The Triangle

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Ten

Xander was awakened at six am by the doorbell’s harsh buzz. Anya stumbled out of the bedroom in time to stop him before he opened the door clad only in his boxers. He glanced down at her baby doll nightie and tried to calmly explain in no uncertain terms that there was no way she was opening the door either. They stood arguing about who was going to go put something on when the bell rang again.

Spike stomped out of his bedroom, growling at the pair in the middle of the living room and opened the door. “What’dya want?” The men on the other side of the door stepped back at the snarled question from the blond man. Spike stood in the doorway wearing an old pair of Xander’s sweat pants, which were riding low on his hips. His hair was sleep-tussled and soft curls brushed his forehead.

He glared hard at the men and growled, flashing his fangs. “What the hell do you want?” He enunciated each word harshly to insure that he was understood.

“M..Movers. Um… M..Ms. J..Jenkins?” One of the men stuttered.

Spike spun on his heel and walked past Xander and Anya who stood staring, wide-eyed, at the hipbones and bare abdomen that were peeking out the top of the worn cotton. Spike grabbed Xander by his upper arm and dragged him from the room, glancing over his shoulder at Anya. “’S for you.”

Xander stumbled along behind Spike, ogling the other man’s back as he was dragged into Spike’s room. Spike slammed the door behind them and climbed into the bed, nestling under the covers.

Xander stood in the middle of the floor, pondering his next move. Suddenly the blond head reappeared from under the pile of blankets. Spike squinted up at Xander and flipped back the covers on the other side of the bed. “You comin’?” he rumbled.

Xander thought about it for approximately half a second then rushed forward to jump into the empty spot. Spike threw the covers over Xander and curled up against him, soaking in his heat.

“So warm, love.” Spike dozed off, lulled by the sound of Xander’s heartbeat.

Xander lay awake. When he was sure that Spike was sleeping, he lifted a hand and ran his fingers through the fat curls on the top of Spike’s head. His hair was so soft. Xander knew immediately why Spike gelled it so harshly. With the curls, he looked ten years younger and deceptively innocent.

He could hear Anya arguing with the movers in the living room. She had ended up hiring a moving company to move her into her new apartment. She, Buffy and Willow had decided that there was no reason to strain themselves since Spike had volunteered to bankroll her move. He had felt it was least he could do since Anya had found his bankroll to begin with.

“What do you mean this is the day that you’re supposed to be here? I scheduled for next Wednesday! Look around! Does it look like I’m ready to move?” Anya waved her hand around, indicating the room behind her. Remembering the weapons laying all over the place, she quickly pulled the door as close to shut as she could behind her body.

“Never mind. I will expect a call from your main office as soon as they open. Goodbye.” Anya shut the door in the movers’ stunned faces and went back into Xander’s room and climbed into bed.

Xander felt something odd.

There was something cool pressed against him, vibrating. He turned and opened his eyes. He looked into deep blue pools. Spike was leaning up on an elbow, watching Xander sleep, purring contentedly.

“Hello, pet.” Spike leaned over and lightly pressed his lips against Xander’s.

Xander did his best to imitate the sound emanating from Spike’s chest. He leaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around the cool body that was pressed against him.

Spike rolled them so that he was half lying on Xander’s torso, one of his legs between Xander’s. He pressed his half-hard cock against Xander’s hip, rocking gently as he plundered the boy’s mouth; tongues met and dueled for dominance. The sleepily sensual vampire surrendered first and moaned into Xander’s mouth.

Xander fell into the kiss, forgetting that he needed oxygen. After what seemed like an eternity, he pushed at Spike’s chest, trying to get the vampire to back off so that he could breathe. Spike reluctantly pulled back, and immediately returned, skimming his lips over Xander’s eyelids, cheeks and chin. He began to drop lower, kissing and licking a trail down the other man’s neck.

Xander moaned and tilted his head, exposing his neck trustingly to the predator on top of him. Spike groaned in answer and began to actively lick, suck and nibble at the stubbly, but smooth skin. Xander rocked against Spike, pushing his torso up slightly, encouraging the vampire’s ministrations.

Spike’s demon responded immediately to the encouragement. His fangs dropped and his eyes flickered. Spike pulled back, attempting to control his features. Xander opened his eyes and looked on in wonder as Spike struggled. He reached up and brushed his fingertips over the ridge that kept appearing and disappearing from Spike’s forehead. Xander thought it amazing that the sight of Spike losing control could affect him so deeply.

Spike’s purr returned in force, pulled from his chest by Xander’s touch. The younger man smiled and continued to stroke the strong features. He leaned up to recapture the curved, full lips of the blond.

Just as Xander reached Spike’s lips, Anya flung open the bedroom door, both men jumped and turned towards the door. “We’re late! We were supposed to be at the Magic Box twenty minutes ago. Didn’t you look at the clock before you started fooling around?” She spun and stormed out of the room. “Men and their orgasms. Xander! I’ll finish packing your stuff. Spike! Get off of Xander!”

Spike looked down at Xander, taking in the kiss-swollen lips and the slightly flushed skin of the man lying beneath him. Xander smiled back up at Spike, enjoying the slightly drowsy and confused look on the vampire’s face.

“Anya. Gotta love her.” He reached up and pulled Spike back down, biting gently on his lips. “C’mon, let me up.”

Spike snarled and refused to move, pressing harder against Xander. “Don’ wanna. Wanna snog.” He leaned down and began to devour Xander’s mouth once again.

He yelped and looked over his shoulder. Anya stood at the foot of the bed, clad in her baby doll pajama bottoms and a button down blouse, with one of Spike’s new belts folded in her hand. “I said, get off of him, Spike! You guys are going to miss your flight if you don’t get out of that bed right now!” Spike flipped her off, but rolled off of Xander and climbed out of the bed.

