Marriage and Other Strange Arrangements

Randy Sex Kitten

Part One

The phone rings and Xander yawns as he stretches out to grab it. His latest conquest snuggles in closer but Xander curls his lip and steps out of bed. Time for Kris to go.



“Willow! How are you doing? How’s Tara?” Xander is truly thrilled to hear his friend’s voice. They didn’t talk often enough, in his opinion.

Willow laughed. “I missed you, too, Xander! Actually, I’m calling about Tara. She…”

When Willow paused, Xander panicked. “What is it? Is she ok? What happened?”

“She asked me to marry her.”

Xander was silent for a long moment. Then, he exploded. “Wills! That is incredible! When is the wedding? You must be absolutely bouncing off the ceiling!”

“I am. I’m so happy! We’re going to have the ceremony on the equinox. That’s a little over two weeks away. I want you to be my best man.” Willow’s voice shifts from excitement to uncertainty as she asked Xander to come. He hasn’t set foot back in Sunnydale since he escaped three years ago.

“Of course! Look, I have to work today and tomorrow and then I’m scheduled for my annual vacation. I’ll be there on Wednesday, will that work?”

He could hear Willow bouncing on the other end of the line. “Three weeks with you! Yes, of course that’s ok! I can’t wait! Do you want me to get you a hotel room, or do you want to stay here?”

Xander considered his answer. He enjoyed his privacy, but the opportunity to spend time with Tara, Willow and Dawn was too good to pass up. “I will be staying with my witchy women.” He heard movement behind him and his good mood dissipated. “Gotta go, Wills, gotta get dressed and get to work.”

“Ok, Xan. I miss you. Can’t wait until you get here!”

Xander’s voice softened. “Me, too. Love you, Willow.”



He hung up the phone and dropped his head to his hands. Willow and Tara getting married. He always knew it would happen, but somehow he’s thought something would come between them. He grinned goofily. Married! His women were getting married!

“Nice smile…”

Xander turned, looking at Kris. “Time for you to go.”

The other man sidled up to Xander and wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist. “Now, lover, is that any way to treat the man who blew you so well last night?”

Xander’s face twisted in disgust. “Yeah, it is. Get your stuff and get out. I told you last night how it was.”

Kris’s face dropped and he nodded. “Yeah, you did.”

Once the other man had left, Xander fell into his morning routine. Shit, shower and shave, followed by breakfast and a quick glance in the mirror.

He really didn’t recognize himself anymore. Willow’s call had taken him back to when he had left Sunnydale. Buffy had died, sacrificing herself to save the world, to save Dawn.

Anya was terrified when she saw Buffy’s body. Nothing he said would calm her and she ended up leaving town before the night was over. She had left the engagement ring on his pillow and he had known that it was over.

Dejected and exhausted, Xander had quietly packed up his apartment, leaving behind everything that he could live without. He left a note for Willow, telling her that he couldn’t live this life anymore, that he had to see what could happen for him away from the hellmouth.

A month later, he had found himself in New York. His experience in construction quickly earned him a job with a major construction company, and he had quickly moved up through the ranks, his intuitive knowledge of how things work, serving him well.

Now he was a junior partner for the company, with a partnership waiting in the wings. His boss had confided in him that the partners all wanted him in their ranks immediately, but that the original owner had written a bylaw that no one could earn a partnership without having been with the company for at least five years.

Xander’s professional life was good. He was well respected and his work was drawing the attention of national journals. His personal life, though…

Xander had realized pretty quickly that he liked men as well as women. Every night, he would go out to a club or a bar, nursing a single beer over the course of several hours. Sometimes, he would bring someone home, other times he wouldn’t. Every single person he brought home knew that as soon as the sun rose, they were to hit the pavement. That was the price for getting to sleep with Alex Harris.

He felt so alone, and wondered if he would ever find someone that he could share his life with. “Pipe dream, there, Harris.” He knew that he was damaged, that he was unable to love completely. The specter of his previous life colored everything that he did.

After rinsing out his coffee mug and plate, Xander headed out to work.

Wednesday evening, worn out and hung over, Xander stepped into LAX. His bag dropped to the ground as his arms were filled with a wiggly eighteen-year-old woman.

“Xander!” Dawn wrapped her long legs around Xander’s waist and smiled into his face. “I missed you!”

