The Gift

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Seven

Willow and Buffy banged harder on the thick wooden door. “Giles!” Buffy yelled, trying to get her watcher’s attention. Deciding that he wasn’t going to answer, Buffy looked around for anyone who might be able to see her, twisted hard and broke the lock to the front door.

They found him in a very familiar position, passed out on the floor, a half-empty bottle of something colored like urine and vile smelling lying beside him. The two girls sighed and went over to the man, lifting him off of the floor and dragging him into the bathroom to clean him up. They had had to do this too many times to count.

Angel woke to the smell of blood. Rodchester was standing at the end of his bed, a small mug in his hand. He held it out to Angel, silently offering it to him.

Angel quickly grabbed the mug and brought it to his lips. Three swallows and it was gone. It wasn’t enough! He hurled the mug at the wall, causing the younger vampire to jump and run from the room.

Xander walked in and glared. “What the hell do you think you are doing? This is my house! Clean that shit up!” He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Angel climbed off the bed and began picking up the shards of ceramic that littered the floor. Tears flowed from his eyes as he contemplated his life. What would have happened if Spike had seen through his ruse and had not accepted Xander? How would things have changed?

Spike looked down at his sire as he cleaned the floor. This couldn’t be the same Angelus that he had known. This Angel had not even noticed him opening the door. He shook his head sadly. Where had that beautiful demon gone? Had the soul changed him that much?

Spike shifted when he felt warm arms wrap around him, he leaned back into his lover’s embrace. They stood watching Angel for a long moment before he looked up at them. “Get dressed, we’re going out.” Spike shut the door as soon as the last words were out of his mouth. There had to be some way to get Angelus back.

Xander pushed Spike against the wall outside of the closed door. “What are you thinking?” He leaned in and kissed Spike’s neck, drawing intricate designs with his tongue.

Spike moaned and arched his neck for his lover. “My sire, Angelus, the Scourge of Europe is on the floor in our guestroom, picking up the bloody shards of a mug. How the mighty have fallen.”

Xander laughed and pulled away from Spike’s neck. “That is true. C’mon, let’s shower.”

Angel glanced up when the two men reappeared in the doorway. He was sitting on his bed, trying to block all sounds out. He had heard them as they showered. Screams of pain and pleasure had filled his senses and, for a time, he had lost the ability to hold his human mask.

Spike looked into the yellow eyes of his sire and smirked. “Let’s go.”

Angel stood, uncomfortable in the clothing that Xander’s minion had provided for him. He forced his game face to fade away as Xander and Spike both looked him up and down. They turned as one and walked towards the front of the house.

Xander swung open the door without warning and Angel flinched, jumping back when a stray ray of the setting sun reached him. He looked with fear at his childe. Spike was standing directly in a beam of light, his eyes closed as if he were soaking in the ray’s energy.

Xander saw Angel’s look and laughed. “I forgot you didn’t know. He can be in the sun now, something to do with the bonding. He’s still really sensitive, kinda like a photophobic, so we usually stay inside until almost dark.”

Angel gaped at Spike, seeing him for the first time in the light of the day. He was breathtaking. As the sun dropped over the horizon, Spike took Xander’s hand and the duo began walking down the street. Confused, Angel trailed behind them.

The house was just a few blocks from the main street in town. The walk to downtown was quiet and dark, the old fashioned homes creaking gently as they settled in for the night. It appeared that the residents of the town turned in early.

Downtown was a different story. As far as Angel could see, there were bright lights and people. As Xander and Spike led him down the sidewalk, he struggled to stay in his human guise. The scent of fresh blood called to him. A look from Spike told him that the younger vampire knew what he was feeling.

Xander nudged Spike and squeezed his hand. Angel watched as the lovers released their hold on each other and moved apart. He recognized their movements. They were predators on the hunt. They were beautiful.

Angel stopped and leaned against the side of a building, watching his childe and his consort woo two women who had apparently been shopping all day. The women preened and beamed under the attentions of the two handsome men, and Angel wasn’t sure if he wanted to run over and warn the women before the game got too far afoot, or if he wanted to go join in the fun.

Xander said something that made the women laugh and blush. Both men extended their elbows and took the packages that were weighing their prey down. Smiling, they walked over to Angel, each with a giggling female on his arm.