He wandered out into the living area to find Anya emptying Xander’s suitcase. “Aren’t you supposed to be filling that up, luv?”

Anya scowled over her shoulder. “Hush! Do you really want to be seen out in public with this shirt?” She held up a particularly loud printed item and Spike blanched. “Then get over here and help me get the rest of this stuff in his suitcase before he comes out!”

Spike rushed to her side and began pulling out all the new clothes that Anya had chosen for Xander on their shopping spree. He pulled out a handful of silk that he didn’t recognize. “You bought him underwear?” He shook out the forest green silk boxers, rubbing the tips of his fingers over the fabric.

“Yes,” Anya hissed. “I know you don’t want him wearing any, but I know that he acts like a fool when he doesn’t have any on! He gets too distracted to function!” She rescued the boxers from Spike, who was fondling them with a far away look in his eyes.

“Hurry up!” Anya shoved Spike into action as she finished packing up Xander’s suitcase. She dumped all the clothes that she had removed into one of the shopping bags and pushed it towards Spike. “Stick that in the closet.”

As Spike shut the closet door, Xander wandered into the room. He smiled at Anya and pulled her up, planting a kiss on her forehead. “It is time to go!” His excited smile was contagious and soon all three were grinning like fools as they packed the last of the weapons into a hard case.

“How are we going to get these into Bermuda? Or, for that matter, how are we going to get them onto the plane in L.A.?” Xander’s voice was strained as he helped Spike carry the case to the door.

“No idea, pet. Rupes has some contacts, I think,” Spike offered.

Anya caught sight of a clock, squeaked and ran from the room, reappearing in the doorway with her skirt half on and her shoes dangling from her fingers.

Spike nudged Xander and both men watched as Anya’s skirt dropped to the floor and she bent over to pull it back up. Two heads tilted as one, soaking in the sight of smooth skin covered by nothing but a flimsy pale pink thong.

Xander unconsciously took a step towards the flustered girl, one hand reaching out. Spike slapped at the outreached hand and frowned. “Oi!”

Anya turned and saw that both of her roommates were staring and that both were sporting rather impressive tents in their respective pants. “Oh.” She flushed and quickly zipped her skirt. She slid on her heels, continuing to avoid looking directly at either man.

“I’ve got to get to the shop. Meet you there!” Anya flew out of the apartment; trying to control her breathing and hoping desperately that the moisture that was freely flowing from her pussy wouldn’t soak through her skirt.

A stunned Spike and Xander stood in the middle of the catastrophe that was their living room. Xander turned his head slightly to look at the smaller man. Spike noticed the movement and looked back.

Both men reached out and soon no thoughts of Anya and her pink thong were left. There was only coolness and warmth, tongues dueling and hands stroking.

Xander moaned in disappointment when Spike’s mouth left his. Spike dragged his tongue down Xander’s neck and began biting at his collarbone. Spike’s hand drifted to a nipple, tweaking and pinching the brown flesh. Xander moaned again, this time in encouragement.

Spike looked up and deliberately touched his tongue to one of Xander’s distended nipples. The younger man threw his head back and groaned. Spike’s touch was sending bolts of desire throughout his entire system. He knees buckled and Spike quickly threw an arm around his waist to support him.

Spike continued to tongue the nub in his mouth before biting it roughly, drawing out a shriek of delight from the brunette. “Again!”

Spike moved to the other nipple and bit hard, sending shivers throughout Xander’s body. Spike pulled back and looked Xander in the eye. “You are so responsive, love…”

He dropped his head back down to the other man’s chest only to snort in disgust when the phone rang. Both men began looking for the cordless phone, willing it to appear from under the piles of shoes, blankets and clothing that littered the room.

“Got it!” Xander held it up triumphantly and answered it. “Hello?”

Spike’s sensitive hearing allowed him to eavesdrop quite successfully.

“Quit making out with Spike and get dressed! Your flight is in less then two hours!” Anya’s voice carried clearly over the line and both men instantly looked guilty. “And quit looking guilty! Just get in the shower, separately, and get dressed. I’ll hold off Giles. Hurry!”

Xander hung up the phone and tossed it to Spike, who had moved into the kitchen for some blood. “I’ll hop in first, ok?” Spike nodded and downed his blood.

“Yeah, I’ll gather everything up.” Spike moved to pick up his trunk and Xander’s suitcase and laid them by the door. He heard the water start in the bathroom and allowed his thoughts to wander.

Xander stood under the water and did the same. He was amazed at how it had felt when Spike had bitten down on his nipples. He drew his fingers up to circle around the tiny mounds of flesh, remembering the vampire’s touch.

Spike wondered if Xander had ever thought about piercing his nipples, they were so sensitive.

Xander wondered why no one else had paid any attention to such a sensitive area.

Both men moaned as they contemplated Xander’s nipples. Two hands drifted down and two erections were stroked. As each man came he shouted the other’s name.



They made it to the car without too many further incidents.

Xander had stumbled over Spike’s trunk when the other man appeared from his bedroom, dressed in a sapphire silk t-shirt and tight blue jeans. It was obvious that Spike wasn’t wearing underwear; the pants were too snug to allow any. Spike slipped on a short, rough, brown leather jacket and his black eye jackets. He picked up his trunk and the case of weapons, and then turned to the other man.


He turned and walked out of the apartment, giving Xander a perfect view of his ass, too-tight denim barely brushed by soft brown leather. Xander shook his head. There was no way that he was going to live through this trip. He knew it.

