Randy Sex Kitten

It’s so easy. No one understands that, but it is true. It’s easy to love Spike.

Xander struggles in Spike’s tight grasp, moving just enough so that he can see Spike’s face, lax in sleep. Xander smiles as Spike’s arms tighten once more. It’s always like this. Spike binds himself to Xander in sleep, unwilling to allow even a fraction of an inch to come between them.

Buffy yelled. Willow cried. But only Giles seemed to understand. After Anya left, there was nothing for him. Spike had moved back in with him, more out of necessity than anything else, and over the course of a year things changed.

First, they stopped hating each other. It’s hard to hate a guy after the third time he pulls a D’gthim tooth out of your leg.

Then, they started talking. Spike found out about Xander’s not so secret obsession with Babylon 5 and Xander found out about Spike’s extremely secret obsession with Star Trek.

Then they started liking each other. How could you not like a guy that brings home and shares Haagen-Dazs at least once a week?

Then one night, after they became friends, a night of drunken leering at the TV ended in a kiss.

It was easy to fall in love. Spike approached courting, as he called it, the same way he did everything else. With everything he had. There were flowers, which were delivered to the site. Beautiful each one, but quite effective at making Xander have to defend himself from verbal barbs thrown by the other workers.

Then there were the poems. Declarations of love penned with an elegant hand, buried in Xander’s lunchbox, pockets, shoes and briefcase. Xander didn’t understand why Spike always called himself a terrible poet, he loved them.

Spike would ask him out of dates, going outside the apartment to knock on the door, so that he could ‘pick you up, all proper-like’. Spike would prepare something for Xander to take to the site everyday. Sometimes a sandwich, other times something complicated, like a casserole or quiche.

Xander doesn’t know when it happened, but he fell, and he fell hard. The sight of Spike could send his heart rate through the roof and Spike’s scent was like a light switch for his cock.

Their first time together came months after they started dating. Spike was almost shy as he sheathed himself in Xander’s body and Xander still shudders when he remembers the look of surprised pleasure on Spike’s face.

It’s easy to love Spike because he loves with his entire being. It’s something that Xander is completely unable, and unwilling, to resist. It’s been an interesting ride, but they are together. And tomorrow, it’s going to become permanent. Angel is coming to perform the ceremony.

Xander’s nervous, but as he gazes at his love, he knows it is the right choice. Spike smiles in his sleep and snuggles closer. Xander grins back and allows himself to drift off to sleep.

The End