The Gift

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Ten

“Mr. Bradley? Did you need me?” Spike and Xander smiled at the young woman as the rest of the group stared at Angel in shock. Xander ordered food for everyone and Spike asked the waitress to bring in a bottle of scotch and several glasses. She smiled at the group, wondering why they were all so quiet and left the room to fill their order.

Buffy was the first to regain her voice. “What?”

Angel was tired of lying, tired of hiding his true nature, tired of being hungry all the time. He loosened the chains holding Angelus’ cage shut and began to tell the story.

“The night that Spike attacked the school, Xander found me. I was about four blocks away and we raced back to try and help. When we reached the school, I thought that I would be able to get closer to Spike if I pretended to be Angelus.” Spike smirked around the cigarette in his mouth and looked at his boy. Xander’s eyes were glazed over, remembering and reliving the sensations of that night.

“So, I grabbed Xander around the neck and hauled him down to confront Spike. When I got there, I remembered how much I loved my childe…” Fiery eyes looked at the people that had once meant so much to the souled vampire. “Do you have any idea what it is like to lose your family? Spike and Dru… they were my everything. When I saw Spike again, the love that I had always felt for him came rushing back. I knew how he loved and what it would mean to him for me to offer him such a beautiful gift, so I gave Xander to Spike. Spike accepted and took Xander as his consort.”

Angel’s explanation confused the Scoobies.

Willow looked at Xander. “Xander? Do you want to be…” She wasn’t sure what she was asking and stopped.

“Spike is my mate. He gave me a choice and I chose to spend eternity with him. No, he is not planning on turning me.” Xander frowned at Giles, sensing what was going through the watcher’s mind.

“There has never been a human consort in the line of Aurelius…” Giles trailed off, lifting his glass nursing the scotch that had appeared before him.

“Ta, pet. Food soon?” The waitress nodded at Spike and left the room.

“Nope, there never has. I am the first, and will most likely be the only.” Spike nodded, agreeing with his mate, and pulled Xander to him for a kiss.

Buffy’s face curled in revulsion. “Angel? You told us that you hadn’t seen Xander; you said that he never found you. I don’t understand! You told me…”

Angel interrupted. “I lied. I killed all Spike’s minions, burnt down his factory and hid he and Xander from you until the bonding period was complete and they could leave town.”

Angel’s emotions were churning. He had always thought that he loved Buffy with everything that he had. He thought that the feelings he had for her were real and eternal. Now he realized that he had been mistaken. The lustful love he had felt for a sixteen-year-old girl had never developed into anything more substantial. Instead, it had faded away. He felt nothing but disdain for the woman sitting in front of him, she was nothing like the girl he had fallen in love with. Being exposed to the adult version of Buffy made him realize that his feelings for her had changed.

The waitress reappeared with the food and Spike and Xander began eating quickly, winking at the waitress as she placed platters of food before each of the others. Buffy and Willow finally began to pick at the unfamiliar food, while Giles ignored his plate and put away the better part of the bottle that Spike had shoved in front of him.

Buffy was fuming. Angel had lied to her. She had trusted him and he had lied! All that time they had searched for Xander, and Angel had known exactly where he was.

Angel, on the other hand, felt quite happy. He finally felt free. The guilt was gone; he was free of the chains that had bound him to the Slayer, to the killer of his kind. A feral smile flashed across his features. Spike noticed and grinned back.

Giles contemplated the trio before him. Xander was alive and happier than he had ever appeared in Sunnydale. Contrary to what the Council accepted as fact about a demon’s ability to feel, it appeared that Spike was quite enamored of the boy. Angel appeared a bit gaunt and Giles wondered if the vampire had returned to eating rats in alleyways. Somehow he doubted it. All in all, Giles determined that Xander couldn’t possibly be in better hands.

More scotch slid down Giles’ throat. He was tired. He had allowed himself to become emotionally involved with his charge and this was the price. He heard a noise, but ignored it.

Spike’s head snapped up and he glanced towards the front room. Something was going on. Xander and Angel looked up seconds later and all three jumped up from the table, looking for an alternate route out of the restaurant.

“Ange…” Buffy was cut off by the arrival of the seating hostess.

“I am sorry, but you cannot just…” The hostess was shoved aside by one of the men entering the room. Buffy and Willow gasped as ten weapons of various sizes were pointed at them.

Angel and Spike were in game face and Spike was standing slightly in front of Xander, protecting his mate. Xander growled, recognizing one of the men in front of them. He spoke quietly, knowing that both Spike and Angel could hear him. “That’s one of the lab coat guys from the place we nabbed Angel.”

Spike hissed and shoved Xander further back. Buffy cried out when she recognized her boyfriend. “Riley! What are you doing?” Riley pushed Buffy to the side, ignoring her comment, intent on recapturing Angel.

“Hostile A1, you are under arres…” A chair hit Riley in the head, dropping him to the floor. The soldiers spun as one and fired.

Giles looked down at the bullet holes littering his chest and looked at Xander. “You’re happy, I can see that.” Xander was amazed at the depth of emotion those few words betrayed. Giles fell to the ground, his blood pooling around his lifeless body.

Buffy looked on in shock. “Giles!” She ran to his side, sliding in his blood. She shook his shoulders hard, crying out his name. “Giles!” Buffy wailed and threw her head back. Her watcher was dead.

Willow had been backing up all this time, trying not to draw the soldiers’ attention. She scooted towards Spike and Xander reflexively, knowing, even in her shock, she would be safer close to the pair.

Xander saw her movement out of the corner of his eye and made a decision. He looked at Spike and the two men flew into motion. Guns were torn out the hands of their users, leg bones cracked under force. After a few quick moves, they had disarmed the band before them.

Spike shoved Angel towards the door, Xander followed, dragging a shell-shocked Willow behind. Spike stopped behind Buffy, where she lay over the top of Giles’ body. “C’mon, Slayer, we need to go.” He picked her up under the arms, grimacing distastefully. When they reached the sidewalk, Spike saw Xander slapping his cell phone shut.

“Rodchester should be here any minute. Let’s go over there.” Xander pointed towards an alleyway and the bedraggled group hid in the shadows. A black van dragging a small trailer appeared and Xander opened the sliding door, helping Willow climb in. Spike shoved Buffy in the door and he and Angel jumped in last.

As Rodchester slammed the van into gear, Spike allowed his demon free reign. He grabbed Buffy around the neck and threw her against the wall of the van. “What the hell were you thinking leading those men to my mate?” He roared and Buffy flinched back from the sound.

Spike knew he was being irrational, the soldiers had followed the tracer’s signal, but he didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, the Slayer had put his consort in danger and did not deserve to live. Angel growled lowly at his childe, knowing that Spike was teetering on the edge.

Xander looked on, his arm around a trembling Willow. She was obviously deeply in shock. Spike’s possessive and protective nature was flaring and Xander was using the excuse of holding Willow to keep himself from attacking Spike and forcing his mate to fuck him in front of everyone in the van. Spike could feel the lust building in Xander and stepped away from the Slayer.

Spike moved over to Xander, detangling Willow from his mate’s arms and dropping her to the floor. He wrapped those warm arms around his own cool body and began to kiss Xander passionately.