“C’mon, Whelp. Time to go!” Xander picked up his suitcase and ran after Spike. He reached the DeSoto in the covered parking area reserved for Xander just as Spike was hefting the case of weapons into the trunk.

“Give it here.” Spike held out his hand for Xander’s suitcase and piled it on top of the other items already packed in the large space.

He walked around to the driver’s side of the car, patting the pockets of the unfamiliar jacket, looking for his smokes. He found them in an inside pocket and lit up, sliding behind the wheel.

“Got everything, pet?” He glanced over at Xander who was staring at him with lust filled eyes. “Shit, hang on.” Spike got out of the car, dodging small patches of light, and went back up to the apartment.

Anya had set up an account for Spike in Sunnydale, transferring funds from several of accounts that Angel had provided. She had given him a debit card to access the account while he was gone, but had also gotten him several thousand dollars worth of traveler’s checks. Spike had hidden the wallet of checks under his mattress and had almost forgotten it.

“Where in the hell am I supposed to put these?” Spike couldn’t fit the thick wallet into his jeans pocket, so he slipped it in with his cigarettes and Zippo. He walked back out to the car, revving the engine as he settled in his seat.

“Here we go.” Spike threw the car into gear and stomped on the gas. Xander laughed in half-fear and half-delight as they sped towards the Magic Box.

When they arrived, Spike ran in under an old wool blanket to gather up Tara, Giles and all of their stuff. The DeSoto had been chosen by default to take the group to L.A. Spike had refused to ride in the trunk of anyone else’s car, and none of the others were willing to black out their windows.

He walked in to find Tara and Willow kissing passionately, Tara pressing Willow forcibly against the counter, while Giles and Anya pretended not to notice.

“Where’s the Slayer?” Spike looked around the room and scented the air.

Giles snorted in disgust. “She was busy and couldn’t make it.” He lifted his suitcase and indicated a large box that held a variety of books. “Could you get that?”

Spike rolled his eyes but lifted the box, nudging Tara as he passed. His action pressed her more firmly against Willow, causing the redhead to groan under her breath.

“C’mon, gotta go. Watcher’ll eat me alive if we miss the flight.” He nudged Tara again, eliciting another groan from Willow. Spike leaned against the counter next to the two witches and had settled in to watch the show when Giles stuck his head in the door.

“Let’s go!” Tara jumped at his tone and blushed. Willow, too sated with her lover’s kisses to respond, floated over to a chair and sat down, silently watching Tara and Spike walk towards the door.

Anya hurried after the vampire, stopping him as he struggled to get his blanket back over his head to protect him from the waning sunlight. He tilted his head questioningly and she smiled, dragging him behind a curtain.

“When you and Xander get back, come by my new place. I’ll show you both some more of my lingerie if you want.” Anya stood on her toes and kissed Spike, pushing her tongue into his unresisting mouth and drawing in his taste. Spike was too stunned to respond to her soft lips.

Anya pulled back. “That one was for you. Give this one to Xander for me.” She reached back up and kissed the vampire again, almost bruising him with her intensity.

“Have a good trip.” Anya turned and sashayed back over to the counter, where she began going through the till, counting her precious money.

Spike stumbled out to the car, dropping the box of books through the window and into Giles’ lap, managing to singe his hand in the process. He fell into his seat and stared at the steering wheel. Xander had seen Anya grab Spike and pull him back in and wondered what she had said to make the vampire this quiet and still.

Xander leaned over and poked Spike. “You have to actually put the car in gear and physically drive it. It won’t go by itself.” Spike looked over at Xander and nodded. Revving the engine up, he pulled away from the Magic Box, heading for L.A.

Part Eleven

Spike pulled the DeSoto to a stop outside the Hyperion. “I am not happy about this.”

“I know, Spike, but I do need to pick up a book, and your car would be safer here in underground parking than it would at the airport. I’ll be right back.” Giles slipped out of the car, careful not to disturb Tara who was napping against the box of books that he had placed on the seat in between them.

Spike snarled and jumped when a warm hand touched him. Xander opened his sleep heavy eyes and smiled at the blond. “Don’t worry, Fangless, I’ll protect you from the big, bad, vamp.” Spike curled his lip and growled, but soon smiled as Xander tugged his hand into an embrace, twining their fingers together as he dozed back off.

Spike leaned over and pressed his face into Xander’s sable locks, drinking in the boy’s scent. He glanced up when he saw movement outside Xander’s window. Peering through the paint cracks Spike saw the door to the hotel open. He sat up, pulling his hand out of Xander’s grasp.

Xander mumbled something in his sleep and reached out again for Spike. Spike purred for a moment, hoping the sound would settle the younger man. Xander sighed and seemed to fall deeper into sleep. Spike smiled. He stopped purring the moment that the back door opened and his sire appeared.

“Peaches,” he snarled and turned to look out the windshield. The car settled as Giles and Angel climbed into the backseat. Giles slid in first and lifted the box, gently shifting Tara so that the young woman lay against his shoulder.

Angel sat and stared at the back of Xander’s head, trying not to look at his wayward childe.

“Thank you for the text, Angel. I will be sure to return it as quickly as I can.” Giles’ fingers itched to flip through the ancient scroll that Angel had found. However, with the box in his lap and Tara on his shoulder, he had little room to maneuver.

Spike pulled up at the airport door, wordlessly climbing out and unloading the trunk. He piled it all on the luggage cart provided for that purpose, then slammed the trunk shut. Lighting a cigarette, he walked around the passenger’s side of the car and yanked open the door, dragging a still sleeping Xander from the car.

“C’mon, Whelp! Wake up.” He held his cigarette in his teeth as he spoke to the boy. Xander, unsteady from being pulled from the car in his sleep, leaned against the smaller figure, smiling dreamily.

