The Gift

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Four

Buffy looked up as she saw the Harley Fat Boy fly by the Magic Box. Intrigued, she looked out the window. The bike had pulled over a few doors down and the rider was stepping off of it, his back to her. She whistled low.

“What?” Willow dashed to the window to get a glimpse of what her friend had seen. The man was tall, well muscled, in tight jeans and a dirty brown leather jacket. Dark hair flowed down to his shoulders in gentle waves, soft blond highlights lightening the effect. The heavy boots on his feet gave a dangerous air to his look. He turned, looking up the street and both women gasped. He was gorgeous.

Thick silver jewelry surrounded his neck and wrists, large silver loops dangled from his earlobes and they could see that he had several rings on each hand. His bronze skin sparkled with sweat as the man pulled off his jacket, his tights jeans bulging handsomely. He adjusted his sunglasses and walked down the street away from the shop.

Willow and Buffy looked at each other. “Whoa.”

Xander looked down the main street of Sunnydale. It had been four years since he and Spike had left and he was surprised at how much looked the same. The only real change he could see was the name on the magic shop.

He stripped off his jacket and slung it over his shoulder, wiping his hair away from his face. His white t-shirt was soaked with sweat and he grimaced at the feeling. No big deal, he’d be done soon. Walking along the street, he made metal notes of various potential hideouts but he couldn’t sense anything.

He stood for a moment, basking in the heat of the day. Finally, he turned and walked back to his bike.

Reaching into the saddlebag on the side of the motorcycle, he flipped open a phone and dialed. Receiving no answer, he stretched, pulled on his jacket and climbed back on the bike, heading back to his love.

Spike could feel Xander approaching long before he heard the roar of the motorcycle. He grinned and continued to lie in the middle of the bed, the heady scent of his mate surrounding him.

Xander walked in the door and flung his jacket towards a chair before peeling off the rest of his clothes. “Shit, Spike. It is fucking hot out there! You didn’t answer when I called.” He climbed into bed next to his mate and snuggled into his coolness. “Much better.”

“Was too comfortable to get up. Did you find anything, pet?” Spike laved at Xander’s neck, cooling him with his touch. Xander lifted a hand to Spike’s loose, sandy curls, wrapping them tightly around his fingers.

“Nope. No sign of Angel. You sure he’s here?” Spike nodded and rolled on top of his mate. He wrapped a hand around their erections and stroked hard.

Xander continued his commentary, teasingly urging Spike on by talking. “The only thing that has changed is the name on the magic shop. Did you know that the owners of that shop have a bad habit of dying?” Xander moaned at the next stroke and quit trying to talk.

Spike slipped a finger into Xander’s channel, marveling at the tightness. “I am always amazed at how tight you are, love.” He thrust his fingers in and out, drawing out some of his previous spendings and coating his cock. He pushed Xander’s legs out of the way and pressed into the welcoming heat of his lover.

“Oh, yeah, Spike, been too long.”

Spike snorted. “It’s been two hours, pet.”

Xander spun them in the bed, straddling Spike and riding him hard. “Like I said, too long.” He grinned and leaned in for a kiss, happily chasing Spike’s tongue with his own.

Spike reached down and grasped Xander’s cock, fisting it harshly between their bodies. Xander groaned and rode harder, driving Spike’s cock against his prostate over and over again.

Too quickly, it was over. Warm semen chilled on Spike’s chest as cool seed pooled out of Xander. Finally, Xander drew away from Spike, collapsing beside him and wrapping a large warm arm around him.

“Why’d we have to come back here, Spike? You know he’s not going to be happy to see us!” Spike shrugged. He really had no reason to return to the Hellmouth, he had simply felt drawn to it.

“I don’t know, pet. All I know is that we need to be here. Now sleep, it’s the middle of the afternoon.” Xander yawned and snuggled up against Spike, heedless of the dampness covering them both.

Buffy stretched and groaned as she finished her training session. “Why do I have to keep doing this?”

Giles frowned at his charge as her younger sister laughed. “Because, Buffy, you are the Slayer and must keep in shape.”

Dawn snorted, “Yeah.”

“Shut up, you little twerp.” Her head shot up as her boyfriend peeked his head into the room.

“Is it safe to come in?” Riley looked around the door as if afraid.

“No!” shouted Dawn.

Giles sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Please do.”

Buffy bounded over to the young man and kissed him hard, earning a groan of disgust from Dawn.

“You guys are gross!” She raced out of the room, the Slayer hard on her heels.

