The Triangle

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Four

Once again, Tara and Giles were sitting at the research table when a squabbling Xander and Spike appeared at the door.

“It’s true, Spike!”

“You’re wrong, Whelp. There is no way that they are going to let T’Pol and Trip do it! Unresolved Sexual Tension is the mainstay of all Star Trek seri…” Spike stopped his rant suddenly, snarling at the pair sitting in front of them. “Never mind.” He threw himself onto the stairs leading to the balcony and lit a cigarette.

“Hey guys. What’s up? I’m sure that you’ve all heard about our girls’ big debuts.” Xander sat next to Giles, leaning back in his chair.

“Unfortunately, yes. Buffy asked for the next few days off to prepare, as well as the weekend for the show. I will need your assistance in patrolling, if you don’t mind.” Giles’ expression spoke volumes as he looked back down at the book in his hands.

“Tara and I have been researching the islands of Bermuda. We have found some interesting information.” Giles began to flip through the book in his hand, looking for some specific text.

“Here, look at this. There is an area of the island that is considered sacred by the people who live there. It doesn’t say why, though…” Giles began to murmur to himself as he continued to browse through the book.

“Ok, looks like we just lost Giles. How are you doing, Tara? Heard that you’re out of school for the next month or so.” Xander began to pat his pockets, Spike style, before pulling out the candy bar that he had so cleverly stashed before being shoved out of the apartment.

“Y..yeah. I’m doing some research with Giles. I’m looking at Mythology and it’s Sociological…” Xander interrupted before the Wicca could finish.

“Um… sounds great.” He looked decidedly uncomfortable with the scientific description of Tara’s study topic.

Bored with watching the others, Spike stood and began to pace around the room, fingering items as he passed them. “So, Watcher, you said you would fill us in tonight, so fill.” He picked up a crystal ball and began to toss it into the air, catching it from a different angle with each downswing.

“Yes, I will… Spike, do put that down. It may be credulous merchandise, but I will make a profit off of it. Thank you.” He eyed Spike as the ball was unceremoniously dropped back into its position on the counter.

“As I was saying, the Council has been monitoring the Triangle and its effects on the population for some time. However, their contact on the island is one of the people who has disappeared. The Council is quite concerned that the Hellmouth might be changing in some way. It is unknown if the creatures attacking the population have come out of the Hellmouth or if they have just been drawn to it. There have been no witnesses to the attacks except for the contact from the Council, and, as I mentioned, he’s missing now as well.” Giles paused to gage the reactions of the others.

“So, what exactly does the Council want us to do?” Xander’s question made Giles smile. Not ‘you’, but ‘us’.

“They have asked that we go to the island and do our own investigation into the disappearances and the Hellmouth.” Giles was surprised when he felt his body relax after this revelation.

“Sod that! I’m not getting on a plane with you lot and flying all over the bleedin’ planet, trying to save the day. I got enough to worry myself about here in Sunnyhell!” Spike’s argumentative reaction was far from unexpected, and as Xander opened his mouth to retort, Giles placed a hand on his arm and shook his head gently. Spike continued to pace as his tirade intensified.

“What, you think that now I have this chip in my head, I’m just your little attack vamp? Not gonna happen! I’m Evil! I don’t go around saving puppies and ridding the world of demons. Well, I do, but just because the violence is bloody brilliant.” An evil smirk crossed his face as his thoughts continued. “Yeah, blood and gore, that’s what I’m all about. Bet those nasties in Bermuda wouldn’t stand a chance against the Big Bad. Yeah. They’ll see what happens when you mess with William the Bloody…”

Spike stopped pacing as he realized what he had said. “Oh, bloody hell. Fine, I’m in. When do we leave?”

Giles reached into his jacket and removed a set of tickets. “We are scheduled to depart next Wednesday from Los Angeles. We have an extended layover in Texas then will take a short flight to Atlanta then to Miami. From there, we will set out on a cruise ship for Bermuda.”

“A cruise ship? Why aren’t we just going to fly out there?” Xander licked the chocolate off of his fingers as he waited for Giles’ answer.

Spike’s own concerns about the excessive layovers and flights were lost as he watched Xander’s slippery tongue slowly drawing the warm chocolate off of his hand.

Tara looked at Spike, surprised at the look on his face. She glanced to see what he was looking at and grinned. Xander had finished licking and had drawn his entire middle finger into his mouth to suck off the sweet candy. Spike inhaled loudly.

“What, pet, not up for a moonlight cruise?” Spike covered his gasp with a snarky comment. What the hell was he thinking, getting aroused by the whelp licking his fingers clean?

“Not with you, no.” Xander’s own reply was quick. Giles stepped in before they became involved in a full-blown fight.

“I would rather fly straight through myself without all the layovers and time spent onboard a ship. However, this is the fastest that I could get us out to the island. For some reason there are no direct flights going to the island within the next month. Bloody American Tourism Board…”

Giles returned to his book. “Even with my consenting to the erratic and completely insane traveling plans, there are no flights available any earlier than next week. This leaves us time for research and allows for Anya, Buffy and Willow to participate in Cordelia’s… thing.” He frowned as he thought of the excitement that the three young women projected over wandering up and down a catwalk.

“Please be ready to leave by four pm next Wednesday. We will meet here and leave for the airport before five. I was able to insure night flights throughout our journey. I’m not sure how long we will be needed, but be prepared to be gone for approximately three weeks.” With that, Giles returned to his research.

“Three weeks! What about my job, G-man? I do have to work you know.” Xander was excited about the prospect of getting away from Sunnydale, no matter the length of the trip, but felt as though he should put up a token protest.

Giles sighed once more and looked at the young man over the top of his glasses. “Xander, last week you told me that your boss had just asked you to take your vacation time sometime soon as you were accumulating it too quickly, did you not? You have over five weeks accrued already, correct?”

“Yeah. I’ll talk to my foreman.” Xander had forgotten about that conversation. He began to filter through his wardrobe in his mind, thinking about what to take when he suddenly thought of something. “Will it be OK to leave the shop closed for that long, Giles?”

“What do you mean, Xander?” Giles asked distractedly.

“Well, with you and Anya both gone, the shop will have to be closed. Won’t you lose your customers if you’re gone that long?” Xander was truly concerned. Spike snorted.

