Just You

Randy Sex Kitten

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Spike.” Xander lifted his beer, taking a swig before balancing the bottle between his fingers on the table.

Spike leaned over the table, rising a bit on his toes before sinking three striped balls with one shot. He glanced over at Xander while he chalked his cue for the next shot. “You’re holding out on me Xan,” he muttered softly, just loud enough for Xander to hear. “I saw you the other night with that guy in the park.”

Xander’s mouth tightened and he turned his back to Spike. He peeled the damp paper from the bottle in his hands, looking around at the boisterous crowd of people who were gyrating madly in the middle of the dance floor. He idly dropped bits of rolled paper to the ground before turning back to Spike. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Spike looked over his shoulder at Xander and smirked, tapping the cue ball lightly, sending it careening towards absolutely nothing. He straightened, and without looking at the table, reached for his own beer. “Your shot.”

Xander tossed back the rest of his beer and moved towards the table, dropping his empty bottle on the tray of a passing waitress. After walking completely around the table, Xander bent at the waist and quickly sank two solid balls.

When he leaned over for his second shot, Spike moved forward, brushing lightly against Xander. Xander stiffened and Spike grinned. “I think you do know what I mean, love.” His tongue danced out, catching the curve of Xander’s ear. He moved away, one hand waving at their waitress, the other dragging across Xander’s back as he placed his cue stick against the table.

“Fucking vampire with fucking vampire sight…” Xander muttered at the pool table, surreptitiously adjusting his jeans before leaning back down to take his shot. “Shit.”

Spike reappeared with two bottles in his hand, crumpling up a coaster and tossing it towards a pair of co-eds standing in the corner, their hands and faces hidden in the darkness. He glanced down at the table, then up at Xander. “Scratched?”

Xander nodded and accepted a beer. He moved back and leaned against the wall, his eyes flitting around the room. Spike sank the rest of the striped balls, glancing over at Xander before tapping the table, indicating his final shot. Xander straightened and nodded, watching as the ball fell effortlessly into the hole.

“Play again?” Spike turned and stretched as he spoke, his t-shirt raising and baring several inches of taut abdomen.

Xander raised his beer to his mouth, his quick intake of breath not at all disguised by swallowing. “Yeah. I’ll pay.” Xander wriggled his hand into his back pocket, pulling out a twenty-dollar bill and dropping it to the table.

Spike racked the balls before turning around and staring at Xander.

“What?” Xander asked.

“I saw what you were doing, pet.” Spike’s eyes widened slightly at Xander’s blush. Xander shoved Spike away from the table and moved in to break the balls.

“No idea what you’re talking about, Spike!” His voice was a growl.

Spike moved closer, pressing against Xander’s back as he spoke into Xander’s ear. “You think the third times a charm? You say that often enough and I’ll believe you?”

Xander shuddered slightly, trying to move away from the body pressed against his. “Spike, I…”

Spike cocked his head to the side, reaching up a hand to brush it through the dark curls adorning Xander’s head. “Was he your first, Xan? The first man?”

The second shudder was more pronounced and Xander twisted, straight-arming Spike and moving over to the wall once more. Spike moved in once again, plucking the bottle and cue from Xander’s fingers, dropping them to the floor.

Xander’s breathing was ragged, his face flushed, eyes dilated.

Spike smiled. “He was, wasn’t he? The first to ever touch you like that. The first to taste your lips…” Spike’s eyes touched on the lips in question, drawing a second gasp from their owner.


Spike leaned in, brushing his lips against Xander’s warmer ones. He lingered, breathing in Xander’s exhalations and watching as Xander’s eyes changed, moving from the color of sun-warmed dirt to the color of the damp forest floor.


They stared at each other for a long moment before Spike moved away, leaning down to pick up Xander’s cue stick, tossing it to the young man before stalking back to the table. “Did you like it, Xan?” he threw over his shoulder. “His mouth on yours? His hands…” A low growl escaped his throat and Xander’s heart rate increased in response.

Spike’s cue stick hit the table and he spun angrily. “Did you like his hands all over you? Touching you?”

Xander back away, sliding down the wall, away from the angry vampire whose eyes were flickering blue to gold and then back.