Willow edged closer to Xander’s legs, her eyes wide. Her mind kept replaying the scene in the restaurant. Riley shoving Buffy, Giles hitting him with a chair, Giles dying… She shuddered. She peeked at Spike from underneath her eyelashes as she wrapped a thin arm around Xander’s calf.

Buffy glared at Angel. How could this be happening? He was supposed to love her. He was supposed to protect her! Buffy wasn’t sure who she was thinking about. Angel and Riley had both betrayed her trust today.

Buffy slid one hand down her leg, reaching for a stake. How dare they! Her hand trembled as she fingered the sharp piece of wood. Spike would go first and Xander would be free of him.

Angel was watching Spike and Xander. He had feared for them while in the restaurant, not Giles, not Buffy, but for Spike and Xander. They were his family and he had to protect his family. He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. Buffy had a stake and was glaring holes into Spike’s head. She wasn’t going to touch his family.

Buffy saw Angel look at her and trembled under his gaze. She felt the anger she had been clinging to begin to fade away. She still loved him. He had disappeared without a trace and she had mourned for ages. Now he was looking at her seductively, his tongue swept over his lips and he smiled. Tentatively, she smiled back, her doubts and fears retreating under his heated gaze. God he was gorgeous.

Angel reached for Buffy and she sighed, leaning into his familiar touch. His hands roamed her body and she trembled underneath them, desperately wanting more. As Angel threw away the last of her stakes and clasped the manacles around her wrists, she realized that she had made a horrible mistake. “Angel?”

Angel moved across the van to where Willow was huddled next to Xander’s feet. He brushed his hands over her silky hair and settled himself down on the seat next to his childe. Spike released Xander’s lips and looked at his sire. He glanced to the back of the van and saw Buffy hanging by the manacles he had placed there years ago.

Buffy screamed and pulled at the chains. Spike, Xander and Angel didn’t appear to even hear her. Willow flinched, but made no move to help her friend.

Spike leaned in and kissed Angel briefly before pulling Xander up into his lap. Willow whined at the loss of contact and Xander reached down a hand to touch her. Spike pulled her up on the seat next to Xander, allowing the frightened girl to hold his lover’s hand.

“Rodchester. Head back to Sunnydale.”

At the outskirts of the Southern Californian town, Spike called out to Rodchester and the black van slid to a stop just in front of the Welcome to Sunnydale sign. Spike nudged Xander awake and the two looked out across the town that Spike had promised Xander would never have to return to.

“I’m sorry, love.”

Xander leaned in and kissed Spike. “It’s ok, Spike. I know you didn’t want to come here. We have to figure out how to get rid of that tracer, though.” Spike nodded and drew Xander back to him. He nodded at Rodchester and the minion drove to the house they had left just days before.

They pulled up underneath the attached carport and Rodchester ran for the door, preparing the way for his masters. Angel pulled Buffy free from her manacles and carried her in. Her wrists were raw from hanging for over twelve hours and she was weak and dehydrated. She had lost her voice several hundred miles back and her throat felt as though she had been gargling with tacks.

Xander helped Willow into the house, supporting the redhead under her arms. He laid her out in the guest room closest to the master bedroom and covered her snugly.

“Rodchester.” Xander spoke quietly. When the minion arrived he continued, “Make sure that she gets what she needs, but don’t let her leave the house.” The minion nodded Xander walked from the room and went to the room where Spike was waiting.

“You ok, love?” Spike reached out and Xander fell into his arms.

“Yeah. I just never expected…” Xander trailed off as he tried to collect his thoughts.

“I know, Xan. We’ll get that tracer out of him and then we can hit the road. We won’t ever come back. Maybe if we burn this place, it will keep us from returning to it. I do like the memories it brings back, though.” Xander grinned and snuggled deeper into Spike’s embrace.

“I like the memories, too, but can we burn it?” Spike answered with a kiss. He slid his tongue deftly into his lover’s mouth, drawing Xander into the kiss. Xander could feel the tension slowly bleeding out of his body.

Spike sucked at his mate’s tongue, enjoying the taste of pure Xander. Finally releasing his mouth, Spike began to peel Xander’s clothes off. He drew his fingers over the tattoo on his consort’s shoulder.

Three years earlier Spike and Xander were in a shopping center shortly after they had discovered that sunlight no longer burned Spike. They were looking for something interesting to do to pass the time when a little girl had tripped and fallen into Spike’s arms. He had snarled and shoved her away, but her necklace had caught on his belt buckle.

Spike had grabbed the necklace by the charm and had glanced at it before throwing it at the child. Xander had gasped. The charm was a cross. He had grabbed Spike’s hand and examined it fearfully. There were no signs of any damage. Xander had immediately dragged Spike into a ceramic store and Spike had touched every religious icon that he could find.

Xander had been thrilled. His mate was impervious to the sun and to crosses and Xander had suspicions that holy water wouldn’t affect Spike either. Too excited to be still, the pair had run howling down the street.

They passed a tattoo parlor and Xander pulled Spike to a stop. “I want to celebrate.” Spike hadn’t been able to resist Xander’s excitement and followed his mate inside, watching Xander’s face as the cross was permanently etched into his consort’s skin.

Spike purred as Xander arched into his touch, grinning at the memory that Spike had brought to the forefront. Spike smiled back and continued to pull off Xander’s clothes. Xander reached out and stroked a single finger over Spike’s jean clad cock.

“I love you, Spike.”

“I know, love.” Spike unbuttoned his own pants before tearing off his shirt. When he was somewhat undressed, his black jeans caught at his ankles, stopped by his Docs, Spike pounced.

Xander rolled them so that he could lick his way down Spike’s body to capture his straining cock. Spike’s purr grew louder and he twined his fingers into the sable locks of his mate. Spike grunted as he heard a knock on the door.

Xander never stopped in his rhythm, bobbing his head up and down Spike’s length as he struggled to untie the vampire’s Docs. He released Spike and began licking at his ball sac, dragging the heavy boots off of Spike’s feet and freeing his legs from the jeans.

Another knock and Spike growled. “Fuck off!” Angel took that as an invitation and walked into the room.

Xander’s ass was facing him as he kneeled in between Spike’s legs. Angel growled low, reaching out to touch the beauty before him. Spike hissed and pulled Xander up the bed, roaring at Angel and thrusting his mate behind him.

Xander panted, confused at having been pulled away from Spike’s cock. His lust-addled brain evaluated the situation and he grinned. He began to kiss and bite Spike’s neck, wrapping his arms around the pale form in front of him. Xander pinched pink nipples as Angel fell to the floor before Spike.

“I’m sorry, Spike, he’s just so…” Spike pulled away from Xander, reaching out to drag Angel onto the bed. He kissed his sire deeply.

“You can play, but do not touch what is mine. Is that understood?” Angel nodded, his eyes wide in anticipation. Spike moved back to his mate and began to lave the boy’s neck. Xander groaned and then howled when Spike’s fangs tore into his neck, once again laying claim to his body.

Angel looked on in abject lust, unsure of just what to do. He couldn’t touch Xander, could he touch Spike? He reached out an arm and stroked one lean leg. Spike never released his hold on his mate’s throat, but reached out to lay a hand on Angel’s, offering his approval without words.