“Anya will not be going, Xander. I have tickets for you, myself and Spike.” The bell sounded and the room was filled with the excited chattering of Buffy, Anya and Willow.

Willow bounded over to Tara, kissing her full on the mouth. “Look at what I got!” She began to dig through the bag in her arms, dropping several items to the table in front of her girlfriend.

Anya squealed at the sight of Xander and began to unload her bag into his lap. Buffy pouted when she realized that she had no one to show off her items to. Spike noticed.

“Ah, poor Slayer. No soldier boy to entertain you; whatever will you do?” Buffy shot a look at Spike before flouncing into the training room with the cordless phone.

Giles dropped his head to the table as he listened to the young people around him. Xander was trying to placate Anya while Spike shot verbal jibes in his direction. Willow and Tara were whispering with their heads pressed together, so close that blonde and red twined.

As Buffy returned, Giles cleared his throat. “I am pleased that you all enjoyed your outing today. I know that you have much more to say, but we do need to research and patrol tonight. Shall we begin?”

As Giles filled the remaining Scoobies in on the complications concerning the triangle, Spike sat on the counter, kicking his feet and watching the people around him.

These children had been protecting Sunnydale and the rest of the world for the past four years. It was incredible to him. They had no special abilities other than Buffy’s Slayer calling, but still they fought the forces of evil. He rolled his eyes at his own thoughts. He sounded like one of the comic books that the boy had stashed under his bed that he thought no one knew about.

Red’s powers were growing. He was concerned that she would do something stupid after dog-boy left her, but Giles had been able to convince her that spell casting while emotions were running so high was dangerous. Spike shuddered as he considered what might have happened if she had actually cast the ‘my will be done’ spell that she had come across after Oz had packed up and left for good.

Spike turned his attention to the Slayer. Buffy was staring at nothing, barely listening to what her Watcher was saying. He growled quietly, perturbed that she would tune out the one person that could help her stay alive. She was a worthy adversary, but Spike was afraid that she was becoming overconfident. He knew that if she were this brash when they had first fought, he would have easily won. Of course, he himself tended to think too much of his own skills, hence her still being alive.

Xander said something, drawing Spike’s attention. He could see that Anya’s hand was stroking the young man’s cock under the table. He sniffed the air, drawing in the delightful smell of Xander’s arousal.

“So… patrol. Buffy, you, Xander and Willow take the main route. Spike and I will follow up on some leads that I have about the unusual activity at the lake. Tara could you and Anya continue cross referencing the texts that I gave you earlier?” At Tara’s nod, he turned to his partner for the evening. “Ready?”

The group trudged into the Magic Box several hours later, all smelling of T’glath slime. “So you found them?” Tara asked, wrinkling her nose at the smell.

“Yes, we found them, yes, we killed them and yes, we stink.” Buffy slopped down at the table and began to run her fingers through her hair, flinging thick slime onto the wooden floor.

“Buffy, please do not do that!” Giles sighed. “I suggest that we all shower here.” Turning to the smirking vampire, he added, “No, Spike, not all together. If we do not get this off our skin soon, it will begin to petrify.” He looked down at Willow who had received the strongest spray from the demon and was covered head to toe. “Would you care to be first?”

Willow dashed for the training room without a word, dripping a steady stream of slime as she ran. Spike chuckled and shrugged off his duster, which amazingly, had not a drop on it.

“How is that that you go out with us and kill the slimy things, we all get covered in this vile crap, but you only have it on your hair and boots?” Xander shook his head, attempting to dislodge the green goop from his ear canal.

Spike shrugged and dropped his slimed covered boots onto a chair as he reclined. “I dunno, just lucky, I guess.”

Xander glanced around the room. “Where’s Ahn?”

Tara looked up from the book she was reading. “She went home fifteen minutes ago. S..she said to tell you that you are excused from giving her…” She blushed furiously.

“I get it,” Xander groaned.

Giles walked from his office, rubbing a towel vigorously over his head as Xander dropped into the chair next to Spike and leaned back, closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

Buffy glanced up from her position across from Tara as Willow reappeared from the training room in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

“Me next!” The door slammed as the Slayer rushed to the shower to clean herself.

“I am so glad that we all started keeping extra clothes up here. I threw that outfit into the trash.” Willow began to brush her thick hair. Tara stopped her with a touch. Smiling, Willow dropped to the floor in front of her girlfriend and sat between her knees. Tara looked at Spike as she began to brush the red hair in front of her.

“I found some i..interesting information on Bermuda while you were out, Spike. There is a in Pembroke Parish called the Admiralty House. It was built in the early 1800s. Starting around 1849, someone dug an elaborate system of tunnels and caverns beginning under the house. The tunnels run all over the island.” She winked at Spike, grinning at the stunned expression on his face.

“Really, Glinda?” Spike seemed unsure what to say next.

“The Council rented you guys a house called Mazarine by the Sea. It’s less than a mile from the Admiralty House. Betcha you could access the tunnels somehow from there.” Tara finished brushing her sleepy lover’s hair and drew her to her feet. “C’mon, Willow, let’s go home, it’s late.” She picked up their bags and a small stack of books and led Willow from the store. Willow smiled hazily at everyone and waved her hand as she yawned. “’Night.”

Buffy stomped through the room. “Gotta get home, Giles. My mom’s gonna freak.” As she disappeared out the door, Xander wandered into the training room for his shot at the shower.

As he stood under the warm spray, Xander allowed his thoughts to drift. It was just like Anya to announce to whoever was around that he was excused from giving her orgasms for the night. He sighed, yet another personality quirk that he just could not get used to.

He looked up, letting the water run into his face. Thoughts of Anya and orgasms had unfortunately resulted in his body reacting in its normal manner and he was now sporting an impressive erection. He groaned, miserable. He was standing in the shower of the Magic Box with people waiting for him to finish. From years of experience, he knew his hard-on wouldn’t just go away, so he wrapped a calloused hand around the sensitive flesh and began to stroke hard. He wasn’t aiming for pleasure, just release.

He ran his thumb over the head of his dick, smoothing the creamy precome across the surface. He stroked harder, trying to come up with a fantasy that would end this quickly. Anya in her new lingerie, Anya sucking his cock, Anya and Buffy sucking his cock at the same time… Nothing helped. He stroked, pulled, pushed with his hips and strained his muscles, but he couldn’t come.

