Marriage and Other Strange Arrangements

Randy Sex Kitten

Part Three

Xander woke up warm and toasty the next morning. He turned to find himself face to face with an angel. Spike was asleep, his hair in soft curls around his face, his pale coloring highlighted by the bright jewel tones of the bedding. Xander grinned and leaned in to kiss Spike when he was poked in the side by something extremely pointy.

“No snogging while I’m in the bed.” Dawn didn’t open her eyes as she spoke, but she cuddled in closer to Xander’s heat.

“Then get the hell out of my bed, Bit.” Spike wrapped his arms around Xander and drew the larger man into a kiss. Tongues dueled and Xander sighed happily. The kiss was interrupted by a long, lanky body forcibly shoving Xander out of the way. “Hey!”

Dawn stuck her tongue out at Xander and snuggled into Spike’s arms. “My spot. You have to earn it.”

Spike laughed as Xander growled and climbed out of the bed. “Tossed over for an eighteen year old girl.”

“Hey! I’ll be nineteen next month!” Dawn hollered as Xander walked away.

Spike kissed Dawn on the cheek then shoved her hard, causing her to fall out of the bed. “Hey!”

“Hey yourself. What are you thinking, tossing Xan out of my bed? Stupid little bint.”

Dawn rubbed her sore ass and glared. “What are you doing in bed with him anyway?”

“Well, I was about to try out some suggestions that he came up with last night, but there was a cheeky little chit in my bed!” Spike glared back at Dawn and both were silent for a long moment before breaking out in laughter.

“Fine! See if I come down to heat up your bed for you again!” Dawn winked at Spike, clamored up off the floor and gave Spike a quick kiss. “Of course, if all goes well with Xander, you won’t need me anymore.”

“Off with you, Bit and lock the bloody door behind you. Told you to quit picking my lock.”

“Well, if you’d leave it open, I wouldn’t have to pick it, now would I?” Dawn sauntered out of the room at the same time that Xander exited the bathroom.

“He’s all yours Xander, though why you’d want a grouch is beyond me.” Xander gaped at Dawn, then sidled around the partition to look at Spike.


“Oh, she’s in here every morning. She’s one of those people whose body temp increases when they sleep, so as soon as she wakes up in the mornings, she comes down here to heat up my bed before she gets ready for the day. It’s the only time we usually have where we can talk in private.” Spike reached out and dragged Xander onto the bed, arranging him so that he was lying on top of the vampire. Spike kissed and sucked at the mortal’s neck, demanding, “Tell me the list one more time.”

Xander chuckled. He had been asked to repeat himself at least four times before Spike would let him go to sleep the night before. They had both been too content to start on the list, but Spike was now eager to tackle it. “Kissing.” Spike responded with a deep kiss that took Xander’s breath away.

“Mmm… Biting.” Spike moved his head down to Xander’s neck, biting at the flesh, drawing small bruises to the surface of his skin. He backed away, waiting for the next item on the list.

“More!” Xander demanded.

Spike obliged, spending time drawing blood to the surface of Xander’s skin, wishing that he could allow his fangs to slice through the delectable flesh. “Finish the list, or you’re gonna end up with a vampiric hickey.” Spike panted against Xander’s throat.

“And that a bad thing because?” Xander smiled a little as Spike’s growl reverberated through his body. “Frottage.”

Spike rubbed his bare cock against Xander’s silk covered one. “Nice boxers, pet. Take ‘em off.”

Xander scrambled off the bed, stripped and quickly jumped back onto Spike, slowly rubbing their hardened lengths together.

Spike smiled and lifted his hips, pulling Xander down, his fingers digging into the brunette’s hips. “Next.”

Xander trembled. “Blow job.”

Spike wriggled underneath Xander, moving his body down toward the foot of the bed, while holding Xander in place. He licked and nipped down Xander’s body, each sinuous wiggle rubbing delightfully on Xander’s overheated body.

Xander found himself in an interesting position. He was laying facedown on the bed, his upper body barely propped up on his elbows. His lower body was stretched out over Spike’s lean form.

Spike lay underneath Xander, simply enjoying the scent of his lover. He moved down just a little more and came upon Xander’s erect member. “Well, hello there.” Spike’s whispered words tickled across Xander’s sensitive flesh and he shuddered happily.

Spike gave one last lick to the lean belly that was pressed against his face and moved to engulf Xander’s cock in his mouth.