“I can see that, Dawnie!” Xander hugged the girl tight, amazed at the changes in her once lanky body.

Dawn unwrapped her legs from around him and stepped back to look at him. Xander’s hair was long now, pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. He had a goatee, which would soon be gone, as he had decided to shave it off during the flight. He had lost some weight since leaving Sunnydale and was now trim and toned. You had to look good to catch anyone’s eye in the clubs.

He looked over Dawn as she perused him from head to toe. She was taller than he remembered and her body had filled out. Underneath the tan jeans and the fitted, burnt orange top, he could see nice sized breasts and comfortable looking hips. She obviously hadn’t embraced the current style of being so thin your bones looked like they were about to pop through your skin. She looked happy and healthy. He was glad.

“Wow, Xander! You look hot!” Dawn leered at him in an eerily familiar way before turning and addressing someone behind her. “Don’t you think?”

Xander jerked his head around to see whom she was talking to, and came face to face with the leer he remembered so well. Spike cocked his head, raising his scarred eyebrow. Xander trembled as Spike ran his eyes from the top of Xander’s head down to the toes of his loafers. His tongue uncurled and he spoke. “Yeah, Bit. He looks hot.”

Xander’s breath caught at the sound of Spike’s voice. Had the vampire always sounded like that? Xander looked at the blond from under his eyelashes, truly impressed with what he saw.

Spike was dressed to compliment Dawn, it was obvious. He was wearing brown suede pants, a cream colored t-shirt and a brown bomber jacket. Heavy silver chains adorned his wrists and neck; silver rings decorated four fingers and both thumbs. The loops in his ears matched the ones that Dawn wore. The leer slowly morphed into something more inviting as Xander’s eyes lingered on the bulge in the front of Spike’s pants.

“Let’s hit the road, Bit. Witches are waiting.”

Dawn nodded and the trio began walking toward the exit, pausing long enough for Spike to collect Xander’s suitcase before they walked out into the night.

Xander was surprised when Spike came to a stop in front of a huge Dodge Ram. He punched in a set of numbers into the keypad on the door, opened it, and picked up Dawn to put her in the backseat. He tossed Xander’s suitcase after her, earning an indignant cry.

“Hop on in.” Spike climbed into the cab and the engine roared to life. Xander settled into the passenger seat of the monstrous truck. He was more tired than he realized, because, before he knew it, he was waking up to the sound of arguing. Soon he was smiling at the dialogue between the vampire and girl.

“Come on, Spike! That’s not fair!” Dawn was in the process of negotiating for an extended curfew to go see a band in LA.

“I don’t give a shit, Dawn. There is no way that you are going to drive to LA with that pack of losers that you hang out with. It’s too dangerous.”

“But you said it was ok that I start going out with Randy. You said that he was responsible and…”

“What I said was, it was ok with me if you and Randy went out. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna let you climb into a car with him and drive any place that I can’t get to you in twenty minutes or less.”

“That’s bullshit, Spike! What are you going to do when I go to college, huh? Follow me?”

“Do you really want me to answer that, Bit?”

Apparently she didn’t because Dawn became silent and, within minutes, Xander could hear soft snores carrying over from the back seat. He looked over at Spike, suddenly uncomfortable.

Spike turned his head and caught Xander’s eye. “Relax. I don’t bite… Unless you ask nicely.” An evil grin crossed his face and Xander’s cock hardened to a stone-like consistency.

“Yeah. Wills said that you got the chip… neutralized?” Xander shifted uncomfortably, remembering suddenly that he was in a car with an unleashed killer.

“Neutralized? Is that what she said? Stupid bint. What happened was, I got my head all but chewed off by a Roug’sher demon. It bit through my skull, ripped open my chest and about gnawed off one of my bloody legs.” Spike pulled out the ashtray and Xander prepared himself for the coming smoke. He was confounded by the rows of what looked to be sticks that were filling the ashtray until Spike tugged at one, peeled off the wrapper and stuck the sucker into his mouth. “Rupert and Red spent about a week patching me up with magicks and salves. I like a nice bit of pain as much as the next vamp, but this was incapacitating. About a month after the demon attack, I was walking Bit to Janice’s when a gang jumped us. I fought ‘em off, and it wasn’t until after that we realized that they were human. The Watcher’d gone back to the homeland by then, so Red and me broke into the lab at Sunnydale General and took a few X-Rays. Seems that the chip got pierced by one of the Roug’sher’s fangs.” Spike shifted the sucker around in his mouth.

