in Xander’s mouth.

“Oh, pet, love…” Spike caught Xander’s lips, drawing in his tongue, drinking in their combined tastes.

Xander pulled back and smiled. “You know, you’re lucky. The last time I did that, the guy had to get stitches.”

Spike’s mouth dropped. “What?”

“Yep, I bit him, 25 stitches.” Xander grinned.

“You are kidding! You bit your da?” Spike looked at Xander, stunned.

Xander nodded and snorted, trying not to laugh out loud. He felt so good! Having Spike inside him, filling him had been incredible. He eyed Spike’s semi-hard cock and wondered how long he would have to wait to do it again.

Spike saw the expression on his lover’s face and smiled. Xander had won out over his memories and fears and he had done it all on his own. Spike reached out and grabbed Xander, pulling him back down and holding him close.

“Thank you, love.” Xander smiled against Spike’s neck and slipped into sleep.