He leaned against the wall of the shower stall and tried to calm down. Forcing it wouldn’t work. Xander closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander, still stroking himself gently. Suddenly he saw Angel coming towards him, grabbing him in a headlock. Xander tensed and wondered where his brain was taking him, but since his cock seemed not to care, he decided just to go along for the ride.

Angel dragged him down a dark hallway and began speaking to someone else. When Xander looked up, he saw luminescent eyes looking down at him and he felt his erection jerk. He began stroking harder as the blond vampire in his mind dropped to his knees before Xander; Angel tugged the dark headed boy upright, still holding him firmly in his grasp.

Fantasy Spike growled at the two men in front of him before reaching out and pulling down Xander’s zipper, dragging his cock out. Xander struggled against the strong arms holding him to no effect. The man on his knees before him slid his mouth gently around the head of his cock. His tongue pressed against the slit before somehow wrapping itself all the way around his shaft. Looking up at Xander through his eyelashes, Spike began to suck gently and…

“Aaaggh! Oh, God!” Xander came violently into his hand, spurting his semen against the wall of the shower. He almost cried at the release. Pulling himself up straight, he reached for the soap and quickly washed all the evidence from his body before stepping out of the shower.

As he wrapped a towel around his hips, he flushed. He had just gotten off on the thought of being held forcibly by one vampire while another sucked him off. Xander knew he wouldn’t be able to look Spike in the eyes again.

When he finally reappeared from the training room, he came upon Giles sitting on his haunches next to Spike as the vampire convulsed.

“What set it off this time?” Xander walked over and knelt beside the older man.

“Nothing. He was sitting at the table, smoking. We were discussing the travel arrangements for the trip and he just started screaming and clutching his head. You were right, Xander. Something has to be done.”

Xander swallowed and looked up at Giles. “I did some research last night and I had an idea. I’m not sure if it will work or not because it just seems too obvious, but it couldn’t hurt to try, I mean…”

“Xander,” Giles interrupted. “What was your idea?”

“Well,” Xander studied the pattern on the wooden floor, trying to think through what he wanted to say. One glance at the still shuddering form of the man lying in the floor decided him. “I spent about five hours on the internet last night reading everything I could find on microchips.

The only thing that will absolutely kill a chip of any kind is heat. We don’t want to heat him up, though, because we’d fry his brain before the chip even started to smolder. The chip could be surgically removed, but again, brain damage.” Giles frowned at the young man, silently urging him to hurry.

“Sorry, just trying to go through my thought process. Ok. There are several types of computer chips, some more sensitive than others. It is possible to erase the programming on the more sensitive chips with magnets.” Xander stopped and looked at Giles.

Giles rocked off his feet to sit on the floor, his mouth dropped open. “Xander, you’re right. That was so simple that I hadn’t even considered it. As you say, there is no way to know if his chip is one that would respond to that, but it couldn’t hurt to try.” Giles pulled off his glasses and began to rub them with his shirttail.

“Obviously we will need a rather strong magnetic force to make it through his skull and brain tissue…” Giles looked off distantly, as he searched his brain for any information that might help them help Spike.

“Well, I thought about that, too. MRI machines are basically huge magnets, right? And they would be strong enough to cut through his skull and brain tissue because that’s what they were designed to do.” Xander down at the vampire who lay between them, silent and still.

Giles frowned, contemplating that statement. “No Xander, I believe the MRI would rip the chip out of his brain, straight through his skull. Perhaps an electromagnet…I will do more research into this. That truly was a brilliant idea. Thank you. Here, help me get him up and I’ll assist you with getting him into the car.” They both stood and grasped Spike’s arms, pulling them over their shoulders, dragging him up and towards the door.

Part Five

Spike came to about halfway back to the apartment. He snarled when he realized that Xander was driving his DeSoto.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Whelp?” A growl escaped from his lips. He wiped his mouth with his hand, absently licking at the blood collected there.

“Well, I’m driving your lazy butt home since you decided to take a nap.” Xander looked over at the vampire beside him, wincing internally at the drawn look on the other man’s face.

“Pull over, I’m driving.” Spike struggled to sit up straighter, drawing his duster around him as he shivered.

“No, I am not going to pull over. Giles says that you didn’t do anything at all to induce that last jolt and it was the worst so far.” Xander glanced again at Spike, noting the dark circles that were developing under now dull blue eyes.

“’M fine. Now pull over.” Spike reached out to touch Xander, receiving a zap from his chip for his efforts. “Fuck!”

Spike fell silent, allowing himself to drift off. When he awoke, he was sitting alone in the car. He began cursing the boy aloud before he realized that they were sitting in front of Willy’s. Xander appeared suddenly outside Spike’s window, causing him to jump.

“Here, Fangless.” He shoved several bags of blood through the window. “Eat up. You look like shit.”

“Thanks too much.” Spike raised an eyebrow as he tore into the bags, too hungry to be concerned with his audience. Xander climbed into the driver’s seat and began patting his pockets, looking for the key. He found it in the ignition and started the powerful motor back up.

Spike threw an empty bag out the window and had started on a second when he realized that the blood didn’t taste bad. He drew in another mouthful, swallowing then turning, startled, to look at the boy. “Human?”

“Yeah. Really, man, you look bad. I didn’t think that pig blood would do anything to help repair the damage that thing has to be doing to your head.” He avoided looking at the blond vamp as he turned back in the direction of their apartment.

Spike finished five of the six bags that Xander had bought for him before they turned onto their street. He dropped the last bag into a deep pocket to save for a mid-day treat.

As Xander parked the DeSoto in it’s customary parking place, Spike took a deep breath and turned to face the other man. “Xander, thank you for the blood. You’re right, pig wouldn’t have cut it.”

Xander waved off the comment and walked around the car to help Spike out of the seat, resulting in the Big Bad popping back out.

“Hands off. I’m fine,” Spike rumbled, shoving Xander back before falling to the ground, writhing in pain.

“Yeah, you look great.” Xander shrugged and walked towards the door. Spike growled and pulled himself off the ground, staggering towards the boy who was holding open the door for him.