Spike took a moment to grin at Xander’s yelp of pleasure before focusing on his task. He laved at the long, thick, blood-filled vein that called out to his demon. He wrapped his lips around the head and sucked, gently at first, and then increasing the pressure until Xander called out. Spike released the head and allowed Xander’s cock to slide all the way into his mouth. He grasped Xander’s hips tightly and began moving them up and down as he alternately sucked and swallowed around the length in his mouth.

Xander was lost in the maelstrom of sensations that were flooding through his body. Spike was forcing him to thrust into Spike’s cool, wet mouth. He had never experienced anything like this. Spike began to hum, a tuneless, toneless hum that sent vibrations through Xander’s dick, up to his pelvis and then down to his toes.

Spike caught tight to Xander’s hips, stopping the lazy thrusts, and began to suck and swallow forcefully. Xander couldn’t control his body, sobbing in something resembling relief when he felt himself explode into Spike’s mouth.

Spike flipped Xander over, never removing his mouth from his lover’s spent member. Spike suckled on the lax flesh, enjoying the taste and texture of Xander. He let go with a wet pop and moved back up Xander’s body, pressing himself against every exposed piece of skin that he came across.

Spike kissed Xander, his clear blue eyes sparking with mirth. “What’s next?”

Xander snorted and shoved Spike off of him. He pounced and drove Spike into the bed, rubbing his pelvis hard against Spike’s thick erection. Rocking forcefully before whispering, “Fucking.”

Spike moaned and came, cool spurts of seed flowing up between their bodies. Xander laughed and kissed Spike’s neck as the vampire panted needlessly beneath him. “Maybe later, huh?”

Spike laughed and the two men stumbled from the bed, kissing, groping and bumping into walls before they found themselves in the shower together once again. “Are we ever going to be able to finish the list?” Xander asked teasingly.

“Yeah, pet. We’ll finish it. Time for food right now, though. Can smell Glinda cooking.” Spike finished washing Xander and quickly turned the bathing sponge to his own body. They washed their hair and stepped out of the shower, pausing for a few moments of gratuitous groping.

Xander found his suitcase at the bottom of the stairs and hauled it over to Spike’s nest. Tossing the heavy luggage onto the bed, Xander began to dig through it. He wasn’t much of a packer. He wasn’t sure how to make everything fit into one bag. Therefore, he had bought an extra large bag and just thrown his clothes into it.

Pulling out a heavily wrinkled shirt, he frowned. Spike walked up behind Xander and wrapped his arms around the brunette. “Kinda wrinkled, pet. Want to hang your kit up in my closet?”

“Yeah, thanks.” After getting Xander’s clothes put away and stashing the suitcase into the back of the closet, Spike and Xander collapsed on the couch, tangled up with each other. They lay silently, looking at each other in interest.

A banging on the basement door drew their attention away from each other. “What?” Spike shouted.

“Breakfast!” Willow’s voice was light and Xander smiled at the sound of it.

“Guess we should go up, huh?” Xander kissed Spike lightly and climbed off of the blond.

“Probably should put some clothes on first.” Spike looked pointedly at Xander’s boxers, which were hanging out the open fly of the jeans he had pulled on earlier.

Xander looked at the vampire who was lounging on the couch, the button fly to his black jeans open. The draw of the pale flesh pulled Xander down to his knees so that he could kiss it gently.

“Definitely a good idea. I might molest you in front of everyone if you don’t cover up.” Spike grinned at this and the two tugged on the shirts and buttoned up their pants before heading for the stairway.

Xander opened the door to the kitchen and was overwhelmed with the smells of home cooking. Saliva flooded his mouth and he dove for the bar where Tara was filling a plate for him. “Here you go, Xander.”

“Thank you so much, you beautiful witchy woman!” Xander grabbed the plate and climbed up onto the stool next to Dawn.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” Dawn mumbled around a mouthful of eggs.

“Well, Spike and Tara have a list of things to do and Xander and I have a list of things to do and you are supposed to be helping at the Magic Box today, so…” Willow trailed off.

“Fine,” grumbled Dawn before tossing her plate toward the sink and stomping out of the room. Xander saw Tara glance at Spike, and then Spike’s voice rang out. “Bit!”

Dawn walked back into the room, her head down. She picked the plate up from where it had landed on the counter, rinsed it off and wiped off the grease and ketchup that had slid from the plate. “Sorry,” she whispered to Tara before walking back out of the kitchen.

Xander was impressed. “Wow! You have got her trained!”

Tara snorted, and again Xander was surprised. “Please. Before Spike moved in, we couldn’t get her to do anything for Willow and I unless we begged her. Spike moved in and she was grounded for about five months before she figured out that he would imprison her indefinitely. She’ll do anything for Spike, now. She knows that he means business.”