“I thought the Initiative doc said it couldn’t be removed because it was so deep. How in the hell did you heal if a fang went that deep into your brain?” Xander was enthralled by Spike’s tale.

“Got no bloody idea, mate. Rupes and Red did good, though. Not a mark left on me.” Spike turned onto Revello Drive and continued his story. “So, I got my wish, I could hunt again. I went out the next night to get a bite to eat and nearly threw up when the girl looked up at me. All I could see when I tried to bite was Dawn or Red or Glinda being held by a demon. Apparently, the damn chip gave William a chance to stick his Victorian sensibilities into my head. Figured out that it wasn’t worth the guilt and went back to bagging it. Only eat human though. No more pig’s blood.” Spike shuddered and the bare stick went flying out the window as they pulled into the driveway.

Xander stared at Spike. “I thought that demons didn’t change.”

Spike looked back. “Me, too.”

Spike climbed over the seat and handed Xander his suitcase before kicking open the door and lifting Dawn out. Xander watched as Spike carried the lanky form up the steps and into the house. Spike glanced back, “Come on in, Whelp.”

Xander followed Spike into the house, stopping in the living room as Spike carried his precious burden up the stairs. “Be right back. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.”

Xander looked around the living room, taking in the changes that had been made. He hadn’t set foot in the house since Buffy died. Obviously Spike had contributed to the décor. Leather couches and thick, plush rugs filled the living room. None of the couches matched, they ere all different styles, chosen for comfort.

The walls had been painted a warm neutral color and candles adorned every flat surface. Xander walked through into the kitchen and was comforted to see that it hadn’t changed. He heard a noise behind him and turned. Spike was standing in the doorway, jacket, shoes and jewelry gone.

“Hungry, mate?” The eyebrow quirked and Xander’s cock jerked.

“Yeah. Always.” Xander smiled at the blond.

“Well, have a seat then. The witches’ll be home in another hour or so.” Spike set about preparing a quick meal of eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes, serving up two plates and laying them on the counter.

“So.” Spike spoke around a mouthful of food. “What have you been up to?”

Xander snorted, jamming a forkful of potatoes and eggs into his mouth. “You name it.”

Spike cocked his head. “Frottage?”

Xander’s fork dropped from his suddenly numb fingers, hit the counter and fell to the floor. “What?”

Spike curled his tongue behind his teeth. “Well, you said name it. Been up to any frottage?”

Xander blushed and looked down. “Yeah, a little.”

Spike let his own fork fall to his plate and stood. “Good.”

He dragged Xander up from his seat at the bar and pulled him into a kiss. Xander is shocked and amazed and confused. Those feelings don’t stop him from responding to the kiss, however.

Spike’s lips are demanding, seemingly wanting to drink Xander’s soul through his mouth. Xander allowed his tongue to come into play, tasting potatoes, eggs and lime sucker. The vampire’s tongue danced back and the two men found themselves lost in the sensation.

Spike’s hands were not still. They moved across Xander’s body, feeling the changes in the man’s body. Hard muscle rippled under his fingers and he worked his hands down to untuck Xander’s shirt, seeking out the heat of bare flesh.

Xander pressed himself up against Spike, wondering what in the hell was going on. He had never been attracted to Spike before. Why now? He realized that he was lying to himself and pulled away.

“Spike, wanted this for so long…”

Spike grunted and pulled Xander’s mouth back to his. Spike’s tongue invaded Xander’s mouth and the brunette clasped his lips around it, sucking gently on the strong muscle. Warm hands were on cool flesh now. Xander’s hands sought out the planes that he remembered from all those years ago when he would secretly watch Spike dress in the Basement of Doom.

Xander thrust his hips up against Spike’s and the vampire reciprocated. They heard a car approach, and released each other.

Xander looked into stunned blue eyes. “Didn’t really mean to do that, mate.”

“Do you regret it?” Xander’s voice could barely be heard.

“Hell no. Gonna go put your bag in my room. Tell the witches that you just didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in Buffy’s old room, ok?”

Xander nodded and watched as Spike left the room, only to instantly reappear with Xander’s luggage, carrying it down the stairs to the basement.