Angel jumped off the bed and quickly tore his clothes off. Spike took advantage of his absence to lay his consort out on the bed. Xander rolled them, covering Spike’s smaller form with his own. He kissed Spike and moved his lips down to his lover’s neck. He bit hard, drawing a small amount of blood, earning a pleased growl from his mate.

Angel climbed back onto the bed, running his hands up and down Spike’s side, careful not to touch the warm skin that beckoned him. He knew that if he touched Xander, he wouldn’t leave the room in one piece.

Spike shoved Xander off of his body, giving his sire a larger expanse of skin to touch. Xander leaned over Spike, biting his nipples, drawing them into tight nubs. Angel kissed down Spike’s torso, licking the area of skin between thigh and stomach.

Spike grabbed a fistful of dark hair and guided Angel to his erection. Angel shuddered. He hadn’t taken a lover in over a hundred years. In fact, the last person he had bedded was currently combing his fingers through Angel’s hair, tugging and stroking the fine strands.

Angel wrapped his lips around Spike’s cock, working the member in the way that once drove the younger vampire mad with desire. Spike smiled up at Xander, who was kneeling beside him. “Want to see what it’s like to be inside someone?” Xander’s eyes lit up and he scrambled down to the end of the bed, positioning himself behind Angel.

“What do I do, Spike?”

Spike moaned and wrapped his fingers tighter through his sire’s hair. Xander waited patiently as Spike struggled for control. “Lube, pet. Get the lube.”

Xander crawled back up the bed to dig through the bedside table. Liberating the tube from the overfull drawer, he returned to his position behind the older vampire.

“Ok, love. Now pour some over that great expanse of ass and start rubbing it in with your fingers.”

Angel jumped slightly when the cold lube hit his skin. Angelus almost never bottomed. He had screwed young William in every position imaginable, but had only allowed Spike inside seven spectacular times. Angelus had liked it too much to allow it to happen more often. He would have submitted to Spike in a second, thereby destroying the entire sire/childe relationship. He always suspected that Spike knew it, too.

Xander slipped two fingers into Angel, not feeling the need to be gentle. After insuring that the opening was thoroughly coated with slick, Xander smeared some on his cock and lined himself up. He looked over at Spike who was watching him intently.

“Go ahead, Xan. I want to see.” Spike’s fingers remained tangled, Angel began to suck furiously at Spike’s twitching cock and Xander pushed into the cool depths, never taking his eyes off of his love.

“Oh, Spike! So tight!” Xander thrust harder into Angel’s unresisting ass. Spike grinned at the look of pleasure on his consort’s face. Xander’s first time. Spike was thrilled that Xander was experiencing the exact same sensations that he himself had felt all those years ago when Angelus had first allowed him in.

Angel bit down gently on Spike’s dick, causing the blond to jump and thrash. Angel allowed his fangs to drop slightly and he scraped the skin around the base of Spike’s cock as he deep throated him, drawing the scent of blood in through his mouth.

Spike groaned and shot his cool seed into his sire’s waiting mouth. Angel released him with a gasp, panting as Xander continued to thrust into him. Spike wriggled out from under Angel and pushed Xander away from the older vampire.

“Spike!” Xander threw his best pout at his mate and Spike rolled his eyes.

“Patience, pet.” He tossed Angel onto his back and maneuvered Xander so that he was lying atop the other brunette. Legs were adjusted and Xander happily slipped back inside Angel as Spike knelt next to Angel’s head, watching as his lover fucked the older vampire.

It was so fucking erotic.

Spike leaned over Angel and pulled Xander to him. Xander reached out and sliced open Spike’s neck with his ring, quickly dropping his hand back down for support. Never losing his rhythm, Xander cocked his head to the side. Spike plunged his fangs back into his mark and Xander latched onto the wound he had made.

Angel watched the two in silence. The feelings that were filling him were so primal and familiar; he wanted nothing more than to let go. Angelus roared and freed himself from the cage he had struggled against for so long.

Blood dripped carelessly from two necks and ran across cool skin.

A final thrust and cool semen spurted across Angelus’ chest, mixing with the blood. Xander released Spike’s neck and howled, filling Angelus with his heat. Spike immediately pulled Xander from Angelus’ depths and slammed his consort down on his reinvigorated cock.

Xander rode Spike with abandon. Angelus watched jealously, but contained himself, choosing to respect his childe’s wishes. Spike came with a roar and golden eyes suddenly drove into Angelus’ brown ones.

“Sire?” Xander turned at Spike’s whispered comment, staring at Angelus. He scrambled off of Spike’s lap and sat beside his mate, watching the older vampire warily.

“Childe.” Angelus reached out a hand and stroked Spike’s sharp cheekbone. He smiled at Xander, the desire to touch the younger brunette burning in his eyes. “Thank you for freeing me.” Angelus rose from the bed and strode from the room, leaving his clothes lying where they had fallen. Xander heard a door open and shut and knew that the vampire had retired to the room that Rodchester had prepared for him.

Spike looked at Xander in wonder. “That was Angelus!” Xander smiled and the two lovers moved down in the bed, drawing the covers over their bodies before falling into the arms of sleep, eager to seek each other out in their dreams.

Part Eleven

The afternoon found Rodchester sleeping underneath the kitchen table. Willow looked at him curiously, wondering why the minion didn’t sleep in one of the other four bedrooms she had discovered when wandering the house.

Willow had considered leaving and going back to her own apartment, but she wasn’t sure she could face anyone right now, even Tara. She was confused and needed to find someplace that she could sit and meditate in peace.

Opening the refrigerator door, she discovered a bowl of grapes. She picked up the bowl and sent a quick prayer to the goddess that the fruit was still edible. She sat at the table, careful not to step on the sleeping vampire. She grinned. Xander’s life was strange.

Spike stalked into the room, causing Willow to jump in fright. “No worries, Red, just need to get my pet some food. Rodchester!” The minion’s head struck the bottom of the table as he jerked awake. “Xander’s hungry.”

Rodchester scurried out from under the table and began preparations for the morning meal. “Don’t forget that you need to feed Red here, too.”

Willow smiled at Spike’s thoughtfulness, then frowned, remembering. “Where’s Buffy?” Spike shrugged and glanced around the kitchen as if she was hiding in the corner.

“Have no idea. Angelus put her up somewhere.” He looked at the young woman closely. “I remember you. You were dancing with Xan and the Slayer. Was temped to taste you that night, you looked so sweet and inviting.”

Willow blushed and stammered. She wasn’t real sure how to take that. “Um, thanks?” Spike nodded and strode from the room. Willow followed behind, intrigued by the vampire.

Spike threw himself down on the couch and lit a cigarette, blowing the smoke away from Willow. “Sit, Red. Food’ll be ready soon.” Willow sat down next to Spike, confused as to why she felt so comfortable with him. He was a vampire, a killer; he was… really cute with his hair all messed up.

Xander walked into the room and Willow blushed. She just thought that her best friend’s boyfriend was cute. Xander apparently agreed, because he grinned at Spike and climbed into his lap, wrapping the dark blond hair around his fingers.

