Haphazard Love

Randy Sex Kitten

Spike grunted as he crashed into someone. “Fuck!” He grabbed his head as he fell to the ground and cursed the Initiative… colorfully.

“Shit, Spike, sorry!”

Spike glared at Xander, who was standing over him, looking contrite.

“I didn’t see you, I swear! Are you ok?” Xander looked so concerned that Spike forgot his pain and focused on the boy.

Xander was wearing his usual fare, too bright, too loose. His hair needed to be cut and he needed a shower. His eyes were bright, though, and Spike found himself staring.

“You ok, Spike?” Xander repeated.

Spike nodded and accepted Xander’s proffered hand. Xander dragged the vampire to his feet and watched as Spike brushed off his duster. “Wanker,” Spike muttered under his breath.

“Hey! Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.”

Spike glared at Xander at the same time that a snort of amusement escaped him. “What?”

Xander blushed and turned away. “See you later, fangless!”

Spike followed closely. “Wait, Xander.”

Xander seemed not to hear Spike’s call and the vampire raced after him, not noticing the shoelace that was slapping the ground, dragging behind his Docs. Spike tripped and stumbled forward, falling into Xander and dragging them both through the bushes lining the sidewalk, to the ground underneath.

Xander grunted and shoved himself up, Spike still draped over his back. His knee buckled and he rolled to his side, Spike now lying beside him, their faces only inches apart.

Spike watched as Xander’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the foliage, his pupils expanding, drawing in the dim lighting from the road.

“What, Spike?” Xander frowned at the attention that he was receiving from Spike.

Spike kept watching. Xander’s tongue danced out and wet his lips, his eyelashes fluttered as dirt fell into them from the branches shielding them from the street.

“Bloody whelp,” Spike murmured as moved forward and lightly pressed his lips against Xander’s warmer ones. Xander pulled away, looking at Spike in shock before leaning in and continuing the kiss.

They broke apart, each looking at the other in shock.

“This is stupid.”

A kiss was shared as Spike’s fingers trailed down Xander’s throat, pausing at his pulse point.

“Hate you.”

Xander chewed delicately on Spike’s earlobe, his tongue dancing out to trace the swirling lines.

“Hate you, too.”

Xander’s ear received the same treatment before Spike moved down to his neck, laving Xander’s throat, almost purring with pleasure.

“Want you now.”

Their eyes met and they spoke together.


Spike fingers tangled in Xander’s hair as their mouths met in a brutal kiss. Tongues met and Xander moaned out Spike’s name as they each reached out, gripping hardened flesh, both gasping at the sudden contact.

They began pushing buttons through suddenly too small holes and Spike howled in triumph as Xander’s jeans fell open, exposing the too warm erection to the cool night air. Xander grunted as he peeled away tight denim to allow cool flesh to slide into his hand.

Soon they were writhing on the ground, their clothing scattered around them, lying wherever they had landed. Spike rolled so that he was spread out across Xander’s chest. He straightened his arms, pulling away from Xander’s mouth. He looked down at Xander, his expression quizzical. “What in the fuck are we doing?”

Xander’s face showed confusion and he shrugged. “No idea.” His strong arm wrapped around Spike’s mussed hair, dragging the vampire back down for more desperate kisses.

Spike moved his hips slightly, drawing a gasp from Xander. “Who woulda thought two dicks could feel so good, eh, pet?”

“Shut up, Spike and just… fuck yeah.”

Xander sucked in another quick breath and rubbed himself harder against Spike. Their swollen organs, lubricated with pre-come and sweat, slid slickly across each other, each thrust bringing them closer to their imminent orgasms.

Spike leaned in and seized Xander’s mouth in a violent kiss. Their teeth clashed, both men voicing their pleasure as lips began to swell from the pressure.

Suddenly Spike quit moving and slapped his hand over Xander’s mouth. Xander struggled, grunting, and glared at Spike. Spike hissed at him and cocked his head towards the sidewalk.

“He did say he was coming, right?” Buffy was clearly irritated.

Willow, panting, answered, “Yes, he’s coming! But it’s dark and no one has seen him and I just think that we should…”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Buffy’s answer was short.

Spike grinned down at the lean body pinned beneath his. He began to thrust meaningfully against Xander, the boy’s eyes widening as Spike’s movements speeded up. Xander bit down hard on Spike’s fingers as he came, his orgasm forcing his spine to arch.

Buffy’s voice, much closer now, filtered through their lust-fogged brains. “Shh. Willow, do you hear something?”

Spike bit his lip as the pain of his damaged fingers and the feeling of Xander’s orgasm flooded over him. He opened his mouth to scream out his own pleasure and suddenly his mouth was filled with something warm and wet. Spike moaned into the kiss, pumping his seed out over their bellies, mingling with Xander’s.

“No, I don’t hear anything,” Willow answered.

“Ok. Well, I’m not waiting anymore. Maybe he had to go home for something.” Buffy’s footsteps faded away, Willow’s trailing behind.

Another kiss was shared and Spike thrust a few more times, both enjoying the slick sensation. Spike and Xander separated and moved away from each other, each sitting back on his heels. Spike growled and swiped at the bushes that immediately attached themselves to him, trying to smooth his hair.

Xander laughed and began pulling his pants on. “It’s a lost cause, fangless.”

Spike snarled and flashed his fangs at Xander. Xander moved forward, running a finger down the length of one distended incisor earning a growl of pleasure from the vampire. “Come back to my place? I’ll let you have the remote.”

Clothing was tugged on as haphazardly as it was removed. They ended up with an extra sock which found its way deep into the pocket of Spike’s duster as the two lovers ran off into the night, laughing.

Here’s the challenge: A walk on the wild side - Outdoor sex, or sex in any public place for that matter. Time to bring on a bit of the wild side. An element of danger to add to the excitement. But...will they get caught in the act? Include this line: "Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."

The End