“This is our friend, Angel,” Spike purred. Angel could see the women swooning as Spike’s voiced spun a web of seduction around them. “C’mon, let’s go find a bite, yeah?” More giggling and the women followed Spike and Xander unquestioningly. They were led to a dark alleyway between two shops and Spike began kissing the woman on his arm.

Xander watched hungrily as Spike enticed his meal. Looking at Angel, he thrust the other girl towards him and went to join his mate. Angel looked down at the young woman in his arms and felt his demon surge. He struggled against it, turning his head so that she wouldn’t see.

Xander glanced over from where he stood wrapped around Spike and the now silent female in his arms. “If you don’t feed, Spike will and you will go hungry.”

Spike’s golden eyes glowed as he listened to his consort train his sire. What a powerful mate he had. He felt himself harden and dropped the mostly dead woman to the ground, turning to capture Xander’s lips in a bloody embrace.

Angel could feel the woman in his arms struggling, trying to get away, trying to scream. He held her close, unsure of what he should do. Apparently Spike and Xander were not going to supply him with blood unless he fed. He was weak, weaker than he had been in a hundred years and so hungry, but his soul…

The scent of fear drifted past and he succumbed to its call, sinking his fangs deeply into the soft throat before him. As the girl’s lifeless body dropped from his arms, he saw Xander and Spike watching him as they stroked each other through their jeans.

Angel fell to the ground beside the body in tears, crying silently for the life he had just stolen.

Xander dropped to his knees before Spike and pulled out his lover’s purpled cock, swallowing it into his throat as Angel watched through tear stained eyes.

Xander looked up at his lover, taking his pleasure from having the hard coolness of his mate filling his mouth. He smiled and dragged his teeth along the length of Spike’s cock, running his tongue behind, soothing the slight pain his teeth had brought.

Spike moaned and thrust into Xander’s mouth, his heat burning him as always. He felt Xander’s fingers creep over his body, pinching a nipple here, caressing a ball there. Spike leaned down and captured a roaming digit in his mouth. Wetting it. Preparing it. Xander slipped the digit between Spike’s firm cheeks, thrusting in and rubbing Spike’s prostate as he swallowed around the head of his cock.

Spike looked into the eyes of his sire. Angel sat, watching greedily as Xander brought Spike to completion. The blond vampire could see jealousy and desire fighting for dominance in Angel’s eyes and knew that Angelus was trying to make his way back.

Xander swallowed one more time and Spike erupted, pouring his seed into Xander’s mouth, filling him with the salty-sweet fluid. Xander cleaned him gently with his tongue before tucking him back into his jeans and buttoning him up. Spike drew him into a kiss, drinking in Xander’s mouth, cleaning his essence out until all he could taste was his mate.

After the kiss, he pressed Xander against the wall and teased him with tiny thrusts, barely brushing against the head of Xander’s swollen member. “Hungry, love?” Xander nodded, pulling against Spike, trying to increase the contact between them. “Then let’s go.”

Spike pulled away from his lover and they walked from the alley, leaving Angel with the two dead women. Angel struggled with what to do. He wanted to grab Spike and force him to submit, force him to give his mate to his sire, but the thought sickened him. What was he going to do?

Spike laughed, happiness filling his undead soul. “Did you see?” Xander smiled and nodded, Spike’s pleasure at his sire’s response bleeding through their link.

“I did see. He’s doing well. Wonder if he’ll come back to the house tonight?” Spike shrugged and tugged Xander towards the door of Xander’s favorite restaurant. They served all types of German specialties and Xander was working his way through the menu, trying everything they offered him.

They walked past the long line of tourists that were waiting to be seated. The seating hostess recognized the pair and smiled. “Mr. Bradley, Mr. Harris, right this way, sirs.” She led them to a secluded booth that the staff kept for regular patrons and that tourists were never allowed to see.

Xander ordered as Spike looked around the room. “Bloody tourists.”

Xander snorted and he kicked his mate under the table. “A few years ago, we were the tourists.” Spike rolled his eyes and motioned at the bartender across the room. Soon two glasses of scotch were placed before them.

Both men felt Angel’s approach. Xander stood and sat next to Spike, leaving the other side of the booth open for their sire. Angel slid into the booth and studied the table, not talking.