By the time he made it into the building, the pain had passed and, as they walked up the stairs to the apartment, Xander and Spike were arguing as usual. They were stopped in their tracks at the sound of a soft British accent.

“William! Alexander! Come here, boys!” Both men turned and made their way into the open door of the elderly woman’s apartment.

Mrs. Sanderson had become a presence in the life of the Scoobies. Of indeterminate age, the woman fairly projected youth and vitality. Spike suspected that the woman was well over a hundred years old. He had surreptitiously probed the woman’s memories while indulging in her tea and found that they had shared more than a few historical periods.

She was regularly awake at all hours of the day and night and they never knew when they might be summoned to visit. None of the Scoobies dared refuse her invitations. Spike and Giles were particular favorites of hers; she would hold them in her apartment for hours discussing all things English.

“Hello, Mrs. Sanderson. How are you this evening?” Spike’s cultured alter ego’s voice rang out in the quiet room.

“Quite well, my young William. Please boys, come in and sit.” Mrs. Sanderson waved them towards the lace-covered couch and walked into the kitchen to fetch tea and biscuits.

“Well, now, boys. How are things going?” Mrs. Sanderson placed an intricate silver tray down on the coffee table in front of Xander and Spike. She positioned a delicate bone china teacup and saucer in front of each of them before pouring the hot infusion through the silver strainer and into the cups.

“Everything is going fine, Mrs. Sanderson. We’re planning on a trip in the next few weeks, so you need to tell the grocer that you’ll need help getting up the stairs with your groceries. I don’t know why you won’t use the elevator.” The softly wrinkled face glowed as a smile was beamed in Xander’s direction.

“Thank you for letting me know, Alexander. I will be sure to alert Mr. Haverty to that fact. Where are you going?”

Spike gently stirred his tea, not allowing the silver spoon to touch the fragile china. “We are going on a cruise with Mr. Giles. I do believe that it will be quite the holiday.” He reached for one of the sweet cookies still sitting on the silver tray.

Xander attempted to mimic Spike’s precise stirring method, accidentally tapping his spoon on the rim of his cup while removing it from the tea. He blushed and looked nervously at his hostess, apologizing with a smile.

Mrs. Sanderson had been quite adamant that both young men learn how to behave correctly at tea. She had been fairly delighted at how quickly Spike had taken to the outdated custom. Xander was still adjusting.

“How long will you be away?” She lifted her cup and saucer, sipping quietly at her beverage.

Xander, trying to avoid actually having to drink his tea answered. “We’re not sure. Giles…” At Mrs. Sanderson’s frown, Xander amended his statement. “I mean, Mr. Giles says that we will probably be gone between two and three weeks.” He lifted his cup to his mouth, trying not to grimace at the taste. He looked at Spike pleadingly.

Spike rolled his eyes at Xander as Baggins distracted Mrs. Sanderson. “We will be leaving next Wednesday at half four. I do wish we could give you more information, but we are unsure as to when we will be returning. Mr. Giles, as you know, is a man of varied interests and could possibly find distractions on our return. As he is financing our travels, we are more than willing to stop anywhere he pleases. We are eagerly looking forward to our trip.” With that final comment, Spike finished his tea and stood.

“Mrs. Sanderson, it has been delightful, but I regret that it is late and Alexander and myself have much to do to in preparation to leave next week, I’m sure you understand. Thank you for the tea.” He bent at the waist and placed a gentle kiss on the wrist of his hostess.

Mrs. Sanderson smiled up at the vampire and touched him gently on the head. Spike’s knees bowed as he felt a rush of energy flow through his body. He shook his head slightly and smiled at the older woman. “Thank you again for the tea.” He shook his head again, feeling odd.

As Spike moved towards the door, Xander stood and followed. Spike spun and thrust his eyebrows in the direction of Mrs. Sanderson.

“Um… Thanks for the tea, Mrs. Sanderson. We’ll give you call when we get home!” Xander turned back and walked quickly to the door.

“Thank you for the company, boys! Enjoy your holiday!” As her door closed, Mrs. Sanderson looked down at her cat. “Oh, Baggins, did you see their auras? They’re becoming aware; it won’t be long now, my pet. Off to bed now.” Mrs. Sanderson lifted the lanky feline and the two shuffled into the bedroom.

“Mmgh…” Anya’s less than coherent response made Xander frown. He had hoped to rid his mind of the disconcerting thoughts about Spike by pounding his very human and, more importantly, female girlfriend into the mattress. However, when he got home, he found her sound asleep in their bed.

He once again massaged the small breast that filled his hand as he kissed and nibbled at her neck. Anya groaned again and spun in the bed, knocking him in the head with her elbow. He released her quickly, rubbing his sore cheekbone. Anya rolled to her stomach and began to snore.

Xander turned over, leaving Anya to her dreams. He stared at the ceiling, trying to control his thoughts. Remembered conversations flew threw his head.

Growing up, Xander would lie in his room at night, praying that his father would be too drunk to remember that he had a son that he hated. On a good night, his father would stumble drunkenly past his room into his own, where Xander would try not to listen to the grunting and cursing from the next room. Xander would pretend that he didn’t hear his father blame his mother for his inability to perform.

“You cunt! If you were in the least bit attractive, this wouldn’t have happened. ‘Course I can’t get it up! You think I want to be with a woman that looks like you? If I weren’t tied to you, I could have any woman I wanted. But, no! You had to get knocked up and trap me. I shoulda' made you get rid of the little fucker! Then I would be a free man! Get it hard woman!”

His father would rant for hours about the uselessness of his wife and son. Xander’s mother never fought back. How could she? She believed every word that came out of her husband’s mouth.

On a bad night, his dad would remember him. He would be dragged out of his bed and thrown to the floor, kicked and beaten until he no longer resisted. Then the real abuse would begin.

“Why are you crying, you little fag? You think I don’t know what you do in here at night when your skinny, little friend comes over? You like dick, boy? Well, here’s one for you!” His father would then force Xander’s mouth open and stick his hard cock in, fucking his son’s mouth as he continued to verbally lash out. He was always hard.