“Look at you.” Xander leaned in and kissed Spike on the mouth. Willow watched, amazed as Spike carefully held his cigarette away from Xander. “All sleepy and curly headed.” More kisses were exchanged. Xander finally climbed from Spike’s lap and wandered into the kitchen. Rodchester approached him with a plate full of food and Xander returned to Spike’s lap, plate in hand.

“Hey Wills. How did you sleep?”

Willow jumped when the minion appeared at her side, offering her a plate. She accepted it with a wary smile and began to eat. “Slept fine. This is wonderful!” She shoved more into her mouth.

“I know. That’s why I picked him. He was the chef –slash-concierge at this hotel we stayed at in Vegas. Man, after all the crappy food we ate there, I wasn’t letting this one go.” Willow shrunk back. Her Xander would have never allowed something like that to happen. Her Xander wouldn’t have chosen someone and had him turned just to serve him.

Xander glanced at Willow, almost reading her thoughts. “I’m different, Willow. I am the consort of Spike, William the Bloody. I’m different.”

Spike proved Xander’s point by leaning in and piercing his consort’s neck, allowing the blood to flow. He kept an eye on Willow as he licked up the length of Xander’s throat, collecting every drop of the precious fluid.

Willow shuddered and returned to her food.

Angelus prowled out of his room, disgusted with the clothing he had been provided. He flung the cotton fabric at Spike, who was sitting on the couch with his consort in his lap. “What is this shite? Send your man out to get me some real clothes!”

Spike grinned up at his sire. “Rodchester! Give my sire his clothing!” The minion arrived with leather pants and a silk shirt in hand.

“Much better,” purred Angelus. He dragged on the pants before turning to look at Spike and Xander. Xander was asleep on Spike’s lap, his head lolling back on his lover’s shoulder. Angelus could see dried blood on Xander’s lips and knew that Spike and Xander had exchanged blood, again.

At the end of the couch, Willow lay curled up in a ball, moaning in her sleep. “Where’s the Slayer, Angelus?” Spike questioned his sire.

“Garage. Couldn’t find a decent place to chain her so I stuck her in the trunk of the DeSoto. Why do you still have that piece of crap anyway?” Spike looked offended and Xander growled in his sleep, turning his face towards Angelus.

“He always like that?” Angelus pointed at Xander.

“Yeah,” Spike replied proudly.

“Lock the witch in the bedroom and have your minion keep an eye on her. Let’s go get this fucking thing out of me.” Angelus pulled on the shirt and stormed down to his room. Spike roused Xander and the two went into their bedroom to dress and prepare for the battle.

The Initiative had not changed anything since their successful rescue of Angel. Spike and Xander led Angelus directly to the door hidden in the depths of the drainage system. Xander stunk of fear and Spike pressed his lover into the wall, piercing his throat in a swift move, calming his mate with his touch.

Angelus twitched when the scent of Xander’s blood reached him. The boy was absolutely delicious. He was going to have to find himself a pet, soon. He wanted to feel that warmth again.

Angelus growled and pulled Spike away from his consort as their embrace became more passionate. Xander stayed against the wall, panting, flushed from his lover’s kisses.

“Later,” Angelus growled. Spike stalked down the length of the pipe, licking Xander’s blood from his lips. He fiddled with the wires that were still hanging from the doorway, glancing back at Xander when the door slid open.

Xander walked up to Spike’s side and Spike leaned in to clean the last of the blood from Xander’s neck. “Finish that later, love.” A final lick and the two lovers followed Angelus into the pristine hallway.

“What’s the plan?” Xander’s muttered question rang out loudly.

Angelus hissed back, “Get this fucking thing out of me, then burn the place down.” Spike quirked an eyebrow at his consort and Xander laughed, slapping his hand over his mouth to contain the laughter. Spike grinned back and Angelus snarled at the pair. “Shoulda’ left you both at the house.”

They found a stairwell that Xander and Spike had missed their first time in the complex and silently treaded down to the bottom floor. Angelus pushed the door open, extending his senses, testing the air for anyone who might be around.

He moved forward, uncertain as to what he should be looking for. “Psst!” Xander’s hiss caught his attention and the young brunette waved both vampires over to him. He pointed at the window embedded in a solid door. Spike peered through the glass and nodded. Counting silently, Spike and Xander rushed through the door, grabbing the white-coated man before he even knew they were in the room.

Spike held the man firmly as Xander tapped out commands on the computer lying on the counter. Angelus looked around the room, wondering what his childe’s consort was doing. He could see nothing in this room that could get rid of the tracer in his body.

“Here!” Xander exclaimed. Angelus peered over Xander’s shoulder at a picture of himself. It was a close up of his beaten and bruised face. Xander scrolled through several pages before stopping and pointing at a diagram. “It’s in your hip.” Angelus slapped a beefy hand over the indicated area. “I can cut it out,” Xander commented confidently.

Spike smirked at the expression on his sire’s face. His consort was doing an excellent job of intimidating the older vampire.

“Spike, knock that guy out or eat him or something and get over here and help.” Xander shoved Angelus out of the way and began preparing the room for surgery.

“Do have any idea what you are doing?” Angelus asked uneasily.

“My consort can take apart and put together just about anything. It’s his gift.” Spike’s pride was obvious in his voice. Xander grinned and walked over to Spike, kissing his mate passionately. Spike pulled away long enough to smash the panicked technician over his head and reached out for his mate, allowing the white clad tech to drop to the floor.

Xander clung to Spike, pulling back long enough to slice Spike’s neck with his ring, before latching onto the wound. Xander swooned as Spike’s powerful blood passed his lips, the taste offering comfort and reassurance. Angelus growled, but was ignored by the other two men. He got the message, understanding that he was not their priority and would have to be patient if he wanted their help.

Finally, the pair broke apart and Xander turned to Angelus. “Strip and get on the table, face down.” Angelus dropped his pants and climbed onto the table, wondering what was going to happen.

Spike walked over to the door, keeping an eye out for anyone who might need to come into the room. Xander found a scalpel and began cutting into Angelus’ flesh, drawing out a howl from the vampire. “Shut the fuck up, Angelus! Do you want someone to find us?” Xander slapped the vampire on the ass before returning to his task.

Five minutes later, Xander had found what he was looking for. He pulled out the small silicone chip, holding it in front of Angelus so that he could see it. “Here’s your problem.” Angelus snarled at the chip, grabbing it out of Xander’s fingers.

Xander rolled his eyes at Spike and began sewing up his mate’s sire. He slapped Angelus on the ass once again, drawing a warning growl from the chest of the older vampire. “All done. Let’s get out of here.”

Angelus climbed off the table, wincing at the pain in his hip as he pulled up his pants. He was sure that Xander had done more carving than was actually necessary to get the chip out. Spike looked back from where he was standing with Xander.

“You’re not bringing that with you, are you?” Spike indicated the bloody chip in Angelus’ hand.

Angelus looked down at the small chip and shook his head. “No.” He dropped it to the floor and crushed it beneath his boot.

“Let’s go.” Xander’s nervousness has reappeared and he was eager to get out of the complex, he needed to get his mate away from the psychotics that ran the place. Spike purred quietly and pulled Xander close, knowing that his mate was worried.

