Marriage and Other Strange Arrangements

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Seven

Xander woke up buried under the covers of Spike’s bed. He sat up and pushed them away, stretching as he looked around the room.

He heard Spike talking on the other side of the partition and peeked around to see Spike splayed out on the couch talking on the phone. “I know that, but does it really matter in this case?” A long silence was followed by, “Yes, sire.”

Xander stumbled toward where Spike’s tousled head lay. He pressed a kiss to said head and stumbled back toward the bathroom.

“I know that, but…” Spike dropped his head back to watch Xander, straightening at Angel’s next comment. “Sire,” He started, once again getting interrupted. “Damn it, Angel!”

Xander’s laughter filtered in from the bathroom, mingling with the sounds of the flushing toilet and running water. Spike reached for him when he once again appeared and he tumbled into Spike’s lap, stroking the soft skin of his abdomen.

“Alright, Angel. Yeah I… Yes! See you then, sire.” Spike hit the off button and tossed the phone on the table, wrapping himself securely around Xander.

“What’s up?” Xander asked.

Spike nuzzled into Xander’s neck and sighed. “He wants to see us. Says he has to look at something.”

Grunting, Xander shrugged. “Ok.”

He rolled over so that he was lying over Spike, face to face. He wiggled his hips and Spike laughed, capturing his mouth for an extended kiss. A quiet voice broke them apart. “Xander?”

Xander looked over his shoulder to find Willow standing at the end of the couch, watching as they struggled to untangle their limbs to sit up.

“Xander? What? I don’t…” Willow frowned at Xander, then Spike, before sitting down on the arm of the couch.

Xander smoothed back his hair and moved so that his thigh was pressed against Spike’s. Willow looked on in confusion as he threaded his fingers through Spike’s before looking up at her.

“How long?” she asked quietly.

“Soon as I picked him up, Red.”

“Tara and Dawn?”

“Yeah, Wills, they know.”

Both men flinched as Willow calmly stood before yelling, “They know? You’ve been together for almost two weeks and they know? Why didn’t you tell me?” She fell to the floor, her face hidden in her hands.

Spike stood and knelt next to her, running his hand down her spine, his voice low. “We didn’t hide it, pet. Snuggled together on the couch last week when you two were discussing what he’s to wear at the wedding, remember?”

Willow turned and wrapped her arms around Spike, her tears audible in her voice. “You… Yeah, I remember… I thought that you must be cold and since Dawn was at work…”

She laughed and sniffed loudly.

Glancing over at Xander, Spike indicated a box of tissues underneath the table. Pulling out a couple, Xander walked over and joined the hug, using the tissues to dab at Willow’s face. “We didn’t want to take any attention away from you and Tara. This is your wedding. Your day. Not ours. Ow!”

Spike glared at Willow and rubbed Xander’s arm where he had just been hit. Willow sat up and grabbed the tissues out of his hand, blowing her nose and glaring right back at Spike. “You told me that if you ever found your mate that I would be the first one to know. And you,” she continued, ignoring the guilty look on Spike’s face, turning her attention to Xander. “You know better. I might not be able to keep up with every Tom, Kris and Lisa that moves through your bed, but if you’re dating the man that I live with, I have the right to know!”

Laughter sounded from the stairwell, and the trio looked over to find Dawn and Tara sitting three steps up, sharing a drink. Willow pointed. “You two are in so much trouble.” The pair looked at each other, placed the glass carefully on the step below them and rose to their feet, clambering up the stairs.

Spike pulled Xander and Willow up, leading them over to the sofa and dragging them down, Willow pressed between the two men. “How serious is this?” she asked, playing with Xander’s fingers.

“Pretty serious, Red. I called Angel tonight and he’s coming up.”

Willow nodded and turned to bury her face into Spike’s neck. “But where will you live? What about Dawn?”

Spike and Xander looked at each other, their eyes suspiciously wet. Spike took a deep breath and spoke. “I don’t know. We’ve not talked about it. Xander just agreed tonight and we’ve not had a chance to discuss it.”

Xander ran his hands down Willow’s back, leaning close. “Like I said, NYU has an excellent fine arts program. Dawnie could go there and live with us.” Willow trembled as she began to cry once more. Xander shhed and stroked, looking at Spike, but receiving nothing in the way of help as Spike turned to look at a window.

“My firm has branches all over the U.S. Maybe once I get full partnership, we could move back here…”

Willow wailed and Spike pulled her close, closing his eyes and rocking her. Xander hung his head dejectedly and Spike reached out for him, pulling him close as well.

“We’ll figure it out, Red. I’m not gonna just walk out on you, Glinda and Bit, am I? We’ll talk about it, yeah? After the wedding. We have time. Lots of time.”

A long silence followed, all three pressed together, rocking gently. Footsteps made their way down the soft trail of the stairs and Tara’s voice called, “You guys ok?”

“Yeah, Glinda, come on down.” Spike shifted, making room beside him for Tara to sit.

Tara curled up behind Spike, reaching over his shoulder to card her fingers through Willow’s hair. “Willow, sweetheart,” she started, but Willow moved away from her, pulling herself to her feet and turning to sit on the coffee table.

“What am I suppose to say, Tara? They’re all going to leave! Spike isn’t going to let Dawn stay here without him and Xander still has two and a half years before he becomes a full partner at his firm.” She turned pleasing eyes on her soon to be wife. “They’re all going to leave us!”

Tara pushed Spike out of the way and sat in front of Willow, drawing her into her arms. “Willow, it will be ok. You’re going to graduate next semester. You know that I’ve gotten several offers for the Magic Box. We don’t have to stay here, we can go anywhere we like.”

Large green eyes, full of tears, pain and hope looked at the three on the couch. “Really? I never… I never thought…”

Tara smiled and tugged Willow back onto the couch, Spike and Xander wrapping long arms round them both. “We’ll work it out, Red. In the meantime…” He stood and stretched before reaching for Xander. “You interrupted us. Get out.”

Willow laughed and sniffed as Tara helped her to her feet. They leaned heavily on each other as they climbed the steps, their voices becoming muted as the door shut behind them.

Sitting back on the sofa, Xander positioned Spike between his legs, lying against his chest. He placed a soft kiss on Spike’s temple before mumbling, “I guess we have a lot to talk about, huh?”

Spike nodded and rolled burying his face in Xander’s neck. “Yeah, Xan, we do.”