Spike dug through the pockets of the brown jacket, cursing. Xander opened one chocolate eye and peered at his mate. “You ok?”

“Can’t find any bloody fags!”

Xander laughed and closed his eye. “You should know better than to think I would hide them in such an obvious place.” He grinned as the vampire continued to dig through the deep pockets of his jacket.

“Oi, what’s this?” Spike held up a Polaroid he had pulled from the inside pocket of Xander’s jacket.

“My grave. Pretty neat, huh?” Spike looked closely at the picture. It was a simple headstone with the words: Alexander LaVelle Harris The Bravest of Us All 1980 – 1997.

“Wonderful. Why didn’t you tell me you were dead? Would’ve cut down on the cost of feeding you.” Xander grunted and hopped off the bed.

“I am hungry, thanks for reminding me.” Xander wandered to the door of their bedroom, the same one that he had given himself to Spike in so many years before. Poking his head out the door, he shouted, “Hey, Rodchester! I’m hungry!”

A few minutes later, a minion came into the room carrying a tray with food, cigarettes and a Zippo on it. Xander tossed the packet of cigarettes to Spike, who was sitting in the middle of the floor emptying the pockets of his duster. He reached out one-handed and snagged the pack, dropping them in his lap to quickly grab the lighter that was flying towards his head.

“Ta, love.” He lit a cigarette and lay back on the floor, inhaling the soothing smoke.

Xander lay on the bed, shoving bits of fruit in his mouth, watching Spike’s smoke swirl towards the ceiling. When Spike finished, he flicked the cigarette towards the grate and leapt from the floor, landing on top of his smiling lover. “Gimme a bite.”

Xander shoved a piece of pineapple into Spike’s waiting mouth, then smashed his lips against the other man’s, drawing the sugary juices back into his own. “Mmm, good.” Xander licked Spike’s lips, cleaning any juices that might have escaped. He deepened the kiss, drawing in Spike’s tongue, sucking at the strong muscle. Spike grinned into the other man’s mouth.

Xander brought a hand up and drew the sharp corner of one silver ring across Spike’s neck, opening his skin and allowing his blood to flow. Xander lapped lazily at the scarlet ribbon, enjoying the moans that were escaping from his mate.

“Hungry?” Xander questioned Spike between licks.

“Yeah, pet, I am.” Xander placed one tanned finger at Spike’s mouth, inviting the vampire to take it in. After his finger was moist, Xander pulled it out of Spike’s mouth and smeared the saliva liberally over the cut he had made. He watched, captivated, as the wound sealed and disappeared. Xander licked up the rest of the blood, insuring that his mate was clean.

An hour later, Xander was on the dance floor at the Bronze, his eyes closed, grinding rhythmically against the young coed in his arms. He lifted his beer bottle to his lips, looking across the floor into cold blue eyes.

He held Spike’s gaze and dropped his head down to kiss the girl, Kayla, Kyler? He hated the feel of hot lips against his. How could people do this all the time? He leaned down and whispered in her ear, making her flush and press closer to him.

Willow danced her girlfriend across the floor to where Buffy and Riley were making out in the middle of the room. Willow poked Buffy and she pulled back, peering at her friend.

Willowed leaned in and spoke into Buffy’s ear. “That guy is here!” She nodded towards the brunette they had noticed earlier. Buffy yelled to Riley that she was going to the bathroom; he nodded, frowning down at the pager vibrating in his hand.

Willow and Buffy fought through the crowd as Tara wandered back to their table. Buffy wrapped her arms around the redhead and danced them closer to the young man.

“He is totally hot!” Buffy yelled in Willow’s hair. Xander suddenly looked up, his improved hearing allowing him to recognize the voice. He glanced around the floor, spotting the two girls moving towards him. He looked back over at Spike and the blond nodded and headed for the door.

Xander leaned in and nipped at the girl’s bottom lip. “Let’s get out of here!” She nodded happily and followed Xander out of the club. When they reached the outer door, Xander tugged the girl into the alley, drawing her into another kiss. She couldn’t believe her luck. Her friends were going to die when they heard about this guy.

Suddenly the gorgeous man in her arms was yanked violently away from her. She looked over to see him in a passionate embrace with a monster. She screamed and tried to run, but the brunette had one strong hand wrapped around her upper arm. He broke the kiss and jerked her back to him.

“Brought you a present. She smells good.” Spike leaned in and sniffed at the girl, smelling fear and desperation underneath the cloying scent of her perfume.

“She does smell good, love.” Spike growled at the young woman, increasing the scent of her fear.