Xander and Spike continued their conversation. “The fact of the matter is, we’re not the bloody tourists anymore. Everyone in town knows us and loves us.” Xander laughed in response to Spike’s statement.

“They love me, you dolt. They think that you are a lazy shift-about who I support in exchange for kinky sex.”

Spike leered and groped Xander under the table. “Then they have it right, don’t they?”

Just then the waitress brought out their meals. Xander had ordered for both of them and Spike dug into his immediately. The waitress looked at Angel. “Would you like to order?” Angel shook his head, suddenly queasy.

“No, thank you.”

“Mr. Bradley?” Spike nodded and the waitress left. Angel looked confused and both Xander and Spike laughed. The waitress returned with a hot fudge sundae, which she placed in front of Spike, taking away his plate of half-eaten food.

She returned again moments later with a Styrofoam box containing the rest of Spike’s meal. She handed it to Xander and left to refill their glasses.

Angel was amazed. “Good service here.” Xander nodded, still filling his mouth with food. Spike licked the quickly cooling chocolate off of his spoon. After making sure the spoon was clean, he pointed it at Xander.

“They love this git. He goes around town, hiring himself out as a handyman, can fix just about bloody everything. He built our house, you know.” Spike dove in for another large spoonful of ice cream as Angel looked questioningly at Xander.

“So you build houses for them and then seduce their children to bring them home to your evil bloodsucking mate?” Xander lifted an eyebrow as the patrons at the tables around them turned to stare at their table when Angel’s voice rose.

Xander snorted and continued to eat, ignoring the sarcastic question. Instead, Spike answered. “No, he doesn’t. He builds their houses, fixes their plumbing does their gardening, their automotive work, their electrical work, helps with sick animals and just about any other job that you can think of that someone might need done, then he brings me home a tourist to munch on.”

Xander nodded. “We like the people that live here, they’re nice.” The waitress appeared the moment that Xander swallowed the last bite. “Anything else? Ok. Thank you for coming, see you tomorrow, Mr. Harris?”

“Yep, bright and early, gotta get home to my man before lunch time.”

The waitress grinned at Xander, eyeing Spike greedily. “Lucky you!” Xander and Spike laughed and rose from the table. As Angel trailed behind them to the door, he grabbed Spike’s arm.

“You didn’t pay.”

Spike shrugged out of Angel’s grip. “Didn’t have to. Xander does enough work for them that they feed us for free.” He took Xander’s hand and the trio walked back towards home.

“Xander is alive? I don’t understand…” Giles sat in his chair, his head wet and a cup of hot tea in his hands.

“All my dreams, they were about him! Then the guy that Willow and I saw last week popped into my head and I just knew. It was Xander. We have to find him.” Buffy leaned towards Giles as she spoke, emphasizing her words with her motions.

“Willow?” Giles turned to look at the redhead. Willow’s face was only a shade or two lighter than her hair and tear tracks stained her cheeks.

“It was him. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize him, but it was Xander.”

Something surged within Giles, something that he had lost the day that Xander had been declared dead.


Part Eight

Xander woke up in his usual position, Spike splayed out across him, limbs entangled. He smiled and tightened his grip on his lover. He had never imagined that he could ever be so happy. Spike was his world, and he didn’t want it any other way.

His friends in Sunnydale would have never understood why he had accepted Spike’s proposal, for that was exactly what it had been. He had seen it in Spike’s eyes when he had talked about consorts.

He had spent the last four years with a killer, a murderer of innocents and he loved it. In fact, he had started helping Spike hunt less than a year after they had bonded. He remembered the night clearly.

Xander looked around. Spike was still out. Damn, what a dream! Apparently it was Spike’s night to contribute the memory. He had dreamt that he was hunting. Lying in their bed, he could remember the thrill, the adrenaline rush.

Xander sat up. His heart was still pounding and he wanted desperately to be with Spike. He knew the vampire was out feeding. Over the last year, he had come to accept that Spike ate humans. He never made an issue of it and Spike never brought it up.

Right now, though, he needed his mate. He tossed on some clothes that had been discarded on the floor. Opening the front door, he tried to remember where they were. The last town was in… New Mexico, maybe? He shrugged.

Pulling on his leather jacket, Xander strode into the night, hunting the hunter.

He found Spike at a bar, talking with a beautiful blonde. He walked over and drew his lover against him possessively. “Mine,” he snarled at the woman. She looked startled and quickly walked away.

