Randy Sex Kitten

Cold fingers danced down his spine and Xander shuddered. He couldn’t do this! It was unnatural, it was… disgustingly gross. Xander flinched away when the fingers caressed his asshole and he cried out in protest.

“Now, now. You wanted this, did you not? Wanted to be with me forever? Well, this is how I do it. Be still.”

Xander wasn’t sure if he wanted to live forever, not if it included taking it up the ass from the evil undead. He stood and shoved Dracula back. “Forget it! I’d rather die at twenty than let that ridiculous thing anywhere near me!” Xander pointed at Dracula’s rather petite member before pulling up his pants and racing out into the hallway.

Xander stood, looking around in awe at the great hall. He could remember coming here, drawn to Dracula and to the gift he promised, but he hadn’t had time to look around. The castle was amazing!

A movement just inside his periphery caught his attention. A flash of blonde and then it was gone. Buffy.

Yeah, Buffy was here to defend her honor since she let the ratfink bastard bite her. Xander groaned when he thought about what he’d been doing for Dracula over the past few days. He was a butt monkey.

An evil chuckle made him spin. “Butt monkey?” Spike snorted. “Lovely, pet. Thought you were enjoying playing Renfield.”

Xander rolled his eyes and punched Spike hard.

“Oi! What the hell was that for?”

“The fucker tried to rape me! I was not enjoying it!” Xander roared at Spike.

Spike looked up at a movement outside the door and jerked Xander down a short hallway and into a small room. He shut the door and turned. “Rape? Is that why the thrall broke?”

Xander shrugged. “I guess. Cold fingers on me… He even tried to stick one in me! It was just…” Xander shuddered.

“Oh, Xan, so sorry love. Need something to make it better?”

Xander watched, as Spike’s eyes became the same color of the ocean at night. “Yeah,” he whispered.

Spike pressed Xander gently up against the door and brought their lips together in a small, chaste kiss. “Better?”

Xander’s eyes were closed tight as he nodded his head desperately. “Yeah, better.”

Spike leaned into Xander, pressing the length of his body against the taller man. “How ‘bout that… Better?”

Xander could feel Spike’s cock hardening against his thigh. His own was answering the call of lust. “Yeah.”

Spike leaned in and captured Xander mouth once again. This kiss was different, demanding, hard.

Xander groaned into Spike’s cool mouth and thrust against the smaller man. Cool fingers slid under his shirt and caressed his backbone, bringing goose bumps to the surface of his skin. “Spike,” it was a whisper, nothing more, and Spike responded the only way he could.

Xander felt himself being lifted and carried. His legs moved on their own, wrapping around the thin waist of the man holding him so gently. Spike laid Xander out on the floor and began to remove what clothes he could reach without surrendering his hold on Xander’s luscious mouth.

Xander pushed Spike away and began stripping off the blonde’s clothing. Duster, black shirt. Lick nipple, tug at button flies. Shit, no underwear, stuck on the Docs, get them off, then, finally, naked Spike.

Spike grinned at Xander, feeling the boy’s desire leaking out through his fingers. “See something you like?” Xander nodded and stripped off his own shoes and jeans, spreading himself out to lie on top of Spike.

Spike’s cleaver fingers danced down Xander’s skin and he wondered why Spike felt so different than Dracula. A moment later and he didn’t care, as Spike was breeching him, having found lube somewhere. “Open for me, pet.”

Xander pulled his knees up, rising off of Spike’s body and thrusting back on the vampire’s long fingers. He felt full, complete.

“Spike!” Xander cried as Spike brushed ever so gently against his prostate.

Spike wriggled out from under Xander, never removing his fingers from Xander’s warm depths. “Gonna fuck you pet. When I get you home, I’ll lick you, suck you, love you, but right now… Gonna fuck you.”

Xander quickly balanced himself on one hand and clenched the other tightly around his erection. “Spike!”

Spike slicked his cock with his free hand and lined up before removing his fingers. “Here we go. Scream for me, pet.”

Xander did just that. He screamed out Spike’s name as the blonde’s cock split him in two. Xander continued to squeeze his own dick, trying to regain control, which was impossible with Spike hammering into his body relentlessly.

Spike was panting, a sound which drew Xander’s attention away from his own arousal. Listening to Spike breathe as he pounded Xander, it took Xander’s breath away.

“Spike, Spike, Spike…” The words were a mantra and soon he could no longer fend off his orgasm. “Spike!”

His hand still wrapped tightly around his cock, Xander came. Violent, harsh jerks, which caused the muscles of his ass to clench around Spike.

“Fuck yeah!” Spike shouted before allowing his own cool seed to fill Xander.

Xander collapsed on the floor, the vampire atop him. Spike pulled out, cool semen gushed from Xander. He felt empty and whimpered at the loss. Spike shushed him and rolled him over.

“There, there, love. Just wanted to see you.” Gentle kisses rained down on Xander’s face and neck. He smiled at the demon above him and sighed happily.

Outside the door, someone was calling for Buffy. It was Giles. They heard a door open followed by a thudding sound. Spike smiled and continued to kiss his boy. “Mmmm… so sweet. Would love to mark you right here.” He licked Xander’s throat right where it met his shoulder. Xander’s moan of pleasure was echoed next door by Giles.

Xander made a face, causing Spike to laugh. “More at home?”

“Yeah. Race you.”

The End