“You like that, you little cocksucker?” Tears would roll down Xander’s face as he tried not to gag on the flesh that filled his mouth. “Yeah, you like it. You’re a little fag, aren’t you?” He would continue to thrust into the unresisting cavern before pulling out and coming all over Xander’s face and chest. “There, you little queer. Clean yourself up. If I ever catch you doing any disgusting faggot things in this house, I’ll kill you. Get up off the floor and be a man!”

After a few more well-placed kicks, Xander would half-stumble, half-crawl to the bathroom to clean himself up. Looking into the mirror, he would see haunted eyes looking back. In his heart, he knew that was why he had developed his defensive comedy routine. He had to prevent the world from seeing what he saw every time he looked into the mirror.

Then Jesse had died. Xander had killed him. Jesse was the only other person that knew the whole truth about his father’s abuse. Xander had hidden it from everyone else. With Jesse, he had let himself cry, had tried to understand why his father hated him so much. Jesse had been unable to offer anything but the innocent comfort of his arms. He had loved Jesse with all his heart and then he had killed him.

That night was one of the bad ones. When his father forced his way into Xander’s mouth, he finally broke. He was gasping for breath and crying harder than ever before, the pain in his heart not allowing him to distance himself from the abuse. He was so angry. He was angry with himself, angry with Buffy and angry with the world… He was too angry to be cowed. He bit down, hard.

His father had screamed and his mother had run in immediately. That had hurt Xander more than anything. She had known. She had heard everything that had ever happened in this room. Blood dripped out of his mouth as his father lay on the floor before him, rolling back and forth, curled around his own body.

His mother had driven his father to the Emergency Room. It had taken 25 stitches to repair the damage that Xander’s blunt teeth had caused. After that night, he never saw his father’s dick again.

The abuse didn’t stop, though. It evolved into something different, but just as bad. Xander rapidly learned how to clean and medicate the lash marks his father’s whip had left across his back. The whip that he had bought the night after Jesse died. The whip he had used almost every day until Xander moved into the basement. Anya had never noticed the faint scars.

Xander flinched, pulling back from his own thoughts. He heard Spike in the next room, pacing. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. He rolled closer to Anya’s warm body and relaxed into her heat before drifting off.

Spike smoked the last cigarette in his pack and continued to pace. It was too early in the evening to sleep and he was too worked up to even sit comfortably. He hadn’t felt this good since the commandos stuck their damn chip in his head. Must have been all the human blood that the whelp had fed to him, he decided.

Looking at the empty package of smokes, he gleefully threw on his duster and ran out of the apartment and towards the stop and rob, happy to have something to do other than sleep.

“Gonna get some smokes, gonna get some smokes, gonna get some…” He stopped singing as he saw a figure dart around the corner of the street. Sniffing the breeze, he snarled happily. It was a fledgling. He could kill it.

Spike raced after the other vamp that, wisely, had run at the first sight of Spike. He allowed the chase to continue for an extended time. He howled as he ran, drinking in the night. When he was done playing, the master vampire quickly caught up to the fledge, who fell to his knees, begging for his life.

Spike felt the need for a little release and pummeled the other vampire until it could no longer stand. When the younger demon quit moving in response to his punches, Spike pulled a stake out of his duster pocket and plunged it into the other’s dead heart.

Brushing dust from his clothing, Spike dropped the stake back into his pocket and looked around. He was standing in a residential neighborhood quite a ways from his own apartment. He hadn’t realized that he had chased the fledgling so far. He turned back in the direction of home. Looking up at a street sign, he noticed that he was about a block from Revello Drive. He wandered towards the Slayer’s house, thinking that he might as well check to make sure that Buffy had arrived home in one piece. A flimsy excuse to see one of his favorite females, but his overactive mind really didn’t care.

When he got closer, he noticed that the kitchen light was on. He grinned and stepped up his pace, hurrying to the door. Peeking in the shuttered window, he saw a familiar shape. He smiled and knocked quietly at the door before running his fingers through his hair to neaten it.

The shutter cracked, and then fell shut as the door opened. “Spike, come in.” Joyce smiled as she moved aside to allow Spike through the door.

“Evening, Joyce. Too late, or early to visit?” Spike squinted at the clock on the oven, deciding that too early was the correct question. He smelled the unmistakable scent of cocoa and his mouth watered.

“Never too late…” Joyce peered at the clock herself. “Too early for you, Spike. Hot Chocolate?” Joyce began filling a second mug before the vampire had a chance to answer. She leaned over to pull the miniature marshmallows from their cabinet before pushing the mug of chocolate and bag of sweet treats towards the waiting vamp.

Spike pulled off his duster and hung it on the coat rack next to the door then hopped onto the stool across from Joyce. He filled his cup to the brim with marshmallows before sipping noisily at the warm concoction.

“So what’s going on, Spike? Haven’t seen you recently.” Joyce sipped at her own chocolate, closing her eyes with pleasure.

“Well, my soddin’ chip has decided to fry my brain. Spent more time than I’d like to admit laid out on the floor these last few days.” Spike’s comment made Joyce frown. She put down her mug and walked around the counter. Pulling Spike’s mug from his hands, she ignored the warning growl that escaped from his chest as she turned him to look at her.

“What do you mean? What’s going on with your chip?” Spike reluctantly began to relate the story behind his dysfunctioning implant. After a few gasps and sighs, Joyce gave Spike back his mug and settled on the stool beside him.

“Are you alright? Is there anything that I can do to help?” Spike smiled at the look on Joyce’s face. He loved this woman. Her fiery spirit impressed him long before the US government violated him, and now her caring heart drew him to her like a moth to a flame.

“’M fine, Joyce. Actually, it went off pretty badly at the shop tonight, but hasn’t fired since. The whelp bought me a few pints of human, and I’m feeling much better.” Remembering that he still had a packet of blood in his duster, he walked over and pulled it out. Joyce took the plastic bag from his hands and poured the contents into a mug before placing it in the microwave.

“What does Rupert think about all of this?” The microwave beeped and Joyce placed the oversized mug in front of Spike before taking the empty hot chocolate mug from his hands and rinsing it in the sink.

“Not much. I heard he and the whelp talking about magnets or something. I have no idea.” Spike and Joyce sat together, sipping their respective drinks and chatting until the sunrise became imminent.

Joyce glanced at the clock before pulling Spike off of his stool. “Home, Spike. Want to see you again.” She smiled gently at him.