Spike jerked Xander around and pressed his lips against the warm mouth of his lover. “Yours,” he whispered. Drawing away, Spike frowned. “That was my dinner, love. Now what am I going to eat?”

Xander flushed and glanced around the bar. He noticed a petite brunette sitting alone at the bar. “What about her?”

Spike grinned. “Fine, pet. Go get her.”

Xander hesitantly walked towards the woman. When she looked up at him, he smiled automatically. The young woman beamed appreciatively at him. He asked her to dance and drew her out onto the dance floor. As he led her around the dance floor he sent silent thanks to his lover for teaching him how to dance. Xander looked up and into deep blue eyes filled with passion and desire.

Spike watched from across the room. He was hardening in his pants. Watching his consort procure a meal for him was intoxicating. He glanced towards the door and Xander nodded.

“Come with me?” The woman smiled shyly and nodded and Xander led her out the door. When they reached the alley across the street from the bar, Spike appeared at Xander’s side. Grabbing hold of the woman, he pressed himself against Xander, allowing his mate to feel his hardness.

“Seeing you hunt down my meal…” Unable to complete his thought, Spike slid his fangs into Xander’s throat, drawing gently on the wound. The woman in his arms struggled against his hold. When she drew a breath to scream, Xander clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Shut up.”

Spike withdrew his fangs and both men arranged themselves around the terrified woman. Xander watched, breathless, as Spike drained the woman’s life. Xander hardly noticed when she fell to the ground between them, his eyes glazed over with desire.

They made it about two blocks before Spike bent Xander over a bench and fucked him senseless.

Spike smiled at the tremors in Xander’s body. He knew what his consort was thinking about, it had invaded his dreams and brought him to full wakefulness.

Spike lifted his head and looked at Xander. His boy was staring at the ceiling, completely lost in his thoughts. Spike smiled and slowly moved down Xander’s body. Xander was pulled from his thoughts by a cool mouth around his hardened length.

Xander groaned and thrust into the wet cavern. Spike smiled around his cock and moved softly, barely applying any pressure. Xander was squirming beneath him and he allowed his mate to slide from his mouth. Spike crawled up Xander’s body, pressing their lengths together, kissing his brown-eyed mate breathless.

“Want to make love to you, Xan.” Xander nodded. Spike began pressing kisses along Xander’s collarbone, nipping at the flesh in the hollow of his throat. He sank his fangs into his mark briefly, drawing blood, but not drinking.

He kissed down Xander’s body, worshiping the man he had chosen to spend eternity with. When he reached Xander’s feet, he stopped and reached under the bed for the bottle of oil that they kept there for this purpose.

Spike drizzled the oil into his hand and rubbed his palms together, covering them in the slick, sweet smelling substance. Picking up a foot, he started at the toes, massaging each one thoroughly before allowing his fingers to run the length of Xander’s foot.

He pressed hard into the arches, dragging his fingers up and down, pressing all of the sensitive places that he loved to kiss. Spike looked at his lover’s face. Xander looked positively debauched, his arms thrown carelessly over his head, his mouth open, his eyes closed. Spike loved making his Xander look this way.

After about ten minutes of listening to Xander’s contented moans and sighs, Spike moved to the other foot, repeating the entire process. When he was sure that each foot had received its fair share of attention, he picked up the oil again.

This time, he worked on the calves, rubbing the oil in forcefully, making Xander’s strong muscles tremble beneath his touch. After the calves came the thighs, and after the thighs, the abdomen. Spike loved rubbing Xander’s stomach. He was like a big cat, arching into Spike’s touch, begging for more with each breath he took.

Spike sat on Xander’s thighs as he massaged his chest and shoulders. Their erections present, but not demanding. He worked down each well-built arm, digging under the muscles, bringing a bit of pain with the pleasure.

He spent more time on Xander’s hands than he had on his feet. He caressed each digit, intent on softening the calluses that Xander had developed. When Spike finished, he climbed off of his lover and turned him over, adjusting him in the bed.

Xander allowed Spike to do all of the work. He loved it when his mate was in this mood. He felt spoiled and pampered. Spike climbed back onto his thighs, massaging Xander’s back with long, sure strokes. He followed every line in his lover’s back. Reaching up, he pressed into the soft warmth of Xander’s neck, easing any stress that might have taken up there.