Xander adjusted his erection and pulled his shirt out to cover the telling lump in his pants. He glanced up when the door opened, only to break into a wide smile. “Willow!”

The red head flew across the room and into his arms. Xander couldn’t help but laugh out loud as Willow began to babble in his ear. “Oh, Goddess! You’re here! You look so good! Feel good too! You’re all muscley, buster! I missed you so much! What have you been doing? Will you stay all three weeks? Xander!”

Tara crossed the room and, placing a hand on Xander’s forearm, leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you for coming. It means so much to us.”

Willow responded to Tara’s voice and stepped out of Xander’s embrace. “I’m so glad you came.”

Xander grinned at his childhood friend, but his thoughts drifted to the vampire below. “Me too.”

Willow dragged Xander to the living room where Tara and Spike joined them moments later. The four stayed up until almost dawn, talking about the past three years and what had happened in each person’s life.

Xander was surprised to hear that Spike had a job. The vampire had been hired on at the bronze as a type of undercover operative. The death toll in the alleyways around the club had plummeted to nothing.

“How did they decide to do that? I mean, who noticed that…” Xander wasn’t sure what he was asking; he was simply amazed that anyone in Sunnydale realized that there were things that went bump in the night.

Spike laughed and Xander looked over to where the blond was lounging across an entire couch. “New owner got attacked his first week. I just happened to be there and rescued his sorry ass. The git latched onto me and wouldn’t let go until I agreed to work for him.”

Tara snorted and Xander looked at her in shock. “Spike’s the highest paid employee at the Bronze. He makes more than the manager!”

Xander learned about the fate of the Magic Box, pleased to hear that Tara had taken it over after she graduated from college. It was flourishing under her care and she had three full time employees. Willow was still attending school. A double major had kept her from graduating with her girlfriend.

Dawn had graduated with honors and was taking a year off before deciding where she wanted to go to college. Learning that Dawn was interested in all types of art, like her mother, Xander suggested that Spike might consider sending her to NYU. “It has a good fine arts program.” The blond looked as though he would consider it.

As the sun broke the horizon, Tara yawned and pulled Willow to her feet. “We’re going to bed. Willow has class this afternoon, so she needs some sleep. Thank goodness I have Gwen opening the Magic Box today!”

Willow reached a hand out for Xander. “Come on up. I’ll get you settled into the guest room.”

Xander’s eyes flickered to Spike, who appeared to be asleep. “I, uh… Wills.”

“Whelp doesn’t feel comfortable in Buffy’s room. He’s gonna bunk down with me.” Spike never moved as he relayed the plan to Willow and Tara.

Tara smiled knowingly. “Alright. See you later!”

The witches disappeared up the stairs and Spike stretched languidly before sitting up and looking at Xander. “Tired?”

Xander felt his pulse accelerate. “Not really.”


Spike prowled toward him and Xander’s erection leapt back to life. A chaste, quick, and completely unsatisfying kiss and Spike was gone. Xander watched as Spike ran silently up the steps and into Dawn’s bedroom. A moment later and he was back, dragging Xander toward the basement door.

Part Two

“Welcome to my lair.” Spike flipped on the light, allowing Xander to precede him down the stairs.

“Whoa…” A slow, low whistle escaped Xander. The basement had completely been remade. He glanced down to find a sturdy set of steps covered in lush carpet, the color of Spike’s pants. Even through his shoes, Xander could tell that the carpet was positively decadent.

The walls of the room were painted the color of dried blood; the small windows covered in intricately carved wooden shutters. Another leather couch sat in the middle of the room, across from an entertainment center. The table in front of the table was covered in cotton balls, nail polish and polish remover.

One wall was lined with bookshelves and Xander recognized many of the tomes as having belonged to Giles. The back wall of the room was partitioned off. Xander glanced at Spike, but the vampire was splayed out on the couch and was yelling at the television.

Xander peeked around the partition, gasped, and stepped out to get a better view. Spike had turned the back of the basement into an incredibly lush bedroom. The bed itself was what appeared to be a hand-carved sleigh bed made out of mahogany so dark that it appeared almost black.

The bed was piled high with sheets, blankets and pillows in a variety of colors, all warm, deep and inviting. Xander found himself wanting to crawl into the bed and burrow under the covers.

