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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sometimes the second time can mean so much more than the first. Written for the lovely and talented Willshenilshe in celebration of her birthday.

The Second Time

Randy Sex Kitten

Xander stretched out, his toes tucking underneath the edge of the couch. The candles were burning low, their light extending just far enough for him to focus on the planes of his lover’s face. He rolled over, running his fingers down Spike’s back.

Spike purred lightly and turned, capturing Xander’s mouth, drawing his tongue into play. He smiled as Xander pulled away, lying back on the floor.

“Is it always like that, Spike?”

Spike shifted, moving to cover Xander’s body with his. He hummed. “Sometimes.”

Xander groaned and shoved Spike off of him, climbing to his feet and moving over to the stereo. He hit the repeat button and leaned out the open window, breathing in the night. The sultry sounds of Ella Fitzgerald floated around him.

Spike rolled to his stomach, watching.

Xander stared at the stars, enjoying the feeling of the warm night air. He sighed. “That was… Spike, that…”

Spike levered gracefully to his feet and draped himself across Xander’s back, pressing a kiss to the nape of his neck. “Ah, pet. I know.” Spike turned Xander so that he was leaning against the sill. Spike nuzzled into his neck and purred softly. “First times are always intense.” He stood and kissed Xander, skillfully drawing him into the kiss.

Xander pulled back to breathe, panting slightly. “Was it? I mean…” He looked down at his feet before braving Spike’s eyes. “Was it just the first time?”

Spike growled lightly and leaned in to nip at Xander’s throat. “Hell yes, Xan. I don’t intend to ever let this end.” He tugged on Xander’s hand as he walked backwards. “Let me show you,” he whispered.

Xander’s eyes dilated, inky black overtaking the familiar chocolate tones. “Yes, please.”

Spike sank down to the floor, dragging Xander down with him, kissing him deeply. Xander opened his mouth to Spike’s probing tongue, sighing as Spike caressed places that shouldn’t be erogenous zones, but were because Spike was touching them.

Cool fingers trailed down his chest, tracing the line of hair down his abdomen to his cock, then around it before stroking his balls gently. Spike looked up into Xander’s face, watching the plethora of emotions that materialized. “What are you thinking, pet?”

Xander smiled and shrugged, pushing his hips up to increase the pressure of Spike’s touch. “I don’t know, Spike. I’m just blown away by everything that’s happened.”

“Uh, huh,” Spike encouraged, leaning in to press kisses to Xander’s chest, laving at his nipples, allowing his teeth to scratch them lightly.

Xander sighed and lay back on the floor, the soft rug cushioning him. “Everything is so strange. You picking the fight with that demon, then it trying to eat me, then our fight, then this…”

Spike looked up. “Not so strange. A lot of people end up having sex as a result of some type of stressful situation.”

Xander frowned down at Spike, then laughed. “That’s just creepy coming from you.” He wrapped his hand over the top of bleached curls and pressed Spike’s head back down. He grunted in contentment when Spike complied. Nips and bites moved down his chest before circumventing his cock and focusing on his balls and perineum.

Spike’s long tongue flickered out and teased Xander’s opening, tasting their combined flavors there. He glanced up at Xander’s face, eyes flashing gold. “I can taste myself on you.”

Xander’s breath caught, his eyes focused solely on Spike. “I…”

Spike smiled, his eyes speaking volumes. “I know.”

Xander spread his arms, urging Spike to come into them. As Spike settled atop him, their lips met once more, passion flooding through them both. Spike’s hips moved almost imperceptivity, meeting Xander’s halfway.

Their kiss became... something else. Softer, yet more, it encompassed them to the point where there was seemingly nothing else. Xander groaned, pulling them back. Spike reached down and slid two fingers into Xander, encountering lubrication in the form of semen and astroglide.

He breathed into Xander’s mouth as he replaced his fingers with his cock, slowly moving back into the warm, moist heat that had welcomed him earlier. They continued their kiss, hips thrusting in time with tongues. Suddenly, Xander’s cock was surrounded by strong fingers, stroking him in a contrasting rhythm, throwing him out of balance.

This change startled him and Xander gasped into Spike’s mouth. “Oh!”

Spike’s fangs grazed Xander’s bottom lip before retracting. The slight pain was quickly soothed by a soft tongue.

Barely moving, they began to speak. “So perfect… so right… want nothing else… you forever…”

Neither knew which was speaking. They fell into the words, their mouths still touching, their orgasms building deep within.

Spike’s eyes closed and a groan escaped him. A cool flood of semen impelled Xander’s cock to swell, to jerk, and his seed spilled out between them.

Spike collapsed on Xander’s chest, his eyes opening slowly. No words were spoken. None were needed.

The End

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