“Don’t wanna, Spike. Wanna snog.” Angel’s head twisted around to stare at the two men at Xander’s whispered words. He must have misunderstood the boy.

“C’mon, Whelp! Up!” Spike shoved the other man upright, a hand held out to steady him if he needed it.

“Shit, Spike! Why didn’t you let me sleep?” Xander walked over to a bench, scowling at Spike all the while. Angel shook his head. He had misunderstood the boy. He unloaded the box of books and Tara’s carry-on from the backseat of the car as Giles woke Tara.

Spike pushed the cart into the airport, looking around for their gate. Tara and Xander supported each other as they stumbled along tiredly behind him with Giles and Angel bringing up the rear.

Angel looked over at Giles, concerned. “Is something going on with Xander and Spike?” Giles looked surprised at the question.

“Nothing beyond than their usual arguments, no. Why do you ask?” Giles lied smoothly to the brooding vampire.

“No reason.”

After turning his keys over to Angel with a growled threat that his DeSoto best be in better condition when he returned than when he left it, Spike stalked down the airway towards the plane.

Xander cheerfully waved at Angel before trailing behind him. “Bye, Deadboy!”

Tara smiled and followed Xander, with Giles close on her heels. “We’ll call when we know what flight we will return on.” He turned and headed towards the plane with the rest of his group.

When Giles arrived at his seat, he found Xander sitting in front of him with his mouth open. “Wow! First class. Thanks, G-man!” He started pushing buttons and sticking his fingers into every crease and crevice he could find. Spike had already coerced a flight attendant into giving him a drink and sat next to Xander nursing his whiskey.

As more people entered the plane, it became obvious that they were the only ones with first class tickets. Tara snuggled down into the plush leather seat, drawing a blanket around herself and reading a historical fiction based on the Bermuda Triangle.

The flight attendant came through, showing them the emergency devices and procedures to follow, then asked them to put up their seats and prepare for takeoff. She took Spike’s empty glass and the family of four sat up and prepared to leave.

Once the flight was off the ground, the attendant reappeared with another glass for Spike. He winked at her, earning a glare from Xander, before polishing it off and handing the glass back.

Xander watched as a screen dropped from the ceiling and a movie began playing. Spike pushed up the armrest separating Xander and himself and tugged the boy towards him. Xander dragged the blanket that the attendant had brought him up over their bodies as they both moved until he was settled in comfortably under the vampire’s arm.

As the opening credits for The Scorpion King crossed the screen, Xander dozed off, feeling safe and secure.

Xander woke up as Spike shook him gently. “Wake up, pet. We’re there.” Xander sat up and struggled to fasten his seatbelt. The attendant came by, taking another empty glass from Spike and Xander’s blanket.

Xander yawned. “What time is it?” He yawned again and leaned over Spike to look out the window.

Giles glanced down at his watch. “Almost nine.” He frowned and looked back down, fiddling with his watch. “No, nearly eleven. Time change.”

The plane landed and everyone piled off. Spike headed off to search for their connecting flight. He bumped into Giles when he returned. “Layover’s longer than you thought, Watcher.” He pointed up at the sign that was flashing above their gate.

“Lovely.” Their connecting flight to Atlanta had been cancelled and rescheduled for seven fifteen the next night.

Giles walked to the desk and began speaking with the representative behind the counter. Xander walked off to find a bathroom with Tara while Spike looked around for an area that he could smoke in. Not finding one, he stomped over to a chair and collapsed into it, pouting.

Xander and Tara returned, laughing together. Xander saw Spike’s pout and felt his pants tighten. He hurried over and sat a few seats down from Spike, feigning disinterest. Spike scented the air and smiled evilly, turning to leer at the younger man.

Tara settled in between the two, a smirk, frighteningly similar to the one used by the vampire that she was torturing, danced across her face as she blocked Spike’s view of Xander. Just as Spike decided to say something nasty to the girl, Giles returned.

“They are putting us up in the hotel for the night. Our luggage will be sent over when it’s unloaded. Shall we?” Giles began walking towards a moving sidewalk on the other side of the cavernous room.

They walked through the airport, finally arriving at the underground entrance to the Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel. As Giles approached the desk, a young woman walked out to greet him. “Mr. Giles. We are so sorry about your flight. We have set you and your group up in one of our suites. If you need anything: food, drink, transportation, please let us know.”

Spike looked up from where he stood, staring at an intricately carved tile that covered every surface. “Transportation? Yeah, we need a car. Ta very much, pet.” Spike smiled disarmingly at the girl.

“Of course sir, if you would give me a moment?” At Spike’s nod, she walked back behind the counter, directing a bellboy to show them to their suite. Tara wandered behind the men, looking around the opulent lobby, smiling at the antics between Spike and Xander as they argued the merits of the in-flight entertainment.

“Quit, Whelp! You do not know that that would have happened. You slept through the entire bleeding movie.”

“I did too know. Anyone with half a brain could have figured it out. A guy that pretty would have to get the girl.” Xander retorted as he pushed the up button immediately after the bellboy did.

“You think The Rock is pretty?” Tara giggled out the question. The bellboy looked nervously at the jealously snarling blond as the elevator doors closed behind them.

Arriving on the top floor of the hotel, the bellboy took them down to the end of the hall, opening both doors before ushering the others in. He walked through the suite, opening the doors and windows, showing them around the rooms.

There were three bedrooms, each with a separate bath, a large living area with a small kitchen attached, and a balcony. Spike wandered into the last bedroom and hopped on the bed, bouncing slightly.

Someone knocked at the door and the woman who had met them at the front desk walked in, followed by another bell boy. The bellboy pulled a luggage cart behind him.