He turned, straddling Xander’s back, facing his feet. He ran his hands as far down Xander’s legs as he could reach, relaxing his lover with his touch. Finally, he turned to the place he wanted to be. He pressed hard on Xander’s ass, squeezing the muscles he found there. He poured some oil in the crease of Xander’s thighs and rubbed it over the entire area before dipping in a single finger into Xander’s tight heat.

Xander’s appreciative noises had not stopped through the entire massage, however, he moaned differently at this touch.

Spike massaged Xander’s prostate relentlessly. Xander shuddered, feeling his orgasm swiftly approaching. He had always heard that men developed the ability to stay off their orgasms over time, but that was one skill he had never learned. A single look from Spike was all it took sometimes.

This gentle torture was more than enough to set him off. He thrust once into the satiny softness of their sheets before crying out his release. Spike smiled and turned Xander over once again.

“All relaxed, love?” Xander nodded wordlessly, splaying out his legs so that Spike could lie between them. Spike slipped one slick hand around his own erection, lubricating the cool shaft.

He slid effortlessly into Xander, thrusting gently, watching his mate intently as he made love to him. Xander looked into the brilliant blue eyes that he loved so much. He never wanted to be anywhere else.

Spike leaned in and began to lick at the now dried blood on Xander’s neck. When all traces were gone, he slid his fangs back into his mark and drank slowly, rhythmically as he thrust. In no time, he shuddered in Xander’s arm, spilling his seed into his lover.

Withdrawing his fangs, he kissed Xander. “Love you so much.”

Xander sighed, basking in Spike love. “Love you too, Spike.”

They fell asleep, Spike still buried within Xander’s body.

Angel lay awake in the next room, his vampiric senses allowing him to hear and smell everything that had just happened. The guilt he had been feeling for so long began to dissipate.

He knew his childe. Spike loved with his whole being and Spike loved Xander. He’d been unsure for a while, originally thinking that Spike had kept Xander out of spite, or a symbol of conquest. When they had saved him from the Initiative, he knew that they were close, but still, he had been unsure.

Now he knew. Xander was safe. No one would ever be able to touch him, not with Spike protecting him with everything he was. Angel also knew that Xander was happy. Xander was so much like Spike. All Xander had ever wanted, all he had ever craved, had been to belong and to be loved. Now he was.

Angel allowed himself to drift to sleep, into guilt-free dreams for the first time in over four years.

Buffy frowned. There had been no sign of Xander anywhere. She, Willow and Giles had searched the entire town, seeking out any evidence pointing towards their missing friend.

Walking up the steps of Lowell House, she hesitated. Riley had never seemed really happy when she visited him at his fraternity. She shrugged. Whether Riley wanted her there or not, they needed to talk. Pressing the doorbell, she waited anxiously. Something just felt wrong.

When no one answered, she let herself in, looking around as she trod through the apparently empty house. Nothing. There was no one here, but the television was still on and there was food on the table.

She began to explore further. She came to a hallway with a mirrored closet. It seemed out of place. When she tried to open the door, it wouldn’t budge. Weird. Tugging harder, she finally moved it slightly. She peered through the crack she had opened and gasped. It was an elevator.

Where there is an elevator, there are stairs. She searched the house methodically until she found them hidden in the back of the linen closet. What was it with these guys and closets?

She made her way down the stairs, stopping to listen at regular intervals. She came to a door several flights down and cracked it open. It lead into a room filled with an enormous table and dozens of chairs. It looked like a boardroom.

The table was heavy and black, it seemed to be made out of some kind of natural stone. The legs were all twisted together in an intricate design that was not obvious if one was not looking right at it. The chairs were high quality, she could tell. Black leather and dark wood. Elegant, refined. There was another door to her right, but she was more interested in the view in front of her.

She walked through the empty room silently, peering out through a window that dominated the far wall. What she saw stunned her. Demons tied to chairs, cells full of unrecognizable body parts. Her stomach turned as she watched a Fyarl demon’s arm being removed at the elbow.

Buffy heard rustling outside the other door that she had noted. She glanced around, seeking a place to hide. She darted underneath the table, concealing herself behind one of the heavy legs. Unless someone looked directly under the table she would be safe.

