The Love Shack

Randy Sex Kitten

“You don’t understand. I hate him more than you can possibly imagine.”

“Xan, I know that this isn’t a good time, but…”

The door slammed behind Xander before Willow could finish her sentence. Glancing at Buffy, she sighed and reached for the next book.

“Stay out of my bedroom, don’t touch the television or the remote, you can sit on the couch, but not talk on it, and you can sleep on the floor.” Xander glared at his unwelcome guest.

Spike rolled his eyes and fell onto the couch, spreading his knees and letting his hands drape between his legs. “Whatever you say.”

“Spike! Stop! I thought I told you not to touch anything!”

“I’ve not touched a bloody thing in your house!”

“You’re… you can’t! Spike!”

Spike remained as he was, legs stretched out in front of him, back against the wall, his shirt pulled up slightly, exposing a lovely trail of dark brown hair trailing down to his open fly which outlined his slow-moving hand and reddened cock.

This was good, this was fine. No reason at all to not let Spike do this. He clutched at the edges of his desk, his eyes wide and unseeing. In the background, the B-52’s shouted out to stay away fools as Xander grunted and trembled.

The hands on his hips held him steady as the long, cool cock slid smoothly in and out of his body. Each thrust was accompanied by hoarse words, grunted through clenched teeth tighthothardfuckpet and Xander sighed out his contentment as he spilled out over Spike’s grasping hand.

The End