Suddenly, a shape passed by the window and Spike and Xander hit the floor. Angelus heard them drop and immediately reacted, hitting his head on the table as he fell to the floor.

Angry voices filtered through the heavy door. “What do you mean you lost them? You went all the way to Texas and you lost them?” Spike caught the scent of the people outside the door and looked at Xander. Xander sniffed the air, understanding what Spike was trying to tell him. Four soldiers, all of whom had participated in the attack in Fredericksburg, and one female stood outside the door.

Spike nodded to the back of the room, and Xander began creeping across the floor. When he reached Angelus, he grabbed the stunned vampire and dragged him along behind him. Spike followed, keeping his eyes and ears focused on what was happening outside the room.

A groan caught his attention and he cursed himself for not killing the tech when he had a chance. The voices outside the door paused and Spike cursed again. “Fuck!” He scrambled across the floor and grabbed his mate and his sire. “There has to be another way out of here.”

Xander looked around and finally pointed at a door half-hidden behind a row of filing cabinets. The mated pair moved across the room and began shoving the cabinets out of the way, giving them access to the door.

Spike forced it open and peered through it, seeing nothing but an empty hallway. He nodded and dragged Xander out the door, seeing his sire struggling to his feet behind them.

The three raced down the hallway and found themselves at an open entrance to the cavernous room that held the demon prisoners. “Shit!” Xander muttered under his breath and looked around the room. Armed guards stood in various positions around the room, all obviously on alert for anything out of the ordinary.

Spike looked around the room and finally decided on a plan. “Let’s go.” He grabbed Xander’s hand and began walking confidently across the room. The guards turned and focused their weapons on the pair, but Spike simply ignored them.

Shots rang out, piercing cool and warm flesh alike, but the pair kept moving forward. When they reached the other side of the room, Angelus roared and the soldiers spun to focus on the new threat.

Spike quickly ran his fingers over Xander, checking for serious injuries. Xander’s warm eyes burned into Spike’s cool ones and the pair nodded in synchronization. They released each other and raced to the closest soldiers, snapping necks each time they reached one. Angelus joined in the fray, limping as his hip split open under the stress.

When all of the guards were subdued, Xander looked around for an escape route while Spike hunted for a distraction. “We should go out the same way we came in!” Xander shouted and pointed towards the hallway that was somewhat visible several floors up.

Spike nodded his agreement and laughed aloud. He had found his distraction. He grabbed one of the dead soldiers and frisked him, coming up with a card key. He ran the key through the station that he had found and hit a button. The walls trapping the demons in the cells flickered and then disappeared.

The demons that were capable left their cages, looking for prey, seeking revenge. More soldiers entered the room at the same time and the two groups immediately attacked. Spike raced over to Xander and looked around for his sire. Angelus raced towards them, an evil glint in his eye.

“Found a small armory.” Angelus held up a handful of explosives. He triggered them and the trio sped out of the room, heading towards freedom. They almost made it to the door to the tunnel when the explosives went off. Angelus howled in triumph and the mated pair laughed at the elder vampire’s exuberance.

They raced back into the drainage tunnel and Xander jerked Spike to a stop. The adrenalin rush from the surgery and escape was overwhelming. He had to possess his mate.

Xander fell to his knees in front of Spike, drawing out the vampire’s swollen cock and sucking hard. Spike dropped his head back against the wall and thrust into his lover’s mouth. His orgasm quickly rushed from his body and Xander stood, closing Spike’s jeans.

“Let’s get out of here.” Spike leaned in and licked a trace of himself off of Xander’s lips and they both laughed.

Willow watched the news on the TV in her bedroom. There were fire engines, police cars and ambulances all over the campus. Lowell House had burned to the ground, falling through the ground into an apparent natural crater underneath the fraternity. Willow knew better.

She chewed her bottom lip, hoping that Xander and Spike had made it out of the complex alive. She knew that it had to have been them that set off the explosions that had brought down the Initiative.

She looked at the locked door and back at the TV. Goddess, she hoped they had made it out in time.

Buffy woke slowly, unaware of her surroundings. Finally, she figured out that she was trapped in the trunk of a car. She wiggled around in her makeshift prison, banging at the walls, trying to find a way out. After about fifteen minutes, she gave up. She was weak and thirsty and couldn’t remember what had happened.

She remembered going to find Angel and finding him with Spike and Xander. Xander! Her friend had disappeared without word, running off with a vampire. Buffy began losing consciousness, drifting back into the darkness.

Part Twelve

Spike and Xander crashed into the door, unable to keep their hands off each other. Angelus followed behind, more subdued. Rodchester opened the door, allowing Spike and Xander to fall into the house, landing in the foyer. Angelus stepped over the pair, shoving them out of the way so that he could shut the door.

Spike rolled them so that he was lying on top of his consort. “Wanna fuck?”

A scarred eyebrow went up and Xander grinned at the look on his mate’s face. Xander nodded and the two struggled to their feet.

Angel’s voice broke through their lust. “What about the Slayer?”

Both men stopped in their tracks. They had forgotten about Buffy. “We don’t want to fuck her. You can if you want.” Spike nodded in agreement and the couple began kissing once again.

“That is not what I meant!” Angelus snarled.

Spike looked at Xander, wondering what his consort would decide. Xander looked back, considering. “What will we do with Willow?”

Spike shrugged. “Turn her? She seems to like Rodchester and it wouldn’t hurt to have a witch on our side.”

“I don’t have a problem with your turning her, but I’m not sure I want to be responsible for another fledge.” Xander looked contemplative, gnawing on his lip. Spike leaned in and took the abused lip in his own mouth, piercing it with a fang, drawing in the essence of his lover.

Angelus was quiet while Spike and Xander talked, considering what turning Willow might mean. “I’d take her.” Xander looked at Angelus and shrugged.

“As long as you treat her right…” Xander trailed off when Spike’s fangs broke through his skin. He moaned and dropped his head back. “Spike, you turn her, I don’t want him having a sire’s control over her.” Spike nodded, tugging at Xander’s skin in the process.

“Slayer first.” Spike latched back on to Xander’s neck the moment the words passed his lips. He released the wound after a moment, looking up at his lover. “You need to taste her blood, love. Slayer blood is simply amazing.” Spike grinned at his sire, knowing that the older vampire had never indulged in that particular treat.

They headed for the garage, pausing in the kitchen so that Xander could get Rodchester started on supper. As they entered the garage, the men could sense that the Slayer was awake and trying to control her breathing and heartbeat.

Xander flipped the light on and checked the doors. When he made sure that Buffy couldn’t escape, he looked around for weapons. Their garage had nothing made of wood in it, so he turned the light back off and moved to the trunk.

He held up a hand and could see two pair of glowing golden eyes peering at him through the darkness. He popped the trunk and sprang away, knowing that even with his increased strength, he was no match for the Slayer.

Buffy flew from her confinement, seeking out the enemy. One blow, two, to her head and she fell to the floor under Angelus’ onslaught. “Thought you’d be more of a challenge.” Buffy flinched at the sound of Angelus’ voice.


“No. Not Angel.” Another blow made contact and Buffy could hear the sounds of heavy breathing echoing throughout the room. Angelus pulled away from his prey, glaring through the darkness. “Do you have to do that now?” Moans answered his question and he sighed, leaning against the car, waiting for Xander and Spike to return to the task at hand.