Xander pulled her tight against him, his strong chest and hardness pressing into her back. The vampire approached the pair, beaming at his beautiful mate.

“You smell better,” Xander murmured as Spike wrapped his arms around them both. Spike smiled and dragged his fangs over one side of the girl’s neck, allowing the blood to flow. He moved to the other side, clamping down hard. She struggled, but their combined grasp was too much for her.

Xander leaned in and attached his mouth to the wound that his lover had provided for him. He rolled the girl’s blood around in his mouth, enjoying the taste of fear. When her heart stopped, he lifted her and threw her body into the dumpster before wrapping his arms around Spike.

“Better now?”

Spike smiled through bloody fangs. “Much.”

“Do you think that the Slayer saw you?” Spike strong fingers dug into the muscles on Xander’s back.

“Yeah, she did, but I don’t think they recognized me. Oh, Spike, right there.”

Spike dug in harder. “That Red grew into a looker, didn’t she?”

Xander agreed. “Yeah, a looker… Now kiss me.” He rolled over to his back, dragging Spike down on top of him.

Spike kissed Xander passionately. Gods, how he loved this man.

They had discovered during the last year that Xander was no longer aging. He was young enough that they had almost missed it, but now they were sure.

Something about their mating had changed Xander. Last summer they had been in Brazil. Spike had promised Dru that he would take her there after they finished in Sunnydale, and Xander had encouraged him to go and enjoy it in her memory.

One day, a local kid had noticed Xander wiping away the faint traces of blood after a passionate embrace with his lover. The kid’s father was told and by the end of the evening, the locals had decided that Xander was a demon. They had caught Xander alone and strung him up by his neck one afternoon when he had gone to the store for Spike’s smokes.

Spike thought back to that awful time, tugging Xander close, knowing that his mate would know what he was thinking of.

Spike could feel Xander calling to him, but was trapped by the midday sun. He could hear his mate’s screams as he was hung from a branch of the oak tree that stood in the center of town.

After nightfall, a broken Spike staggered out to the village square to retrieve the body of his love. He would bury him and then wait for the sunrise. Their ashes would mix. As Spike pulled Xander down from the tree, he was surprised to feel Xander’s heart beating.

Spike looked around, wondering if anyone was watching him. He leaned in and kissed Xander’s ear.

“Watch it, buddy, my husband will eat you.” Spike almost screamed in triumph. He carried an exhausted and dehydrated Xander back to their hotel room and cleaned his mate, feeding him his blood, healing him.

Xander had hung from the tree for almost six hours before Spike had rescued him. There was no way he should have still been in the land of the living. Xander and Spike packed their things and fled the village.

They spent almost two months searching for someone who could explain the miracle. Finally, in the jungle along the Amazon, they had come across a medicine man whose eyes had grown wide at the sight of the pair.

Xander couldn’t understand the man’s broken and bastardized Portuguese, so Spike sat close as he translated for his love.

“You are no longer a man. You have become more and yet less.”

Spike asked a question that was quickly answered.

Spike looked at Xander. “You’re not a demon, love. He says that you are at rest. There is no growth in you.”

“But what does that mean, Spike?” Xander squeezed Spike’s thin fingers.

The medicine man spoke once again before rising. He walked away from the fire, padding away through the underbrush.

Spike looked at Xander in awe. “He says that you are eternal being, you will age no more.”

They had left Brazil after that, too happy to rough it any longer.

As the memories faded away, Spike smiled in Xander’s arms. Xander poked him. “Quit being sappy.”

“I can be sappy if I bloody well want to. How are you going to stop me?” Xander pressed his lips against Spike’s in answer.

Part Five

Xander counted to two hundred before Spike stopped him. “Enough pet. It’s dark, let’s go. I am ready to get out of this bloody town.” Xander climbed off the floor and wiped himself down with a damp cloth. The sit-ups were not fun, but he liked the results.

He pulled on the shirt that Spike tossed at him and buttoned his pants. “Where are we going?”

“I have no idea, love. I just know I have to find him. Can’t you feel it?” Xander nodded and the two men walked out into the night.

Angel was thirsty. He had never felt thirst like this before. It wasn’t hunger, a desire to feed, it was blinding in its intensity.

In addition, he could feel Spike. His childe was near and the fear he felt because of that was incapacitating. He had sent them away so that they would be safe! He could also feel Xander’s life force tied to Spike. Obviously their mating had been successful.

He heard something drop on the floor next to him, but he did not respond. There was no way he was going to drink anything else that they gave him. No way in hell.