“Which bags in which rooms, sir?” The question was directed at Giles.

“Um, that one goes in the first room with the young woman, those two and the box in the second bedroom and the trunk, that case and that, yes, that one in the last bedroom.” Xander looked questioningly at Giles when he directed Spike and Xander’s luggage into the same bedroom, but said nothing.

Tara happily followed her luggage into the first bedroom, waving over her shoulder. “’Night!”


“’Night, Tara!”

“G’night, luv.” Spike wandered back out into the living area and the young woman approached him.

“Here are your keys, sir. It is a blue Taurus and you can find it in lot C1. Here is the license number. This is, of course, complimentary as the airline made a mistake in scheduling your flight.” She handed Spike a set of keys and a small folder.

Thanks, pe… Thank you.” Spike had held back when he saw Xander’s frown at the familiar endearment.

Giles attempted to tip the bellboys, but they refused, insisting that the airline had made a mistake and that no money would be accepted from Giles or his companions.

As the door shut behind them, Giles spun and glared at Spike. “And just where are you planning on going?”

“To a club.” Spike went into his bedroom. Xander and Giles could hear him unlocking his trunk. Xander walked to the door to watch the blond. Feeling his gaze, Spike glanced up and smiled.

“C’mon, pet. Get dressed.” Spike began digging through his trunk, producing a pair of black jeans and a pale gray t-shirt. Xander walked into the room and opened his own suitcase.

“Spike!” Spike turned and saw Xander staring dazedly at the interior of his suitcase.

“Yeah, Anya made some changes.” Spike smirked at the shocked man. “Shut the door, pet.” Xander turned away from the case of unfamiliar clothes and shut the bedroom door.

Spike looked through Xander’s new wardrobe and pulled out a pair of worn looking blue jeans and a white button down shirt. “Here, put these on.” He tossed them to Xander before turning and peeling off his blue jeans.

Xander stared at the flesh before him. Curved pale buttocks, soft skin begging to be touched. Xander’s view was soon blocked by tight black denim. Spike pulled off the blue shirt and pulled on the gray. The shirt had a strange design embroidered into it. Xander couldn’t discern what it was.

Spike walked into the bathroom with his toiletries case. “Hurry up, Xan. Wanna go soon.”

Xander pulled off his loose blue jeans and shirt, blushing when he remembered that the underwear that he was wearing had more holes than material. He looked into the suitcase, hopeful. He nearly squealed with glee when he discovered that the scraps of silk he had noticed earlier were actually boxers. He found some white ones that matched his shirt and pulled them on before struggling into the worn jeans.

The cotton was soft and well worn. He wondered where Anya and Spike had found them. The jeans fit snug, not as tight as Spike’s but they did hug his body. He gingerly squatted, testing the fabric. It moved with him. He grinned and pulled on the white silk shirt, the material skimming over his body, rubbing against his sensitive nipples.

Spike walked out of the bathroom and stopped in his tracks. “Ah, pet!” Spike padded barefoot over to Xander and pulled him down into a sensual kiss.

“Get your shoes on,” Spike whispered against Xander’s mouth before walking over to his trunk and pulling out socks and his new gray Docs. He slid them on and frowned at the stiff leather. “Bloody new shoes…”

Xander quickly pulled on the Docs he found in his suitcase and stood. He grabbed his own toiletries case and walked to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and placed his toothbrush down next to Spike’s. He smiled. He still couldn’t get over the thought of the Big Bad brushing his fangs. He laughed. Pulling out his cologne, he thought about applying some and decided that with Spike’s nose, it might be better if he went without. He did reapply his deodorant and then wetted and brushed his hair before rejoining Spike.

Spike had pulled on his duster while he was waiting for Xander and was pacing the room.

He drew in a breath when he looked at his boy, his Nummy. Where the hell did that come from? He frowned at himself. He looked back up at Xander and decided that Nummy was a perfect description for the boy.

Xander stood before him in a flowing white silk shirt and soft jeans that accentuated and outlined the muscles in his legs and ass. His hair was slightly wet and longer than usual since Xander had been unable to get in with his barber before they left Sunnydale. A single sable lock dropped onto his forehead, framing one chocolate brown orb. Xander looked nervous, completely unaware of how attractive he truly was.

Spike pulled out a black three-quarter length leather jacket from his trunk and offered it to Xander. “I picked this one out myself. No help from the bossy bint.” Xander slid into the buttery leather, amazed at the feeling.

Spike looked him over once more. “Remind me to tell you something about the chit later.” He grabbed Xander and pulled him close, kissing him thoroughly. “Let’s go.”

They walked out of their room hand in hand. Giles looked up from the scroll that he had finally gotten time to read and almost choked on the breath that he was taking. The two men standing in front of him were absolutely breathtaking. One dark and one light. Each complimenting each other’s coloring and mood. Spike’s exuded sexuality and confidence. The desire for the man beside him sparkled in his eyes.

Xander looked slightly less confident, but no less attractive than the slighter man. Giles tried to stop himself from ogling his uncle and his student. “You off?”

“Yeah.” Spike had not missed Giles’ appraising look. “We’ll be back. Club I’m thinkin’ of used to stay open until two or so. No idea if it’s even still there”

He kept hold of Xander’s hand as the younger man said goodbye. “See you soon, G-Man!”

Part Twelve

Xander questioned Spike as they sped through downtown Dallas. “Where are we going, Spike?”

“Club I visited a while back called Club Clearview. It’s in Deep Ellum.”

Xander pondered for a moment. “I’ve heard of Deep Ellum. All clubs and stuff, right?”