Buffy climbed to her feet only to be struck back down. Spike released Xander and stalked over to the Slayer, pulling her up and holding her in a Vampire’s embrace. “Pet? Come here.” Xander walked over and stood in front of Buffy, a reverse of their usual hunting position.

Buffy struggled and struck out at the two strong bodies that were pressed up against her. Buffy couldn’t see anything, it was too dark. She heard a low chuckle and froze, the sound of Angelus’ throaty laugh terrifying her. Spike jerked her hard against him, forcing the air from her lungs. She tried to fight and the arms tightened even more.

Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she realized what was happening. She was going to die.

Spike pierced the Slayer’s throat, opening a wound for his consort. Xander drank deeply, feeling the power of the Slayer flood through his system. He stepped away, waving Angelus into his position. Spike and Angelus struck as one, fangs burying deeply into the neck of their prey. They dropped the lifeless body to the ground and then kissed deeply.

Xander stepped up behind Spike and ran his fingers along both vampires’ erections. “Let’s take this to our room.” Xander carefully pulled his mate away from his sire and led them to the master bedroom. Rodchester was waved away and the trio stripped as they moved down the hallway.

Willow pressed her ear against the door, listening as the three men passed. Obviously she wasn’t going to be let out any time soon. She turned back to the bed, wondering what was going to happen to her.

Angelus growled when he was shoved down on the bed. “You want to play again, Sire?” Angelus nodded. “Same rules apply.” Angelus thought back to their previous encounter, the encounter that had freed him from his pesky soul.

“No problem.” He reached out for Spike and drew the smaller vampire down on top of him. They began to kiss, fangs coming to the fore, blood spilling across the sheets. Xander leaned back on the headboard, cock in hand, watching as his mate seduced his sire.

When blood began to flow, Xander groaned and leaned in, lapping at Spike and Angelus’ lips, joining in the kiss. Spike growled when his sire’s attention moved to his mate and Angelus quickly backed away. Spike captured Xander’s lips and the lovers embraced, drawing on their mutual need.

Spike pulled back and examined Xander’s torso, leaning in to kiss the marks left behind by the soldier’s bullets. Spike hated to see his lover’s perfect skin marred, no matter how briefly. He probed the wounds gently, looking Xander over to insure that there were no bullets left in his body. Each bullet hole on Xander’s abdomen had a matching exit wound on his back. “Poor, love. You ok?” Xander nodded and Spike returned to kissing him breathless.

Spike glanced down at his sire, breaking the kiss. “Want to see you fuck him one more time, love.” Angelus quickly turned onto his stomach, eager to feel Xander’s heat once more. Xander snarled and Angelus felt a cool liquid run down his buttocks.

Xander tossed the bottle of lube to Spike and thrust without warning into Angelus’ cool cavern. They both groaned at the unfamiliar sensation. Xander looked in Spike’s eyes, drawing on his mate’s strength. “Thank you, Spike. I never knew what this could be like. Love you so much.” He grunted as he thrust harder into Angelus’ ass, never breaking eye contact with his mate.

Angelus rolled his hips and moaned under Xander’s touch, the heat of their joining burning into his flesh. He knew it wouldn’t be long, he could feel his orgasm building up from his toes.

He could smell Spike’s arousal, a scent that was once as familiar as his own. Angelus panted and gasped, unable to maintain any control under Xander’s touch. Angelus moaned and howled as he came, his cool seed shooting across the bed. Spike quickly shoved him out of the way and pounced on his mate, rolling them to the floor.

As soon as their bodies hit the floor, Spike lifted Xander and dropped him onto his lubricated cock. Xander growled when Spike’s cool length split him, pushing harder into the pain.

Spike thrust into his lover’s ass, pinching Xander’s nipples. Xander rode Spike roughly, grunting with the effort. “Spike!” Spike sat up and shifted their position, wrapping Xander’s long legs around his waist. Xander ran a finger gently over Spike’s jugular before raising his ring to the smooth flesh. He sliced the skin and latched his mouth over the wound as Spike bit into his throat.

Xander threw his head back, allowing Spike to feed unimpaired. He could smell Angelus’ release and the scent of blood and come was overwhelming. Xander groaned weakly and Spike released his hold, looking deeply into his mate’s eyes.

Xander wrapped his arms around Spike’s neck and pulled his mate closer so that their foreheads touched. “Love you, love you… mine… my vampire.” Xander’s voice was hoarse, rumbling over his partner’s body like a velvet glove.

Spike’s eyes rolled back as Xander’s words broke through his pleasure. “Oh, Xander, yes, love… Yours. My mate, my love.” Both men moaned out their completion and collapsed to the floor, drifting into the arms of sleep.

Angelus looked down at the pair. He had always thought that his William loved like no other. He had been proved wrong. The pair had a powerful bond. He rolled off of the comforter and used it to cover the entangled lovers. He then crawled up and snuggled down under the sheet, bathing in the scents that surrounded him. He had to find himself a pet…

Rodchester moved away from the door and returned to the kitchen, wrapping up the food he had prepared and placing it back into the refrigerator.

Willow jerked awake as her bedroom door creaked open. She looked at the door, smiling when Xander’s face appeared. Spike walked in behind her friend and Willow sat up, drawing the covers to her chest. “You’re going to turn me, aren’t you?”

Spike nodded and Xander moved to wrap his arms around his childhood friend. “Spike is going to turn you and we’ll keep you with us for about a year. You need your sire for at least that long. After that, if you’re ready, Angelus will take you.” Willow’s eyes widened as she listened to Xander calmly detail her death.

“Will it hurt?”

Spike moved to her other side. “Not if I don’t want it to. I’ll be a good sire. Anything you want, you will have, with only two exceptions. Xander belongs to me and I belong to him. You will not come between us at any time. My consort has asked that I not partake in sire’s rights with you and I will respect his request. Understand?”

Willow nodded and Xander laid her back on her pillow. He began to unlace her peasant top. The top that Tara had bought for her. “Tara!”

Xander pulled back and looked at her questioningly. “Tara? Who is that?”

“Tara is my girlfriend. I don’t want to hurt her. Spike please! Don’t let me hurt her!” Both males could feel the panic thrumming through Willow’s slight form.

Spike pulled Willow’s hands away from his chest. “We’ll leave town as soon as you awaken.” Willow nodded and leaned back into Xander’s embrace. Xander continued unlacing her top, exposing her small breasts.

Spike leaned in and pierced a pink nipple, allowing the blood to spray into his mouth. He grabbed Xander by the neck and drew his mate down to taste Willow’s warm blood. Willow shook in fear, but Xander’s weight was reassuring.

Spike straddled Willow’s waist, Xander kneeling beside him. Spike leaned his head down to Willow’s throat, gently allowing his fangs to pierce her skin. Willow’s emerald eyes locked with Xander’s and Xander watched as the life faded from her. He smiled when she took her last breath and reached for Spike’s wrist.

Xander lifted his lover’s wrist to his mouth, kissing the non-existent pulse point gently. He sliced Spike’s wrist down to the bone and Spike pressed the wound against Willow’s mouth and she began to suckle. Xander leaned in and kissed Spike as his mate’s blood summoned a demon to his friend’s cold body.