“You grounded Dawn?” Xander asked incredulously.

“She needed to know that she couldn’t treat Willow and Tara that way. She needed to learn how to be respectful. Her mother taught her better. Joyce was a fine woman.” Spike finished quietly, moving to the refrigerator to get some blood.

Dawn thundered back down the stairs. She came into the kitchen and wrapped her long, tanned arms around Spike’s neck. “I’m sorry, Spike. I didn’t mean to act like a brat, I was just…”

Spike smiled at her. “It’s ok, Bit. Just remember that you can’t act like that. You want people to think Joyce didn’t do right by you?”

“No, Spike. Sorry.” Dawn kissed Spike on the cheek, waved at the others and raced out of the kitchen.

Tara smiled after her and turned back to Spike. “You’ve done such an amazing job with her, you know that, right?”

Spike grunted. “Yeah, right.”

Tara kissed Willow on the mouth and then reached out a hand for Spike. “You ready?”

Spike nodded, finishing his blood and washing the mug out in the sink. “Yep!” Spike winked at Xander and kissed Willow on the cheek. “See you two later! Don’t get into too much trouble!”

Spike and Tara disappeared down the steps into the basement and Xander was left with Willow. “Hey, Wills.”

“Hey, Xan.” Willow crinkled her nose at her friend. “So… Do you want to see my list?”

Xander’s mind flashed to another list and his cock jerked. “Sure!”

Part Four

Tara curled up in the corner of the couch, stretching her toes. “So… how was he?”

Spike looked at her in shock. “Oi! I don’t kiss and tell!”

Tara leaned forward. “Oh yes you do! You were more than happy to tell everyone at the Magic Box about the time that you and Angel got trapped in the…”

“That was different.” Spike glared at Tara who was smiling smugly.

“So how was it, Spike? Everything you thought?” Tara asked gently.

Spike responded to her tone, loving the honesty that came through with everything she did. “Yeah, love. He’s warm, sweet, honest, everything I remembered. I never thought…” Spike threw himself onto the couch, pillowing his head in Tara’s lap. “Never thought I would ever find anyone, you know?” Tara nodded and stroked his hair. “But then, I go to pick up Red’s Best Man and find myself head over heels for the whelp.”

“I know, Spike. But it’ll be ok. I think that he’s been searching all these years, just like you.” Spike smiled up at her.

“You are an angel, my pet. Red’s so lucky.” Tara grinned back down at Spike then shoved at his shoulders to get him to sit up.

“Enough. No time to talk about love or soul mates now! Time to plan my wedding!”

In the kitchen, both Willow and Xander looked towards the door to the basement. Spike and Tara were laughing and the joyful sound carried up to them. Xander looked over at his friend and grinned. “Well, what are we doing today?”

Willow began to bounce and shoved a piece of paper in front of the brunette. “Look, here is the list of things we have to get done… First, a dress and then…”

The evening hours found Spike and Xander ensconced in Spike’s basement, the door bolted so that none could enter. Xander stared in the direction of the door. “Do you really need the sign?” Spike laughed and tugged Xander closer.

“Tell me about your day, love.” Spike nuzzled into Xander’s neck. Xander sighed happily and cocked his head to the side.

“Well, we found her dress. It’s nice, a deep green, with a slit up to here.” Xander motioned to his nose and Spike snorted, the cool burst of air moving across Xander’s skin. “She also found shoes, a present for Dawn, we tasted at least thirty separate types of cake and then ordered the bride’s cake.” Silence followed as Xander leaned in to attach his mouth to Spike’s.

Spike pulled away and motioned for Xander to continue. “Then we had lunch, which truthfully, I was too full to eat, and went to the mall. We looked at flowers, candles, stopped by the apothecary, went to the park to scout out the location, found a nice spot for the ceremony, went to the hall that she wants to rent, talked with the caterers…” Spike slapped his hand over Xander’s mouth.

“Did you get to sit down at all today?” Xander shook his head no. “Oh, my poor pet. Here.” Spike shoved Xander up off of his lap and lead him to the bed. “Nap, love. I’ll wake you in about an hour and we’ll go grab something to eat, take a look around so you can see what’s changed since you left.”

Xander struggled with himself, not wanting to waste any of the precious time that he had with the vampire. “Not tire…” Xander didn’t complete his sentence before he was asleep, snoring softly.