The rest of the small room was decorated half-hazardly with drawings, photos and paintings. Xander saw familiar faces everywhere. There were sketchings of Spike and Dawn, Willow and Tara, Drusilla, Angel and, surprisingly, Xander himself. Each drawing was signed with a tiny A, and Xander could imagine Angel sitting in the dark, sketching the familiar faces.

There were pictures of the Scoobies everywhere, Dawn in particular. The few paintings that adorned the walls were obviously old, their frames in poor condition, but the canvases shining with health.

A single bedside table held a stack of books and more lined the floor next to it. Xander wanted to sink into this room and never leave. Spike had made a cozy nest of warmth that simply screamed home to the brunette.

A hand dropped on his shoulder and Xander jumped. Spike chuckled and wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist, resting his chin on the taller man’s shoulder and looking at his room. “Nice, isn’t it? Feel safe and warm here.” Xander nodded and turned in Spike’s arms so that he was facing the blond.

“It’s amazing, Spike. But why…” Xander half-points at the drawing of his own face. “We weren’t friends, just non-enemies, I don’t…”

Spike is staring at Xander, unwilling to look away. “Because, even with loving Buffy, I admired you. Your strength, your willingness to place yourself in danger, I was blown away by you, Xander.”

Xander blushed and tried to look down, but Spike caught his chin and held it steady as he spoke. “I’ve been attracted to you for years, but I wasn’t truly interested in you until all the stuff with Glory went down. Got to know you a little better and found that I liked you quite a bit. When we lost Buffy, it was hard for me. I really loved her.”

Xander nodded. “I get that now. Don’t know why I never believed you…”

“I’m a soulless demon, pet. A thing that had an electronic leash that left me dependent on you and yours. You were right not to trust me. If the chip had malfunctioned back then, you’d all be in your graves. But…” Spike pressed a finger over Xander’s lips as the brunette tried to speak. “I fell in love. First with Dawn, then Glinda, then Red and finally Buffy. Loved my girls so much, that I thought I couldn’t live without that love being returned. Thought that if Buffy loved me, then I would become part of the family, finally be accepted by you and the watcher, so that’s what I strove for.”

Spike walked Xander backwards toward the bed, pushing him deep into the covers before curling up beside him to finish his tale. “She made me promise to look after Bit. That night, she made me promise. And I realized that I was part of the family, no matter how much of an outsider I felt like, because I was the one she trusted. Not just with her sister, but with Red, Tara, Rupert, you… I was the one chosen to protect you. I loved her even more after that. Before she jumped, I knew that I had what I needed and that I wouldn’t be pursuing Buffy any more. It crushed me when she died. I never got to tell her how I felt.”

Xander pulled Spike over him so that the vampire’s leaner body was covering his own. “She did that? Asked you to take care of us?”

Spike nodded. “Yeah. And after you left, I missed you. Really missed you and realized that if I’d been true to myself, I would’ve chased you, not Buffy. Hell, if I were any kind of demon at all, I would have taken you with me when Angel gave you to me the first time in the school!”

Xander’s eyes widened. “Really, you’ve wanted me that long?”

Spike leaned in and burrowed into Xander’s neck, inhaling deeply. “Oh yeah, pet. You smelled so sweet. Warm, sweaty, full of fear and pride. I wanted you. Wanted you…”

Spike captured Xander’s mouth, rubbing his hips gently against Xander’s as he dipped deeply into the warm orifice. Xander allowed Spike to kiss him for a long moment before pushing the vampire away.

Panting, Xander spoke quietly. “Wanted you too. Tied to my chair, your voice in the dark, snarking at me, laughing, so sexy, so…” Xander dove back into Spike’s mouth, taking advantage of Spike’s open-mouthed shock to become dominate momentarily.

His moment quickly ended as Spike grinned into the kiss and once again took over. He brought his hands up to tug on Xander’s goatee. “You said something about getting rid of this?” The words rumbled against Xander’s lips and he nodded. “Want me to shave it for you?” Spike caught Xander’s bottom lip between his teeth and bit down gently.

Xander looked up at Spike and grinned. “Sure.”

Spike slithered off the bed, moving behind the partition. His voice carried back over to Xander. “Get comfortable, pet. Be right back.”

Xander pulled off his shoes and socks and shed both of his shirts. He moved around in the bed until he was in the middle, surrounded by pillows and blankets. Spike came back, his own chest bare, with a bowl that had steam billowing out of it, several towels tossed over his shoulder and a straight edge razor folded in his pocket, it’s handle gleaming.