After a time, Spike pulled his wrist away and Xander licked it shut. Spike pushed Xander to the floor and Xander reached out to open Spike’s fly, drawing out his erection. He laved the head the way he knew Spike liked before dropping his head down to engulf Spike completely.

Spike moaned and thrust into his lover’s mouth, grunting when Xander pulled him further off the bed, exposing his opening to the younger man. Xander slipped a finger into his mouth beside Spike’s cock and then slid it into Spike’s ass. The combination of Xander’s mouth stimulating his cock and his finger stimulating his prostate caused Spike to explode into his lover’s mouth. He grinned down at his mate as Xander swallowed his seed.

“I love you, Xander.”

“Love you, too, Spike.”

When Willow awoke, the first thing she was aware of was the bed shaking. The second thing she was aware of was her hunger. She could smell something tantalizing very close to where she was laying, but she couldn’t reach it. She snarled and growled when she realized that she was chained to the bed.

A snarl from her right caught her attention and she quieted immediately. She looked over to see her sire pounding into a brown-headed man. The man had his head thrown back and Spike’s fangs were buried in his flesh.

Willow pulled at her chains, desperate to partake of her sire’s meal. She reached for the man and Spike slapped her hand away, his claws drawing blood. Willow pouted, unsure as to why her sire wasn’t sharing his kill.

Memories began drifting through her consciousness and she found a name for the dark-headed man. Xander. Xander belonged to Spike and Spike belonged to Xander. She remembered!

A panicked squeak caught her attention and she turned her head to the left. A young woman lay next to her, bound and gagged. She knew this one too! “Harmony.”

The girl looked at her with wide eyes. Harmony struggled with her bonds, panic overtaking her system. The bed continued to shake and Xander began to grunt with each thrust of his lover’s hips.

Xander moaned happily and Willow could smell his seed spilling out of his body. The bed shook again and Spike released Xander’s neck to roar out his own orgasm before collapsing onto his consort. He turned and looked at his childe, his eyes gleaming. “Hungry?”

Willow nodded desperately and Spike reached out a hand to loosen her chains. She immediately lunged towards Harmony, rolling the woman off of the bed. Willow dove after her, becoming entangled in her restraints. She howled in frustration and began yanking at the chains, attempting to free herself.

A warm hand engulfed her ankle and she was dragged back onto the bed. “Calm down, Willow, we’ll make sure you get fed.” Willow’s golden eyes looked deep into the once familiar chocolate brown ones.

She could sense no fear from the human, only acceptance and strength. She could feel the power radiating from him. He belonged to Spike. He was her sire’s chosen Consort. He was her sire. Willow purred and pressed into Xander’s touch. Spike growled and she pulled her hands away. Right, Xander belongs to Spike. Willow pouted between her fangs.

Xander reached out and released Willow from her bonds, allowing her to drop to the floor, landing on top of the gift he had chosen for her. Harmony Kendall had teased Willow since kindergarten. Not anymore.

Spike watched as his childe disappeared beneath his field of vision. He pulled Xander to his chest and purred loudly. “It worked, she thinks of you as sire, too.” Xander smiled and both men glanced over when a red head appeared over the bed. Willow grinned through blood tinged fangs, and all Spike and Xander could do was smile back.

Angelus looked down at the paper in his hand. He looked back towards the house, wondering if he should go back for just one more moment with them. No, he had things to do. He had to protect his family.

He tossed the limp body over his shoulders and made his way down the familiar path to Revello Drive. He positioned Buffy’s body on the front porch; angling her so that the drawing would be the first thing anyone saw when they opened the door, followed by her pale face.

As he was examining his artistry, he heard a noise behind him. “Angel?” He turned.


The sunrise broke the horizon and Joyce yelled for her youngest daughter to get the paper. The front door opened and a scream broke the quiet tranquility of the morning.


“I hate England! It’s wet and foggy!” Each word passed forcefully from the brunette’s mouth.

“Shut up, pet, I’m trying to fuck you senseless.” Spike slapped Xander on the ass and continued to pound into his lover. Xander grinned and wiggled his ass, causing Spike to lose his rhythm. The vampire snarled and jerked at Xander’s hips. Xander lost his grip on the wingback chair that he had been leaning over and fell to the floor, the two men landing in a heap of tangled limbs.

Xander laughed and Spike unwound himself from his consort’s body. “Think that was funny, love?” Xander nodded and them gasped as Spike thrust back unto his body. Spike lost his composure when Xander squeezed his ass tightly around Spike’s cock and finally began to laugh along with his mate.

Xander grinned up at his partner and Spike smiled down. Lost in each other’s eyes and hearts, they didn’t hear the doorbell. The doorbell rang again, breaking through his lusty haze and Spike growled. No way was he leaving his warm body and warm fire to answer the bloody door. Rodchester scurried past, racing through the lengthy hallways, trying to reach the door before the person left.

Xander leaned his head back in offering to his lover. Spike leaned in and bit into Xander’s sweet flesh, earning a round of applause for his efforts. Spike released Xander’s neck and the two lovers looked to the side to see who was praising them.

“Willow!” Spike snarled as Xander tried to pull away. “Do you mind, childe? Go wait in the atrium, we’ll be there soon.” Willow laughed and stuck her tongue out at her sires before turning to look for Rodchester. The year that she had spent with her sires had shown her that baiting the minion was a wonderful pastime.

Spike returned to his lover’s neck. “It’s your fault she’s so cheeky. You let her get away with anything,” Spike whispered into his lover’s ear.

“Yeah right! Who was the one that always let her eat in bed? Rodchester never got all those sheets clean!” Xander’s retort ended suddenly. “Why are we fighting when we could be shagging?”

Spike shrugged and returned to his task of buggering his mate senseless.

The two men found Willow in the basement, chasing a naked Rodchester around the room. “No miss! I’d rather… Master!” Rodchester ran behind Xander and Xander chuckled.

“Willow, in all the time you have known Rodchester, have you ever been successful at getting him into bed?”

Willow considered Xander’s question. “Never.”

“Then why do you keep trying, pet?” Spike looked at his childe curiously.

Willow chewed on her bottom lip, looking every bit the child she had been so many years ago. “It’s fun?”

Xander grabbed her in a bear hug and carried her out of the room. Spike smiled at Rodchester then left the room to the embarrassed minion.

“Why do you really do it?” Xander whispered in Willow’s ear.

“It is fun. He’s been dedicated to you and only you for so long, that it’s a challenge to see what he’ll do in situations where you are not a component.”


“Nice house, by the way, Spike finally get his family’s digs back?” Willow looked around the atrium of the huge mansion, taking in the stained glass windows and warm gothic designs.

Xander looked around. “Yeah, it’s a little big for just the three of us, especially since Spike still makes Rodchester sleep under the kitchen table, so we have a lot of room to ourselves. I like the view though.” He opened the front door to gaze upon the beautiful park across the road. “Still hate England. Too wet.”

Willow shrugged. “Good for vamps though!” Spike joined the pair and the trio walked out to the waiting car.