Six pairs of feet appeared and the leather chairs creaked as weight dropped into them. A woman’s voice filled the room.

“What were you thinking? How could you leave the entire complex unguarded? I should have all of you shot!” Buffy flinched at the woman’s tone. It was cold and heartless, she meant what she said.

Suddenly a familiar voice spoke up. “Ma’am, there were guards assigned. It is unknown why they weren’t at their posts, but there is no way that the hostile could have escaped on his own. He was in very poor condition. We had estimated that he would not last through another night.”

Buffy could not believe it. Riley was one of the people sitting at the table!

“Well, Lieutenant, forgive me if I seem upset. It is simply that my research into demons and souls has been completely nullified as you lost my lab rat!” Her shout rang out in the room.

Another voice spoke up. “Surely if there is one, there will be more.”

The woman stomped her foot forcefully. “No! There are no more! It was the only vampire in existence with a soul! It had been cursed. Do you know what that means? It means that they do not come like that ready made!”

Buffy held her breath in fear. If she hadn’t, she would have gasped. They were talking about Angel! Angel had been in one of those horrible cells that she had seen in the cavernous room below.

The woman’s voice was now eerily quiet. “Find my vampire. It had a tracer, go get it. I want it returned to me within the next forty-eight hours or there will be hell to pay.”

A chair scraped back and the woman left the room. The unfamiliar voice spoke up again. “Riley? What are we going to do, man?”

Buffy could almost feel her boyfriend’s shrug. “Go find him. Last reading on the tracer said he was somewhere in south-central Texas. Come on. We need to go call our professors and hit the road.”

Buffy heard something slide across the table. “No thanks, man, I don’t need that. Mine is in my room.” The rest of the chairs slid back and the sound of the men’s voices faded as they left the room through the same door they had entered.

Buffy waited where she was, afraid that someone would come in and find her. Finally, biology forced her from her hiding place. She had to pee. Glancing at the table, she saw what had made the sliding noise. It was a small black box. She couldn’t tell what its use was, but she knew Willow might. She slid it into her pocket and left the room, praying that she would make it out of the house alive.

Part Nine

Spike awoke, listening for movement. Ah, there it was. Rodchester was in the kitchen, cooking something for his pet. Speaking of Xander… Spike lifted his head and looked at his boy. Beautiful.

He climbed off the bed, careful not to disturb his mate. Every time Spike gave Xander a massage like last night, Xander ended up sleeping for hours.

Spike pulled on a pair of Xander’s sweats and headed towards the kitchen to tell Rodchester to bugger off. The minion was really getting on his nerves, but he was Xander’s to keep. Spike had given him to Xander as a bribe-slash-gift when he forced the young man to return to Sunnydale.

Rodchester worshiped Xander. The fledgling vampire would walk out into the sun on Xander’s command. Spike wasn’t real sure what he had done, but he was pretty damn sure he had screwed up when he had turned the minion.

“Oi! Knock it off! He’s sleeping in.” Rodchester immediately began cleaning up the kitchen, putting away the food he had been preparing.

Spike pondered what he would do today. He was temped to go out and watch the sunrise, just because he could, but decided that it wasn’t worth the headache that would inevitably develop. He would just go back to bed.

As he passed Angel’s room, he could feel the older vampire’s eyes on him. He slid into game face and growled at his sire. Angel closed his eyes and Spike resumed his trip back to his room.

Spike dropped the sweats to the floor and picked up the phone. He kept his eyes on Xander’s face as he dialed. Gods, his lover was gorgeous. “Hello? Yeah, it’s Will. I wore him out, sorry. Sure, pet, tomorrow would be fine. I’ll let him know.”

Spike slid back under the covers, snuggling in close to Xander. His lover moaned and huddled closer. “Who did you call?”

Spike smiled. “The restaurant, love. You can sleep.” He listened as Xander’s breathing evened out, allowing the thumping of his lover’s heart to pull him back into his dreams.

Angel climbed out of bed and stretched, amazed at how good he felt. His stomach was full and he had slept well throughout the night, even with the interruption by his childe and his lover. He hadn’t felt this well in ages. Suddenly, he remembered.

He’d fed last night.

Now he felt like shit. Healthy shit, but shit nonetheless. How could he have done such a thing? Guilt hit him hard and Angel staggered under its weight.

In the master bedroom, Spike and Xander looked at each other.