Spike pushed the books off the table and sat down the bowl and towels on the bedside table. He reached into a drawer on the table and pulled out some scissors, placing them next to the bowl.

“Here, let’s get you adjusted…” Spike moved the pillows out from under Xander’s head, placing a towel over a bolster and positioning it under his neck.

Xander smiled up at the vision of upside-down Spike. His grin was returned and Spike leaned in to press a kiss to Xander’s mouth.

“Really should use clippers, but I don’t have any, so…” Spike picked up the scissors and began snipping at Xander’s goatee, taking off as much of the hair as he could. Xander closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. A few more snips and the scissors went away and a hot, wet towel was pooled over his face.

Xander felt the bed move under him as Spike climbed up to kneel next to him. After letting the heat soak into his skin, Spike removed the towel and picked up a mug from where it is floating in the hot water. He dipped the brush into the bowl of water and swirled the brush in the mug, working up a lather.

The lather was alternately hot and cold on Xander’s skin, the bristles of the brush massaging him gently. Xander felt pampered. Spike put down the mug and brush and placed the bowl of water between his knees. He tossed a towel back over his should and pulled the razor from his pocket.

Xander followed Spike’s silent instructions as he listened to the scratch, scratch of the razor gliding across his skin. Frequent stops are made, the razor wiped and cleaned so that the scratching could start up once again. Fingers caressed newly smooth skin and Xander was disappointed when the razor disappeared.

“Lean your head back a bit further, love.”

The brush returned and was now rubbing gentle circles on his throat. He heard the clink of the mug returning to the table and the razor returned. Careful fingers stretched his skin, smoothing it so the razor could sheer him cleanly. The hot towel returned, wiping away the excess lather.

Spike ran his fingers over the smooth skin of Xander’s face, checking to insure that all the hair has been removed. Spike returned the bowl to the table, the towel and razor landed on the floor. Xander opened his eyes when Spike removed the bolster and looked into beautiful pools of light. Spike pulled a bottle from his jean pocket and then settled on top of Xander.

Spike held up the bottle. “Witches make it for me. Keeps the skin smoother, longer.” Spike poured a small amount out of the bottle, into the palm of his hands. He ran his fingers all over Xander’s face, rubbing the sweet smelling oil into Xander’s skin, enjoying the feel of the tanned flesh.

Xander began to moan quietly in pleasure. The oil had warmed and tingled as it soaked into his pores. “Feels good.”

“Yeah, I know.” Spike propped himself up on his elbows and looked at Xander. Reaching behind his head, Spike tried to loosen the band around Xander’s hair. Unsuccessful, Spike tugged at the band, breaking it and allowing Xander’s hair to pool around his head. “Beautiful, pet. Just beautiful.”

Xander was amazed at how he felt. He had a demon lying on top of him, petting him like some kind of treasure. He found himself wishing that the moment would never end, that he and Spike could hide down here in Spike’s ‘lair’ forever.

“You know, I’ve not had anyone since I left here. I mean, I’ve slept with a bunch of people, too many, really. Actually, the Xanman’s a slut, but I haven’t really had anybody. Does that make sense?”

Spike smirked. “A slut? Damn! And I missed it!” He kissed Xander long and hard, driving his tongue into Xander’s mouth over and over. Xander quit trying to think, quit trying to explain that what he was feeling was so much more than his nightly fuckfest.

Spike paused. “Gonna make you scream, Xan. Gonna make it so good for you.”

Spike ran his mouth down Xander’s body. Xander’s nipples were attacked with force and Xander squirmed under the pleasure-pain. “Ghnn…”

Spike lifted his head and looked at Xander curiously. “What in the hell does ghnn mean?”

Xander opened his eyes and glared at his would be lover. “It means… Don’t. Stop.”

Spike shrugged. “Ok.” Cool lips wrapped back around bruising flesh and Xander moaned, contented. This was heaven.

Spike moved down, locking his eyes on Xander’s. He kissed down Xander’s abdomen, tongue flicking out to taste. His talented fingers deftly open Xander’s pants and they were off before Xander realized that they had been opened.