Spike smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Thanks, Joyce. Be back soon.” He winked at her as he opened the door.

“Anytime, Spike. Anytime.” Joyce was rinsing out the bloody mug when her daughter appeared behind her.

“Was that Spike? Why didn’t you call me? I would have gotten rid of him for you.” Buffy walked over top the cabinet and pulled out a glass then headed towards the refrigerator.

“I didn’t want you to get rid of him, Buffy. I enjoy spending time with Spike. I invited him in.” Joyce frowned at her daughter.

Buffy looked up from where she was pouring herself some juice. “What do you mean, you invited him in? You can’t just invite vampires into our house!”

Joyce glared at her only child. “Yes, I can, because it is my house. I’m going to shower. If you want a ride to school, meet me at the car in an hour.” With that, Joyce left the kitchen.

Buffy stared after her mother, stunned.

Part Six

Spike arrived home just as the sun crested the horizon. He stood in the lobby for a long moment, watching the sunrise. As the beams of light drew closer to his feet, he withdrew to the apartment. Spike sighed as he ran from one of his favorite sights.

He stopped suddenly on the stairs. “Fuck! Forgot my damn fags!” He stomped up the rest of the flight and strode towards the apartment.

Xander glanced up from his seat at the bar as Spike came into the apartment. “Hey fangless, you look good.”

“Feel good, Whelp. Guess it was the blood you got me. Been too long since I had any human.” Xander nodded and went back to reading the paper as he slurped his coffee.

Spike grabbed a mug and filled it with coffee and a touch of cold pig’s blood. He walked behind Xander to the living room, pausing as he glanced over the other man’s shoulder.

He moved closer as an article caught his eye. Xander glanced up at the man behind him, and then returned to his reading. When Anya walked in, she found Spike standing behind Xander with one hand on Xander’s shoulder and one foot propped on the younger man’s chair. They were both leaning forward, intently reading the newspaper that was laid out on the bar in front of Xander. Both men raised their mugs to their mouths when Xander turned the page.

Anya snorted at the domestic image before her, causing both men to jump. “Shit, Ahn! You scared the crap outta me!” Xander grabbed a handful of napkins and began to dab at the coffee that now decorated his shirt.

Spike snarled in her direction before swallowing the last of his coffee/blood concoction and tossing the mug into the sink. He ignored Anya’s pointed look and stalked into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

He poked his head back out. “You still got that envelope I gave you?”

“Yes, Spike. Don’t worry.” Spike’s door slammed shut once again as Anya walked further into the kitchen.

Xander stood and wrapped his arms around Anya. “Hey, sweetie. How’s my girl?” He leaned in for a kiss and attempted a quick grope. Anya knocked his hands away and reached for the coffee pot and a mug. Xander looked down at his hands, confused.

“I have to get to the Magic Box. I told Giles that I would work a full eight hours today, even though we’re leaving at three.” Anya peered at Xander over the top of her mug.

“You’re leaving today? I thought that the show wasn’t until Saturday night!” Xander whined.

“Yes, Xander, today. I’ve told you that several times.” Anya sipped at her coffee as she mentally reviewed everything that she had packed. Xander looked around the room, still confused, and wondered if he were dreaming. Anya refuse sex? He tried to clear his head when she began speaking again.

“Now, while I’m gone, you will need to be sure that you keep the apartment clean and orderly. I do not want to return to dirty dishes and floors. Also, you need to look at the ceiling fan in Spike’s bedroom; it is making an irritating noise. Please try not to kill each other while I’m gone. We will be home on Sunday afternoon.” Anya picked up her purse and her suitcase, giving a quick kiss to Xander, who stood there open-mouthed.

When Anya passed by Mrs. Sanderson’s apartment, she paused and looked up the stairs. She knocked gently on the door before opening it and walking in.

“Is it done?” Baggins looked up at her and meowed gently, ending his cry with a growl.

“Good. I’ll be back Sunday. You have the number where I’ll be if you need anything before then.” Anya closed the door behind her and ran down the stairs. She was already late for work.

Spike strode out of his room clad only in his form fitting black jeans and headed towards the bathroom. The blond glanced into the living room as he passed before stopping and taking a few steps back into the doorway. He glanced questioningly at the boy that was standing in the middle of the living room with his mouth open.

“Oi, Whelp!” When he received no response, he walked over to Xander, his bare feet silent on the wooden floor. He touched the other man’s arm.

“Hey, donut boy.” Xander flinched and looked at Spike.

“She’s gone.” Spike nodded his head at the obviously unbalanced man.

“Yeah, she’s gone. Went to work didn’t she?” Spike prompted Xander to talk with a slight nudge to his chest.

“No, gone, gone. She won’t be back until Sunday.” Xander looked at Spike in confusion. “Did you know that they were leaving today?”

“Yep. ‘S all the bints have been bloody talking about all week.” Spike snorted at Xander and stalked to the bathroom to shower.

Xander looked around the living room and wondered what was happening with Anya. It had been over a week since they last made love and all of his attempts had been cut off before he even got a chance to make it to the pass. Last night at the Magic Box had been the first time in weeks that she had touched him first, and then she had come home and gone to sleep.

He wandered over to the couch and sat down, silently thanking the carpentry gods for screwing up the shipment and giving him the rest of the week off without touching his vacation time. He stretched his feet out on the table and scratched his stomach as he contemplated his girlfriend’s strange change in attitude. He heard the shower start and the variation in the water’s sound as Spike stepped into the stream.

“Oi! Whelp!”

Xander looked towards the doorway and hollered back. “What?”

“There’s no soap or shampoo in here!”

Xander sighed and heaved himself off of the couch, stretching and moving his hand up to scratch his chest as he wandered towards the bathroom. He yelled through the door to Spike, “Anya just bought some last week!”

“No shit! I’m telling you there is no soap or shampoo in here! She musta taken it all with her!”

“You have got to be joking, we had at least four different brands of everything imaginable in there!” Xander popped the lock on the bathroom door with the screwdriver he had stored over the doorjamb for that purpose and walked into the steamy room.

“Did you look under the cabinet?” He glanced over at the shower stall, quickly looking away as Spike stood on his toes to look over the top of the door at him, his dick pressing against the clouded glass.