Spike smiled. “Yeah, pet. Old warehouses turned into shops, clubs, restaurants... Saw Steve Vai down here a few years back. Tall bloke, good music.”

Spike turned onto a street filled with old warehouses. He parked in the first spot he could find. “Here we are, love.” He climbed out of the car and lit a cigarette, waiting for Xander to join him.

They walked down the street while Xander stared in awe at the walls around him. The shops were decorated with graffiti and he could see people and lights in high lofts over the crowded street.

As they passed a shop called Monica’s Aca y Alla, Xander’s stomach growled loudly. Spike turned and looked at him. “Hungry, pet? C’mon.” He walked into the restaurant that was clearly getting ready to close.

“Any food left? My mate here is hungry.” Spike spoke with the manager quietly as a wait staff led Xander to a small table next to the window. He was pleased to see that they weren’t the only ones in the restaurant.

“He’s bringing you something. Forgot that you haven’t eaten today.” Spike blew a stream of smoke at the ceiling. Their waitress arrived with a platter of Mexican food for Xander. His mouth filled with saliva as he looked at the plate.

The plate was full of enchiladas, burritos, fajita meat, cheese, beans, sour cream, guacamole, a side of some kind of soup that had tortillas and avocado floating in it. There was some broken up meat, sausage maybe, and lots of other things that he didn’t recognize. The waitress sat down a plastic tub next to him.

“Sir, put out the cigarillo, por favor.” Spike immediately crushed out his smoke on the bottom of his shoe and wrapped the butt in a napkin.

“Sorry. Forgot you all passed all those laws.” The waitress smiled, clearly expecting more of a fight from the intimidating blond man.

“Is everything alright?” Xander nodded vigorously and tried to decide where to start. Spike had apparently told the manager that he hadn’t eaten all day, because his plate was full to overflowing.

“No, pet. That’s how they eat down here.” Crap. He’s said that out loud. Oh well. Xander dug into his place while Spike told him the names of the food he didn’t recognize.

“Chorizo.” He indicated the chunks of sausage. “Haven’t had any of that in quite a while, good stuff that, fill a tortilla with eggs, cheese and chorizo…” Spike smacked his lips. “Tortilla caldo, Carnitas, wrap that in a tortilla too, pet. Habanera, careful with that one love.” Their waitress interrupted him.

“Margaritas only fifty centavos tonight. Would you like one?” She placed a glass of water and a beer in front of each man. Spike nodded, as did Xander and she left again.

“Shit!” Xander started guzzling his beer. He grabbed Spike’s out of his hand and drank it too, before moving on to both glasses of water. Spike rolled his eyes and went to the bar, returning with a glass full of white liquid.

“I told you to be careful with that one.” Spike handed the glass of milk to Xander who drank it down and sighed in relief.

“What the fuck is this, Spike?” Xander held up a yellowish pepper that had teeth marks barely breaking its skin.

“A Habanera pepper, love.” Spike reached out and took the pepper from Xander. He bit into it, chewed and swallowed. “Good, yeah?”

Xander groaned and went back to studying his food. “Anything else I shouldn’t touch?”

Spike snorted. “You live in southern California and don’t know how to eat Mexican food? Thanks, luv.” Spike accepted the two margaritas from the waitress, setting one in front of Xander.

“I’ve had Mexican food! Just nothing that looked like this.” He tentatively took a bite of something that was smothered in a white sauce. After rolling the taste around in his mouth, he started cramming more in, reveling in the flavor of the food.

“God, this is good. Why can’t we get food like this at home?” His words were filtered through his mouth full of chicken and tortilla.

“Texans have their own outlook on Mexican food, pet. Like it?”

Xander moaned happily and continued to fill his mouth. He decided that Spike really didn’t need an answer and didn’t speak again until the platter was completely clean, save for a few scraps of peppers that Xander thought looked suspicious.

“That was incredible. Thank you.” He smiled at the waitress as she cleared the table.

Spike laid a bill on the table under the check and asked, “Ready?”

They stood and walked back out into the night. Xander glanced down the street, a flash of neon catching his eye. “What’s that?” They walked down to the store, glancing in the plate glass windows. In the back of the room, they could see a college-aged girl getting something tattooed on the small of her back, on the right, they saw a young man getting his nipples pierced. Xander’s breathing sped up and Spike was hit with a wave of pheromones.

“Ever think about getting your nipples pierced, love?” Spike looked at Xander through his eyelashes, gauging the other man’s unconscious responses.

“No. I haven’t, but it doesn’t look too bad.” Xander turned and continued walking in the direction Spike had been leading him. Spike stayed where he was. The whelp had been telling the truth, he hadn’t ever considered it, but now he was.

Spike ran after Xander, catching his arm and turning him towards a door. “Here we are.” Spike steered him into the club to a closed door at the end of the hallway and opened it, letting out the sultry sounds of music and laughter.

“This is the VIP lounge. The other parts of the club aren’t open on Wednesdays.” A bikini-clad brunette came out behind the bar to find out what Spike and Xander wanted to drink.

“Bottle of Jack.” Spike slipped a bill into the woman’s hand. “Be right back, pet.”

Spike walked over to a jukebox that sat in the corner of the room. Another man, who was flipping through the choices, glanced up and shifted a bit when Spike arrived to allow the blond space to read.

“Hey, man.” The dirty blond man lifted an eyebrow at Spike as he greeted him.

“Hey.” Spike’s greeting was succinct as he flipped through the available CDs. “They used to have better music in this bloody machine.”

“Yeah, I know.” The other man scowled at the jukebox.

Spike glanced at the other man. He was average height, maybe a little taller, broad with rough, calloused hands. They reminded him of Xander’s. He had glasses covering his bright blue eyes and his hair was relaxed into huge, sandy curls. The man threw up his hands in disgust and walked over to the table next to Spike and Xander’s, sitting next to a tall, leggy blonde. He immediately wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close.

