Randy Sex Kitten

Xander looked up as the blond sauntered into the room. He blushed and looked back down at the book in his hands, unsure as to how to approach Spike, now that they were… His blush deepened and he glanced around the table, wondering if anyone else noticed.

Nope, the girls were all reading intently and Giles was in his office. Spike walked behind Xander’s chair and laughed softly as Xander shuddered when a single cool finger touched his neck.

Last night… Last night was the night that Spike had finally claimed what was his. Spike smiled as Xander’s eyes glazed over, he knew exactly what his boy was thinking about.

Xander glanced up when someone started pounding furiously on his door. Anya was gone for the weekend and Willow, Buffy and Tara had some kind of women’s power meeting until after midnight.

He stood and wandered over, reaching into the coat hanging on the rack to grab a stake before peering out the peephole in the door. A single blue eye looked back at him.

“Oi! Harris! Open the door!”

Xander thudded his head against the door, pounding it in a reassuring rhythm, hoping that he would wake up and this would all be a dream. He sighed and opened the door, glaring at the blond on his doorstep. “Why are you here, Spike?” Xander did not move to allow the vampire entrance and Spike grumbled under his breath.

“I’m hungry, ok? Nibblet is over at Janice’s and Joyce is outta town, so I don’t have anyplace to heat up my blood.” Spike looked up at Xander, wondering if the boy was going to let him in.

“Go away, Spike. I don’t care if you have to drink cold blood. You are not coming into my apartment.” Xander slammed the door shut and went into the kitchen to grab a beer. He had just settled down on the couch when the pounding started up again.

“Go away, Spike!” Xander shouted from the couch. “Yeah! There you go, Webber!” Xander kept his eyes glued to the television where the Kings were facing off with the Mavericks.

The pounding didn’t stop, so Xander pulled himself to his feet and walked to the door, keeping an eye on the television where Sacramento was trying to catch up with Dallas. He flung the door open and turned to face the agitated vampire. “What part of ‘go the hell away’ did you not understand?” He glared down at Spike.

“C’mon, Whelp. It’s bad enough that I have to drink this piss, do you have any idea what it tastes like when it’s cold?” The crowd went wild on the television and Xander spun on his heels to see what happened.

“Whatever. Come in, Spike. But go away as soon as you get done heating up your blood.” Xander flopped back down on the couch. Three points and the Kings would pull ahead.

Xander ignored the small noises that Spike was making in the kitchen. He lifted a beer to his lips, sipping at the room temperature beverage, scowling at the bottle just as the half ended. “Ack! Warm beer!”

Xander went into the kitchen, pouring the warming liquid down the drain before reaching for another cold one. He glanced at Spike who was standing in front of the stove. “What are you doing, Spike?”

Spike looked over at the brunette. “Heating up my blood.” Xander moved to look over the vampire’s shoulder, looking down to see a large blood bag floating in a pan of water.

“Why don’t you use the microwave?” Xander waved at the indicated appliance.

Spike turned and leaned one hip against the stovetop as he considered his answer. “Well, it tastes different if you nuke it. Gives it a nasty aftertaste. Joyce figured that heating it in boiling water would be better.” He cocked his head at Xander, taking in the boy’s appearance.

Xander was dressed in a pair of plaid sleep pants, no top. His hair was disheveled, like he had taken a shower and used his fingers rather than a comb to tame it. It was dried into soft brown waves and a single curl had fallen across Xander’s forehead, drawing attention to his chocolate brown eyes.

Spike shook his head and scowled. What in the hell was he thinking? He turned back to his blood, effectively ignoring Xander.

The water began boiling and Xander glanced back towards the living room, where the commentators were discussing the game. He turned and wandered towards the couch, watching a slow motion replay of something that had happened in the first half.

The couch shifted and Xander looked over to see Spike sitting at the other end of the couch, sipping his blood out of Anya’s favorite coffee mug. “Spike! That’s Anya’s mug!” Spike pulled his eyes away from the television, flitting them towards the brunette while licking a stray drop of blood from his lips. His gaze landed on Xander and the brunette gasped.

Spike’s pink tongue had caught Xander’s attention. Such an innocently seductive movement. Xander frowned and took a long swig of beer. Why in the hell was he thinking that Spike looked seductive?

Spike was shocked by the heat in Xander’s eyes. He quickly turned back to his mug of blood. Both men stared fixedly at the television, each finding the Pepsi commercial extremely intriguing.