“No. I was in the bloody shower, wasn’t I?” Xander rolled his eyes as he squatted down and began digging under the sink, pointedly ignoring the erection that had suddenly appeared in his sleep pants.

I am NOT lusting after the evil undead, I am NOT lusting after the evil undead… Xander spared a glance over his shoulder, his mouth filling with saliva as he took in the sight behind the glass.

Spike stood under the spray of water, his hands running through his hair as he arched his back, allowing water to cover his entire body. His cock was semi-erect and jutted out slightly in front of his hips as he raised his hands over his head and stretched.

Spike turned and once again pressed against the glass, flipping his wet curls out of his eyes. “Find anythin’ yet?”

Xander continued to dig through the cabinet. “Aha!”

“Aha, what?” Spike pushed up higher on his toes, trying to see what Xander had found.

“Remember that stuff that Mrs. Sanderson gave me a couple of months ago?”

Spike groaned. “Please, no. Tell me there is something else under there!” Xander smiled evilly and handed the heavy bottle to the blond.

“Here ya go, Fangless!” Xander turned and walked stiffly out of the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

“What kind of vampire uses rose scented soap?” Spike muttered as he poured the pale gel into his hand. He closed his eyes, taking in the captivating aroma. When he opened his eyes, Spike was standing in a garden full of rosebushes of every color. He saw a young woman in a formal gown dancing down the path, a kitten at her heels.

He jerked, returning suddenly to the bathroom. He frowned at the soap in his hands and began washing himself quickly. “Don’t know what the hell that was… Damned Whelp and his damned soap…”

Spike’s thoughts turned to Xander and he allowed his left hand to drift down and cup his balls. Who cared if the boy was straight? No harm on getting off to images of him. “Xander…” he muttered as he began to stroke. His mind filled with images of the dark haired man. The vampire’s fangs descended and he imagined biting into that strong neck and feeling the warmth of Xander’s blood filling his mouth. He gasped and ran his fingers over the head of his cock, wishing it was the boy that was touching him.

Spike continued to stroke himself, yelling almost silently in his completion. He soaped himself back up, then rinsed off and stepped out of the shower to dry. As he pulled his towel off the rack, a familiar smell filled his senses.

“Xander.” He inhaled deeply, following the heavy scent of arousal down to where the younger man had been digging through the cabinet. Spike smirked and wrapped his towel around his waist. He leaned over and tossed his jeans over his shoulder and wandered towards his room, whistling jauntily.

“I am NOT lusting after the evil undead!!” Xander scowled at his reflection in the mirror over Anya’s dressing table.

Xander glanced down at his dick, noting with pride the size of the bulge it made in his flannel pants. He then growled at it, trying to convince himself that his erection was not the result of seeing Spike naked.

He threw himself face down on his bed chanting quietly under his breath, “Not for the evil undead, not for the evil undead, not for the evil undead…” After several minutes, he fell into a light sleep.

When Xander woke up later that afternoon, he was feeling better. He had dreamt of rose gardens and kittens for some strange reason and, when he woke, he could still smell the delicate blooms.

Xander got out of bed and stretched, brushing his fingertips against the ceiling of his bedroom. He pulled off his ragged, coffee-stained t-shirt and reached into his dresser to grab some boxers. The brunette looked through the clothes in his closet, disgusted, not for the first time, in his own taste. How he wished he could afford decent clothing. He dug around the back and pulled out a steel gray t-shirt and a pair of clean jeans.

Yawning, Xander stumbled into the bathroom, staring a hole in the familiar wall as he emptied his bladder. Flushing the toilet, he turned to the shower and started the hot water. He stripped and tossed his clothes into the hamper before stepping under the spray.

Xander luxuriated under the steaming water. He stood still for several minutes before reaching for the rose soap. He wrinkled his nose at it, but poured some onto his bathing sponge anyway. The scent reminded him of his dream. It was so vivid!

He suddenly remembered what happened the last time he was in this bathroom and his erection returned with a vengeance. Not a good thing when your girlfriend is an ex-demon. Xander once again allowed his thoughts to drift where they wanted as he gently stroked himself.

Orgasming to the thought of burying his cock in Spike’s ass, he quickly rinsed off and climbed out of the shower to dress. Xander tried not to analyze his thoughts too carefully.

He happily admitted that Spike was attractive. He had no problem with that. He did have a problem with the way his body reacted to the other man. Well, not really, Xander actually felt ok with the whole thing, which really bothered him. Xander shook off his thoughts and finished dressing. He combed his wet hair and padded barefoot into the kitchen to find a snack.

Xander carried his plate of cold chicken and potato chips, precariously balanced on two coke cans, into the living room. He held an open beer in his other hand. Plopping onto the couch next to Spike, he offered the blond one of the cokes.

“What in the hell is that? Gimme the beer.” Spike swiped the bottle out of Xander’s hand and returned to watching the television.

“What are you watching?” Xander took a bite of his chicken and a swig of coke.

“Iron Chef.” Spike drained the bottle and set it on the floor next to Xander.

“Cool,” Xander muttered through a mouthful of chips. He tried not to think about how sexy Spike looked in his jeans and a t-shirt, his hair dried into loose curls.

An episode of Iron Chef, two episodes of Good Eats, an hour long investigative report on the dangers of fruit flies and halfway through an episode of American Chopper later, Spike began to complain.

“’M hungry. Feed me.” He shoved Xander, inadvertently pushing him off of the couch and onto the long forgotten and often kicked beer bottle.

“Shit!” Xander jumped up off of the now broken bottle, lifting his shirt and pulling his pants down slightly, twisting to see where he had cut his hip.

“Oh, man! That hurt!” Xander winced.

Spike leaned forward and tried to pry a small glass chip out of the cut, causing Xander to jump. “Sorry about that, Xander. Let’s go in the bathroom, I’ll help you clean it.” Both men walked into the bathroom and Xander dropped his jeans to the floor before standing next to the sink. He pulled out the alcohol and handed it to the vampire. He dragged the edge of his boxers down, exposing the wound.

“This might hurt a bit.” Spike poured the alcohol over a cotton ball and began dabbing at the wound, trying to see if there were any more glass shards.

“What do you mean, ‘might hurt’? That fucking burns, you asshole!” Spike finished cleaning the cut, noting that the bleeding had stopped.

