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Rating: NC-17 for disturbing imagery
Summary: A collection of drabbles. Xander’s idea of play has changed over the years. Dark.


Randy Sex Kitten

Xander remembered playing as a kid. Running through the fields with Jesse, laughing as Willow struggled to keep up. The laughter always stopped quickly if the tiny girl fell. Then they would be right next to her, helping her up, kissing her booboos and just being with her.

They would go to the ice cream parlor, the park… anyplace where they thought they could get away with being loud. Jesse was good at getting them freebies, as long as Willow wasn’t frowning disapprovingly.

Those times are over. Now he finds his pleasure in a more dangerous game: Taunt the vampire.


Spike snarled and snapped at the human just out of his reach. His fangs glinted in the candlelight, his eyes flashing between blue and yellow. The human lunged once more, striking out, making contact. Spike released his tenuous control and let his demon come to the forefront. The human smiled. Spike shook, his muscles tense, unyielding. The ties binding him to the chair creaked and the human knelt down to examine them. Insuring they were secure, the human lashed out again, drawing blood. Spike roared in pain and pleasure as the blood was lapped up by a too warm tongue.


Xander’s tongue sang as the demon blood slid down his throat. He stood, backing away, eyeing the vampire carefully.

One eye swollen, the other completely shut. Blond hair curled, free of the ever-present gel. Cheekbones standing out starkly. Rosy lips, pink tongue…

Xander, tired of the game, moved forward, one hand releasing the ties binding his lover to the chair, the other reaching out to crush Spike against him.

Their lips met in a furious dance. Their tongues battled, teeth clashed, and, throughout it all, hands moved. Light touches, caresses that betrayed their feelings, proved that this was no game.


Lovemaking. No matter how the evening started, what the pretense was, it was always making love. Blood was spilt, skin broken, grunts of pain and ecstasy, it was all there.

Spike purred as he lapped at a stream of fluid running down Xander’s thigh. Blood, semen, sweat. He smiled as he savored the taste. Xander pulled him up, running his own tongue along the injuries that he himself had caused. Spike’s eyes closed as Xander kissed away the pain.

Xander brushed his hand along Spike’s cheekbone, looking on in wonder as a gash closed before his eyes. Then… they slept.

The End

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