Spike turned his thoughts back to the music and finally chose an old Zeppelin CD before he stomped back over to Xander. He collapsed into his chair, accidentally bumping into the leggy blonde.

He turned slightly and apologized under his breath, causing Xander to beam at him. “Did you just apologize to that girl?” The girl in question turned in her seat and smiled at the men.

Xander smiled back, the woman’s innocent gaze making him feel protective of her at first sight. He leaned back in his chair and slowly drank from the glass that Spike had put in front of him.

“So what are we doing here, Spike?” Xander glanced at the blond who had his eyes closed and was swaying to the music.

Electric blue eyes looked back at him. “Just wanted to get out a bit, pet. That ok?” Xander smiled and nodded, both men falling into a comfortable silence, watching the people around them.

Shortly before two am, the two blondes at the table next to them rose and walked out the door. Spike stood and stretched, reaching out a hand to Xander. “We should go, too.”

Xander stood and stretched, since Spike had looked so good doing it, and grabbed the proffered hand. They started walking back down to their car, talking and laughing as they people watched. As they passed the tattoo parlor again, Xander looked longingly at the piercing station.

“I’ll pay if you want to have it done.”

Xander looked at Spike and flushed. “Not today.”

They continued walking towards their car. Suddenly they heard a scream. Spike shot off and ran down a nearby alleyway. Xander followed as quickly as he could, patting his pockets and cursing himself for coming out unprepared.

When he reached the alley, he saw Spike fighting two vampires and the couple from the club crouching against the wall, the man holding the woman tightly against his chest.

Xander ran past them, searching the ground for a weapon. He finally saw a wooden crate and attacked it with fury, breaking off a piece. “Spike!”

Spike spun, kicking his opponent in the face, and looked at the brunette. “Catch!” Spike reached out a hand a snagged the bit of wood. He quickly shoved it into one vamp’s chest, waving away the dust that tried to get into his eyes. The other vampire attacked and Spike slid into game face, ready to brawl.

“Knock it off, Spike. Just dust him.” Spike snarled at Xander, but plunged the makeshift stake into the cool chest and dropped the wood, brushing dust from his duster.

Spike glanced down at the couple huddled on the ground. He could smell blood, but didn’t see a wound. Xander pointed at his face and Spike shook off his vampiric visage, his eyes shifting from gold to blue.

Xander held out a hand to the woman. “You ok?” She looked at him with big eyes and shook her hair over her shoulder. Spike could see the blood’s origin now. A single scratch on her neck, no longer freely bleeding.

Spike walked over and pulled the man to his feet. He felt a strange, grudging respect. “’M Spike.”

“Colin.” The man looked at the vampire and both men cocked their heads. “You’re a vampire.”

“Yeah.” Spike eyed the man warily, he didn’t smell of fear.

Colin lifted an eyebrow above the rim of one lens. “Cool.” His deep baritone voice vibrated through the alley. “Come on.” He pulled the woman up against him and wrapped an arm around her waist. “Thanks, man.” He shook Spike’s hand and led the woman from the alley.

“Ok. That was just weird.” Xander looked down the alley after the couple.

Spike agreed. “Bloody hell was. He was fighting them off with a pocketknife when I got here. Didn’t seem interested in his own safety at all, just hers.” Spike paused. “I know how he feels.” He looked directly into Xander’s eyes. He prowled towards the taller man, pressing him up against the wall.

Xander’s heart rate increased, adding fuel to Spike’s fire. Spike kissed Xander roughly, biting at his lips as he devoured his mouth. Xander responded, giving the vampire access to everything he had.

Xander pressed his groin against Spike’s, rubbing their erections together. Spike groaned and released Xander’s mouth, running his lips down his strong neck. He laved the pulse point; longing to taste the elixir he could feel running through Xander’s veins. He allowed his hands to run down the other man’s chest, rubbing the cool silk shirt over Xander’s warm, hard nipples.

“Oh, love, you burn me,” Spike’s words were whispered into Xander’s neck. Xander moaned and drew his hands up to cover Spike’s. He used his fingers to manipulate Spike’s and, in turn, his nipples. He moaned and captured Spike’s mouth again, rubbing their groins together.

A light flashed over their joined silhouette. “Break it up and move on!” An amplified voice echoed through the alleyway. Spike stepped away from Xander and grabbed his hand, walking past the police car at the end of the alley.

They quickly walked back to the car, still looking around at the stores that they passed. One storefront caught Spike’s attention and he made a mental note to make an appointment for their return trip.

They returned to the car and started driving back towards the airport. Xander glanced over at Spike, watching as the streetlights flashed over his pale skin.

“Hey, Spike…” Xander looked back down at his hands before taking a deep breath and continuing. “What’s going on? I mean with you and me… with us.” Spike exited at the next ramp and pulled over to the side of the axis road. He parked the car and turned in his seat to face Xander.

“What do you mean, pet?” Xander flushed and studied the center console of their borrowed car.

“Xan, I like you. A lot. I want to touch you and kiss you. I want you to touch me. I’ve told you all of that. What do you want?”

Xander looked up at Spike and thought about the question. “I’ve never been with another man before, Spike. I’ve never… I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I loved Anya, I still do, but what I feel for you… I don’t know, Spike. I want to touch you, kiss you… but I’m scared. I’m…” Spike reached out and took Xander’s hand. He stroked the long, calloused fingers, and thought about what had been said, or not said.