Xander saw Spike lick his lips once again out of the corner of his eye. He cursed himself internally as he hardened in his pants. He should have taken Anya up on her offer of a going away blowjob, but he just hadn’t been in the mood.

Spike could smell the pheromones drifting from the boy and wondered what had caused it. Whatever the reason, his cock was responding to the scent. He had never smelled anything so intoxicating. Wondering at the strange thoughts that were going through his head, Spike began gulping down his blood.

Xander could see Spike’s Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed and had to contain a groan. Spike’s throat was long and smooth and pale… Xander blushed and looked back at the screen.

Spike finished up his blood and went into the kitchen to rinse out the mug. He had no idea why he did it, but when he passed Xander, he allowed his hand to drift across the back of the boy’s neck.

Xander jerked and another flood of pheromones drifted through the air. Defensively, Xander snarled, “If you’re done, then get out, Spike.”

Spike finished cleaning his mug and began walking towards the front door. “See you, Whelp.”

Xander waved in his direction but didn’t move from his position on the couch. He had no idea what was going on in the basketball game and couldn’t concentrate to figure it out. He turned off the television and lay back on the couch, his mind flitting through the last half hour.

Spike had come over, they had had a snark-a-thon, as always, Spike had licked his lips and now all Xander could think about were those lips and the body that they were attached to. Spike had been dressed in his normal attire, black jeans, black t-shirt, duster, Docs… but there was something else that Xander couldn’t put his finger on. Whatever it was, it was making him lust after the blond vampire.

Xander heard movement in the hallway and walked quietly over to the front door, peering out the peephole. Spike was standing outside his door, staring off into the distance. He was leaning back and had one foot propped on the wall behind him. His left thumb was tucked in a belt loop, his fingers dangling down, barely caressing the bulge in the front of his pants.

As if sensing Xander’s presence, Spike looked at the door and stalked over, pressing a single blue eye against the peephole. Xander gasped but didn’t move, entranced by the beauty of the blue that he could feel burning into his soul. Spike’s voice was low and heated. “Let me in, Xander.”

Xander fumbled with the door, finally succeeding in getting it open. Spike pinned him against the wall just inside the apartment, kicking the door shut and holding Xander close to him. Xander was caught up by the fire in Spike’s eyes. They were changing from blue to gold to blue to gold and Xander could feel his pulse speed up with each shift.

Spike leaned in and captured Xander’s lips in a bruising kiss. Long, thin fingers brushed down Xander’s sides, drawing out a tickling sensation from deep within. His cock twitched again.

Spike pulled away and gazed into Xander’s eyes, searching for an answer in their depths. Xander looked confused, ashamed and aroused all at once and Spike’s demon responded desperately. The demon insisted that Spike throw the boy down and fuck him senseless. Spike struggled with himself to contain his desire.

Xander stood panting, looking at the vampire. Spike looked dangerous, his body quivered as if it were going to explode from the energy contained inside the small frame. Xander forgot to breath momentarily as he saw the possessiveness creep into Spike’s gaze. Xander knew at that moment that he was lost. Lost in the fiery blue eyes that were scorching his soul.

Spike reached out and, sliding under the soft cotton of Xander’s t-shirt, laid a hand on Xander stomach. The muscles under his fingers quivered as he stroked the smooth skin. “Scared, pet?”

Xander didn’t answer. He was too caught up in the symphony that was Spike.

Spike watched as Xander’s eyes dilated until they were large pools of ebony with a ring of warm chocolate. He could smell the blood rushing through Xander’s veins, color rising to the surface of his slightly moist skin.

Spike caught the younger man’s mouth in another bruising kiss. He glanced around the room and began steering Xander towards the bedroom door. “Let’s see if we can’t make you a little more comfy.”

Xander quaked. The kiss was embedded in his mind and his body was begging for more of the vampire’s touch.

Once Xander was naked, Spike stripped off his own clothes and began moving them towards the couch, stealing kisses as they went. Xander fell backwards, landing hard on the cushions. “Oomph!” Spike caught the grunt in his mouth, swallowing down Xander’s pleasure.

Xander sprawled across the couch, Spike landing atop him. Their mouths never stopped touching, but kisses were alternated with murmured words and careful bites. Xander pressed up, rubbing his body against Spike’s.

Spike groaned and Xander grinned, causing their teeth to clash momentarily. Spike pulled back and looked down at Xander. “You ok, Xander?”

Xander looked up at Spike and nodded. “Yeah, shut up.” His arms snaked around Spike’s neck, pulling him down and capturing his mouth once again.