Spike smiled down at the lanky figure in his bed, then crawled in beside him to soak up his heat. Spike was amazed at the man in his bed. Xander had been an unrequited love for Spike. Well, maybe not love, but at the very least, lust.

Dark, laughing eyes, strong will and stronger faith had drawn Spike to Xander from the beginning. When Red had invited Xander home for the wedding, Spike had decided to take a chance. He offered himself to the boy… man… straight off, no playing, no teasing. He had expected to be turned down or staked. Instead, Xander was lying in his bed, sleeping soundly, napping to restore energy to go out with Spike tonight.

True to his word, Spike woke Xander an hour later. “Wakey, wakey, pet!” Spike leaned in and kissed a not-quite awake Xander full on the mouth. Xander smiled and wriggled around in the bed.

“Hi, Spike.” Xander sighed as Spike began nibbling at his neck.

Between sweet bites of succulent skin, Spike murmured against Xander’s neck. “Where do you want to go, love? Bronze, coffee shop, gay bar…”

Xander jumped and shoved Spike back. “There’s a gay bar in Sunnydale?” Spike nodded. “Alrighty then! The Bronze it is!”

Spike snorted and climbed off of Xander, heading towards the bathroom. “Be just a mo, then you can have it.”

Xander stretched and yawned, covering as much of Spike’s bed as humanly possible. He flipped over and snuggled into the sheets, breathing in Spike’s scent. He moaned happily and ground his soft cock against the bed, reveling in the sensation of blood rushing in to fill it.

Spike walked out of the bathroom, drying his hands on a towel. He looked up to find Xander grinding himself into the mattress and inhaling deeply. The towel fell to the floor, unnoticed.

“Xan,” Spike whispered.

Xander moaned loudly and ground harder into the bed. His cock was now fully erect and he could feel the beginnings of an orgasm tickling at the soles of his feet.

“Stop that right now, or I am going to bloody skip a few items on the list.” Spike’s hand dropped to his denim encased member and his fingertips brushed lightly over the growing mass.

Xander began humping the bed in earnest. Spike’s voice only acted as an accelerant. “Spike!” he panted between thrusts. “Baby! Need you.”

Spike tore at his jeans, tearing the denim in an effort to rid himself of his second skin. His shirt hit the floor a microsecond later and he launched onto the bed, landing firmly on Xander’s back.

He bit Xander’s earlobe, drawing out a grunt and thrust hard into Xander’s backside. “This what you want?”

Xander nodded and pressed back against Spike. “Yeah. Yes…” Xander hissed as Spike leaned in and bit his neck hard. “Yes!”

Spike lifted up onto his knees and reached under Xander, tugging him up. He quickly unbuttoned Xander’s jeans and pushed them down and off. Spike flipped Xander onto his back and leaned in to kiss his lover.

Their lips met with unbelievable hardness. Xander almost winced at the delightfully painful contact. Spike released his mouth and kissed down his throat before looking up at Xander and letting his demon come forward. He bit into the collar of Xander’s shirt and ripped it with one long pull.

Spike shoved the pieces of shredded cotton off of his boy and looked at the form beneath him. He grinned. Xander, unable to resist, smiled back. “You are so beautiful like this.” Xander reached out and caressed Spike’s ridged forehead. “But you have got to quit tearing up my clothes.”

Spike began to laugh. His game face faded away and he leaned in to capture Xander’s mouth once more. “Devilish thing.” He kissed Xander once more before grasping his lover’s ankles and pressing his feet up next to his ears.

Spike grinned at Xander’s expression and dove in, thrusting his tongue as deeply as he could into Xander’s channel without warning. Xander grunted at the sensation, unable to move due to Spike’s cleaver positioning.

After the initial attack, Spike slowed to a crawl. He lapped at Xander’s puckered opening, testing and tasting his boy. “Very sweet, here. Did you know that Xan?” Spike’s tongue flickered out once more, dabbing at Xander’s hole. “So sweet and tasty. Could eat you for days. Keep you tied up like this in the bed so as not to strain your legs.” Dab, dab. “Look at your cock, all hard and purple, dribbling on your tight, flat stomach.”

One pale hand whispered across Xander’s stomach, just avoiding his throbbing member. Spike spent a few long moments tending to Xander’s opening before continuing. “Mmm, yeah, I can just imagine it. You tied to the bed, your knees up over your head, arms tied down at your sides.”

Spike reached up and grabbed both on Xander’s hands, pinning them to the bed. Xander struggled a bit. He felt so exposed.