“Did you like his mouth on you? Did you?” Spike’s eyes flashed gold and stayed. He panted, his mouth open slightly, revealing extended canines.

Xander edged closer, looking around, making sure that no one was paying attention. He drew his fingers across Spike’s brow, caressing the ridges that were rippling there. “No.”

Spike jerked back. “What?” he grunted.

Xander moved closer, his hand resuming its exploration of Spike’s face. “No. I didn’t like it. It’s not what I wanted. Not who I wanted.”

Spike’s eyes faded to blue and his head cocked slightly in confusion, drawing an endearing smile from Xander. “I wanted to see what it was like. If it was guys in general or just y…” Xander abruptly turned away from Spike, glancing at the couple in the corner who were still aware of only each other.

Spike’s hands brushed across tense shoulders as he turned Xander’s body. “’Just’ what?”

Xander closed his eyes and dropped his chin to his chest. “Just you.”

Years later, Spike and his honored consort stood at the same table, watching as the newest owner of the Bronze stood on the stage, talking to the patrons. “As you all know, my grandmother, Dawn Summers, passed away a few weeks ago. She had been a long standing member of this community…”

Spike stood behind Xander, pressing his consort against the pool table. “Being here again, with you. My love…” Spike’s tongue found its way into Xander’s ear and the taller man squirmed.

Spike’s fingers danced down Xander’s chest, as his voice filled Xander’s mind. “Remember what we did that night? After?”

Xander moaned and leaned back against his lover, his jeans sliding against the smooth leather covering Spike’s cock. “Yeah, baby, I remember. Tell me anyway?”

Spike smiled into Xander’s neck while his fingers dropped lower. “Couldn’t wait for you, love. Not after you told me how you had been wanting me for so long.” Spike’s teeth found their way to Xander’s neck and he bit lightly, continuing his story. “Took you to the park, the place where I had seen you with that other guy.”

“You blew my mind…” Xander’s head fell back onto Spike’s shoulder and he smiled, feeding his partner the perfect line.

“Blew more than that, pet.” Both men chuckled, no longer hearing the crowd as it cheered loudly, begging for music.

Spike’s fingers tugged at Xander’s shirt, pulling the tight material slightly away from his body. “Took you to the park, blew your mind, fucked you senseless…”

“Made me yours,” Xander groaned as Spike’s fingers brushed his cock head.

“Made you mine, love. All mine.” Spike’s teeth found his claim mark and dug in, tearing the skin slightly. He lapped at the trickle of blood and Xander groaned.

“Need you now, Spike, can’t wait.” Xander’s voice was suddenly ragged.

Spike pushed Xander closer to the table, methodically popping each button on Xander’s jeans, allowing his heavy cock to fall free. “Want me to suck you here, Xan?”

Xander nodded and Spike laughed. “Not what you said forty years ago.”

“Forty years ago I didn’t realize the benefits of your not needing to breathe.” Xander’s breath quickened once more and Spike’s hand wrapped firmly around his cock.

“Not going to blow you here, Xan, gonna make you wait. Wait until I get done fucking you tonight. But for now…” Spike’s hand began to move. Slowly, he gathered the precome dripping from the tip of Xander’s prick, bringing the finger up to Xander’s mouth. “Taste me in there, baby?”

Xander’s head raised from Spike’s shoulder and he felated the proffered finger. “Yeah, taste you, in me.”

Spike smiled into Xander’s neck and allowed his canines to fall, piercing his lover’s throat as he stripped his cock. He pulled away, gasping. His head fell back and his eyes closed as he begged, “Come, Xander. Please.”

Xander groaned and surged against Spike as he came, spraying his seed all over the rich dark wood of the antique table. He fell back against his lover, his head lolling.

Spike quickly buttoned up Xander’s jeans and pushed Xander up. “Love, can’t wait. Let’s get to the park before it’s time to hole up for the day.”

Xander turned and looked Spike in the eye. “Love you so much, Spike.”

“Just me?” Guileless blue eyes twinkled, waiting for the expected answer.

Xander kissed Spike on the nose before tugging at his arm. “Just you.”

The End