Spike sighed into Xander’s mouth, inhaling once again to capture Xander’s scent and taste. He thrust his tongue into the moist cavern, Xander willingly opened to allow access.

Xander shivered as Spike pressed down, rubbing their erections against each other. Coolness and heat contrasted and Spike groaned into Xander’s mouth. Xander pulled back to pant, “Spike!”

Spike rolled them so that they landed on the floor, Xander’s larger frame covering his. He grinned up and prompted, “Yes?”

Xander grinned back and thrust down, crushing his cock against Spike’s and drawing out a moan of pleasure from them both. Xander reached out and cupped Spike’s face in his hand. “What are we doing?”

Spike rolled them so that he was draped over Xander. “Depends, love. Frottage…” Spike rolled his hips against Xander, sighing at the shudder that ran through Xander’s body. “Kissing…” He leaned in and captured Xander’s mouth in a quick, passionate embrace. “Fucking…” It was almost a whisper.

Xander trailed his fingers over Spike’s face, his fingers lingering at Spike’s full lips. Spike drew the digits in, sucking at them lightly before releasing them with a gentle nip.

Xander watched Spike with wide eyes, before dropping them down, seemingly staring at Spike’s shoulder. Spike pressed himself up. “What is it?”

Xander reached up and ran his fingers through Spike’s hair, loosening the stiff gel. He glanced around as if seeking something. “What if I don’t want to…”

Spike immediately climbed off of Xander. “Fine then.” He tripped and fell back to the floor as Xander’s hand flew out and captured his ankle. “Wait, Spike! That’s not what I meant!”

Spike turned and looked at Xander. “What did you mean, then, Harris?” Spike’s expression spoke volumes.

Xander looked Spike in the eye. “What if I don’t want to fuck? What if I want more?”

Spike moved closer and drew Xander into his arms. “More?”

Xander kissed Spike, a gentle meeting of lips, contrasting with their earlier passionate battles. “More, Spike. I want… more.”

Spike groaned and leaned in, taking possession of Xander’s lips, mapping out each inch of his lover’s mouth. He pulled back, his eyes never leaving Xander’s. “How much more, pet?” His voice was quiet, calm, belying his tension.


Xander grunted as he was suddenly lifted and carried through to the bedroom. Spike placed him gently on the bed and stood looking at him for a long moment. Xander’s long limbs were splayed and he was watching Spike with unveiled lust and longing.

Spike crawled onto the bed and hovered over Xander. His cock lurched and both men groaned and then laughed as their cocks touched. “Gonna make you scream, Xan. Gonna make it so good.”

Xander grabbed Spike and pulled him down, their lips meeting in an almost violent dance. He pulled back, pushing Spike away as he spoke. “Yes. Now. Please.”

Spike grinned evilly and moved down the bed, settling between Xander’s thighs, pressing them apart. His tongue snaked out and traced the prominent vein on the underside of Xander’s dick.

“Feel good?”

Xander glared down at Spike and Spike laughed as he lifted himself up and engulfed Xander’s cock down to the root. Xander struggled and lifted up onto his elbows, watching as his length slid slickly in and out of Spike’s mouth.

Spike released Xander with a wet pop and moved back on the bed. Xander whimpered and Spike patted his thigh soothingly. “Shh… It’s ok.” Spike leaned in and kissed a small scar on the inside of Xander’s thigh before moving back up.

He lifted Xander’s legs and pressed them towards his chest. Spike leaned in and kissed Xander quickly before moving back down. He caught Xander’s eye and moved slowly down.

Xander gasped and his head fell back as Spike’s tongue probed at his opening. Spike lifted back up and grinned at Xander. The brunet’s head popped back up and he growled. Spike laughed and dropped back down, focusing on opening Xander.

Xander dropped back onto the bed, his hands finding their way around his thighs, opening himself up wider for Spike.

Spike's tongue prodded until the muscles relaxed slightly, then he pressed further in, easing the tight ring open, reaching in deeper with each thrust. He slipped a finger into his mouth and sucked it lightly before pulling back and sliding his slick digit into Xander.

Xander inhaled deeply as Spike’s finger breeched him. Spike watched his face closely, searching for any sign of discomfort. Xander’s hips began to roll and Spike smiled. A second finger moved up to dance around Xander’s opening and then both were suddenly gone.

Xander’s head popped up and he glared at Spike. “Why did you stop?”

Spike’s smile was gentle and warm. “Need slick. Got anything?”

