The Intense Appeal of Wood

Randy Sex Kitten

Xander lovingly smoothed out the last bit of board. He smiled as he worked, coating each piece with a deep, baked brick stain, following behind with a rag. The stain bled into the wood and Xander’s mind wandered as he imagined his lover’s pale skin highlighted by the red of the wood.

The next day, the process was repeated. Wood adoringly caressed, color added to deepen the tone of the wood. Some was left longer, highlights added to accentuate the natural beauty of the oak.

Xander sighed. His smile widened. Soon.

Two days later, it was finished. Weeks of work, drawing plans, choosing wood, measuring twice and cutting once, it was finally over. His fingers itched to do more, to carve, engrave, burn his mark into the sealed flesh of the wood. Cool hands crawled over his skin and he turned, losing himself in Spike’s embrace.

“It’s done, Spike. Tonight?” Xander was hopeful.

“Yeah, baby, tonight.” Spike held Xander close and led his lover from the room.

Preparations were long and drawn out. They had been planning this day for months.

The idea had originally been Buffy’s. Her snippy comment, ‘Why don’t you just build something to tie him down on so that he can’t get away?’ when she found Xander pressing Spike up against the wall outside the Bronze, had grown and developed until it had actually taken shape underneath his fingers.

Spike had contributed by talking to various people, figuring out what would realistically work and what wouldn’t and by making the plans for the preparations.

Xander grinned as Spike leaned over to draw the bath. He jumped as Spike’s cool fingers began peeling off his clothes. Soon, both were naked and sinking into the slick water of the bath. Spike reached out and poured an additional capful of sandalwood scented oil into the water, lending its sweet scent to the room.

Xander groaned and leaned back against the back of the tub as Spike turned to kneel between his knees. “We need to take care of this first.” The words were softly spoken and Xander opened his eyes to watch Spike’s frankly clinical approach to getting him off quickly.

Xander orgasmed into Spike’s hand and, before his convulsions had stopped, Spike grasped his own cock and stripped it until he was shooting out streams of milky fluid into the tub.

Xander watched as Spike swirled his hand through the water, mixing their seed and the oil. “Why did you do that?” Xander looked at Spike skeptically and Spike snorted.

“Because, it’ll make you smell like me. I love it when you smell like me.” Spike leaned in and kissed Xander thoroughly before reaching out for a washcloth. Xander leaned back and closed his eyes once more, allowing Spike to maneuver him into all different types of positions.

Once they were both clean, Spike pulled Xander from the tub and stood him over a towel. Warm oil drizzled over his skin, cool fingers massaging tired muscles. Xander stood still, leaning slightly into Spike’s hands. Spike pushed him against the counter and began to massage oil into Xander’s opening, stretching him slightly, but refusing to touch that magic spot that always made Xander scream.

Xander turned when Spike pulled his fingers out and kissed him gently on the lips. Spike smiled and leaned against the counter as Xander did the same for him. Once they were both slick with oil, they moved to the room they had designated as their playroom.

Spike grinned at the beautiful work of art that his lover had built. “It’s perfect, Xan.”

Standing proudly in the middle of the room was the handcrafted toy of their dreams. Xander had pieced it together; taking the best parts of the different toys they had researched on the Internet.

It was all wood, with soft, leather-covered padding where the body touched it. It was the perfect height for straight fucking, but rotated on its legs so that it could stand upright. The arms and legs swung freely and latched into whatever position was desired, heavy leather straps adorned the end of each of these pieces, strong enough to hold even a large man firmly in place. The padded headrest was donut shaped, providing an open space for breathing when strapped face-down.

Xander shuddered and Spike wrapped his arms around his trembling lover. “Go on, pet. Show me your toy.”

Xander swiveled the back until it was completely upright and locked it into place. He turned and backed against it, his eyes locked on Spike. “You lock it here, then tighten these around my wrists…”

Spike grinned and walked over to Xander. He kissed Xander passionately, his hands actively mapping out the larger man’s body. When Spike stepped back, Xander’s wrists were firmly bound to the rack, his arms outstretched. “Beautiful.”

Xander gasped at the heat that he saw in Spike’s eyes.

Spike leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to Xander’s engorged penis before moving down. He tightly bound Xander’s ankles and stood.

Spike stepped back and looked at Xander. Xander, for his part, was panting heavily, his chest heaving with effort. He could feel his cock begging for attention, as if he hadn’t just come in the bath. His skin shone with oil and perspiration and he could almost smell is own desire heavily scenting the air.

Spike grinned and moved over to Xander once more. He unlocked the rack and moved it until Xander was laying flat on his back. “So beautiful, love.”

Spike’s hands danced over Xander’s flesh. His fingers slid down Xander’s legs, tickling the bottom of Xander’s feet. As Xander tried to flinch away, Spike smiled. “Gonna have to strap you down and work you over with a feather sometime, pet.”

Xander moaned and shook his head. “No way, Spike.”

Spike reached up and placed a hand over Xander’s mouth. “Hush now. No words from you.” Xander clamped his mouth shut and watched as Spike circled him.

Spike leaned in and adjusted the table so that Xander’s arms were out and his legs spread. He stood between Xander’s legs and leaned in to kiss him. “This is a gorgeous toy, love. So many possibilities, but I want you so bad.”

Xander opened his mouth to answer but snapped it shut quickly. Spike petted his belly. “Good boy, remembering. You deserve a reward.”

Xander held back a groan as Spike swallowed down his cock. Spike set a fast pace, bringing Xander to the brink of orgasm before drawing back and looking up at Xander. “Shall I finish, Xan? Or would you rather I draw…” Spike licked Xander’s length. “…it…” He sucked hard on the head of Xander’s cock. “… out?” Spike looked at Xander expectantly, frowning as Xander dropped his head back, no longer capable of speech.

Spike took pity on his lover and wrapped his lips around Xander’s cock. Xander struggled against his bonds, grunting wordlessly as Spike drew him closer to his completion. With a shout, he came, flooding Spike’s mouth with his seed.

Spike stood and slid into the snug heat of his lover. “Can’t wait. Look so amazing all laid out for me, tied down, so…” Spike thrust hard, drawing a groan from Xander. “So perfect, so beautiful. All mine.”

Xander met Spike’s eyes. “Yours.”

Spike’s thrusts sped up as he drove towards his orgasm. “Love you so much, Xander.” Spike’s eyes opened wide as he came, his orgasm almost unexpected. Spike collapsed over Xander and they both lay silently for a time, each listening to the little sounds that the other made.

Spike began to grumble and Xander lifted his head, trying to see what was upsetting his vampire. “Spike? What’s wrong?” Silence followed and he shifted his hips to get Spike’s attention. “Spike?”

Spike lifted his head to look at Xander. “Want your arms around me.”

Xander looked stunned. Spike quickly opened the restraints and pulled Xander from the table, dragging him down to the floor where he proceeded to wrap himself around the larger frame.

Xander chuckled and hed Spike tight. “You, vampire mine, are such a snuggler.”

Spike nodded. “Yeah.”

Xander held Spike for a few more minutes before shivering slightly. “Let’s move this to the bed. I’ll take my turn tomorrow.”

Spike’s eyes lit up and Xander was dragged from the floor, down the hall and into bed. Spike’s voice echoed down the hallway. “Can’t bloody wait.”

The End