Spike looked around the cemetery warily, a lit cigarette in his hand. There was no way that he could keep doing this. “Xan, love, I can’t…” He moaned and dropped the still burning cigarette to the ground as Xander swallowed around his cock.

Xander pulled away with a pop. “Can’t what, Spike? Come?” Xander smirked evilly and returned to sucking Spike off.

Buffy raced towards the center of the cemetery when she heard an inhuman roar, Tara and Willow trailing behind her.

Spike panted as Xander stood and pulled his pants back up, deftly buttoning the fly. Xander grinned as his mate continued to draw in unneeded air. “You are such a faker.” Xander leaned in to kiss Spike and was abruptly pushed away.

“Hey…” Spike’s cool fingers latched over Xander’s mouth and he was unceremoniously dragged behind a crypt.

Spike’s rough voice whispered in his ear, “Slayer.”

Both men stood silently, waiting for the danger to pass. They watched as Buffy ran past, her head swiveling as she searched the familiar landscape for anything out of the ordinary. Willow and Tara passed by slower, but with the same attention to detail.

“Still hunting in a pack, I see.” Spike snarled after them.

“So do you, Spike.” Xander grabbed Spike’s hand and they strolled out of the cemetery heading in the direction that their senses were leading them.

As they approached the campus of Sunnydale University, both men could feel a tingle along their spines. “He’s here,” Xander muttered quietly.

“Yeah, pet.”

They crept through the campus silently, feeling for their sire. Xander stood above a grate in the center of a field and pointed down. “Here.”

Spike nodded and ripped the grate from the ground, tossing it to Xander before dropping into the hole. “Come on down, Xan. It’s safe.” Xander dropped through and together they lifted the grate back into position.

“I hope nobody tries to walk over that.” Xander laughed.

“I bloody well hope that they do.” Spike took Xander’s hand again and the two lovers strolled underneath the university, not knowing exactly what they were looking for.

The drainage tunnel ended unexpectedly at a white door. Spike and Xander examined it, not finding any way of entering it. Spike looked around the door as Xander scrutinized the walls on either side.

“Look, Spike.” Xander pointed to an almost invisible crack in the wall. They spent several minutes manipulating the area before it opened, exposing a keypad. Spike snorted.

“Well, fuck. See if you can get the panel off, love, I’ll hotwire it.” Spike stripped off his duster and tossed it to the ground before he began studying the wires that Xander had exposed.

Xander stood and looked around the tunnel carefully. “I don’t think this door is ever used, Spike. Look at our footprints.” The route they had taken was clearly marked with two different sizes of distinctive tread cutting through the dust on the ground.

Spike glanced down and growled. “Lovely, means I got it all over my pants as well. There.” He jumped up as the door swung open and Xander lifted the black duster, following behind his mate.

The corridor that they entered was immaculate. No sign of the dust filled space that they had just left remained. The door swung shut behind them and Spike allowed his game face to come forward, peering through the dark.

“It’s stronger, Spike. He’s that way.” Xander pointed to their left and the two stealthily made their way to the end of the hallway. What they found stole their breath.

They were looking down on a large room that was filled with what looked like cages. They could see demons of all kinds trapped behind invisible walls. In the center of the room, several demons were strapped down on tables as people in white lab coats did all kinds of unspeakable things to them.

Xander’s stomach rolled and he leaned back against the wall, wrapping his arm around Spike and holding him close. He reached through their link and sent his fear and dread through to his lover. Spike leaned in and pierced Xander’s throat gently, drawing lightly on the wound, comforting him.

They waited as the demons were tossed back into their cages and the lab coat clad torturers left. The lighting never changed, it was harsh and unforgiving. After a couple of hours, Spike decided that no one was returning. He and Xander carefully made their way down to the floor.

Xander looked into each cage, flinching at what he saw. There was no way that a human could still be living if they carried the injuries that some of those creatures had. Spike strode along silently, following his instincts until he reached the last cage in the room.

“Xan!” he called out quietly. Xander turned and made his way to his mate, ignoring the pleas of the demons begging for his help. When he arrived at Spike’s side, he crumpled to the floor.

Angel was laid out on the floor of the cage, nude, covered in wounds of various sizes. His legs were broken and the bones stuck out of his skin, tearing at the flesh when he moved. Xander looked up at Spike, but his mate was already searching for a way in.

Spike banged at the wall that separated him from his sire. Xander grabbed his leg and pointed at the keypad next to the cell. Spike ripped it off and began tying the correct wires together, silently begging his sire to hold on.