Xander nodded frantically and motioned to the dresser beside the bed. Spike reached for the drawer, pausing when he noticed the items lying atop the table. A copy of the Kama Sutra was open, face down beside a photo of a hundred dollar bill.

Xander looked over and spoke quietly. “Yeah, that’s Anya’s side.” His hand moved up and stroked Spike’s back.

Spike stiffened. He turned and sat next to Xander. “Not going to be a bit on the side, Xan. You’re either mine or hers.” He growled lightly, his eyes flashing gold for a moment.

Xander pulled away from Spike and closed his eyes. Spike watched as a myriad of emotions crossed Xander’s face. Xander’s forehead creased into an expression of pain. His eyes opened and Spike’s heart sank.

“I’ll go,” Spike whispered.

Xander grabbed Spike around the ankle once again. “No. I choose you.”

Spike’s eyes lightened and once more filled with lust. Xander reached over and knocked the book and photo off of the table before reaching into the drawer and drawing out an unopened bottle of lube.

He opened the bottle and poured an overly generous amount onto Spike’s fingers, flinching as some of the cold liquid dripped onto his stomach. “Make me yours.”

Spike growled and Xander’s cock twitched in response. “How sad is it that you going all growly makes me even more horny?”

Spike snickered. “Means that you belong to a vamp, pet.”

Spike’s fingers began to probe into Xander once again. Xander thrashed when Spike stroked his prostate. “Like that?” Spike muttered.

Xander nodded and thrust against Spike’s fingers. “Want more, Spike. Please!”

“Give us the bottle, love.”

Spike poured lube over his cock and began to stroke in time with his fingers’ thrusts into Xander. Xander watched as Spike prepared himself, his tongue dancing out to moisten dry lips. Pale fingers slid up and down and Xander lost himself in the imagery.

Spike felt Xander tighten against his fingers and reached out to stroke Xander’s thigh. “It’s ok, Xan. Just relax.”

Spike crawled back in between Xander’s legs and reached up to grab a pillow. “Lift up.” Xander’s hips popped up, allowing Spike to stuff the pillow under his hips.

Spike rested the head of his cock against Xander’s entrance. “Gonna climb into you, pet. Take you, make you mine.” He nudged forward, not quite breaching his lover.

“Spike,” Xander breathed.

“Gonna let me in, love?” He thrust forward as Xander’s breathing sped up.

Both men groaned as Spike slid smoothly into Xander. Their eyes met and Spike stilled, waiting for Xander to relax around him. Xander thrust up, allowing Spike to sink fractionally deeper. Spike groaned and watched as Xander lifted his hips once more, wrapping his legs around Spike’s waist, urging him even deeper.

Spike’s face shifted.

Xander watched, seemingly entranced by the change in his lover. He reached out and stroked Spike’s ridges, drawing a groan of pleasure from the blond.

Spike began to move slowly, his hips barely shifting. He leaned in and wrapped his lips around a brown nub, sucking hard. Xander moved under Spike. “More. Faster, harder, something. Spike!”

Spike grinned and his hips pistoned eagerly as he tried to meld with his lover. Xander’s breathing was erratic, forced from his lungs with each hard thrust. His fingers dug into Spike’s shoulders. The addition of pain made Spike roar and speed his thrusts.

Spike’s slick fingers wrapped around Xander’s cock, moving in time with his thrusts. Xander stiffened and yelled, pulling Spike closely against him as he came, shuddering out his climax. His teeth sank into his lip, drawing blood.

Spike’s lips moved to the droplet of blood, eager to taste his lover. He suckled Xander’s lips, moving closer to his own release.

Xander pushed Spike back before pulling him down once more, pressing Spike’s forehead against his throat. “Please, Spike. Take me, please. I want it all, I want everything, please!”

Spike’s fangs throbbed as he rubbed his ridges against his lover’s proffered throat. “Xander.” It was a purr.

Xander tightened his legs around Spike and wrapped his arms more tightly around the blond. “Please, I want you.”

Xander’s voice sounded uncertain and Spike pulled back to look at his face. “Pet?”

“Want you, Spike. Want to belong to you.” The determination in Xander’s gaze prompted Spike’s response. He roared and moved harshly within Xander, diving down and sinking his fangs into Xander’s smooth throat.

Xander shuddered in a second orgasm as Spike exploded deep inside him. Xander cradled Spike’s head against his throat as the vampire continued to drink.

Spike finally pulled away, blood framing his mouth. “Mine.”