“It just hit.” Their voices mingled as they spoke simultaneously.

Spike snorted and Xander laughed. Rolling, they fell off the bed wrapped around each other. As they hit the floor, they both jumped to their feet and raced each other to the kitchen.

Rodchester was waiting for them, an elaborate meal set on the table. He did not seem to notice their nudity as he went about serving his masters.

As Rodchester was refilling Xander’s plate, Angel walked into the kitchen. Spike waved Rodchester away and the minion disappeared silently.

Spike smiled up at his sire and dragged Xander into his lap. Xander reached out and pulled his plate closer so that it was once again in front of him and continued eating. Angel sat at the table opposite the two other men.

Xander shoved a plate towards him and Angel looked at him, puzzled. Xander shook his head. “Sorry, I forgot you don’t eat.” Spike rolled his eyes and pulled Xander closer.

When Xander finished eating, he turned in Spike’s lap, ignoring the silent vampire across the table. He rubbed his cock against Spike’s, hardening them both. Smiling, he tilted his head to the side, seductively.


Spike smiled back at his mate, his cock hardening even more. “For you, love? Always.” Angel lost control of his visage when Spike bit into Xander’s neck. He had never had human blood offered to him willingly and desperately craved it from the beautiful creature in his childe’s lap. Spike purred when Xander’s ring sliced his skin and his mate began drinking from him as well.

Angel’s growl caught the lovers’ attention and they released each other’s throats, turning to look at the dark-haired vampire. “What, Peaches? Want some of this?” Spike trailed a finger through the blood that was trickling from Xander’s neck, holding the bloody digit out to his sire.

Angel leapt up from his chair and launched himself at the pair. He fell to his knees beside the pair and sucked on Spike’s finger hard. Spike and Xander smiled down at him, waiting for him to finish.

Angel allowed Spike’s finger to fall from his mouth and whimpered. Xander leaned down and kissed him, allowing Angel to taste Spike on his lips. When Angel reached up to wrap a beefy hand behind Xander’s head, Spike growled and Angel pulled back, apologetic.

Spike smiled and pulled his sire up for a kiss. “He’s mine, Angelus. Hands off.” Angel nodded and Xander watched appreciatively as Spike and Angel began to kiss again.

Suddenly there was banging at the door. Spike looked over at the clock. Four in the afternoon. Who the hell would be here now?

Rodchester stood nervously in the doorway. “Master? The sun…”

Xander waved him off and strode to the door, yelling through it. “Who is it?”

There was silence for a long period before he heard, “Xander?”

Xander turned and looked at the two vampires standing behind him. “Buffy?”

“Xander! Can we come in?”

Xander hollered back through the door, “Hang on! I need to get some clothes!”

Xander, Spike and Angel stood, unmoving, contemplating what was about to happen.

Spike snarled. “I don’t want the Slayer in my house.”

Xander nodded. “Neither do I. Let me get dressed and I’ll go for a walk with them.” Spike followed Xander to their bedroom as Angel stayed where he was, staring at the front door.

“What do you think they want, Spike?” Spike shrugged, he had other concerns.

“How the hell did they find us, pet?” Xander quit tying his shoes and looked up at Spike in shock.

“Oh, shit. I have no idea.” Xander dug through the bags that they had yet to unpack and pulled out Spike’s cell phone. “Keep this close, Spike. I’ll call you no matter what happens, ok?” Spike pulled him in for a kiss, tasting himself and his sire in his boy’s mouth.

“Hang on, love.” Spike went into their bathroom and came back out with a damp washcloth. He wiped down Xander’s face and neck, removing all traces of blood. Leaning in, he laved at his almost healed bite, helping it heal completely.

“There you go. Be careful, pet. These are not the same people you knew four years ago.” Spike held Xander in his arms, reluctant to let go.

“I will, Spike. Be back soon.” He kissed his mate a final time and walked away, combing his hair with his fingers, snagging his sunglasses off of the dresser before leaving the room.

He blew past Angel, shoving the vampire back so that he couldn’t be seen from the front porch and opened the door. Buffy and Giles stood leaning against the railing he had installed the last time they were in town. Willow was sitting on the porch swing, slowly rocking, her toes dragging the ground.

Buffy stood up straight and walked towards Xander as he pulled the front door shut behind him. “Xander?” She looked into the eyes of a man. This was not the boy that she once knew.