Suddenly, the wall was gone and Spike was by Angel’s side. He rolled the older vampire over and pulled his head onto his lap. He tore open his wrist with his fangs and thrust it into Angel’s mouth.

Angel slowly began to nurse at the wound. Xander glanced around and slid into the cell next to Spike, straightening Angel’s legs, working the bones back into place and wincing when the vampire groaned in pain. Spike pulled his wrist away and Angel moved towards it, following it, begging without words for more.

Xander slit his wrist with his ring and held it against the searching mouth, allowing Angel to take quite a bit before pulling away. He held out his wrist to Spike, who licked the wound shut before hissing, “Let’s get the fuck out of here!”

The two supernatural beings manhandled Angel’s bulk out of the cave-like chamber. Spike grunted when he realized how much weight his sire had lost. “He’s skin and bones, Xan.”

Xander nodded and kept walking towards the entrance. He needed to get his mate out of here. It wasn’t safe.

They made it into the drainage tunnel before the alarms sounded. Spike flung Angel over his shoulder and they leapt out of the grate and sped across the campus, running towards home.

Angel moaned and struggled against the strong arms that held him. “Shh, shh, Angel, it’s ok.” Angel opened his eyes to find that the warmth he was feeling was Xander. He frowned.

“Told you to leave.” He coughed violently, spewing blood across the bed. Xander pulled him back into his arms, heating the frozen body with his own. It had been beyond cold in the cage that Angel had been in and Spike had finally conceded to Xander climbing into the bed with Angel in hopes of warming him up.

“Be still, Sire.” Spike’s voice caused Angel to turn his bed. His beautiful childe sat beside him, a glass of blood in his hands. Angel’s demon surged forward and he grabbed the glass, drinking down the life-giving substance as quickly as he could.

“More?” Angel nodded. Spike climbed out of the bed and looked back at his lover. “Hungry, love?”

Xander grinned at him. “Of course!”

Spike smiled and walked to the door, calling for a minion.

Angel flinched as Xander whispered into his ear. “You would heal quicker if you would feed.” He shook his head violently, refusing Xander’s suggestion.

Spike returned with another large glass of blood. Rodchester arrived and placed a tray down on Xander’s lap.

Xander released Angel and dug into the food that the minion had brought him. He looked over at Spike. “So can we go now? Every minute that we stay increases the chances of us being caught by the Slayer.”

“I know, pet. As soon as we can get the poof on his feet, we’ll go.”

Angel was disturbed with the discussion. “I’m fine.” He growled, drizzling blood down his chin.

Spike and Xander both snorted. “Yeah, right.”

Xander looked around the room. “I like this place. Too bad we can’t take it with us.”

“I know, love, but we’ll bring Rodchester with us, will that work?” Xander smiled and nodded, leaning over Angel to kiss his mate.

“Rodchester!” Spike waited until the minion’s head appeared in the doorway. “Pack up, we’re leaving tonight.”

Giles sat at the research table watching Buffy. She had been feeling something strange for several days, so he was having her meditate to see if she could discover what it was.

“This isn’t working, Giles! All I can see is Xander!” Neither could understand the boy’s appearance in her waking dreams. He had been dead for over four years; surely he could not have anything to do with her disturbing feelings.

Willow sighed and tears filled her eyes. “I still miss him.” Tara wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and rocked her gently.

“So do I,” Buffy responded.

“Beck to your task, please, Buffy. We need to know what is going on.” Giles tapped on the table as he spoke, drawing her attention back to the crystal in his hands. She sighed and focused.

Angel moaned as he was lifted out of the seat of the van. Spike carried him into a modest split-level house and laid him on the couch in the living room. Their trip had lasted for well over twelve hours. Angel had no idea where they were, but he could feel the sun rising, so they had to have passed through at least one time zone.

Angel looked up when Xander walked into the room, hauling several large bags with him. He ordered Rodchester into the kitchen, and disappeared into one of the other rooms. Angel assumed it was a bedroom.

Xander moved around the house, happy to be someplace where he felt safe. He had helped build this house on their first trip through Texas. When the original owner backed out, Xander had quickly offered to buy the place from the builder. He and Spike had lived here off and on over the past four years. It was the closest thing they had to a home.

He stepped into the shower and smiled when he felt the cool body slide in behind him. “Hey, Spike.” He turned and wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him close and kissing him harshly.

“Now, pet, we’re away, no more cause to worry.” Xander nodded and gripped Spike tighter.

“Spike, what was that place?” Spike shuddered lightly in his lover’s arms.