Willow took the couple to the club where they were to meet Angelus. Xander whistled low. Lush gardens surrounded a large lake. The Hurlingham Country Club sparkled with life. Its Georgian façade was stunning and evocative of a long past age of grandeur and style. Spike pointed out two peacocks that darted across the drive as they approached the front gates.

As their driver pulled away, Xander and Spike looked around the beautifully landscaped gardens, opening their senses to search for their sire. They found him in the ballroom dancing with an older woman who was dripping with diamonds.

Xander scoffed and poked Spike in the side, pointed to the side of the dance floor. Cordelia stood there in a fire red dress, rubies decorating her long neck, emphasizing Angelus’ mark.

“You should hear her heart beat, pet. It’s off the charts. Wouldn’t want to be Angelus when she gets a hold of him.” Xander studied the jewels adorning Cordy’s neck, noting how they danced and shimmered against her throbbing pulse. He nodded in agreement and the two men walked over to join their sire’s pet.

A Maitre D’ stepped in front of the men, looking down his nose. “That is not appropriate attire. I am going to have to ask you…” Spike allowed his game face to flash at the chittering man. The man stammered, “Of course. Absolutely no problem.” Xander laughed and the two continued their journey.

Xander stepped up behind the woman who had once filled his dreams. “Dance?” Cordy beamed at him, shooting an ugly look at Angelus before joining Xander on the floor. The dance ended and Angelus released his dance partner, a diamond bracelet neatly tucked in his hand, before walking over to his childe.

“Is it ready sire?” Spike didn’t glance away from his mate as Xander moved gracefully across the floor.

“Yes. What is Xander doing with Cordelia?”

“Dancing, you tealeaf. If you would claim her proper, you wouldn’t have to worry about her running off with other people. What’s it been, five years? Everyone knows that you two are going to be together forever anyway. It’s only a matter of time before she forces you to turn her, or, for that matter, just asks me nicely…”

“Can it, Spike. Let’s go.”

Spike raised an eyebrow and Xander led Cordelia from the dance floor, joining his mate and sire before moving across the room. Two other figures appeared behind them, quietly joining the group.

Xander leaned over and kissed Spike’s ear. “Did it work?”

Spike looked at his sire who was arguing loudly with his pet several steps in front of them. “Oh, yeah. You should have seen his face when I said I would turn her!” Xander laughed and the pair kissed deeply before hurrying to catch up with the others.

“There she is!” Cordelia hissed at Xander, indicating a dark haired young girl standing beside a stuffy looking older man.

“Got it.” Xander stripped off his coat, leaving himself clad in a burgundy silk shirt that clung to his muscled chest and tight black chinos that Spike had forbidden him to wear outside their home. Spike scowled at his lover and Xander smiled indulgently as he handed his jacket to his mate.

Xander strutted across the room, aiming for the shy looking girl. He talked to her for a moment, charming her guardian as well, before leading her away towards the dance floor.

When he reached the archway that effectively blocked them from her guardian’s view, Xander leaned in to speak with the shy woman-child. “Why don’t we go to the conservatory and talk?” She nodded, unsure, and followed the handsome man towards the isolated room.

When they reached the conservatory, the girl tried to scream, realizing that she was surrounded by demons. She reached into her skirt for the stake that her watcher had insisted that she bring, but her hand was batted away by a beautiful blond man.

The blond grabbed her arm and shoved her towards the tallest vampire in the room before grabbing the man who had escorted her in. She gasped when the vampire bit into the brunette’s neck, fearing for the life of the man. She was more shocked when she saw the brunette man smile and slice the vampire’s neck open, twisting his head to lap at the crimson stream.

She gagged and struggled, stopping when the female vampire approached, looking at her curiously. Willow looked up at Angelus. “You know, I never realized how small Buffy was.”

Angelus smiled. “I know.” The terrified girl looked up when a screech resounded through the room.

“Get your hands off that cow, Angelus! I am tired of watching you paw your way through every female in this place!” Cordelia walked over and slapped the young woman in the face. “Penn! You take her!”

The fourth male walked over, his head tilted to the side. His three-piece Saville Road Suit emphasized his physique and the girl saw madness behind his gold-rimmed spectacles. “What is your name, my child?”

“M..molly.” She stammered under the demon’s frightening gaze. Penn reached out and drug his finger over Molly’s face, lightly touching her. Molly flinched when she realized that he had carved something into her skin.

“Damn it, Penn! You still doing that Puritan shit?” Spike had lifted his head from Xander’s neck just in time to see his brother carve the cross into the Slayer’s skin. “Thought you had grown out of that!”

Cordy rolled her eyes. “As if! He still needs to do his little serial killer thing in every town we visit!”

“Enough!” Angelus’ eyes were cold. “Do it.”

Willow stepped forward, her game face still in place. Molly could see that the vampire’s eyes were no longer gold, but an inky black. Dark veins scored across her skin and the Slayer watched in wonder as the lines criss-crossed across the demonic visage and her red hair turned to black.

“Hecate and Artemis I call on your powers.

Heed your humble supplicant.

Let that which binds work its will.

Enslave the Slayer and allow me to work my will.

Let the Champion of Mortals be bound to my will.

I beseech thee to allow the Pure to be bound to darkness and pain.

Bind her mind and hands to the power of my device.

So mote it be.”

Wind began to blow through the room, and Molly screamed, as something seemed to dig into her skull. The pain grew more intense and she finally blacked out. Willow continued to repeat her chant for several more minutes before stopping.

“Is that it, Elvira?” Xander grinned at Willow.

Willow crinkled her nose at her sire. “Yes, the chip is in and I did a sweep to wipe out her memories of us. Where’d you stash the fledge?” Willow looked at Penn and he pointed towards the darkest part of the garden.

Penn carried Molly out into the garden while Angelus helped Cordelia pick her way down the path. Spike and Xander hurried ahead to prepare the fledgling. When they all arrived, Angelus, Penn, Cordelia and Willow concealed themselves as Spike and Xander woke the Slayer.

They leapt behind the shrubbery just as Molly opened her eyes. The fledge, who had been drained to almost nothing by Willow, struggled to his feet, smelling the delicious scent of Slayer.

Molly spun around, trying to remember how she had gotten outside. Noticing the vampire, she pulled her stake that her watcher insisted that she carry out from under her skirt and attacked.

As soon as her stake pierced the vampire’s chest, a shot of pure agony struck her brain. Bright white light filled her senses and she collapsed to the ground, unable to withstand the onslaught.

Spike jumped out from behind the bush, staking the vampire and disappearing before the Slayer could regain her senses.

“Seemed to work, sire.” Spike caught Xander in a tight embrace, celebrating their victory with a kiss.

Angelus nodded and grinned. “Yes, it did.”

Cordelia tapped Willow. “Are you sure that you did the spell correctly? The chip will move with the spirit of the Slayer into each girl that is called?”

“Of course, I’m sure!” Willow’s voice was angry.

Angelus rolled his eyes at their interaction and wrapped an arm around each of his women. Xander and Spike joined hands and began strolling off in the other direction, stopping every few feet to kiss and grope. Penn tagged along behind his sire.

Angelus grinned evilly; his family was safe. The House of Aurelius had triumphed over the Slayer line once and for all.