“Hey Buff. Giles, Willow.” Xander studied the group. Giles looked old. There was no other way to describe it. His hair was too long and poorly combed and his clothes were worn and uncomfortable looking.

Willow looked good; her hair was a bit shorter than it had been when he left Sunnydale, styled attractively, rather than all one length. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at him. Willow was the same. He could sense it.

Buffy disturbed him. He knew it had something to do with his bond with Spike, but she sent shivers up and down his spine and not in a good way. She was thinner, the attractive roundness of youth was gone and hardness stood in its place. It looked like it would hurt if you hugged her.

Buffy was still studying Xander. Finally, she spoke. “Where’s Angel?”

Xander was taken aback. “Angel?” Willow held up some type of device. Xander looked closer and saw that it had digital numbers moving across its face.

“What the hell is that?” Xander frowned.

Willow spoke softly. “Buffy discovered that something happened to Angel and found this. We followed his tracer out here. It shows that he is in this house.” Willow looked down at her feet.

Giles spoke next. “Why are you here, Xander?”

“Because this is my home. Look, I’m tired. Go check into a hotel and I’ll meet you somewhere tonight. There’s a restaurant on Main Street…”

Willow nodded. “I saw that. German food, right? What time should we be there?”

“Around eight. If you don’t see me, tell the seating hostess that you are there to meet Mr. Harris. She’ll seat you immediately.” He leaned against the door as the trio walked down the sidewalk. When they turned the corner, he dropped his hand to the doorknob and let himself inside.

Immediately, cool arms wrapped around him. “You stink of the Slayer. Go take a shower, pet.” Spike pushed him towards the bedroom.

“Only if you come too.” Spike followed Xander down the hall, once again leaving Angel alone with his thoughts.

Spike and Xander sat at their regular booth as their waitress pulled together two tables to prepare for the rest of their group. Spike fingered a cigarette as Xander stared off into space. Angel paced the room, anxious to see Buffy again.

All three stiffened when they felt the Slayer arrive. Spike kissed Xander, holding him close and reassuring him with his touch. Angel looked on with jealousy. The kisses that were shared this morning had made his blood boil. He wanted more, and from Spike and Xander’s reactions, he just might get it.

A gasp brought their attention to the doorway. The seating hostess was smiling at Spike and Xander, unaware of the tension in the people behind her. “Mr. Harris, Mr. Bradley, the rest of your party is here. If I can do anything else for you, please let me know.” She smiled and motioned towards the table as she left the room.

Spike reached out and poked the waitress. “Leave off, pet. We’ll call you when we’re ready.” She grinned at the handsome blond and danced out of the room, happy that she had won the drawing tonight and got to serve the sexy duo and their guests.

As soon as the waitress stepped out of the room, Buffy pulled out a stake and launched herself at Spike. He sat calmly as Xander stood up and blocked her path. “Stay away from my mate, Buffy.” He frowned at her, the threat in his tone obvious.

“Xander! That’s Spike! Move!” Buffy moved as if to pass him and he shoved her back. She flew across the room, landing at Giles’ feet. Angel struggled to control himself, he knew that Xander and Buffy needed to work this out on their own.

“Mine!” Xander all but growled at his former friend. She had attacked his mate and was now the enemy.

Spike stood and walked to Xander, wrapping his arms around his consort. “Unless you can sit and eat like civilized people, we will have to ask you to leave.” Giles looked at Spike in shock. Shaking, he sat down at the table, wishing that he had something to drink.

Angel still stood against the wall, warring with himself. Buffy had been the love of his life, but he had given her up years ago to protect his childe. He had no idea how to address the situation. Fortunately Willow spoke up.

“Buffy, let’s sit down and talk, ok?” She pulled out a chair and sat down opposite Giles, motioning for Buffy to join her. Spike waited until the three were seated then poked his head out the door, calling for their waitress. He took Xander’s hand and led him around the table, sitting as far from Buffy as he could.

Angel silently walked towards the table, choosing to sit beside his childe, smiling at the other vampire when Spike reached out and patted his hand.

Willow looked at Xander through misty eyes. “Why are you here with Spike?”

Angel cleared his throat, drawing everyone’s attention to him. “He belongs to Spike. I gave him to him.”