“Shhh, don’t worry Xan, wouldn’t hurt you.” Spike released Xander’s hands and they immediately flew back up to his thighs, holding them closer to his body. “Then I’d get you as hard as I could.” Spike lapped at the neglected entrance once again. “After that, I’d start licking you slowly. Starting here.” Spike bent and his tongue touched the area where Xander’s ass began to define itself from his lower back.

Xander glanced down to seed Spike’s eyes peering at his from around his own cock. He groaned and dropped his head back onto the pillow, finally giving in and letting his eyes fall shut so that he could concentrate on the duel sensations of Spike’s tongue and voice.

“I would move up from there, nipping here and there, bringing a lovely blush to these cheeks. I’d avoid this, though.” Spike’s tongue pressed into Xander and the brunette jumped. Spike was panting as he spoke, his own excitement seemingly secondary to Xander’s.

“Yeah. Would avoid that. Instead, I would lick here.” Spike’s tongue barely tapped Xander’s perineum. “Lick and lick and lick until you were writhing underneath me.” Xander began to move in time with Spike’s words, his hips moving shakily. Spike eyed Xander, instinctively knowing that it was time. His voiced lowered. "Then I’d dive into you. Try to get my tongue so deep into you that I could press on that sweet, sweet spot just inside. Press and bite, my teeth scraping against the mouth of your anus, a little bit of pain to bring it all around…”

Xander let out a high-pitched wail and his cock began shooting streams of sticky white fluid across his stomach. Spike smiled and caught a bit of Xander’s seed in his hand. He kneeled up, forcing Xander to keep his position. He lifted his hand to his mouth and Xander’s eyes widened as Spike’s long, pink tongue dipped into the fluid pooled there.

Spike moaned and closed his eyes. His hand dropped down to his cock, lathering it in Xander’s come. He opened his eyes once more and Xander met the eyes of a demon. “Then I’d press into you, forcing my way in deep, loving you, claiming you…” Spike moved until the head of his cock was resting against Xander’s hole. “Do you want that, Xander? Tell me.”

Xander gasped and panted, unable to focus on any one detail, only knowing that Spike was on him and that he wanted Spike in him. “Now, now, now, Spike, now, please, now!”

Spike’s demon emerged fully at those words and he thrust hard into Xander, stopping as his balls hit his lover’s ass. He looked at Xander in surprise. “Xan?” The muscles around his cock were virginally tight and tears were streaming down Xander’s face. Spike tried to pull away, but Xander released his legs and trapped Spike within their embrace.

“The first, Spike, the only. No one else, not ever. God! So full!” Xander thrust up against Spike and moaned as the vampire’s cock pressed up against his prostate. “Spike!”

Spike could feel Xander adjusting to his invasion and slowly began to move. He was panting harshly through his fangs, trying to give himself something to focus on. His fangs slid into his bottom lip and he watched as a single drop of blood fell to land on Xander’s rippled abdomen. Spike leaned in and licked it off, drawing a groan from the man beneath him.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Why didn’t anyone tell me it was like this? Ungh!”

Spike thrusts became harder and faster as Xander encouraged him with fleeting touches and words. At some point Xander pulled Spike flush against him and began kissing the vampire, uncaring that the mouth he was fucking so violently was filled with sharp teeth.

Xander’s cock was hard once more, trapped between their bodies, sliding slickly against them. Looking up at his demon lover, Xander lost himself once again. “Spike!” His release rushed out of him, a hot flash against Spike’s cool skin.

Xander’s muscles clenched inhumanely around Spike’s cock and his own release flooded out of him as he screamed Xander’s name. He collapsed onto Xander’s belly, aftershocks sending shudders through them both.

Spike mouthed Xander’s throat, aching to mark his beautiful boy. Xander could feel Spike’s growl of frustration and grinned. “Want something, blondie?” Spike growled again and let one fang barely scratch the surface of Xander’s skin, allowing a single drop to escape to the surface. He lapped at the tiny wound, hoping that Xander wouldn’t be angry.

Xander quivered as Spike licked at the scratch and began to purr. He wrapped his arms around the vampire, understanding the demon’s need to mark, to claim. He felt the same. He could feel the long banished hyena try to fight it’s way to the surface, so he rolled them, landing himself on top of the vampire.

Xander grinned and pressed a kiss to Spike’s brow. Spike allowed his demon to recede and reached up for a true kiss. Xander pulled away and crooked his head to the side. “Does this mean no Bronze?”

Spike laughed out loud and the sound was delightful to Xander. “After a fuck like that, pet, I’ll take you anywhere you want.”