“I don’t know, love, but we’re away, we’re home.” The two men met in a passionate kiss.

Xander slid his hand down Spike’s slick body, enjoying the feeling of hot water over cool flesh. He scraped his fingernails over dusky pink nipples, pinching harder when Spike gasped.

Spike wrapped his arms around his mate and drew him further into the kiss, feeling his body respond to his touch.

“So warm, pet.” Xander cut off Spike’s words as he grasped Spike’s heavy erection. Spike tongued the silver loop in Xander’s ear, tugging on it gently before releasing it. “Let’s move this to the bed.”

Xander agreed and they quickly washed and moved into their bedroom. Spike pushed Xander backwards onto the bed before crawling up his body to straddle him.

He rubbed his hands soothingly across his lover’s chest, smiling down into the face he loved. Xander pulled him down and thrust his tongue into Spike’s mouth, searching for his hidden fangs.

Spike allowed them to drop slightly and Xander deliberately sliced his tongue, flooding their mouths with blood. They both moaned at the taste and Spike shifted slightly so that he could lie in between Xander’s legs.

Spike thrust their cocks together, wrapping one strong hand around both erect shafts, jerking hard. Xander writhed underneath him, the brunette never tired of his lover’s touch. Too eager to wait, Xander reached into the bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube, thrusting it into Spike’s hands.

Spike smirked at his lover and climbed down his body, lifting Xander’s legs and placing them on his shoulders.

“This what you want, pet?” He slid a finger into Xander’s warm embrace, eliciting approving noises from his lover.

“More,” Xander breathed.

Spike quickly lubed his cock and teased the entrance of Xander’s ass with the tip.

“Spike!” Xander snarled and pushed up at Spike, trying to impale himself of his lover’s length.

“Patience, my beloved.”

Xander growled, which made Spike laugh. He thrust into his lover’s body, luxuriating in the heat.

“God, yes. Oh, Spike.” Xander reached for Spike and pulled the vampire down on top of him. An awkward position at best, but it gave Xander full access to his mate’s mouth.

“Love you, yeah, love you!” Xander thrust his cock against Spike’s belly, loving the way the rippled muscles felt against his smooth skin.

Spike leaned in and nipped at Xander’s ears, drawing blood in several places, enjoying the view that he was being given. He thrust harder, twining his hands in Xander’s hair, tugging at the curls harshly.

Xander pushed Spike away and rolled onto his stomach. Spike slid back into him and pulled him up against his chest. Spike wrapped his arms around his lover, one hand caressing and pinching the flesh of his chest and the other stroking him to completion.

Xander cried out and Spike felt warm seed flow over his fingers. Xander’s ass clenched around him and he thrust erratically, trying to maintain control. Xander shifted slightly, pulling Spike’s sticky hand up to his mouth and began licking his fingers clean.

The erotic imagery was enough to do Spike in. He grunted and thrust again, spilling his seed into his lover. They fell backwards, panting, Spike still buried in Xander’s depths.

“Love you, Xander.”

“Love you, too, Spike.”

Part Six

Angel woke up when he fell off of the couch. He looked around the room noticing that there were no windows. Rising off of the floor, he wandered through the house. There were no windows anywhere, just solid walls.

In the kitchen, he found Xander’s minion of choice sleeping under the table. Stepping carefully, Angel looked in the refrigerator and found nothing. He was starving.

Angel continued his tour of the house, looking into each room he came to. His tour ended in Spike and Xander’s bedroom. He drew in a deep breath; they were beautiful.

Xander lay on his back, bronze skin contrasting with the pale otherworldliness of his mate. Spike was draped across his chest, his perfect ass twitching as if he were dreaming. Xander moved his hand and patted Spike gently before falling still.

Angel backed out of the room, closing the door silently. He stood outside their bedroom for a long time, contemplating what he had seen. When they left Sunnydale all those years ago, Xander was still a child. He had clung to Spike as they walked out of the room, as if unsure what the world would bring him.

Now, he was a man. He was strong and handsome and very much in love with Spike. Angel could see it; he could feel it. What had happened between Spike and Xander, no matter how twisted, was right.

Angel fell back onto the sofa, wishing he had something to eat. He was so hungry.

Spike wandered into the living room later in the day, almost tripping over Angel.

“Why in the bloody hell are you on the floor, you poof?” He stepped over then other man and walked into the kitchen.

“Rodchester!” Angel flinched as he heard the minion’s head strike the underside of the kitchen table. “My consort is hungry.”

