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Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. The guys are out shopping.

That's All

Randy Sex Kitten

“It doesn’t fit, Spike!” Xander squirmed and shuddered as Spike jerked and tugged.

“Yes. It. Does.” With a triumphant cry, Spike released the zipper to the tight leather chaps he had just poured Xander into. “Oh lovely, pet.”

Spike walked slowly around Xander, eyeing him up and down. Xander began to turn with him after the third lap, moaning happily as the soft leather tightened with each move.

Spike growled and dashed out of the room. Xander leaned forward and peeked out the curtain. “Spike!” he hissed. “Spike!” His blond lover reappeared, tearing at a carton. “You are not supposed to open those in the store and you haven’t…” Slick fingers slid into his ass and Xander silenced.

Spike let down the zipper to his jeans just enough to get his cock out and into his beautiful boy. The leather of the chaps made a slapping noise as he fucked his mate and Spike knew that it would be a sinful sensation to have that slapping against the skin of his thighs.

Xander screamed out his orgasm, sending Spike over the edge. He howled as Xander’s ass milked the last of his seed from his spent cock. Spike pulled out wetly and leaned back against the wall. Xander stayed where he was, bent over, his ass in the air, the leather chaps sparkling where Spike’s come was dribbling down Xander’s thighs.

Xander shuddered and stood, looking down at himself. “Fuck, Spike, now we have to buy these.” Xander wiped at the leather, trying to clean it, but simply smearing his seed around.

“Got mine all over the back, love, and don’t forget about the lube.” He held up the shredded box and the tube that had somehow been stepped on and emptied.

Xander sighed and blushed. “We’re going to have to pay the cleaning fee again, you know. We are quickly becoming their best customers.”

Spike laughed and helped peel Xander out of the tight leather and then back into his own clothes. “Yeah, well, at least we offer free entertainment for the other customers.” He yanked open the curtain and Xander’s blush turned to crimson as the curious eyes of the Toybox’s clientele stared at the duo from around the room. Spike continued, “And if they didn’t want us to fuck in there, why put up the fuck bars?”

Xander raced to the counter, dumped the sticky chaps, empty box and squished tube on the counter. The clerk looked them over, his eyebrow quirking. “That all?”

Xander mumbled something that sounded vaguely negative and stalked across the room, his head down. When he returned, he laid three more boxes of lube on the counter. “That’s all.”

The End

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