Spike stopped to tug his own pants off before climbing back onto his boy. Xander was panting beautifully and Spike wanted nothing more than to hear the sound for the rest of his existence. He rubbed his hard cock against Xander’s, shuddering at the feeling of the soft cotton of Xander’s boxer briefs.

“So hot, Xan. So beautiful!” Spike’s lips returned to Xander’s abdomen.

“Yeah, Spike. Oh!” Spike’s fingers slipped inside Xander’s underwear and the very tip of his index finger was brushing against the moist head of Xander’s cock.

Spike flashed his game face at Xander and was thrilled when the brunette’s heartbeat increased and a fresh surge of pheromones flooded his senses. Spike caught Xander’s eyes and carefully snagged the material of Xander’s briefs with a fang. The material parted under the sharp canine, splitting and exposing more delectable flesh to his hungry eyes.

Xander lifted his hips, trying to force some contact with Spike’s mouth. “More, Spike! Why?”

Spike grinned and pulled his human mask back on to engulf the head of Xander’s cock in his mouth. He sucked once and then pulled away, resting between Xander’s legs, looking up at his boy.

Xander’s dazed eyes floated down to Spike. “Why’dya stop?”

Spike cocked his head, considering. “What do you want, Xander? I can fuck you, real hard, real good. Make it better than anything you’ve ever had before.”

Xander groaned.

Spike continued. “Or, I could make love to you. Show you how important you are to me, how much I want you and want to be with you. It’s your choice. But I warn you; I fuck you, that’s all it is, a fuck. I make love to you and I’m not going away. Your choice.”

Xander was stunned. Was Spike saying what he thought he was saying? “You…”

Spike was stroking Xander’s thigh, leaning against the other, watching the thoughts drift through his boy’s head. “Me? You want to know what I want?”

Xander nodded silently. He was afraid. He’d not had a… relationship since Anya and see how that turned out? What would he do if Spike… if he decided that…

“You’re babbling inside your head, pet. I can see it. Let me tell you what I want, ok? I want to caress you from head to toe. Tangle my fingers through your hair and tug on it. Want to bite and lick every piece of skin on that luscious body of yours. Want to have you. Want to possess you in every way I can. Want to keep you with me forever. Want to be yours.”

Xander was panting with anticipation, but Spike wasn’t done. “But more than that, I want to go to sleep with you in my bed every morning and wake up with you climbing into bed with me every night. Want to pamper you, give you the things you deserve. Want to protect you from the world, want to give it to you, as well. I don’t love halfway, Xan. If you let me love you, it will never end. You know that.”

Xander could feel warmth flooding through his system. Spike wanted him. More than a fuck. Wanted to love him. Could love him right now, all Xander had to say was, “Yes.”

The word was breathless, almost impossible to hear, but Spike heard it. Suddenly, Xander was covered by a cool hard body. His blood roared for Spike’s touch and was rewarded with the very thing that it desired. Spike’s hands were everywhere and Xander could barely breathe.

Spike was rubbing against Xander, their cocks resting against one another. Xander felt his orgasm develop in his toes and tried to warn Spike. He wasn’t ready for it to be over. “No, no, Spike! Spike!” Warmth flooded across his stomach, quickly followed by a cooling rush. Spike moaned and attacked Xander’s mouth again.

The kiss was everything Xander had ever wanted. When Spike pulled away to allow Xander to breathe, the mortal moaned in disappointment. “Want to love you, Spike. Want you so bad…”

“You got me, pet. C’mon. Let’s get a shower. Don’t fancy sleepin’ in the wet spot.”

Xander grinned and the two men tumbled from the bed.

Spike’s bathroom was all new. There had been no bathroom in the basement when Xander left. The room itself was tiny. No mirror, of course, above the pedestal sink. A toilet was barely hidden behind a folding divider filled with pictures. Spike saw where Xander was staring and shrugged. “For Bit. She doesn’t like having to upstairs to pee if we’re down here watching a movie.”

Spike reached in and turned on the shower, ushering Xander in before him. Xander felt the hot water soak into his skin and he whimpered with happiness. Spike’s fingers were in his hair, rubbing out the travel grime and smoothing out the tangled length.

Xander turned and let his own fingers tug through Spike’s gelled locks. He found the bottle of shampoo and began to massage the gel into Spike’s hair.

“So what else have you done?”

“What do you mean, Spike?”

“Well, you said that you’d done a little frottage, we just covered that… What’s next?”