“Xander, it’s ok to be scared. I’m a vampire. I can be an arse and I am possessive. If you give yourself to me, I will take you and I will keep you. I will make you mine and you will belong to me. Me. A soulless, chipless, Master Vampire. If you don’t want this, then tell me. Right now I can stop, but that won’t last much longer. Your touch burns me.” Spike drew the hand he was holding up to his face, dragging their joined hands over his lips. “Your kisses set a fire loose in my body. I’ve not felt this way about anyone in a long time. The choice is yours right now, Xander, but soon, it will be mine.”

Spike pulled his hand free and pulled the car back out onto the road, looking for an entrance ramp. He got onto to highway and drove a very quiet Xander back to the hotel.

When they got back to their suite, Spike went out on the balcony, breathing in the night and staring at the stars. Xander washed up and climbed into bed, soothed by the sounds of Giles’ snores filtering through the walls.

Four hours later found Spike sleeping on the couch in the living area of the suite. Giles walked out of his room, surprised to find that the vampire wasn’t sleeping with Xander. He wondered what had happened between the two while they were out the night before.

He strode into the kitchen and looked through the cabinets, searching for something to eat. Finding nothing, he went over to the couch and perched on the arm while he called room service.

“Yes, this is… Ah, thank you. Well, I would like some coffee, tea if you have it. Yes, yes, that would be quite good, thank you. Also, I would like four full breakfasts, toast, bacon… yes, yes, that would be fine. Thank you. No, nothing else. Goodbye.”

Spike opened one eye and peered at the watcher. “Oi, nephew, blood.” He shut the eye again.

“Oi, uncle, get your own bloody blood.” Giles returned to his bedroom, searching for the book he had been reading when he fell asleep. Spike groaned and lifted himself from the sofa, searching for the packets of blood that Anya had packed for him.

“Where’d that bint put ‘em?” He dug through the refrigerator, hoping that Giles or Tara had thought to put up the packets last night. He didn’t find them, so he went into Giles’ room, ignoring the objections of the watcher, and dug through the box of books and Giles’ suitcase before he found the collapsible ice chest that Tara had bewitched to stay cold without ice.

He pulled out several bags, remembering that he had forgotten to feed last night, and went into the kitchen to heat them up. As he passed the main door of the suite, someone knocked. He tossed the blood across the room, onto the counter of the kitchen, and opened the door to admit their breakfast.

The cart that was rolled in was piled high with a variety of fruits, breads, meats, eggs and drinks. “Will this be all?” Spike nodded at the man and shut the door behind him. Xander stumbled out of the bedroom, honing in on the smell of food.

“Bloody hell, Harris! Didn’t you get enough to eat last night?” Xander gave Spike his best snarl and pulled a plate off of the tray, filling it with sausage, bacon, eggs and croissant.

He staggered towards the couch, gingerly setting his plate on the arm before shoving a sausage in his mouth and coming back for coffee and juice. Spike walked into the kitchen and tossed all the bags into the microwave and began banging around in the cabinets, searching for a mug.

After his blood was heated and most of it gone, Spike went out and sat beside Xander on the couch. Xander avoided looking at Spike, focusing instead on his meal.

“So that’s it then?” Spike sighed. “Fine, Whelp. Works for me.” He stood and stormed into the bedroom, gathering up some clothes and going into the bathroom for a long shower.

Xander flinched when the door slammed and tears threatened to fill his eyes. He relished the burning sensation and continued shoving food into his mouth. He nodded at Giles when the older man came out to get some tea and toast. Giles sat down across from Xander, concentrating on his reading. Both men jumped slightly at a bang from the room Spike was in.

Xander continued to eat, well aware that he wasn’t really hungry. He had come out of the bedroom as soon as he had realized that Spike wasn’t in bed with him. Worried, he had searched for the vamp, relieved when he saw that he was ok.

Spike’s revelation last night had scared him. He had never been attracted to another man before and now all he wanted was everything that Spike had offered. He wanted to be Spike’s. Knowing that he would belong to the blond thrilled him and he had had to bite his cheek to keep from begging the other man to take him right then and there, traffic around them be damned.

When they had come back into the hotel, Spike had been quiet, so Xander had gone to bed, thinking that Spike would join him as soon as he was ready. His entire body had trembled at the thought of finally belonging to someone. Once he realized what his body was telling him, Xander had panicked.

What in the hell was he thinking? He had spent the rest of the night trying to convince himself that he did not want to belong to the Big Bad. Not at all. He had fallen asleep somewhere in the middle of his argument with himself and had forgotten the entire thing until he had seen Spike that morning.

Now, he shoveled food into his mouth, unaware of what he was actually eating. He had been too afraid to contradict Spike, to tell him that he wanted him. He had blown his one chance to belong to someone, to Spike. Now he didn’t know what to do.

Giles looked up when Tara’s door opened. He smiled at the blonde, waving her towards the cart full of food before burying his nose back in his book. Tara prepared a plate and a glass of juice before sitting down next to Xander.

She studied the brunette for a moment. She realized that he didn’t even know that he was putting in his mouth. Frowning, the Wicca placed her plate on the coffee table and cleared her mind, focusing on seeing Xander’s aura. She gasped when she peeked at him, pain filling her senses. Xander turned when he heard her intake of breath.

“Tara! You ok?” He dropped his plate on the table and reached out an arm to hold her steady. Giles looked up at the pair and frowned.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine.” She heard Spike singing in the shower, too loud, obviously putting on a show for the rest of them. She looked at Xander and put two and two together. “Could you help me to my room? I think I need to lie down.” Giles stood to assist her, but she waved him away, leaning heavily on Xander.

Once they reached the relative privacy of her room, Tara stood up straight, taking all of her weight off of Xander. “What is going on, Xander?”