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Rating: NC-17

Summary: A collection of snapshots as Spike creates in Xander a true work of art.


Randy Sex Kitten

1 Art is Pain

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Spike holds Xander close while pain becomes bliss.

Xander fidgeted in the chair as Lenny began to set out all the equipment. He cleaned the tabletop and laid out a paper towel before slipping on some gloves. He dropped the rings into the cleaning solution while he pulled out needles, clamps and the capture beads.

Xander’s eyes fell on the needles and he forgot to breathe for a long moment. Cool hands were suddenly there on his bare shoulders, rubbing gently as an accented voice whispered in his ear. “Shh… It’s ok, pet. You don’t have to do this. Gonna look so lovely with silver threaded through there, shhhh…”

Xander clutched Spike’s hand as Lenny turned to face him. “You ready?” he asked.

Xander nodded, his voice breaking as he breathed out a single word, “Yes.”

He watched, flinching away from the cold gauze as Lenny cleaned his nipples and dried them. “Stand up,” Lenny directed. “Leave your hands down at your sides.” Xander watched Spike, feeling the excitement that Spike was exuding at the prospect of seeing this done. “Ok, you can sit back down.” Xander settled back in the chair, his eyes never leaving Spike’s.

Lenny reached for a clamp and Xander turned panicked eyes on Spike. “Spike?”

“’S ok, love. Close your eyes.” Spike’s hand squeezed his and Xander let his head fall back and his eyes drift shut.

“That’s fine, Xander, you can close your eyes, but be sure that you don’t move, ok?” Lenny’s voice was cool and calm and Xander focused on the confidence that he could hear coming out of the experienced piercer.

“Ok,” Xander whispered.

A cold clamp suddenly encased his left nipple, centering on the marks that Lenny had just made. Xander gasped but didn’t move as the clamp tightened painfully. A whimper escaped him and he began to pant slightly.

Spike’s voice was a low rumble in the background, his hand the only thing that Xander could feel outside the fire that had just been lit in his left nipple. “Ow, it hurts, oh, oh, it hurts…” and then there was nothing. The clamp disappeared and Xander felt a slight tug as Lenny popped the bead into the ring. Blood rushed back into abused area and he sighed at the tingling sensation.

He opened one eye and peeked, gasping at the sight of the silver ring holding a blood red bead dangling from his reddened flesh. “Wow,” he whispered, opening the other eye and seeking out Spike.

Spike’s eyes were wide, gold sheathed blue, and his tongue darted out as he focused on the drop of blood peeking out from around the ring. A glance down told Xander how much this was affecting his love. He smiled and then groaned when Lenny’s movement caught his eye. “Oh, shit.”

He quickly dropped his head back, the erection that had tried to develop while he was watching Spike quickly disappearing. This nipple hurt worse. The clamp felt as though it was cutting into his skin and he silently howled when the needled pierced his flesh.

He felt weak, as though all his blood had pooled in his feet and his head swayed slightly. Spike’s voice was back, “Xander, come on, love. Almost done.” The clamp disappeared, but the tug to capture the bead made him hiss in pain.

Lenny patted him on the knee and grinned when Xander lifted his head. “You didn’t tell me you had scar tissue in that one. You ok?”

Xander nodded, but he couldn’t hold his head up and Spike rubbed his collarbone as he spoke. “Stay awake, love. Let me pay the man and we’ll head home.”

Xander nodded and watched as money changed hands, glancing down now and again to watch the red beads sparkle in the over-bright lights of the shop.

“Here we go,” Spike said, helping Xander pull his shirt back over his head. A quick tug and Xander was on his feet, stumbling blindly through the shop as Spike growled at anyone who got in their path.

Into the car Xander went and he must have fallen asleep because Spike was there, swinging his leg over Xander to straddle him and patting him gently on the face. “Wake up, Xan. There you are.” A gentle smile, a kiss and Spike was back behind the wheel, driving them home.

2 Decoration

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Decoration doesn't have to hurt.

Slowly and carefully, Spike twisted and turned the silver strand, wrapping it tightly, ignoring the involuntary jerk that his actions caused. Pulling his hands back, he grinned. Now there were two, one at the root and one just below the head.

Slapping Xander’s ass, he grunted, “Stand.”

Xander stood and Spike watched, intrigued, as the silver circlets weighed down Xander’s erect cock, causing it to bend toward the ground as if in supplication. Smiling now, Spike reached for light chains on the table and attached them, left right and center, carefully lifting Xander’s balls so that the chain separated them, before moving up to link it to the circlet at the head of his cock.

Xander trembled with anticipation, his eyes closed tightly as he had been instructed.

“So beautiful, pet,” Spike whispered, reaching out for the final touch. He attached the small dangling stone at the bottom of the ring around the base of Xander’s cock and sat back, his eyes losing their focus. The small stone bounced and played over the rough skin of Xander’s balls and Spike’s tongue ached to follow in its path.

“Spike?” Xander spoke quietly. “Spike? Can I see?”

Spike fingers traced over the heavy silver now adorning his love’s cock. “Yeah, pet, you can look.”

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