Xander’s fingers automatically moved to Spike’s forehead. “Yes. Yours.”

Spike collapsed on Xander and both men drifted into sleep.

Xander woke several hours later with a welcome ache in his ass and a purring vampire staring at him. “Hello, love. Want a bath?”

Xander stretched as best he could and cringed. “Yeah. Kinda crusty here.”

Spike stole a kiss and rolled off of Xander, reaching out to help pull him onto his feet. Xander moaned. “Ugh and ouch. Remind me not to fall asleep with a cock in my ass again, ok?”

Spike snorted and moved towards the bathroom. “Yeah, well, you’re gonna get used to it. No place else I want to be.”

Xander stumbled after him and relieved himself before stepping into the shower behind Spike.

Spike turned and leaned in to run his tongue across the mark he had left the night before. Xander shuddered. “Not fair.” He turned Spike back around before nuzzling Spike’s neck and running his fingers through blond curls. “Gimme that.” Xander took the shampoo out of Spike’s hand and dumped it into his palm.

Spike began to purr once more as Xander’s strong fingers massaged his scalp. “Feels good, love. ‘S the first time anybody’s done this for me.”

Xander looked at him in shock. “You’re joking, right?”

Spike shook his head and growled softly, pressing back into Xander’s hands, encouraging him to continue. Xander’s fingers slipped down Spike’s neck and across his chest.

Spike hissed as Xander’s cock pressed against his ass. Xander reached for the shower gel and began rubbing it into Spike’s smooth skin. Spike wriggled under Xander’s ministrations, allowing the thick length to press against his entrance.

“Don’t tickle, Whelp!” Spike jerked back as Xander’s fingers teased across his abdomen.

Xander laughed and pulled Spike close, turning him slightly to kiss him. Spike suckled Xander’s tongue as his hands continued to move across Spike’s body, learning each angle. His soapy hands wrapped around Spike’s engorged length and Spike groaned in response.

Xander pulled back and pushed Spike under the spray. His hands followed the stream of water, insuring that all the soap was rinsed away. Spike flinched and grunted softly.

“What’s wrong?” Xander asked.

“Bloody shampoo’s in my eyes,” Spike growled in response.

Xander apologized and brushed his thumbs across Spike’s eyelids, flushing them with water. He kissed each lid before moving back. “Anything I can do to make it up to you?” His hand dropped down and began to pump Spike’s cock slowly.

Spike smirked and placed his hands on Xander’s shoulders, pressing down until Xander sank to his knees. “Take it into your mouth, Xan.”

Xander opened his mouth eagerly, taking Spike into his mouth. He looked up at Spike questioningly, waiting for more instructions.

“Suck on the head a bit.” Spike threaded his fingers through Xander’s hair, rubbing his head slightly as he did.

Xander sucked, then gagged. He pulled back, coughing and laughing. “Ok. Not so good at this.”

Spike grinned down at him. “Just do what you can, Xan. Just having your hot little mouth around me…” His head dropped back for a moment. He looked back down and laughed. “Just do whatever feels good to you. Promise it’ll be perfect.”

Xander watched as Spike’s cock bobbed. He stood up and wrapped his arms around Spike, murmuring against his neck. “Spike.” Xander kissed Spike’s neck. “My love.” He kissed Spike’s ear. “There is no way that your cock is going to fit in my mouth.”

Spike burst out laughing. Giggling and flirting, the two finished washing before quickly drying off and racing back to the bed.

“Xander! Are you listening?” Willow was staring at him curiously.

Xander lurched in his seat. “Nope!” Xander grinned at her and looked over at Spike. “Um, guys, I have something to tell you.” Spike glanced over at him, his eyes bright in the artificial light of the store.

“Hang on. Giles!” Xander’s shout drew the watcher out of his office.

“Is it necessary to shout, Xander?” Giles’s voice was clipped as he peered over the top of his glasses.

“I’ve got something to tell you.” Xander took a deep breath. “I, um, I’m gonna break up with Anya when she gets home.”

Buffy’s head shot up. “Really?” At Willow’s look she added, “I mean, really? Why?”

Xander glanced over at Spike who appeared stunned yet hopeful. “Well, I don’t think my mate would appreciate me seeing her anymore.”

Willow’s mouth dropped open and she gasped. “Mate?”

Giles stuttered, “Mate?”

Buffy frowned. “Mate?”

Xander leaned over and kissed Spike. “Let’s head home.”

Spike smirked as he and Xander walked out hand in hand, leaving the silent Scoobies behind.

The End