Angel heard scrambling as the vampire moved through the kitchen searching for food for his master. Spike came back into the living room and sat on the couch, staring at his sire.

“You look like shit,” he matter-of-factly shared.

“Thanks.” Angel crawled over to the couch and sat down next to the blond. “Where are we, Spike?”

A yawning Xander walked out of the bedroom, clad only in low-slung sweatpants. A dark line of hair drew Angel’s eyes down to the bulge in the front of the worn cotton. Spike’s warning growl quickly drew his eyes away from the tantalizing sight. Xander wandered over and climbed into Spike’s lap, snuggling down until he was comfortable.

Spike kissed Xander on the forehead. “Getting you something to eat, love, can you wait?” Xander nodded and Spike turned back to his sire.

“Fredericksburg.” Spike ran his fingers up and down his mate’s spine. Xander smiled in his lover’s arms.

“We can’t possibly be in Virginia.”

Spike scowled at Angel. “Of course we’re not in Virginia, we’re in Texas, you git. Xander likes the food.” Xander nodded again and looked around.

“Rodchester!” Xander’s yell made Angel jump nervously. The diminutive vampire came into the room.

“There is no food here, Master. I must go to the store.”

Xander scowled at the minion. “Then why are you still here?”

“The sun is still up, Master.” Xander growled and climbed off Spike’s lap. The minion fled the room, fearful for his life.

“I’m gonna go get some food.” Xander leaned over and kissed Spike. The kiss intensified and he found himself once again in Spike’s lap. He ground against his lover’s hardness, breaking away from the kiss to offer his neck to his mate. Spike bit into the proffered flesh, purring at the taste. Xander reached up and carved a circle into Spike’s neck, latching onto the wound and completing their circuit.

Angel sat in awe. He had never seen anything so passionate and pure.

Spike drew his fangs out of Xander’s neck and lapped at the mark he had made. “You might go by and pick us up something, too, love.”

Xander looked up and nodded, leaning in to finish cleaning the blood off of Spike’s neck. He got up and disappeared down the hall.

Xander returned moments later, dressed in jeans and a red wife beater. He dropped some eye jackets down on his nose and leaned in for a quick kiss with Spike. “Be back soon.”

Spike reached into a bowl sitting on the coffee table and pulled out a cigarette. Lighting it, he looked at Angel through his eyelashes, contemplating the older vampire.

“What happened, Angelus?” Angel looked down at his feet. He had been hoping to avoid this conversation.

“After you left, I…” Angel looked around the room searching for something to focus on.

Spike tapped his ashes out over a statue, allowing the flaky soot to float down into the concave top. He glared at his sire. “What happened?”

Recognizing the implied threat, Angel began his story. “After I sent you away, Buffy and Willow kept searching for Xander. They kept saying that they knew he was still alive. I lied, time and time again, leading them away from any clues that you might have left behind.

I burnt down the factory and killed all the minions that remained there and at the house. I didn’t want them to be able to tell anyone about Xander. I was afraid that I would have to do something with the house, too, but before they found it, Xander was declared legally dead.” Angel pulled his feet closer to the couch, hunching over and rocking slightly.

“After the funeral, the life seemed to go out of the group. Willow focused on her education and refused to help patrol most of the time. Giles was broken by the fact that a child that he had sent out for help was killed. Buffy threw herself into her slaying; refusing to acknowledge that she too could die.” Angel drew in a deep breath.

“After about a year, I left. I couldn’t stand to be around them anymore. I never stopped loving Buffy, but I just couldn’t…” A sob escaped his throat. Spike rolled his eyes.

“I went to L.A., spent some time killing demons, protecting the city the best I could. A gang of vampire hunters attacked me. They hunted me for several weeks, cutting off all of my chances at escape, until one night, I finally got away. I had to kill their leader to do it.

I wandered around the country for a couple of years before returning to Sunnydale. I had to see Buffy again.”

Spike snorted. “Bloody brilliant, mate. Skulking around after the Slayer.” Spike lit another cigarette from the butt of the one in his hand before crushing it out on the statue.

“I love her!” Angel’s voice was horse with desperation. Spike quirked his scarred eyebrow in response.

“I was watching her one evening and some people snuck up behind me and attacked me with a tazer. I woke up in the cell you found me in.”

Spike sat silently, watching the emotions play across his sire’s face. He blew a stream of smoke towards the ceiling and propped his feet up on the table. “What the hell was that place?”

Angel shuddered and refused to answer.

Spike crushed out his cigarette, stood and walked back to the bathroom. Angel heard the water as it began to flow.