“Doesn’t need a bandage. You’re ok.”

Xander frowned at Spike as he pulled his pants back up.

“I’ll go clean up the glass. Want some pizza? My treat.” Spike’s obvious apology was quickly accepted.

“Sure, I’ll be out in a minute. Gotta pee anyway.”

“Alright.” Spike leaned over and tenderly kissed Xander before walking out of the bathroom.

Spike and Xander stood silently on opposite sides of the bathroom door, before commenting in unison.

“What the…?”

Spike ran out the door and pounded down the stairs into the apartment lobby. He paced through the room, glaring at the sun-dappled floor, wishing he had remembered to stop for cigarettes last night.

Xander stood in the bathroom, rubbing his lips gently and thinking about what just happened.

Mrs. Sanderson sat, rocking, holding Baggins and humming contentedly to herself.

“Hey, Spike?” Spike turned and looked through the lobby towards the stairwell that held a very nervous Xander.


Xander looked down at his still bare feet and quietly asked, “How come your chip didn’t fire when you pushed me off the couch or when you cleaned the glass out of my butt?” Spike looked at Xander in shock.

“I have no fucking idea.” Spike rushed past Xander and up the stairs to the apartment. When Xander arrived moments later, he found Spike digging through an old chest in his bedroom.

“What are you looking for?” Xander sounded fearful.

“Chains, rope… Whatever I can find,” was the garbled response.

Xander backed out of the room asking, “Why?”

Spike looked up and into Xander’s eyes. “There is something wrong with my chip. I know that you’ll feel better if I’m tied up before you go get the Watcher and drag him over here to do… whatever.” Spike’s matter-of-fact answer chilled Xander to the bone.

“Spike, you think we’re going to stake you?” Xander walked back into the room and dragged the vampire to his feet.

“That thing has been frying your brain for over three weeks now. I know you thought I didn’t know how bad it was, but I did! I’ve been racking my brain and wearing out my welcome in computer geek chat rooms on the internet trying to find a way to reprogram that frickin’ thing or kill it altogether.”

Spike looked deeply into Xander’s warm brown eyes. “You’re not afraid of me, then?”

Xander swallowed convulsively then answered. “I’m terrified of you right now, Spike! But I’m glad that your chip isn’t hurting you anymore…”

Spike bent his elbows and placed his hands over Xander’s larger ones. “I would never hurt you.” He leaned in and kissed Xander full on the mouth. He barely brushed the other man’s lips, lightly tasting the essence of Xander with the tip of his tongue before pulling away.

Xander stood in the same position, hands on Spike’s shoulders, eyes closed, as he relived that softest of caresses.

With his eyes still closed, Xander commented, “Wonder what happened…”

Spike released Xander’s hands and stepped back out of the other man’s semi-embrace. “I don’t know, I’m sorry, Xand…”

Xander interrupted Spike’s apology. “Not that, Fangless. I mean, what happened to the chip?”

Spike sat on the edge of his bed, thoughtful. “I don’t know. I started feeling better last night.”

“Where did you go after we got back from the Magic Shop?” Xander sat beside the vampire, carefully keeping his hands to himself.

“I was jacked up from the human blood you got me and needed smokes. Went out and saw a fledge. Chased him a bit, finally staked him, was close to the Slayer’s so I went to see Joyce. Had hot chocolate, talked a bit, came home. Forgot my smokes.” Spike summarized his evening for the other man. He patted his pockets, searching for the non-existent cigarettes.

Xander thought for a moment before commenting. “Well, the chip still worked after the blood, remember? It went off when we got out of the car. Then we came in and you went back ou…” Xander thoughts continued without his mouth.

“Mrs. Sanderson.” They spoke at the same time. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity as both men searched for socks and shoes.

They ran into each other at the front door, ricocheting back and landing on their butts. Xander’s eyes widened. “Oh shit. That didn’t hurt you.”

Spike lunged off the floor and dragged a stammering Xander to his feet, pulling him towards the stairs and down to their mystifying neighbor’s apartment.

Spike pounded on the door several times before the soft voice answered. “Come in, boys!”

They walked into Mrs. Sanderson’s sitting room to find her filtering three cups of tea. She gestured to the couch opposite her, encouraging the men to sit.

“How was the rose soap? It’s about time you put it to use; I can smell it on you, you realize.” Both Xander and Spike stared at Mrs. Sanderson as if uncomprehending.

“Did it soothe you? I made that expressly for you two, to help relieve certain stressors that were interfering…”

“What did you do to my chip?” Spike rudely interrupted the woman.

“Chip? I don’t really like potatoes…” Xander glared at Spike trying to relay a message with just his eyes. “’M not talking about potatoes, you... The chip in my head! You touched me last night and now my soddin’ chip doesn’t work.” Spike tapped his skull fiercely and stared hard at Mrs. Sanderson as she glanced down at the feline twisting around her ankles.

“Language, my dear. A chip you say? Oh, my, I didn’t realize. My Baggins noted that your balance was off, even for a vampire, so I was just trying to restore you. I had no idea that someone had intentionally damaged you!” Spike and Xander stared openmouthed as Mrs. Sanderson took a sip of her tea.

“Ah… Quite good. Now boys, please focus on what is important. Did the soap that I gave you help with your needless inhibitions?” She smiled warmly at Xander and Spike before adding, “Close your mouths, dears.”

Xander managed to snap his mouth shut at her request and looked sideways at Spike. “You knew he was a vampire?” he asked.

“Well, of course! You don’t get to be my age and not know the truth about the things that go bump in the night.” Baggins hopped into Xander’s lap and began to purr. Xander stroked him absently.

“William, I did ask you to close your mouth, there’s a dear.” Mrs. Sanderson sipped at her tea once again and nodded towards the cups still sitting on the table.

Spike picked up his cup and drank down his tea in one gulp. “Thank you for the tea, Mrs. Sanderson.” He got up off the couch and walked dazedly to the door.

Xander nudged the cat off of his legs and rose. “Thanks, Mrs. Sanderson. We’ll try to stop back by when we’ve… um, we’ll stop back by later.” He pushed the vampire from in front of the door so that he could open it, looked back at his hostess and smiled, then ushered the stunned vamp out the door and back up to the apartment.