The minion flew past him as he raced into the bathroom. A moment later, the vampire reappeared, motioning for Angel to follow him. Angel stood unsteadily and followed the smaller man into a bedroom. Rodchester stripped the sheets quickly and remade the bed, then indicated that Angel should get in.

Angel slid between the cool sheets and immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Buffy was dreaming.

She ran as hard as she could, but it was still following her. Ducking into a nearby archway, she watched as it passed.

Suddenly, Dawn was standing in front of her, shrieking. Buffy reached for her and her hand came away bloody. She pushed off of the wall to grab at her sister but Xander yanked Dawn away.

She slapped him hard and turned to get Dawn. Angel stood in her place, blood running down his face and an evil gleam in his eyes. He reached out and pulled her to his chest. “Close your eyes.”

She could feel her blood draining from her body as Angel drank. She watched the night go by and listened to her heart slow. Finally, she took her last breath.

Buffy lurched up in her bed, gasping for breath. What the hell was that? She hadn’t thought of Angel in years, and Xander was in her dreams again! Suddenly the gorgeous man she had seen outside the Magic Box and at the Bronze filled her mind.

Holy Moly! That was Xander.

She reached for her bedside phone and called Willow.

Spike smiled when he heard the roar of the motorcycle’s engine. That bike was Xander’s baby. The boy would spend a few hours every week overhauling it and cleaning it. He loved the thing, but he had never taken Spike for a ride on it. No. When they rode together, Spike drove.

The engine cut out and the door to the house flung open. He heard Xander talking to Rodchester, giving him a rundown of places he could shop in the area. He heard a girlish giggle and smiled, his pet had brought him a snack.

Xander threw an arm over the girl’s shoulder and led her away from the minion. Stupid twit had giggled at the sight of Rodchester’s game face. He led her down the hall, glancing through an open door and peering in to pain-filled brown eyes. He smirked at Angel and continued to his bedroom, seeking out his lover.

The girl stopped in the doorway when she saw the pale body lounging in the bed. “What’s this?” Her voice was small and timid.

“This is my mate, Spike.” Xander pulled his shirt off and steered the girl towards the bed. Spike was nude, lying with his hands behind his head, his erection brushing against his abdomen.

The girl looked curiously at Spike. He was as beautiful as the man she had come home with. This wouldn’t be bad at all. She hurriedly dropped her purse to the ground and pulled at her skirt. Xander placed his hands over hers.

“That won’t be necessary.” He effortlessly lifted her and placed her on the bed next to his lover.

“I don’t understand.” She was beginning to get scared.

“You will soon.” Spike allowed his human façade to slide away and looked at the girl with golden eyes. “Very soon.”

Xander climbed onto the bed behind the girl and pressed her up against his mate. Spike looked at his lover and smiled, a garish expression in his demon guise. He leaned over the girl and kissed Xander, cutting into his lover’s lips before pulling away. Xander licked at the wounds, drawing his own blood into his mouth.

The girl between them began to quake in terror. Spike pulled her close, insincerely soothing the frightened girl.

“Shh… It’s all going to be ok.” Spike slid his fangs into the girl’s throat, running his hands through Xander’s thick hair, petting his lover and drawing him close. The girl gasped out her last breath and Spike rolled over, carrying her body with him. He dumped her on the floor and pounced on his mate.

“Thank you, pet. I needed that.” Xander smiled and moaned as Spike licked down his body, leaving a crimson trail. When he felt the needle-like pricks of Spike’s teeth in his groin, he shuddered and came.

Spike smiled an evil smile and moved back up his body. “Couldn’t wait for me, love?”

Xander shook his head. “Not when you do that.” He held out his arms and Spike wrapped himself in his lover’s embrace.

“We should get up soon, pet.”

“You are up, Spike.” Xander thrust up against Spike’s engorged cock.

Spike pressed up on his hands and glared at his consort. “You’re all bloody. Into the shower.” Xander laughed and leapt from the bed, careful not to step on the body on the floor. Growling playfully, Spike chased him around the room until they reached their bathroom.

Xander put a hand in the middle of Spike’s chest. “I cooked, you clean.” He nodded in the direction of the bed.

Spike nodded sheepishly and went to pick up the girl. He carried her into the kitchen and handed her to Rodchester, leaving him with instructions on how to dispose of the body before racing back and joining his consort in the shower.

Angel was hungry, tired and scared. He was alone in the house with a minion, a Master Vampire and his Consort and he was hungry. Angelus was vying for control, the hunger driving him against his bars. He was so hungry.